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WTF – Ron Burgundy Portable Rice Eater

April 12, 2014


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So, I’m sure you’ve been noticing the vast amount of Japan stuff in our videos lately, from the Japanese Snack Sampling, to the WTF Nose Plugs, the the WTF Panty Hat, now to this. Yes, whenever we go to Japan we get enough stuff to make months of footage out of. This here, though, this here is what I’ve been waiting to shoot for a while. It’s not as glorious as the Panty Hat, of course, but this thing is still pretty freaking awesome.

It’s actually the first WTF item that I think I want to use daily, apart from the Hello Kitty foot warmer, and I swear I’ll stop putting in so many links now! We just have a lot of videos and references and I’m sure some of you new Nasties might not know what we’re talking about. And if you don’t know why I just called you Nasties, it’s because…it’s a long story, but that’s what we call people who watch our videos. It’s a loving term of endearment, really!

Back to what I was saying, this thing freaking rocks! I seriously had my doubts about it. What if the rice would stick to the sides? I was expecting to push the rice out and it would flop over like toothpaste, and – as a result – make me a very sad panda. But I was yet again pleasantly surprised by the Ron Burgundy Rice Eater. That and, of course, all women in business suits within a five mile radius felt gravitated towards me. That’s also good.

But, hey, what if you’re a lady and don’t want to draw the glances of businesswomen all around you? Well, don’t you worry! When we got this at TokyuHands, we also saw a WOMEN’S VERSION! It was the exact same thing, but in a different colour…but not the exact same thing, of course, because this one made all the moustached men swoon. It gives you rice the same way, but it doesn’t give you the same level of sexual attractiveness :D

Anyhoodledoodlepoodle, I’m gonna go make some more rice with this thing. It kinda sucked to only use plain rice. Next time I’m gonna use my rice powders to make this a lot better. It’ll be perfect for our picnics! Those of you who follow us on Instagram will know what I’m talking about. And I promised no more links so I guess you’ll just have to find us there if you don’t know about us. Ah man I know I should have saved my linking power for just one more link…just incase something like this happen. OH THE TRAGEDY!

Speaking of links, I’m gonna put this bottom at the bottom of the post. It’s not a link. It’s a button. Click it for free rice, as well as the endless attraction of others. Oh, and it’ll also subscribe you to our videos. IT’S SO GOOD!



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