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WTF? UFO Umbrella Hat

June 15, 2014


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HA! We were waiting for the perfect chance to use this, and – voila – here it is! It started pouring rain the night before we flew out for LA (you’re reading this now as we’re in LA), so we put this on and gave it a test ride. Oh boy, did we ever have fun.

For starters, we met a lot of Nasties in the span of 5 minutes. Really…quite impressive. It’s not like that all the time. Really, not at all. However, there’s a universal law we found that dictates how many people we’re going to run into outside. It’s immutable. It’s woven into the fabric of the universe and is more consistent than the laws of thermodynamics. It’s this: the better Martina looks, the less people we’ll see, but if Martina goes out makeup free and looking bad, there’ll be a parade of people waiting. It’s a guarantee. Here’s a graph we found, made by a team of scientists and statisticians. Very accurate:

Scientific Line Graph

Side note: I’m not sure if you noticed this, but our walking shots with the camera were pretty freaking smooth, no? I know that for our adventure videos we do a lot of walking, and it makes some people nauseous. We heard your complaints, so we did something to fix it. We’ve got a small steadicam now. It’s just for the iPhone, which is why the footage isn’t as good as our regular footage, but it’s good for us for when we travel around. Things should be less vomit inducing now. So sorry it took us this long! I’m still getting the hang of using it as well, so it’s a bit hard to keep Martina in the center of the frame, but with practice I’ll get better at it. We literally just got it a couple of hours before filming this, just in time for our trip to LA.

Anyhow, if you want one of these lovely contraptions that Martina swears by, you can pick it up on Gmarket. It’s meant to be a product for children, but – who are we kidding here – you should buy it for the whole family! Ha!

Otherwise, if you had as much fun with this as we did, click on the pretty button below!



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