Oh Spudgy and Meemers: they look really cute on camera, but they’re even cuter off camera. Here’s a small compilation of Meemers playing at home, both on the ground and inside the fridge, along with Spudgy being jealous, and Beshal – the newest edition to our family – being snuggled upon by all animals.

Regarding Beshal, I’d like to mention that the video footage doesn’t show the timelapse, but we took footage from all various days of Spudgy and Meemers snuggling with Beshal. It wasn’t just one day of filming. If Spudgy could grow a beard, you’d see it grow in the footage. Many days have passed. Many snuggly days.

Meemers in the fridge: he’s always curious about what’s going on in the fridge and the freezer, and I was under the impression that cats do not like cold places, but I opened the freezer to get something out, came back, and Meemers was inside. We didn’t place him inside the freezer. I repeat: we didn’t place him inside the freezer. Also, apologies for the closeup shot of his fuzzy butthole. I’d like to mention that if you try to type butthole on the computer it’s autocorrected to buttonhole. I’m pretty sure that the world says “butthole” a lot more than they say “buttonhole.” Kinda like how I never write “ducking” on the iPhone. Never. Never ever ever. I literally never mean “duck you” ever.

Final thoughts: Martina’s creation of the fan string toy for Meemers is one of the most brilliant things she’s ever accomplished in her life. We thought he’d get sick of it after the first day, but he’s remained just as annoyed with it, every day. We like to move it all over the house and present him with various obstacles, such as tables, chairs, piles of stuffed animals, all to prevent him from reaching the strings. It seems to be the only form of exercise that we can coerce out of this fat ass cat. How’d he get so fat? And huge! He used to fit in our hands! Now he’s half a horse.

So we hope you liked this video and it brightens your day. Let us know if your animals are as bad as our animals and if you have any tricks for making your fatass cat less fatass. Also, click on the pretty button below for more vids of the Spudgy and the Meemers!

  1. So what is the pet requirements in an apartment? Don’t know if anyone asked this before.. Like here in Texas, its 500.00 per pet and then 15 bucks pet rent. Does anyone know the fees or rules in Korea?

  2. Sounds silly but an exercise routine with the laser pointer helped my one really fat one. She’s lost enough weight to be only kinda fat. She’s big anyways but she was 26 pounds when we started 15 minutes of laser pointers and strings a day and now shes sitting around 21 or so 6 months later. I didn’t change her diet or anything but 15 minutes of super activity everyday, she seems to have more energy and even bothers to play on her own now too.

  3. Love the fan ribbons! We try to cycle new toys to keep our kitties active. They really seem to like the dollarstore feather boa that I tied a plush moustache on elastic to. They pull on the stache and it leaps up but the boa makes Iit swing oddly and sosometimes a feather floats off and they chase that too. Its less predictable so they haven’t gotten bored of it yet.

  4. The fan strings idea is brilliant! Why did I never think of this? I have a huge fatass cat too and all my efforts to make him exercise were in vain. He’s getting old as well (just turned 14! 14! If he were a human he’d be in 9th grade!) so he’s lazier and lazier.

  5. LOl this is so cute. I wish I can bring my cat to Korea. She looks similar to him.

  6. Glad to know you’re exercising the Meems. He needs it o.O The only way to really get him to lose weight is to feed him less. Gradually decrease the amount you normally feed him til it’s about the minimum amount of calories he should be getting for his height, length, breed, and activity level. You’ll definitely see the difference. My dog and cat are much healthier because of it ^^

  7. Wow, ribbons on a fan is a brilliant idea. I will try it. But how did you secure the fan so it doesn’t topple when Meems pulls on the ribbons?

  8. Meemers on the leather chair? XD

  9. It definitely brightened my day! Thanks for an awesome video. Meemers looks like he’s doing well. I hope that’s the case! And I love how Spudgy wants to be where the action is. Meemers having fun in a box? Spudgy needs to be there too.

    On a side note, I love the little sound effects you guys add to the vids. Like the gunshot and the squeaky noises with Meemers. Its very Korean-variety-show-esque. Like all the little effects in Running Man!

  10. One of my cats likes to rip up cardboard boxes and eat them.

  11. Meemers and Spudgy are too cute!

  12. I’ve started talking to animals in Spudgy’s voice. Oooh dear.

  13. The only way of losing weigth for the Meems is eating less I’m affraid. He probably moves less than outdoor cats (at least, I think he’s an indoor cat right?) It could also be the type of food he’s getting. In my country something can be called cat food or dog food if it contains at least 3% meat or fish. That, however, is quite far from what a cat needs in his or her food. The type of food that has 3% of meat or fish, typically contains a lot of stuff the cat doesn’t need, while he or she does need the meat/fish. So he or she will eat more. 14-30% meat/fish containing cat products are the best! It’s usually a bit more expensive, but they need less and eat less unnescessary products, so will get less fat. The meat and fish contain taurine by the way: a protein your cat can’t make himself. He needs it for the functioning of his heart mostly.
    Good luck and have fun with your beautiful animals (and Beshal)

    • Meemers is actually a bit spoiled, in that we buy fish and make cat food out of it…using only the fish :)

      • Have you guys ever given Meems a lightly scrambled egg? Sometimes when I feed my kitty and a couple of the stragglers in the neighborhood ( we have a lot of feral cats), I will give them a scrambled egg, no pepper, just a little salt to taste- but it’s not needed. They like the taste, but it is a fairly lean bit of protein, definitely good for coats. Sometimes as a treat Ninja gets a little blueberry yogurt ( maybe two tablespoons). Those kind of things can help give extra nutrients that sometimes you don’t get with kibble. He probably loves all the oils and lean meat in that fish!

      • That is good, then you’ll know what your pet is eating. Unlike a lot of pet food out there is not good for them. My Vet says dry food is better for cats teeth.

  14. What type of kitty is Meemers? and What kind of doggie is Spudgy? they’re just so adorable >.<

  15. Aww, Meemers is a cute fat lazy kitty. It’s okay, my dogs are lazy too. I think it’s a pet thing.

  16. I remember back in the days when Meemers still doesn’t have his own voice :D

  17. The minute I saw Beshal mentioned in the blog I said, “Oh Beshal”. I was very pleased to hear that it’s not something that’s gone away :-D

  18. That pillow gets all the animals ;)

  19. You dare to put Meemers in front of THE FAN OF DEATH?!?!? He’s probably fighting the air vortex as much as the string. J/K

  20. I was watching Meemers’ pupils constrict and then dilate before attacking the fan string.

  21. Yessssssss the Spudgy! I always love seeing videos of the pets. I just picked up my own shelter dog this past weekend(first time adopter) and he is such a sweetheart! I can see why Martina always says to check the shelters first. My Grayson may be 4 years old but he has a lot of love to give.

  22. Now this truly opened my happy!! Lately I’ve been stalking you guise for Meems & Spudgy – not even for Kpop boys & girls anymore! Must be mid-life crisis… :-/

  23. Thank you so much for creating this open the happy video,,,and well all of these videos! They really do make my day!

  24. Never knew cats could be so adorable, more points to you Meemers :D But I am still a Spudgy-licious (Spudgy fan) !!!
    Lastly….Oh Beshall!!!! Let’s check you out on G-Market! lol!

  25. Holly crap Meemers, you scared the shiats out of me!!

  26. Oh meow God!! My little kitty heart is bursting – I am seriously getting my purr on here.

    Meemers Oppa – even when you are in the freezer or in front of a fan (mechanical kind, but probably also fankitties like me) you are just sooo hot. Whew, in fact, it’s getting pretty hot here now, thinking of you, wrapping yourself up in that box, like a giant kitty present for me… oh, and how fierce you were fighting that string… wow, I need to find a freezer fast.

    **BUT WHO IS THIS BESHAL??? If I ever find you I will scratch your stuffing out! Meemers Oppa is mine!** But I am getting an idea for a British Shorthair Blue fur-stuffed cushion for you… I will start saving my furballs now.

  27. I’ve been told that the internet was full of cat videos, but I have studiously avoided them… Damn you for forcing it on me!!!

  28. The ribbons tied onto the fan was GENIUS!! I’m going to have to do that. My kitty is a little fatty but he does get some exercise running up and jumping off his cat tree…have no clue why he does that. Also, my co-worker gave me one of those automated laser pointers (his cat was afraid of it). Oh my, that thing is AWESOME!!! My cat LOVES it! I have it set so it goes up the wall some and I hear him patting the wall trying to get it.

    Plus sometimes I run after him every once in a while saying “I’m gonna get you!” and then he jumps into his ‘safe’ box. :D

  29. I love this cat!!!!!!!!! It’s really fun.

  30. They’re soo adorable! *_* Especially loved Meemers hiding under the shirt and looking cute when lifting it up… :)
    I think the problem of Meemers is that he is a house cat. Our cat hat lots of gardens and trees to play in so he stays slim. But, quoting from the movie “Ice Age”: ‘I’m not fat – that’s the fur which makes one seem… fluffy.’ :D

  31. Dr. Frozen!! Meemers would be an awesome X-Men/ X-Kitty!!!

  32. My tuxie Bazinga is always curious about the fridge, ever since he was a wee little thing


  33. Our cat, Sherlock, loves the paracord toy my husband made for him. He plays fetch with it! We throw it down the hall or up the stairs, he catches it and brings it back, ready for us to throw it again! Otherwise he lays about, until my husband gets home. Then Sherlock just goes crazy, running all over! He loves his cat tower that we made him, too. That keeps him pretty thin and healthy. I’m hopeful that he’ll gain more weight, though. I love a healthy fat cat, like the Meems. Gosh, he can be a weirdo, though! He follows us to the bathroom all the time, and when you’re on the toilet, he climbs into your pants! He also enjoys being on my shoulders, eating hair, cleaning our faces, and did I mention his love of pants?

    Our hedgehog, Jaded Daisy, on the other hand, is a bundle of fat! She’s such a piggy! We give her one tablespoon of kitty food a day, and she gobbles it down, barely ever exercising on her wheel! She also loves mealworms! She’ll eat 4 or 5 (maybe more, we haven’t tried!) at a time!!! She just wants to eat and sleep! But she’s super cuddly with me. I hold her all the time, give her baths, take her shopping with me in the carry bags I made for her… Jaded is a sweetie :) Until she rolls into a ball with my fingers still on her tummy. OUCH!

    We also have a betta, named Spry. He’s pretty laid back, but he loves to watch us around the house, following us in his tank. He loves when we sit next to him on the stairs, and he plays with our fingers. He sleeps nestled under his plants, right on the rocks. He’s so pretty, especially under a bright light! But we can’t do that for long, because he attacks his reflection. Good exercise, but too much will kill him.

  34. I’ve got two cats and both are a little bit… fat. X) Not obese but they weigh more than normal cats. For now they don’t have any problems. But when I pet other cats in my neighborhood I always fear to break them because they’re so thin :D
    You’re pets are really really cute :3

  35. Enjoy Meems while he’s fat and squidgy! When I got my cat 9 years ago, he was so big (large frame and was fat too) that he couldn’t fit into a cat carrier or a cat bed. We had to transport him in a big cage and get him a small dog bed. So I named him Fat Louis, but we call him either “Lou” or “Sir Fat.”

    But now he’s lost all that weight (getting old, probably an overactive thyroid gland) and while more agile than before(he was too fat to jump up on to the window ledge to go outside), he’s bony and not very nice to pet. We’re feeding him well and he’s eating fine but, I guess that’s just old age. I was also confused for a moment about Beshal haha.

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