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WTF – Circle Lenses

April 28, 2011


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Ok, so you’ve asked for it for a while now, and we finally get to play with some Circle Lenses. Woohoo! Usually we’re confused about how to use the product, but these are pretty self-explanatory, if you’re used to using contact lenses, that is. Put them on your eyeball and BOOM! You’re so much cuter than before! They do feel a bit different from other lenses, though: because they’re so much bigger than usual lenses, you can feel them a bit more when you blink, but after a while you get used to them.

Circle Lens Colors

Different Circle Lens colors on Martina's eyes

These lenses are a staple for the Ulzzang look. We mentioned Ulzzang in the video, but perhaps we didn’t do the concept justice. Take a look at these pics of Ulzzang to get a better idea of what Ulzzang looks like (but Martina kinda pulls off the look, no?). We describe it as having a doll-face, but it literally translates to “best face,” which is kinda unfair, because we’re not really sure that this look is the best look available. It’s cool, yeah, and fun as well, but we couldn’t imagine looking like this all the time.

Otherwise, we wanted to say something about this in relation to the Double Eyelid Tape we reviewed a while ago, but we were worried that it would open up old wounds. It seems like there’s a fascination with eyes in Korea that we’re just not that used to from back home. We’re not opposed to Circle Lenses as we are against eyelid tape and eye surgery, though. Lenses are more playful, it seems, and so we’re cool with them. Sometimes even we go out with the lenses on if we’re feeling playful, but – yeah – only sometimes! So if you see us on the streets and we’ve got these on, make sure you call us Ulzzang :D

Anyhow, thanks big time to Angelic Rain for sending us some Circle Lenses to play with and for sponsoring this contest! Woohoo! To win the contest, all you have to do is tell us who you think would look the creepiest with Circle Lenses on. We said in the video that it’s only for our YouTube subscribers, and that you should only post on our YouTube page, but – nahhh – you can post it here as well :D So feel free to leave your answers in the comments to this page. Huzzah! Also, if you don’t wind up winning the prize, and still want to get some circle lenses, we’ve got a discount code for you: at the checkout, enter the code EYK and you’ll get 10% off your order. Sweet! We chose last week’s winner from this site’s comments, as well, so congrats to CAPS4SAMMEH for winning. Your Twonkle Twonkle rhyme made us laugh the most :D



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