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WTF – Toilet Plunger Plastic Wrap?

March 8, 2014


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The power of science!

Guise, this thing is so brilliant. It’s the best toilet plunger you can use, and it makes sense!

See, with regular stick-and-rubber toilet plungers, you sometimes get the blowback of dirty poop water spraying out of the toilet onto your pants. This, though, stops that from happening, because it uses a perfect seal around the toilet. And I didn’t know that so much air comes out of the toilet after you flush it! You push down on the air itself afterwards. That’s where the pressure comes from. BRILLIANT!

Come to think of it, now that I see all of the air coming out of the toilet when you flush it, could that lend some truth to the deadly air farticles we talked about in our How to Die in Korea video? No clue, but I’m interested in finding out more now as a result. I thought the complaint before was that the farticles just emerged from the water like steam rises from a pot, but it’s the actual flushing of the toilet that spits air back out into the bathroom. I’m also upset that autocorrect keeps trying to change farticles into articles. DAMN YOU! Farticles is a real word!

Also, from the video we saw of it online (that I can’t find now, oops!), supposedly the seal is so strong that you can actually stand on it, safely. I’m not sure how accurate this is. Big Dothraki Man Warrior, like myself, stand on top of puny, easily breakable toilet? Sounds like a video perfect for Failblog.

Martina also messed it up a bit by removing some of the sticky bit from the toilet wrapping thingy. Is there a technical term for this? Plunger 2.0? I don’t know. Point is, this could have gone a lot better if we put it on right. It also could have gone a lot better if we had the toilet plugged. We didn’t want to do that, though. Sorry guise: we love you, but we’re not willing to risk pissing off our maintenance guy anymore than we already have. He’s an angry dude. He broke our bathroom door once, after we decorated it all pretty, and then was like “pffft not my problem” and ajosshid his way out of talking about it. So we didn’t pay him until he fixed the door. Then he became friendly and fixed the door. But I’m sure he has Voodoo Dolls of us in his home and he mutters curses to us in candlelight. Point is, I don’t want to peeve him off anymore.

Also relevant, if you’re in Korea, you’ll see some people throwing their used, poopy paper out in the garbage bins beside the toilet, rather than in the toilet. We did a video about that when we first came to Korea. Wow, that’s an olllllld video. Don’t make fun of us, ok?

Ok, I’ll end it off here. Good news: we’ve got some awesome videos coming out tomorrow. Make sure you click this pretty button here so you don’t miss out on them!



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