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WTF – Foosball Case

February 1, 2014


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Welcome back to this week’s edition of the Wonderful Treasure Find, Korea, aka WTF Korea, where we show you some of the mildly interesting things that we’ve found. I’m sure a lot of you know that but I feel like I have to write it out because I haven’t done this in so long. I feel like how I feel when I play basketball after not having played for a year. I get on the court and I know the basics and the rules, but I need to go gentle before I do something embarrassing or injuring. Be gentle with me!

We also were really technically unprepared. Our batteries were dying, even though we didn’t use them for a long time, because we, err, forgot to charge everything. So my mic dies in the video, but fortunately I’m loud enough to be picked up on Martina’s mic. I just sound a lot more echo-et.

So, here’s the deal: Martina found this somewhere and brought it to me and I said, “yes, yes this is perfect for a WTF!” I didn’t even ask her where she got it from. I don’t know where she finds half of her things. She just appears with random stuff from time to time. She’s like a squirrel that runs around when you’re not looking and digs something up and bring it back to you. Wait: are those squirrels or dogs? I don’t know. I wish Spudgy and Meemers could be outdoor animals. Living in an apartment kinda doesn’t let you do that. We’ve got cars everywhere. I’d like an open field where we could just let them run around and play and come back when they’re hungry. Spudgy…would not last long in the wild, I don’t think. Natural Selection is just begging to take him off this planet. That’s not the point. Point is, if we were in the forest, Martina would find random stuff to do WTFs on. She has the ability to find stuff is what I’m trying to say. Like a beaver.

Filming this video was a bit awkward for us. This was the first video we filmed back in our studio, and we were so nervous and excited to be back on camera. I interrupted Martina just about all the time. She scolded me for it afterwards. AH! I’m sorry! I was just too hyper and excitable. Kind of like when I drink a lot of coffee before filming. Like that. Except I didn’t drink a lot of coffee. I don’t drink that much anymore. I used to drink a few cups a day but now I drink only one or one and a bit. I do something new now that really gets me energized for the rest of the day. It’s called “exercising” Ha! We both really got into it when we were in Canada, and now that we’re back in Korea we’re exercising almost every day. And it gets you so much more energized than anything else. Yeah! So that’s why I was so excitable this time around. First video in forever + morning exercise = uncomfortably energetic.

I mentioned how this is no more a pencil case than taping a pencil to the back of your DS is. Anyone have a DS? I have an old one, but not a 3DS. I’ve been playing my Vita more than the old DS. SO EXCITED FOR FINAL FANTASY X/X2 REMAKES TO COME OUT! Sorry if you already heard that in our LiveChat. I’m super chuffed. It’s my second favourite Final Fantasy, next to Final Fantasy 7. Now that Martina’s done her tattoo I’m trying to think of my full arm-sleeve. I’m thinking something videogame/comic related. Dr. Doom and Sephiroth vs Solid Snake and Deadpool? I don’t know. I’m sure re-playing X and X2 will put them higher up in my video game love list. And…this relates to this WTF because…if I was a kid I’d use my Vita as a pencil case. Yep.

Also, we’re announcing the winner of our much delayed Christmas Care package. Whoa is it ever delayed. Congrats to Robin Sutherland! Send us an email and we’ll mail out your package ASAP!

Ok! Back to editing videos for us! Make sure you’re subscribed if you haven’t subscribed already by clicking on the pretty button here. Woohoo!



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