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WTF – Mouth Stretchers

May 4, 2011


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Ok, so let’s begin this by saying that this isn’t a very common item in Korea. We asked our Korean friends about it, and they’ve never seen it before. That doesn’t make it any less of a Wonderful Treasure Find. That just means we’re totally in the dark about this one.

We found it at the Watson’s, which is kind of like a Shopper’s Drug Mart (if you’re Canadian) or a Walgreens (I’m assuming…if you’re American). Sorry we can’t find any other equivalents for people of other countries! Anyhow, they’ve got lots of cool/weird/wtf beauty items there, and this one definitely caught our attention. It’s a mouth stretcher. The science behind it is beyond us. What exactly are you stretching your mouth for? Does a wider mouth make you prettier? Some really wide mouths are scary. We thought it might be a smile trainer: we saw a documentary a while ago called the Human Face starring John Cleese (awesome documentary, by the way), and in it they showed classes in Japan that taught you how to smile. They would train people how to smile by making them bite on pencils for a while, similar to how we held the “A Oh” mouth stretcher. Is that what this is for? Training people how to smile? Because, let’s just say this loud and clear: if you need to put this contraption in your mouth to teach you forcefully how to smile, then that’s…really sad. How about just watching something funny. Laughing is an easier way to smile than using the A Oh Mouth Stretcher.

We’re not even sure if Mouth Stretchers is the proper term for them. Simon originally wanted to call them “Mouth Hole Stretchers” but Martina was really grossed out at the idea of stretching out a mouth hole. It sounded a lot grosser than intended. So we dropped the “hole.” Anyone know what these things are really called? Or for that matter, if they work? Has anyone used these before? We’ve enabled anonymous commenting, FYI, so don’t be ashamed to say if you used them or not. We won’t think any less of you! We might ask for picture evidence, though, just to prove that you’re not trolling.

Anyhow, congrats to BornPhenomenon for winning the Circle Lens contest! Carrot Top would definitely look really freaky with Circle Lenses on. Uhhh! We tried visualizing it, but quickly abandoned the thought, and couldn’t fall asleep afterwards for the first half of the night. If you are Born Phenomenon, please send us an email with your contact info, and we’ll get you in touch with Angelic Rain who will provide the circle lenses. Huzzah! If you didn’t win the contest, we’re sorry! Though we can’t give away a pair for free, what we can do is give you a discount on them if you’re interested in buying some! Head over to Angelic Rain’s site, and enter the code EYK at the checkout for a 10% discount. Yay!



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