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WTF – Melon Milk

March 29, 2014


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Last Friday, Leigh and I were having a talk. We were walking towards our favorite Samgyeopsal place, which we did a video about a while ago, and we were having a goodbye dinner for our intern, Beth, who was here for two weeks helping us out with a really cool project.

On our way to the Samgyeopsal place, Leigh raised an issue with me. I, apparently, don’t like the stuff that tastes good in Korea. Banana milk is delicious, and the Melon milk according to her is delicious as well. I politely objected. Banana milk tastes like Penicillin. The same way how Korean people don’t like Root Beer because it tastes like medicine, I can’t like Banana milk. Some Korean people get over the taste association of Root Beer and grow to like it, as Martina has with Banana milk, but I can’t get there. Fair objection, I’d say.

Then Leigh went on to say that she was surprised I didn’t like the Melon milk. It tastes like the Melon Ice Cream bars in Korea, and those are lovely! Which, I agree, those are great, but Melon in my milk? It just doesn’t taste right.

Maybe I just had my guard up: I’m waiting for my comeuppance from Leigh and Soo Zee for making them eat bad stuff while pretending that it’s great, like the Mountain Dew chips, for example. I know I’ve got something bad from them coming my way, so maybe I just drank this with my fear firmly at the forefront. They weren’t very convincing the first time they offered it to me! They wouldn’t look me in the eye! I was sure they were lying!

Or have I just become too paranoid? Has my extensive pranking and trolling of others put my guard up unnaturally as a result? Am I the biggest victim of my own pranking? Have simple pleasures in life now been sullied? I don’t know. All I can say is I won’t accept anything my victims offer me unless I look em in the eye and read their body language. Fortunately, none of my friends are good actors. Except for Martina. She’ll go to great lengths to get me back, and she can act.

What a long ramble this has been. Umm…what am I talking about? Drink Melon milk yourself and let me know what you think. It’s not terrible. It’s not poisonous, and doesn’t associate negatively with anything else from my childhood. It’s just viciously sweet for me. Let me know what you think, if you’ve had it.

While you’re at it, click on this pretty button below, right here, if you’d like to try some yourself. Supposedly YouTube mails out Banana and Melon milks to good girls and boys who subscribe.



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