That’s right guise. We’re taking a break from the WTF videos for a while.

See, we’ve been feeling kind of cooped up in our apartment lately, and we really want an excuse to go out more. So, we’re going to stop doing our regular WTF videos and start doing a new segment in which we get out and play more! But we’re not fully cutting out our WTF videos. We’re transforming them, so to speak, kind of like the evolution of WTF. Instead of finding fun stuff to use in our apartment, we hope that when we’re out of our apartment we’ll find some fun things in the streets of Korea. And so, Wednesdays will have a new segment from us, in which we’re outside of our apartment and in Korea. Woot!

In honour of our WTFs, we did a big WTF mashup of a bunch of fun stuff, and we’re giving away two Wonderful Treasure Find care packages instead of just one. Huzzah! To enter, all you have to do is a) Be a subscriber of our channel on YouTube and also b) Tell us your favourite moment from our WTF videos. We’ll pick two winners and mail out your packages next week!

And, lastly, our bloopers! Martina will never live down the name she got from our last Music Monday. Ha!


Congrats to renaxoxolessthan3 for winning our latest WTF care package! If it’s you, send us an email and we’ll mail out your package ASAP! To everyone else, thanks for sticking around with our WTFs for so long. We did almost 40 of them! Hopefully you’ll like our new segment next week!

  1. Farewell to WTF videos! In the wake of this loss, we might spend some time reminiscing..

    HOWEVER, the reminiscence need not go far back in time! In fact, it need only about a month and a half to the KOREAN SECRET ROBOT LOVE MESSENGERS! These Robots summed up the slightly suppressed dating culture in its endless cuteness. The reason this even qualified for a WTF is more about a clash of culture than anything else, I think, which to me is SO FREAKING INTERESTING. I don’t think I will ever be able to look at this all through an unbiased South Korean lens, which is even more of a reason why I think it’s just so awesome how cultures differ. It’s pretty funny that the entire purpose of the robot is to essentially expand upon the actual flirtation, which is in the note it holds in its hand. That also gets thrown in with the amusing climate of your relationship, which is a significant part of the reason I watch this channel anyway. Absolutely hilarious! Thank you!!


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  2. My favorite WTF video is the Spikey balls Reveiw. I loved the bloopers where you and simon were arguing about whether or not to put two Spikey balls in his shoes, I was saying 2 the whole time. People looked at me oddly. I was also making Spikey ball jokes I my mind, then it turned out I was saying them out loud ^#^. I also tried it but with my hairbrush that is in the shape of a cylinder, people say it really hurts to touch it b/c of the pointy spikes. I think they are not MANLY enough to handle it. I AM DORTHRAKI WOMAN WARRIOR. I tried rubbing it against my hands, no pain at all, people say that rubbing it (my hairbrush) against their hands hurts like a knife deciding it wants to be friends with your heart. It just tickled, then I tried hitting it against my skin, just a tickle, to non-DORTHRAKI WOMAN WARRIOR: “OMG!!!!! I JUST GOT STABBED BY MILLIONS OF TINY LITTLE KNIVES!!!!! CALL AN AMBULANCE!!!!!” *drop dramatically in fetus position while having a Doojoon temper tantrum about hand while I am rubbing hands forming methods of taking over the world*. My reaction:*giggles* “Omg. It tickles!”. I want to get the Spikey balls right now, I love burnt rice candies! :D You probably think I am mental right now, but I just so happen to love bending my feet (It feels like heaven! But not the mountain b/c I hate Mosquitos) and also I love doing the jabbing thing with swan massager. :) I am also half korean. :D

  3. can i know what’s the mini bike with huge pedals in the korean drama ‘to the beautiful you’ ?

  4. actually i did find a tissue in korea, and my friend happened to just randomly read the description thingy and it says if u lick it u will taste sweetness… SO!! out of curiosity and half-FORCING, i licked the tissue and it was sweet… if ANYBODY!!! would tell me why on earth they would make their tissue like that?? plz let me know

  5. Does this mean more Wonderful Adventures? :D My favorite video is the Korean Stationary one. I can’t get enough of cute Asian stationary! Whenever I drive to L.A. I go to Little Korea or Little Japan and go shopping for anything cute, especially stationary! It’s funny how you got distracted with the “ruler-roulette” for the last moments of the video. I probably would, too. ^.^

  6. hey guys :)
    my favorite WTF was when you tried on the circle lenses. i already heard about that but didn’t see it on anyone, so it was really funny to see how your whole face changed. i also must admit it looked creepy :D

  7. Actually u know… i found this box of tissue and in the back (in korean) it says, if u lick the tissue you can taste the sweetness, and my friends and i were like (w00t~~!!!) and we actually did lick the tissue and IT REALLY WAS SWEET!!! i dont remember the name of the box BUT!!!! BE ON A LOOK OUT on the description on the box!! MANY KOREANS DONT KNOW THIS!! lol

  8. HAHAHAHA the song at the end… sounds like a strongbad song ^_^

  9. the mouth work out thing that is for working out and slimming your face! ^_^

  10. FAVORITE WTF was…. drumroll………….. The bunny ears for dogs! im a sucker for cute things… and i want to dye my llhasa apso blue now! why does korea have to be so amazing O.O

  11. NOOOOOOOOO!!! I love burnt rice candy!! I don’t know if you have been told this yet, but it’s supposed to be flavored like the rice at the bottom of the cooker that sometimes forms a weird layer and has a crunchy-ness to it. Koreans usually eat it with sugar or salt. P.S.- It’s yummy.

  12. hahahah, nice eddie murphy reference… LOL

  13. My favorite was the training chopsticks episode because your family was their with you and you seemed to be havinga fun time! Also I got to see proof that Simon IS ACTUALLY A CHEATER! Shame on you Simon… For shame. XD ㅋㅋ

  14. OMG, i loved the golf pencil WTF, it was hilarious. Especially that part when you guys were having that showdown X,D . Simon is soo FUNNY.

  15. So what you’re saying is, BOOBS. Best episode.

  16. OMG. I loved the Cute Cat Bus Pencil Case Thingy WTF Episode! ♥
    Why~? Umm.. *Prepare for weird answer* At the end when you guys were poking in the pencils into the cat’s eyes there was this “squish” sound effect. I don’t know why but I really liked it. xD

  17. I had serious problems with my internet, so it’s too late now for the
    contest…. I took part in almost every contest you made and won nothing
    :( Anyways I just want to notice it looks like you start being huge fans of Super Junior? ^^

  18. you guys are soooo in sync! LIKE ALWAYS!

    best episode

  20. My favorite WTF episode is the foreign candy episode! I really really liked seeing your opinions (and living vicariously through you and getting to taste all of the different snacks). P.S. Share with us what that cereal is! 

  21. My favorite WTF was the ” Special fan mail foreign candy”!
    This was the best because one it’s candy and who doesn’t love candy even if it taste bad its a cool experience to see different candy from around the world. Two both of your expressions when you all disliked the candy was so epic and I couldn’t stop laughing. I like that you all were truthful about how you felt about the candy but were still respectful to the people who sent them and the country they were from. Also I think this was one of the most meaningful WTF because it brought you all and your fans closer!
    P.S. I loved the pink dinosaur cup!?!?! It’s epic just like u all

  22. I liked seeing you guys try the circle lenses because they’ve become such a trend among ulzzangs and other sources of Asian fashion that it almost seems weird to see them NOT wearing circle lenses, so seeing you guys wear them gave a pretty hilarious contrast and kind of helped put things in perspective.

  23. my favorite wtf video is korean party time because it really showed me as a viewer that you were actually having fun and not acting and also because you two are really funny and entertaining hehe keep up the good work :)

  24. i loved the bear hat with the mittens because it was SOOOO CUTEE!!! and I LOOVVEEE TO TOFEBRUARY.COM!!!! THEY HAVE AMAZINGLY CUTE RAWSOME STUFF THERE!!!   

  25. My favorite was the cute cat bus!!!
    My youtube name is MSKcat.

  26. My favorite was the face mask and Simon tasted it…face masks do not taste like their flavors…LOL…

  27. i LOVED the messenger robot. it is a dream to have a cute Asian guy confess to me w/ something cute like that! haha. yeah, the robot was my fave cause not only could you build it yourself, but you could use it for cool messages and give it to someone.

  28. my favorite wtf was the circle lenses. my sister wears them so it’s hilarious whenever I see her with them

  29. When you painted Simon’s nail with that nasty colored polish!

  30. My favorite was Twonkle Twonkle!, but I think I liked Simons song more then the cup. 

  31. My favorite WTF has got to be the Instant Boobs from Japan. Simon seemed a little too excited playing with them, and I crack up each time I watch it. It’s just so ridiculous and bizarre, especially how you have to squeeze/pop them to get them to inflate (wow that sounds really dirty!)

  32. My favorite WTF was the instant boobs from japan. Simon seemed a little too excited …playing with them! I crack up each time I watch it, especially when you ‘pop’ them to get them to inflate!

  33. My favorite WTF episode is the Pooh Sandwich Press one! I just love! POOH SANDWICH STAITON!!! i realy can´t eat something with a face on it, so… :( I would never be allowed to eat that Sandwich because its so cute!!! ♥ And i am a Pooh Fan!!!
    Oh and i realy wanted Martina to eat one of the Flower Soap Flakes in your Flower-Soap-Flakes-episode

  34. My favourite is probably the cat bus pencil case. My first thought when I read the title was Totoro so I had to watch it. I really love weird asian stationary so I loved the ones on stationary and this was the one I wanted most. Plus it was really funny, like all your other videos it was never dull to watch ^^

  35. My favorite WTF episode was the spiky balls of doom lol. I liked that episode because those balls of death {Oh my that came out wrong lol} were pretty intimidating to be massage balls lol. {That came out wrong as well =.=} 

  36. OMGsun lol i have those heart shaped pencils and i also got some pens too lol

  37. My favorite video is the WTF Ddung Products because i think that one crack me up so much i literally fall of my chair and continue laughing xD and i still watch it to this day :D
    I mostly like the part where Simon got footcream on his nose then got paybak on Martina by putting footcream on her cheek and she smear her bug finger and got ink on her cheek and you guys realize it in the end :D So cute
    The video is funny from the beginning til the end <3 :D imma go watch it AGAIN!
    My YT is DreamerxMelody

  38. the care package one, of course. the first reason is that, i had to replay it five times to realize that you were being sarcastic with the peanut butter cups. 2nd reason is that, well, one word. CANDY. :B

  39. My favorite wtf was innopropriate hangers!!!!! and here are the reasons.
    1.Simon said buldging crotch
    2.love Martinas shirt
    3.I loved the diolouge on the package”hang your gituar safely without fail”
    thats why i loved it!!1

  40. My favorite Korea WTF episode was the Bunny Egg episode~! I mean come on! The way Simon peeled the egg was crazy! I tried right after the I watched the episode and ended up hurting my cheeks :c BUT IT WAS WORTH IT~! I couldn’t peel the egg but I try every time I make boiled eggs now c: Also who doesn’t love cute bunny and bear eggs? I mean srsly?

  41. My favorite episode was the Ddung Products.
    Thanks to you guys, I realized that….

    Poo isn’t just only for the loo.
    Ddung is actually good for you.
    It makes your feet shiny and smooth,
    and it makes you smell good too? o_O

  42. My favorite WTF episode was the double eyelid tape one. Why? Well….. it’s mainly because of how weird you looked with double double (double double combo) eyelids (like my BIg Bang reference?). You already had double eyelids and you put double eyelid tape on yourself so you had quadruple eyelids! It’s like inception in double eyelid form O__o It was also interesting to see how you fumbled around with it and didn’t know how to put it on xD

  43. Thanks for your hilarious and cute videos! Even I am not particularily Korea-maniac, I always enjoy them for just being so immensely funny and entertaining! It is really difficult to pin a particular one down as a favourite, maybe the circle lenses is one of the funniest…
    Anyway, I am looking forward to your new series!!!

  44. My favorite WTF moment was the rulerette in the Korean Stationary segment. I know that I would have had the EXACT same issue of getting addicted to guessing the numbers if I had it!

  45. i think the funniest WTF was where you guys put in circle lenses…..IT MADE SIMON LOOK SO GIRLY…………………like he already didn’t look girly but WATEVSSSS. i think that he needs to wear those in N america and freak out his mother at thanksgiving or watever and me like “mom yeah um korean did something strange to me…i think im allergic to it.” :P

  46. The funniest WTF for me was ‘Couple Hangers’.

    Omg! I almost passed out laughing. First of all, the ‘thing’ itself is just hilarious by itself. And second, the comments you guys gave were so awesomely hilarious. I especially liked the times when Simon talked about giving his mom direction on how to hang her stuff on that hanger; and when Martina said that the female hanger got a boob job…I don’t even have words for that.

    Thank you guys for this wonderful blog

  47. I think the funniest ‘WTF’ would have to be the ‘Korean Facial
    Masks’. I laughed so hard I almost passed out XD!! When Simon licked it,
    chortle man, chortle.

    But the best product would be the ‘Robot Secret Love Messengers’,
    they were by far the coolest and cutest. I mean if you were to go to all
    the trouble of making a ROBOT for someone they would have to date you,
    if they wanted to or not! Genius

  48. It’s hard to choose a favorite. I just discovered you guys the other day and I’ve had so much fun watching all the videos. It’s sad that this feature will be changing as I have just started watching and it’s my favorite part. I love Korean products as I think that everything should be cute, and America just doesn’t do cute very well (of course the only people who appreciate my awkward sense of style are my young nieces, but that’s ok). Anyway, I can’t choose a favorite but I showed a bunch of the videos to my husband and he can’t stop talking about how he wishes he had a “patry ass hat”. He loved that whole episode. So does stating his favorite count? I liked it too. I mean, it should count..after all I could just lie to you and say it was my favorite, but I’m being honest. The WTF videos are all so full of awesome and I just can’t choose.
    My youtube account is porshispider

  49. My favorite WTF is the one with the cheap Korean water guns because it was the only one where you guys were outside and it was hilarious watching Simon and Martina run around spraying each other with water,I was laughing the whole time because Simon was totally annihilating Martina with his water gun. I was laughing the whole time especially when Simon was letting out those girlish giggles. And then at the end where Martina threw the water at him,I never laughed so hard in my life.

  50. the one where you guys tried on the different face masks… reminded me of when i got a snail secretion face mask in korea… and didn’t know what to do with it lol

  51. Mine would have to be the smacap… because ironically after watching that I was working out and thought wow… I wish I had a smacap. And then I realized what I had just thought….

  52. My fav WTF would have to be the lunch box making kit. I like how Martina made a pirate. And i like how it was called CAPTAIN JACK BEAROW!!! :D

  53. My favorite WTF was the SPIKY BALLS :D because honestly, when watching this—my mind flew to dirty thought land xD It also lead me to think of amazingly evil things to do to people keke~ Also, this WTF made me laugh more than any of your other videos. You guys truly made me fall in love you guys even MORE. 

    youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/keyupid

  54. My favourite WTF is Inappropriate Hangers. The reason why i picked inappropriate hangers because Simon was being hilarious *wuv you simon*. Also the reason why is because when Martina was finished explaingining the product Simon was like “hai mom you can hang your jacket over my bulging crotch”, and ” You can hang over my wife’s upward pointing nipples”. Also when Simon said these’s Martina was did you know these are not real there plastic :o. I wuv you guys, I really hoped yo u guys could do more but you cant. I want to know why but this is your reason why you guys decide to stop. Thank you for making all these WTF videos for everyone thats watching this. I love you and thank you so much :).

  55. My favorite one is Japan INSTANT BOOBS!! I just couldnt get over the fact that it was for guys…LOL.

  56. My favorite WTF was the fake blow-up Japanese boobs one. I couldn’t stop laughing and you guys were great.

  57. I think my fav was the double eye lid one. :)

  58. i’d use the cup for baths :)

  59. My favourite episode has to be the ear pick one.  I couldn’t stop laughing through the entire thing. The looks on your guys’ faces was so funny.

  60. I love all of them but if i had to pick one i would pick WTF- Korean Robot Secret Love

  61. Guile music makes everything cool.

  62. My favorite WTF moment is without a doubt “twonkle, twonkle, little star~” I happened to be watching this while I was babysitting my niece, who somehow latched onto the phrase, and now… I think she has permanently learned it the wrong way. My sister and brother-in-law are a bit baffled. So thank you, Simon and Martina, for spreading love for Engrish to the new generation! xD

  63. The one with the circle lenses!!! It transformed your faces into something so very eerie.

  64. My favorite WTF was circle lenses! My friend and I watched it in amazement. We really wanted to try those lenses. So, we showed almost everyone who lives in our house (about 25 people) and we not only gained some curious circle lens fans, but also some more eatyourkimchi disciples! We were on the verge of buying them only to find out that they could be dangerous…. Nnnnnooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  65. OMO!! Nooooooooo! I’ll miss WTF :( Now what am I going to watch? oohhhh I know rewatch them, YEY!!!
    Anyways, My fave has to be the bunny eggs!!! FTW!!! I learned a new skill or technique on how to peel eggs easier rather getting my hands burned -_-. It is so funny on how Martina kept failling when she tried to peel the egg :D. I tried to peeling technique and my egg slipped off my hand and went to the bin :(.  It was soo funny when you guys were putting the egss in the containers and some of Martina’s egg when on her face, it was sad though. Simon is such a meanie (in a good way) eating Martina’s egg. I really loved Simon’s dance! FTW!!!! I really wanted to eat those cute boiled eggs!!!!
    I’m really going to miss WTF ,wahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Anyways, bye for now!!! 

  66. My favourite WTF was “Instant Boobs” because Simon was hilarious with his Korean Instant Boobs  ^_^

  67. My favorite would have to be the hand soap
    I mean watching you guys fight over
    licking soap was halarious and in the
    end you both still did it
    I’m really going to miss this segment
    vertual air heart :(

  68. One of my favorite moments in the WFT segments was one you made in the very begining. It was in the nose rollers episode. While I don’t remember the exact words I still think is was really nice of you guys to remind girls out there that having a “small” nose doesn’t make you any less pretty. I thought that was sweet.

  69. My favorite WTF was when Simon got fake boobies.  It was HAWT!!! 

  70. Also the Mordney Present cereal was nice to see

  71. My favorite WTF was when Martina drew a fly on her finger and after rubbing her face she spent the rest of the video with a smudge on her face. It made Martina extremely likable. :) youtuber:FrozenFrijole

  72. My favorite WTF was the Korean robot with the love note. I think it is really sweet that someone thought to make it. I wanted so badly to get one but i got a picture and a list of 100 reasons why he likes me for my birthday. The fact I had watched that video and wished for something like that and actually got it made me so happy :D Wishes do come true ^ ^

  73. The pterrible Pteranodon was one of the most disappointing treasure find but I absolutely love that you guys had the courage to go out in public and stick a straw up a dinosaur butt and bonus points for le spudgy guest starring. (´・ω・`)

  74. Hahahahaha my favourite Wonderful Treasure Find was definitely the
    outside water gun fight, which is why I’m super excited for your next
    Wednesday segment. Simon’s super gun and poor Martina’s “sword-gun” were
    just epic. It made me wish I had one of those super pump guns Simon had
    when I was little and had water gun fights. Just the sheer
    pathetic-ness of the incredibly cool looking sword gun had me in
    giggling fits. And it took so much time to refill it. Oh man, I was
    laughing like an idiot. XD

  75. My favorite Wonderful Treasure Find is the pterodactyl fail XD. I mean it was a weird wtf item that was even more wtf why would people buy this/ make this product. I could not stop laughing the entire video. Plus Spudgy was in the video, what more can you ask for?

  76. i think i like that bento the most where simon tried(failed) to eat tomato’s~ X3
    it was so cute, i want to see simon do aegyo!~

  77. My most favorite and memorable wtf is the “Special Fan Mail Foreign Candy”. It’s my favorite because it’s interesting to see what kind of fan gifts your fans send to you guys. Also because i thought it was really awesome how you guys totally express how you feel about the candies, haha. The last reason is because of when Simon had a “Epic Candy Flash Back”. It reminds me of me when i see candies that i use to eat from my childhood and i would have a “flash back” of me eating it when i was younger. 

  78. I have to say my favorite WTF has been the Ear Picker. I looked through the list and i gotta say i was familar with most of them, except for the ear picker. I had never seen anything like that before, so it introduced me to something strange & interesting. I bought one online cuz i was eagar to try it. I mean i loved trying something new but Qtips are definitely for me (did not like the feeling@_@, plus i almost deafened my sister trying to “clean” her lol). SO this was a MAJOR WTF for me. ^_^ 

  79. Golf pencil toy one. Omg, it was soooo epic!! My teachers don’t thank you for your influence, though. You can play pencil golf with normal pencils too, heh heh. Nowhere near as cool, but still very disruptive to biology. XD

  80. The most memorable for me has to be the poop perfume and cream. I could not comprehend why someone would market such cool product. Everything about the visuals is great except the scent. I loved the fly – flyyyy!
    Thank you to whoever sent that product to you guys! It was hillarious!
    a thousand grandmas scent must be nostalgic =)

  81. My favorite WTF (Wonderful Treasure Find), which I thought at first when I saw the title was something totally different, ha ha, would have to be the cute Korean lunchbox making kit. It was my first WTF video and the very video that made me subscribe to you guys. Ha ha. It was also HILARIOUS!!! It was cracking up from Martina’s voices and Simon’s lunch box warrior moment. Ha ha. I guess Martina is going to starve while Simon eats his “manly” doshirak. rofl. So Martina and Simon, even though you guys are having a hiatus for these WTF videos, I hope that your “transformed” version will be even MORE AWESOME than your already funny WTF videos. Ha ha. 

  82. My absolute favorite was the color contact lenses! xD I loved them! :))

  83. My Favorite WTF ep was the one where you guys have the cutey cellphone charms! :3
    I seriously just love it when i see cute cellphone charms, i nearly wanna scream when i saw the wonder women and super man charm! it’s just sooooooo cute! >3<!

    I am also sad that this is your last video about Korea WTF. :( 
    Forever Loving You Guys & Spudgy. :DD

  84. toilet paper? wow!  “time for healing” makes sense of Keep Your Head Down lyrics.. “now I’m just chillin.. feel like I’m healin”.  now I know what Changmin was doing…

  85. My favorite WTF was the Cute Korean Lunch Box Making one, because i nonstop laughed through out the hole thing, and it taught me a very important life lesson and that is “You are your number one competitor”.
    Only you guys could make a one person iron chef competition entertaining to watch. It was probably the most funny WTF ever. “Tastes like murder on the seven seas”, Quote Simon.

    Thanks for making your videos, they have really taught me a lot and I look forward to what videos you make in the future.

  86. the truth could not choose between thecircle lenses was and things to make a bento but my favorite segment of wtf video was the circle lenses one. because i did not know the existence of them and was like a seriously wooa so I can see myself as a cartoon and putting these lenses , you looked really weird and cute at the same time x’D , I’m just excited to cosplaymaker and I see that could have that anime look with these lenses, I want to buy for all my cosplays a couple of them forgiveness for my terrible English n////n i <3 korea and EURK (eat your kimchi x3) my username in youtube is : KagamiineRin

  87. Simon & Martina, I miss your food reviews. ):

  88. I’m really looking forward to the new segment. I think my favorite WTF video was the circle lenses one. It was the first video I ever saw by you guys and it was before I knew anything about Korea so it was big culture shock to me. Who are these two people? Korea? Isn’t that dangerous!? Why would people want their eyes like this? What exactly is Kpop?! All these questions slowly have been answered and have literally changed my life. Sigh, I was so naive then…

    YouTube username: jinglesthejiggler

  89. Favorite WTF moment?
    I would have to go with the Cat Bus pencil case. 
    Combined with Martinas amazing voices and the ideas of the cat bus, got my obsession with Totoro all up in arms again. 

    In a close second would be the double eyelid tapes. Hilarious!!

  90. you guys are awesome.. i love your shows :D greets from Austria

  91. Okay, so I’m hoping this blog post is allowed to be longer than the youtube one. I was happily typing and then I saw that I couldn’t press post because it was -99 characters remaining. So anywayssss here is the lengthier ver. of my post.
     I nearly cried from the title of this video, but calmed down after watching it… my favorite video was the Korean robot secret love messengers. I love the classic ways of telling someone you like them/ giving them a cute gift, and these took it to another level. Though I don’t think I’d do this with a crush. (Although, handing a gy a robot w/ a message would probably be the most original and creative offer that gy will ever receive) The robots were so adorable and the fact that you guys are a couple building them together for each other was soooo cute. You guys really looked like the coolest couple ever, hope I can achieve that one day.=) After seeing you guys do rock, paper, scissors in korean, I always do this with my korean best friend now, even when there is nothing to kai, bai, bo about. It just sounds cute lol=) Also, about Simon not signing his name, I started laughing like crazy b/c I would so do the same thing, and if a gy did that to me I’d prob do the same thing Martina did. =) Oh btw Martina it’s okay i understood your “eva” =) Happy holidays. 

  92. As much as I love all of them, I guess your very first one! The nose roller :D That was when i started getting into kpop and my friend was like “You haveto watch this supercute couple, they live in Korea and i love them!” and i was like “uum… mkay” and i saw the nose roller and i was like… theyre wierd o.O and then i watched the next one, the ear picks andi was like “they’re still wierd.” but then i noticed martinas earring shelf and i was like OMONA!!! and i rewatched the nose rollers and i was like “theyre still wierd. but i like them! haha and i instantly fell in llove with you guise and teh spudgeh and shinee and hello kitty and such :D and you guys are so cute. so thatsdefinitely why i love the nose rollers :D happy wtf retirement *pours some soju and opens some burnt rice candies*

    and meh youtube is: shushuhab

  93. Like a bunch of other people, my favourite WTF was the circle lenses, because of Simon’s GLaDOS voice. Congrats on all the WTFs, good luck with your new segment!

  94. Err, that’s a hard one. But I think my favourite WTF is..The mouthstrechers. Simply because 1-Simon sounds redicoulus(I know I spelled the wrong) 2- It’s called SMILE. 3- “No one taught me to smile so I have to put thes thing in my mouth” That’s what She said. 4- the spit argument. 5-I can just imagine Martina in an office cubical exercising her mouth. 6- That the catapult worked, too bad poor spudgy got no candies, that’s probably a good thing

  95. I can’t pick one because every wtf was awesome! Love you Simon and Martina!

  96. My favorite was the instant boobs episode, I giggled the entire video, and it put a huge grin on my face the entire day afterwards :D

    And imagine all the possibilities you have with a pair of instant boobs! I’d strap them onto my tortoises shell, so if they fall upside down, they would just roll back on their feet! Live saving equipment for tortoises, since being stuck upside down for too long could kill them.

    … But I guess I could also put them underneath my brother’s shirt when he’s sleeping and freak him out ;)

  97. I really loved the pedobear mug and japan instant boobs! But my favorite was fan mail candies! I’m not sure if you know but half of the fanmail candy were from finland:D and becouse I’m from Finland myself I was totally impressed by you guys eating my favorite candy! I totally loved the part when Martina was reading the chocolate bar’s etiquet wich was in Finnish:D I loved also when you tasted super salmiak:D If you wan’t more Finnish candy I will send you some! I love you too:)

  98. My favorite is the Circle Lenses one!It made me laugh so hard, especially with all the cutesy faces you guys were making. Since I have circle lenses I laughed even harder because your review on them was hilarious! I want all the things in this video so badly because for like ever i have loved all asian things like manga and anime, but my mom wouldnt let me get any of those kinds of things so i really want the care package! and i would totally brag to all my friends lol :)) i <3 u guys

  99. My favorite WTF was the golf pencil toy, where you guys fought over the last reese’s peanut butter cup. How awesome is it to have a pencil and play golf at the same time when you’re bored. I should mail you guys more candy.

  100. My favorite was the one with the mouth exerciser thing. That was awkward and just hilarious. I loved it so much. To be honest almost all of the WTF’s are my favorite, just because it’s always funny to see weird (and sometimes cool) things that can be found in South Korea. I JUST LOVE IT ALL~

  101. first thing – WHAAAAAAATTTTT…??!! THE LAST WTF…??!! u got me really panicked at that message xD but i kinda understand why u want to go outside more. so i look forward to see the new version of tihs segment :D

    second thing – OMG THE COIPLE CLOTHING~!!

  102. congrats to the winner :)

    my favorite “wtf vid” is “wtf- double eyelid tape” XD

  103. my favorite one is:korean party time!it was so funny:))

  104. I want to say the instant boobs episode ’cause when I saw a Jap store here in the Philippines selling them the first thing on my mind was Simon wearing it! lol (but then a lot of people here are saying it so I pickd another one). So I picked the egg-shaper episode ’cause Martina’s face was priceless when Simon ate her cute egg. But it became more memorable because the winner of the care package gave a very weird animal which is a geoduck and I think its the most searched word on google that day when you told everyone to google it. haha 

  105. I’ve got two words for you…
    These two words changed the whole meaning of the song.
    It wil never be the same again!
    And don’t forget Edwards Twinkle Dinkie!

    Youtube Account: MMathelisa

  106. Spanish people also burn the rice at the bottom of the paella and it’s deliciousssss!!! :3 mmmm

  107. Hey guys! My favourite WTF video was your review of double eyelid tape. My favourite moment has to be every time Simon mentioned DOTHRAKI MAN WARRIOR. As a result of a combination of these two things, my young cousin now believes DOTHRAKI MAN WARRIORS put sticky tape on their eyelids to make themselves more manly. Ever since he saw me watching your videos: 1. Simon is his ultimate hero and 2. He’s been using his kid safe ducky scissors to cut up bits of sticky tape to put on his eyelids. This kid is three. I’m not sure he even knows what a Dothraki Man Warrior is. 
    YT: eatmints

  108. Out of all the WFTs I’ve watched…the last one just happens to be were I finally realize that WTF is standing for “wonderful treasure find,” as well as “what the f_ck.” Apparently I am a little slow :/ 

  109. I like WTF-Korean Robot Secret Love Messengers! I live in Korea but I couldn’t find any of the kind so when I watched the video, I looked for it from all the stores near my house, but, it was no use:( I desperately wanted it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyways… my favorite part was when Spudgy showed no interest in the robot, He was adorable!! He is always♥

  110. youtube ID: littlespazz1914

    Man…going through all of your WTF videos….took time, but brought back memories (: I felt the best WTF was the Solar Visors (http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/wtf-solar-visors/) Haha, this is because in my area (mainly…all Korean and Chinese), EVERYONE is wearing a solar visor, its like you cannot drive past a car without looking over and seeing a woman wearing one. CAN YOU EVEN DRIVE PROPERLY WITH ONE ON!? Seriously, is that why we are stereotyped as bad drivers?? Because of the ginormous welding mask on our face lol..
    All in all though, this one brought me laughing to tears and made me want to go out and buy one, luckily….I already have one! Plus, its an actual welder’s mask too! : http://images25.fotki.com/v943/photos/9/976173/4001324/LM_022-vi.jpgjk jk…lol….but that has to be the most awesome welding mask I have ever seen (if it can even be classified as one lol)

  111. I couldn’t choose one so I did a top 3. Number 3 would be the Japanese edition with instant bewbs. It was just so different than the sane insanity of Korea. Oh the things you can find in Japan, I wonder if they can make an instant Spudgey? Number 2 would be the special fan mail candy edition. I really know how trying all of the cool looking candies feels when they don’t taste as cool as they look. Simon’s face is just so priceless. But Number 1 would have to be *manly voice* the face rollers of doom! What would WTF be without episode 1? 

  112. For me, the most memorable WTF was the Twonkle Twonkle cup!  I spent forever coming up with poems for it, even after the giveaway was announced!  They’re somewhere in one of my old notebooks… (^_^)  I remember laughing so hard at Simon’s ‘Twonkle Twonkle’ accent!

  113. I liked the ear cleaner one… Mainly cuz i could never clean my ears by
    myself when i was young so my dad would do it for me… i was always
    scared to do it by my lonesome… But i find the light funny.. Its
    gross but hilarious!!! :DDDD It has a sentimental value… but not really :D

  114. OMG! That is such a cool WTF Care Package! Well, my favourite would HAVE to be the duck fan. How could would that be if your at a concert, right? And then you’re like, “OMG! It’s so hot right now~” then you pull out your UTTERLY ADORABLE fan and be the envy of everyone arund you. DUCK FANS FTW!

  115. i loved the korean robot secret love message :) i just think sending something so elaborate yet simple is an adorable way to confess or tell someone u love them!! and you guys were really cute making it and sending messages <3

  116. My favorite WTF episode is Bear Hat with Bear Paws because I have a habit of being childish and annoying people with my fail cute sounds. Ever since I watched that WTF I’m always acting like an animal, that sounds ferocious xD  I love white and furry things so I got so hyped by just staring at the hat ;A; I wanted to run around my house, act like I’m drunk, and attack/annoy my sister till she gets really annoyed. I love animal hats, and hats in general! I lost my pink rabbit hat and now my head is cold for the winter </3

    Youtube: purificaation

  117. My favorite episode is the one with the Bongseonhwa because Simon finally got to step outside his “Manlyness Like a Man” box, plus as a girl, it is really nice to get to see a guy go to that level and actually polish his nails.

  118. my favorite WTF was the rabbit ears hat thingy for Spudgy mainly because he reacted exactly how my dogs react when i try to make them look adore-a-balls:) also its a Spudgy heavy episode which is always a good thing ;p

  119. Yeah I’d have to say the fan-mail edition.
    The loser cam was brilliant, in fact my sister and I quote it constantly. Well you know, when it’s appropriate.
    Plus it was just really cool to see all the different places you had fans from.

  120. Wow…….sooooooooooo many to choose from…..I sound so wierd saying this but my favorite was those inflatable boobs……..probaly cause it was the absolute most BIZARRE thing…..and also because it really showed the cultural difference between Japan and Korea….you would NEVER see that in a Korean Daiso hahaha!
    (But man cat bus is such a close second, mainly cause it reminds me of Totoro and the “a-yo!” gangsta cat!)

    youtube subscriber: gigiowls89

  121. my favourite treasure find was the special foreign fan mail candy edition! like wwwwtffff, how can candy be disgusting?!?!? i wanna try those burnt rice candies SOO BAD… lol

  122. yt: n1kk117

    My favorite WTF is the Robot Secret Love Messenger because the video was really cute and Spudgy being scared of the robot was so funny. 

  123. My Favorite episode was the WTF Golf Pencils because of the Reeses Penis Butter cups. It not only made my day, week, month, but will continue to change the way I live forever.

  124. I am subscribed: Pokemongirl147
    And my favorite WTF? that’s so difficult…x)
    Well, if I have to choose. It would be the “robot secret love messenger” one. Just watching you two trying to put it together was funny cuz it actually reminded me when I used to watch my dad assemble our IKEA furniture LOL
    I think its super cute and I wished I got it, but its fine since this giveaway is being done. I have hope that I’d actually win this one. I really love what you two do. And whether or not I win, I will still be super happy because you guys can always put a smile on my face ^.^

  125. For me my favorite WTF would be the instant boobs you got from Japan! The reason why it’s my FAVORITE WTF is because you inspired me to do the most funny prank I did to my best guy friend! When I first saw this I went to the japanese store to buy the instant boobs. When I got home I was thinking what should I do with these at first I was going to give it to my best friend ( for a reason don’t ASK WHY) but then I thought of the most funniest prank ever. So my friends and I were planning to hang out at my house to watch a movie. I know that my best guy friend usually sleeps halfway through the movie. So what I did was when he was sleeping I put the instant boobs on him. When the movie was done he woke up without noticing the boobs went to the bathroom and I guess you can tell what happen from there! XD

  126. It’s hard to choose just ONE favorite WTF. Each video has been my favorite because it shows how much fun you guys must have while filming. Especially, when there is those side track comments or hilarious references. I really do enjoy each and everyone. It’s actually sad to not have any more WTF on wednesdays. However, I am very exicited to see the new segment.
    My favorite WTF must have been the “robot love messenger.” I thought it was so cute and interesting. Wish I had one. :)

  127. my favorite was the instant boobs, cause my friend also got a pair from japan just to show me. she tryed putting them on it looked really wierd cause she has really big boobs already, so it looked like…like…i don’t know…it looked…wrong…

  128. Cute Korean Lunch Boxes.Yay! ITS TOO FLUFFY AND CUTE! I’ve been trying to find them for 3-4 weeks so i asked my friend to buy it for me from Korea.SEE HOW MUCH I WANT IT? My youtube name is Adyra6561 :))

  129. “Coonee” haha that shit is good.

  130. Hey guys! Thank you for making countless amazing videos to inform and entertain us, I am can’t wait to see the new section from the streets of Korea!!

    Now my favourite WTF is the D-Dung products episode. It has a little bit of everything that makes WTF fun to watch. With Martina being cute-sy and drawing a fly on her finger while Simon tried to act manly denying he didn’t know that Iris was also a flower. (it’s okay, I thought Iris was in the eyes too and I’m a girl) Anyway, the d-dung products were pretty interesting… and useful. I mean who wouldn’t want to use it to prank friends, scare away enemies or pedobears? And when you miss grandma, you can just open it up and sniff – like portable granny in a bottle. So awesome right?!

    Thanks again for the the wonderful videos, best wishes from Canada!

  131. My favorite (out of the many) would have to be the one when you guys tried out the foreign fan candies! LOL It shows that you guys trust your fans enough to eat their foreign candy. xD!

  132. My favorite WTF episode was definitely the Flower Soap Flakes episode. I’m a severe germaphobe and your previous videos on Korean bathrooms had been concerning to say the least since I’m starting work in Seoul in January! In this one short video you managed to disturb me further (communal hand soap on a stick! oh no!), make me laugh (as Simon stroking the soap was disturbing on a completely different level), give me hope again (in the form of the soap flakes), and teach me what true love looks like (persistent attempts to convince your beloved partner to eat soap). I don’t think that any video could get more fulfilling than this!

  133. Oh man, I have to pick a favorite??? >.< Does it count if I pick a
    favorite based on the bloopers for it? Cuz the WFT Circle Lense
    bloopers were my favorite because of Martina's hippo/alligator story…
    If that doesn't count, then…I must honestly confess that I do not
    have a favorite. There are bits & pieces of each one that made them
    special & different & unique & funny… So I guess that
    means I forfeit the contest, which is kinda sad, I was hoping I'd win
    something ONCE. But it's ok, luv u

  134. My favourite was the circle contacts… cause it was cool and stuff

  135. my favourite episode (so hard to choose~ xD) is…
    the couple keychains. lol it’s mainly because of martina’s constant impressions of “king piggy” from angry birds and her little spurl of over-excited happiness about the keychain. I thought it was really cute :3 Other than that, I also like key chains… CAUSE THEY’RE REALLY CUTE XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol and I live in Canada and they don’t sell that many “cute” ones… which is very sad TT^TT and depressing…. lol anyways love your videos and hope for more in da future, and i’m am looking forwards to your new episodes of wednesday :D

  136. My favorite WTF was the Instant Boobs.. I’d never heard of such a thing before and it was super hilarious  :) THanks for all the WTFs!

  137. My favorite WTF is the CUTE Bunny Ear Dog Hat….sadly its the first and last i saw of its kind…i see dog boot things, dog vests, dog coats, and dog sweaters but i can never find what you shown to me in that WTF….(*sigh) memories;)

  138. My favorite episode was Special Fan Mail Foreign Candy. It’s my favorite because you guys got awesome candies. Even if some of them were not the best, I’d still try them and then give them to my friends and family just to see how they’d react.(I’d also like to try Ginseng Candy because I drink Ginseng Tea.)

  139. My favorite was the SMACAP. I’ve watched that WTF video over and over again and it STILL makes me crack up. It is the most useful yet meaningful wonderful treasure find. If you recall, the SMACAP not only can be worn in a variety of ways but also serves critical purposes. The SMACAP suits mountains and those who frequently lose sight of their clothing (the shirt feature). Also, the SMACAP is a symbol of peace and reconciliation; the joining of gangs. It is the perfect combination of functionality and fashion and therefore the ultimate inspiration. 

  140. My favorite wonderful treasure find was the fan candy. It was not only Korean culture but also sweets from different parts of the world. It was hilarious when you tried the candy inside the pack that looked like cigarettes. I mean who puts candy in a pack that looks like that… for kids. It was funny watching your reactions from the different tastes. Also, it shows how much you care for your fans and that you actually do use the stuff that we send you. We were all really grateful! :)  

  141. youtube: cloiebuggeater
    My favorite WTF was the training chopsticks. I’d never seen them before and I actually needed them! Now my daughter can eat her popcorn with her shiny pink chopsticks :P I really want to try burnt rice candy. I love the korean red ginseng candy I found (not to mention, the package has some of the best Engrish ever).
    On a completely unrelated note, I watched this video earlier, and then went in the kitchen to finish up dinner. I started humming/singing to my self…Suddenly I realized I was singing, “Manly sweeping, Manly sweeping….”   Simon, this is all your fault :)

  142. my favourite video was the fan mail foreign candy one!! i loved it because of how u guys reacted to some of the treats and becuase ur reactions to the black licorase and how simon got trick to eating it first was soo funny!!im not really a black licorase person either

  143. My favorite was the WTF Japan – Instant boobs, I was cracking up

  144. My favorite WTF episode is the Nail Staining one. I loved it because Martina finally got a small revenge for all of the times that Simon cheats and tortures her, haha. I also loved it because I /finally/ now understand what was happening in the KMovie “A Millionaire’s First Love.” THANK YOU SIMON AND MARTINA!

  145. My favorite was the soap flakes episode. I dont know why but that one just stuck to me. And the funny thing is, in america they actually sell soap flakes. so i spent like 2 days looking for them cause they kept running out of stock and i FINALLY FOUND THEM :) besides, they’re SOAP FLAKES. who doesnt like soap in the form of a freakin flake?! :) oh and those pencils you should in your last WTF video. i have them :) 

  146. My favourite WTF is the Korean Air Masks mainly because in the bloopers you guys kissed (oh my GOD!) And I found that hella cute, haha (: And I guess because the mask itself is cute, haha. You can basically be a cute surgeon with that on. 

  147. My favorite WTf episode was the one where you were having alot of fun with the a-o or something like that because its was really funny seeing you guy going A-O all the time and when i saw martina doing it well it kind remind me of …you know smalls bugs with antenn (i don’t know in english (fourmis) so its make me lafs so much and i think i saw this episode over 5 time and i’m still laughing because i was imaginig at the same time korean people waking normaly in the street will having the A-O in there mouths and practicing its was, and its still is a really funny picture. So i hope i get pick up (and i ad a question do you guy comme from toronto and how to confink my parents to lets me go in korea)

  148. My favourite WTF episode was WTF – Spiky Ball Hand Massagers, cause I liked watching you guys be in pain, muahahaha. O.k well no, my ACTUAL favourite episode was when you guys were playing with those Golf Pencil, and were trying to win the last peanut butter cup. I’m going to miss WTF but I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us! Love you guys and I hope I get picked! >w<

  149. my fave was the korean self massager  ’cause as soon as simon started singing lonely i absolutely died at the fact that the same thing happened to my brother like 1 hour before i watched the vid omg i died, my bro was on the phone and he was asking this girl to go to the movies with him (the phone was on speaker) and the girl just full out said “H-E-LL NO”. im still dying of laughter now

  150.  i love the wtf videos ! :) all of them are so interesting and funny
    i like the circle lenses because you looked so creepy and funny at the same time 
    but i think the korean nose roller likes to me the most because it seems very painfull and in spite of this you put it on you for we can know about the korean concept of style and beauty, and the phrase ”to make your nose happy” made me laugh so hard.
    thank you so much for you’re videos  hehe i saw every of your videos and all are so awsome !! choose one wtf was hard for me ^^ please keep showing us more of korea :)  

    pd: my youtube’s name is gemelitasViP

  151. My favorite WTF is the instant boobs and the Korean Robot Secret Love Message.. I liked the instant boobs because Simon wore it and if he wore Martina’s clothes and makeup then he’ll look like a girl ^^ I like the Robot message because if someone would propose for a girl he could put the ring in the hand thingy ^^

  152. my favorite WTF was when you had the Japanese instant boobs XD. SIMON looked like mickey mouse with them on his head haha! at first i thought Martina would use them(not perverted) and i seriously made a derp face before i knew that simon was going to do it *thoughts: what are they gonna do with them?! OH GOSH!*. i seriously thought they were going to POP POP POP( haha!)

  153. My favorite ep was the doshirak lunch box ep~ ^^ i use to watch anime a lot and always wanted to make bentos to bring to school to eat. It was fun to watch Martina try making a doshirak xD it made me want to try making one soooo badly but too bad i has no money~ 

  154. “Twonkle twonkle! ” is my favorite episode. 
    Not just because it doesn’t spell correctly, but also this word tickle my mind. Well just to prove how I loved it. I, in fact, literally kept singing “Twonkle twonkle little star” for a week or so. Hahaha, I am singing it right now. Poor my housemate!

  155. My favorite WTF was golf pencils one cause it was sooo funny seeing simon cheat LOL just for candy, but i dont blame you, even I love candy :3 I loved like your little broadcast play ;D

  156. My favorite was about the waterguns!!
    The *WTF-Cheap Korean Water Guns!!!
     It was sooo funny to see you both trying to get the other completely soaked with water xD

    The funniest moment was anytime Martina TRIED to get Simon wet with the water sword xD

  157. my favorite is the robot love messages !!! :D

  158. My favorite WTF episode (even though I am a new subscriber, I spent a whole night watching all your videos lol) was when you guys were trying out the double eyelid tape, and it’s because you guys were really showing that you wanted to understand Korea better, not afraid to sacrafice your selves, and you guys looking like cave people trying to figure out how to use it and then realizing it having a “omy gosh this is how you use it!” moment. (But you guys sometimes look like cave people in a lotttaaa videos trying to figure it out lol. <3!

  159. My favourite one would probably be the soap flakes. My friends bought me a bunch of them from Pacific Mall, and I popped a bunch of them into my mouth thinking it was some form of gum or something. I can only hope that all the poor, gullible young’ns out there will find this video before attempting to consume their suspiciously delicious looking evil soap flakes. 

    ps, my youtube name is ChocolateyFat

  160. My favorite WTF episode (even though I am a new subscriber, I spent a whole night watching all your videos lol) was when you guys were trying out the double eyelid tape, and it’s because you guys were really showing that you wanted to understand Korea better, not afraid to sacrafice your selves, and you guys looking like cave people trying to figure out how to use it and then realizing it having a “omy gosh this is how you use it!” moment. (But you guys sometimes look like cave people in a lotttaaa videos trying to figure it out lol. <3!

  161.  I have to say, that my favourite is between the high heel pain fixermabobbs or the scret robot love messages….Asians have the most interesting things and they do things soo innocently whenever the sell some sort of weird product, Im tied between these two because they seem the most interesting and you two advertise it in the most adorable way possible. Spudgy seemed scared of the robot or curious, I cannot remember.  But yeah, its just those things us Americans can take in a weird way but Koreans think of it to be helpful and hip =P

  162. I liked the light up ear cleaner. I could clean my cats’ ears with that! You should have tried it out on spudgy!

  163. My favorite WTF episode has to be the one with the soap. I remember that episode really well because Simon tasting the soap was almost like foreshadowing to Martina eventually giving in and tasting it herself. Just as you think she’s not really going to taste it, Simon leaves and she actually tastes it! That was great and I laughed so hard. :) It’s a fun memory of you guys.

  164. I  have to say the twonkle twonkle WTF was EPIC!

    my friend randomly started singing it in class and I was like ‘how do u know that……’and she has seen you guys on youtube and it was like….I found my best friend XDNo but seriously I cannot look at any KPOP music video the same EVER.
    I think the asian english is so funny, especially because I’ve lived in Japan for 5 years so I know all about it!

  165. My favorite was the spiky hand massage balls. I really loved it cause i felt that the way you guys were dealing with the pain of even holding it was hilarious! And i loved how Martina kept stating ways on how you could use them on other people! Way too funny!

  166. my favorite was the one with the fan that had a duck shape because when i see that you guys wanted to name it earduck, i googled it to my shame… 

  167. My favorite WTF was the bunny egg shape-rs. Why? Because it makes eggs super cute! If I were to get them, I would totally be evil and make bunny eggs just to annoy my brother who practically worships boiled eggs. :D (he almost burned down the house just by boiling eggs!)

  168. My favorite wonderful treasure find is the cheap korean water guns because it was so funny to watch. I was watching it in my room at two in the morning and I started to laugh hysterically, so my mom walking in my room and i thought it was a burglar so i hid under my sheets and she told me to go to sleep. So the rest of the night I was afraid that a burglar was going to kill me in my sleep. 

  169. My absolute favorite WTF has to be Twonkle Twonkle!!! Cutest coffee mug ever! Also, I had Simon stuck in my head all evening, singing “Twonkle Twonkle little star, now I murder baby sheep!” That was great, and I can still laugh over it!
    I hope you have some great adventures exploring more of Korea. Don’t forget to bring us along on your journeys, with more wonderful videos! <3333

  170. My favorite would be the INSTA-BOOBS!
    IDK WHY. I’M SORRY. THEY JUST LOOK COOL AND I WOULD LIKE TO TRY THEM. OOPS DID I JUST SAY THAT? Am I supposed to have a long description about it?
    Ok..um bye.

  171. Simon and Martina! Love your videos! They are so addicting!! My favorite would be the ‘circle lenses’ vid. What an alien concept but the video was hilarious. The contacts gave off a very creepy doll like effect, but still you guys pulled it off! Keep up the amazing videos!!! I eagerly await the next one’s release!!!

  172. Simon and Martina! Love your videos! They are so addicting!! My favorite would be the ‘circle lenses’ vid. What an alien concept but the video was hilarious. The contacts gave off a very creepy doll like effect, but still you guys pulled it off! Keep up the amazing videos!!! I eagerly await the next one’s release!!!

  173. I completely LURVED the Spiky Ball hand Massagers   
    LOLOLOLOLOL ♥It was Batoost xD

  174. My favorite was the “Twonkle Twonkle” episode. I just loved it. And Simon with the whole “Twonkle Twonkle little star, now I kill a baby sheeeeep!!” It was too funny. I ended up showing my boyfriend who showed his parents who are both teachers in Korea. He also went around for the next month repeating “Twonkle Twonkle little star, now I kill a baby sheep.” You guys just keep making videos so I can enjoy :D

  175. The swan point massager thing was defiantly my favorite. It was one of the first of your videos I saw. It’s so funny!! When ever I’m introducing people to your videos, which has been basically everyone I know, it is defiantly the one I show first…then its the anniversary special. Ba da da da itewan! 

  176. My favorite video was probably  KOREAN EAR PICKS. why u ask??? well who wouldn’t love a video with a lighting up q-tip.

  177. My favorite was the WTF – Ddung Products! Because who doesn’t want some poop product that make you smell like grandma?

  178. My favorite was definently the WTF doshirak making set! Why? Well who doesn’t love cute lunch??? And, it is another way to show it off to your friends like a naegmyeon snob!!! :D It was so cute! I wanted to have it sooo badly…But i didn’t win….Anyways, the doshirak making set was definently my most favorite WTF

  179.  HAHAH. Mine was the circle lenses! You guys looked exactly like dolls!

  180. One of my favorite WFTs was the mouth-stretcher.. thing. I could not stop laughing throughout the entire video, especially because when Martina was using it she made a rodent face and put up little paws… oh my gosh :D She was also saying, “It’s pinching me!” in Mouth-Stretcher National Dialect, which sounds a bit like, “itch’s peenching meh!” Simon couldn’t even get it into his mouth (that’s what she said..??) and then proceeded to use it as the BEST CATAPULT EVARRRR. I’m going to miss the Wonderful Treasure Finds :’(

  181. My favorite one was the circle contacts because they made you look like creepy zombie dolls and reminded me of the band Boyfriends for some reason…, lol I swear that band is made up of scary, yet cute, zombie dolls…, lol. But, I like them anyway :)

  182. My favorite WTF would have to be the inappropriate hangers. My friend who visited Korea bought hangers like those and when she came back to America, she stuck them on walls in the dressing rooms at Wal-Mart and people started complaining to the managers about “how they have inappropriate hangers that are not suitable for children.” She actually ended up getting in trouble for it and wasn’t allowed back for a while. It was hilariouuuusss

  183. i liked the mouth stretcher because it’s just weird and its one of those things that you see and you think, “what was that person thinking?”  i want to find out what it’s actually meant for, although i would probably spend the whole time using it as a catapult for candy like you did 

  184. My favorite one was the Super Magical  Awesome Craptacular Awesome Pear :D
    Smacap! .. i was laughing so much .. and i never saw so many uses for such a thing
    plus! i loved Martina’s jingle “u put it on ur head and then u smack a cat~” lol
    .. i still wonder how much u get paid to be a smacap model 

    yes, I loved the twonkle twonkle mug WTF episode. If I had one, it would probably get way overused because I would shun all other inferior mugs for my osm engrish mug of donkeyness.
    Also, I can never think of Twinkle Twinkle ever again the same way because of you guise.  There will be a whole generation that thinks twonkle is an adjective to describe stars. WAE?! D<

    But srsly, that cup is amazing. And now that I'm actually watching the vid again, I've realized that the first item was the hand-drip coffee sifters. lol didn't even remember that part. The cup was just that fantastic (elastic).


  186. YT: xlindalieu

    I honestly have to choose the eyelid tape video. That was beyond hilarious and you guys do make a point about beauty. It’s funny when seeing Simon with eyelid tape.. when he already has them!

  187. My fave is the mail robot, it sooo cute and sweet way to tell someones love och the failure the balloon dragon, it was really fun. I thought it would fly but when it failed, so I laughed at myself because I thought it would work XD

  188. My favourite episode was the Japanese blow-up boobs. Ahh Simon you make everything so hilarious when it’s supposed to be “sexy” to guys XD

  189. i like the one with the Panda hat with out the claws that was really cute 

  190. My favorite was Korean Party Time or shall I say, Patry Time!!! “My name is ass” cracked me up. And I thought the poop card was pure GENIUS

  191. Too many to choose from o___o … okay. My favorite WTF was “Super Happy Cutie Ducky Chicky Fans” because… your fan IS a duck! 

  192. I have those bowls!  How funny I’m eating out of the panda one that says “I eat a lot!”  I gave my friend the bear one that says “I like suites” instead of sweets :P

    Wow I can’t believe you did so many WTFs!  I’m looking forward to the new videos.  I think my favorite one was the ddung products because of the awesome Engrish on the packaging.  I also thought it was funny that there was a cute little girl on the perfume that contradicted its grandma smell.  I think i also liked when you put her description on the post and said it said that she wants to be Miss Universe, and thinking how awesome it would be if someone won Miss Universe whose name sounded like Poop.

  193. So what you’re saying is…. BOOOOOOOOOBS.
    In case you didn’t notice, my favorite was the Japan Instant Boobs edition, for a number of reasons. 
    1) Simon’s “Oh God, one broke, I have only one working!” and nipple-censoring made me laugh out loud for a good five minutes. 
    2) This was the first time I heard you two singing “Oh you sexy hermaphrodite lady-man-lady, which your sexy lady-bits, and your sexy man-bits too! Even you must be into you-o-o!” which compelled me to look it up, which was a great experience in and of itself. :DDD 
    3) It’s freaking instant boobs. Instant boobs. Boobs. Only in Asia <3 lololol
    so yes, that was my favorite WTF so far. Runner-ups included the Inappropriate Hangers, Korean Ear Picks, and the Korean Air Masks where unveiled your Golden Bopo Rule, which was super duper amazingly adorable :3

  194. My favorite WTF is the spiky hand massage balls. Because why. Why would anyone make those. I could just see how much they would hurt to touch by watching -_-;;
    That and the creepy contact lenses.
    I guess I just like seeing you guys in pain for some reason.

  195. MY favorite WTF was the egg molds! You guys were too funny in your egg-making station, including Simon’s sexy egg-boiling dance, Simon’s awesome egg peeling technique (which has changed the way I peel eggs fo’eva!) but Simon is a big meanie for nomming Martina’s bunny egg…and will always be a big meanie for nomming Martina’s hard boiled eggs.

  196. I actually have two fave WTF moments. I loved the Japan edition, because the fake boob was hilarious. And i also loved the WTF of the candies from diff countries. That was fun. :) 

  197. My WTF is the japan edition! because1-i laughed so much and 2- i’m french wich is important here because i happen to have english friend, and man they can talk fast, so sometime i wouldn’t understand what they’re saying on the first try so i’d say: So what you’re saying is….. and every time one of time would scream BOOOOBS!,because i showed them the video or vice versa i’ll completly murder something in english and one of them would ask me THAT and what more satisfying then shouting BOOOBS!! 

  198. (YouTube: Malanrea)

    My favorite was “WTF Double Eyelid Tape”. Really, it was because I hadn’t ever in my life noticed double eyelids, or thought it was that big of a deal, let alone thought that people got surgery for that! I’ve obsessively been trying to find someone that didn’t have double eyelids now. (Unsuccessful) Also, I loved the message at the end. You don’t need eyelid tape, surgery, or anything of that like to be beautiful. Especially those flawless Korean girls. For real. If only, if only~!

    Good luck everyone!

    P.S. You guys make me laugh so much! I’m so glad I found your channel. Now to find someone that likes Korea enough to watch your channel with me. x) (And Martina should’ve had more tape on her eyelid, too. To be fair. ;D)

  199. Super Cute Delicious Pooh Sandwich Makers!!!For sure!I live in a place where these things would be super weird for everyone and I’d just bring my lunch to school and be all like, I am beautiful and you is pitiful ~ and then I’d eat the amazing sandwich right infront of them and they’d all cry cause 1. They can never have these amazing sandwiched (even when I marry!!!)2. I just ate the adorableness!

  200. Defiantly the Bunny hood for dogs, what could be better than putting that on my puppy so he grows up with a split personaltiy, one minute he’s loving pupy next he’s PUPZILLA the giant rabbit of doom……………………..

  201. My favorite video is “WTF Double Eyelid tape” because I thought the message you gave to Korean girls was beautiful. Today, and for years and years to come, people will continue to get pressured by society to change their appearances, so Be Confident. We all have flaws we wish we could change, but in the end, remember that our flaws are what make us different and unique.

    Second to that was the Egg-Shapers. I tried to blow out the egg like Simon did, but I failed and it hurt my cheeks. Thanks Simon and Martina for these wonderful treasure finds!

    youtube name: MyOwnBand

  202. my favorite wtf was the circle lens…i’ve never seen people other than asians wear them and it was one of the funniest thigns i have ever seen!!!

  203. my favorite was the ear cleaner. because the idea of needing both a light and a friend to clean out your earwax makes ear cleaning sound a lot more exciting than it is.

  204. Supposedly that candy is made of the dried up rice that sticks to the bottom of the cooking pot. It’s not really burnt, just overcooked. I dunno who thought of making it into candy. I’ve always thrown that stuff out haha

  205. My favorite would have to be the solar visors. I had never seen
    or heard of them before, but then a few days after watching that video I
    saw someone wearing one! It was such a coincidence, especially
    considering how uncommon they are here in Canada :)

  206. My FAVOURITE  video is WTF mouth stretchers.
    You guys are so creative! I love the part, when stretcher transforms to… BANG! katapult :D
    I think spudgy was happy, because of the candy :3
    Also I love how Simon uses mouth strechers and says ‘Yoo hoo’ :D His ‘sexy’ voice is sooo hilarious.
    Aww… i’m so unhappy, because this was the last wtf treasure find.. Don’t kill me, Simon and Martina :DD!


  208. my favorite was the water gun one. its nice to know i’m not the only one who fails to protect themselves in a water fight.

  209. My Favorite was the Nail Stainer Video cuz it was my 1ST WTF Video i EVAR WATCHED and if i had won it would *kinda* help me! *i tend to rip/eat the nail polish off of my nails so……* Wait Wait Wait, did that Nail Stainer come in different colors?!?! meh nevermind… So that was my fav video * i tend to stick with my 1st and i could realllyyyy have used that nail stainer!

  210. Why are you doing this to me! Do I have to choose one?! Why?! Hey, seriously, it’s hard to choose for me, I like all your videos. But! If I have to choose one, I think that would be the Fan mail candy one, I love how Simon tried to be nice, yet sincere regarding his opinion on the kiper-pe-poo thing and his manly pink dinosaur cup! hahaha! And Martina laughing so hard on the crosti croach thing and when she misses her mouth to put the bear in hahahaha! That was hilarious! Love from BsAs!

  211. My favorite WTF was the cute robot message holder! I think that it’s such a cute
    way to tell someone you like them! Here in North America you don’t see things
    like that so it’s nice and refreshing to see somthing like this! Who wouldn’t
    say yes if someone asked you out with them?! ^.^

  212. My favorite WTF Episode was the foreign candy/fan mail episode xD Your reactions to candy from all over the world was soo funny *cough*Salmiake*cough* Simon drank from his sippy cup..LIKE A MAN(:

  213. Thank you for all the WTF videos. To be honest it’s hard for me to choose a favourite, I generally enjoy the videos that make me laugh, regardless of the product that you guys are talking about. In fact, sometimes I think that your wtf videos are more fun to watch than your music mondays videos (even though I do look forward to those as well) because they aren’t as scripted and have a more spontaneous feel to them- which means they have a less fake feel and show just how hilarious your conversations can get.

    I’m going to have to go with the korean dosirak video for this, because I remember laughing madly during the tomato battle scene. Martina kept going ‘Ooh!’ in this strange accent every time she speared a tomato and I think that’s when I started really laughing, and then Simon’s “I HAVE TOMATO” (when it was so obvious his attempt was painfully futile and the tomato was smashed) just took the cake. That video made my day :) Thanks guys.

  214. My favorite WTF was…..the cat bus pencil case!!! It reminded me of my favorite childhood movie, My Neighbor Totoro, with the awesome cat bus xDD That and its just really cute[: It was a cute and funny episode…as creepy as putting the pencils in the eyes looked O___O

  215. My favorite WTF was the Japan Boobs edition. after watching that, I seriously couldn’t breathe it  was so funny. It was so amazingly awkward and perfect, and a little disturbing at the same time.. but that is what made it so awesome.With Junsu’s intoxication playing in the background…made my day :D

    Youtube Name: musicislove65 

  216. My favorite moment from a WTF would have to be when you tried to put the bunny hat on Spudgy. He look so sad then, but it was still sooooooooo cute!!!! I Love WFTs and I<3U!!!!!!!!!

  217. My favourite WTF episode was the slipper things for people who wear high heels! Haha I thought it was hilarious cause I hate wearing heels but they look like they’re useless! Anyways you guys are awesome Canadian pride eh!

  218. My favorite WTF was the Bongseonhwa nail stain, ive always wanted to dye my nails the traditional korean way. You always see it in dramas and it looks like a fun thing that has been around for a long time. And tourchering Simon wasent so bad eather. bro ho ho bro ho ho

  219. (youtube name: saanrio)
    My favorite WTF episode was definitely, hands down, the egg-shapers.  Not only was it a fun episode (Martina, you wanting to keep the bunny was just too funny), it brought up a way for me to get my kids to eat a healthy lunch every day!  Seriously, my kids would ditch the sandwiches and chips and go eat the food the cafeteria made (which is ridiculously priced), costing me lots of money.  Now, they not only actually eat when I send, they enjoy it, and their friends and their teachers are jealous!  I have been asked by so many people where I got those egg shapers, it is ridiculous.  So, even if I don’t win this care package, I wanted to say thank you for that idea!  :D

  220. One of my favorite WTF episode was Cheap Korean Water Guns because I haven’t got a chance to see water gun battle so exciting and unfair :D

  221. I think the Arm Cover was the best awesomeness fantastic WTF! There’s a Korean Book store near my friends house and we found a lot of the WTFs there! I found facial masks for a $1.10 each, the visors,  the stationary, and the arm covers! My friends was able to get the arm covers and she loves them.( I’m so Jealous =0) When we went to see B-Boys she used them to keep her arms warm. I think they are best in any season. she still uses them today. They do remind me of something you would see  in an anime. Wedding Peach, or Sailor Moon. I want one D: It’s sad to here that this is the last WTF but you guys should get out more! I look forward to your next segment! 

    P.S.- OMG do you know the next episode of Running Man Jackie Chan is going to be on it! I can’t wait!!

  222. My favourite WTF korea was the contact lense one, because you guys tried
    them and pretended to take selca’s of what korean people do in photos,  which was hilarious because I could compare that to my bigger sisters picture, which was awesome and 100% TRUE!

  223. I like the golf pen WTF the best because it was so.. real xD I watch golfing in tv all the time and play golf myself and how you made the beginning and everything… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I just laughted my ass off. It was so realistic..ㅋㅋ

  224. (youtube name: FinalFantasyLover99)
    As weird as it might sound, I actually enjoyed the Smacap WTF the most. Sure, I might have laught more at some other Treasurefinds like the bear mug/cup with the hardcore bear propaganda going on and I might have desired to win some other WTF more. But not only did I like the smacap episode so much, because you voiced MY THOUGHS EXACTLY (wth, smacap??) but because there are also things like smacap in Germany. So the silly smacap really showed me that Asia, Amercia or Europe, Korea, Canada or Germany, we are all united in our need for multifunctional headwear and brought together by the epicness of the smacap~~. :D

  225. Oh man My fave WTF? I would have to say it was the Golf pencils. Simon’s little slip up had me rolling on the floor for a good 10 minutes. Then his terrible golf skills had me on the floor for another 10 minutes or so. Martina’s outfit was simply fab by the way. I think what I loved most about the golf pencils WTF was the bloopers… you know what I’m talking about ;) I watched the WTF video and the bloopers over 30 times just so I could see all of the funny parts over and over.

    I’m sad to see WTF go, but I’m also very excited to see how the new segment turns out.

  226. My favorite WTF moment?
    it definitely  have to be Korean stationary. because i have recently been obsessed with them and they are so cute. I hate the fact that in the UK, they don’t sell anything like that. I love the book marks, they look amazing n so much easier to use. Love it when yu guys are trying to guess the number in the ruler and then yu finally get in right. yu guys are hilarious.

  227. Sorry about the two coments.. I’m an idiot TT_TT”

  228. Hi! My favorite WTF video was the one about the cute bunny-bear eggs. It was a very funny and interesting video. Martina was adorable (If I were you, I’d keep the bear one… I lied, I wouldn’t give away neither of the two, Mwahahaa!!). I loved Martina’s little hat and Simon’s dance in the egg-making station and the “That’s what she said” joke XD  All in all even though the episode was a short one, it my favorite… Although I’m still traumatized after Simon ate the poor bunny egg…

    Cheers from Bulgaria, guise!! Say “hi” to The Spudgy from me!

  229. Hi! My favorite WTF video was the one about the cute bunny-bear eggs. It was a very funny and interesting video. Martina was adorable (If I were you, I’d keep the bear one… I lied, I wouldn’t give away neither of the two, Mwahahaa!!). I loved Martina’s little hat and Simon’s dance in the egg-making station and the “That’s what she said” joke XD  All in all even though the episode was a short one, it my favorite… Although I’m still traumatized after Simon ate the poor bunny egg…

    Cheers from Bulgaria, guise!! Say “hi” to The Spudgy from me!

  230. BWAHHH!!…sorry…change is hard for me.

    My favorite WTF moment?…would have to be the training chopsticks one. Yeah~ ya see, during the entire video, I was thinking of my friend who does not have the special ability to use chopsticks and even though you guise said the chopsticks were awkward…they’d STILL probably be a huge help for my unfortunate friend. She has made a slight improvement though; the other day we were at an Chinese restaurant and everybody else was using chopsticks so she wanted to try and was able to pick up some chicken!…but she still couldn’t pick up the more advanced items like the rice. We love her though ^______^

  231. Definitely the fan mail foreign candy! There’s just something sooo entertaining about watching your reactions! Oh gosh, Simon drinking out of the dino’s butt. Plus after watching that episode, I went out to buy reese’s peanut butter cups…..OH MELT-IN-THE-MOUTH-NUTTY-CHOCOLATE-GOODNESS :D

  232. punkyprincess92

    aaawwww don’t worry you can do WTF outside!!! (just as long as it’s not anything off the floor!…Simon!)
    also you guys look all SHINee-fied!!!

  233. My favorite one was the inappropriate hangers, because I watched it, my sister watched it, and then we watched it together. Each time we burst out laughing. My mom thought we were crazy because she didn’t get it. Also, because I could totally see someone like my mom buying those hangers and being like “Oh, so cute, they’re little people” and not understand why we would be constantly laughing. Oh, and if she were to buy them, she’d be like a set… so we’d have an army of inappropriate hangers.

  234. Lol I remember going to a Korean restaurant to eat and afterwards they gave us candy and I asked my friend what flavour it was…haha burnt rice!…I thought it was okay in the beginning and then I didn’t like it after a while. Bonamana and A-CHa!!! Super Junior!!! Hehe I’m excited to see the new segment you guys will be doing~~

  235. My favorite would be Cheap Water Gun.. Coz the video showed how cool you were.. It was also like a scene in a typical Korean Drama, two lovers having a water fight, but way more awesome and funnier., Wish you were my parents. LOL. :D

  236. My favorite WTF was the Japan edition, instant boobs!! I just thought that was the funniest thing in the world!  “OPPA OPPAAA~!”

  237. When you put a bunny hood on Spudggy, I loved how he had two sets of ears which made him look like a four, floppy eared alien.  I bet Spudgy has been turned off carrots for a looong time. :)

  238. I really loved the nail staine treasure find! I am a nailpolish addict and I know there has to be something very wrong with me having to always smell fresh nailpolish.
    UH-OH I might be addicted.
    I should really go cold turkey on nailpolish. I thought it was such a good idea so that if I ever find those things I could use it instead of my nailpolish :P

  239. I really loved the fan mal candy one!
    I don’t know how many times I watched itXDDD The part when Simone read the back side of the Marzipan Kartoffeln.
    It was fun seeing something from Germany in it and I think I showes this episode to everyone of my family and friends XDDDD
    Great to see that you tasted all that stuff without knowing what it isXD
    I wouldn’t have done this. My respect!!!!
    Anyway! Love the WTF section and looking forward for the new one^^

  240. I absolutely loved the WTF where you opened the package of Finnish candy and ate salty licorice! Oh the reactions :DD Hey, I love it more than chocolate so I could actually really like burnt rice candy!! :”’D Since that wasn’t actually WTF, I’d say it was the roulette ruler! <3 Plus I'm really in a need of cute stationary since I just started in University this autumn and I'd like to boost my chances of passing my exams with cuteness!!

  241. My favorite WTF was the spiky ball hand massagers. Firstly, because of their name. Secondly, because if I ever bought them, I can guarantee that at some point I would probably attach them to some kind of string and use them as a meteor/nunchucks weapon. I would probably end up hurting myself more than anyone else, and YES I would most likely be pretending that I was Gogo from Kill Bill while doing it.

  242. i loved the circle lenses WTF Because You guys looked like cute dolls that i would keep FOREVER <333

  243. My favourite WTF was when you reviewed circle lenses. When you guys put them on you looked just so adorable, well slightly scary, but adorable nonetheless! xD I especially loved the part where Simon went, “It’s a lie, there is no spoon.” For some reason I laughed SO hard at that. xD You guys were just too cute with your ulzzang/uljjang posing as well. But, yeah, I’ll be looking forward to that new segment. I bet it’ll be just as awesome as your others. Hwaiting!~

  244. Also, yay for you guys going outside more! I was wondering how you manage with shooting all those scenes in your apartment… At least you edit in coffee shops, but still, that would get claustrophobic.

    P.S. My second favorite WTF is the fan mail edition. I lived in Belgium as a kid, so I definitely empathize with the whole glassy-eyed hoarding of precious imported goods thing. European food is generally better than American, but you know what they can’t do (or at least didn’t do in the 90′s)? DECENT FREAKING PEANUT BUTTER.

  245. My favorite is WTF- Korean Robot Secret Messengers. I like it the best because you guys were so cute and funny. Plus it was the first video I watched from you. 

  246. My favorite WTF was the Water gun showdown. I laughed so hard my mother thought I was crying , lol ! 

  247. My favorite is the Cheap Korean Water Gun Showdown because (a) the epic water gun battle had hilariously perfect sound effects (b) playing outside means lots of cute kids in the background (c) it’s funny to imagine the double-takes (or studiously composed faces) you got from people watching you run around like loons in public and (d) I, too, would resort to violence in the face of superior water-gun technology.

  248. My favorite WTF was the Pedobear mug. It was my first WTF and after I watched it, I watched the rest of them, before and afterward. I like your videos so much that when you guys upload a new video, I’ll be rhere.

  249. my favourite WTF was the Korean Water Guns :D……i laughed so hard when martina said is it a gun or a waterblade oh and the bear bucket that simon had kinda looked like pedo bear( ahem) xD

  250. i like the massager of pain video best!!! it was a riot to watch lol hope u r having an awesome christmas season you guise!

  251. My favourite WTF was the fan mail candy edition. It was so cool to see all the different types of candy, from all over the world. Even if they weren’t all great :P

  252. I liked twonkle twonkle cup episode because it was one of the more funny ones.

  253. I’m pretty sure I was the only one hearing Beer Rice Candy until I replayed the video (because I loved it so much) to watch it again.

  254. balloon~~~~~ XDDDDDD
    my favourite WTF is the Japan edition..the instant boobs~~ because it is sooo fun seeing Simon have a man boobs…like a MAN…. moobs FTW forevarrr!!

  255. Martina and Simon you guys are amazing! I have always been fascinated by Korea and you guys bring a little bit of Korea back to me! :D My favorite WTF video has to be the Korean Love Robot! I thought it was really cute. What girl doesn’t want to receive a love message through a robot?!?!?  Anyway, thank you guys for all the awesome WTF and I can’t wait for your new segment!!!!


    ps. it would also be awesomely super fantastic-ness if I win one of the care packages.
    pss. I also love your dog, he’s blue XD
    pss. <3 <3 <3 :D  

  256. My favorite WTF most definitely has to be the ‘spikey ball hand massager’ one. I was watching it and I was laughing so hard that my roommate though I was going to fall out of my chair and die. When I told her why I was laughing so hard she went and watched the video and did the same thing. Everyone in our hall thought we were crazy but that night we kept coming up with ways to torture each other with them for a solid 4 hours! Honestly, the day that I watched that video was the best day that I EVER had in college.

  257. My favourite episode of WTF was 100% This one! I got a flash back from other episodes which I liked a lot! This video made me laugh like there was no tomorrow (literally)! I LOVE YOU GUYS! GIMME A BIG HUG COS I LIKE SHOWER and I ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU! <3<3

  258. My favorite wonderful treasure find was the very first one about Korean Nose Rollers. One of the nose rollers was supposed to make your nose “Full of happiness” and the beautiful cartoons on the back of the packaging :) <3

  259. Instant boobies for Simon’s aegyo!  Yoo hoo!

  260. My favourite WTF is the fan mail candies episode! i really wanna try those moomin candy ^^ oh and I absolutely adore reese’s peanut butter cups!! LOL and not to forget i love simon’s manly dinosaur sippy cup.. and the mordney present cereal on your countertop lol. 

  261. My favourite one was the pooh bear sandwich maker! It was soooooooo adorable! I loved how Simon’s pants matched the table/counter top ! ^^ :D My best friend and I are hugeeee fans of you guys , and we would be really happy if we won this! It can also be or early christmas pressis! :D:D

  262. My favorite WTF episode was the one about the Ajumma visors (Solar
    Visors) because it popps out in front of my eyes everytime I see a woman
    wearing them. Like, when I’m going to the supermarket and there’s that random older lady with her solar visors walking down the street I
    would go like “oh, that’s that ajumma-visor-thing Martina and Simon
    were making fun of,  eh I mean introducing.” And then I would start
    wondering whether hers was also supposed to be “rockin’ blue” and
    end up laughing.(and having everybody wondering why I’m laughing while
    shopping for… broccoli) :D

    MY FRIENDS WOULD BE LIKE SO JEALOUS IF I GOT ALL OF THOSE THINGS AND I’LL BE LIKE USING THE BOWL AND THE LEAD PENCIL LIKE EVERYDAY..(I’m still schooling so I can use the lead pencil in school and like show off to everyone like “ooh i got this from Simon and Martina in Korea :D)and each time i eat or use anything from this care package I’ll laugh so hard at the Engrish and remember those WTF days..<3 (look i even ended it with a heart)

    am i allowed to post twice?
    cause i wanna win this so badly :/

    MY FRIENDS WOULD BE LIKE SO JEALOUS IF I GOT ALL OF THOSE THINGS AND I’LL BE LIKE USING THE BOWL AND THE LEAD PENCIL LIKE EVERYDAY..(I’m still schooling so I can use the lead pencil in school and like show off to everyone like “ooh i got this from Simon and Martina in Korea :D)and each time i eat or use anything from this care package I’ll laugh so hard at the Engrish and remember those WTF days..<3 (look i even ended it with a heart)

  265. Am I the only one who keeps hearing “Bird Rice Candy” instead of “Burnt Rice Candy” ??? XD

  266. It’d be really cool if you guys made more videos outside, I mean you’re in Korea :) Enjoy it as much as you can!

    My favourite WTF Korea episode was the Bunny Eggs episode. Of course the gadget was super cute and I really want one now but I don’t live in Korea >> But also it was really fun to see Simon peel an egg ‘like a man’ :) I’ve been practicing on it since then but I still can’t do it ^^’ Also Martina’s hat was really cute, even if I don’t like pink as much as I should as a girl *chuckles*

  267. I’m really excited about you guys doing different videos outside of your apartment. I’m sure it’ll be awesome on many levels. 

    And I have to say that my favorite WTF episode was the one with the weird light up ear picks. I had seen them on a kdrama and wondered what was going on, and ya’lls facial expressions were hilarious! At the end of the episode, my abs hurt from laughing so hard. :D 


  268. I haven’t even watched the video yet but I absolutely love the idea of you guys getting out more. I enjoy the videos where you’re out and about in the city more than the ones from your apartment. It gives those of us who aren’t so familiar with the country an insiders peek at every day life there. Go forth and leave the nest, I say. Go!

  269. My favorite WTF episode is the double eye lid tape, it’s such a funny episode, i’ve shown it to my friends and i watched it so many times. I love the “that’s what she said” joke and when you say eyerids (eyelids) and wrong (long). i like how you actually tried to put the tape on since it seems scary to put tape near your eyes. And another thing that makes this video even more awesome is Martina’s shirt :) On a more serious note, i love that you talk about not needing surgery and finding a man you loves you for you.

  270. My favourite moment was when you recenty went to a YG concert and got to meet a lot of cool stars including G Dragon!!! he is so cool…..BTW I am 49 and a keen fan on KPOP! Surprised? I LIKE SHOWER!

  271. My favorite one was INSTANT B00BIES!!!! can;t quite describe the epicness of instant b00bz, but it was OSM!!!

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    Peer:  Hey, what you eating?
    Me:  Jelly Seaweed candy.
    Me:  What?  I’m not making you eat it!  Here, have some kimchi or maybe rice and dry seaweed?  Hell, take some of this pickled beef or white radish!
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    Not to mention your realistic golf TV show, and Simon’s awesome golf skills were absolutely hillarious (my dad was literally laughing his head off). AND it was the first time you guys disclosed your mailing address!!! xD -> FAN MAIL FTWWWW
    I then showed the video to my friend whose birthday was the next day, and then gave him the pencil as his birthday present. Needless to say, he was stoked (OMG ITS THE ONE IN THE VIDEO), his friends were incredibly impressed, and nowadays all he does in lectures is play golf~ MWAHAHAHAHAHA

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