Ok, so you’ve asked for it for a while now, and we finally get to play with some Circle Lenses. Woohoo! Usually we’re confused about how to use the product, but these are pretty self-explanatory, if you’re used to using contact lenses, that is. Put them on your eyeball and BOOM! You’re so much cuter than before! They do feel a bit different from other lenses, though: because they’re so much bigger than usual lenses, you can feel them a bit more when you blink, but after a while you get used to them.

Circle Lens Colors

Different Circle Lens colors on Martina's eyes

These lenses are a staple for the Ulzzang look. We mentioned Ulzzang in the video, but perhaps we didn’t do the concept justice. Take a look at these pics of Ulzzang to get a better idea of what Ulzzang looks like (but Martina kinda pulls off the look, no?). We describe it as having a doll-face, but it literally translates to “best face,” which is kinda unfair, because we’re not really sure that this look is the best look available. It’s cool, yeah, and fun as well, but we couldn’t imagine looking like this all the time.

Otherwise, we wanted to say something about this in relation to the Double Eyelid Tape we reviewed a while ago, but we were worried that it would open up old wounds. It seems like there’s a fascination with eyes in Korea that we’re just not that used to from back home. We’re not opposed to Circle Lenses as we are against eyelid tape and eye surgery, though. Lenses are more playful, it seems, and so we’re cool with them. Sometimes even we go out with the lenses on if we’re feeling playful, but – yeah – only sometimes! So if you see us on the streets and we’ve got these on, make sure you call us Ulzzang :D

Anyhow, thanks big time to Angelic Rain for sending us some Circle Lenses to play with and for sponsoring this contest! Woohoo! To win the contest, all you have to do is tell us who you think would look the creepiest with Circle Lenses on. We said in the video that it’s only for our YouTube subscribers, and that you should only post on our YouTube page, but – nahhh – you can post it here as well :D So feel free to leave your answers in the comments to this page. Huzzah! Also, if you don’t wind up winning the prize, and still want to get some circle lenses, we’ve got a discount code for you: at the checkout, enter the code EYK and you’ll get 10% off your order. Sweet! We chose last week’s winner from this site’s comments, as well, so congrats to CAPS4SAMMEH for winning. Your Twonkle Twonkle rhyme made us laugh the most :D

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  4. hey simon and martina! (and spuddgy too ;P)

    ive been begging my mom and dad to let me get circle lenses but they are concerned that they will make me blind because asian eyes are not the exact same shape as american eyes however ive noticed in some of your other videos that you still ware them even after this video do they hurt at all,how many days a week do you ware them for, and how long do you usally ware them for?

  5. I wonder what is your favourite shop ? Mine is Solution-lens.com after trying most of them, I really like to get a free pair with every order.


  7. I saw a poster advertising some in the front window of an optometrist as I was leaving Finch station (in Toronto).

  8. This is kinda funny because about 4 weeks ago, Martina went through this stage where she was wearing circle lenses. Heh.

  9. Who would look the scariest? Well, I do belive that that would be….

    Who would look the scariest? That could be hard to tell.
    But most agree it’s Will Smith, from MIB and Hancock as well.

    We’ve seen him in movies, TV shows hard to forget.
    But the one thing we have mot seen, is him in creepy contacts yet!

    In the end, it’s something we’d like to avoid, too many images to erase.
    If you don’t agree with me, let him put them on…

    And stare you right in the face!

  10. Today while shopping in Hawaii’s 1st “Face shop” store, I saw a Korean girl with “circle lenses”. At first, I thought she was wearing color contacts. However I looked directly at her eyes and thought “Wow, that is looks weird and WTF.” Anyway, I want to thank you for explaining this strange fad/trend. Will the young adults in Hawaii do this, not! or Maybe? Anyway, thank you. A hui hou e malama pono (until we met again, take care) Pua

  11. I kinda think Choi Minho would look creep with circle lenses…O.O

  12. Yoo Jae Suk, with his glasses off.

  13. u guys are making fun of korean culture. for u guys to go to their country and say they dont need it and call it weird. americans get plastic surgery all the time… boobs, nose, lipo, etc..thats their country and thats they way they are. it may look weir to u cuz ur not korean… typical americans always think theyre better than everyone.. and ur not even using the double eye lid tape wrong and the aplicator is to find out where ur crease should be not to stick the tape to it and apply it .. 

  14. very information, thanks for  sharing : )

  15. I think Martina looks cute with the circle lenses in :/ 

  16. LOL at 2:50 Simon had a Key from SHINee moment!!! Wiping his lip like on the Ring Ding Dong MV!!! hehehe

  17. BTW, love the portal reference :)

  18. Lenses without a prescription can be extremely harmful for your eyes.  The reason contact lens prescriptions are different from glasses prescriptions is because they also take into consideration, the shape of the eye.  We don’t all have the same shaped eyeballs.  There is a big fuss in the US now about over-the-counter lenses.  In most states, it is illegal to sell contact lenses unless you are a licensed optometrist.

  19. you guys look like you have no soul with them on… D:

  20. before i knew what circle lenses were, i couldn’t figure out why some of my female middle school students had the eyes of soulless androids. even knowing now that they’re just wearing contact lenses doesn’t make any difference… i still get the creeps when i see someone wearing them. to me, they’re just scary, not cute.

    …i kind of want to try them. mwahaha.

  21. i don’t really like to wear cicle lenses anyway(in korean)

  22. Saoirseronan!!

  23. I love your videos.
    I agree. Earl-zzang is closer sound, I guess.

    And Ul(wool?)-Ssang means ‘long face’
    UL is ‘about to cry or weep’ and Ssang means face or facial expression.

    By the way, how was your Children’s day in Korea?
    Have you had some chance to buy ppo-ro-ro?

  24. ulzzang
    earl-zzang is better sound

  25. the one that would definitely look creepy using a circle lens will be Lee Joon from MBLAQ. cos he has the creepiest glare ever and adding the circle lens will be worse. so yeah ^^

  26. Jack Nicholson would definitly be the most terrifying view to me if he was wearing circle lenses! I have goosebumps just to think about it. Imagine him, head halfway through the door saying: “Heeeere’s Johnny!” wearing black circles lenses… Urgh!

  27. ummm… well i would think… taemin from shinee. i no he is adorable and everything but in this picture he looks like he’s about to murder someone…

    P.S. hehe onew is lookin pretty fine though!

    P.P.S. by the way martina, you look gorgeous! with or without the lenses!

  28. Those are so freaking radical, holy cow. Imagine all of the people you could pop up behind and just be like “RAAAHHH” and they’d become all terrified and stuff. It would be fantastic.

    James Franco would totally be horrifying with those. He looks all hot and awesome, but he still has that whole creepy guy thing going on in a lot of his roles (or even the whole burnout thing in Freaks & Geeks!) and he would just look so much crazier. Just imagine him coming up to you with his James Franco-ness and his curly hair and haphazardly-shaven chin and his eyes all wide wearing circle lenses. IMAGINE it. ARE YOU SCARED YET?

    …. I am. ;_;

  29. Christopher Walken can be very creepy if he wears circle lenses …

  30. I don’t know if you guys watched Dream High (but it’s amazing, watch it watch it!):
    Wouldn’t 강선생님 and JYP look… adorable… but really creepy… with circle lenses? JYP’s eyes are too small so uhh, the blue isn’t that obvious but look at Teacher Kang ohh /faint, oh the shock

  31. taeyang. he has tiny eyes if u put circle lenses in them……

  32. Jung Juri (정주리) would totally look creepy with these circle lenses especially when she make’s her “lion face’s” @.@ kkkkkk xD (That would be a “creepy lion-doll face”o_o

    ~~Sorry for my bad English… >___<~

  33. I’d go for T-ara, the whole group, because of their look in the stalkerish songs. JI YEON could become a pretty creepy girl.

    Otherwise for the football fans, Gennaro Gattuso or maybe Park Ji Sung.

  34. I think Michael Jackson would look the creepiest with circle lenses.

  35. Hmmm Gotta go with Johnny Depp while dressed as Willy WOnka… face it, he was pretty freaky without it anyway (think Alice)…. BTW.. Simon, do you need any more Ranch dressing powder? Just got a new couple of containers from the states… JDinKOrea@yahoo

  36. daesung!
    cause like uh.. how SMALL are his eyes already! but i love it when he smiles, its insanely cute :D

  37. OMGsun i think Song Joonki will look creepy :D Lol but i still love that Guy :))

  38. Taeyang would look really weird, not that i dont love him cos i totally do!~~
    Hahahs HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D even though its like the 2nd of May here in Singapore…
    But still :D
    Hope you had an enjoyable! One day, Singapore will be your number subscribers!^^
    Do consider coming here(:
    We are absolutely crazy about kpop here!^^
    Looks totally rawsome on ya martina~
    Love your videos^^

  39. Justin Bieber would look totally weird in circle lenses.

  40. Megan Fox, for shiz

  41. Steffany Cho-OOO-CHOO!


    Well, I think Kevin from U-Kiss would look pretty weird ^_^. I mean, his eyes are pretty small as it is, and huge eyes would look even weirder! Hope I win ^_^v! (BTW THAT INTERVIEW WITH UKISS MAD ME SOOOOOO JEALOUS, AJ IS SO HOT! xD)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN HOPE ITS A WONDERFULL DAY FOR YOU ^_^v~ Maybe I wrote this too late, cuz its probably May 2nd in Korea xD! Oh well, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MARTINA~~~ I LOVE YOU AND SIMON! =D

  42. I think that Eli from U-Kiss would look REALLY creepy. He is already creepy with that Dracula thing from Shut Up. Can you imagine him with black big eyes saying “Hello, hello. Do you know me? ò___ó”

  43. wonder girl’s Sohee :)

  44. Lady gaga is the most creepiest celebrity to wear circle lenses that I would ever think of. I remembered when I watched her Bad romance video, i was totally freaked out, she looked like a killer doll or something. I never watched that video of her again.

  45. charlie sheen. he does not need to look anymore cracked out.

  46. Non celbrity = Dr. Mengele, the doctor from WWII times….he makes me want to cry..

  47. (korean)chun doong or (non korean)james bond


  49. i thought you looked really pretty Martina…. Simon…ummm…ummm… nice shaving job …

  50. THE QUEEN! I went as far as to photoshop for your creepy viewing pleasure!

  51. Who would look creepy with circle lenses?
    The guy that was making boxes for you guys.

  52. Actually circle lenses make your eyes bigger so a lot of asians wear it especially japanese people there many kind of designs like stars, yellow, blue, brown, white, cat eye, and more FYI just letting you guys know ( I am korean luv you guys)

  53. I think it would look SUPER DUPER ULTRA SPUDGY weird on Ga-In from Brown Eyed Girls. Wouldnt you agree? Her eyes are so small! Circle lenses would make her look like an alien o.o Cuz were so used to seeing small eyes from her :)! Well thats my opinion, ^_^ hope i win, was looking forward to buying a pair but now you guys are giving us a chance to win, so GL to all (since im asian and my eyes are pretty small, so it would be a big surprise for my friends ^_^) o.o

  54. daesung from big bang!!

  55. … sandara park or park bom … they are really beautiful but… but they would look creepy

  56. well u dnt have to name ur videos with “WTF”
    i think its rude in the first place.
    Korea is an asian community so its not like where ur frm
    u dnt have to humiliate every korean thing!
    what crazy strangers!

  57. u look creepy and its not that pretty for ppl who already have big eyes!

  58. me thinks, sparta kim jong kook of running man will look creepy ^_^

  59. This came as a random thought… but I think the NK president Kim Jong Il O: or his son… imagine them smiling and waving away with circle lenses… and the photographers decide on doing a close up of their face when they are looking straight at the camera…


  60. Totally Santa Clause.

    Santa: “Why hello there little children, do you want a present? Well take a look at my circle lense…(?)”
    so with circle lenses, he’d totally have the pedo vibe down.

  61. I was wondering….for celebrities…do comedians count too?
    Because I have a really good one.
    Please and thank you. :3

  62. Ronald Macdonald already has circle lenses.

    I bet Santa Clause would look so much creepier

  63. Anyone in the Itaewon Freedom MV. Amazing hair + circle lenses. Just imagine JY Park… wah, awesome O_O

    PS: Please, do a special Music Tuesday and review Itaewon Freedom, they deserve it and I’m dying to watch it!

  64. Bubbles off of the Trailer Park Boys…though, not that he needs another reason to creep me out.

  65. Chuck Norris?

  66. Michal jackson would look strang but jacki chan and chuk nores with those wo uld be freaky. Omg even worse… The joker!

  67. michael jackson would look creepy on those, rest in peace!

    lady gaga would look so natural with those lenses.

  68. Ronald McDonald.
    He’s creepy as a regular clown, but as an Ulzzang clown…

  69. Person who would look creepiest in these things…… Queen Elizabeth II of England… 85 years old and would have creepy eyes…

  70. Can you make some more coffee shop or restaurant videos? LOVE watching them!

  71. Kevin from U-Kiss would look creepiest (but not like bad, creepily GOOD)…it would take his cross-dressing selcas to a whole new level.

  72. I love Martina’s ulzzang picture. XD
    I really want some of these :o I might get some from honey color. :3

  73. martina are you wearing false eyelashes?? and i vote secondddd for colberttt he would look totally creepy with them on

  74. George Clooney : 0 Well, I think it would be way too creepy…
    Btw. Nice makeup, Martine, I like it : o

  75. Kang Ho Dong kekeke

  76. Simon you look creepy!!!!! I tried not to look at you because you were freaking me out. lol. I don’t want those because they look really creepy, but I think Stephen Colbert would look really creepy with them on. Dont know if you guys watch The colbert report but he would look more like a crazy maniac with those lenses on. lolz.


  78. I think Taemin would look creepy with Circle Lenses! Because he has such an innocent smile and over-all look, I think it would a bit like this…O.O
    Also he would look creepy if he wore cirle lenses with this outfit: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_9D_sB2bgRtk/TNaeHVVq-qI/AAAAAAAAAD0/770bC18KJX4/s1600/SHINee%2Bschoolgirls.jpg
    But I think he’d look creepy just because he’s dressed like a girl..idk :P

  79. Or maybe Korean Idols with small eyes.
    Eg : 2AM Jinwoon? (not a hater :( In fact i like him.Cute eye-smile XD)
    Wouldn’t it be creepy or weird?

  80. Creepiest with the lenses huh?
    = Spudgy
    NAWHHHH i reckon that he will look supeeer cute in it :P

  81. I vote for GAIN!!! With her small eyes, putting these contact lenses will just have her eyes look TOTALLY black! Lol! =D

  82. The Queen of England

  83. Jan Geun Suk…

    His eyes are REALLY small, so I reckong he would give off a pedo-bear vibe…


  84. Non-Korean: Rick Astley

    Korean: Kang Ho Dong

  85. Micheal Jackson.

  86. it was quite funny this video, but i have to say that at first you remained me like those horror movies when the character is posses by a demon and the eyes change into a big black color!!
    soooo creepyyyyyy!!! xDD

  87. simon u truly look like a doll lol
    I think this girl looks rly creepy..

  88. Was the music at 1:00 a sound byte from iknow.com/smart.fm? I swear its the exact same as the sound they use for the rapid round of memorization!

  89. I shan’t enter….as I have a deep adversion to touching my eyeball *shudder* I don’t understand how you guys do it. Simon = creepier (sorry!) WITH the lense haha. (P.S. tsktsk as a Canadian it should have been “zed” not “zee” silly!)

  90. Satoshi from girugamesh! This is him –> http://nd04.jxs.cz/928/045/ea73543189_73767696_o2.jpg
    Or Freddy Krueger. o.o Oh God, Freddy Krueger….

  91. Out of the two of you, Simon looks a little creepy in them. Martina looked really cute once I got used to the darker eye color! This was really funny guys, as always, thanks for the laughs. Knowing I can watch this when I get home is what gets me through wednesdays!

  92. and in alice in wonderland. ! XD

  93. OMG! jonny depp in Charlie and the Chocolate factory!!! circle lenses. OMG!
    imagine…i kinda think he did.

  94. I said this on youtube, and i guess ill say it here too! XD
    NON KOREAN: sarah palin, i imagine she will look like an Alaskan sloth or something
    and for KOREAN, comedian Park Myeong Su. can you imagine!? i really am having a scary experience trying. LOL XD

  95. Voldomort xD He tops the list for looking the creepiest with circle lenses.. with, ya know, his bald head, and huge nose? ..Yea

  96. michael jackson

  97. I thought someone either manly or scary would look creepy or just off.
    Korean: T.O.P (I can picture him with cute circle lenses and a cute face….can’t you?)
    Non Korean: Hugh Laurie (from House) I was just watching the show and his angry scruffy look and very light colored eyes would looks so creepy with cute circle lenses and a cute facial expression )

    Random thing: I just noticed you changed the format of the Music Monday requests and comments, I like it
    Also: I hoped you guys would do circle lenses and now you did, yay

  98. i like the last picture i think the blue looks great but big lol but thats the point

  99. Totally have to be Simon Cowell (is this how u spell his name? lol) because not only would he be dissing you about your talent (or in his opinion, lack thereof) but he could give you the weird eye to make you run off stage faster…bwahahahah

  100. Christopher Walken looks creepy without the circle lenses so I think he’d look double creepy with the circle lenses. *shudder*

  101. thank you for sharing about this. i always been wondering why those are for. the scariest i ever saw is lady gaga’s contact eyes in a music video. by the way, i know those doll-like eyes are fun but they are not good for those eyes. once time or two would be good. but wearing them many times, so it wont be good for the eyes.

  102. Hypnotizing sometimes…. They look anime-ish and pretty.

  103. Zach Braff. His ‘JD-Stares’ would become much creepier than they already are. I think he would look like a total weirdo. Imagine him wearing circle lenses on that picture!! It’s just like his eyes are eating you up or something XD
    For me this is really creepy.

  104. Chuck Norris… because nobody would expect an awsome killing machine like him to have cute adorable eyes. That is why it would be creepy because the world would blow up if it were to see Chuck Norris cute.

  105. Macaulay Culkin…his mouth is big and creepy and so are his puffy serial killer eyes. Throw in a pair of circle lenses and that would scare the crap out of me. A combination of those over exaggerated features make people look creepy I think.

  106. haha I just watched the bloopers and laughed out loud when you mentioned You’re Beautiful, because that’s the first thing I thought of when Simon starting “Ang”ing
    Gotta love Jeremy and his somewhat-perverted fantasies ^.^

  107. I already posted on the youtube channel, but i couldn’t get you the link, so if you want to see it here it is:


    Voting for Goo Hara :D

  108. Hey I was wondering if you could list exactly what the blue ones in the picture are called. I was on the Angelic Rain website and you can’t really tell by their pictures whether it’s a 1 tone or 2 tone etc. Now I just have to think about who is creepy… Thanks!

  109. martina you look great

  110. Ermmm lets see. My choice would have to be the host of Star King and Strong Heart, Kang Ho Dong. Cause lets face it, awesome person, but imagining him with circle lenses is slightly terrifying!

  111. I need to say that I feel frightened about simply looking to simon o.O
    you just look like one of those evil characters from trash horror movies (????) XD
    Martina looks like a creepy (voodoo) doll XD but still cute

    Well, I think ruppert grint (ron weasley from harry potter) would look extremely frightening. I don’t know he has a somewhat dorky face, plus he is too white with red hair. The black color lenses would put he straight to a horror movie.

  112. I am not sure why but the first celeb that popped into my head would be Elija Wood b/c he has those big crystal blue eyes and he can make some creepy faces. So my vote goes to him.

  113. Paula Deen. Her eyes bulge out so much already (regardless if there is butter near her lol) that if she had those circle lenses with the black ring she’d look so incredibly freaky!
    Can you imagine how creepy the closeups that would be done on her face would look while she’s tasting food on a cooking show?

  114. Remember those creepy kids from „Village of the Damned”? They’ve already did some experiments with circle lenses, I bet… Every single platino-blonde girl would look kinda creepy ^^’

    But as for my candidate I choose – parampampam – Jack Sparrow! Imagine him with light blue eyes O.O Gosh, every single skeleton from „the Curse of the Black Pearl” would just turn into dust after HE looked at it…

  115. PSY! :D
    just by thinking, it really disturb me^^

  116. Mr. Bean,TOP from BigBang, Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, but Marilyn Mason is just plain creepy so him too O__O

  117. I think that Kim Jaejong would look super creepy!
    And maybe Taemin….He’s already pretty enough with circle lenses he would just look creepy

  118. aww martina looks so cute XD i feel like i should run up to her and picnch her cheeks though im WAY younger than her *180 degree bow* umm daesung from bigbang or either SHINee’s Key! any one wo has really small eyes… that is without makeup

  119. Oh Ji Ho, the world needs more Ulzzang-Warriors =D

  120. Imagine you are watching the news and on screen Barack Obama appears, with circle lenses. He flashes his eyes at you and make a cute face. That would be creepy!

  121. Michael Jackson (?)

  122. Wow, you both look really good in circle lenses! :D I think Simon would look jjang if he picked lighter colours. And for Martina, I think purple or grey would be the best. Thanks for doing a vid on circle lenses, you guys~ ^^ ♥

  123. Justin Bieber…

  124. Ahh anyone in circle lenses scares me totally! This video was really hard to watch for me so I just had to go to a second tab a listen. But in regards to the bloopers OH MY GOD MARTINA I TOTALLY REMEMBER THAT SCENE AND NOW IT MAKES MORE SENSE SINCE I KNOW SHE’S TRYING TO MAKE CAT NOISES AT HIM! now I need to re-watch that series.

  125. As a WWE fan, um, yes, I would LOVE to see an Ulzzang wrestler. xD

  126. omgosh Simon cracks me up!

  127. Steve Buscemi. That is all I want to write. Can you imagine his weird eyes can be even more… weird? Yeeeeessssssss, I think that would be… weird.

  128. Kim Mother-flipping Jaejoong. His eyes are already so big… When I saw him live in LA it was actually kind of scary. I know he wears color lenses already, but I’m not sure if they’re circle lenses. He looks good in pictures but in person it’s… he looks like a martian. Imagine a martian with circle lenses. Scar, scary shit right there.

  129. Either Jack Sparrow or Justin Bieber. Two very different celebrities, with equally creepy Ulzzang eyes. Justin Bieber probably more so…

  130. simon and martina, you guys are awesome!

    i was wondering if you all could make an extra page or post along with the winners their winning entry. i want to see what they wrote, like the big bang story for example and the twonkle twonkle rhyme, but it takes a long time to find where their post is. i think it would be sweet if you posted their entry along when you announce the winner. that way we can all laugh along to what you guys laughed too :D

  131. jang Guen Suk hehe

  132. If I ever saw JYP with circle lenses, I’d probably turn on my heels and run away, ngl. And then go back to stare at him in a mix of woah-I-just-saw-an-alien amazement and just utter creeped-out-ness lol :D

  133. Whoa….CREEEPY but CUTE sortish kind of way….

    Martin is creepier than Martina hahaha…

  134. It’s so HARD since we can only choose 1 celeb…. And there are plenty of Idols who already look like ulzzangs, what if they wore these lenses and had even bigger doll eyes… ahggg (CREEPY)
    Ok I think I’ve finally made my choice. Imagine Kara’s Goo HARA with lenses, she could look like the kid from the movie The Grudge… ahhhhh!


  135. I think the person who would look the creepiest with the Circle Lenses would be definitely be Kristen Stewart. She’d be the creepiest of them all, the Creepy Eyed Lady…not that she isn’t without them but with them on she would be horror!

  136. Mr Bean would DEFFO look creepiest.. o_O”

  137. I’d have to say…. Kang Ho Dong.
    I don’t know, I feel like the ones Simon was wearing made him look kind of… you know, like when a cat is about to attack and his eyes go kind of… wild… (can’t think of a better word)
    And Kang Ho Dong is kind of a beast :D And his irides are small… so more impact!

  138. Dennis Rodman would look the creepiest with Circle Lenses


  140. I think Michael Jackson would look really creepy.I mean really,really creepy. o.o I adore him and his music,but in his last years before he passed away .. he looked horrible .. I was scared because of him when I was younger and I think I would have peed in my pants,if he would have wore some circle lenses .. o.o

  141. Simon’s definitely creepier. Martina is super cute, so I actually think she’s rocking the doll-eye look.

    Which celebrity would look creepier with circle lenses? Hmm… it’s a toss-up between Mel Gibson and Song Kang-ho (is that his name? dude from Park Chan-wook’s films). Or maybe Nicholas Cage?

  142. Spudgy! Cuteness gone terribly wrong!

  143. Circle lenses are illegal to sell in the United States. FDA says that they may cause damage to the eye and even blindness. You can read more about it here: http://www.geekosystem.com/circle-lenses-dangers/

    • wow i didn’t know that.. that’s really creepy

    • I don’t understand the fascination with circle lenses. The lengths people go to achieve that kind of “beauty”. Whenever I tell people that circle lenses aren’t that good, they always reply with the whole “regular contacts are bad too!” The thing is regular contacts are prescribed to fit perfectly on the eyes! A professional eye doctor would measure the eye and do all the standard eye…checking process.

  144. Lol the only person who came into my mind: VOLDEMORT.

  145. Well, I was going to say TOP at first, but then I thought that he might actually look cute… (cuter than usual, that is)

    So, Jesus. Jesus would probably look kind of creepy sporting the Ulzzang look.

  146. I think Simon’s lenses is creepier cos u look like a dracula … but when Martina say : come play wit me … suddenly u became creepier LOL …. but it makes u guys ‘s eyes bigger n turn cute haha :) Creepy n cute at the same time LOL

  147. Okay, I love the man but I’ve gotta say it… Michael Jackson. If he were coming at me with circle lenses on, I would run like hell, not even gonna lie. The scariest thing is he loves sunglasses so you wouldn’t even know… Like you’re just chatting with him, all “hey, I love your songs, man…” and then he takes off his glasses and BAM!!! he’s just staring at you like O___O and Thriller comes on and you faint on the spot and the zombies eat you. ;-; It’s all a trap to lure unwary fans in… >.>

    …Or maybe that’s just me.

  148. Ooooh and by the way, the circle lense are pretty popular in Montreal city too (Canada ). Is can of scary at first when people stare at you with those think. But in the end it began to be a normal think. Everyone wears it asian, black and white people, latinos everyone…. And it has place where they sell it you do not need to command it by the net… Yeah for Montreal and creepy eyes^^

  149. i like to see nichkhun with circle lenses on, his eyes are already big, so it would be really interesting to see his eyes bigger xDDD creepy! haha
    you guys look a bit weird with those circle lenses, kinda creeps me out O_O
    martinaaa, your makeup looks cute in this vid!~ <3

  150. hmm nothing pops in my head.Just saw Big Bang theory and just makes me think of Sheldon Cooper hahah creepy while giving his stares or akward smile and saying BAZINGA at the same time. oh biggest looser is on TV how about the huy trainer(whats his name??) creeeepy.
    hahah my heads empty..yeah i suck-.- lol
    ANG! XD

  151. richard simmons, that is all i have to say.

  152. ummm, question…did you really meet GD Martina!!!!???? That would be FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!

  153. All right!! I’m just gonna write in here (I’m too lazy to open another window/tab).

    Anyway, who do I think would look the creepiest? Without doubts…………………….. Park Jin-young (a.k.a JYP O.O).

    Can you imagine him in the Itaewon Freedom MV??? I did, and it was uuuushhh C-R-E-E-P-Y (Him without glasses and with really big eyes xDDDDD making that pose which Simon did LOL).

    here is an example >.> http://img683.imageshack.us/i/jypulzzanglol.jpg/

    I love your videos ^^ thanks guys, you always make my day when you upload a new one

  154. The cake IS a lie! Can’t wait till I get my Portal 2!

    Anyways… I think Charlie Cheen would look creepy with circle lenses… No, wait he always looks creepy…

  155. IA once I started watching K-Variety i noticed a fascination with eyes, legs, and small head sized. the eye and head size thing was so new to me, but it has since made me notice how gigantic my bf’s head is lol.

    I need more time to think about who would be creepy, but maybe Amanda Siegfried she already has a giant head and giant eyes so giant irises would make he even scarier.

  156. That’s easy! Steve Buscemi!

  157. Simon was waaay creepier, at first.
    He kind of reminded me of that episode of the Simpsons when everybody mistook Mr.Burns for an alien, but as it turned out he was just hopped up on drugs after he left Dr.Nick’s office and had an amazing radiation glow from the nuclear power plant.

    Anyhow. I think the creepiest idol to wear circle lenses would have to be JYP. Face it, he’s creepy enough already, with his clear plastic pants and his interpretive chicken dance. With the circle lenses as an added bonus, you’d be singing the Itaewon Freedom song for a year lol

  158. Robin williams or Jim Carey or Obama XD

  159. this is at once creepy and cute. i think taeyang would look weird b/c his eyes are so small, so if he wore the black circle lenses, you probably wouldn’t be able to see the white part of his eyes.

  160. hard to choose..anyone in the world? maybe…Clint Eastwood? xD

  161. Mark Harmon (NCIS’ Leroy Gibbs) would look pretty creepy. :<

  162. Kim Joon would look a litttle weird with them, But Willem Dafoe would just crush him in the creepiness factor.

  163. I was going to say Christopher Walken, but his looks actually improved.
    So I’ll go with Nicole Kidman.

  164. SIMON LOOKED CREEPY before Martina did her thing..

  165. Oh if I’m able to wear lenses.. I’m afraid when I bring it to my eye.. bbrrr..
    and Simon I must say you look good with these lenses ^^

  166. Marilyn Manson
    he wont look cute,
    he’ll stay creepy

  167. creepiest? with circle lenses? I think Daesung or Taeyang of Big Bang. LOL. But since someone already answered that. RAIN would look not only creepy but weird too.

  168. circle lenses are… scary… it makes the eyes appear bigger so it’s reallly freaky. stumbled on a YT video of a chinese program where girls had to wear cricle lenses in one eye, and do makeup on that one side of theiir faces, and the differencesi were so astounding, they looked like aliens. makes them completely different from their original look. *shudders*

    hmmn… i guess. taeyang. or daesung. their eyes’ are really small, i wonder how they will look like with bigger ones.

  169. Simon is the creepier one!!

  170. Creepiest looking? Hmm…SM Entertainment’s CEO, Lee So Man? =D

    Anyways-_- hmm. who would be the creepy…..Joker?
    I should think about it more.

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