So, I know this video isn’t going up until two Saturdays from now (we film in advance) but I have to write about it right away before I film: I’m queasy as hell now. HOOOOOOOOO so dizzy. I think it might have been from me putting the glasses on and off, but my sense of equilibrium is seriously off right now. Yeebus! I feel weird!

I’m pretty sure that if people use these glasses, they won’t do what we did with them, like try to walk around with them and stuff, so I don’t think you’ll have the same issues I’m having now. It was actually quite cool being able to see my iPad from my stomach. I think…I think I’ll just have to be more calm about it next time.

Ok! I walked around for a bit and got my balance back. Ate a cookie. I don’t feel drunk anymore. Side note: I’m pretty dedicated to just hop onto blog post writing immediately while feeling queasy as hell.

Anyhow, if you want to get these for someone as a gift, or even for yourself, you can pick it up from Gmarket. I realize that for some of our WTF videos we mention things being on Gmarket but never actually tell you where to get the items, and then everyone links to it in the comments, which is another reason why we love you as commenters so much: YER SO HELPFUL! But it makes sense for us to link to the item in our videos, just in case you want the item for yourself.

On that note, make sure you click on the button below, right here, so you don’t miss out on any more of our WTF Korea videos. It also cures drunkenness, in case you’re feeling a bit wibbly-wobbly right now:

  1. I wanted to order one of these glasses soooo badly, but I kept on looking forward to my goal next summer to visit South Korea instead. That meant that saving the 8 dollars for soju was more important.

  2. I want some of these soooo bad

  3. these are awesome, i should get it shipped to my friend in Korea so she can bring it back for me :P

  4. What learn Korean book is Martina reading? Anyone know?

    Also, posting via firefox.

  5. Same thing happened with me and I just cleared my cache etc, works fine now!

  6. I had to clear my history and cookies on Chrome for the comment section to work properly earlier. That may work for you.

  7. I use Chrome and I don’t have problems. I think it’s most a DISQUS problem where they just have lots of bugs (which they sometimes resolve quickly – particularly if you tweet them). At least that’s been my experience.

  8. Simon really looked like a snail….SNAILMON! XD

  9. oh my gosh i need those glasses!!! such a great invention!!!
    ahahah gross Simon does look like a snail!!

  10. i’m not the only one with the problem?
    only reason i’m commenting is cos i’m on incognito mode!! it’s so annoying but it’s the only way i can right now!!

  11. So how many mirrors/lenses are in those glasses? Wouldn’t everything be back to front?

  12. So I have no idea how familiar y’all are with Star Wars, but the first thing I thought of when I saw Simon was that funky female singer on Jaba’s ship in episode 6. I laughed so hard!!! Simon you are too great.

  13. oh my goood!! this is awesome….also that snail thing was def creepy. Now I wonder if I could wear my actual glasses under them

  14. Omg i couldnt stop laughing at the closeup of simons face. He looks so much like a snail AHAHAHAH!

  15. I had the same problem with firefox and I found that deleting all of my cookies fixed it. It was kind of a pain because you’ll have to log back into everything but it was the only thing that worked for me lol.
    That being said, videos haven’t been embedded properly on here for a while for me. Clearing my cookies didn’t fix that and idk why. I haven’t tried using another browser so I’m not sure if it’s ff or what. :/

  16. Those snail eyes though… Just… so much laughter after a week of tests/exams for those few moments of snail Simon. o_O
    I actually have dropped an iPad on my face… and got a bloody nose from it. One should never try to hold something up while being half-awake. o3o And this is why I usually read books on my side…

    • My arms are actually pretty short. But my nose is really sensitive. I get bloody noses with almost any sort of impact unfortunately. OTL Don’t get me started on how often I get nosebleeds from someone opening a door into my face…

  17. :D I remember those glasses! I watched Jun Hyun Moo wearing those things on ‘I live alone’ variety show! I had to agree with Martina, I was like seriously? wtf yo? then he used it to watch tv while lying down. As soon as I saw Martina dissing those glasses I thought to myself, ” uh-huh, sure Martina, in the next few moments ur gonna wish u had those too.” LOL ;p i smiled like an idiot~

  18. Snail-Simon omg I’m dying

  19. Am I the only one who thought that while SImon was wearing those glasses (in aerial view), he had those superhero or super villain eye mask things that hides their identity?

  20. I want them sooo much since i saw them to jack nicholson in the movie “The pucket list”

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