Let’s start off by saying welcome, male viewers! We’re Eatyourkimchi! Come, hang out for a while, and say hello to a predominantly female audience! They’re nice and friendly and you’re very welcome here.

To our regular audience: psssst…did that work? Did we trick em?

Ok, for real, we know that our audience is predominantly female. But our male numbers have been growing! We were once at, like, 7% men, but now we’re at around 20%. Booya! Videos like this sucker more of them in. Remember a while ago we did a video about what it’s like having Big Boobs in Korea? Well, the title was “Big Boobs in Korea” and our male viewers EXPLODED. Oddly, the highest percentage: Korean men aged 40-50. I wonder who’s gonna be watching this video…

Back to the actual video itself, I was starting to think about the ridiculousness of these massagers. We’ve done a few of them, including the Penis Massager fairly recently, and when I saw this one I thought “who actually buys and uses this stuff? Is it a gag gift?” Well, we were speaking with a friend of ours, and she said that one of her co-workers recently, at a meeting, pulled out the Penis Massager and started rubbing that on her body, to which our friend could barely contain her laughter. So, people DO use these things. I’m just not sure if someone’s gonna bust out the Bust massager (see that play on words? OH SO CLEVERRRR).

But, for really real, what’s the logic behind something like this? For the couple of screenshots we put up there, if anyone can read Japanese, please let us know what they were trying to advertise as the benefits of using this product. Does rubbing your boobs make them…firmer? Bigger? Smoother? I really don’t know the benefits of using this thing. Someone, please explain, and then we can talk about it more in the comments.

I’d like to see some massagers marketed to men. Every one that we’ve talked about so far seems to be for women’s beauty, but what about men’s beauty? You hear about S-lines and B-lines and V-lines and whatnot, but are there any lines that men are supposed to have, and – if so – what cheap plastic massagers can I use to get those lines?

Sidenote: yes, we know that this isn’t a Korean product. It’s a Japanese one, that was made in China, but we got it as a part of a fanmail package, and we just knew we had to do a WTF on it. HOW COULD WE RESIST? If you’ve got any ridiculous items you think would make a great WTF video and you’d like us to try to figure out how to use them on camera, we’d be more than happy to play around with them. Ha!

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  1. I just cackled. HOW does your pic not have more votes??

  2. I haven’t laughed this hard while watching an WANK in ages.

  3. lol I’d like to point out that my boyfriend now likes to do the “waka waka” hand movements. what have you done!!! XP

  4. If you have to do a lot of lifting or bending down in your day to day (cleaning, working, etc.), especially if it’s something that you’re not used to, your pectorals and chest muscles can get quite sore and a nice massage does a world of good. I can’t see using one of these things though. That’s what husbands are for ;)……or one of those vibratey massage balls is also great.

  5. Simon! For shame! Don’t be pimping out Martina just to get more male viewers! >.<
    LOL! Though I suppose that Simon shouldn't get all the sexy shots ;)

  6. It’s not the nastiest thing that comes to mind but that really does look like a very innovative bra hanger to me. Keeps your bras nice/unwrinkly in your drawer or on the hanger? I could see lingerie shops using them too.

  7. So, I loved this video and Simon’s worship of his wife’s boobs. I remembered that he said it was one of the first things he noticed about her… Teh b00bz. I love that he’s still somewhat of a perv about them. Never get tired of her boobs Simon. They were a gift from God.

  8. Guys guys guys this is CLEARLY to clean off the busts of old guys you’ve got lying around, it’s a combination lint roller and swifter! XD

  9. love how simon cant stop looking at martina’s boobs

  10. Actually, guys do have the inguinal crease (a.k.a.: inguinal line) in the hip/groin/lower abdominal area. Don’t know if there are any massagers for that area, though.

  11. This is the best thing ever!

  12. I saw one of these is the shop called “Tiger” lol it was about 2-3 euro I think(?)
    I have no idea how it supposed to massage your head because those antennas are to soft & I didn’t feel anything :S

  13. That lipstick looks beautiful on you, Martina :D

  14. Oh geezy greezy, you kept singing Single Ladies and all I could picture was this http://youtu.be/Jxb1xix_HCQ

    Btw that boob roller looks so uncomfortable, but Simon seems to be enjoying watching Martina use it.

  15. Thank you for the information. Based on what you said, I know I have a right sized bra.
    In the end, it all comes down to being comfortable to wear.
    Also, I will stick to my european sizing for the rest of my life *lol*. No, seriously, for someone who lives in Europe other sizing charts for clothes and stuff confuse me.

  16. Hmm this would only seem painful to me haha…??? Maybe it’s to move around the fat in the breasts so it’s more even??? Either way it’s odd

  17. Sees title: What the…?
    Sees roller: Oh I’ve seen that at Daiso…
    After video: uh… did this just raise the male views?

    I don’t even know how massaging your boobs is helpful.. Unless people think it can make them bigger…hm.m…

  18. I like how Mr Brohoho’s mustache is stuck to his wall :D


  20. that phrase pops right in my mind, cant help it

  21. It says that “please use it for ‘relax time’ in the bath and/or after the bath” at least… But don’t see the reason why. ^^’

  22. OMGosh! I have one of those! It is lovely when I’m royally stressed out.

    The one I have was Made in Korea, so I wouldn’t surprised if they did have it.

  23. That first “busted” joke… I laughed so hard :P

  24. Male Nasties ASSEMBLEEEEEE!!

    • I’m proud to say I’ve been a male nasty since 2010 and I’ve seen every video you guys have ever put up. I’m here for the whole package. I just love watching your amazing relationship unfold in Korea and I’d still be watching no matter what you posted in videos because I just love you two as the nasty, nerdy, funny people you are. I get home from a 13 hour day at work and unwind by watching your videos. Keep up the great work and I hope we can get some more Male nasties to stick around permanently so that the girl groups have a chance to win something.

      • -Edit: this should have been posted after my other reponse below but the order got messed up

        So I dug up the old e-mail I tried to send to the US Nasties group e-mail and reposted it here for easier viewing. Hopfully I can get in touch with someone soon before things are set in stone.

        “Hey all you US Nasties,

        My name is Matt Rogan and I have been a Nasty for 4 years now. I’ve seen every video Simon and Martina have ever released and am a diehard fan of theirs (as I’m sure a lot of you are). I’m currently living in Chicago and was wondering if there were already plans in the works to have them make a stop in Chicago during their US tour. If there are no concrete details as of yet, I believe I may have a suitable venue for their visit.

        For 6 years, I have been attending the Anime Central Japanese Culture Convention (ACen). ACen is the largest asain culture convention in the Midwest and usually brings in over 25,000 attendees and I think that we can make a case for EatYourKimchi to be panelists at the event. I’ve done some research and it seems like it could work. My idea was to have them hold one or more panels discussing a variety of topics including but not limited to: discussing their favorite animes with fans, doing reviews on anime/dramas, discussing Japanese language releases from K-pop groups, discussing japanese music/culture in general, or comparing Japan to Korea in a variety of ways. Of course there is also a possibility of a fanmeet and/or autographing session since there are already such things set up for famous international guests.

        The convention takes place in Rosemont, IL at the Donald E. Stephens Convention center which is literally 2 minutes away from O’Hare airport. It would be incredibly easy to make travel arrangements to and from the airport via shuttle and the convention is also hosted by the Hyatt Regency hotel so making room reservations for panelists is also rather simple. The actual convention takes place on May 16th – 18th and panelists get free admission. I am more than willing to book their flight and hotel rooms for this event if it comes into fruition. It’s also the only venue I can think of that would be large enough and well organized enough to facilitate an EYK fanmeet. The staff and security personel are very well trained for this sort of thing and they provide you with all of the necessary equipment you might need such as projectors, sound systems, rooms and seating, escorts, etc.

        I also think that it would be really fun for them to spend their free time just wandering around the convention itself. Seeing all of the amazing cosplayers, buying things at the dealers/artists floor, just enjoying the atmosphere in general. There are tons of interesting shows and concerts each year to see and I believe they could have loads of fun attending this event. In addition to the convention I had planned on taking them into downtown for at least one day to tour the city, eat some amazing food, and take in all of the incredible architecture of the city. I’m actually an architecture student myself and I have a friend who works at the Chicago Architecture Society headquarters who has offered to provide them with a walking tour of the city’s architecture.

        I basically have all three days planned out in my head and, as I said before, I’m more than willing to take the lead on this stop of the US tour. If someone can get back to me on this matter as soon as possible I can get the ball rolling and start going through the necessary steps to get them booked for the event. Of course any and all help would be appreciated. I can fill in everyone else with the details, but I feel that it would be too much to type in this already long e-mail. Hopefully I have given you a pretty good sense of my plan and we can work something out. Thanks for hearing me out.

        -Matt Rogan, a diehard Chicago Nasty”

        • Then let’s make it happen! Even if this doesn’t end up being a part of the US Nasties Tour next Summer, I’d still love to have you guys come out this way for the event. Like I said in the e-mail, I’ve already looked up all of the necessary steps to getting this thing booked, all I need is the green light from you guys. If you are available from May 16th-18th then I’ll take care of the travel arrangements for you and finalize an itinerary for the weekend (which will of course include free time for you to explore on your own). I know you both would love this event and I hope we can make it work. Just let me know who I should talk to about this trip (either yourselves or Suzy) and I’ll send them my contact information.

      • Thanks for the reply guys! ^_^ While I have your attention I just wanted to say that I’m one of the many US Nasties and I live in Chicago. As such I was hoping to be involved in planning the Midwest stop of the US Tour. I have an amazing venue available and have the whole itinerary planned out in my head already. All I need to do is get a hold of the other organizers and/or Suzy so I can pass on the information. Unfortunately I don’t have Twitter or Facebook, so my best bet is posting here or by e-mail. I’ve already tried to get a hold of the US Nasties group e-mail twoce but got no response. Perhaps someone could help me get in touch with them some other way? Looking forward to seeing you guys in the States soon!

  25. I can’t wait for someone to actually tell everyone what this is actually for. But oh boy, I wonder how many guys are gonna just randomly show up watch this and then be like, “Oh boobs, I’ll watch more! And they have something called FAPFAP’s and WANK’s and DICK’s and there’s more girls! This was made for me! Hey, wait what’s with all these cutesy stuff and Asian guys dancing? I came here for boobs and fapfaps and wanking!”
    I will say it’s a good thing you two are together, because I feel like it was just you two just as friends doing this, would have been awkward~

  26. Funny how I was just watching this vine video: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=570447503015231
    And Simon here sings “If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it..” xD

    Martina are you gonna use it off cam in your apartment to see how it feels like? LOL
    PS. What’s with the random mustache on the wall….

  27. Is it bad I said “BOO-BEEEEES~” (in similar fashion to SOOZEEEEEEEE) in my head? But seriously though, there are some weird body shaping gadgets out there.

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