The power of science!

Guise, this thing is so brilliant. It’s the best toilet plunger you can use, and it makes sense!

See, with regular stick-and-rubber toilet plungers, you sometimes get the blowback of dirty poop water spraying out of the toilet onto your pants. This, though, stops that from happening, because it uses a perfect seal around the toilet. And I didn’t know that so much air comes out of the toilet after you flush it! You push down on the air itself afterwards. That’s where the pressure comes from. BRILLIANT!

Come to think of it, now that I see all of the air coming out of the toilet when you flush it, could that lend some truth to the deadly air farticles we talked about in our How to Die in Korea video? No clue, but I’m interested in finding out more now as a result. I thought the complaint before was that the farticles just emerged from the water like steam rises from a pot, but it’s the actual flushing of the toilet that spits air back out into the bathroom. I’m also upset that autocorrect keeps trying to change farticles into articles. DAMN YOU! Farticles is a real word!

Also, from the video we saw of it online (that I can’t find now, oops!), supposedly the seal is so strong that you can actually stand on it, safely. I’m not sure how accurate this is. Big Dothraki Man Warrior, like myself, stand on top of puny, easily breakable toilet? Sounds like a video perfect for Failblog.

Martina also messed it up a bit by removing some of the sticky bit from the toilet wrapping thingy. Is there a technical term for this? Plunger 2.0? I don’t know. Point is, this could have gone a lot better if we put it on right. It also could have gone a lot better if we had the toilet plugged. We didn’t want to do that, though. Sorry guise: we love you, but we’re not willing to risk pissing off our maintenance guy anymore than we already have. He’s an angry dude. He broke our bathroom door once, after we decorated it all pretty, and then was like “pffft not my problem” and ajosshid his way out of talking about it. So we didn’t pay him until he fixed the door. Then he became friendly and fixed the door. But I’m sure he has Voodoo Dolls of us in his home and he mutters curses to us in candlelight. Point is, I don’t want to peeve him off anymore.

Also relevant, if you’re in Korea, you’ll see some people throwing their used, poopy paper out in the garbage bins beside the toilet, rather than in the toilet. We did a video about that when we first came to Korea. Wow, that’s an olllllld video. Don’t make fun of us, ok?

Ok, I’ll end it off here. Good news: we’ve got some awesome videos coming out tomorrow. Make sure you click this pretty button here so you don’t miss out on them!


    A. The plastic wrap plunger will only work with forced water (commercial) toilets, not the ones commonly found in North American homes which use a tank with a flapper. Using this on home toilets would force dirty water into the tank causing it to overflow as it fills with both fresh water and the dirty water from you Pushing on it.

    B. Toilet paper is biodegradable and will begin to break down in the toilet. This is why toilets seem to clear themselves after a few hours. Toilet paper will completely disintegrate in the sewer system -or- septic tank & leech field and we Flush it away because throwing it on the floor or in a waste basket is very unsanitary and leads to spreading diseases.

    C. AVOID clogging by flushing the toilet often while you are sitting on it to allow it to dispose of what it can handle in smaller doses. If you are FULL and anticipate a large movement, flush during and after your movement, then wet your ‘good’ paper (Charmin Ultra Strong) to aide in cleaning yourself, wipe 3 times and flush, repeat until you are clean. …

    Note that Most toilet paper will not serve you well if it is wet before wiping yourself and will lead to a soiled hand and this is why I recommend Charmin Ultra Strong or something like it if it is available to you.
    Charmin U.S. holds up rather well when wet to aide cleaning, but will also clog a toilet faster due to it’s density. Depending on how much you use you may need to flush more frequently to avoid clogging.

  2. this product is awesome. i vote this vs what we have…….or do we!!?!?!!

  3. BWAHAHAHAHAHAA! This is a great product, and the WTF was very funny! You took great pains to kill the gross-out factor and you really succeeded – kudos! I know that wasn’t easy.

    I totally understand that you don’t want that accidental splash from the toilet plunger but I can’t see how I could possibly keep my hands clean removing this product from the toilet and throwing it away – it would have been useful/entertaining (even if only in bloopers) to see how you disposed of it.

  4. Reminds me of one hostel I stayed at in Seoul… Everyday at least one of the toilets was plugged because people didn’t understand the English notes on the wall that said “don’t put any garbage to the toilet”. >_> It was so annoying because I stayed on the 1st floor but I had to walk to the 2nd floor for toilet and if the two there were plugged I had to walk to the 3rd floor… and it was cold!!
    Btw that water was blue, right. I saw it first time in Korea in a toilet and I still don’t know how it the colour blue… XD

  5. I didn’t know in the rest of the world people flushed the toilet paper O:

    I hate when my brother flush the toilet paper because then it’s me who has to unclog it :s

    so yeah I don’t know of any ppl here that flush the toilet paper except my brother u.u
    it’s pretty common for there to throw it in the garbage bin at the side, but it is not a little basket like in that video, it have a plastic bag inside and a cover so I don’t think it is that bad not to flush the toilet paper…

  6. I need this ASAP because my toilet is clogged LOL

  7. Saran Wrap…..just sayin’

  8. I’m confused. In my experience, if the toilet is clogged, then flushing it might cause it to flood. Will this prevent flooding as well? Do Korean toilets not flood?

  9. I have to admit the Plastic toilet Plunger looks pretty neat and less gross.
    You guys made me remember Senior Prank Day in high school. One of the Pranks the Seniors did was put Saran Wrap on the toilets in the restrooms. I was lucky not to have gone into the restrooms where they Saran Wrapped but it was the talk of the school. I always found the paint balls down the hallway was a better prank.

  10. Hey Simon and Martina I really want to start watching the Studio Ghibli movies but I want to know what version you guys watched???? There is the Japanese version with English subs a dubbed English version and a version dubbed by Disney.

    • I personally like subbed versions better than dubbed because the English speaking voice actors never seem to get Japanese expressions across properly. For example, when I hear a cute character with dubs I want to murder them, they’re like, “WHINE WHINE BLAHHH SUPER HIGH PITCH ENGLISH SPEAKING WITH OVEREXAGGGERATIOOON” but a Japanese voice actor does cute the way it should be, kind of whimsical rather than trying to be cute? I don’t know how to explain it… just our personal taste! :D HOWEVER, Howl’s Moving Castle has English voice actors that I like.

    • I like Japanese with English subs. It feels more authentic somehow. English dubbing can sometimes be a bit cheesy.

    • hey, so I’m a big Studio Ghibli’s fan and as far as I’m concerned all of them are good, it actually depends on your liking. Personally, I like the Japanese version with subs (just because I like listening to Japanese, kinda used to it) or dubbed English version (because its mostly, I think, in British English)…
      Also, prepare yourself to get addicted, the films are really good :)

  11. Your washroom looks awesome but I hate big mirrors around toilets. Why would anyone want to look at their reflection while taking a poop? Anyway, I like Martina’s hoodie. Reminds me of EXO’s outfits in the 2nd version MV for Growl.

  12. *Sigh* I just realized that watching new eat your kimchi video’s has became part of my daily routine and if there are no new video’s I just rewatch old video’s. AND AND… Eat your kimchi is the only website on which I have deactivated adblock… I just thought about that ! Everyone should do that… *fighting* (english is not my first language and I feel like I screwed up a sentence somehow… just don’t know how I did it.)

  13. RDD reference!!!

    that’s a pretty cool invention in a weird way!!

  14. Jajaja great vid! Btw my vid stop because of internet, here is very slow~~ so here is where stop it~ I think simon didn’t like martina face jajajaj

  15. i went to google translate farticles, but it’s not a word. But i google search it , urban dictionary did have this word. So this is a slang, that’s why ur phone auto-correct it haha

  16. Well … Definitely not the best video to watch while eating. That’s for sure

  17. Completely random, but I was at a Korean restaurant yesterday (Actually I took the bus for 2 hours just to get there >.>). I’ve fallen in love with dakgalbi and I was just wondering how healthy/unhealthy it is >.> Like on a scale of 1-10, 1 being McDonalds, 10 being a mummade dinner :) x x x

  18. i really hope no one ever goes into the stairwell when you’re peeing Simon…with the whole clear door and mirror…

  19. Hi, Simon and Martina.
    In one of your old videos, titled “most akward moment in Korea”, Martina talked about a phrase someone told her: “You have an uneven face”. Have you found out the real meaning of that? Or is akward for you.

  20. But but..if your door is clear couldn’t Soo Zee or Leigh see you peeing, Simon?! Might be a bit embarrassing..and bones, really?! You’re always making fun of Martina, Simon! (I see you..) but come on, come on! Sorry just had to be said. :P

  21. Do you have a new camera? This does not look like the EOS 550D anymore xD

    This is a model with a flip-screen ^^ May we curious Nerd-Nasties know which one :D?

    Could you do an equipment-update on your homepage? *soooo interested in all that gear*

  22. Why did Simon try to flush galbi down the toilet? What’s wrong with the garbage can? *sigh* Oh, Simon…

  23. this vid is TOO awesome haha. I’ve poo’d in there, just sayin

  24. i NEED THIS!!! Our toilet at home seems to clog too often!

  25. Definitely can’t flush the toilet paper out in rural Korea. Every restaurant and cafe have signs like “don’t flush the toilet paper!!” haha…

  26. I think it’s cool, but gross at the same time. Like, when applying it you’re like face to face with your poop… it’s just staring at you like “haha i’m still here”

  27. That’s actually really cool! It’s definitely more sanitary.

    By the way, Martina, I love your laugh. It’s very infectious!

  28. i was fearful for martina when i saw her pushing the puff of the plastic plunger, in my mind was like “man, what if the plastic broke and martina’s hand went through? what if there’s real poop and the plastic broke?” if i were to use it, i would use a rubber plunger to push the plastic plunger, to be doubly safe LOL

  29. Is it just me, or did it look like there were two toilets in that stall before realizing that it was the reflection in the mirror?

  30. Guys, guys! I don’t know if you know or not, but you were mentioned in the newspaper in the UK a couple of days ago :)

    Also this is a really useful WTF this week :D

  31. Cool idea it just seems like it would be time consuming. It also looked like you had to touch the toilet to put that thing on. I would be ok doing that at home just not on a public toilet.

  32. Hey Simon and Martina, this shows the picture of someone standing on top of the toilet sticker. http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/Item/DetailView/Item.aspx?goodscode=203685823

  33. Found a video of what it should look like. super cool! However, totally not as entertaining as Simon and Martina’s video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce71dbQil6w

  34. woooowwwww, this seems extremely complicating for just a plunging job. “First clean it, then seal the back, then undo the sticky stuff, then seal the rest, then push to plunge.” What if one of the plastic sheets were somewhat malfunctioned and your hand goes through it right into the toilet bowl……Gross. Great sound effects though!

  35. we always use plastic bags and duct tape to destroy gigantic clogged up poos!
    i didnt know about this though! I guess it’ll be easier than sealing it with tape and praying i didnt miss a spot^^

  36. Oooh it looks like a pretty cool product (and would make for a great prank if it wasn’t a bright yellow colour or had writing on it :P)

  37. In Brazil, you can’t throw toilet paper into the toilet in most places because it can cause clogging. I don’t know if it’s because the old plumming used to clog and people just stuck to the habit or if it’s still shitty plumming. When I lived in England I thought it was super weird to throw it into the toilet. So, cultural diferences really xD

  38. I guess this is good if you only clog your toilet once in a while…

    Too bad it’s a bit of a waste of money for me to buy in the future… I have a bad habit of using more toilet paper than you should be using because I’m afaird of being filthy, (As a child, I was afraid of being filthy, so I really wanted to be clean) Like down there is the worse place to be filthy.
    Are there any Nasties here who use more toilet paper than you’re supposed to do to fear of filthiness??

    • you should just buy a peribottle. They are little squirt bottles made just for cleaning yourself up! We use them at the hospital for ladies who just had babies but they also work well for anything bathroom related… you can just put some warm water in them and sha-zaam– much cleaner than toilet paper– and just use a little tp to dry off. :D


    • I wash my hands after every little thing, so I can say I’m afraid of being filthy. However, I’m more wary of how much I’m spending when toilet paper is wasted like that. Get the stuff that isn’t John Wayne TP, and use less of it. A good double-ply tissue should be fine using 6-10 squares. Unless you’re having massive diarrhea, there’s just no reason to use more than that.

      John Wayne TP: Rough, tough, and doesn’t take shit from anybody.

      • Even if it were 2+ ply, I still have a fear of filth. It does not matter how many ply it is, I will always end up using more than I should. I’m pretty certain I go through…3-5 toilet paper rolls a month depending on the size. It’s kind of like a force of nature. I know I shouldn’t use that much, but in my mind, I’d rather have a super clean bottom, than risk myself with filthiness and other gross stuff.

        Unless I’m at someone’s house where I’m afraid to clog the toilet, or traveling in Asia where you have to use your own tissues, public washrooms and my own washroom are where I use a lot of toilet paper.

        • I don’t think that 3-5 rolls a month is a big number at all, it really depends on how your body dispenses its waste and for women, there is also more toilet paper involved just because of our period. As someone else said though, baby/travel wipes can really give you that extra clean faster than dry toilet paper can – first wad of toilet paper for big clean, then travel wipe for leftovers, then a couple of squares to dry. I don’t have a fear of being filthy, I just like to be clean and make sure I smell nice. Most people get into being scared of getting their hand dirty, just take your time and you can do it with less paper, if you make your wad more loose like a napkin you can fold it after the first use and use it again. Looser wads also flush better. Give yourself a courtesy flush half-way if you are worried about clogging the toilet. If are diligent with wiping and you shower every day or even every second day, you’d be hard pressed to get dirty enough for……well, whatever you are scared of. Good luck!

        • That sounds like a problem you should see a doctor about. When something is affecting your life to that degree, it’s more than merely a quirk. You can -always- wash your hands to get rid of any remaining germs and bacteria.

          If you plan to have children, I don’t know how you’ll ever manage to change their diapers. Using gloves separates you from them in a way that prevents bonding, and it’s kind of hard to properly apply something like baby powder or cream while wearing them.

  39. Pretty cool, works on the same premise of a plunger really. And disposable! Which is a huge bonus, because if you think about it… how often do the plungers get cleaned? Not just rinsed off, but you know… sanitized. Ew.

    I bet the building and the plumbing is not as old/bad as the house I grew up in – once upon a time, when we’d had lilac trees in our backyard growing roots in inconvenient spots blocking the path to the septic tank, you’d flush the toilet (or plunge as needed), and it would spit out in our bathtub.

    I bleached that tub so many damn times after they got all the septic system mess fixed….. had no shower then either, just the old ball and claw tub. Gross memories of the old house.

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