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Yes! Animals!

June 12, 2014


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Oh Spudgy and Meemers: they look really cute on camera, but they’re even cuter off camera. Here’s a small compilation of Meemers playing at home, both on the ground and inside the fridge, along with Spudgy being jealous, and Beshal – the newest edition to our family – being snuggled upon by all animals.

Regarding Beshal, I’d like to mention that the video footage doesn’t show the timelapse, but we took footage from all various days of Spudgy and Meemers snuggling with Beshal. It wasn’t just one day of filming. If Spudgy could grow a beard, you’d see it grow in the footage. Many days have passed. Many snuggly days.

Meemers in the fridge: he’s always curious about what’s going on in the fridge and the freezer, and I was under the impression that cats do not like cold places, but I opened the freezer to get something out, came back, and Meemers was inside. We didn’t place him inside the freezer. I repeat: we didn’t place him inside the freezer. Also, apologies for the closeup shot of his fuzzy butthole. I’d like to mention that if you try to type butthole on the computer it’s autocorrected to buttonhole. I’m pretty sure that the world says “butthole” a lot more than they say “buttonhole.” Kinda like how I never write “ducking” on the iPhone. Never. Never ever ever. I literally never mean “duck you” ever.

Final thoughts: Martina’s creation of the fan string toy for Meemers is one of the most brilliant things she’s ever accomplished in her life. We thought he’d get sick of it after the first day, but he’s remained just as annoyed with it, every day. We like to move it all over the house and present him with various obstacles, such as tables, chairs, piles of stuffed animals, all to prevent him from reaching the strings. It seems to be the only form of exercise that we can coerce out of this fat ass cat. How’d he get so fat? And huge! He used to fit in our hands! Now he’s half a horse.

So we hope you liked this video and it brightens your day. Let us know if your animals are as bad as our animals and if you have any tricks for making your fatass cat less fatass. Also, click on the pretty button below for more vids of the Spudgy and the Meemers!



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