HOHOHO! Merry Christmas!

Well, it’s not Christmas yet, but we’re feeling very freaking festive lately. Perhaps this is the most festive we’ve ever been in Korea. We had our Christmas party with the Eatyourkimchi Crew last week (and that video’s coming up soon) and we filmed another Christmas related video (that too is coming up soon) and now there’s this video (which is up now!) and then we’re flying to to Canada for Christmas! Hooray!

But, before then, here’s this week’s WTF Korea video. And it’s a special one for us. Martina saw this bag long time ago when she was teaching, and when she saw it again when we were Christmas shopping recently she said ERMAHGERRDDD and grabbed a few. We bought just one. One is enough. And then we had to share it with you in this video.

For real: why the English at the bottom? It’s not Engrish; it’s just legalese. It’s proper and perfectly fine, but ridiculously awkward to put on a bag. What the hell?! I don’t know. I have no idea why this video is about drugs, and what the pictures represent, or…I just don’t know anything, really. I’m confused. Happy…birthday? Happy birthday! Why is this a gift bag? Who is the target recipient for such a bag? My only guess is that it’s bought by parents and given to kids for their birthdays. The present is inside, but the parents are like “YOU CAN’T GET THE PRESENT UNTIL YOU READ THIS ALL!” Is that it? I legitimately have no other guess.

Ok that doesn’t matter. What matters is we want to give you a Christmas WTF package! All you gotta do is let us know in the comments what your favourite WTF video was this year! It’s so miracle! We’ll pick one lucky person and mail them a whole bunch of the Wonderful Treasures we Found here in Korea!

Oh, and you should also be subscribed. OR NO TOYS FOR YOU! And no Christmas cheer, either!

Side note: we’re doing our Pop Up Store Event tomorrow in our studio! Ah! We’re so nervous! We don’t know what to expect! We never ran our own store before. This is scary! We spent a lot of time today trying to prepare for it all, to decorate the area, and stuff. Ah! Ok we’re gonna go back to being nervous now. Make sure you come by tomorrow if you’re in the area! Yay!

  1. wait so is it already given out? or are you guys still receiving answers?

  2. I can honestly say that I liked the black face mask the best.
    Im not even a guy but that mask looked really cool and if I could I’d try it. LOL

  3. My favorite WTF was the tea diver. I love the episodes that lead me to products I like. Also there were a few epic comments on that one :) suggestions of red tea anyone? WTF is one of my favorite segments you do. Thanks for reviving it :)

  4. My favourite WTF this year has to be the oreo breakfast one – because you inadvertently gave me a wonderful treasure find. My sister is completely mad about Doctor Who and I had no idea you could get a Tardis cup so thanks to this video she has a fab Christmas present that she’s going to love (*thank you!!*).

  5. I still think the instant boobs are my favorite over all but my favorite of the new ones has to be the sleep mask. I am so glad you guys brought this segment back

  6. my favorite was probably the sleep mask episode… because like what the eff was that I just loved how weird it was and it made me laugh so hard when Simon put it on

  7. Hahaha, the Gel Lips! Those were CRAZY and, well, didn’t do much but make you look HORRIFYING, or like… A crazy Animal Crossing character or something! I keep wondering if they’re like those old plastic sticky-hands from the 90s! XD But… Juuuuicierr….?? XD Merry Christmas, guys! :D

  8. I liked the Oreo Cereal WTF. I totally expected the Oreo cereal to be really good, but your reactions kind of made me want to rethink Oreo cereal. Lol

  9. Out of every single WTF segments, I would say my favourite one would be the…

    PSY DEODORANT!! I REALLY WANT TO SMELL IT (even though it smells disgusting but who cares) and have it so I can say that I have Psy with me at all times! ROFL!!

    Martina, I’m with on the Metallica issue, I LOVE them so much, fave song is ‘Nothing Else Matters’!!! Whatever Metallica call their fans (I dunno what the fan group is called or if they even have one like kpop idols, probs not(LOLS)), we can be that TOGETHER!! I have one, Metallicans UNITE!!! What’s your favourite song?

  10. hands down 4D black face mask WTF is da bestest! *rating is based on high amounts of naaasty behavior/touching/jokes, packaging engrish, the mispronunciation of charcoal AND there’s time travel theory!! …and laughs were had by all… <3 Merry Christmas, have a fun in Canada gyise!!! ^_^

  11. I never win anything, but I might just give it a try! My favourite was the Freezing foam, hillarious! Even made my husband laugh :)

  12. But then again I really want to have the Tea diver because I drink tons of tea and it looks AWESOME!!

  13. Out of every single WTF segments, I would say my favourite one would be the…

    PSY DEODORANT!! I REALLY WANT TO SMELL IT (even though it smells disgusting but who cares) and have it so I can say that I have Psy with me at all times! ROFL!!

    Martina, I’m with on the Metallica issue, I LOVE them so much, fave song is ‘Nothing Else Matters’!!! Whatever Metallica call their fans (I dunno what the fan group is called or if they even have one like kpop idols, probs not(LOLS)), we can be that TOGETHER!! I have one, Metallicans UNITE!!! What’s your favourite song?

  14. I LOVE THE Korean Banana Holders…. its a junsu Oppa trap right there in the name <3 the cat is out of the banana case Also btw Martina I love your hair clips <3

  15. Where can i get the reindeer antler hair clips?!!!

  16. My fav WFT hmm I think… 4D Black Face Mask !!! xDDD it was so SM (Simon and Martina-ish, SMEnt LOL, and sadomasochism hahaha) I laughed all the video long, it was epic <3 loved it completely…I want to wiiin~ I want the Tea Diver <3 (also if I DO win…I hope there's the Sleep Muzzles, because I seriously need one :c)

  17. My favorite WTF has to be the Banana-Lunch-Box Level 1000!
    I mean it’s got everything…
    From bananaphone to useless diagrams& morals: as is don’t mountain bike irresponsibly with helpless Bananas
    AND THE ONLY WAY of civilized banana eating.
    I tried that in Uni and confused the bedoodles (nailed the EYK- Vocabulary) out of people! Wonderful Treasure indeed.
    actually a close second place would be the penis massager, for the hilariously nutty jokes.

  18. OMO, to be frankly honest. . . I loved all of the WTF. But to me the 4D black face mask episode was hilarious and I love the Oreo cereal. The reason? Well, it started to get me more into weird products. The Oreo cereal looks soooooo good, plus you ate the cereal in the TARDIS (AKA Time And Relative Dimension[s] In Space) and I am a BIG Whovian. Yeah. . . Anyway You seemed really happy about eating stuff in a WTF Episode. The 4D Black Face Mask was just over the top, hilarious! (That Engrish. . . ) Well, anyway. I love you guise for doing these WTFs! Please keep doing more! They are just interesting. . . and maybe a bit quirky. . . and CRAZY. . . and OOOOOOOOOO You so NASTY, Products. I love you guise!!!
    Thank you guys for giving us this opportunity for a giveaway!

  19. “Man’s Psy Energy Factory Care Aqua For Man Ever Perfume Deodorant Spray Show Me Your Armpit”….. OMG BEST EVER!

    Bless his heart, but “Wet Psy” is just that! He is such a sweaty dude, and it is classic that he is associated with a deodorant!

    Yeah, so, Psy Deodorant is my pick!

    Oh, and Martina, your hair is pretty amazing in this one too… So it gets more points from me!
    사바사바 한다 LOL

  20. I love the Oreo Cereal WTF. “Smells like DIABETES!” :D
    It reminds me of the conversations between my Husband and myself when trying new food products so loved it even more! We haven’t yet found an Oreo product that we do not love so I’ll have to track it down!
    Green tea kit kats… Husband loves but I wasn’t a fan. Maybe you can track down if there are any other variations of american candy bars in Korea for a video!

    3:14-3:25… I’ve replayed this about 5 times already and have not been able to stop laughing so hard at work. I request more mashups please!!

  21. My favorite was the tea diver! Although I don’t really have these extravagant things to say WHY I liked it, but I just find it really cool! And I really LOVE tea. And since I live in a dorm,I can’t really wash cups or tea pots, so I can’t really have loose leaf tea. I thought it was so interesting and completely wonderful. :]

  22. ohhhh man my favourite one is definitely the boob roller/massager thing haha so much awkward…

  23. I love the banana holder- leveled up! It’s such a horribly inappropriate thing to carry around, which is why I would definitely carry it around.

  24. My favourite WTF was the banana holder. When Martina was shaking it up while “mountain biking,” I laughed out loud so hard when the holder broke open. Remembering it still cracks me up.

  25. I especially loved the stuff that stains your nails orange. Mostly because I want to try it haha love you guys! ♥

  26. Erm, my favorite WTF is the boob roller because BooBiES!. ^^’

  27. My favourite WTF was Penis Massager hahaha that one was EPIC! I want to give it to my mom for xmas but maybe i should change its colour before to green, orange, brown… Okey no! Take that one back! ( do you remember this? Hahahaaha xD) Anyway, thank you for all the WTFs of this year :) love from Argentina and sorry for my engrish haha. ¡Les deseo felices fiestas!

  28. My favourite WTF video was the convenience store goodies one….it’s super cool to find out the little things each country has as their to go food things so i really liked the Dongeuran Kimbap WTF and my youtube : Inna K

  29. This is the most exciting giveaway I have ever seen not even kidding. My favorite was the oreo cereal one because of Simon’s revelations- “The O’s the two is at the end are the cookies and there’s cream in the middle so ‘O cream O’ that’s how it got the name, ocreamo. That’s what it was originally called.” And Martina’s response- “Don’t make up things you’re making my head feel itchy”

  30. My favorite WTF is the lip gel! Because when you put it on, you become fabulous~

  31. HI GUYS!!!! OMG YAY, I always miss out on contest like these! Anyways my absolute Fav WTF Korea was the SLEEP MUZZLE! bahahaha it was just so funny and random! Martina looked like she was so uncomfortable! >_< oooohhhhhhh you so NASTY! ^_^ Love you guys so much and all your videos!! NASTY4LIFE! <3

  32. My favorite had to be the tea man scuba diver…tea has a special place in my heart. <3

    P.S. i love you guys, happy birthday, merry christmas, yes, okay. |:D

  33. It’s so miracle! my favourite WTF this year was the cool icy ice shot. One, because it was hilarious and I laughed a lot, But also because when I was in Korea this August I saw it being advertised everywhere and I had no effing clue what it was or what it did. After watching your video I realized I should have bought some, because I was freaking melting the whole time I was there wishing there was some magical product I could spray on me to make me feel normal again.

  34. Allow me to convey my favourite WTF with the following haiku:
    Simon getting spanked
    With a black 4D man mask
    This made me laugh lots

  35. My favorite WTF was Dongeuran Kimbap :3 I live in Ohio TT.TT It’s hard to have good Korean Food and snacks. I’m surrounded by cornfields and the nearest Korean market is like 3 hours away. It’s hard being a Korean Culture fan in Ohio.

  36. I think the “interesting” massager was the funniest because of Simon’s uncontrollable nastiness. It’s fun to see you guys get carried away and I can only imagine the youtube-inappropriate jokes that were made when you found it.

  37. My favorite WTF is the Penis Massager, the reason behind it is very obvious (is that spelt right, I dunno).
    1. When i saw the title I was like WTF. I was kinda scared watching that, but i trusted you.(Simon,Simon,Simon, tsk)
    2. But to be fair i was laughing non-stop and even caused my mom to come to the screen.
    3.The package, guys. I thought Thors hammer was meant to be a lot bigger. I Would have just said i did some DIY. Or a really weird pen?????????
    4. Martina’s inappropriate colors for the thing. Really Martina, Brown? Hey maybe it could be GOLD?!
    5. I can’t believe that the person who did the diagrams thought they were appropriate for the younger audience.
    6. Finally ………………………. PURRRRRRRRRRRRRR. (What man Cat noises)

  38. A WTF … Really WTF is for me … The Sleep Muzzles ! I drool when I sleep so all the time I was really thinking that It could be usefull ! But still It’s a WTF because Where else will you find so bizzard, strange ,weird, freaky but Still usefull things !? :D Thanks for making the WTF section again ! Merry Christmas ! Joyeux Noël !

  39. My fav WTF without a doubt was the sleep muzzle because it was totes educational.
    One of my students came to school (here in Canada) with that on
    and a “signed” note that they were having tooth problems and wouldn’t be able to give their presentation.
    But I had seen the WTF and knew what was up!
    You should have seen the look on their face when I busted them!

    Youtube username: RUiiKE

  40. At first i was thinking ‘tea diver’, but i think I may have seen them here in Canada, or maybe something similar. So, the next one would be that sleep muzzle thing.That’s just so bizzare. I can’t help but want to try it!!

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