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WTF – Double Eyelid Tape

April 6, 2011


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This week we play with Eyelid tape, which is something that is totally new to us.

What is Eyelid Tape? Eyelid tape is something that gives you a crease in your eyelid, which makes it look like a double eyelid. What is a double eyelid? Hell if we know. We just heard about it when we came to Korea! That look of having a crease in your eyelid is a “double eyelid,” and it’s highly desirable in Asia. Why it’s so highly desirable is beyond us. It’s not something we ever noticed ourselves. What’s ironic about it is that – from what we’ve been told – it’s to make Asian eyes look more Western…but it’s not something that we’ve ever, ever noticed. Maybe we’re just bad westerners, out of tune with our westernicity? Who knows. We just wish that the madness would stop. You can see pictures of Double Eyelids here if you don’t know what we’re talking about.

I hope we’re not being too strong or insensitive about this, but we really think that this is kinda silly. We feel bad that so many people have the idea ingrained that double eyelids is an issue, and that not having them would make you want to get surgery to fix it. It seems so unnoticeable and just not worth it to us, and it’s sad that students, STUDENTS, are getting this done, and that parents think it’s ok. Like, your present for doing well last semester was cosmetic surgery. Ah. Plastic surgery is so big here in Korea, unfortunately, and Double Eyelid surgery is a big part of it. We don’t agree with it, and we wished that people stopped worrying about the looks of their eyelids.

Anyhow, on a lighter note, last week we announced that we’d be doing a giveaway of all of our Wonderful Treasure Finds for last month, and that we were holding the contest on Facebook. Well, we have a winner! But we announced the winner in our bonus footage. Yeah, that’s cheap of us, we know. We’re trying to promote our other channel too (psst subscribe to it by clicking this button here)! And so, if you’re the winner, please send us an email over at our Contact Page and we’ll mail your care package out ASAP. Hooray!



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