Welcome back to this week’s edition of the Wonderful Treasure Find, Korea, aka WTF Korea, where we show you some of the mildly interesting things that we’ve found. I’m sure a lot of you know that but I feel like I have to write it out because I haven’t done this in so long. I feel like how I feel when I play basketball after not having played for a year. I get on the court and I know the basics and the rules, but I need to go gentle before I do something embarrassing or injuring. Be gentle with me!

We also were really technically unprepared. Our batteries were dying, even though we didn’t use them for a long time, because we, err, forgot to charge everything. So my mic dies in the video, but fortunately I’m loud enough to be picked up on Martina’s mic. I just sound a lot more echo-et.

So, here’s the deal: Martina found this somewhere and brought it to me and I said, “yes, yes this is perfect for a WTF!” I didn’t even ask her where she got it from. I don’t know where she finds half of her things. She just appears with random stuff from time to time. She’s like a squirrel that runs around when you’re not looking and digs something up and bring it back to you. Wait: are those squirrels or dogs? I don’t know. I wish Spudgy and Meemers could be outdoor animals. Living in an apartment kinda doesn’t let you do that. We’ve got cars everywhere. I’d like an open field where we could just let them run around and play and come back when they’re hungry. Spudgy…would not last long in the wild, I don’t think. Natural Selection is just begging to take him off this planet. That’s not the point. Point is, if we were in the forest, Martina would find random stuff to do WTFs on. She has the ability to find stuff is what I’m trying to say. Like a beaver.

Filming this video was a bit awkward for us. This was the first video we filmed back in our studio, and we were so nervous and excited to be back on camera. I interrupted Martina just about all the time. She scolded me for it afterwards. AH! I’m sorry! I was just too hyper and excitable. Kind of like when I drink a lot of coffee before filming. Like that. Except I didn’t drink a lot of coffee. I don’t drink that much anymore. I used to drink a few cups a day but now I drink only one or one and a bit. I do something new now that really gets me energized for the rest of the day. It’s called “exercising” Ha! We both really got into it when we were in Canada, and now that we’re back in Korea we’re exercising almost every day. And it gets you so much more energized than anything else. Yeah! So that’s why I was so excitable this time around. First video in forever + morning exercise = uncomfortably energetic.

I mentioned how this is no more a pencil case than taping a pencil to the back of your DS is. Anyone have a DS? I have an old one, but not a 3DS. I’ve been playing my Vita more than the old DS. SO EXCITED FOR FINAL FANTASY X/X2 REMAKES TO COME OUT! Sorry if you already heard that in our LiveChat. I’m super chuffed. It’s my second favourite Final Fantasy, next to Final Fantasy 7. Now that Martina’s done her tattoo I’m trying to think of my full arm-sleeve. I’m thinking something videogame/comic related. Dr. Doom and Sephiroth vs Solid Snake and Deadpool? I don’t know. I’m sure re-playing X and X2 will put them higher up in my video game love list. And…this relates to this WTF because…if I was a kid I’d use my Vita as a pencil case. Yep.

Also, we’re announcing the winner of our much delayed Christmas Care package. Whoa is it ever delayed. Congrats to Robin Sutherland! Send us an email and we’ll mail out your package ASAP!

Ok! Back to editing videos for us! Make sure you’re subscribed if you haven’t subscribed already by clicking on the pretty button here. Woohoo!

  1. OMG! This is too funny! The pencil case would end up in a teacher’s desk so fast! And your shirt, Martina, i know what it means now cause i’ve watched Death Note, that little bunny’s got a death note!

  2. NO JOKE… I saw one of my kids with this pencil case today and began to show him your video and he grabbed it ran to the other side of the room screaming “NO GAME NO TEACHER!” Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwTpgMCEXB4

  3. OMG you like final fantasy 7 and 10!! everyone always tells me 7 is overrated but come on! it still has a great story awesome side quest/mini games and memorable cast of characters!! You guys if you ever have time to do it can you guys do a favorite Video games video on Open the Happy :D that would be awesome! Great to have you guys back ; o ; missed your videos and you all are awesome!

  4. You’re back! And with a Wonderful Treasure Find, my second fave EYK segment! Today was a good day indeed.

  5. welcome back u we missed u guys

  6. So happy y’all made it back safe and sound. Can’t wait for Nu’ est to finally get their music Monday!!!!!!!

  7. you guise reminded me of Frozen’s song “For the first time in forever……”….posting a video…
    I’m glad you’re back! EYK Fighting! :)

  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! My friends have been sooooooo mad about how crazy I’ve been with out you! I love this. Something tells me this could be like tamagotchi’s in school, where everyone huddles around one desk and watches people play together!

  9. YayayayayayYay!!! A new video!!! I’ve missed you guys so much, but I’m really glad you got to take a well deserved vacation :)

  10. Why in KMM TVXQ and Rain’s videos are in 70 when the got more vote than the GOT7 (at least TVXQ with 10200 vote just in vote with out count the fb, twitter, google+ and coments)?? Did you guys move them to the button?? I hope someone can tell me =S

    that is a seriously cool pencil case even if i hate anything football related!!

  12. so what you’re saying is…. Eat Your Kimchi is back!!!!! huzzah!!

  13. OMG welcome back guise! XD
    Just wanted to say that I’m stoked for the FFX/FFX-2 remakes as well! ^_^ My next tattoo (yes NEXT tattoo) is going to be FF related. But a cute one. Like Chocobos and Moogles chasing each other around or something. IDK. Haven’t fleshed that idea out yet. But it’s happening!
    Rambling about FF again… ^_^;
    Welcome back again!

  14. Yay, you guys are back! So cool that you are potting stuff out just as you said you would. You all mentioned putting stuff out in February, but I was expecting a few days into February. But look at that! Its the 1st and you all put out a video!

    Anyway, I was curious about the comment Martina made. What do you mean something like that is too dangerous for school? And kids aren’t allowed to bring in utensils?

    I can TOTALLY see a situation in which you could use this… but maybe thats because I was never a very good student. XD You always get some down time in class, you can probably mess around with it during passing period as well. I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem that difficult to find and opportunity to use it to me.

  15. Since you guise have been gone for a while, I had to get my “Korean fix” elsewhere. And by elsewhere, I really mean watching a shitload of Kdrama. And now, I’m having a hard being not grumpy anytime I’m not home because I cannot watch my drama. So yeah, in one word, I’m having a hard time having a life lately.

    Guise, that means I need you to keep me mentally sane (somewhat, at least)… Oh boy

  16. omg i have one of those old Ds’s! I havent bought any new games yet and these games are about 5 or 6 years oldbut idc they are still really fun so when all these other people have one of those 3ds’s, i bring out my blue old ds and start playing those games, nitendogs, littlest pet shop and other stuff anyway SO HAPPY UR BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. That reminds me of two pens I have at home. One has a teeny tiny etch-a-sketch on the other end of it; and the other has the tiniest board for Trouble Board Game on it, along with the tiniest pieces ever. o -o

  18. It’s like I’m seeing my friends and family after a really long time /sniffs/ WELCOME BACK GAIZ <3

  19. Totally not much to do with the video (which was cute BTW) but, no utensils in high school??????!!!!!!!!!!! will students have to start carving shanks in shop class now? All the things that used to separate school from prison, slowly disolving before my eyes…….

    • I don’t know……even way out in the country here my son’s elementary school seems to have a ban on fun. No nuts whatsoever in the school lunches (which have to be 2 and healthy), no time to go home for lunch, no bringing toys to school, even for recess, no climbing on snow hills or ridiculously tame jungle gyms in the winter, segregated grades on the playground, no running unless it’s for a sport…. I can just imagine that recess is a bunch of kids standing around in the 3ft deep snow field staring at each other.

  20. Congrats to the winner!

    Also – this was really fun! I would so fail at school with that! but still..the best pencil case ever. the ones i always got were boring. Just one giant hole for EVERYTHING!

  21. I have a 3DS and the older DS. But I really only use it to play Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing , or the ocasional weird game you find at the store that most people would never play, but turns out its an underated game and people should play it. I majorly suck at Mario and Zelda games… Unless it’s a game that uses an RPG format, doesn’t involve me figuring out a fight pattern, or lets me do whatever the fuck I want, then I don’t suck.

    I kinda wish I had this pencil case. It would make listening to my extremly boring Canadian politics prof easier.

  22. The funniest part is that it says “last week” at the and jajajajaj

  23. I missed you guys. But it gave me time to catch up on all the videos and now I can proudly say I have watched every video from all four channels posted by you guys. I don’t know I if I should be ashamed or proud.

  24. OMGSH why didn’t I have this growing up?!! Also: YOU GUYS ARE SERIOUSLY NOT ALLOWED TO DISAPPEAR LIKE THAT AGAIN! I was starving for something interesting to watch on Youtube! uhuhuhuhuhu <33333

  25. Hahah, Martina would turn the pencil case into a weapon! Missed you both so much!!! How was your trip other than the crazy weather?

    • The crazy weather seriously screwed up all our plans afterwards, but it’s always great seeing our family. We didn’t get the chance to see many of our friends since traveling between cities was freakin’ scary. Huge sheets of ice flying off the back of trucks, chunks of ice falling off bridges, and we almost got scrunched by a falling tree while looking for a parking spot. It was like playing a video game. :O

  26. I’ve been having EatYourKimchi withdrawals!! Thank you for another video :)

  27. Me too….I’m totally going to play Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD too. I’m tempted to play X-2 first. IDK. One question(SPOILER MAYBE!?!)..are you ready to fight the Dark Aeons in FFX?

  28. OMG it feels like it’s been years without a video!! I missed the EYK crew, it’s good to see you guys again!!! :)

  29. i smiled so hard when i saw a new video in my newsfeed that my cheeks hurt now

    <3 welcome back!

  30. oh my god i remember having one of those but mine was tetris haha…

  31. You should have seen my face when I saw this. Total happiness! We missed you guys!
    What’s even the point of that thing? It seems like something a family member would buy for you and when you take it school, it gets taken away by the teacher or some jerk takes it when you’re out at recess. As big as a procrastinator as I am, do not ever give me something like that. I’d never do any work. Also Martina should just have a camera on her when she goes shopping so we can all see what sort of things she ends up finding.


    Also I wouldn't be able to study in class if I had that pencil case. The class would be filled with *ffheeeewtpp-* "-MY EYE" disasters.

  33. 1. You both have been sorely missed!! Like for real, chest pains were starting to commence.

    2. As a teacher, I pray that the geniuses at Five Star, Mead, and other school supply companies don’t ever get hold of this idea because I already have a tough time confiscating cell phones in the middle of my lessons. I don’t need my students getting into retro-fun while I’m teaching, unless it’s with an abacus. Second thought, I hope it comes stateside. A toy like that can make the dread faculty meetings that much more entertaining.

  34. never leave me again please

  35. I dont care if I work at an office…I WANT IT!!!!! :)

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