HOHOHO! Merry Christmas!

Well, it’s not Christmas yet, but we’re feeling very freaking festive lately. Perhaps this is the most festive we’ve ever been in Korea. We had our Christmas party with the Eatyourkimchi Crew last week (and that video’s coming up soon) and we filmed another Christmas related video (that too is coming up soon) and now there’s this video (which is up now!) and then we’re flying to to Canada for Christmas! Hooray!

But, before then, here’s this week’s WTF Korea video. And it’s a special one for us. Martina saw this bag long time ago when she was teaching, and when she saw it again when we were Christmas shopping recently she said ERMAHGERRDDD and grabbed a few. We bought just one. One is enough. And then we had to share it with you in this video.

For real: why the English at the bottom? It’s not Engrish; it’s just legalese. It’s proper and perfectly fine, but ridiculously awkward to put on a bag. What the hell?! I don’t know. I have no idea why this video is about drugs, and what the pictures represent, or…I just don’t know anything, really. I’m confused. Happy…birthday? Happy birthday! Why is this a gift bag? Who is the target recipient for such a bag? My only guess is that it’s bought by parents and given to kids for their birthdays. The present is inside, but the parents are like “YOU CAN’T GET THE PRESENT UNTIL YOU READ THIS ALL!” Is that it? I legitimately have no other guess.

Ok that doesn’t matter. What matters is we want to give you a Christmas WTF package! All you gotta do is let us know in the comments what your favourite WTF video was this year! It’s so miracle! We’ll pick one lucky person and mail them a whole bunch of the Wonderful Treasures we Found here in Korea!

Oh, and you should also be subscribed. OR NO TOYS FOR YOU! And no Christmas cheer, either!

Side note: we’re doing our Pop Up Store Event tomorrow in our studio! Ah! We’re so nervous! We don’t know what to expect! We never ran our own store before. This is scary! We spent a lot of time today trying to prepare for it all, to decorate the area, and stuff. Ah! Ok we’re gonna go back to being nervous now. Make sure you come by tomorrow if you’re in the area! Yay!

  1. wait so is it already given out? or are you guys still receiving answers?

  2. The tea diver. So cute omg.

  3. I loved the WTF Sleep Muzzle. So weird!

  4. Merry Christmas Simon, Martina, Spudgy, and Meemers! Although I loved the oh oh oh oh hurricane penis massager video!! I was enthralled by the pimped out banana case, which puts my banana case to shame. Hidden fork= Ermahgerd!

  5. I can honestly say that I liked the black face mask the best.
    Im not even a guy but that mask looked really cool and if I could I’d try it. LOL

  6. My favorite WTF so far was the one with the PSY deodorant. I don’t know why but it made me laugh so hard. I imagine his deodorant probably smells like off brand AXE Body spray. I had to laugh also because you are right he is a pretty sweaty dude when he is performing (I have one of is concert videos..I was legit waiting for him to just slush off stage at the end in his sweat puddle) <3

  7. My favorite WTF was the tea diver. I love the episodes that lead me to products I like. Also there were a few epic comments on that one :) suggestions of red tea anyone? WTF is one of my favorite segments you do. Thanks for reviving it :)

  8. My favorite was the Black face mask… Very funny guys.

  9. my favorite WTF was the Sleep Muzzle it was freaking hilarious , i couldn’t stop laughing OMG how weird can the korean products be ???

  10. THE BOOB MASSAGER. why? because martina showing of her badonkadonk.. or simon being all distracted. actually im in the middle of two boobs, martina or simon’s (the wet pad sumthing). i am being extra perverty due to the fact because i want a christmas present. since i dont celebrate christmas, i want my first present to be from u guys!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *please*

  11. My favorite was the “penis roller” for a few reasons.

    1) It just seeing it itself, I’d have nooo idea what it is. So calling it a penis roller seemed like it could be legit and so it was the most bizarre upon seeing the thumbnail of the clip to start with.

    2) It was one of the WTFs that was actually a wonder treasure find! You seemed to think it was ridiculous until you tried it and both loved it! That was great! xD Purrrrrrrr~~~

    3) It makes me think of when my boyfriend and I were at Target and we found various massagers and were massaging each others backs in the store. And we were totally acting like you guys did when using yours.

    • But surely it can’t be as good as the scalp massager you got in your giant Christmas package. Those are so amazing. A friend of mine bought me one but then decided to keep it and only share because he liked it too much too xD

  12. I like the black face mask

  13. I really liked last week’s Bamboo Salt toothpaste. It was really funny and interesting, I never thought that their would be such kinds of toothpaste. I also think it would be quite interesting to try, even though it apparently smells like a wet sponge. :3

  14. My absolute favorite has to be the 4D black face mask. “So what you’re saying is I have transported through time???” hahahaha

  15. My favorite was definitely the boob roller. Partially because my 65 year old male professor walked behind me right as I opened the video during lecture and proceeded to turn bright red and not look me in the eye for the rest of the week. Hella of a time explaining that one.

  16. I really enjoyed the tea diver…. It was cute and I saw it some time ago and have wanted ever since

  17. Small Yeti

    My favourite WTF this year has to be the oreo breakfast one – because you inadvertently gave me a wonderful treasure find. My sister is completely mad about Doctor Who and I had no idea you could get a Tardis cup so thanks to this video she has a fab Christmas present that she’s going to love (*thank you!!*).

  18. Joycelien van der Sluis

    Haha really funny Korean English !! I really like simons Christmas tree hair band :P. Would love to have it.

  19. Oh man, that WTF package looks amaaaaaazing! (*o*) My favorite video (possibly ever) was definitely the 4D face mask. I specifically remember where I was when I first watched it because I laughed so hard I embarrassed myself. I was taking a bus home from a weekend trip with friends; it was late and everyone was silent or sleeping. I, on the other hand, was watching youtube on my phone and noticed there had been a new WTF posted. I thought, “Hooray! New Simon and Martina, this will be a good idea on a totally silent bus ride. Yes.” Sad mistake. Seriously–funniest WTF ever. I snorted so loud at “Spunktrumpet!” that I woke up my seat partner. I could barely keep it together after that. And now I really want to find out if the mask can really bend time and space. Even if it is for man.

  20. I still think the instant boobs are my favorite over all but my favorite of the new ones has to be the sleep mask. I am so glad you guys brought this segment back

  21. my favorite was probably the sleep mask episode… because like what the eff was that I just loved how weird it was and it made me laugh so hard when Simon put it on

  22. It’s really hard to pick my fave WTF, as I basically watched them all on an EMK binge when I discovered the YouTube channel, but I’d have to say it’s a tie between the 4D Black Face Mask and the Oreo O’s cereal. The commentary on the face mask (on top of it being 4 DIMENSIONAL [how?!]) was hilarious! For the cereal: while I’m not convinced it tastes like Oreo’s and is even remotely good, anything eaten out of a TARDIS mug has to be worth trying!

  23. Hahaha, the Gel Lips! Those were CRAZY and, well, didn’t do much but make you look HORRIFYING, or like… A crazy Animal Crossing character or something! I keep wondering if they’re like those old plastic sticky-hands from the 90s! XD But… Juuuuicierr….?? XD Merry Christmas, guys! :D

  24. Definitely the bamboo toothpaste one! :)

  25. I think my favorite from this year would be the gel lips. I thought it looked interesting, but the video just ended up killing me by laughs. I look forward to future WTF videos! XD So happy they’re back! XD

  26. My favorite WTF would have to be the Korean banana holder! What is better than having a case to hold your banana for when you’re on the go? My favorite part of the banana holder is the little utensil that comes with it. I have always been looking for something that would satisfy my needs for something to hold my banana in and also has something that I can eat it with without getting my fingers dirty!
    P.S. I learned how to spell banana from Gwen Stefani

  27. The Bamboo toothpaste WTF was my favorite.

  28. Oh Engrish… My favorite WTF segment was the Tea Diver! He was so cute that he stole my heart >3<

  29. I liked the Oreo Cereal WTF. I totally expected the Oreo cereal to be really good, but your reactions kind of made me want to rethink Oreo cereal. Lol

  30. The sleep muzzles belong in a horror movie, so they are my favorite

  31. very sexy sweaters guys

  32. Out of every single WTF segments, I would say my favourite one would be the…

    PSY DEODORANT!! I REALLY WANT TO SMELL IT (even though it smells disgusting but who cares) and have it so I can say that I have Psy with me at all times! ROFL!!

    Martina, I’m with on the Metallica issue, I LOVE them so much, fave song is ‘Nothing Else Matters’!!! Whatever Metallica call their fans (I dunno what the fan group is called or if they even have one like kpop idols, probs not(LOLS)), we can be that TOGETHER!! I have one, Metallicans UNITE!!! What’s your favourite song?

  33. WTF sleep muzzle was the best, it was actually just really creepy and was one of the only ones that actually made me say, “WTF!?”

  34. Best WTF was the boob roller! OMG it’s such a weirdo thing! Haha one of my fave videos. Looove Simon’s creepy voice lol

  35. Cara Rose

    hands down 4D black face mask WTF is da bestest! *rating is based on high amounts of naaasty behavior/touching/jokes, packaging engrish, the mispronunciation of charcoal AND there’s time travel theory!! …and laughs were had by all… <3 Merry Christmas, have a fun in Canada gyise!!! ^_^

  36. Anastacia Liset Garcia

    The KOREAN BANANA HOLDER is deff my fav Wonderful treasure fine of the year! A.) b.c what a nifty find with a strangely attractive feature of keeping your banana bruise free B.) b.c you can be fancy with your pinky out and eat yo’ banana with a fork! it’s on my christmas and hopefully i win the christmas WTF give away! PICK ME!!! HUGE FAN!!!

  37. My favorite has to be the tea scuba diver; I’m a tea person and I think that’s the coolest WTF ever :D

  38. my favourite WTF is the “Sleep Muzzles” because they were just weird and they were really funny to see put on and i would really want it so i can put it on my sisters face :D but the muzzles looked like the thing you wear on your face before surgery hahhahahhaa i would love to see someone where it and then tweet it haahahha but the convenient thing about it is that it can be used in a halloween costume :D :P

  39. I never win anything, but I might just give it a try! My favourite was the Freezing foam, hillarious! Even made my husband laugh :)

  40. My favorite WTF was the Oreo O’s one, because my cousin and I used to eat them all the time when we were kids. Then after a few years we couldnt find them anywhere and it was our favorite cereal. :)

  41. But then again I really want to have the Tea diver because I drink tons of tea and it looks AWESOME!!

  42. Out of every single WTF segments, I would say my favourite one would be the…

    PSY DEODORANT!! I REALLY WANT TO SMELL IT (even though it smells disgusting but who cares) and have it so I can say that I have Psy with me at all times! ROFL!!

    Martina, I’m with on the Metallica issue, I LOVE them so much, fave song is ‘Nothing Else Matters’!!! Whatever Metallica call their fans (I dunno what the fan group is called or if they even have one like kpop idols, probs not(LOLS)), we can be that TOGETHER!! I have one, Metallicans UNITE!!! What’s your favourite song?

  43. Kessie

    I LOVE THE Korean Banana Holders…. its a junsu Oppa trap right there in the name <3 the cat is out of the banana case Also btw Martina I love your hair clips <3

  44. I don’t know what it is about the ones with the weird devices from korea that in no way would you find here in AMerica like the boob massager.

  45. I love the tea diver because its a really neat way to dip some tea leaves into the water! its really cute too

  46. Oh man, Engrish just makes me cringe all the time XD Since I’m an (aspiring) English teacher too!
    I loved all of the WTF videos: there are just so many crazy inventions in the world, so it’s always awesome to hear your commentary & critique on those things, as well as see your funny reactions to the weird items XD
    My favourite was probably the Boob Massager, because it was hilarious and awkward to watch XD

  47. My favorite WTF Korea is probably the boob roller or the breast boosters. I loved the way that simon can make anything pervy. I also loved the breast boosters on simon. Good job Martina.

  48. I’d have to say that the lip gel was my favorite WTF, simply because Simon says it feels like his mouth is up an octopus’ butthole ^.^ But the little tea diver was a close second

  49. I’ve got to say…the Sleep Muzzle was the best WTF. :P Who would think up such a contraption?? And the people who would think it actually works? XD I couldn’t get over how funny it was. Thanks for the lulz and the demo. :)

  50. Where can i get the reindeer antler hair clips?!!!

  51. Sheila Muñoz

    My fav WFT hmm I think… 4D Black Face Mask !!! xDDD it was so SM (Simon and Martina-ish, SMEnt LOL, and sadomasochism hahaha) I laughed all the video long, it was epic <3 loved it completely…I want to wiiin~ I want the Tea Diver <3 (also if I DO win…I hope there's the Sleep Muzzles, because I seriously need one :c)

  52. My favorite WTF has to be the Banana-Lunch-Box Level 1000!
    I mean it’s got everything…
    From bananaphone to useless diagrams& morals: as is don’t mountain bike irresponsibly with helpless Bananas
    AND THE ONLY WAY of civilized banana eating.
    I tried that in Uni and confused the bedoodles (nailed the EYK- Vocabulary) out of people! Wonderful Treasure indeed.
    actually a close second place would be the penis massager, for the hilariously nutty jokes.

  53. OMO, to be frankly honest. . . I loved all of the WTF. But to me the 4D black face mask episode was hilarious and I love the Oreo cereal. The reason? Well, it started to get me more into weird products. The Oreo cereal looks soooooo good, plus you ate the cereal in the TARDIS (AKA Time And Relative Dimension[s] In Space) and I am a BIG Whovian. Yeah. . . Anyway You seemed really happy about eating stuff in a WTF Episode. The 4D Black Face Mask was just over the top, hilarious! (That Engrish. . . ) Well, anyway. I love you guise for doing these WTFs! Please keep doing more! They are just interesting. . . and maybe a bit quirky. . . and CRAZY. . . and OOOOOOOOOO You so NASTY, Products. I love you guise!!!
    Thank you guys for giving us this opportunity for a giveaway!

  54. By far, my favorite was the penis massager. Because at first, that video popped up on my news feed while I was at work, but I thought “This sounds like a video that could get me fired, so I’ll watch it at home”.
    And boy was that video worth the wait. Sure, I could have watched it at work and not had any trouble with the boss peoeples, but it made my day. So thank you Simon and Martina, for making my “recently watched” history list sound like I’m a dirty pervert and making my week go by a little faster. :D

  55. My fave wt-fluff was the mouth cage contraption. I mean who would even think that up, then design it. I have a huge lack of boobage so maybe the massager could help me acquire some. Also, if its not too much trouble Martina I wanted to ask if you are aware of any foundation for very pale skin, I’ve spent a fortune for years now trying to find something pale enough and I thought Korea might be my best bet. I’ve tried all western brands, priced high and low. I even bought bright white and tried to mis some myself but it was a mess. Do you have any recommendations, I’ve looked online but I can’t figure out the websites. Sorry for bothering you! Merry Christmas to Meemers and the spudginator. I got my boyfriend to watch your videos. He loves Spudgy and requests more videos of him! xoxo

  56. Kimbap kimbap kimbap kimbap KIMBAP KIMBAP KIMBAP KIMBAP KIMBAP KIMBAP KIMBAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  57. “Man’s Psy Energy Factory Care Aqua For Man Ever Perfume Deodorant Spray Show Me Your Armpit”….. OMG BEST EVER!

    Bless his heart, but “Wet Psy” is just that! He is such a sweaty dude, and it is classic that he is associated with a deodorant!

    Yeah, so, Psy Deodorant is my pick!

    Oh, and Martina, your hair is pretty amazing in this one too… So it gets more points from me!
    사바사바 한다 LOL

  58. MissCinnella

    I love the Oreo Cereal WTF. “Smells like DIABETES!” :D
    It reminds me of the conversations between my Husband and myself when trying new food products so loved it even more! We haven’t yet found an Oreo product that we do not love so I’ll have to track it down!
    Green tea kit kats… Husband loves but I wasn’t a fan. Maybe you can track down if there are any other variations of american candy bars in Korea for a video!

    3:14-3:25… I’ve replayed this about 5 times already and have not been able to stop laughing so hard at work. I request more mashups please!!

  59. I’d have to say my favourite WTF is the sleep muzzle but honestly, I really enjoy all the WTFs that have to do with wearing some terrifying sadomasochistic-looking thing to enhance ones looks. I’m imagining someone going to sleep in the 4D black face mask, the sleep muzzle, the gel lips, those boob boosters. Waking people up in Korea must be a terrifying experience.

  60. My favorite one was the Korean Banana Holder-Leveled up video. I actually found one in a grocery store and I thought about you guys! =^ㅅ^= ()•ㅊ•()

  61. My favorite WTF for this year is the bamboo salt toothpaste! I want to try it and maybe I can feel like a panda or something. haha! It’s really something new and really Korean.

  62. Tea diver!!!! <3 It was so adorable :)

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  63. oh how awkward it is to say this. but it would have to be the penis roller. i have never laughed so much and heard so many inappropriate jokes in one segment :’) i like this side to eyk, its pretty damn hilarious :P

  64. My favorite WTF is the tea diver! I really love drinking tea, and that tea diver is AWESOME! >_< lol xDb btw, have fun for Christmas~!

  65. Evelina Sinkevičiūtė

    My favorite W.T.F. would be a Sleep Muzzle! Because i always drool on my pillow (so nasty). But after seeing how you found such a good invention my nightmares could end and i could have a drool free night. :)

  66. My favorite was the tea diver! Although I don’t really have these extravagant things to say WHY I liked it, but I just find it really cool! And I really LOVE tea. And since I live in a dorm,I can’t really wash cups or tea pots, so I can’t really have loose leaf tea. I thought it was so interesting and completely wonderful. :]

  67. My favorite WTF would have to be the Tea Diver and the Sleep Muzzle. That was so hilarious.

    Happy Holidays Simon and Martina. =)

  68. vannia

    ohhhh man my favourite one is definitely the boob roller/massager thing haha so much awkward…

  69. I love the banana holder- leveled up! It’s such a horribly inappropriate thing to carry around, which is why I would definitely carry it around.

  70. My favourite WTF was the banana holder. When Martina was shaking it up while “mountain biking,” I laughed out loud so hard when the holder broke open. Remembering it still cracks me up.

  71. Can I say I like the Oreo cereal because I grew up with it in New York state in America? XD It was a thing in Northern New York when I was around 10 and I loved it XD So yea, That would have to be my favorite of the WTFs this year because when I saw it in Korea I was more surprised that it was here than that it exists XD

  72. I especially loved the stuff that stains your nails orange. Mostly because I want to try it haha love you guys! ♥

  73. My favourite is the oreo-cereal 8D

    *om nom nom*
    youtube: Karevor
    or Rosanna Lam

  74. Erm, my favorite WTF is the boob roller because BooBiES!. ^^’

  75. My favourite WTF was Penis Massager hahaha that one was EPIC! I want to give it to my mom for xmas but maybe i should change its colour before to green, orange, brown… Okey no! Take that one back! ( do you remember this? Hahahaaha xD) Anyway, thank you for all the WTFs of this year :) love from Argentina and sorry for my engrish haha. ¡Les deseo felices fiestas!

  76. My favourite WTF video was the convenience store goodies one….it’s super cool to find out the little things each country has as their to go food things so i really liked the Dongeuran Kimbap WTF and my youtube : Inna K

  77. This is the most exciting giveaway I have ever seen not even kidding. My favorite was the oreo cereal one because of Simon’s revelations- “The O’s the two is at the end are the cookies and there’s cream in the middle so ‘O cream O’ that’s how it got the name, ocreamo. That’s what it was originally called.” And Martina’s response- “Don’t make up things you’re making my head feel itchy”

  78. Sierra Louisa Gossett

    My favorite WTF is the lip gel! Because when you put it on, you become fabulous~

  79. HI GUYS!!!! OMG YAY, I always miss out on contest like these! Anyways my absolute Fav WTF Korea was the SLEEP MUZZLE! bahahaha it was just so funny and random! Martina looked like she was so uncomfortable! >_< oooohhhhhhh you so NASTY! ^_^ Love you guys so much and all your videos!! NASTY4LIFE! <3

  80. My favorite had to be the tea man scuba diver…tea has a special place in my heart. <3

    P.S. i love you guys, happy birthday, merry christmas, yes, okay. |:D

  81. It’s so miracle! my favourite WTF this year was the cool icy ice shot. One, because it was hilarious and I laughed a lot, But also because when I was in Korea this August I saw it being advertised everywhere and I had no effing clue what it was or what it did. After watching your video I realized I should have bought some, because I was freaking melting the whole time I was there wishing there was some magical product I could spray on me to make me feel normal again.

  82. Allow me to convey my favourite WTF with the following haiku:
    Simon getting spanked
    With a black 4D man mask
    This made me laugh lots

  83. My favorite WTF was Dongeuran Kimbap :3 I live in Ohio TT.TT It’s hard to have good Korean Food and snacks. I’m surrounded by cornfields and the nearest Korean market is like 3 hours away. It’s hard being a Korean Culture fan in Ohio.

  84. Leanne Cain

    I think the “interesting” massager was the funniest because of Simon’s uncontrollable nastiness. It’s fun to see you guys get carried away and I can only imagine the youtube-inappropriate jokes that were made when you found it.

  85. HAHA the english is so long too, like the terms and conditions~ ahaha

    My favorite WTF video was the Korean Freeze Foam! haha SIMONS NIPPLE BURRRRRRRRRRRRN! MUAHAHAH!!

    it seems hecka weird but its pretty cool :3 VERY CHILL~ lololol

  86. My favorite WTF is the Penis Massager, the reason behind it is very obvious (is that spelt right, I dunno).
    1. When i saw the title I was like WTF. I was kinda scared watching that, but i trusted you.(Simon,Simon,Simon, tsk)
    2. But to be fair i was laughing non-stop and even caused my mom to come to the screen.
    3.The package, guys. I thought Thors hammer was meant to be a lot bigger. I Would have just said i did some DIY. Or a really weird pen?????????
    4. Martina’s inappropriate colors for the thing. Really Martina, Brown? Hey maybe it could be GOLD?!
    5. I can’t believe that the person who did the diagrams thought they were appropriate for the younger audience.
    6. Finally ………………………. PURRRRRRRRRRRRRR. (What man Cat noises)

  87. Minty

    A WTF … Really WTF is for me … The Sleep Muzzles ! I drool when I sleep so all the time I was really thinking that It could be usefull ! But still It’s a WTF because Where else will you find so bizzard, strange ,weird, freaky but Still usefull things !? :D Thanks for making the WTF section again ! Merry Christmas ! Joyeux Noël !

  88. Can’t I say all of them? xD But if I had to pick one, it would definitely be the Banana Holder! Although that breast pack that may or may not contain Simon’s chest hair sounds very appealing, that banana holder blew my mind with it’s fanciness! I mean, lezzbe honest here, that thing is PURE GENIUS!!!!

  89. My fav WTF without a doubt was the sleep muzzle because it was totes educational.
    One of my students came to school (here in Canada) with that on
    and a “signed” note that they were having tooth problems and wouldn’t be able to give their presentation.
    But I had seen the WTF and knew what was up!
    You should have seen the look on their face when I busted them!

    Youtube username: RUiiKE

  90. At first i was thinking ‘tea diver’, but i think I may have seen them here in Canada, or maybe something similar. So, the next one would be that sleep muzzle thing.That’s just so bizzare. I can’t help but want to try it!!

  91. My favorite WTF is the one with boob roller. First- is this a new kind of machinę for torture? Soo scary!!
    Second: Simon! I just could stop laughting, you know why, this lost gaze…
    It’s funny, I show this video to my mum, she speaks english only a little (we’re polish) and she did enjoy it, she told me it was so funny! She told me that she didn’t understand all of it but still it was very funny! Yaaay! I will turn my mum into Nasty!! Buhahahahaha

  92. ***This has nothing to do with the subject and I’m deeply sorry to bring a somewhat “politic” subject here***

    I’ve started an international selca protest to support the “annyeong” mouvement (to know more about it : http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.ca/2013/12/college-students-and-more-come-together.html and http://www.asianjunkie.com/2013/12/shinees-jonghyun-stands-up-for-lgbt-rights-student-protests-against-government/) If you want to, join us and spread the word!

    We want to bring awereness to this matter, and maybe, catch the attention of the international media (since there’s nothing about this in the korean medias). This way, we might help koreans with their protest.

  93. My favorite WTF is the Oreo cereal one! When I saw it I literally screamed and fell off my bed because I was convinced I was crazy for being the only one that remembered this cereal from my childhood. And I wasn’t crazy because you guys found it! And I was craving it really badly for months….. D:
    But after watching your WTF about it, I felt better and ordered a few boxes (that didn’t last). xD

  94. Only Simon can make that sweater look good.

  95. Jennifer Miller

    The lip gel pack was pretty funny! It made you guys look like blowup dolls!( Ooh You So Nasty!)

  96. The boob roller of course! I can’t imagine someone walking into someone doing that… LMAO or someone talking to someone else on the phone being like “hey what are you doing?” “Oh just rollin my boob roller on my boobs.” god that conversation would turn so awkward because of that one sentence.

  97. Ana Luiza Mendes Halabi

    This segments gave me so many WTFs! But I think my favorite one (I laugh only at the idea, who invented this?!?!) Is that gel lip to moistirize. Seriouly?!?! How that can be used? :O

  98. Evelina Sinkevičiūtė

    Hey! I would say that my favorite 2013 W.T.F. was Sleep Muzzle. I think that is a genius idea, because i have a serious drooling issue. Every time i wake up from sleeping my pillow looks like its was in water fight with my mouth and it lost :// So when i saw on W.T.F. that there was invention like Sleep Muzzle i realized i had a chance of getting drool free night. :)

  99. My favorite WTF was, unsurprisingly, the Penis Massager. Though some of the jokes came up a tad limp, overall, this segment was definitely the most potent of the bunch when it came to arousing laughter.
    A close second was Freeze Foam; which was really cool, except I felt you missed a golden opportunity to incorporate the J. Geils Band’s song, “Freeze Frame” into the act at some point . . . (Am I, perhaps, showing my age, now? Oops.)

  100. I like the bamboo toothpaste because I have actually seen bamboo toothpaste before but I have never tryed it because it doesn’t look food! Anyways it smells ok I guess, I don’t know what bamboo smells like! I guess I’m never gonna try it because it sounds nasty when Simon and Martina tryed it!!!

  101. I liked the Gel Lips one! Yes, they were gross. Yes, they didn’t work. BUT it was quite funny, and it would have been so cool if it had worked! Maybe someone needs to invent one that actually does work.

  102. exoticRawr

    XD i love this one

  103. The one about that skin massager that looks like.. Well, a penis. Lol, “why?” You may ask. Because whilst roaming the store of DAISO with a friend, I came across one! I then screamed with joy, “THIS IS THAT THING!” then repeatedly tried massaging my friend with it hehe :3

  104. My Favorite was the 4D black face mask for men. I loved it. Watching Simon try to use it was absolutely insane. I have actually used the Korean face masks. I do like the after effects, but do agree that it feels like you have been slimed.

    I love watching the WTF segments as well as all of your other EYK segments. I have been to Seoul 5 times now and counting and plan on being back in the spring. I hope to run into you. (Totally innocent, not a serial killer) I love seeing places I have been and finding new places to go.

    You have to try a coffee shop in Itaewon, BigMug, if you haven’t been there yet. It is owned and run by a great friend of mine. His name is Jaehyung Kim. Its a great place to eat, drink and hang out. It is not on the main strip so its not quite as touristy as most places.

    This is my first post to you. I hope I am the lucky winner, and hope to run into you in the spring.

    Merry Christmas.

    Anthony from Trenton New Jersey USA

  105. Out of every single WTF segments, I would say my favourite one would be the…

    PSY DEODORANT!! I REALLY WANT TO SMELL IT and have it so I can say that I have Psy with me at all times! ROFL!!

    Martina, I’m with on the Metallica issue, I LOVE them so much, fave song is ‘Nothing Else Matters’!!! Whatever Metallica call their fans (I dunno what the fan group is called or if they even have one like kpop idols, probs not(LOLS)), we can be that TOGETHER!! I have one, Metallicans UNITE!!! What’s your favourite song?

  106. i got a question !!!!!! what are the main religon types in korea

  107. My favorite WTF was the Bamboo Salt Toothpaste. So off the wall for me that I had to go buy some as a joke gift for a family friend after seeing the video. We give each other a box of joke gifts every Christmas and one year he gave me a tube of Bacon Toothpaste. This was a perfect retaliation gift for him! Thank you for inspiring me in winning off the wall gifts EYK! ☆*・゜゚・*(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

  108. my favourite WTF is the “Sleep Muzzles” because they were just weird and they were really funny to see put on and i would really want it so i can put it on my sisters face :D but the muzzles looked like the thing you wear on your face before surgery hahhahahhaa i would love to see someone where it and then tweet it haahahha but the convenient thing about it is that it can be used in a halloween costume :D :P

  109. Our favorite was the 4D black face masks. You both are soooo cute and funny. I enjoyed your choice of safety words. :)

  110. My favorite WTF was the Korean Freeze Foam:) I couldn’t stop laughing when Martina but the foam on Simons nipple and he couldn’t get it off and called for soozee XD Made me laugh so hard :) I realy love you guys you allways make my day^^

  111. Hey Simon and Martina,

    for me my favorite WTF-Korea was defiantly the Korean Breast Boosters because about a week before my Nonna who speaks little to no English got me a packet for helping her clean her house (no joke, clean toilets is really fun) any way this inspired me to have a go but i totally freak out so instead why my brother was sleeping i put them on him….he was not enjoying the good purposes….. it was also fun to watch Simon suffer *bwahahaha*

  112. Hey guise~!! My favorite WTF this year was definitely the banana holders one! I couldn’t stop laughing. I love you guise and it was great seeing you at Federation Square in Melbourne a few months ago… Haha… I’m so nasty…

  113. I can’t decide whether I liked the face mask for men or the freeze foam more… :D

  114. I don’t know which is my favourite…. I love all of them…. Hmm… If I had to choose one, I would probably choose the Bamboo salt toothpaste episode….because I love pandas~

  115. I think the freeze foam episode was pretty awesome. Between the fumes it was giving off and Simon’s girly EEEEEE when it was sprayed directly on him, it was basically pure entertainment. Plus it actually did what it was supposed to do FREEZE LIKE WINTER COLD ICE~
    Also that bag is pretty awesome…mmm dat copy paste.

  116. I liked the tea diver as my favorite WTF (:!
    I thought it was super cute.

  117. My favorite WTF was the 4D Black Face Mask for men . because 1 it wase nasty video 2 I need it for my skin ache

  118. I really liked the Tea Diver. Cute and practical!

  119. Maashugna

    So maaaannnyyyy, but i’ll choose the black 4d mask thingy. I laughed so hard during that one, in fact, I should go rewatch it.

  120. Which WTF Korea was a hard choice to pick. You found something to keep boobs hydrated, that lips need patches, how to stop drooling at night, and found out bananas like to be stroked in the up and down motion. The 4D man mask for MEN!!! That video hands down won for me. I had to stop the video multiple times since I couldn’t hear the video over my laughter. Plus Lips Tickles, the yellow ball, and spunk trumpet. I still don’t know what a spunk trumpet is but that doesn’t stop me from using the word.
    Than I get told “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  121. Think my favorite WTF would have to be the…PSY Deodorant…I mean who here would buy PSY.?
    I have been to alot of shops where the stores sells really really old lady perfume (well it smells like old people) for 30-50 USD.
    OHH boy and let me tell you now…it made me tear up inside and outside because It was bad…But the packaging was AMAZING!
    I mean I buy things all the time and well sadly yes i brought old people smelly things too…but PSY..no one can beat PSY. like psyju!!!!

  122. Aside from the kimbap one – because it’s glorious food and no one who’s sane should ever deny good food, the sleep muzzle WTF is my favourite. It is so hilarious and absurd that someone would actually make that! I dunno, it blows my mind and beats me why anyone would want to make or produce that thing-a-ma-hoober LOL. Also, I’m not sure how much more attractive one would look after having all that plastic and weird strap-a-strap stuff imprinted on your face after like nine hours of Dothraki sleeping (by that I mean mega hardcore sleeping). It is an equivalent to a face-bra? Not sure. HAHA. It’s also kind of like tumblr but epitomized in a product. You know that feel? When you go on tumblr and you keep thinking ‘I have … no idea … why … why … what even’. That is the feeling I get when I see that sleep muzzle, which makes it truly a wonderful treasure find.

  123. lady_kire

    I enjoyed the black face mask one. Let’s just say that I couldn’t stop laughing at how the mask looked like those BDSM things and how Simon was getting smacked and had to use the safety word.

  124. I would have to say my favorite WTF item was the penis roller because that is the only thing that has given me weird ass dreams! In the dream Simon was chasing Martina and I around yelling penis roller! Every time he would catch someone he would start rubbing it on that persons head.

  125. My favorite WTF had to be the boob roller. Catching Simon looking at Martina’s boobs was just hilarious. I even started counting. About 25 times…25 TIMES.

  126. LongClawTiger

    My favorite WTF has to be either the kimbap one or the freeze foam one. The freeze foam was both funny and something I would probably try myself and enjoy waaaay too much. The kimbap one I enjoyed because it was sort of like a fapfap/wank blended into one segement. Interesting product, but it also gave me quite a few pointers on both a new food to try and some cultural convenience store differences.

  127. My favorite WTF id the Tea Diver! I even got one delivered. :D

  128. I actually like Metallica XD my dad was into them as I was growing up, so I was that strange girl in school that actually knew Metallica XD

  129. Oh my goodness I can’t decide which I liked the best…I must resort to super special subred…categories!
    the one that I’m excited about and want badly is the Oreo cereal! I
    actually used to eat that when I was a kid, but of course it’s no
    longer sold in the States!
    The cutest thing that I would actually use
    like a maniac (giggling as a dip it) is the tea diver! Whoever thought
    of that was an adorable genius.
    The creepiest favorite…that freaking muzzle….hello Clarice…(love is the momennnnt!)
    I should stop now.
    Thank you for bringing WTF back! ^_^

  130. hahah this is really funny and I gotta say my favourite WTF was the penis massager it made me laugh and at the beginning when simon anounses it my mom hear it and it was akward to explain it to her hahaha I could not stop laughing :)

  131. I like the massage breast .was very funny

  132. Hmmm from this year’s series of WTF, I think I’d want the toothpaste, partly because most of the other items are women’s products (then again, I would want to try out the 4D face mask), but mostly because I really want to try the toothpaste out.

  133. My favorite one was the last one with the Bamboo Toothpaste. I loved how Martina tricked Simon. Epic. ;)

  134. the banana case. because its a BANANA case.
    okay. ill do this properly.
    2)martina showed us that if you shake your banana case TOO hard, no matter how secure it is, your banana WILL fall out.
    and that’s a very valuable lesson
    3)it even gives you a FORK to eat it with. why else? because you can hook it onto yo bag and show off your fabulous banana case to the world.


  136. As an avid lover of tea and all other sorts of caffeinated drinks, I would have to say my favorite was the tea diver! Although my avid love of junk food would lead me to the oreo o’s lol… ooo so hard to choooooseeee!! I think the little tea diver would have fun diving for oreos actually…. hmmmm I smell a plan hatching… :3

  137. Misa Shim

    My favorite WTF because was too WTF, I think is the Sleep Muzzle I know that there is a lot subliminal messenge in almost everyone of the last WTF, but! I remember the time when I saw the preview imagen, I say OMG! EYK is in BDSM?? =O And for that and the thing you say, that was my fav of this year~~!! jajaja

  138. I loved the EH jelly lips one!! Though i must say that all of the WTF videos are hilariousss :)

  139. My favourite WTF of 2013 has got to be the Korean Freeze Foam! Simon’s reaction was beyond priceless and I was pretty much dying of laughter throughout the entire video! :) it was hilarious to watch and the foam looked like it would be very fun to play with!

  140. My favorite WTF was the 동구랑 김밥 (dongeurang kimbap)
    Because everyone likes food. IT’S FOOD. Irrefutable.
    The kimbap is small, portable, and convenient to whip out anywhere and enjoy.
    Too bad I moved to America so…
    *cries of sadness and hunger

  141. my favorite wtf had to be the banana holder leveled up! i mean who doesn’t want a holder for their banana? how many times have you said to your self..aww man my banana got squished! if only it had a holder!

  142. The gel lips were my favorite! Mostly because of how you guys did the video. I laughed SO much when Martina kept popping up on the screen with the dramatic sound effects because me and my twin make sound effects like that when we do dramatic head turns (which happens more often then one might think).

    Just a side note, I want to tell you guys how awesome you are, because your videos aren’t just interesting and funny, but they’re are a sure fire way to brighten any day for me. When life is difficult, when I’m stressed out, or when I feel like I don’t know how I’m going to accomplish my dreams, your videos not only cheer me up, but inspire me to keep going. Thank you so much!~

  143. That Christmas tree head band is adorable X3

  144. That bag is magical. I live in Korea and I feel like you guys are much better at finding terrible Engrish than I am. My all-time favorite WTF was definitely the boob rollers……aheuheuheheuuu.

  145. Elizabeth Le

    Is Martina wearing circle lenses?

  146. I like the penis massager, that review was the funniest lol

  147. My favorite WTF would be the massage penis thingamajig, cuz well you know !!

  148. My favorite WTF was the boob roller one. I could not stop laughing as Simon ordered you to rub your tatas. Hilarious.
    I am subscribed and my YouTube username is TheEinnimal25.

  149. Starsania

    I think you might have a small error in your blog post. In the 3rd paragraph, I think it’s supposed it be I have no idea why this bag is about drugs instead of I have no idea what this video is about drugs.

    As for my favorite WTF this year I really liked the Oreo cereal video because it was just too cute you guys realizing you hadn’t had cereal together yet even after so long! Adorable!

    It was really hard to choose though they’re all great!

  150. My favorite WTF was the Dongeuran Kimbap. Although I don’t think you guys will be sending that one out to the winner. I’d love to try it. lol :)

  151. kawaii_candie

    Simon, you look so cute with that Christmas tree ribon on your head…. you look like a giant baby. lol.

    also, where can i get me some glittery pink antlers?!?

  152. Okay my favorite WTF is probably one of the most recent one’s: Bamboo Salt toothpaste! Probably because I loved it being filmed in the bathroom (because your bathroom is so cool I want a mirror hanger for my tooth brushes!), as well as Simon having brain explosions from thinking about toothpaste. Yet what I liked most was how we see something as a cultural norm (aka mint toothpaste), but then we talk to a different person from a different country and they’re like: “what the hell is that?” For me this brought back memories of others situations I have found out about where people are like: “you don’t do that in your country?” I think the biggest thing that this made me think of was that we put our eggs in the fridge in the US and turns out other countries don’t do that because they don’t have the same salmonella issues that America has. I too had a mind-blowing moment when I learned other countries don’t do that (except it wasn’t about toothpaste fizzling hahahaahha).

    To go on, I also think one of my favorite things, in general, about EatYourKimchi is that it opens up new cultural ideas to others. Though it may dissuade some from wanting to travel… I know for me it makes me want to explore the world and see all the new things different from my own personal culture!

  153. Guise. There is a special message behind the disclaimer on that bag. Contact a doctor before using it, eh? Meemers is a doctor. You should give that bag to Meemers so he can validate it. I bet he would love to.

    I’d rewatched three WTFs that I liked the most (sleep muzzles, 4D black face mask and freeze foam) and laughed the most at *drum rolls* the freeze foam ep. Man, that episode was made of win XD The item iself wasn’t the weirderst thing ever but the way you presented it was just wonderfully hilarious.
    Do you still require our YT usernames? If so, mine is Agatapaszcza.

  154. My favorite WTF? THATS SO HARD TO PICK ONE !!! I love all of them, but if i had to pick, it’d either be the Tea Diver, because I’m obsessed with tea and the tea diver is so adorable. And the penis roller WTF was just… Super funny and unbelievable haha~ I loved all the items though, especially since I don’t live in South Korea (yet *tear, tear*). You’ve got a Nasty 4 Life right here !

  155. Smitty Werbenjagermanjenson

    my favorite was the breast roller. wish those things actually worked lol

  156. It’s really hard to pick just one out of all the WTFs but my favorite product would have to be diver tea ball. I’ve seen so many unique ones like a shark’s dorsal fine fin or a rubber duckie, but never one has a diver. I had a minor.. spazz attack when i saw it.

  157. My favorite WTF was the oreos… mainly because I miss them.. they were in america for like a day or something stupid like that. Had them once. and now it’s gone… so it’s like a bitter sweet thing. Happy they survived T_T lol

  158. OMG I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THAT~~~ ! I think my favorite WTF this year had to be from the Freeze Foam. It made me laugh for days, I watched it over and over again. It just seems like a product that I would want to play with for hours. “PUT IT ON MY NIPPLES” made me laugh so freaking hard. You guys made my week, i was going through a really hard time at the time and you guys just made it so much better.

  159. My ultimate favourite was the korean freeze foam. IT has the ultimate undefeatable (except for the christmas one) engrish! “ICE SHOT COOL MAN FREEZE FOAM!!!!!! Also, at simon’s expense, I laughed my face off when simon got a nipple burn and his nipples were so cold, they actually beat taeyang-sitting-in-an-ice chamber’s hardness

  160. My favorite WTF video of the year was the penis massager. Not only were my siblings watching it with me but my parents stepped in to see why we were laughing and they came to the part where Simon was moving the massager up and down. Also when Martina was coming up with different colors for it. XD

  161. My favorite WTF this year was the Oreo cereal. I really like Oreos and I really wish we had them here in America! I just want to thank you guys because you made me want to move to a different country and teach English.

  162. The 4D face mask is my fav WTF segment. I watch this video whenever I’m in a sneaky hate spiral and need a good laugh. I’ve also forced many a friend and family member to watch it, just so they understand WTF I’m talking about when I go around quoting, ‘blackface is never OK Korea’, ‘Spunk-trumpet’, and repeating the noises and facial expressions Simon makes when he creepily pops up on the camera wearing it.
    Thanks for all the laughter you guise! ^__^

  163. exoticRawr

    I love all the WTF’s but my Favorites are the Tea Diver one (the tea diver is soooo cute and i love tea ) I also loved the sleep muzzle one XD! Y’all are hilarious!

  164. My favorite wtf was definitely the one with the tea diver, simply because I absolutely LOVE tea. And I thought it was just really really cute. xD
    You guys are such a sweet couple.

  165. In real christmas spirit, I want to make a rhyme.
    You ask what’s my favourite WTF, I’ll tell you that in time.

    You popped up on my youtube ,in my recommended list.
    I started watching the WTF episode, and wondered “WHAT IS THIS!?!?”

    I laught and laught until I cried, and then i laughed some more.
    Two crazy, fun, amazing people, that I now adore.

    The video I saw that day, which was the first and my favourite.
    Is the one about the freeze foam, that I must admit.

  166. My favourit is the boob roller because simon had so much fun seeing Martina haha i just loved the video

  167. Favorite WTF I wanna say is the Sleep Muzzle! Simon “eww there’s a stain on it”! Funny stuff Guise! I do hope though that the muzzles isn’t in the bag lol

  168. The Bamboo Salt toothpaste was my favorite! I really dislike “normal” mint flavored toothpaste just because I don’t like mint :T
    Don’t get me wrong though… bamboo salt doesn’t sound very yummy to say the least but I’d still give it a go.
    (p.s. I use barbie bubblegum toothpaste because it tastes good… wehh so embarrassing *runs away*)

  169. My favourite WTF this year was the tea diver! I am kind of a tea addict (I drink no coffee so tea is my beverage for afternoons with friends) and I am always impressed what kinds of shapes for strainers do exist^^

  170. i really liked the freeze foam. i seemed like it froze really well based on simon’s reaction. i want to use it to freeze my brother’s nipples when he is asleep or doesn’t listen to me. it looks really fun to experiment with and one of those things i would really want to prank people with ^^ just looks fun to play with.☺

  171. My favorite WTF was probably one of those super old ones… like the one with the visor thing? You wore it like a visor but there was like a face helmet to it… idk I just remember seeing it on your vlog first and then seeing it again in a drama and I was like omg! haha


  172. Favorite WTF is the High Heel Pain Fixers! Simon modeling in anti-heels with his man feet xD

  173. My Favourite WTF product is the either the sleep nuzzle because i loved how Simon and Martina were trying to place correctly on their faces or the boob roller because i just found it absolutely hilarious that Simon continuously rolled the boob roller onto Martina it just cracked me up so much hahahha :D

  174. My favourite WTF would have to be the Korean Freeze Foam. The foam looks so cool (pun intended) and the video made me laugh so hard especially when Martina sprayed it on to Simon nipples and then Simon called called Soozee over to help take it off.

  175. My favorite WTF is the Oreo Cereal. I really like cereal and oreos. They looked interesting and I would probably eat all the marshmallows first. Haha

  176. My favourite would have to be the Man’s Psy Energy Factory Care Aqua for Man Ever Perfume Deodorant Spray SHOW ME YOUR ARMPIT because that engrish is amazing and the video was hilarious, but i can’t get past in this videO YOU WERE SINGING METALLICA! I LOVE YOU MARTINA! I’ve always wanted to ask, what are your favourite Metallica songs and what other metal bands do you like? I feel like we’re same because I’ve grown up with rock/metal music and then went through my Korea phase and now its both, you were an English teacher and I want to be an English teacher, so alike! :))

  177. My favourite WTF video was the boob roller lol…XD kudos to Martina for having the courage to roll her boobs on the internet 8D

  178. My favorite WTF was the kimbap. That’s one of the Korean things that I’d really love to try!
    Also, am I the only EYK fan from TUNISIA? Am I?
    PS: It’s a great country by the way, you should come visit!
    PPS: Dare I say North Africa tour?

  179. Defintly the last one with Bamboo toothpaste. Just Simon’s “Patuee” made me laugh for decades.

  180. I liked the episode with the boob roller, you two were so cute in it!

  181. Kelly Jade Kroeker

    The bust roller was the best lol it was quite adorable how Simon was checking out Martina <3 hahaha oh marriage what a wonderful thing it is to see :) lol keep on loving each other, i love seeing the love you guys have for each other. <3<3<3

  182. My favorite is definitely 4D black face mask !

  183. I really thought the Japan-Instant boobs was my favorite WTF “Oh you sexy hermaphrodite man lady man lady”-”Oh your sexy lady bits, and your sexy man bits too, Even you must be into You-oo-oo!” -”What’s that sound?””All of our subscribers suddenly unsubscribing” All the while Simon’s grabbing his instant fake boobs. Priceless…

    BUT as I can’t go picking WTFs from 2011s, I’ll go with:
    Psy Deodorant, helping sweaty men turn into old smelly men, one spray at a time <3 oppa oldman style!

    <(G^G<) <(^o^<)~~~~

  184. my favorite wtf korea is the black face mask for men, oh the stuff that went on in that video :P love you guys
    (also tried to put an engrish pic up, it didn’t work though)

  185. My favourite WTF is the boob massager one. Laughed SO HARD at that.

    And Simon’s got a point re: Metallica. But it depends on WHICH era of Metallica. ‘Ride the Lightening’? Good. ‘Justice for All’? Awesome. ‘Black Album’? HELL FREAKING YES. Everything else post that sucks though. (And Lars can’t drum his way out of a paper bag. Fact.)

  186. So many gems….but I’d have to say my favorite (as far as sheer WTFness) was the sleep muzzle. I mean, seriously, WTF?!

  187. Favorite WTF is the Korean Freeze Foam! I am a hott tamale from Texas.
    In the hot summer when I get hot and sweaty (i mean I glisten) I need
    something to cool my hot “parts” down. The Korean Freeze Foam (sold at
    Etude House) looks like the right product for me! Thanks Simon and
    Martina for showing me such an awesome product. *cue twinkle in the eye and tooth while smiling*

  188. I really thought the Japan-Instant boobs was my favorite WTF “Oh you sexy hermaphrodite man lady man lady”-”Oh your sexy lady bits, and your sexy man bits too, Even you must be into You-oo-oo!” -”What’s that sound?””All of our subscribers suddenly unsubscribing” All the while Simon’s grabbing his instant fake boobs. Priceless…

    BUT as I can’t go picking WTFs from 2011s, I’ll go with:
    Psy Deodorant, helping sweaty men turn into old smelly men, one spray at a time <3 oppa oldman style!

    <(G^G<) <(^o^<)~~~~

  189. Oooh ooh ooh I want it all!! :) My favorite WTF from this years was the black face mask..oh so wrong, lol. But it was so random and hilarious, I laugh every time I watch it. :) My youtube name is lilysnape81, and yeah, I’m subscribed to all channels. Just sayin *brownie points scores*

  190. My favorite was the tea diver!! He was really cute :).

  191. Ree Ah

    I really liked the tea-diver…man..thing.. okay okay So I know it wasn’t the funniest WTF, but it was actually something that I would willingly BUY and USE. It’s just too adorable! I was at our local Asian market just a few days before this WTF aired and I was SO CLOSE to buying a new tea…ball? …basket..? steeper..? …whatever it is, I’m glad I didn’t! Because now it’s my mission to have a little asto-man diving into my glass with a ball full of tea in his belly- ….wait..

  192. Thank you so much for the Christmas Giveaway! My favorite WTF of 2013 would have to be the Bamboo Salt toothpaste, since I love learning about everyday things in other countries that us westerners think are weird. I can’t wait for eatyourkimchi in 2013, I’ve been following you guys for two years and you get better with every episode. Merry Christmas!

  193. Seriously,
    I loved the deep sea diver tea infuser. I’m probably the biggest tea
    drinker in my entire town, and I think that one was really cute xD (Fun
    Fact: I’m drinking tea RIGHT NOW as I type!)
    also, the bamboo
    toothpaste. I kinda want to try it. I find mint toothpaste tends to be
    too sweet for me. Anyway, good luck to everyone who wants to win that
    bag (including me)!

  194. Hi guys ~ *waves hand*

    Hm, let’s see…

    I thought the lip hydrating gel was a little awkward but interesting. The gel for the breast was new, I couldnt stop laughing at Simon’s comments throughout the video. I have seen the “penis” shaped massage gadget at the store and after seeing the video I just can’t seem to nto not laugh everytime I see it (remembering the video and having most of the store personnel looking at me like some weirdo). PSYs deodorant spray caught my attention, and how Simon threaten to rub himself on Martina to get the spray on her made me laugh so hard. The sleeping mask made me laugh the most, it really looks like something from a kink shop. I felt like a pervert sitting through the breast massager, my eyes couldnt stay on the screen most of the time. I have to say, my favorite video was the tea diver.

    “We’re going to drown him and then say ‘Omg we killed Kenny.’” Haha. The bamboo salt toothpaste sounds awesome though. I want to try it.

    Anyway, stay warm you guys (EYK Crew) and have an amazing holiday filled with love and joy! Hope dr memmers and spudgy enjoy the holidays as well!~

  195. My favorite WTF was the boob roller. Not because it was so odd but because my roomate had to sit with me and watch, his face was red! He could not believe that you guys just find this stuff, we have nothing like that outside adult stores where we live. Being in our 30s we love that you guys found and posted this. Thank you for boob rollers making great videos.

  196. Its so hard to choose! I have many favourites. I guess that my #1 most favourite one was the Bamboo salt WTF. I had never even thought of other toothpaste flavours!

  197. My favorite video was the TL;DR- Tips and Tricks for Flying to Korea. It was my first look into the EYK world and I’ve enjoyed every moment since.

  198. the penis massager for sure! (and the breast booster was my second favourite)

  199. Breast hydrator thing…that was hilarious

  200. I think that my most favourite WTF was the black face mask. The video was hilarious and nasty i have to admit. I could feel that you were having fun with it. Plus the bondage face or whatever was print on the package was just weird.
    Anyway nice hat simon ;)

  201. My favourite wtf for this year has to be the face mask for men, because not only is it the origins of SM Entertainment, as a 4D mask, it has the abilities to warp time and space… plus, i loved the S&M jokes (Simon and Martina jokes you dirty minded people xD)

  202. Isn’t the English Bag more like a “sick bag”? My favourite WTF episode would have to be the bamboo salt toothpaste. Simon’s face was priceless! And Martina was ever smooth in tricking Simon. Haha! I loved it.

  203. The S&M jokes made the face mask for men my favourite WTF of the year!

  204. Audrey Hoang

    I liked the 4D face mask the best. :3
    Simon looked like a thug even without half of it on and when Martina tried to help it got all gloppy and nasty and I just laughed so hard.

  205. Ever since I discovered you guys I can honestly say you haven’t made a video I didn’t love but that could be because I don’t watch these videos for the content, I watch them for you two. That being said said, my favorite has to be the tea diver because 1) I love tea over most beverages and 2) the south park references because i love south park and after Simon pointed out it looked like Kenny all I could think of for the rest of that video was ” Oh My God! They drowned Kenny! You Ba$ters!”

  206. Banana case with the stealthy phone call to Junsu! ….or maybe the tea diver cause it was a cute and it was fun seeing SImon so amused by the tea diver and its ninja star/frisbee.

  207. My favorite WTF Korea video would have to be the Korean Breast Boosters, because that was the first video that I watched from the segment and it got me to continue watching more videos from the segments for more laughs. Thank you for sharing the interesting things you find from Korea and making everyone laugh!! :3

  208. I love all the WTF and I CAN’T CHOOSE!! ;;;; But if I have to choose one.. i’d pick ._. The tea diver since it looks so cute and I like drinking tea~ :3 and I LOVES ME YOUR EYES MARTINA!! ;;; Look so cute like always! xD and also the boob roller! And the foam spray thing xDD P.S: Simon you look cute in that sweater :3


  210. Saw this little Engrish jem at an Asian bus touring place… “Please sigh in number”….

  211. KATHyphenTUN

    First off YAY! I’m so happy you are doing a WTF giveaway!! Back when you had your original WTFs I was too afraid to comment on the internet so I never got a chance. Now I have a chance again!! WEEE~ It’s like christmas morning!! haha :P

    So my favourite WTF for this year has to be “The Korean Breast Boosters”. I think because I was so excited for the segment to come back (and maybe also because of Simon’s girly “it’s cold” scream). It also, reminded me of your Japan inflatable breast WTF from way back in the day, which mad me cry from laughing so much!!! You guise are so silly! <3

  212. My favorite WTF was the freeze foam. Man, I could think of so many (NASTY) uses for it… ;)

  213. My favorite is the 4D Face Mask because Spunktrumpet is a funny word.

  214. I think my favorite WTF would definitely have to be the hydrating boob booster….thing. I laughed so hard watching that and was so confused as to what it was actually supposed to do. When you made Simon wear it I laughed even harder, plus we got to see Dothraki Man Warrior chest so that’s a good reason as well. Merry Christmas! ♥

  215. My favorite was the penis massager, for a few reasons. One at first when I saw the title I actually thought you were talking about a massager for someones penis… that was awkward… I watched it anyway. Two, my friends are really dirty sometimes specifically one of them and he draws a penis almost everywhere we go and makes penis jokes, so the whole time while watching I was cracking up laughing. Can’t imagine what he would do if he actually saw the massager!

  216. I LOOOOVVVVVEEEE the TEA DIVER. its because i LOOOOOVVVEEEE TEA and it was so cute!! :) but if the TEA DIVER wasnt in the bag IM still gonna be the happiest guy cause of all that AMAZING ITEMS!!!! :)

  217. Emilija Sakavičiūtė

    My favourite was Penis massager :D It was so hilarious, especially when you started to talk about the colours.. :D

  218. I liked the Penis massager best XD it made me laugh so hard I almost suffocated with my own laughter :P

  219. The tea diver’s my favorite. You’re practically submitting Kenny to water torture. The look in your eyes lol, but still the little guy is so adorable. I tried looking for one of these at the store but sadly they don’t have any. Anyways i loved your christmas sweaters they are so cute.Nice job Martina getting Simon to wear it.


  220. Favorite WTF video this year was the Korean Freeze Foam. I love that Martina takes every advantage to use WTF’s to harass Simon’s nips, and this video was no exception. That cry he let out when the spray hit him? Priceless!

  221. Oooooo Christmas Give Away 0_0!
    I would have to say, Favorite of this year will have to be the Boob Roller. Martina’s Face Made it it ten times more hilarious. It was almost like with her eyes she was saying ” You’re lucky I love you Simon” Either way Priceless. You guys are awesome HoorraH BOOB ROLLERS!!!!

  222. Just for me and my friends to have the chance to have the best games off of showing our friends these items would be so fun! I have to admit, the penis massager is probably my favorite! …that sounded really nasty…Ooh! you so nasty! from Canada! Whoo!

  223. First…Fav WTF is Bamboo Salt Toothpaste.
    Now let’s talk about Simon and Metallica…..

  224. The boob roller episode has to be one of the best. So awkward!!!

  225. I really enjoyed the tea diver one. I thought it was the cutest darn thing ever. I also thought that he looked like Kenny before you guys even mentioned it I was like ” Wait why do they have Kenny?” I thought it was very interesting. The other day I actually showed my friend Spencer it and he wanted it so bad. Along with a few WTF’s. So if I won this they’d go as presents :3 mainly gag gifts. Every year at Christmas we play present bingo, and whoever gets a bingo pick a present off the table and they are either really good or completely silly. I think things like this would be fantastic for the game. Especially the massager.

  226. My favorite WTF was the little tea diver because it was actually REALLY cute and clever and USEFUL ^^ seeing as most of the WTF segments have really awkward, confusing, sometimes terrifying things.

  227. I quite enjoyed TL;DR Korea Will Change You.

  228. I loved the Oreo cereal! Love me some Oreos :D

  229. My favorite was the Tea Diver. Although it didn’t seem much practical that little thing was so cute~♥

  230. My favorite wtf was the bamboo salt toothpaste. So yesterday I got bored in my American History class so I decided to doodle because I am the curve decker in the class so I didn’t need to go over the test. SO… I started to draw the bamboo salt toothpaste tube thingy, then I drew simon saying “so what you saying is this is toothpaste for a panda?”. As I looked up my teacher was talking about what prohibition was because I am so rounded by idiots who never listen in class. I presently got bored again and decided to keep on doodling. Eventually the “Doodle” turned into the entire eatyourkinchi home page. I got into the zone of doodling and suddenly the world around me faded away. I was now in the universe of “Take it away Spudgy” and “It’s me the meems” I was so proud to this doodle, nay, this masterpiece! Then just as soon as I entered this world, I was pulled back into reality by hearing my name. I look up with the fear of god in me. I see my teacher looking down at my doodle. By the confused look in his face I could conclude that he was thinking two things. 1) Why is my best student not paying attention? 2) WHAT THE HELL AM I LOOKING AT?
    This really happened people. But I still love this doodle because now it makes a really funny story.

  231. I really liked the little tea bag diver. He looked like kenny and was soooo freaking cute! I seriously looked online after that for him but couldn’t find one. :( Super depressing. I WILL WIN THOUGH!

  232. I have always wanted to enter these giveaways, but I was always too late. So this time, I made something. My favorite WTF was the suggestive massager. Everything seemed so uncomfortable. XD

    ~A nasty

  233. honestly, i liked ALL of them >.<, but if I had to pick one, i would choose the lip gel~~~~. Because, besides how much this episode made me laugh, the lip gel has 100 utilities, like: kindly shut up some people who don't close their mouth, serve as a part of a costume (JOKER), and is a great toy for you to play throwing in the wall to see if it sticks on it. ^O^

  234. Justice of the Unicorn

    Easily the best W.T.F. of the year has to be the bust enhancing roller. What other product required Martina to massage her breasts throughout the entire video? Also, not to put any pressure on you guys, but if I don’t win the Christmas Goodie Bag, THE TERRORISTS WILL WIN!

  235. Kristina Aya Šimečková

    Ah, it was kinda hard to choose one but if I really have to say – penis massager. Seriously guys, for half of the video I thought it’s REALLY a PENIS massager! xD I was kinda curious HOW you’re gonna review this… but…… noooo… of COURSE I’m NOT a pervert! O:)

  236. I have to say my favorite was the tea diver. I personally LOVE tea and collect all sorts of tea related things including a floating duck infuser (its so cute).

  237. How can you part with such a great bag Martina!?!? I wonder, you said it was from a student. Did someone once get you a gift?

  238. The tea diver was awesome. I drink only loose-leaf tea, and more annoying than getting tea leaves in your mouth is washing the tea leaves out of a really deep cup, Plus it’s sort of just really adorable, and the semi-permeableness is sort of awesome and yea. So the tea diver. Best WTF this year. Definitely.

  239. Oreo cereal! Because I’m super hungry right now and jealous that I can not go and buy any.
    I love the oreo cookies without the cream, so I feel like I’d adore this cereal. Why can I no buuuy? :c

  240. The Korean Freeze foam was my favorite WTF item and video! I don’t know about in Korea, but in the southern part of the US it gets pretty hot! If I ever saw that down here, I would buy it in a split second haha. P.S, Simon’s nipple burn made me laugh to the point I cried.

  241. I WANT IT. Also my favourite WTF is ”WTF Korea : Penis Massager”

  242. Definitely the penis massager!
    All of the WTFs are absolutely wonderful, but that one especially made me fall off my chair in laughter.

  243. My favourite WTF was the banana holder one because I eat a lot of bananas and I can legit imagine myself going to a place and taking my banana holder everywhere with me xD Also the Oreo O’s cereal because it’s been literally around 8 years since I last ate an oreo and I am a cereal lover so…. I can’t imagine how amazing that would taste ㅠㅠ

  244. My favorite WTF the the tooth past one It was great to see something that was something I had never herd of in Canada as well as Simons moment of realization was just priceless! I love all the WTF’s even the old granny ones but the bamboo toothpaste one just kinda won it for me :)

  245. Sarah D

    My favorite would have to be the sleep muzzle by far! omg it takes me back to the days of having braces and sleeping with head gear….. I KNOW THE PAINNNNNNNN :p

  246. My favorite Wonderful Treasure Finds are ones that have sparked some pretty hilarious conversations. 4D black mask was pretty funny because it was like an hour or so of what is 4D, is this mask undoing time and space? :3 Korean beauty is very adventurous, which is always kind of fun! I also really liked the tooth paste, and the comment by My Husband is Korean, and how we just don’t understand Korea and tooth paste, it was really cute, and maybe the crazier side of me wishes to someday try this strange panda toothpaste. My last favorite WTF would have to be the banana holder! I don’t really eat a lot of bananas.. but I would imagine dapper gentleman eat bananas in this fashion. This actually makes me think that maybe I need more bananas in my diet.

  247. My favorite would have to be the gel lips. One partly because anytime I see lips I think of U-Kiss also during the whole video I was laughing to the point of tears!

  248. Gel lips! That video had me rollin!

  249. I love the bust roller because my low butt crack boobs need some rollin. Haha anyways I love it because I feel like it has the quirkiness that us nasties need. I was laughing non stop with all the puns. I’ve been using them in my everyday life “Oppa I know we were just having a normal conversation but can I put my mouth on your mountains?”

  250. I definitely liked the freeze foam WTF. I know so many words for ‘cold’ now thanks to you! Although probably the one I’d most like to BUY is the OREO CEREAL. LIKE SERIOUSLY. WHY DON’T WE HAVE THIS IN AMERICA, IN THE LAND OF THE FAT AND THE FREE?? Also… banana… containers… that sounds pretty nifty honestly.

  251. I have loved all the WTF’s that I’ve watched and I look forward to every single one, so therefore I do not have a favourite, because they are all my favourite :) so OMG pick me, I’d love to try these out!! -love you guys lots-

  252. Can’t believe it’s almost christmas again already :o. Love love the 4D black mask ^^

  253. The boob roller was pretty hilarious it’s hard to choose one haha. Just wanna say I found your youtube channel a few months ago and I’ve been slowly watching all your videos. You guys and the rest of the eyk crew are awesome. Hope you have a great christmas back in Canada!
    -Jonathan from Newfoundland, CANADA! wohooooo

  254. Meeee!!!! pick meeee!!!!! I liked the freeze foam WTF…it was interesting….. So pick me!!! Meeeee!!

  255. Susan Horak

    I liked the deep sea/Kenny from south park loose tea ball. Also I don’t want to buy one, it costs almost $17 on ebay.

  256. I really enjoyed the tea diver WTF! I actually later saw it in the store and had to get one. It was super hard to just pick one, because you two make everything look pretty hilarious. I can’t wait for next years’ WTFs because I know they’ll be just as awesome.

  257. I really enjoyed the Freeze Foam one ^^ you guys were so hilarious in that one! I’ve personally never seen “pure Canada ice” like that before and I’ve been to many snowy places in Canada (Canadian here ^^)

  258. Madeleine Stråhle

    The boob roller because it was so funny to see exactly HOW distracted Simon could get xDD

  259. Fяυιт Mσиsтєя•̪┌┐•̪

    The Freeze Foam looks cool! I’d love to try it out one day.

  260. THE OREA CEREALS! OMG! Nothing can beat food :3

  261. My favorite WTF was the boob roller! So much fun watching it!

  262. I have to say the boob roller hahahaa I hope no one sees me using it. It’ll be akward.

  263. My favourite one was definitely the boob roller :D

  264. So I don’t really care if I win the package or not (though, of course, that would be awesome-sauce~~~)
    I just have to share what my favorite WTF was!
    It was the circle kimbaps from the convenience stores. I live in Korea and I had seen them in the store but never bothered trying them until AFTER i saw you two try them (with positive results!)
    I, then, went to go try them myself as well.
    And totally agree. Amazing. Wonderful. Fantastic! I have continued to buy them as well lol.
    Thank you for that half WTF half FAPFAP. ^^

  265. honestly, i liked ALL of them >.<, but if I had to pick one, i would choose the lip gel~~~~. Because, besides how much this episode made me laugh, the lip gel has 100 utilities, like: kindly shut up some people who don't close their mouth, serve as a part of a costume (JOKER), and is a great toy for you to play throwing in the wall to see if it sticks on it. ^O^

  266. Caroline Naomi Yarber

    My favorite WTF was the Bamboo Salt Toothpaste! My host family gave me a tube when I was studying abroad and I had NO IDEA what it was! Your vid answered all my qs. Happy Holidays!

  267. The Korean Breast Boosters is my fav, mostly for Simon’s girlish shrieks, lol.

  268. My favorite WTF on your channel ? Its sooo impossible to pick one ! I love all your videos and I’ve seen just about all of them. But if I had to pick my favorite WTF from this year, I’d say the one with the tea diver or the 4D black face mask. The tea diver one was so adorable, and I uh, love tea. And the 4D black men’s facial mask was just funny and ridiculous. Thank you guys for all your hard work !! ^_^ You’ve got a Nasty 4 Life here !

  269. Cool beans! A give away! I never win but I’ll try anyway! My favorite WTF of 2013 is…. hold on… ::reviews videos:: Okay, so… it’s a toss up between the Sleep Muzzle and Boob Roller. The Sleep Muzzle was just so bizarre that I laughed at your attempts to put the sucker on. I loved it when you had those youtubers try to figure what it is…. hilarious! As for the Boob Roller…. I just thought it was funny watching Simon stare at Martina’s chest. You so nasty! Lol Merry Christmas from a person who doesn’t celebrate.

  270. Holy fart sucking batman

    I love me some banana lunch box!!!!!

  271. The tea diver!! It’s so strangely ironic .. it’s so cute yet morbid (drowning the poor little guy in water)

  272. Ash3070

    Ahhhhhhh I can’t pick >.> I think maybe the Korean Freeze foam – you guys seemed like little kids. It was AWESOME. Or the penis massager. Or the boob one. Yeah I liked the boob one :D I kinda wanna try it out – I was having back pains all last week when I rewatched it and all I could think was “I wonder if this’ll help………..”. Or maybe the oreo cereal one; I’m a hungry girl lol……..ah why would you do this to me? TT.TT They’re all kind of amazing. I had a WTF marathon during the week and spent like the whole time LITERALLY LMAO. I know have the butt of a kpop idol………..if only T^T ………..I made myself sad D’:

    Lol Also it’s my birthday next week (on friday) so I’d love to win :D
    I ordered some stuff from kpoptown (I being my mum) at the beginning of November and they email her during the week saying they forgot to send them so they’re sending the on the 13th (yesterday). So I won’t get anything for my birthday TT.TT So I’d really love my favourite Canadian couple (or really ANY couple – you guys are just TOO adorkable :3 ) to give me their package :)

  273. It’s really hard to pick a favorite WTF, because they’re all funny and pretty cool. The one I thought was really cool, was the tea-diver one (because I have a tea-fetish too :3 and me and my cousin love Southpark, so if I get the diver, I can be like: I HAVE A KENNY TEA-DIVER AND U DON’T MWUHAHAHHA!!!1!!1! He’s not the kind to get upset about that though, but it’s just fun to do that ^^)

  274. It’s hard to pick!
    I sat down and rewatched the 2013 WTF, and I have come to a conclusion! Although it is difficult to select a favourite, I have to go with the Korean Freeze Foam! I don’t know why, but it’s still very amusing to me! :D

  275. My favorite WTF Product was definitely the Deep Tea Diver! But, the Boob Roller was my favorite episode, lol.

  276. I think my favorite WTF vid was the Korean Freeze Foam. You guys seemed kinda surprised that it worked and seemed to have fun playing with it. It looked like so weird and much fun to play with. It was genuinely entertaining.

  277. YAY!!! GIVE A WAY! GIVE A WAY! I was often wondering if this was going to be added to the WTF tradition again and I am so glad that it is! ANYWHO! So my favorite WTF is probably the Dongeuran Kimbap. While there are undoubtedly funnier ones, this one involves food that is native to Korea AND a food that I would probably be interested in trying when I visit SK. ^_^ I actually wrote down the name of these so that I can grab some when I go. ^_^ Hope to see more WTF’s in 2014! Happy Christmas!

  278. Please, please, give it to me nanana give it to me. I will totally love it lol. So my favoryte one is hard to choose the deodorant for man, want to smell it, is that weir? Am really curious about it.

  279. I’m torn between 4D black face mask and the freeze foam… I think I’ll go with face mask. I laughed so hard on that episode. :D

  280. My favorites would have to be the Penis Massager and the 4D Black Face Mask although I did very much enjoy Martina’s glorious trolling in the Bamboo Salt Toothpaste episode as well :Dd

  281. I liked the gimbap segment. Mostly because I like talking about cool looking stuff that I can eat. I also liked the tea diver because I love drinking loose teas and it looked awesome.

  282. The boob roller had to be the best. Was watching it on break at work, store manager walks in and asks,not only why I’m watching porn at work, but why you two were rubbing dildos on each other. He didn’t understand such strange foreplay.

  283. Oreo O’s because I wanna eat some oreo cereal in the morning :-(( (or for dinner) (or idk) (i don’t usually eat cereal for breakfast) I’d also go with the boob roller but my family might…… judge me.

  284. yaayyy!! free giving stuff away chance things!
    heh. the engrish.

    anyway, my favorite WTF was the tea diver!
    it was ADORABLE and an ACTUAL WTF! plus i feel like i would actually use it :D

    i wish they made one for apples. i love apples and so i always keep a couple in my school backpack but since i throw my backpack around roughly, the apples always get bruised :(

  285. Sydney

    My favourite WTF was the Tea Diver and the Banana holder!^^ Can’t wait to see what else you guys find! Thanks for being awesome! (^-^)/

  286. My favorite segment has to be the freeze foam. I went out and tried it at etude house and after having fangirl moment, I thought this was like the best thing given to humanity!!! it helps with puffy face a lot!!!

  287. I’d say the funniest WTF-video would be the Penis Massager, because, well yeah, you know ;) Really, how could that be accidental (is it even effective?)… And all the nasty implies were hilarious!

  288. Thank you so much for this wonderful christmas giveaway. =D
    I like really all WTF Video ^^ But if I must choose just one on them I will choose ……. the Freeze Foam. I really can’t understand what is the use of this things >< It"s really WTF ! The Video was really so funny. RIP for simon's nipples ^^
    Happy christmas guys ♥♥

  289. THE OREAL CEREAL!!! my friend told me about it last year so i was really excited to see a wtf about it :D

  290. I would say the boob roller. First because it’s totally hilarious that someone even thought about creating such a thing and mainly because Martina is so courageous to test this thing on camera on her. I was impressed. Martina you are awesome, you have my full support ! <3

  291. ….I don’t want to win this package. But good luck to those who do!

  292. Hannah Niebaum

    Happy Holidays ya filthy animal! Here’s some extra quirky Crayon Pop (*u*) They make me wanna wear those outfits oooohhh yeaaah
    Also, my favorite WTF was the Sleep Muzzle since that was the only wonderful treasure find that had a helpful purpose lol
    I mean, I definitely need that. I wish sleeping with your mouth gaping open was adorable…
    Runner up? THE TEA DIVER! I’ll be buying that as soon as I visit Korea.


  293. Okay if I had to pick, I honestly really liked the mini tea diver! It was one of the WTF Items that I could actually see myself using daily and common it’s totally Kenny from south park! And if Kenny has to drown each day for the sake of my delicious tea then so be it. >:3

  294. Omg, Yes! Oddly enough, I actually featured that same bag as part of an EngRish round up on my blog last year around this time. Must be the holiday season that gets people thinking about drugstores! (maybe?) http://www.sauteedhappyfamily.com/2012/11/your-local-engrish-strikes-on-pepero-day.html

  295. The Penis Massager was the best WTF! Fo Sho!

  296. bigbangfosho

    Guys I think I’ve got some pretty awesome Engrish
    “Kimchi yellow”

  297. I liked the jelly lips because it is probably something I’d actually get myself because they looked kinda cute in the package

  298. My favorite WTFS from this year was the breast pack hydrating enhancers. I have been an EYK fan since the very VERY first WTF, and was soooo sad when you got rid of them. So when I found out you were bringing them back, starting with booby hydraters

  299. Omg I really want that, and the best video of this year was the lip gel one. Seeing Simons lips double in size made my day. K-Pop rulessss (singing voice)!!!!!

  300. i have to say my favourite is the one with the boob moisturizers and how it made simon sensitive xD loved that one :)

  301. Danique

    The bamboo toothpaste because Simon’s face was hilarious when he put it in his mouth while Martina left him hanging.

  302. Ohh a difficult one… um.. this one :P you give us engrish and free stuff yo~ *russian accent* well… if this one doesn’t count then… hum.. the Freeze Foam was ultra hilarious… but i do like Bananas.. And OH The tea diver! the tea diver was so cute…
    But i really liked the Dongeuran Kimbap~ because.. i like food and i’m just like you! I really like to go to Convenience stores in other countries to see what they offer! :3 I remember in Japan when i tried like ALL Onigiri flavors :3 My lunch everyday was like Onigiri and Melon pan! miss it! so if/when i go to korea I would love to try those and all other different kinds of cheap food (because i don’t usually like spending to much money on food)

  303. From this year my favourite was the penis massager hahaha, I laughed so much watching it :’)

  304. ubiquitousDragonviola

    Oreo O’s!

  305. The tea diver is my favorite WTF because i love to drink loose leave tea as well and it would be cool to have that for my tea

  306. Ashley Holland

    The tea diver! I have a ducky one, too. I think they would make adorable friends. :3

  307. I want this strictly for that bag. Don’t get me wrong, the other stuff would be fun and hilarious, especially the massager. I’d definitely go around offering massages to friends. But I’m a typography student, and I think my teachers and classmates would get a kick out of it. We love to find and share things with awkward thing written on them. This year we’ve been on a quest for the famous ‘fuckering’ light package (obviously it says flickering but with the typeface used it looked like fuckering.)

  308. WTF Korea – Dongeuran Kimbap was most certainly my favorite. It made me super hungry so I baked cookies!! And they were the best cookies evaah~~~ (probably not as good as yours martina)

  309. My favorite WTF was the 4D Black Face Mask for men. I couldnt stop laughing through out the video, it made my day

    …..and thus is the evolution of SM entertainment XD

    Merry Christmas you guys!!!

  310. My favorite WTF is the 4D black face mask xD Simon looked hilarious~

  311. How dare you guys make me chose!!! I like them all so much its so hard!! I don’t have the main for this! but I think its WTF because I can see things that are weird and that they don’t make sense!!

  312. Oh god! My favorite? I liked all of them! I guess that weird ice spray foam thing…because Simon tried it on his nipple and the results were hilarious! XP

  313. Eden Victoria Klayman

    my favorite WTF is the one with the sleep muzzle
    at first when i saw the picture of martina with the sleep muzzle i was like:
    “what the…i don’t even…wut?
    is this some kind of an sm accessory?”
    well than i saw the video and i was like:
    “aahhhhhh now i get it”
    and if to speak frankly, i could even use one… sadly i sleep with my mouth open and while i go on trips with friends and fall asleep on the bus i end up getting photographed because i sleep so funny like…=.= and than it ends when my friends get a good beating :D
    but i’m seriously surprised by how the korean people managed to think about this product 0__0
    the person that came up with that idea must be a very creative person or have a big snoring problem
    (i should get one for my dad omg he’s sooooooo loud ><)

    so simon martina meemrs and spudgy have a merry christmas!! (^0^)/

  314. Wait for me tomorrow! YAAAY! *-*

  315. I would go with the Korean Freeze Foam.

  316. Kristina Yuki Jambrek

    The tea diver was amazing! Not just because I love tea, but because it was adorable. Like little Kenny you dip into water and let him flavor your water. Okay, that’s a weird picture…

  317. I think my favorite WTF of this year was the Bamboo Salt Toothpaste one, because I actually tried that thing and it was funny to see your reaction to that xDD
    I also found the Tea Diver WTF very interesting, I liked that thing :D

  318. The bamboo Salt toothpaste it my favourite because even suzee uses it! Cultural differences man …

  319. i kinda think i liked the bamboo toothpaste

  320. My favorite WTF has to be the Band Type Cooling Foam! I don’t understand the point of it but your video was really entertaining. Got me playing the Mr. Freeze game :D

  321. The Breast Booster. It just sounded so ridiculous and disgusting to wear :D

  322. My fav WTF was the Tea Diver! (I can’t help it, I LOVE tea)

  323. My favourite WTF episode is probably the sleep muzzle because of the fashionable print they put on it….. just… why…

  324. Imma definitely have to say the tea diver cause it was so adorable and useful compared to some of the other wtf’s *cough cough perverted boob roller*

  325. I think the Oreo O’s was pretty fabulous. I remember when I was in elementary school and they were in the US, and my sisters begged and begged and begged for them until my parents finally gave in. My youngest sister missed out though, and ever since my bf went to Korea, she has been begging me to get him to send her some.

    Also Simon making a cereal cookie was pretty great.

  326. i loved the face masks!

  327. Twonkle Twonkle cup :) it’s so cute but so funny :)

  328. My favourite WTF was the one with penis masager. i remember when i watched this my mom came in to my room when Simon did the nasty part. i did not knew what to say to her and we never talked about it again..

  329. My favorite was the gel lips. That was so funny. It didn’t really look like they would work. Simon. The breast patches and then the lips. Haha. They looked so funny. Simon “it feels like my face is up an octopus’s butthole” that was so funny

  330. my favourite WTF was the korean freeze foam because i have seriously never seen that before and that WTF was absoulutely hillarious!!

  331. my favorite wtf was the freeze foam thing because when i showed it to my brother, he was very intrigued…. even stopping his constant gaming to see it

  332. I started getting into Kpop and Kdramas about a year ago, so it was only a few months ago that I started watching Eat Your Kimchi. So my first WTF video that showed-up on my subscription page was the Sleep Muzzle, so that one is definitely my favorite.

  333. The boob roller was my personal favorite. It was just hilarious to watch.

  334. thisisjustforfunval

    Maybe it’s a disclaimer for anything one could possibly put in said gift bag? Yeah, I know I’m reaching lol BTW Simon could I borrow that sweater? We are having an ugly sweater party at work and that sweater would be perfect :-P

  335. I loved the boob patch thingy… because, you now, …boobs.

  336. Hey Simon and Martina (and Soo Zee and Leigh and Spudgy and Meemers)! I’d have to say my favorite WTF episode this year was probably… the Tea Diver. I absolutely love pretty much everything to do with tea, so… Yeah, it makes sense. Love your videos, I’ll forever be a Nasty~! ^^

  337. LinZi

    I am going to have to go with the sleep muzzle… since it is just so creepy and bizarre and so much– not working. But the Banana holder is a close second. My only question…. if you peel your banana and put it in the banana holder at the beginning of the day… does it protect it from browness? Will I ever know!? GAh!!?!

  338. LOL The Korean Freeze Foam was one of my favorites. I had never seen anything like it before. It was a really funny WTF (Especially when Simon got his third degree nipple burn XD, Sorry Simon OTL BUT! You definetly took it like man!) I hope you guys find more cool and weird stuff to do WTF’s with! ^^ I really like this segment corner!

  339. My favorite WTF is the dubious Massage Roller. I loved the reactions that Simon Got our of Martina, the rumbling Purring that you two did, and the whole debate on Color,

  340. I loved the Oreo cereal WTF! sounds so good, but it also sounds really disgusting!

  341. I loved the bamboo tooth paste. XD I still can’t even imagine the flavor.

  342. The best WTF this year has to be the “Penis Massager” one, it’s always fun to watch Martina trying to stop all the inappropiatness for Simon (yes, inappropiatness!)
    Ohh Simon, you so nasty!


  344. Ely

    My favourite WTF is the Gel Lips! It was so funny!! The lipstick song, Martina looking like the joker, Simon destroying his gel lips and when Martina hit Simon with it! Also, the ending is too funny! XD I laughed so much… Just look a the picture and you know it’s pure gold!!! ^_^

  345. The Bamboo Salt Toothpaste :D because I like weird tasting toothpaste…

  346. I feel like sending you guys some WTF American products because there are a LOT. I think you would get a kick out of some of them.

  347. How dare you make me choose from this year! My favorite is the Twonkle Twonkle mug, me and my best friend (long time nasties) were just talking about it and decided to start building an Engrish collection!
    My favorite WTF was the PSY Deodorant, because the Engrish on the front and “LEIGH smell our armpits!” Tbh tho, my high school doesn’t smell like Axe body spray, it smells like girl’s perfume x3050924

  348. I think it’s safe to say that the penis massager was my favorite WTF! XD I laughed so hard…. so…. so… hard. Literally, I died, and my ghost is typing this right now. Such… an unfortunate… or extremely fortunate (depends which way you look at it) design! :D

  349. I say the boob roller one! Your WTF video on it is not only hilarious, but serves as a community announcement warning people that it’s actually painful. Plus Simon’s excitement about the Tetris kanji on the back (凸凹) was cute.

  350. My favorite is the tea diver because he’s so damn cute! He would put a smile on my face every time I used him! :D

  351. my favorite was the tea diver or the freeze foam ;)

  352. Haha wow…. nice headband Simon. Both of you… look very… festive.

  353. Metallica is awesome! AND IT DOES NOT SOUND LIKE CONSTRUCTIONWORK! Can’t wait to see them live… in the summer

    I thought the sleeping muzzles were just to funny! They have some kind of commercial in the Netherlands for like anti-snore strip… I donno you put them over your nose. And that already looked horrible. And then the sleeping muzzles came up… WTF

  354. I loved the Oreo cereal WTF! I wonder what it tastes like!

  355. Definitely gonna say the boob roller. i feel like you were both on a roll that episode. it was a rolling success. boobs. definitely one of the weirder things i’ve seen. and the most painful? Also snazzy bananas your sweaters are so cute! where did you get them??

  356. My favorite WTF was the 4D Black Face Mask. Hahaha lol! That mask was so freaky and you guys looked like you had really fun trying it on. Or atleast I had fun ;)

  357. I died at the Psy deodorant one. It was sooo funny.

  358. I like the toothpaste WTF because it was funny to see Simon’s reaction and I also learned about teeth brushing culture in Korea. EDUCATIONAL!

  359. Those are cute Christmas sweaters! And the pink antlers! Haha, that bag…I would so give that to someone on their bday to see their reaction.

    My favorite yet not favorite WTF from this year would have to be the Oreo Cereal- Only Available In Korea. I was so jelly and in shock when I saw this WTF because we don’t have Oreo cereal anymore in the US :( One of my favorite cereals as a kid! But then I was not so jealous after you guys said it wasn’t so good, hehe. The marshmallows are new and I love Simon’s square bowl/mug. *sigh* I really miss that cereal. Childhood memories!

  360. My favorite this year was the Korean Freeze Foam!

  361. The boob roller. Actually it was quite an embarrassment. I was touching my girls with a massage thingy trying to imagine how does it feel and my dad and boyfriend walked on me. *awkward silence* … I told them it was your fault guisee…Huehuehuehue (P.S.: I am not a pervert…that much)

  362. The Boob roller, I don’t know I just thought that video was hilarious yet so awkward! Such a weird WTF. ;)

  363. My favourite WTF is the episode with the sleep muzzle. That one gave me a really good laugh

  364. Mine would be the boob roller. That could be assistance in my life! o(╥﹏╥)o

  365. My fav. would have to be the Psy deordorant. Psy & deordorant doesn’t seem logical. Also, what company would spend the time creating the high school hallway scent? XD

  366. Martina, you look super pretty! I love the sweater and headbands!

  367. My favourite WTF was the “Ddeong cream” one ! I laughed so hard when Martina left a trace of her ink bee on her cheek and kept it for the last half of the video xD And then Simon noticed and laughed and said “Omg I love you so much !” Cutest thing ever !

  368. My Favourite WTF video is the 4D Black Face Masks thing! Simon remind me of the zwarte piet who is Santa Claus companion in Dutch’s myth, which has some connection with Christmas?? Hoorraaayyyy…!!!!??

  369. That question is easy. My all time favorite WTF (and your WTF segments are my favorite) is the 4D black face mask. I watched it three times in one day, and now I just watch it when I want to be happier/get a good laugh. It was so ridiculous and I love seeing you guys be silly together! Those types of videos are the best!
    (If you need to check for this giveaway, I am subscribed to you on youtube. My youtube user name is castelcatjerome)

  370. It had got to be the breast B00sters, Simon went all Dothraki Man Warrior showing his chest, and then squealed like a girl when it was cold. Weak Simon Weakkkkkk!!!

  371. boobmask! (breast boosters) I literally belch my red borscht while watching :D it was the best :D

  372. LOL. While the Oreo cereal seems like the most desirable thing, the Bamboo Salt toothpaste episode has to be the funniest of the newest ones. While a lot of WTF items seem like odd things the general public wouldn’t necessarily buy even though they’re Korean, the fact that people use this Bamboo toothpaste stuff even though it made you guys cringe is so funny XD

  373. Mhmm. The best products evs. was the Korean freeze foam.
    Super awesome for your skin and cool enough to keep a salad fresh?
    (LOL jk. I don’t eat salads.)

  374. I looooved the tea diver! It was actually an item I would really use and it looked super cute too! Although I did find it weird that you had to open up his ass to put tea in it… :/

  375. Alrighty, I SHALL WIN THIS! My favourite wtf in 2013 is with no doubt the black 4d mask. Good lord I laughed so much. I mean, not only can you scare the crap out of people with it on, but you can also slap your loved ones afterwards with it. I can assure you I will do all that, and even document me with it. Perhaps even run around the neighborhood with it on.

  376. Oh my gosh I love your Christmas outfits! I need a new Christmas sweater…spilled eggnog on mine last year and it was ruuuiiiiined :( So Christmassy~!

  377. The banana holder was the best because I’ve seen them here, it was awesome!

  378. Mine would be the Oreo Cereal. I wanna try that soooooooooooooooooo bad!!!!

  379. Oh I loves me some Korean Engrish!!! lol. Best one i found this year…Jack the Ripper program. *sigh* major publication for the play was FULL of them. but this was the bestestest…and gave me a headache…:-D

    • Wahaha this is fantastic! xD Definitely made me laugh more than it should :P

    • Why does Monroe suddenly turn into Munroe?? lol this is so random

    • Bwahahaha! Dying! Can’t breathe!! *gasp* That is hysterical. The “who is the muderer” line was just the perfect last nail in the coffin. I’m laugh-crying so hard. Thank you for sharing that XD

    • “Anderson went outraged at this own incompetence.” I feel ya bro…I feels ya…

    • maricampanaa

      ” Because method of murder aiming whores was brutal….”, yeesh….i was mind fudged right from the start. puahahahahahaha!!!! thanks for sharing that little mine of gold. btw my fav. WTF was S&M black mask… :D

      • you are welcome :-) i made it a goal when i was on vacation to find as much Engrish as I could. Oh my dad’s present (tee shirt…) was one of the best as well. lol.

        • maricampanaa

          lol niceee! if i ever go over there i’m also gonna be engrish hunting, and i would love to see that too.

        • Jennifer Strzelecki

          Sadly it doesn’t fit him (it’s a large but fits more like a medium)..Otherwise it would be a great conversation piece. He won’t let me have it back.. lol

        • Jennifer Strzelecki

          btw. this was found in a little shirt shop outside Ehwa Woman’s Uni. ..i think i spelled that right..

        • maricampanaa

          Jennifer you’re “fanstashtic”… hahahhaha omg i’m literally crying from laughter. i have a great pair of mustache sunglasses that would go great with that shirt. curiously i never made out they where mustaches until i got home. btw you should sneakily take it from you dad and start using it…i mean, it’s just sad to let such good engrish waste away in a drawer ;)

  380. My favorite was the Banana Holder!! That thing was the most awesome-est thing I’ve ever seen :D I swear I showed anyone who would sit down and watch it :P
    Love all of the WTFs though, I was so happy you guys brought them back :)
    EatYourKimchi FIGHTING!!!

  381. how do I win it? :D

  382. The lunchbox making kit was so cute, it’s my favourite BUT is too old. xD

    From this year, my favourite is the boob roller. I totally need this in my life. lol! ( /sob, I want bigger boobs. )

    Oh btw, speaking of Christmas sweaters, there’s actually someone making nerd-themed ones, as well as totally inappropriate ones with animals f-ing, and ones you can buy that are literally called “ugly Christmas sweaters”.
    The naughty ones – http://www.tipsyelves.com/
    Example 1 – http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0070/8002/products/b79a-hottie-christmas-sweater_large.jpeg?v=1372123344
    And 2 – http://www.tipsyelves.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/small_image/228×228/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/t/i/tipsy_elves_ugly_christmas_sweater_-_reindeer_threesome.jpg

  383. First floral printed brontosaurus!

  384. First comment!

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