Oh man! Were we ever excited when we saw these! Though we barely eat them anymore, but Pringles – next to Doritos – are some of our favourite chips. We were excited when they came out in Korea a couple of years ago (they weren’t always available here), though they didn’t have that many flavours available, and they had a different taste and size. I’m not skilled enough in tasteology to give the exact terms as to how they’re different. They are thicker here and smaller, more circular than oval. And they don’t have the same crackle of a crunch. North American Pringles snap off in your mouth when you bite into them here. They shatter a bit. Here, though they break off peacefully. Does that make sense? I dunno.

Ok I’m go as to talking like this is MasterChef Junk Food edition. Simply put, there’s a difference between the two, that’s all, and we prefer the North American style instead. But when we saw Seaweed flavour…we were all over that! We love Seaweed! We eat it regularly as chips when we’re snackish. Seriously. We get lots of those individual seaweed packages and just crack those open and eat em. Tastes better than potato chips, I’d say. And it’s loads healthier, too. These chips, though, don’t really have the same taste as Seaweed. Sure, I can see some similarities, but not many.

Side note: the internet has made me scared to say things on the Internet. Or am I just paranoid now? I feel like I have to put disclaimers on most everything I say now, or else Tumblr will take to frothing at the mouth. Sorry. I’ve been scarred. I’ve seen some things….read some things.

Also, if you’re reading this, we’re in Japan at the moment! Cool! We’ve got some stuff we’re doing here for the weekend, and a couple of videos that will come out of it, so stay tuned for those. Sorry we couldn’t get a LiveChat up on Friday. We flew out Friday morning. MORNING! We hate mornings! Though, we’re making a conscious effort to not have the crazy hours we used to have before in which we woke up at 1PM and stayed up until 6AM. No more! We’re not living like vampires. As I write this, today we woke up at 9AM! That’s HUUUGE for us! So, yeah. Um. That’s what I meant to say. 1) We’re in Japan this weekend and will get a couple videos out of it and 2) We’re gonna try to work normal people hours. Woot!

If anyone’s in Tokyo at the moment (we met a few Nasties in the streets last night), we’re gonna be in Womb tonight. We don’t know much about it, but it’s part of our video shooting plans. Oooh we’re so mysterious and non-revealing of our plans, aren’t we? I mean, it’s not like we CAN’T say what we’re here for. We just like teasing. Let’s just say we’re doing something really cool that we were really happy to be invited out to do. Is that more clear? I’m sure you can guess what it is. Yep! You’re right! We’ve been invited to be the official spokespeople of all Japanese Ramen! Dingdingding! We’re gonna eat all of it while we’re here. And for some reason we’ll eat it at Womb.

EDIT: We’re not going there anymore because the snowstorm is freaking crazy and everything is cancelled :(

  1. OMG I love seaweed pringles they taste salty but I like the saltiness??

  2. I’ve already posted elsewhere in this thread on matters of actual significance, but I wanted to add-

    SIMON! You eat Pringles the same barbarian way I do! I feel less barbarous. Or at least, in good barbarian company. :)

  3. And it still confuses me when people say chips instead of crisps, and fries instead of chips. I really should be used to this by now lol

  4. Im just amazed at the pretty colors on the pringles cans :D

  5. Ok if I can find the Green Tea Kit Kats here in Cali I am certain I can find the Seaweed Pringles :)

  6. I may be late but

  7. hi, just want to ask,

    what’s up with the tumblr thing?

    • Sometimes we mods keep a track of the negative things said about EYK because it informs us of perhaps how we may have done something wrong or maybe how we can improve. Thus I can say that the tumblr hate can get overwhelming. Also the community omonatheydidn’t on livejournal has EYK on their hate list. However as a minority who works for EYK I must admit that sometimes I do cringe when Simon and Martina do things which I know will ping the radar of the sensitive. They tended to be very blunt at times which was a part of their charm, however with popularity they gained more visibility and people started to hold them accountable for stuff.

      I also know there are people who see what EYK as reeking of white privilege. That is something I really can’t say much about as it is a recent social justice construct. ‘Checking your privilege’ is something I ever heard on the Internet. I do know that when they attempt to do ‘ gangsta’ sketches, I get uncomfortable, as a black person.

      Also, they get a lot of slack for not attempting to be ‘fluent’ in Korean. Which… *sigh* is seen as disrespectful of a culture that they are ‘exploiting’ to make money. Thus they are seen as Koreaboos or Weeaboos.

      There is the aspect of EYK being so ‘popular’ and canoodling with idols who they may have said something negative about in a video. Of course with Kpop fans being so sensitive, they take this as an insult. I do know that EYK has a lot of influence in some spheres -EXO fans being called exotics was popularized by them, something that I am sure some people do not like.

      Mostly, some people hate their personalities. Simon and Martina are self confessed and unashamed spazzes and geeks. People hate the fact that they built a business based on these lame jokes, see them as exploiting their fans -due to the crowd funding for the studio.

      All in all to some people EYK is seen as a white privileged, stupid joke making, exploitative trash talking, Korea bashing team who are milking their fans for money and who need to leave Korea ASAP and let real Koreans speak for themselves.

      • I’ve never understood the “let the real Koreans speak for themselves!” angle to EYK-hate. Because…EYK isn’t pretending to show life in Korea from a native Korean point of view. It’s showing life in Korea from the POV of non-natives who moved there as adults. Which is not a viewpoint you could get from native Korean folks. If they were trying to set themselves up as the be-all end-all authorities on Korean life, then yeah, they’d deserve the shit they’d get. But that’s very not the market they hold.

      • I’m a minority that lived and taught in Korea for two years and I say
        that their perspective of Korea and Korean culture is pretty much spot
        on as a foreigner looking in. That is what I love about EYK is that they get it. They love Korea and its culture but also don’t look at it through rose tainted glasses. And I have never once thought of them as racist or reeking of white privilege. I think whenever a white person makes a joke that involves race (or another country)- some people will jump to the conclusion that they’re being racist. The vibe I get from those comments is envy that some white people living the life they wish they could have.

        And the fluent in Korean thing is just ridiculous. None of the foreigners that I met were even remotely fluent. And many still had a very thick accent after 5-10 years. Those foreigners on TV that speak perfect Korean are not human but some type of yokai force trying to make the rest of us look bad.^.~

        I’ve read lots of the negetive comments about EYK and most of them really aren’t true. There are a few that have some truth to them but often they are worded with lots of hate or negativity that any validity they had goes out the window.

        I understand not being a fan (I have friends that just don’t get EYK humour but they don’t bash them either) but the amount of time these spend on obsessing over their dislike of EYK is on par of fangurilla.

    • Nope it isn’t. There is a large population of people who simply dislike Simon and Martina. Trust me. It isn’t one or two people. On omonatheydidn’t didn’t on livejournal EYK is on their constant $hitlist for loads of things.

    • wow, never thought that someone will hate them…

  8. My husband and I love seaweed! We eat it it with everything at all times of day and it really does make a great replacement for chips.

  9. All of those look amazing. Now I’m salivating D:

  10. Those Pringles are tiny! My first thought was, “Can you make the duck bill thing with those?”
    Bit disappointing that they didn’t taste much like seaweed.

  11. This is exactly why I love this community. The comment section is full of wonderful people/comments. Other Kpop sites are saturated with crazy and disrespectful fans. I NEVER read comment sections that are on Kpop related things because I know most of them will be made up of fans fighting with each other or over the top fangirling. This is pretty much the only Kpop site in which I am actively part in the community. Love you Simon and Martina, and the community!

  12. And they are also korean because its seasoned in sesame oil and salt. Korean people think eating them straight up is really weird cos its salty but HECK its tasty just the way it is!

    I haven’t found Japanese seaweed that tastes the way that Korean gim does, and I’ve always had the impression Japanese seaweed is the one with the plain taste…

  13. Hey guise… I haven’t been around here for a while…due to my busy schedule (that’s just an excuse – -)… I’ll try to check my e-mail much often… missed you guise :(…. …about tumblr (or just any social media) … I know it’s hard…beeing in the ‘public’s eye’… it’s one of the most difficult jobs out there(I’ve always admired you for having this job)…but be strong guise…no matter how much people will hate…and how insecure they might make you feel… You guise are far amazing to be pushed down by their comments…and I think that, given the fact that you’ve come thus far pr it was all worth it… Don’t worry guise. We still believe in you :). Dress warmly guise! Drink lots of liquids.

    Thank you for another video :)



  14. Yum~ I love Pringles!! And they do look a little smaller than the ones I’m used to seeing.
    Also,yay! I love seeing Japan videos from you guys!! I hope you enjoy the trip and aren’t brought down too much by all the snow!! ^.^

  15. “i’m gonna eat one cos i’m not a barbarian” T_T but i always eat Pringles in more than just one piece at a time!! (did that sentence even make sense?….) anyway…ONE PIECE!!!

    d’awwwww how bad are the things you’ve seen for you to always have a disclaimer? i want to guys to be normal again and say whatever you actually want!!

  16. I always prefer looking at the EYK forums because no-one swears. It’s so refreshing to read comments that don’t have fan flame-wars going on and taking up the actual conversation. Thanks EYK!

  17. Seriously, I’ve been dying to know this for some time now, so I have to ask: what jumper is that? Where is it from? Can I buy it?

    Also, I’m amazed by how your face expressions have evolved, guys. And you look so natural and comfortable on camera. I mean, it’s even more baffling for me, because I start being superconcious about what my face looks like and how I act, when someone pull their camera out. And I’m even scared of taking photos of movies of myself…
    Ahh, I adore you guys. xD

  18. EYK spends their time making vids/blogs of what they love and the things they have learned, passing it on to others for entertainment or learning. And those haters counter everything little thing. WHY??? WHY?????

  19. Baffles me to try to understand why the haters would devote much of their time and even go to dedicate blogs to something they dislike.

  20. I’m very sorry for you guys having to see such profanity. I’m not into the internet that much so I haven’t seen much of the internet’s dark side other than news articles of cyberbullying. EYK and MyKoreanHusband fighting! – US Nasty from California

  21. I found out China has Lays (can’t really remember… I think it was this one) that come in a tube and the tube has a plastic container inside so that you can take your chips out of the tube without sticking your whole hand/arm inside. Why do we not have this?

  22. Tumblr doesn’t seem like a happy place :( not the biggest fan of seaweed, but I do like those little rice crackers…

  23. Martiiiiiina! I’ve been wondering since I started watching (March 2012) where you got that jacket/cape/coat from!!! Do share? :3

    Oh, and as for Pringles, my step-mom brought me some Kimchi flavored ones from Japan! :) Since she knows I love you guys and in turn got an interest in all things Korean! ^_^ Have you guys had a Kimchi flavored one before?

    • Yessss that coat !!! I really like it (although i don’t think i will ever find a chance to wear it in my country) but please do share with us if you still remember where you got it from :D

  24. “Ok I’m go as to talking like this is MasterChef Junk Food edition.” Um… typo?

  25. Those sound good! i like sea weed snacks with spicy red pepper and sea salt. mmmnnnn

  26. I love how Simon was humming the background music twiddles so well, totally wouldn’t have expected you to hum that in particular but………..as I type this, I realize that I should have totally expected it, considering how much you use that tune. D’oh. Still funny. Random second mustache = good idea! Not much else to say on the video itself, it was kind of straightforward and short.

    When I was a kid, I used to be able to eat 11 oreo cookies at a time. Sometimes, it’s just so satisfying to have your mouth completely, I mean completely, full of food. (Hrmmmm, I know it’s a breast feeding hark back, but what the hell, pretty much everyone can still identify.) I don’t waste my food or calories that way any more, but my son is certainly starting to pick up the habit with Pringles too.

    Cyber_3 – loooooooove Pringles but real slices of potato are so much better for you……Miss Vickie’s FTW!

  27. We have that here un Singapore and i didn’t like it either..they have the older version of seaweed Pringles and it taste way better than the newest version..

  28. OH MY GOD, ARE YOU GOING TO TALK TO FAKY????? I’m sorry, I’m assuming, but you said you were going to talk so some J-Pop artists, and then you mentioned WOMB, and they’ve performed there several times, and that’s where they’re going to perform again for Valentines Day!!!! ^_^

    Tbh I don’t care who it is cuz I love J-Pop but that would be so cool!

  29. The back left of your tongue, the home of the tastebuds that can taste seaweed flavoring. I learn something new and sciency every time I watch your videos.

    Have a great trip guys!

  30. You guys should of put two of the pringles together to make it look like you had a duck beak. That way you could show how different they are from the American ones.

  31. Pringles, the only chip brand that ACTUALLY fills the entire container/ bag and is not half air! I love seaweed flavored chips!

  32. I know exactly what you mean about Pringle’s shattering. Pringles are very brittle, which is why I love them. You can put one in your mouth and crush it with your tongue. There is something very texturally satisfying about that. You can’t do that so much with Lay’s, and you definitely can’t do that with my other favorite chip, Zapp’s.

  33. The seaweed for sushi rolls is different from the kind of seaweed that’s meant to be eaten by itself. The chip-kind that Simon and Martina are talking about is usually sold in tiny plastic box packages that take about five minutes to finish. At least, that’s the only way I’ve ever been able to find it here in the U. S.

  34. You both clearly show the beauty and at the same time curse of Pringles in that once you start you just can’t stop. But what I loved most about this is WTF is that ya’ll have proved that with Pringles, whether Asian or Western, size doesn’t matter when yummy goodness is involved.

  35. You have to eat at Ichiran Ramen in Shinjuku!! BEST RAMEN EVERRRRR <3 I love you gaiz

  36. Ermahgawsh you’re in Japan?! Super jealous! ><

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