HOHOHO! Merry Christmas!

Well, it’s not Christmas yet, but we’re feeling very freaking festive lately. Perhaps this is the most festive we’ve ever been in Korea. We had our Christmas party with the Eatyourkimchi Crew last week (and that video’s coming up soon) and we filmed another Christmas related video (that too is coming up soon) and now there’s this video (which is up now!) and then we’re flying to to Canada for Christmas! Hooray!

But, before then, here’s this week’s WTF Korea video. And it’s a special one for us. Martina saw this bag long time ago when she was teaching, and when she saw it again when we were Christmas shopping recently she said ERMAHGERRDDD and grabbed a few. We bought just one. One is enough. And then we had to share it with you in this video.

For real: why the English at the bottom? It’s not Engrish; it’s just legalese. It’s proper and perfectly fine, but ridiculously awkward to put on a bag. What the hell?! I don’t know. I have no idea why this video is about drugs, and what the pictures represent, or…I just don’t know anything, really. I’m confused. Happy…birthday? Happy birthday! Why is this a gift bag? Who is the target recipient for such a bag? My only guess is that it’s bought by parents and given to kids for their birthdays. The present is inside, but the parents are like “YOU CAN’T GET THE PRESENT UNTIL YOU READ THIS ALL!” Is that it? I legitimately have no other guess.

Ok that doesn’t matter. What matters is we want to give you a Christmas WTF package! All you gotta do is let us know in the comments what your favourite WTF video was this year! It’s so miracle! We’ll pick one lucky person and mail them a whole bunch of the Wonderful Treasures we Found here in Korea!

Oh, and you should also be subscribed. OR NO TOYS FOR YOU! And no Christmas cheer, either!

Side note: we’re doing our Pop Up Store Event tomorrow in our studio! Ah! We’re so nervous! We don’t know what to expect! We never ran our own store before. This is scary! We spent a lot of time today trying to prepare for it all, to decorate the area, and stuff. Ah! Ok we’re gonna go back to being nervous now. Make sure you come by tomorrow if you’re in the area! Yay!

  1. wait so is it already given out? or are you guys still receiving answers?

  2. The tea diver. So cute omg.

  3. I loved the WTF Sleep Muzzle. So weird!

  4. Merry Christmas Simon, Martina, Spudgy, and Meemers! Although I loved the oh oh oh oh hurricane penis massager video!! I was enthralled by the pimped out banana case, which puts my banana case to shame. Hidden fork= Ermahgerd!

  5. I can honestly say that I liked the black face mask the best.
    Im not even a guy but that mask looked really cool and if I could I’d try it. LOL

  6. My favorite WTF so far was the one with the PSY deodorant. I don’t know why but it made me laugh so hard. I imagine his deodorant probably smells like off brand AXE Body spray. I had to laugh also because you are right he is a pretty sweaty dude when he is performing (I have one of is concert videos..I was legit waiting for him to just slush off stage at the end in his sweat puddle) <3

  7. My favorite WTF was the tea diver. I love the episodes that lead me to products I like. Also there were a few epic comments on that one :) suggestions of red tea anyone? WTF is one of my favorite segments you do. Thanks for reviving it :)

  8. My favorite was the Black face mask… Very funny guys.

  9. my favorite WTF was the Sleep Muzzle it was freaking hilarious , i couldn’t stop laughing OMG how weird can the korean products be ???

  10. THE BOOB MASSAGER. why? because martina showing of her badonkadonk.. or simon being all distracted. actually im in the middle of two boobs, martina or simon’s (the wet pad sumthing). i am being extra perverty due to the fact because i want a christmas present. since i dont celebrate christmas, i want my first present to be from u guys!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *please*

  11. My favorite was the “penis roller” for a few reasons.

    1) It just seeing it itself, I’d have nooo idea what it is. So calling it a penis roller seemed like it could be legit and so it was the most bizarre upon seeing the thumbnail of the clip to start with.

    2) It was one of the WTFs that was actually a wonder treasure find! You seemed to think it was ridiculous until you tried it and both loved it! That was great! xD Purrrrrrrr~~~

    3) It makes me think of when my boyfriend and I were at Target and we found various massagers and were massaging each others backs in the store. And we were totally acting like you guys did when using yours.

    • But surely it can’t be as good as the scalp massager you got in your giant Christmas package. Those are so amazing. A friend of mine bought me one but then decided to keep it and only share because he liked it too much too xD

  12. I like the black face mask

  13. I really liked last week’s Bamboo Salt toothpaste. It was really funny and interesting, I never thought that their would be such kinds of toothpaste. I also think it would be quite interesting to try, even though it apparently smells like a wet sponge. :3

  14. My absolute favorite has to be the 4D black face mask. “So what you’re saying is I have transported through time???” hahahaha

  15. My favorite was definitely the boob roller. Partially because my 65 year old male professor walked behind me right as I opened the video during lecture and proceeded to turn bright red and not look me in the eye for the rest of the week. Hella of a time explaining that one.

  16. I really enjoyed the tea diver…. It was cute and I saw it some time ago and have wanted ever since

  17. My favourite WTF this year has to be the oreo breakfast one – because you inadvertently gave me a wonderful treasure find. My sister is completely mad about Doctor Who and I had no idea you could get a Tardis cup so thanks to this video she has a fab Christmas present that she’s going to love (*thank you!!*).

  18. Haha really funny Korean English !! I really like simons Christmas tree hair band :P. Would love to have it.

  19. Oh man, that WTF package looks amaaaaaazing! (*o*) My favorite video (possibly ever) was definitely the 4D face mask. I specifically remember where I was when I first watched it because I laughed so hard I embarrassed myself. I was taking a bus home from a weekend trip with friends; it was late and everyone was silent or sleeping. I, on the other hand, was watching youtube on my phone and noticed there had been a new WTF posted. I thought, “Hooray! New Simon and Martina, this will be a good idea on a totally silent bus ride. Yes.” Sad mistake. Seriously–funniest WTF ever. I snorted so loud at “Spunktrumpet!” that I woke up my seat partner. I could barely keep it together after that. And now I really want to find out if the mask can really bend time and space. Even if it is for man.

  20. I still think the instant boobs are my favorite over all but my favorite of the new ones has to be the sleep mask. I am so glad you guys brought this segment back

  21. my favorite was probably the sleep mask episode… because like what the eff was that I just loved how weird it was and it made me laugh so hard when Simon put it on

  22. It’s really hard to pick my fave WTF, as I basically watched them all on an EMK binge when I discovered the YouTube channel, but I’d have to say it’s a tie between the 4D Black Face Mask and the Oreo O’s cereal. The commentary on the face mask (on top of it being 4 DIMENSIONAL [how?!]) was hilarious! For the cereal: while I’m not convinced it tastes like Oreo’s and is even remotely good, anything eaten out of a TARDIS mug has to be worth trying!

  23. Hahaha, the Gel Lips! Those were CRAZY and, well, didn’t do much but make you look HORRIFYING, or like… A crazy Animal Crossing character or something! I keep wondering if they’re like those old plastic sticky-hands from the 90s! XD But… Juuuuicierr….?? XD Merry Christmas, guys! :D

  24. Definitely the bamboo toothpaste one! :)

  25. I think my favorite from this year would be the gel lips. I thought it looked interesting, but the video just ended up killing me by laughs. I look forward to future WTF videos! XD So happy they’re back! XD

  26. My favorite WTF would have to be the Korean banana holder! What is better than having a case to hold your banana for when you’re on the go? My favorite part of the banana holder is the little utensil that comes with it. I have always been looking for something that would satisfy my needs for something to hold my banana in and also has something that I can eat it with without getting my fingers dirty!
    P.S. I learned how to spell banana from Gwen Stefani

  27. The Bamboo toothpaste WTF was my favorite.

  28. Oh Engrish… My favorite WTF segment was the Tea Diver! He was so cute that he stole my heart >3<

  29. I liked the Oreo Cereal WTF. I totally expected the Oreo cereal to be really good, but your reactions kind of made me want to rethink Oreo cereal. Lol

  30. The sleep muzzles belong in a horror movie, so they are my favorite

  31. Out of every single WTF segments, I would say my favourite one would be the…

    PSY DEODORANT!! I REALLY WANT TO SMELL IT (even though it smells disgusting but who cares) and have it so I can say that I have Psy with me at all times! ROFL!!

    Martina, I’m with on the Metallica issue, I LOVE them so much, fave song is ‘Nothing Else Matters’!!! Whatever Metallica call their fans (I dunno what the fan group is called or if they even have one like kpop idols, probs not(LOLS)), we can be that TOGETHER!! I have one, Metallicans UNITE!!! What’s your favourite song?

  32. WTF sleep muzzle was the best, it was actually just really creepy and was one of the only ones that actually made me say, “WTF!?”

  33. Best WTF was the boob roller! OMG it’s such a weirdo thing! Haha one of my fave videos. Looove Simon’s creepy voice lol

  34. hands down 4D black face mask WTF is da bestest! *rating is based on high amounts of naaasty behavior/touching/jokes, packaging engrish, the mispronunciation of charcoal AND there’s time travel theory!! …and laughs were had by all… <3 Merry Christmas, have a fun in Canada gyise!!! ^_^

  35. The KOREAN BANANA HOLDER is deff my fav Wonderful treasure fine of the year! A.) b.c what a nifty find with a strangely attractive feature of keeping your banana bruise free B.) b.c you can be fancy with your pinky out and eat yo’ banana with a fork! it’s on my christmas and hopefully i win the christmas WTF give away! PICK ME!!! HUGE FAN!!!

  36. My favorite has to be the tea scuba diver; I’m a tea person and I think that’s the coolest WTF ever :D

  37. my favourite WTF is the “Sleep Muzzles” because they were just weird and they were really funny to see put on and i would really want it so i can put it on my sisters face :D but the muzzles looked like the thing you wear on your face before surgery hahhahahhaa i would love to see someone where it and then tweet it haahahha but the convenient thing about it is that it can be used in a halloween costume :D :P

  38. I never win anything, but I might just give it a try! My favourite was the Freezing foam, hillarious! Even made my husband laugh :)

  39. My favorite WTF was the Oreo O’s one, because my cousin and I used to eat them all the time when we were kids. Then after a few years we couldnt find them anywhere and it was our favorite cereal. :)

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