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WTF – Boob Roller

November 30, 2013


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Let’s start off by saying welcome, male viewers! We’re Eatyourkimchi! Come, hang out for a while, and say hello to a predominantly female audience! They’re nice and friendly and you’re very welcome here.

To our regular audience: psssst…did that work? Did we trick em?

Ok, for real, we know that our audience is predominantly female. But our male numbers have been growing! We were once at, like, 7% men, but now we’re at around 20%. Booya! Videos like this sucker more of them in. Remember a while ago we did a video about what it’s like having Big Boobs in Korea? Well, the title was “Big Boobs in Korea” and our male viewers EXPLODED. Oddly, the highest percentage: Korean men aged 40-50. I wonder who’s gonna be watching this video…

Back to the actual video itself, I was starting to think about the ridiculousness of these massagers. We’ve done a few of them, including the Penis Massager fairly recently, and when I saw this one I thought “who actually buys and uses this stuff? Is it a gag gift?” Well, we were speaking with a friend of ours, and she said that one of her co-workers recently, at a meeting, pulled out the Penis Massager and started rubbing that on her body, to which our friend could barely contain her laughter. So, people DO use these things. I’m just not sure if someone’s gonna bust out the Bust massager (see that play on words? OH SO CLEVERRRR).

But, for really real, what’s the logic behind something like this? For the couple of screenshots we put up there, if anyone can read Japanese, please let us know what they were trying to advertise as the benefits of using this product. Does rubbing your boobs make them…firmer? Bigger? Smoother? I really don’t know the benefits of using this thing. Someone, please explain, and then we can talk about it more in the comments.

I’d like to see some massagers marketed to men. Every one that we’ve talked about so far seems to be for women’s beauty, but what about men’s beauty? You hear about S-lines and B-lines and V-lines and whatnot, but are there any lines that men are supposed to have, and – if so – what cheap plastic massagers can I use to get those lines?

Sidenote: yes, we know that this isn’t a Korean product. It’s a Japanese one, that was made in China, but we got it as a part of a fanmail package, and we just knew we had to do a WTF on it. HOW COULD WE RESIST? If you’ve got any ridiculous items you think would make a great WTF video and you’d like us to try to figure out how to use them on camera, we’d be more than happy to play around with them. Ha!

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