This week we play with Eyelid tape, which is something that is totally new to us.

What is Eyelid Tape? Eyelid tape is something that gives you a crease in your eyelid, which makes it look like a double eyelid. What is a double eyelid? Hell if we know. We just heard about it when we came to Korea! That look of having a crease in your eyelid is a “double eyelid,” and it’s highly desirable in Asia. Why it’s so highly desirable is beyond us. It’s not something we ever noticed ourselves. What’s ironic about it is that – from what we’ve been told – it’s to make Asian eyes look more Western…but it’s not something that we’ve ever, ever noticed. Maybe we’re just bad westerners, out of tune with our westernicity? Who knows. We just wish that the madness would stop. You can see pictures of Double Eyelids here if you don’t know what we’re talking about.

I hope we’re not being too strong or insensitive about this, but we really think that this is kinda silly. We feel bad that so many people have the idea ingrained that double eyelids is an issue, and that not having them would make you want to get surgery to fix it. It seems so unnoticeable and just not worth it to us, and it’s sad that students, STUDENTS, are getting this done, and that parents think it’s ok. Like, your present for doing well last semester was cosmetic surgery. Ah. Plastic surgery is so big here in Korea, unfortunately, and Double Eyelid surgery is a big part of it. We don’t agree with it, and we wished that people stopped worrying about the looks of their eyelids.

Anyhow, on a lighter note, last week we announced that we’d be doing a giveaway of all of our Wonderful Treasure Finds for last month, and that we were holding the contest on Facebook. Well, we have a winner! But we announced the winner in our bonus footage. Yeah, that’s cheap of us, we know. We’re trying to promote our other channel too (psst subscribe to it by clicking this button here)! And so, if you’re the winner, please send us an email over at our Contact Page and we’ll mail your care package out ASAP. Hooray!

  1. I wonder if all whites have some kind of a superior complex. They seems to think that all of non white ethic groups want to be look more like them as seeing it is mentioned above that “it’s because they want to make asian eyes more westerners”. May i ask you since when Did double eyelid are represented as the feature of “whites”? If my eyesights aren’t proved to bad, i can clearly see a bunch of non-white people with double eyelids Anywhere. Black and latin people ALL OF THEM have big round double eyelids for godness sake. Or am i retarded to say this? What makes me feel more dumb founded is do white people also think ALL of asians are born with single eyelids? It’s kind of funny because in my family, My father, two aunts on my mother sides, one of my grandfather, several of my cousins, some people in law, a few of my uncles on my father side they are all have double eyelids. I guess they are not asians lol. But they ARE. I wonder if you guys are also brainwashed by the hollywood media or something. We do also are born with double eyelids and it is also the feature of our ethic groups. It’s not really neccessary for you guys to judge and feel sorry on the behalf of us. If you think we are all equire then let the things straight, do some research. I’m pretty sure they didn’t put the eyelid tapes on their eyes or undergo eyelid surgery thinking “I want to be white! If i put some tapes on my eyes or undergo the surgery i would look like one of them!”. You know who’s being silly? I guess you know now. But don’t get the wrong idea that i extremely support the cosmetic surgery and that’s why i was offended. I’m just saying you guys shouldn’t judge people and generalize them. Though it may seem like to you guys it’s the selfă…ˇesteem issue as in how ungrateful and unrespectful asians seem to consider about the way they looks, double eyelids are also our feature in the first place as i said so it doesn’t neccessarily mean we try to get rid of our default feature. And more important, you never know what these people went through or if they were born with blepharoptosis(i’m also the one who was born with it and underwent the surgery because of it. If you don’t know it PLEASE do some research before accusing me of having wanted to be white.) or something. Of course there are vain people out there. But you know the vain personality isn’t just exclusive for asians. And if it isn’t the case that we are all vain and want to be white, we don’t need your pity and to hear it’s because we want to be white. Who are we to judge about other people’s decision? It’s none of our business, don’t you think? I hope you guys understood what i mean. I wish people didn’t jump up to the conclusion and be judgemental.

  2. Great! Thanks for writing back. I know sometimes we step on people's toes, which is unavoidable. Best we can do is try not to stomp on them…

  3. You have something for us? What is it what is it what is it I wanna see I wanna see I want it nao naoanonaonaonoW!

  4. people do go blind from doing those surgery. I was amaze how many people get those eye lid surgery in the east.. its like breast implants in the west. Unnecessary surgery…..

  5. There are days when I wake up and I have quadruple eye lids.. I'm happy to donate, pls call 1-800-EYELIDS.

    Yes, I agree having that extra crease in your eye lid does make a (small) difference, it gives the face more "definition", so to speak. Just like eyebrow grooming (who knew mowing that unibrow could make such a huge difference) but not as big an impact.

    Double eyelid tape/glue is so common in Asia that I've never realized it was another quirky Korean/Asian thing.

  6. To be honest, yes, we think tanning is silly as well :D

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