HA! We were waiting for the perfect chance to use this, and – voila – here it is! It started pouring rain the night before we flew out for LA (you’re reading this now as we’re in LA), so we put this on and gave it a test ride. Oh boy, did we ever have fun.

For starters, we met a lot of Nasties in the span of 5 minutes. Really…quite impressive. It’s not like that all the time. Really, not at all. However, there’s a universal law we found that dictates how many people we’re going to run into outside. It’s immutable. It’s woven into the fabric of the universe and is more consistent than the laws of thermodynamics. It’s this: the better Martina looks, the less people we’ll see, but if Martina goes out makeup free and looking bad, there’ll be a parade of people waiting. It’s a guarantee. Here’s a graph we found, made by a team of scientists and statisticians. Very accurate:

Scientific Line Graph

Side note: I’m not sure if you noticed this, but our walking shots with the camera were pretty freaking smooth, no? I know that for our adventure videos we do a lot of walking, and it makes some people nauseous. We heard your complaints, so we did something to fix it. We’ve got a small steadicam now. It’s just for the iPhone, which is why the footage isn’t as good as our regular footage, but it’s good for us for when we travel around. Things should be less vomit inducing now. So sorry it took us this long! I’m still getting the hang of using it as well, so it’s a bit hard to keep Martina in the center of the frame, but with practice I’ll get better at it. We literally just got it a couple of hours before filming this, just in time for our trip to LA.

Anyhow, if you want one of these lovely contraptions that Martina swears by, you can pick it up on Gmarket. It’s meant to be a product for children, but – who are we kidding here – you should buy it for the whole family! Ha!

Otherwise, if you had as much fun with this as we did, click on the pretty button below!

  1. Love the fact that you had no qualms about going out and struttin’ your sexy self in this. Super geeky cute! I’d wear the thing in a flash! Have you worn it since? Maybe with Spudgy’s dog umbrella?!

  2. If companies make product like this, they expect that people will wear it a lot after purchasing. In the video I didn’t see anyone using an umbrella hat apart from Martina… Have you used this item since filming this? Most people in Australia run with a bag over their head until they fall over and get drenched in muddy water :) It can be hard sometimes~

  3. Hey, definitely noticed the stedicam, it makes a big difference :) Didn’t know you could get them for iPhones.

  4. I loved this! I think I loved the reactions to your new found superpowers in the rain the most!

  5. So what you’re saying is… Martina is becoming a real duckie? lol
    Also, I would love to get a picture with you in this…especially in this just because its so very much you, silly and quirky :P Nehow, thanks for the awesome vid, made me giggle :)

  6. That thing is even better than the umbrella hat! http://fabulesslyfrugal.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Umbrella-Hat-300×300.jpg That rape face though. Hahahaha. Oh and you guys don’t know how much time I replayed the part where the cute Korean guy passed. Hahahaha. Oh and by the way, Martina’s still picture slowly zooming in will forever haunt me in my dreams.

  7. I actually want to buy one if they sell it here in my area lolz!

  8. Great if you really want personal space! This video is pure gold, now I can’t get the images of a family with these on pretending to be frilled lizards or dinosaurs.

  9. I am really weird…
    I didn’t understand the title was condom hat but you didn’t mention it during the video until I saw it really looks like one. I thought the last part of the video was first: funny, highlighting how Martina looked weird walking out like wearing a condom on her head, then second: when I thought why is the video still playing it should end anytime, thought it was sweet because it like appreciating Martina how beautiful she is blah blah blah then at the last part when it is paused and zooming in on her, I started to get scared because I thought something scary was gonna pop on the screen, like the scary videos before where it instructs you to concentrate on an object then suddenly a ghost will suddenly pop out from the vid. Traumatized, until now. So yeah.

  10. Hey guys! I have a question for a future TL,DR: Since the World Cup is currently taking place and only occurs once every four years, I was wondering how invested Korean citizens are in the game? Here in the USA, football aka “soccer” is not as popular compared to American football, basketball, baseball etc. Other countries have popular sports like rugby and cricket so are there any sports that are more popular in Korea vs. North America? What’s the sports culture like in Korea? Are there crazy devoted sports fans as well?? Thanks!

  11. OMGOSH. I loved this video so much!! I was laughing throughout the entire thing. I’m so glad that you’re able to have so much fun with these segments~~

  12. This is the awesomest thing I have ever seen!!!! I SO want one!!! Dignity-scmignity!!! Most of my friends and famiy would just grin and roll their eyes…this product is exactly what I would get!!! SO amused!!!! Okay, I am now off to the Gmarket website to look at how much this is going to set me back!

  13. You guys should’ve awkwardly stopped that highly attractive Korean man and asked for his contact information, it would’ve made my fb search a lot easier (joking, I say)

  14. Cute Wonderful Treasure Find video, but I don’t I would buy a UFO umbrella hat…. I’d be too embarrassed.

  15. this might be my favourite WTF ever :D

  16. Hilarious! I was suprised it actually works even thought it seems a bit clumsy to actually wear it in korea with all these people! Hahaha

  17. Come to Korea and enjoy how rainy days become days where everyone has a smile on the face.

  18. That diagram relates very accurately to my life, Martina, I share your pain! (If I go out without makeup, I see more hot guys in one day than I saw in the last 6 months. WITH OUT FAIL.)
    Speaking of hot guys, I’m totally guilty of getting side tracked for a moment! I feel strongly compelled to go to a convenient store in Korea ASAP!
    Btw, do the coffees actually come in those pre-made coffee cups?!

  19. While it kept the rain off of you, did it also keep you from being sweaty or clammy? As for how it looks, I imagine no one in S Korea would have looked at you twice had it not been for the cameraman trailing you!

  20. 2:09 in and my only thought is “You look like a giant condom.” Okay, I’m going to finish watching it now.

  21. omg, you guys… just lol… just… also, this makes me wanna go clubbing in korea just so i can run into you guys doing stupid shit out on my way to the club! haha…

    side note, i was surprised that martina’s face didn’t get wet. i would think that it would, especially if it was raining pretty hard…

  22. Seriously I can imagine Orange Caramel wearing this in a video!!!!!

  23. You know, I spent two years in Korea and I don’t remember ever seeing any adults ever wearing a raincoat. Ponchos, yes. Umbrellas, yes. Raincoats, no.

  24. you looked good! Don’t worry~ kk

  25. Sorry Martina but I am most definitely watching the korean guy.

  26. I’m going to buy one and seduce some boys.

  27. That last image was uh… a bit prolonged, wasn’t it?

  28. Yupp, I was indeed watching the hot Korean guy. I even reversed it and enjoyed his appearance again. I’d apologize but I’ve looked at Martina for 3 years now, 3 seconds for the hot Korean guy was just a mini break for the eyes ;-P

  29. Martina looks really awkward

  30. That is the widest grin I have ever seen on Martina’s face!!!! Loved it!!!!

  31. This is probably my favorite video I have watched from you two in the long time. xD I laughed the entire way through and lordy do I wish I had seen you out that night.
    Just the faces Martina kept making GOLD! COMEDY GOLD!

  32. This is the new fashion item, I’m sure it will someday be presented during the fashion week xD

  33. bwahahah this is too gold.

  34. This is possibly the greatest video you guise have ever made. I had to pause several times to ride out waves of side splitting laughter. Well done. Very well done.

  35. Only you can make rainy day as hilarious as this :D
    Simon& Martina, please make a video about how you film: what ind of cameras and microphones do you use for filmin inside and outside. It’d nice. I love the quality of yours <3

  36. I laughed way too hard at this HAHAHA it kind of reminds me the cone of shame that pets get though HAHAHAHAHAHA

  37. This is my new favorite video by you guise… So funny! I have rewatched it way too many times xD

  38. Yes, I did notice how steady the shots were and it looked much better. Who did the editing and put the long Martina ending. So funny.

  39. But here’s the real question: if you wear one of these inside, does it count as bad luck or not????

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