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Yangjae Flower Market

August 8, 2014


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Ok, so this isn’t really a useful WANK for a lot of you, because I doubt you’ll be doing a lot of gardening here when you’re in Korea, but this was something we were really fascinated in and wanted to share with you. Our coffee shop, You Are Here Cafe, is about to open on Saturday, and we’re doing our best to make the place look as spiffy as possible.

Going to the flower market was really interesting for us, because it reminds us about things we take for granted. Like, we’re functional in Korean, and haven’t felt any issues with speaking it for quite a while now, but when we went to the garden there was a world of vocabulary that we were never taught. How the hell do you say “perennial”? Soo Zee didn’t even know what it was. She had to explain it to the flower lady and get the term out of her.

Also, we grew up with gardening in our lives, Martina moreso than myself, but we’re used to lawns and lawnmowers, digging up dirt, pulling up weeds, and all that. In Korea, though, majority of people don’t own lawns. Most people live in apartments. It makes me wonder how a flower market can stay in business for so long, with so few people to be able to plant things.

Another thing that shocked us about gardening in Korea (yes, I know this is a weird topic that you’ll probably never have to experience but listen to our stories!!!) is when we bought different seeds for our garden. We bought some sunflower seeds, for example. We got a packet of them. When we opened up the packet, you know how many seeds were in it? Two. GOTDAMN TWO SEEDS. 2. The number 2. It’s 1 bigger than 1. They sold us two freaking seeds! Why the hell do you need to make a package for TWO SEEDS?!?! We spoke with Soo Zee about it afterwards and it seems this is common practice, selling seeds by the couples. What the hell?!

Anyhow, if you’re coming on Saturday, our garden isn’t fully done yet. We’re still planting some more things there. We realized that the previous owners let everything overgrow, and a lot of it was rotting, so we had to prune down a lot, unfortunately. We’ll grow it back, bigger, healthier, stronger.

Question, though: we have no idea how many of you are coming on Saturday. If you are coming, please fill out this form below. And by fill out the form, I mean click the little button saying you’re going. We’re just curious. We have no idea. We’re expecting ten of you to show up. Gracie and Unicornsgalaxy. We better see both of you there!

Also, tomorrow on Reddit we’re gonna do an AMA from our coffee shop, so we’d love to see you there 12PM, Korean time. We can’t do a LiveChat there, YET, so we figured a LiveChat with text would be an interesting alternative :D

Otherwise, we’ve got some extra scenes from this week’s video as well, if you’re interested :D

And lastly, I’m surprised we’re even publishing videos with all the craziness that’s happening. Today was a full day of labor. Tomorrow we’ve got another gigantic day, and Saturday’s the grand opening! But we’ve got another video Saturday as well, so for those of you outside of Korea we’re not neglecting uuuuuuuu! Click on the button below so you won’t miss out on all the fun :D



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