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WTF Christmas Giveaway!

December 15, 2013


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HOHOHO! Merry Christmas!

Well, it’s not Christmas yet, but we’re feeling very freaking festive lately. Perhaps this is the most festive we’ve ever been in Korea. We had our Christmas party with the Eatyourkimchi Crew last week (and that video’s coming up soon) and we filmed another Christmas related video (that too is coming up soon) and now there’s this video (which is up now!) and then we’re flying to to Canada for Christmas! Hooray!

But, before then, here’s this week’s WTF Korea video. And it’s a special one for us. Martina saw this bag long time ago when she was teaching, and when she saw it again when we were Christmas shopping recently she said ERMAHGERRDDD and grabbed a few. We bought just one. One is enough. And then we had to share it with you in this video.

For real: why the English at the bottom? It’s not Engrish; it’s just legalese. It’s proper and perfectly fine, but ridiculously awkward to put on a bag. What the hell?! I don’t know. I have no idea why this video is about drugs, and what the pictures represent, or…I just don’t know anything, really. I’m confused. Happy…birthday? Happy birthday! Why is this a gift bag? Who is the target recipient for such a bag? My only guess is that it’s bought by parents and given to kids for their birthdays. The present is inside, but the parents are like “YOU CAN’T GET THE PRESENT UNTIL YOU READ THIS ALL!” Is that it? I legitimately have no other guess.

Ok that doesn’t matter. What matters is we want to give you a Christmas WTF package! All you gotta do is let us know in the comments what your favourite WTF video was this year! It’s so miracle! We’ll pick one lucky person and mail them a whole bunch of the Wonderful Treasures we Found here in Korea!

Oh, and you should also be subscribed. OR NO TOYS FOR YOU! And no Christmas cheer, either!

Side note: we’re doing our Pop Up Store Event tomorrow in our studio! Ah! We’re so nervous! We don’t know what to expect! We never ran our own store before. This is scary! We spent a lot of time today trying to prepare for it all, to decorate the area, and stuff. Ah! Ok we’re gonna go back to being nervous now. Make sure you come by tomorrow if you’re in the area! Yay!



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