That’s right guise. We’re taking a break from the WTF videos for a while.

See, we’ve been feeling kind of cooped up in our apartment lately, and we really want an excuse to go out more. So, we’re going to stop doing our regular WTF videos and start doing a new segment in which we get out and play more! But we’re not fully cutting out our WTF videos. We’re transforming them, so to speak, kind of like the evolution of WTF. Instead of finding fun stuff to use in our apartment, we hope that when we’re out of our apartment we’ll find some fun things in the streets of Korea. And so, Wednesdays will have a new segment from us, in which we’re outside of our apartment and in Korea. Woot!

In honour of our WTFs, we did a big WTF mashup of a bunch of fun stuff, and we’re giving away two Wonderful Treasure Find care packages instead of just one. Huzzah! To enter, all you have to do is a) Be a subscriber of our channel on YouTube and also b) Tell us your favourite moment from our WTF videos. We’ll pick two winners and mail out your packages next week!

And, lastly, our bloopers! Martina will never live down the name she got from our last Music Monday. Ha!


Congrats to renaxoxolessthan3 for winning our latest WTF care package! If it’s you, send us an email and we’ll mail out your package ASAP! To everyone else, thanks for sticking around with our WTFs for so long. We did almost 40 of them! Hopefully you’ll like our new segment next week!

  1. Farewell to WTF videos! In the wake of this loss, we might spend some time reminiscing..

    HOWEVER, the reminiscence need not go far back in time! In fact, it need only about a month and a half to the KOREAN SECRET ROBOT LOVE MESSENGERS! These Robots summed up the slightly suppressed dating culture in its endless cuteness. The reason this even qualified for a WTF is more about a clash of culture than anything else, I think, which to me is SO FREAKING INTERESTING. I don’t think I will ever be able to look at this all through an unbiased South Korean lens, which is even more of a reason why I think it’s just so awesome how cultures differ. It’s pretty funny that the entire purpose of the robot is to essentially expand upon the actual flirtation, which is in the note it holds in its hand. That also gets thrown in with the amusing climate of your relationship, which is a significant part of the reason I watch this channel anyway. Absolutely hilarious! Thank you!!


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  2. My favorite WTF video is the Spikey balls Reveiw. I loved the bloopers where you and simon were arguing about whether or not to put two Spikey balls in his shoes, I was saying 2 the whole time. People looked at me oddly. I was also making Spikey ball jokes I my mind, then it turned out I was saying them out loud ^#^. I also tried it but with my hairbrush that is in the shape of a cylinder, people say it really hurts to touch it b/c of the pointy spikes. I think they are not MANLY enough to handle it. I AM DORTHRAKI WOMAN WARRIOR. I tried rubbing it against my hands, no pain at all, people say that rubbing it (my hairbrush) against their hands hurts like a knife deciding it wants to be friends with your heart. It just tickled, then I tried hitting it against my skin, just a tickle, to non-DORTHRAKI WOMAN WARRIOR: “OMG!!!!! I JUST GOT STABBED BY MILLIONS OF TINY LITTLE KNIVES!!!!! CALL AN AMBULANCE!!!!!” *drop dramatically in fetus position while having a Doojoon temper tantrum about hand while I am rubbing hands forming methods of taking over the world*. My reaction:*giggles* “Omg. It tickles!”. I want to get the Spikey balls right now, I love burnt rice candies! :D You probably think I am mental right now, but I just so happen to love bending my feet (It feels like heaven! But not the mountain b/c I hate Mosquitos) and also I love doing the jabbing thing with swan massager. :) I am also half korean. :D

  3. can i know what’s the mini bike with huge pedals in the korean drama ‘to the beautiful you’ ?

  4. actually i did find a tissue in korea, and my friend happened to just randomly read the description thingy and it says if u lick it u will taste sweetness… SO!! out of curiosity and half-FORCING, i licked the tissue and it was sweet… if ANYBODY!!! would tell me why on earth they would make their tissue like that?? plz let me know

  5. Does this mean more Wonderful Adventures? :D My favorite video is the Korean Stationary one. I can’t get enough of cute Asian stationary! Whenever I drive to L.A. I go to Little Korea or Little Japan and go shopping for anything cute, especially stationary! It’s funny how you got distracted with the “ruler-roulette” for the last moments of the video. I probably would, too. ^.^

  6. hey guys :)
    my favorite WTF was when you tried on the circle lenses. i already heard about that but didn’t see it on anyone, so it was really funny to see how your whole face changed. i also must admit it looked creepy :D

  7. Actually u know… i found this box of tissue and in the back (in korean) it says, if u lick the tissue you can taste the sweetness, and my friends and i were like (w00t~~!!!) and we actually did lick the tissue and IT REALLY WAS SWEET!!! i dont remember the name of the box BUT!!!! BE ON A LOOK OUT on the description on the box!! MANY KOREANS DONT KNOW THIS!! lol

  8. HAHAHAHA the song at the end… sounds like a strongbad song ^_^

  9. the mouth work out thing that is for working out and slimming your face! ^_^

  10. FAVORITE WTF was…. drumroll………….. The bunny ears for dogs! im a sucker for cute things… and i want to dye my llhasa apso blue now! why does korea have to be so amazing O.O

  11. NOOOOOOOOO!!! I love burnt rice candy!! I don’t know if you have been told this yet, but it’s supposed to be flavored like the rice at the bottom of the cooker that sometimes forms a weird layer and has a crunchy-ness to it. Koreans usually eat it with sugar or salt. P.S.- It’s yummy.

  12. hahahah, nice eddie murphy reference… LOL

  13. My favorite was the training chopsticks episode because your family was their with you and you seemed to be havinga fun time! Also I got to see proof that Simon IS ACTUALLY A CHEATER! Shame on you Simon… For shame. XD ㅋㅋ

  14. OMG, i loved the golf pencil WTF, it was hilarious. Especially that part when you guys were having that showdown X,D . Simon is soo FUNNY.

  15. So what you’re saying is, BOOBS. Best episode.

  16. OMG. I loved the Cute Cat Bus Pencil Case Thingy WTF Episode! ♥
    Why~? Umm.. *Prepare for weird answer* At the end when you guys were poking in the pencils into the cat’s eyes there was this “squish” sound effect. I don’t know why but I really liked it. xD

  17. I had serious problems with my internet, so it’s too late now for the
    contest…. I took part in almost every contest you made and won nothing
    :( Anyways I just want to notice it looks like you start being huge fans of Super Junior? ^^

  18. you guys are soooo in sync! LIKE ALWAYS!

    best episode

  20. My favorite WTF episode is the foreign candy episode! I really really liked seeing your opinions (and living vicariously through you and getting to taste all of the different snacks). P.S. Share with us what that cereal is! 

  21. My favorite WTF was the ” Special fan mail foreign candy”!
    This was the best because one it’s candy and who doesn’t love candy even if it taste bad its a cool experience to see different candy from around the world. Two both of your expressions when you all disliked the candy was so epic and I couldn’t stop laughing. I like that you all were truthful about how you felt about the candy but were still respectful to the people who sent them and the country they were from. Also I think this was one of the most meaningful WTF because it brought you all and your fans closer!
    P.S. I loved the pink dinosaur cup!?!?! It’s epic just like u all

  22. I liked seeing you guys try the circle lenses because they’ve become such a trend among ulzzangs and other sources of Asian fashion that it almost seems weird to see them NOT wearing circle lenses, so seeing you guys wear them gave a pretty hilarious contrast and kind of helped put things in perspective.

  23. my favorite wtf video is korean party time because it really showed me as a viewer that you were actually having fun and not acting and also because you two are really funny and entertaining hehe keep up the good work :)

  24. i loved the bear hat with the mittens because it was SOOOO CUTEE!!! and I LOOVVEEE TO TOFEBRUARY.COM!!!! THEY HAVE AMAZINGLY CUTE RAWSOME STUFF THERE!!!   

  25. My favorite was the cute cat bus!!!
    My youtube name is MSKcat.

  26. My favorite was the face mask and Simon tasted it…face masks do not taste like their flavors…LOL…

  27. i LOVED the messenger robot. it is a dream to have a cute Asian guy confess to me w/ something cute like that! haha. yeah, the robot was my fave cause not only could you build it yourself, but you could use it for cool messages and give it to someone.

  28. my favorite wtf was the circle lenses. my sister wears them so it’s hilarious whenever I see her with them

  29. When you painted Simon’s nail with that nasty colored polish!

  30. My favorite was Twonkle Twonkle!, but I think I liked Simons song more then the cup. 

  31. My favorite WTF has got to be the Instant Boobs from Japan. Simon seemed a little too excited playing with them, and I crack up each time I watch it. It’s just so ridiculous and bizarre, especially how you have to squeeze/pop them to get them to inflate (wow that sounds really dirty!)

  32. My favorite WTF was the instant boobs from japan. Simon seemed a little too excited …playing with them! I crack up each time I watch it, especially when you ‘pop’ them to get them to inflate!

  33. My favorite WTF episode is the Pooh Sandwich Press one! I just love! POOH SANDWICH STAITON!!! i realy can´t eat something with a face on it, so… :( I would never be allowed to eat that Sandwich because its so cute!!! ♥ And i am a Pooh Fan!!!
    Oh and i realy wanted Martina to eat one of the Flower Soap Flakes in your Flower-Soap-Flakes-episode

  34. My favourite is probably the cat bus pencil case. My first thought when I read the title was Totoro so I had to watch it. I really love weird asian stationary so I loved the ones on stationary and this was the one I wanted most. Plus it was really funny, like all your other videos it was never dull to watch ^^

  35. My favorite WTF episode was the spiky balls of doom lol. I liked that episode because those balls of death {Oh my that came out wrong lol} were pretty intimidating to be massage balls lol. {That came out wrong as well =.=} 

  36. OMGsun lol i have those heart shaped pencils and i also got some pens too lol

  37. My favorite video is the WTF Ddung Products because i think that one crack me up so much i literally fall of my chair and continue laughing xD and i still watch it to this day :D
    I mostly like the part where Simon got footcream on his nose then got paybak on Martina by putting footcream on her cheek and she smear her bug finger and got ink on her cheek and you guys realize it in the end :D So cute
    The video is funny from the beginning til the end <3 :D imma go watch it AGAIN!
    My YT is DreamerxMelody

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