That’s right guise. We’re taking a break from the WTF videos for a while.

See, we’ve been feeling kind of cooped up in our apartment lately, and we really want an excuse to go out more. So, we’re going to stop doing our regular WTF videos and start doing a new segment in which we get out and play more! But we’re not fully cutting out our WTF videos. We’re transforming them, so to speak, kind of like the evolution of WTF. Instead of finding fun stuff to use in our apartment, we hope that when we’re out of our apartment we’ll find some fun things in the streets of Korea. And so, Wednesdays will have a new segment from us, in which we’re outside of our apartment and in Korea. Woot!

In honour of our WTFs, we did a big WTF mashup of a bunch of fun stuff, and we’re giving away two Wonderful Treasure Find care packages instead of just one. Huzzah! To enter, all you have to do is a) Be a subscriber of our channel on YouTube and also b) Tell us your favourite moment from our WTF videos. We’ll pick two winners and mail out your packages next week!

And, lastly, our bloopers! Martina will never live down the name she got from our last Music Monday. Ha!


Congrats to renaxoxolessthan3 for winning our latest WTF care package! If it’s you, send us an email and we’ll mail out your package ASAP! To everyone else, thanks for sticking around with our WTFs for so long. We did almost 40 of them! Hopefully you’ll like our new segment next week!

  1. Farewell to WTF videos! In the wake of this loss, we might spend some time reminiscing..

    HOWEVER, the reminiscence need not go far back in time! In fact, it need only about a month and a half to the KOREAN SECRET ROBOT LOVE MESSENGERS! These Robots summed up the slightly suppressed dating culture in its endless cuteness. The reason this even qualified for a WTF is more about a clash of culture than anything else, I think, which to me is SO FREAKING INTERESTING. I don’t think I will ever be able to look at this all through an unbiased South Korean lens, which is even more of a reason why I think it’s just so awesome how cultures differ. It’s pretty funny that the entire purpose of the robot is to essentially expand upon the actual flirtation, which is in the note it holds in its hand. That also gets thrown in with the amusing climate of your relationship, which is a significant part of the reason I watch this channel anyway. Absolutely hilarious! Thank you!!


    YouTube: Michael Fourré
    YouTube E-mail: [email protected]
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  2. can i know what’s the mini bike with huge pedals in the korean drama ‘to the beautiful you’ ?

  3. actually i did find a tissue in korea, and my friend happened to just randomly read the description thingy and it says if u lick it u will taste sweetness… SO!! out of curiosity and half-FORCING, i licked the tissue and it was sweet… if ANYBODY!!! would tell me why on earth they would make their tissue like that?? plz let me know

  4. Actually u know… i found this box of tissue and in the back (in korean) it says, if u lick the tissue you can taste the sweetness, and my friends and i were like (w00t~~!!!) and we actually did lick the tissue and IT REALLY WAS SWEET!!! i dont remember the name of the box BUT!!!! BE ON A LOOK OUT on the description on the box!! MANY KOREANS DONT KNOW THIS!! lol

  5. HAHAHAHA the song at the end… sounds like a strongbad song ^_^

  6. the mouth work out thing that is for working out and slimming your face! ^_^

  7. FAVORITE WTF was…. drumroll………….. The bunny ears for dogs! im a sucker for cute things… and i want to dye my llhasa apso blue now! why does korea have to be so amazing O.O

  8. hahahah, nice eddie murphy reference… LOL

  9. i LOVED the messenger robot. it is a dream to have a cute Asian guy confess to me w/ something cute like that! haha. yeah, the robot was my fave cause not only could you build it yourself, but you could use it for cool messages and give it to someone.

  10. My favorite video is the WTF Ddung Products because i think that one crack me up so much i literally fall of my chair and continue laughing xD and i still watch it to this day :D
    I mostly like the part where Simon got footcream on his nose then got paybak on Martina by putting footcream on her cheek and she smear her bug finger and got ink on her cheek and you guys realize it in the end :D So cute
    The video is funny from the beginning til the end <3 :D imma go watch it AGAIN!
    My YT is DreamerxMelody

  11. Thanks for your hilarious and cute videos! Even I am not particularily Korea-maniac, I always enjoy them for just being so immensely funny and entertaining! It is really difficult to pin a particular one down as a favourite, maybe the circle lenses is one of the funniest…
    Anyway, I am looking forward to your new series!!!

  12. My favorite WTF moment was the rulerette in the Korean Stationary segment. I know that I would have had the EXACT same issue of getting addicted to guessing the numbers if I had it!

  13. i think the funniest WTF was where you guys put in circle lenses…..IT MADE SIMON LOOK SO GIRLY…………………like he already didn’t look girly but WATEVSSSS. i think that he needs to wear those in N america and freak out his mother at thanksgiving or watever and me like “mom yeah um korean did something strange to me…i think im allergic to it.” :P

  14. The funniest WTF for me was ‘Couple Hangers’.

    Omg! I almost passed out laughing. First of all, the ‘thing’ itself is just hilarious by itself. And second, the comments you guys gave were so awesomely hilarious. I especially liked the times when Simon talked about giving his mom direction on how to hang her stuff on that hanger; and when Martina said that the female hanger got a boob job…I don’t even have words for that.

    Thank you guys for this wonderful blog

  15. It’s hard to choose a favorite. I just discovered you guys the other day and I’ve had so much fun watching all the videos. It’s sad that this feature will be changing as I have just started watching and it’s my favorite part. I love Korean products as I think that everything should be cute, and America just doesn’t do cute very well (of course the only people who appreciate my awkward sense of style are my young nieces, but that’s ok). Anyway, I can’t choose a favorite but I showed a bunch of the videos to my husband and he can’t stop talking about how he wishes he had a “patry ass hat”. He loved that whole episode. So does stating his favorite count? I liked it too. I mean, it should count..after all I could just lie to you and say it was my favorite, but I’m being honest. The WTF videos are all so full of awesome and I just can’t choose.
    My youtube account is porshispider

  16. Mine would have to be the smacap… because ironically after watching that I was working out and thought wow… I wish I had a smacap. And then I realized what I had just thought….

  17. My fav WTF would have to be the lunch box making kit. I like how Martina made a pirate. And i like how it was called CAPTAIN JACK BEAROW!!! :D

  18. My favorite WTF was the SPIKY BALLS :D because honestly, when watching this—my mind flew to dirty thought land xD It also lead me to think of amazingly evil things to do to people keke~ Also, this WTF made me laugh more than any of your other videos. You guys truly made me fall in love you guys even MORE. 

    youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/keyupid

  19. My favourite WTF is Inappropriate Hangers. The reason why i picked inappropriate hangers because Simon was being hilarious *wuv you simon*. Also the reason why is because when Martina was finished explaingining the product Simon was like “hai mom you can hang your jacket over my bulging crotch”, and ” You can hang over my wife’s upward pointing nipples”. Also when Simon said these’s Martina was did you know these are not real there plastic :o. I wuv you guys, I really hoped yo u guys could do more but you cant. I want to know why but this is your reason why you guys decide to stop. Thank you for making all these WTF videos for everyone thats watching this. I love you and thank you so much :).

  20. I love all of them but if i had to pick one i would pick WTF- Korean Robot Secret Love

  21. OMO!! Nooooooooo! I’ll miss WTF :( Now what am I going to watch? oohhhh I know rewatch them, YEY!!!
    Anyways, My fave has to be the bunny eggs!!! FTW!!! I learned a new skill or technique on how to peel eggs easier rather getting my hands burned -_-. It is so funny on how Martina kept failling when she tried to peel the egg :D. I tried to peeling technique and my egg slipped off my hand and went to the bin :(.  It was soo funny when you guys were putting the egss in the containers and some of Martina’s egg when on her face, it was sad though. Simon is such a meanie (in a good way) eating Martina’s egg. I really loved Simon’s dance! FTW!!!! I really wanted to eat those cute boiled eggs!!!!
    I’m really going to miss WTF ,wahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Anyways, bye for now!!! 

  22. My favorite WTF was when Simon got fake boobies.  It was HAWT!!! 

  23. Also the Mordney Present cereal was nice to see

  24. The pterrible Pteranodon was one of the most disappointing treasure find but I absolutely love that you guys had the courage to go out in public and stick a straw up a dinosaur butt and bonus points for le spudgy guest starring. (´・ω・`)

  25. Hahahahaha my favourite Wonderful Treasure Find was definitely the
    outside water gun fight, which is why I’m super excited for your next
    Wednesday segment. Simon’s super gun and poor Martina’s “sword-gun” were
    just epic. It made me wish I had one of those super pump guns Simon had
    when I was little and had water gun fights. Just the sheer
    pathetic-ness of the incredibly cool looking sword gun had me in
    giggling fits. And it took so much time to refill it. Oh man, I was
    laughing like an idiot. XD

  26. My favorite Wonderful Treasure Find is the pterodactyl fail XD. I mean it was a weird wtf item that was even more wtf why would people buy this/ make this product. I could not stop laughing the entire video. Plus Spudgy was in the video, what more can you ask for?

  27. i think i like that bento the most where simon tried(failed) to eat tomato’s~ X3
    it was so cute, i want to see simon do aegyo!~

  28. Golf pencil toy one. Omg, it was soooo epic!! My teachers don’t thank you for your influence, though. You can play pencil golf with normal pencils too, heh heh. Nowhere near as cool, but still very disruptive to biology. XD

  29. The most memorable for me has to be the poop perfume and cream. I could not comprehend why someone would market such cool product. Everything about the visuals is great except the scent. I loved the fly – flyyyy!
    Thank you to whoever sent that product to you guys! It was hillarious!
    a thousand grandmas scent must be nostalgic =)

  30. the truth could not choose between thecircle lenses was and things to make a bento but my favorite segment of wtf video was the circle lenses one. because i did not know the existence of them and was like a seriously wooa so I can see myself as a cartoon and putting these lenses , you looked really weird and cute at the same time x’D , I’m just excited to cosplaymaker and I see that could have that anime look with these lenses, I want to buy for all my cosplays a couple of them forgiveness for my terrible English n////n i <3 korea and EURK (eat your kimchi x3) my username in youtube is : KagamiineRin

  31. I’m really looking forward to the new segment. I think my favorite WTF video was the circle lenses one. It was the first video I ever saw by you guys and it was before I knew anything about Korea so it was big culture shock to me. Who are these two people? Korea? Isn’t that dangerous!? Why would people want their eyes like this? What exactly is Kpop?! All these questions slowly have been answered and have literally changed my life. Sigh, I was so naive then…

    YouTube username: jinglesthejiggler

  32. Favorite WTF moment?
    I would have to go with the Cat Bus pencil case. 
    Combined with Martinas amazing voices and the ideas of the cat bus, got my obsession with Totoro all up in arms again. 

    In a close second would be the double eyelid tapes. Hilarious!!

  33. Okay, so I’m hoping this blog post is allowed to be longer than the youtube one. I was happily typing and then I saw that I couldn’t press post because it was -99 characters remaining. So anywayssss here is the lengthier ver. of my post.
     I nearly cried from the title of this video, but calmed down after watching it… my favorite video was the Korean robot secret love messengers. I love the classic ways of telling someone you like them/ giving them a cute gift, and these took it to another level. Though I don’t think I’d do this with a crush. (Although, handing a gy a robot w/ a message would probably be the most original and creative offer that gy will ever receive) The robots were so adorable and the fact that you guys are a couple building them together for each other was soooo cute. You guys really looked like the coolest couple ever, hope I can achieve that one day.=) After seeing you guys do rock, paper, scissors in korean, I always do this with my korean best friend now, even when there is nothing to kai, bai, bo about. It just sounds cute lol=) Also, about Simon not signing his name, I started laughing like crazy b/c I would so do the same thing, and if a gy did that to me I’d prob do the same thing Martina did. =) Oh btw Martina it’s okay i understood your “eva” =) Happy holidays. 

  34. As much as I love all of them, I guess your very first one! The nose roller :D That was when i started getting into kpop and my friend was like “You haveto watch this supercute couple, they live in Korea and i love them!” and i was like “uum… mkay” and i saw the nose roller and i was like… theyre wierd o.O and then i watched the next one, the ear picks andi was like “they’re still wierd.” but then i noticed martinas earring shelf and i was like OMONA!!! and i rewatched the nose rollers and i was like “theyre still wierd. but i like them! haha and i instantly fell in llove with you guise and teh spudgeh and shinee and hello kitty and such :D and you guys are so cute. so thatsdefinitely why i love the nose rollers :D happy wtf retirement *pours some soju and opens some burnt rice candies*

    and meh youtube is: shushuhab

  35. Err, that’s a hard one. But I think my favourite WTF is..The mouthstrechers. Simply because 1-Simon sounds redicoulus(I know I spelled the wrong) 2- It’s called SMILE. 3- “No one taught me to smile so I have to put thes thing in my mouth” That’s what She said. 4- the spit argument. 5-I can just imagine Martina in an office cubical exercising her mouth. 6- That the catapult worked, too bad poor spudgy got no candies, that’s probably a good thing

  36. I can’t pick one because every wtf was awesome! Love you Simon and Martina!

  37. My favorite is the Circle Lenses one!It made me laugh so hard, especially with all the cutesy faces you guys were making. Since I have circle lenses I laughed even harder because your review on them was hilarious! I want all the things in this video so badly because for like ever i have loved all asian things like manga and anime, but my mom wouldnt let me get any of those kinds of things so i really want the care package! and i would totally brag to all my friends lol :)) i <3 u guys

  38. My favorite was the one with the mouth exerciser thing. That was awkward and just hilarious. I loved it so much. To be honest almost all of the WTF’s are my favorite, just because it’s always funny to see weird (and sometimes cool) things that can be found in South Korea. I JUST LOVE IT ALL~

  39. Spanish people also burn the rice at the bottom of the paella and it’s deliciousssss!!! :3 mmmm

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