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WTF Korea – Seaweed Pringles!

February 8, 2014


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Oh man! Were we ever excited when we saw these! Though we barely eat them anymore, but Pringles – next to Doritos – are some of our favourite chips. We were excited when they came out in Korea a couple of years ago (they weren’t always available here), though they didn’t have that many flavours available, and they had a different taste and size. I’m not skilled enough in tasteology to give the exact terms as to how they’re different. They are thicker here and smaller, more circular than oval. And they don’t have the same crackle of a crunch. North American Pringles snap off in your mouth when you bite into them here. They shatter a bit. Here, though they break off peacefully. Does that make sense? I dunno.

Ok I’m go as to talking like this is MasterChef Junk Food edition. Simply put, there’s a difference between the two, that’s all, and we prefer the North American style instead. But when we saw Seaweed flavour…we were all over that! We love Seaweed! We eat it regularly as chips when we’re snackish. Seriously. We get lots of those individual seaweed packages and just crack those open and eat em. Tastes better than potato chips, I’d say. And it’s loads healthier, too. These chips, though, don’t really have the same taste as Seaweed. Sure, I can see some similarities, but not many.

Side note: the internet has made me scared to say things on the Internet. Or am I just paranoid now? I feel like I have to put disclaimers on most everything I say now, or else Tumblr will take to frothing at the mouth. Sorry. I’ve been scarred. I’ve seen some things….read some things.

Also, if you’re reading this, we’re in Japan at the moment! Cool! We’ve got some stuff we’re doing here for the weekend, and a couple of videos that will come out of it, so stay tuned for those. Sorry we couldn’t get a LiveChat up on Friday. We flew out Friday morning. MORNING! We hate mornings! Though, we’re making a conscious effort to not have the crazy hours we used to have before in which we woke up at 1PM and stayed up until 6AM. No more! We’re not living like vampires. As I write this, today we woke up at 9AM! That’s HUUUGE for us! So, yeah. Um. That’s what I meant to say. 1) We’re in Japan this weekend and will get a couple videos out of it and 2) We’re gonna try to work normal people hours. Woot!

If anyone’s in Tokyo at the moment (we met a few Nasties in the streets last night), we’re gonna be in Womb tonight. We don’t know much about it, but it’s part of our video shooting plans. Oooh we’re so mysterious and non-revealing of our plans, aren’t we? I mean, it’s not like we CAN’T say what we’re here for. We just like teasing. Let’s just say we’re doing something really cool that we were really happy to be invited out to do. Is that more clear? I’m sure you can guess what it is. Yep! You’re right! We’ve been invited to be the official spokespeople of all Japanese Ramen! Dingdingding! We’re gonna eat all of it while we’re here. And for some reason we’ll eat it at Womb.

EDIT: We’re not going there anymore because the snowstorm is freaking crazy and everything is cancelled :(



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