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WTF – Solar Visors

June 1, 2011


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Ok, so we’ve seen these Solar Visors before, and actually own one. It was featured in one of our first movies ever. Wow. That was a long time ago! Anyhow, since that video, we haven’t really used the solar visor all too much. Martina couldn’t really see out of it when she biked to school, so she thought that the long-term threat of sun-damaged skin was not as important as the immediate threat of not getting smoked by a car, so she ditched the visor. We kinda hadn’t thought about them since.

Now that summer’s just around the corner, we started to see a lot of Korean women wearing these things outside. It took us a while for it to kick in: these are normal for us now, but they’re not really all too commonplace back home. So, voilà! We present the visors to you in our Wonderful Treasure Find this week.

Korean Solar Visors

Rock'N Blue Solar Visors! So snazzy!

Does anyone actually use these Solar Visors? We understand their purpose: the sun is damaging to your skin over the long run, and so in order to protect your face you should wear one of these. Problem is, then nobody can really see your face. Bigger problem is that your vision is kinda obscured as well. Is the tradeoff really worth it? To many women in Korea, it seems to be, because we see these visors all the time on the ajummas walking around the park. Isn’t sunscreen good enough? Doesn’t it do the same job? Why not get something with SPF 1 Bagillion? I’m sure they sell that at the department stores here. Seriously: get a cool pair of sunglasses and some nice BB Cream with a high SPF and that should do the job. And you won’t look like a welder as a result!

Anyhow, congratulations go out to Kay for winning this month’s Wonderful Treasure Find Care Incredible Super Terrific Happy Inconceivably Stupendous Caring Rawesome Amazing Package (don’t make an acronym out of that, by the way). For last week’s contests on Korean Facial Sheet Masks she suggested that her favorite flavor would be a Chai Tea Frappuccino, which sounded too awesome to not deserve winning. Probably because Martina loves Chai Tea from Starbucks. Also probably because Martina worked at Starbucks for three years. Also, if you couldn’t tell, Martina chose the winner for this round. We loved all of the Simon/Martina/Spudgy flavored suggestions. Bless your hearts for sucking up to us so nicely! If you’re Kay, send us an email through the same address you used to post that comment so we know it’s you, and we’ll mail out your package ASAP :D



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