Last Friday, Leigh and I were having a talk. We were walking towards our favorite Samgyeopsal place, which we did a video about a while ago, and we were having a goodbye dinner for our intern, Beth, who was here for two weeks helping us out with a really cool project.

On our way to the Samgyeopsal place, Leigh raised an issue with me. I, apparently, don’t like the stuff that tastes good in Korea. Banana milk is delicious, and the Melon milk according to her is delicious as well. I politely objected. Banana milk tastes like Penicillin. The same way how Korean people don’t like Root Beer because it tastes like medicine, I can’t like Banana milk. Some Korean people get over the taste association of Root Beer and grow to like it, as Martina has with Banana milk, but I can’t get there. Fair objection, I’d say.

Then Leigh went on to say that she was surprised I didn’t like the Melon milk. It tastes like the Melon Ice Cream bars in Korea, and those are lovely! Which, I agree, those are great, but Melon in my milk? It just doesn’t taste right.

Maybe I just had my guard up: I’m waiting for my comeuppance from Leigh and Soo Zee for making them eat bad stuff while pretending that it’s great, like the Mountain Dew chips, for example. I know I’ve got something bad from them coming my way, so maybe I just drank this with my fear firmly at the forefront. They weren’t very convincing the first time they offered it to me! They wouldn’t look me in the eye! I was sure they were lying!

Or have I just become too paranoid? Has my extensive pranking and trolling of others put my guard up unnaturally as a result? Am I the biggest victim of my own pranking? Have simple pleasures in life now been sullied? I don’t know. All I can say is I won’t accept anything my victims offer me unless I look em in the eye and read their body language. Fortunately, none of my friends are good actors. Except for Martina. She’ll go to great lengths to get me back, and she can act.

What a long ramble this has been. Umm…what am I talking about? Drink Melon milk yourself and let me know what you think. It’s not terrible. It’s not poisonous, and doesn’t associate negatively with anything else from my childhood. It’s just viciously sweet for me. Let me know what you think, if you’ve had it.

While you’re at it, click on this pretty button below, right here, if you’d like to try some yourself. Supposedly YouTube mails out Banana and Melon milks to good girls and boys who subscribe.

  1. I drank the banana milk when I went to Korea. It was delicious, but I’m not so sure of the Melon one. Just telling from your reactions and harsh words, I’m guessing it sucks balls.

  2. melon bars!!!!!! <3 heaven is filled with melon bars~

  3. I think the strawberry milk is the best!!!!!

  4. Well surprisingly… this banana milk is a long-time steady seller in Korea. haha

  5. I love all Asian-made melon-flavored things so Melon Milk is high on my list of stuff to track down and try…

  6. I like fruit milk…? Like, bubble tea, and the fruit milk they have at onsens, yeah?

    I also like yoghurt drinks. Y’know, like Yakult and stuff. There was this drinking-yoghurt brand in Thailand which I really liked; blueberry was my favourite flavour. Hold on – Dutch Mill was the brand; I lived off that stuff.

    But then again, my opinion on food or drinks is pretty useless. I like eating/drinking anything so long as it isn’t growing mold or maggots even then i just cut out those bits and eat it anyway

  7. I can imagine if you don’t like this that are super sweet you wouldn’t like the fruit milks.
    As I am someone who likes things that are super sweet. I shall buy one tomorrow before I go to work. ^^

  8. Martina Vs Milk: Milk 3, Martina 0. XD I’ve also taken to saying things ‘tastes like sadness’ or ‘smells like sadness’ and I get some pretty weird looks LOL! Especially at work. XD

  9. I saw those at Emart yesterday!!! I was really confused cuz I was looking for almond milk haha

  10. This makes me wanna try the strawberry milk I had as a kid again, but they don’t sell it anywhere here in Sweden anymore. Too bad. Martina you look gorgeous in this video btw! Ok, bye /heads to kitchen for some melon.

  11. Hahaha admit it, Martina! This was (secretly) a video to torture Simon. ADMIT IT mwahaha!

  12. In Bulgaria there is a whole range of milk that is called Wave and it’s under the company *Fibela* and they make:Vanilla Ice-cream flavor,Banana,Capucchino,Strawberry,Melon,Chocolate,Caffe Latte ^_^ Also guys can you see the video request i made for you- It’s been 1 month and you still haven’t seen it TT-TT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUDKbe9VV_M

  13. I like Korean banana milk. I hate North American banana milk because it reminds me of penicillin. Korean banana milk, at least the one I have found in Manitoba, is great and doesn’t rmind me of penicillin at all! Its really expensive though (7 bucks for 6 little juice boxes) so I only get it as a special treat. Plus it’s only available at a store that’s all the way across the city.

    Melon flavoured stuff always sounds so good to me but I hate it when I try it. I don’t like cantaloupe or honeydew. I know its going to taste like that but I always hope it’ll taste different and I don’t know why.

  14. Strawberry milk is good, never had melon milk before though
    I has a question: How is Korea for lactose intolerant people? Is there easy access to soymilk or almond milk in the grocery stores?

  15. Am I the only one around here who genuinely enjoys Simon’s humour? “Honeydon’t” Come on. That’s awesome.
    I love banana milk, however chemical and fake it tastes. It reminds me of the good times I had in Korea so…

  16. I don’t like milk as it is. If I have to drink it, it’s like playing roulette with my digestive system. But melon milk? That’s a double NO for me, Melon is pretty much the only fruit (besides watermelon!) that I really can’t stand and makes me want to throw up. It’s pretty popular within the Chinese community here so any time my bf and I go visiting his friends they always insist we eat fruit and it’s always a melon and I feel really rude if I don’t take some but I feel like crying every time I take a bite. My bf’s mum always insisted I have orange milk when we visited, but it didn’t really taste like milk, it was really watered down or something and that was tasty enough – probably the only time I’ve been happy to drink it haha

  17. I have heard almond milk is pretty tasty, but haven’t tested it out yet. I don’t drink much milk, but if I was going to drink a favored milk I have to go with Strawberry Milk. I can’t stand chocolate milk after years of it in elementary school. I swear it was medicine in those boxes instead of chocolate milk. Yuck!!! Give me Strawberry Milk any day.

  18. I wish I could try some!! I love honeydew and melons~~~ hate milk though….


  20. Well… I’m lactose intolerant so I have a problem with milk in general.

  21. Melon milk! When I lived in Africa you could find melon milk- but in a tiny can, not the plastic bottles. It was amazing! Perhaps because I was starved for calories and the sugar tasted fabulous. But it was pricey- like most people would not be able to buy it on a regular basis. But I was once at a wedding, where they passed around huge, chilled bowls of melon milk. It was heavenly. I totally drank more than my share before passing it on. So I think this is also popular in North Africa, not just Korea.

  22. oohh I think I will really like these! I love cantaloupe and honey dew, plus I will drink any kind of milk there is!
    I know there are a lot of melon flavored things in asian and I haven’t found one yet that I didn’t like :3 I’m excited to add this to my list if they keep them around long enough!

    PS. Martina I’m allergic to Penicillin too and know what you mean about the banana flavored stuff… It’s just not pleasant at all!! ><

  23. I don’t know if I would like either of those. I think regular milk is kinda gross, but I like almond milk! So maybe??

  24. I find it funny that Simon loves plain milk but hates fruit milk because I have the opposite problem! When I was little my parents could never get me to drink milk (and to this day I don’t get enough calcium intake for similar reasons), but strawberry milk is my favorite thing…ever probably. So good! I love melon soda, so I wonder how I would feel about melon milk. Hmmm… ^v^

  25. Judging by how much strawberry milk makes me want to vomit, I doubt i’d like these… Strawberry milk is just too sweet for me to drink and i’m guessing that these would be similar >o<

  26. Awh no fair! I really want to tree Melon flavoured Milk but I’ve never seen any other fruit flavours in the UK besides Strawberry and Banana, I’ve seen a vanilla flavoured milk too, but no melon :(

  27. That’s right, you are an adult!! You do what you want!!

    Buuuut, happy wife = happy life so choose wisely my friend.

  28. In Taiwan they have many other kinds of fruit flavored milk – literally almost any fruit you could think of; strawberry, watermelon, melon, green bean, red bean (not fruits), and the weird thing is, they’re actually good! I had the banana milk in Korea and it was okay, but not as good as Taiwanese fruit milk. Also, at the night markets there, they make the fruit milk by hand, by blending up milk and fresh watermelon in a blender. If you want it sweet they’ll add sugar or honey, and man oh man is that stuff amazing!

  29. I’ve had the banana milk from the Asian market honestly for me it wasn’t a taste thing it was totally a texture thing. Maybe cause the only time I eat yogurt any more is when I am on antibiotics to stop my stomach from freaking out oh me. It also doesn’t help that the last time i was eating it i happened to watch the nose air filtration WTF yeah yogurt plus lots of booger talk not such a good conversation. Also i grew up on skim or fat free milk so any thing thicker makes me feel like i almost have to chew it? any way so it does taste good but i still don’t like it.

  30. we have a lot of melon flavored milk drinks here in the Philippines too. :3 and i really really love this one. specially when you serve it chilled with slices of succulent melon.. *Yum* i want Simon to try it and watch his reaction.. :3

  31. Banana Milk reminds me of Taemin!!!
    the drink that REALLY reminds me of dramas is Yakult!! the characters just love drinking the whole pack in one go!!

    when you guys show the flashback of Martina not being able to open milk the bgm reminds me of Gaeko’s ‘Rhythm is Life’ song!

  32. I don’t understand the problem with fruit milk… there is fruit yogurt and fruit ice cream everywhere… where is the difference?

  33. bit awks but i like having my banana milk just after coming out of those bath houses in Korea.. my mum buys me it all the time.. SO REFRESHING AND AMAZBALLS!!!! 식혜 is good while ur in the bath but the banana milk is amazing when u come out… i know i know its awks but its true

  34. We only have one taste in France : milk and orange juice. The difference
    is that it is really orange juice mixed with milk, not flavour.

  35. Tomorrow I will embark upon a quest of my city’s biggest Asian grocery stores to see if I can find this fruit milk you speak of. I would assume banana milk might just taste like a banana smoothie?

  36. I love melon milk but it’s hard to get here in The Netherlands. I know 1 store that sells it and most of the times it’s sold out when I get there to buy it so I stock up on it when it’s not sold out. Over here you have many milk with fruit brands. Some taste way to sweet and some taste lovely.

  37. But… Melon milk sounds good. We can’t get any flavoured milks here (or at least, not that I’ve seen) apart from like chocolate milk and drinking yoghurts. So boo. I’m kind of curious as to how they would taste! But hey, the less sugary drink options around the better… right? :|

  38. In the Netherlands they also sell Milk & Fruit! I love the mango taste :)

  39. i looooove melon flavoured stuff! there’s tons of it in japan! haha

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