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WTF – Japan Boobs

June 8, 2011


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So for those of you who don’t know, we went to Japan for the weekend for a quick vacation. Yay vacation! We were in Fukuoka just for two days, and we had quite a blast eating delicious ramen. We posted a few pictures and notes on our Twitter page, so check them out if you haven’t already.

Miracle Boober

The Miracle Boober. Oh...my...god

Anyhow, while we were in Japan we decided that we should find the most WTF item we could possibly find and do our weekly WTF segment on it. The WTF Japan version! Huzzah! We found this thing right here in the drug store. The Miracle Boober. We couldn’t understand what it was supposed to do, but we assumed that it was supposed to grow your boobs miraculously. At first we thought that they were cleavage enhancers, or padding for your bra, or something like that, but it turned out that the box had ingredients on it in milligrams, so we figured that the Miracle Boober was actually boob-growing pills. Oh boy. We wouldn’t feel comfortable trying these pills for our WTF segment. Sorry! And we definitely wouldn’t feel comfortable mailing these pills out to someone. That had bad idea written all over it.

Luckily, we found a safe alternative. Instant Boobs! You don’t have to eat any scary pills in order to have bigger boobs, and – if you’re unsatisfied with your results or have a change of heart – you can remove the boobs just as instantly as you can grow them. Great success! Now what’s funny about this item is that it has a picture of a man on the cover smiling happily with his new boobs. I guess it’s some kind of gag gift or toy, but I don’t really know when you would use this. “Congratulations on your new baby! BOOBS!”, “Happy Birthday, I got you boobs!”, or “Just broke up with your girlfriend? Boobs!” On another note: they had other inflatable parts of the body instead of boobs which would DEFINITELY be inappropriate for this program.

Also, we wound up cutting them open after we finished the video. We were scared that they would have some kind of scary acidic poison substance or something in them. Our guess was that they were a combination of Dry Ice and something else. When we cut them open, they leaked a clear, gritty fluid, and we got freaked out so we washed our hands instantly and threw the packaging away. Ahhhh! Anyone know what these are made of? We’d like to know ourselves.

Anyways, Simon had a bit too much fun with these puppies, even though they made weird hissing sounds the whole time as they inflated…not at all like real boobs…unless…they are evil angry boobs…ANYWAYS, you can check out Simon having way too much fun here! Enjoy!



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WTF – Japan Boobs


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