Alright, so, even though today’s LiveChat was a big failure, I remembered that we still had to publish our WTF, so we at least have something this weekend! Yay!

Ok, so I wrote this blog post a few hours after having filmed the video, and something I didn’t get to say on film because it was too soon to process: my stomach felt TERRIBLE after eating it. Whoa. I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t had cereal this sweet in years, or because it’s raining and I had to take some Advils before to stop my headache (I get headaches when it rains), or something else, but – whoa – I didn’t feel good after eating this.

Fact is, I got more excited at the concept than the actual execution: this barely tasted anything like Oreos! Oreos are dense. This cereal is fluffy. Oreos take a while to chew because they coat your mouth in black crumbles. These dissolve like cheese puffs upon touching your mouth. It didn’t taste like Oreo whatsoever. SO DISAPPOINTED!

Now that I think about it, what would be the harm in making cereal out of real Oreos? Take a bunch, crack them into smaller pieces, cover them in milk, and scoop that up. No harm in that! Apart from the rampant unhealthiness of it all, I think it sounds delicious.

On another note, we were surprised that this was the first time we ate junky cereal together. When we first got married we’d get healthy-ish stuff like Oatmeal Raising Bran or whatnot, but we never bought the good stuff: the kids cereals. Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Haven’t had that since I was in my teens. We just asked Soo Zee about it as well. She’s never had CTC before. She’s going overseas for her vacation in January and we told her she had to try some. I wonder if she’ll like it. I mean, it meant a lot to me as a kid, that and French Toast Crunch and Reese Peanut Butter Cups Cereal, but will a grown adult like the taste if they didn’t have it in their youth? I don’t know.

Wait: I just remembered…WE DID HAVE KIDS CEREAL SOMEWHAT RECENTLY! Back in our old apartment in Bucheon, someone sent us Count Chocula cereal and put Mordney Present on the cover, and it was hilarious. I don’t remember eating it, though. WAIT A SECOND! Did Martina eat it all without sharing? Holy snapcakes! She’s got some explaining to do. You should click on this button here while I go interrogate:

  1. There’s a South Korean chain of supermarkets here in the UK where you can buy them from :3

  2. http://www.answers.com/article/1214337/12-totally-unhealthy-snacks-from-your-childhood-that-went-extinct?param4=fb-us-de-health&param1=health&param2=1650051&param5=5&param6=6

    Here is the link. It says it went off the market in 2007, but may still be found in South Korea. Its called “Oreo Os.”

    Haha. This is awesome!!!

  3. Oh goodness! These were the best when I was a kid. These and Reese’s Puffs. And I didn’t see them again until just a couple months ago. When I moved to my college town I randomly visited the local HEB even though I don’t really shop there and there they were, just stacked on the cereal shelf and I heard angels sing. I’ve asked friends at school from all over Texas and apparently Waco is the only place you can really still find them here.

  4. They actually sold this cereal in the US years ago. They might still sell it here but I have not seen it recently.

  5. One of the best things about your videos is all the funny subtitles that pop up on screen. When they got blurry because Simon was eating the cereal, I absolutely cracked the f up lol Good job whoever does the editing; is it Suzee or Leigh?

  6. yeah, we use to have this cereal back in the day in Cali….so good!!!! Don’t know why it was discontinued :(

  7. NO WAY, I HAVE THIS. I’m from England and there’s a chain of Korean supermarkets that sell this :) It’s around £4 for a box but I wanted to try it because it looked so cute :3

  8. Do you mean milk cartons?


    No, thats not weird. Although my family has always purchased them in gallons, I’m in the US. I’ve also been in Mexico multiple times and have seen it in both. Not sure if thats what you mean by boxes though.


    • I think she means boxes like this:
      This is UHT milk.This is the type of milk most of the world who does not have available access to fresh milk use. They do not need to be refrigerated until they are opened and are usually shelf stable for 90 or so days unopened. my country produces our own milk and also imports this type of milk. Some countries also do powdered milk.

      • I think carton is a particular type of box. Back in the old days when there were milkmen delivering milk daily they used glass bottles, but nowadays I find they use bags, tetrapaks( the uht milk is in a tetrapak), jugs, plastic bottles and all other sorts of containers.

        My country is small ( Barbados, a Caribbean island) and we are self sufficient in milk. So much so that the dairy farmers produce more milk than our dairy can handle, but the funny thing is that imported milk is somehow cheaper because of economic concessions. Isn’t that weird?

  9. I find it weird that you all made a video for this. They used to sell it in the US a few years back. I loved it.

  10. The tardis mug is so relevant for now! :D

  11. I used to eat that stuff when I was little, I guess I haven’t seen it on the shelves lately. I don’t eat cereal anymore either so I haven’t noticed it was discontinued XD

  12. definitely jealous! In Japan, you can get exactly 3 kinds of cereals.

    1. fake brand frosted-flakes
    2. fake brand frosted-fakes chocolate
    3. some musli-type ceral with little dried fruits in it.

    that’s it. plus they all come in these ridiculously tiny boxes, and cost like 5$. not worth it!!!

    this post is making me nostalgic for cereal from home… also i suddenly want to watch Ghostbusters again. :p

  13. just yesterday i saw a pic of Oreo’s cereal on my fb feed from a Korean page i liked and i got so sad cos i wanted it so bad!!! it looked so cool and delicious!!!
    …but now…i guess it ain’t all that…haha!!

  14. Guys, I was just thinking about this cereal the other day and trying to tell my sister who is 9 about them. We had them in the US a looooonnnnggggg time ago. :) Thanks for sharing

  15. They might have discontinued it in the US, but I remember as a kid seeing it in the stores…but my mom would never buy it for me :(

  16. Suggestion: Get the mini Oreo packets and dump them in milk. BAM. Oreo cereal (:

    I haven’t had kids cereal is a long time. Nesquik and Reese’s puffs. I think I wanna go to Metro now lmfao.

  17. In Hungary you can get your milk not just in boxes but in bags as well!!!

  18. Wow, the Stay Puft Marshmallow man and a TARDIS mug in the same video! Be still my nerdy heart!

  19. Someone in Minneapolis is stocking blackmarket Oreo cereal! Either that or I’d check that expire date. It was a co-venture between Kraft and Post and they are no longer co..venturing (?) There is a whole explanation about why they can still make it in South Korea on Wikipedia.
    Maybe some scattered companies in the US have a similar situation to the South Korean company and can still produce it?


  21. Oh guise… it’s not only available in Korea. I buy my kids Oreo cereal all the time and I live in the U.S. I think in our family Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch is #1. :)

  22. You guise are adoooooraaablllle. <3

  23. If you guys are interested in reliving childhood cerealing, they sell cinnamon toast crunch at Costco here in Korea. No need to go overseas.

  24. As a young ajumma, I never bought my sons sweet cereals for breakfast; they always ate healthy ones like Chex, Cheerios and oatmeal. However, about once a month I’d let them choose “dessert cereals” to have for snacks. Since we don’t keep cookies, candy or ice cream around the house, Cookie Crisp, Froot Loops and Lucky Charms were my kids’ most common treat.

  25. In the US you can get boxed milk and other drinks, but it usually has a plastic cap that you can snap shut.

  26. Even though they can be found outside of Korea its still from Korea. This only reason its in NYC is because its a Korean area so unless you normally shop there this items would be unknown to you.

  27. My parents bought them once, none of us liked them and the box lived in our pantry for a few years and got thrown away. Cool they still have them some where. Its really funny actually cause a couple of my roommates were talking about them last night. Did they read your minds or what?


  29. Sometimes, I get jelly of these choco cereals and choco foods… I really hate the taste of chocolate to the point where I gag. I can only handle Japanese chocolates (I dont think it’s real cocoa chocolate) cakes with white chocolate, choco syrup with a mountain of whipped cream, and red velvet Ii dont care what the world says, i refuse to believe its chocolate). Watching this makes me hungry and disgusted at the same time…

    Also, yay there’s someone else in the world who doesnt like cereal milk! I hate mixing milk with cereal. Makes the cereal soggy and the milk taste gross

  30. “SOOZEE SIMON’S PICKING ON ME!” ohemgeez so cute :]

  31. When this was in the States, my brother wanted them and my parents bought it for him. He didn’t even eat more than like one bowl of it before asking for another box. I’ve always been the picky eater so I stick to Cheerios. But cereal really does remind me of my childhood, it was what we ate when we were hungry and wanted a snack. And how dare Martina take all your marshmallows and eat count chocula without you!

  32. So COMPLETELY off the subject of cereal….I’m so bummed! The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special will be on later today and I don’t have BBC America so I’m going to miss it and have to wait A WHOLE DAY until it becomes available on Amazon. TT_TT

    …sorry..Doctor Who mug brought that on…and sleepiness…definitely sleepiness…

  33. So, story time.

    I visited Korea last October and loved it to death. I can’t wait to go back.

    The only real downside was god damn Korean Oreos. My hostel was across from a 7/11 and I wandered down to it at about 10PM one night looking for a snack. I couldn’t read hangul at the time and didn’t know the Korean word for Peanut, a food which I am pretty allergic to. So I went with oreos, figuring I’d be safe since they’re peanut free in Canada.

    Turns out, not so much in Korea! They don’t actually have peanuts, but are made in a factory that also makes stuff with peanuts. So my friends asleep I had to try to explain to the people at the hostel what was wrong, as them to direct me to the nearest hospital and all that jazz.

    Luckily for me I was staying a very short distance from Seoul National University Hospital. Great right!? WRONG. I had to wave down 3 or 4 different cabs before one would drive me there. They all told me it was too close and not worth their time to drive me such a short distance (ended up being about a 5 minute drive)

    So finally I get to the hospital and now have to try to explain to the desk guy what’s wrong with me. After a minute or two of charades they finally get the SINGLE doctor on shift who spoke good English.

    From there it was actually pretty smooth sailing. The hospital was quiet and the English speaking doctor actually sat with me the whole time I was there and we talked about my trip and Kpop and all sorts of stuff…it was actually fun :S

    So anyway, that’s my story about Korean Oreos…not even once.

  34. There’s still some nasties chatting at the broken live chat video. Haahahah. XD

  35. /awkward moaning/ I want sugarrryyy cereals nowwwww uugghh why did i not buy some on my way home from work tonight??? ;_____________________________;

  36. I live in Mexico and I actually remember having some of these when I was a child! it was a somewhat small box that would perish in like… 5 days lmao (because I actually liked the flavor since my favorite part of the oreos is the cookie haha)
    I am sure my parents got it from this supermarket (HEB) that mostly sold imported products from the US, then I moved out from that town and never saw that brand of cereal ever again :(

  37. I grew up and still live in Chicago and we used to that cereal here too. I loved it

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