Ok, so this isn’t really a useful WANK for a lot of you, because I doubt you’ll be doing a lot of gardening here when you’re in Korea, but this was something we were really fascinated in and wanted to share with you. Our coffee shop, You Are Here Cafe, is about to open on Saturday, and we’re doing our best to make the place look as spiffy as possible.

Going to the flower market was really interesting for us, because it reminds us about things we take for granted. Like, we’re functional in Korean, and haven’t felt any issues with speaking it for quite a while now, but when we went to the garden there was a world of vocabulary that we were never taught. How the hell do you say “perennial”? Soo Zee didn’t even know what it was. She had to explain it to the flower lady and get the term out of her.

Also, we grew up with gardening in our lives, Martina moreso than myself, but we’re used to lawns and lawnmowers, digging up dirt, pulling up weeds, and all that. In Korea, though, majority of people don’t own lawns. Most people live in apartments. It makes me wonder how a flower market can stay in business for so long, with so few people to be able to plant things.

Another thing that shocked us about gardening in Korea (yes, I know this is a weird topic that you’ll probably never have to experience but listen to our stories!!!) is when we bought different seeds for our garden. We bought some sunflower seeds, for example. We got a packet of them. When we opened up the packet, you know how many seeds were in it? Two. GOTDAMN TWO SEEDS. 2. The number 2. It’s 1 bigger than 1. They sold us two freaking seeds! Why the hell do you need to make a package for TWO SEEDS?!?! We spoke with Soo Zee about it afterwards and it seems this is common practice, selling seeds by the couples. What the hell?!

Anyhow, if you’re coming on Saturday, our garden isn’t fully done yet. We’re still planting some more things there. We realized that the previous owners let everything overgrow, and a lot of it was rotting, so we had to prune down a lot, unfortunately. We’ll grow it back, bigger, healthier, stronger.

Question, though: we have no idea how many of you are coming on Saturday. If you are coming, please fill out this form below. And by fill out the form, I mean click the little button saying you’re going. We’re just curious. We have no idea. We’re expecting ten of you to show up. Gracie and Unicornsgalaxy. We better see both of you there!

Also, tomorrow on Reddit we’re gonna do an AMA from our coffee shop, so we’d love to see you there 12PM, Korean time. We can’t do a LiveChat there, YET, so we figured a LiveChat with text would be an interesting alternative :D

Otherwise, we’ve got some extra scenes from this week’s video as well, if you’re interested :D


And lastly, I’m surprised we’re even publishing videos with all the craziness that’s happening. Today was a full day of labor. Tomorrow we’ve got another gigantic day, and Saturday’s the grand opening! But we’ve got another video Saturday as well, so for those of you outside of Korea we’re not neglecting uuuuuuuu! Click on the button below so you won’t miss out on all the fun :D

  1. I really love this place! I haven’t been in years mostly because my thumbs are in no way green enough. But I’m happy to say the ferns I bought there are still going strong as well as the bamboo!

  2. I wonder if SooZee has Trypophobia O_O I know how she feels, makes my skin crawl

  3. Hey guys, I was watching the bloopers on youtube, and someone mentioned that the flowers were having trouble when they showed up to the cafe opening. How are they doing now? Not sure how hot it is over there, we’re getting quite the heat wave in socal right now for sure. I live in an apartment and I don’t have any space for much gardening now, but I used to live in the midwest and I always grew up with at least a small lawn and garden, I miss plants a lot! Just hoping everything is doing well :)

  4. Mint does indeed take over everything.

  5. Okay I just wanted to say that SooZee’s hair looked awesome and I love it.

  6. Ahhh SooZee I know what you mean about small holes/pores being freaky!!! They gross me out too.. >.<

  7. ohh, you made me happy right now! I love flowers and this was just wonderful <3

  8. I know nothing about flowers, but I’m glad Martina knows what she’s doing. I know the coffee shop is going to look great! It’s to bad I can’t come to visit yet. Sigh*

  9. Congrats for your grand opening, though I can’t visit there. Hope you guys are having wonderful time. It’s such a beautiful pink / white garden. I really appreciate Martina’s choice on the flowers and looking forward to watch your video of the GRAND OPENING.(!)

    My comment was eaten two times, I guess. Hope this time works. Hum…

  10. I don’t know about flowers either, Leigh :)

  11. Martina, I think you need to get a small hoya plant. They look like this http://thisisjustforfunval.tumblr.com/post/92171226984/giving-new-meaning-to-flower-boy . Give or take an element. It would be a nice homage to a group we all know you guys love.

    Wish I could be at your grand opening. It’s nice seeing all the pics Nasties are shared on twitter. Continue to have a great grand opening and fruitful business from this day forward :)

  12. Those little bb plants are succulents. Fun fact because I’m currently obsessed with them:. Accidentally knocked off one of the leaves? No problemo! The leaf with eventually start growing tiny roots and a new plant will start at the base of the leaf! Bb succulents for all!
    I’ve found succulents do best in bright, indirect light. I keep mine on my covered porch so they don’t get drowned by the rain
    I keep all my mint in pots for fear of it taking over my yard/house/life. I’ve heard of people having good results containing it in raised beds though
    Lemongrass is really hearty, repels bugs and smells nice. Portuluca (moss rose) is very pretty and grows fast. I think I saw one in the video? Peonies are perennial too! I know martina likes those :)
    No idea about climate and availability but have you thought about fruit trees or bushes? Fig trees, blueberry bushes etc. I have a miniature peach tree in a pot on my back porch. I got little golf ball sized peaches from it this year!
    /plant dork

  13. Kyah I wish I was in Korea so I can go to your coffee shop opening, sadly I live in Wisconsin and have no money to even try and travel to Korea (;-;) but on day I shall go to SK and visit your coffee shop! :D

  14. I may be out of my depth here, but It seems like the earth you’re using is kind of bad… Maybe the enriched earth you added will be enough for the flowers but if you want nice grass I recommend you mix the earth of the entire garden with enriched earth (ugh don’t know these words in english!). I also recommend carpet grass if you want to be quick. It’s real grass, but it comes in rolls and you just lay it down othe ground. Water it it A LOT the first 3 days and it will grow by itself. But it needs at least 5cm of good compact earth under it for the roots to reach down.
    Just a thought! I know nothing about gardening but I helped with my aunt’s garden for my cousin’s wedding so I know a couple things a bout earth and grass now. In the end it poured the entire wedding party OTL. But I had fun.
    The café and garden are going to be amazing. I can’t wait to see it! It won’t be for a couple of years though, so please take good care of it in the meantime!

  15. Where’d my comment go? Did it get eaten? I’ll post again. XD

    *Owlish blinking* Me? You hope to see me there? Awwww! ♥♥♥ I don’t think it’s going to happen though since I live on the other side of the world and have no plans on going to Korea just yet (maybe next year). I’ll be at the opening in spirit though! ^^

    I love the flowers! I’m a big lover of the wild flower look… you know the one where you see it and you want to put on a twirly dress (Simon, don’t deny it…I bet even you feel like putting on a twirly dress when you see wild flowers) and skip and twirl and dance through it until you collapse in a heap of giggles and then make pretty flower crowns. Unfortunately, the few times that I attempted to plant flowers outside my apartment, they didn’t last long. The soil is no good and won’t allow anything to grow. :(

  16. *Owlish blinking* Me? You hope to see me there? Awwww! ♥♥♥ I don’t think it’s going to happen though since I live on the other side of the world and have no plans on going to Korea just yet (maybe next year). I’ll be at the opening in spirit though! ^^

    I love the flowers! I’m a big lover of the wild flower look… you know the one where you see it and you want to put on a twirly dress (Simon, don’t deny it…I bet even you feel like putting on a twirly dress when you see wild flowers) and skip and twirl and dance through it until you collapse in a heap of giggles and then make pretty flower crowns. Unfortunately, the few times that I attempted to plant flowers outside my apartment, they didn’t last long. The soil is no good and won’t allow anything to grow. :(

  17. I won’t be there for the opening but will be there at the beginning of September. I can’t wait to see it. I’m hoping I get to meet you guys but I will enjoy the coffee and the milkshakes regardless :)

  18. OMG! Soozee with the pores thing! I thought I was the only one! If something has numerous pores or like heaps of dots all close together it disgusts me. Like when something thick (like soup) is boiling in a pot it’s so gross because of all the bubbles. I always try to explain that to people but nobody gets it haha.

  19. Martina I love love LOVE your hair in today’s video. More pink than normal?? :D

  20. I was really surprised that you could find so many plants. Here in Indiana many of the seasonal greenhouses are already closed and all of other stores are closing everything out.

    I was all excited about Nasties sending you seeds from around the world and then I woke up. I forgot about how invasive species are often pretty innocuous in their native habitat. Chinese Wisteria. Feral hogs. Kudzu. Asian Carp.

  21. Bah I miss gardening (Q_Q”) also wish I could be there to see the shop – one day! One day I will be able to travel to SK and afford a larger apartment and take baths at home and freeze ice cubes ‘cus I’ll have a bathtub and a real deal not-a-beer-fridge fridge!

  22. That’s a stylin’ ajumma hat, Martina! And OMG I totally have that Meemer’s tote bag! Fabulous darling, fabulous!

  23. Ughhhhhh I wish I could be there for the opening, but sadly, I won’t be in Korea til September 2. But in the morning on September 3, I’ll totally be there and I’ll also be dragging along my friends for breakfast and milkshakes XDDD Can’t wait to see you guys! I hope you keep us updated as to when you’ll be at the cafe so we Nasties can at least get a glimpse of you <333

  24. You guys, I’m gonna try and make it up to Seoul from Cheonan for your grand opening. I have to prepare for a spoken word thing that I have at Southside on Sunday night, but you know, EYK has been so important to me while I was preparing for Korea, and especially while I’ve lived here. You guys are the best and I’m so very happy that you’re opening your own coffee shop! And Martina, your flower knowledge! Quite impressive. Do you guys want some basil? I have some basil and some mint and I’m leaving soon for China. Anyways, maybe I’ll just bring it and leave it near your coffee shop. HAHAHAHAHAHA! No, but really…

  25. So I know this was kind of an out of the ordinary video for you guys, but I really liked the editing style. The words, while I’m probably not going to remember any of these, were fun to see in Korean and “learn” a bit a long the way. I know that it can be a challenge for you to try out new styles, there is always someone who is unhappy if you don’t do the EXACT same things as before, but I enjoyed seeing new styles of videos as well!

    Congrats on the opening. I hope it goes smoothly (it won’t, I have experience with that!)

  26. :( i really wish that i could go to your grand opening, but i live in Canada. Maybe ill visit one day… Congrats by the way i wish yall good luck and may the You Are Here cafe be a great success.

  27. Can’t be there in person now but very excited for you!! I’m thinking by the time I visit Korea in three years, the garden will be amazing! Congratulations and good luck on Saturday!!

  28. Make sure to toss up a link to the AMA on your Facespace page so we can find it and barrage you with questions!

  29. This WANK was so fun! Always great to see Leigh and Soozee ;) I was proud that I knew what perennials are, even though I hate gardening – bees everywhere D: I would love to have an herb garden though, fresh mint and basil and rosemary mmmmmm.

    • Oh! And Martina, the squirrel story reminded me of another awkward wildlife messing with your garden story. This one time when I was a kid, we woke up one day to find that all the flowers in our garden had had their heads cut off – just the part with the petals, the stalks and leaves were all still there, they hadn’t been dug up or anything. So my mom got really freaked out, like “Oh my god, some creeper came to our garden and attacked the flowers and is this some kind of serial killer thing?” so she called the cops and they agreed that it was sketchy and would patrol around our neighborhood. Then she was talking to one of our neighbors and turns out, it was a deer that went around eating all the flower heads :P Ridiculous.

  30. *grumbles and pouts* taunting me because I live on the other side of the world? Nice guise, nice…. But you can make it up to me by getting me a pretty zippy garden hat like Martina’s. I am not even joking. My regular garden hat is a pain in the @$$.

    Lol, you are right about mint. It is so useful and so horribly invasive and hardy. We used to run the car over the mint patch that grew up in our back yard just so we could try to control it’s growth, but it kept growing back.

  31. Those aren’t cacti, they are succulents from Africa, though they behave very similarly.

    BTW- most people kill plants by overwatering, orchids especially.

  32. Pretty flowers, I can’t wait to see the coffee shop, I’m so proud of you guise! *sniffs and ugly hugging* lol. But I loves you all! I hope you didn’t buy the ivy, or it’s just me but I hate that stuff. The last residents who lived here planted some and it’s always trying to take over my garden and since it’s so warm and humid in Korea, it would be even worse!

  33. When Martina mentioned that she wants mint and they could make mijito from it,
    this was the first thing i could think of :

    • When my sister and I moved in together that was the first thing we bought/made and it is awesome ^^ (also I thought that mint kept bugs away? or is it only the basic mint, cause we keep it in our kitchen and we used to have a huge problem with flies but now they’re gone O.o)

  34. SooZee may already know, but the discomfort she gets from porous surfaces/holes is called Trypophobia!

  35. I’m so happy for you guys <3 If I had the money to visit Korea I would totally be there for opening day :D

  36. OH MY GOSH THE BABY CACTI!!!!! Squeeeeeeee!

    It’s okay, Leigh, I don’t know anything about flowers, either.

  37. The garden is going to be really pretty!!! And thank you for still posting videos despite being so busy.

  38. I’m so excited to see your cafe! Can’t wait until Saturday (^o^)/

  39. If there was a “I’ll be there in spirit” button, I’d be clickin’ all up on that. But hope the Grand Opening goes awesome!

    And I am super impressed by Martina’s gardening/flower knowledge! I think a lot of people assume gardening is just “stick a plant in a pot/ground and you’re done.” But most of the time, it is a lot more complicated than that. Also, that flower market looked amazing! Does anyone know how the cost of flowers in Korea compares to North America? I was just wondering since it was mentioned in the blog post that there were only two sunflower seeds per pack. How much was that pack of two seeds?! I’m in Florida and we can get a pack of about 15-20 (organic, not sure if that is more expensive) seeds for around $2.50. Is that about the same for other places?

  40. O_O selling a packet of seeds with only 2 seeds in?? what the??

    T_T i WISH i could be there for the opening!!

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