Ok, so we’ve seen these Solar Visors before, and actually own one. It was featured in one of our first movies ever. Wow. That was a long time ago! Anyhow, since that video, we haven’t really used the solar visor all too much. Martina couldn’t really see out of it when she biked to school, so she thought that the long-term threat of sun-damaged skin was not as important as the immediate threat of not getting smoked by a car, so she ditched the visor. We kinda hadn’t thought about them since.

Now that summer’s just around the corner, we started to see a lot of Korean women wearing these things outside. It took us a while for it to kick in: these are normal for us now, but they’re not really all too commonplace back home. So, voilà! We present the visors to you in our Wonderful Treasure Find this week.

Korean Solar Visors

Rock'N Blue Solar Visors! So snazzy!

Does anyone actually use these Solar Visors? We understand their purpose: the sun is damaging to your skin over the long run, and so in order to protect your face you should wear one of these. Problem is, then nobody can really see your face. Bigger problem is that your vision is kinda obscured as well. Is the tradeoff really worth it? To many women in Korea, it seems to be, because we see these visors all the time on the ajummas walking around the park. Isn’t sunscreen good enough? Doesn’t it do the same job? Why not get something with SPF 1 Bagillion? I’m sure they sell that at the department stores here. Seriously: get a cool pair of sunglasses and some nice BB Cream with a high SPF and that should do the job. And you won’t look like a welder as a result!

Anyhow, congratulations go out to Kay for winning this month’s Wonderful Treasure Find Care Incredible Super Terrific Happy Inconceivably Stupendous Caring Rawesome Amazing Package (don’t make an acronym out of that, by the way). For last week’s contests on Korean Facial Sheet Masks she suggested that her favorite flavor would be a Chai Tea Frappuccino, which sounded too awesome to not deserve winning. Probably because Martina loves Chai Tea from Starbucks. Also probably because Martina worked at Starbucks for three years. Also, if you couldn’t tell, Martina chose the winner for this round. We loved all of the Simon/Martina/Spudgy flavored suggestions. Bless your hearts for sucking up to us so nicely! If you’re Kay, send us an email through the same address you used to post that comment so we know it’s you, and we’ll mail out your package ASAP :D

  1. sunscreen doesn’t protect against tanning well. If you don’t want yur skin to get dartker but wanna go to the beach with your freinds or ride your bike to work, this seems good.

  2. They sell these in our Korean market in Texas.
    I plan on buying one tomorrow.

  3. So I live in Seattle and on the bus today I saw a Korean lady wearing one of these. 

  4. My mom has one of these.  So does all her Korean co-workers.  I think It’s just an old Asian lady thing.  You know how they hate getting tan and getting age spots.

  5. You forgot that in GD&TOP Knockout mv they use solar visors for GD’s part with the girls around him

  6. I just got back from visiting Korea and I saw those visors at Lotte mart my first day and I thought, “Does anyone actually wear those?” …well, at least in Busan, like EVERY ajumma I saw had one on!!

  7. “I’m sorry potato” haha so cute!
    Remind me “the greatest love” ^__^’

    But about the “Solar Visors” I won’t laugh at it because it is like the umbrella under the burning sun in Japan, you make fun of them but then when you get sunburns you regret not having it~ (=o=)’

  8. simon’s always got the sweetest shirts yall

  9. Omo—momomomo! Strongbad!!! Hahaha!

  10. I know Solar Visors.. Well, they remind me of something I know that looks like it but they’re smaller. They’re just like caps. But then with only the part to protect your eyes from the sun. But I guess it’s not the same thing.

  11. OMG i just saw the title and idk if u mentioned it in the vid i havent watched it yet but isnt this what nichkhun gave to victoria !!! :D :D :D spazz

  12. HAHAHA! I saw an old Korean woman in the subway in the middle of downtown Toronto wearing one of these!!!

  13. Oh my goodness!
    (On a side note: I have specificially asked at Korean Starbucks for Chai Frapps….and it’s a no-go. I’m told it’s because Korean’s aren’t crazy about the cinnimon taste :(…..)

    Yay! :D

  14. I think I’d look awesome rockin those every morning on my jog. Whats more appealing then a cute girl in a sun protecting visor huh? Nothing that’s right lol.

  15. Sexy time…
    I could tottally see myself rocking that visor at beach and being the envy of all the other Gingers (because God knows the only race in America that wants to stay pale are the Gingers)

  16. Lol this is just so odd.  How are people supposed to walk around and stuff with them on? I’d worry about running into things and I already do that enough without a visor on my head lol. I don’t need to go to the hospital lol (how embarrassing would that be?).  I can so imagine you two going to all the buses in Korea and pilling off the plastic on the bells and making the driver pissed off cause it doesn’t look like it’s new anymore lol. Lol “like a man” lol.  (And I also started having “Keep Your Head Down” in my head when that was said lol) Oh and at least Korean women won’t have skin cancer or wrinkly skin.  My grandmother on my father’s side does really bad because she smokes (has since she was a teen) and she worked out in a garden in her previous house all the time and other yard work and I don’t think she ever wore any type of sunblock or anything.  

    I saw something recently with Lee Joon’s mother and she told how she married older and she looked very pretty.  Lee Hyori is like in her early 30’s but she still looks 12 lol. I hope you guys do a tour of your new place soon! I so wanna see the whole thing! From what you’ve shown it looks so cute. 

  17. Ahaha I was re-watching Itaewon Freedom after seeing this and the guy is totally wearing one of these!

  18. I think the Visor is not only for blocking the sun. It gives the added bonus of people not being able to see ur face if ur having a bad day. I know, when Im having a shitty day, I wear my cap.

  19. after your asian aging comments I have to share this: It’s from pophangover.com. 

  20. stickers are off in the bus …ah~ Martina and Simon has been here^^

  21. Didn’t Nichkhun give one of those to Victoria XD

  22. When Martina had the visors on upside down  I was thinking that you could use them so that you don’t spill food on your clothes :) I could really use one like that XD 
    Anyway loved  the video.

    Greets from Belgium

  23. http://image.aladin.co.kr/Community/mypaper/Pimg7857501833394.gif
    This is the reason why… Bet you waygooks didn’t have a clue!

    Happy 3 year anniversary Simon and Martina! ^^

    Check Snowcat’s Diary at: http://www.snowcat.co.kr.

    omg….im not alone…..

  25. Solar Visors are the way I recognise Korean tourists in Prague. :D

  26. i TOTALLY agree about the plastic films. i ALWAYS have to pull them off and never can understand why people keep them on forever…especially on cellphones. they make the screen look so cloudy and dim and dirt collects around the edges…ewww…. MUST PULL OFF FILM!!! i would have had a hard time not removing the film from that visor…hahaha

    also, homestarrunner = love

  27. I wanna be cool like Simon and Martina when I grow up~

  28. When I went to the beach in Busan, I was amazed because all of the women wore long sleeves and pants into the ocean so that they wouldn’t get tan.  That has got to be so uncomfortable.

  29. I have two of these  solar visors , one for my mom the other is for myself.
    But actually I use just for one time for mountain climbing.

  30. You saying about Korean women aging really reminded me of this: http://fiddlythings.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/20110402_asian_timeline.jpg

  31. Had to stop by and get my SimonandMartina fix.

  32. I literally cheered for the homestarrunner.com reference! AMAZING!

  33. You guys are actually gods.

  34. lol I would never be caught wearing those hahaha XD

  35. Like a Woman!  Korean, nay Asian people in general don’t want to be tan because there’s a stigma of darker skinned people being “blue collar workers”  Farmers, working outside and such.  The lighter the skin the more likely they are living a “pampered life.”  That’s why the Japanese actually golf AT NIGHT!!!  So they don’t tan while their out enjoying their trendy, EXPENSIVE (“Hey, I can afford to golf”) sport.  Also the reason why there are a lot of “bleaching soaps” sold there.  Just sayin.

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