Last night we had the chance to attend the YG Family Concert and OMG was it ever AWEEESOOOMME!!! The lineup was amazing: Big Bang, 2NE1, PSY, Se7en, Gummy, Tablo, and Jinusean. We saw the very last concert of the weekend (the December 4th Sunday 7:oo PM show) and it ended around 11:30 PM.

It was, however, a real fluke that we had the chance to go. We had done a newspaper interview early on in the week and in it we talked about YG Entertainment. We were surprised to receive an email from a YG Entertainment rep telling us that they’d like to send us tickets to the show! HOLY FREAKING AMAZING! *Martina does sky punches*

Now the only sad part about this story is that we had the option between standing tickets (in the floor pit area where you can eye-grope Big Bang up close) or sitting tickets further back. While we really wanted to stand, we were worried that Simon’s giantness would block a lot of people’s field of vision, and then he would get attacked by angry fangirls and stabbed in the kidneys by an angry fangirl’s glow sticks. That would have been sad. So, we chose the seats, BUT we were happily surprised to discover that the venue at Olympic Stadium is very awesomely laid out; no matter where you sit, you can see perfectly! YAY!

Now, we had a press package that gave us the set list, and I translated it the best I could, but I didn’t actually know some of the names of the songs, so hopefully some of you guise can fill it in for us! However, the set list wasn’t totally accurate. There were some changes in the order, and it felt like a few songs were missing/were different. All I know is that 2NE1 opened the show with I Am The Best followed by Fire, so that’s already one big change!

YG Family Concert 2011 Setlist

YG Family Concert 2011 Setlist

Anyways, sorry, but we couldn’t show any footage of the concert. It would get pulled from YouTube by YG and then we’d be in big trouble for posting it. And, hell, we wouldn’t want to steal that footage from YG after they were kind enough to give us the tickets for free. That’d be a real jerk move! Not that we could anyways: they had the most amazing security ninja guards grabbing cameras and scolding people.

Unfortunately, the security guards didn’t get a hold of the jerk faced foreigners sitting two rows ahead of us. They got totally shitfaced drunk, and did nothing but grope and make out with each other and yell obnoxiously throughout the show. Good job, jerk bags. I hope you read our blog and know that you annoyed the hell out of everyone around you.

But that was the only bad thing about the show. Honestly, we can say that this was one of the best concert experiences we’ve ever attended. It was meticulously organized. One song flowed into the next song seamlessly. Lights and camera work and display screens and pyrotechnics were all perfectly synchronized to the music. Perfect misdirection of attention would have you focus on one thing while someone else was setting up somewhere else. It was…just awesome. Really. We said this in the video and we’ll say it here again: we will be going to these concerts from now on, and we highly recommend everyone do the same. Even if you’re not a fan of every song, you’ll at least be stunned by how awesome the entire show is.

The show was entirely in Korean, though, and a lot of the breaks between songs were of artists talking to the audience. Even THAT was awesome. Yes, we didn’t understand everything happening, but we could tell that they were very comfortable with what they were saying, and were very humorous as well. We’ve been to lots of concerts where artists are really awkward between songs, stumbling and stuttering out some small talk, and we sometimes find it annoying, if not humorous. Here, though, it seemed like their small talk was even rehearsed perfectly.

One of the things we found really touching about the show as well was Daesung’s appearance. As soon as he took to the mic everyone screamed their guts out in support of him. And when he said whatever it was he said in Korean, people cheered him on sooooo strongly. Really. Great show of support there. It even looked like he was going to cry. Daesung, fighting!

Ah! That’s it for now. Thanks again to YG for sending us the tickets. Really, it was one of our coolest experiences here in Korea. Woot! And here’s someone else’s fan cam of, perhaps, the highlight of the night: Big Bang covering 2NE1′s “I Am The Best.” Not the best quality, but definitely HILARIOUS!


  1. I heard that some performances, TOP was wearing a turtle neck. Martina. Are you mad? Dun dun dunnnnnn

  2. I started to tear up when you guys were talking about Daesung, that was a really hard time for him and it makes me feel bad knowing it had happened on my birthday, I had to wait for so long to see him smile again

  3. Question– for YG concerts. where do they sell tshirt and Do they sell those crown GLOWSTICKS? and do such things such out really quickly at the venue? :O

  4. OMG, Big Bang’s I Am The Best cover )
    I’m already going to Korea in the summer so anything is possible ^^

  5. Even though I’m not a fan of YG (I’m a huge fan of Tablo though), I think I would enjoy the concert as you describe it. It must have been a really unforgettable experience :D Organising such a huge event is very challenging so props for them!

  6. I noticed that there a bunch of clips at youtube about the YG family concert 2011 will those people get in trouble?

  7. I clicked the link to the newspaper interview. is there any chance of getting that in english?

  8. Did Simon and Martina ever went to see SMTOWN concert? .. just curious


  10. woooowh…………………….lucky >.<

  11. I know MARTINA would really love that esp that BIGBANG is so back and saw TOP doing the smexy Bom’s dance!! hahha LOL MARTINA was crazy just like me!! LOL hahaha

  12. BIGBANG !!!!!!!! <3 THEM SO MUCH..

  13. I was at the same show! I haven’t been to many concerts here, but this one definitely stood out for its meticulous planning and preparation. I was conscious that the set list was designed to give the audience pumps of energy and periods of rest at just the right timing. I also heard the extra love for Daesung. I was psyched that he came over to the area where we happened to be sitting. *teenage girl moment* But was it just me or was there a lack of love for G-Dragon? It seemed like he definitely had less screams and cheers than the other members. It also seemed like they weren’t featuring him as much in some of the early songs…but maybe it was just my imagination! Anyway, awesome awesome show. I’ve been riding my fangirl high for days-haha^^

    • what round u were going in? there’re many screams for G-dragon @ the first round when GD started to say something then he shy and bow to the people. and when GD came out on stage with Heartbreaker/ fine gentleman people scream like crazy. 

      • I was at the final show on Sunday night. And he didn’t do Heartbreaker although I wish he had! That song was my first k-pop experience. It and G-Dragon will always be dear to me, so maybe I was a little sensitive in gauging the crowd’s response to him. 


  14. Wow!!! Free ticket? YG PERSONALLY invited u guys??? What could be more AWESOME than that!!? I’m a huge fan of BIG BANG and i just discover about u guys and i think what u guys are doing are really amazing! Spreading the love of k-pop all around the world ;) 

    arrrrr me want it!!!!! #failfgrammar
    give it to me martinaa >o<

  16. SE7EN!!!! *cries*
    Y’all are ssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooo LUCKY!!!!!!!

  17. AWESOME! Thank you for making a video about the concert! ^_^

  18. OMG that vid of Big Bang doing ‘I AM THE BEST’ totally just made my day! Thanks for sharing :D

  19. Hello Simon and Martina,

    It’s so cool you enjoy the concert. But why not trying to also go to the others families concert like SMTown and Cube, I think it will be interesting to compare the different styles of families concert.

  20. Dude at some point of the video you can see spudgy staring at the camera!!

  21. Reading the language portion of this made me think of SMTown NYC.. The artist had tried so hard to communicate to the audience in English and when they spoke, they even had (the world’s lowest) translator, but unless it was Tiffany or Amber, it came off really awkward. 

    I wonder if the experience would have changed if they were more comfortable, with no language barrier keeping them at a distance.

  22. i wanted to go to that concert :(

  23. AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!I so wanted to be in korea!But financial probelems still exist….

  24. RIP me, killed by the green eyed monster

  25. I am so jealous! Lucky you! Why can’t they come to Canada?!?! T_T

  26. I am so jealous! Lucky you! Why can’t they come to Canada?!?! T_T

  27. chroniclesofnightyervil

    Hi Simon and Martina!
    I just want to know how as a foreigner like me could get YG family concert tickets?
    Can you give me pointers as I really got no idea what to do.Most of the people online I heard that they actually buy it off through auction channels and gmarket.
    But,what about I want to travel in Seoul and watch the concert as well?
    Is it possible for me to go there and buy the ticket instead than online?
    Also,should I buy it 1 month earlier or that week when I had visited seoul?
    Sorry im just confused and *Im really a big YG fangirl*.
    I really hope to hear sound replies from you…*waiting sweetly*.

  28. chroniclesofnightyervil

    Hi Simon and Martina!
    I just want to know how as a foreigner like me could get YG family concert tickets?
    Can you give me pointers as I really got no idea what to do.Most of the people online I heard that they actually buy it off through auction channels and gmarket.
    But,what about I want to travel in Seoul and watch the concert as well?
    Is it possible for me to go there and buy the ticket instead than online?
    Also,should I buy it 1 month earlier or that week when I had visited seoul?
    Sorry im just confused and *Im really a big YG fangirl*.
    I really hope to hear sound replies from you…*waiting sweetly*.

  29. I was at the Saturday concert and 2NE1 started with Fire not I Am The Best

    YG Family Concert was AMAZING!

  30. gaahhh! you guys makes me soo jelly T.T nice to see you guys enjoyed the concert XD and definitely BB’s IATB was the highlight of the day. thanks for sharing guys! now i gotta make plans on how to go to a YG/BIGSHOW XD

  31. Maybe in a couple of years I’ll be able to be a part of the concert or in the audience :) You make me want to go so bad!

  32. you guys should go to Big Show 2012 next year too! since martina’s such a big bang fangirl, i’m sure you will definitely enjoy that since i’m sure it’ll be EPIC :) thanks for sharing the experience for those of us (like me) who couldn’t be there! from the fancam, it seems like there were A LOT of VIPs in the audience. nice to see them being so supportive ^^ 

  33. I’m so jealous you guys are so lucky. I wish I was there! I’m happy you guys had lots of fun though. I thought Big Bangs cover of 2NE1′s I Am The Best was hilarious…loved their stances at the end 2:12 lol made my day :)

  34. OMG TOP is soo cute in this! I want the Concert DVD! Can you do a post when it comes out so that I go buy it. =D

  35. i just want to ask u guy, so who is simon favorite kpop artist?   

  36. You guys are living the life — interview with Clazzi & YG concert all in one week!!  Thanks with all of us!

  37. I have been to the concert on sunday in the afternoon and it was AMAZING ! Just one of the best concert I have ever been to !

    I will definitely buy the DVD and if I can, go to the concert next year !
    You are so right, it was so well organized ! YG definitely rocks !

  38. I’m glad you guys enjoyed the show! I too love the whole family feel of YG and how their concerts are entertainment perfection.

    Is that the legit view from you guys’ seats?


  40. OMG!!! TOP at the end, Lmao!!!!!

    Sooooooooooooo super happy to see Daesung back and yes Simone you are sooooo late to notice that he has the BEST voice.

  41. wow! I went to the K-POP fest in SYD and it was incredible too but I sat really further back which did make a difference but Yg family concert seems so so so so so so so awesome! Looking forward to seeing more concert type vids from you guys in the future ^-^

  42. Waa!!! I’m so happy for you guys T.T ….It’s great!!!!

  43. Wow, that was really considerate of you to chose seats based on Simon’s height!  It may be a stereotype, but that kind of thing is why everybody loves Canadians.  

  44. You guys have to be the most luckiest people in Korea. OMG I would have done anything to go to that show!! Oober jeally!! 

  45. Tots EPICNESS~~~~Sho jealous! xD But regarding the awesome choreo and fluidity of the concert, i think all big kpop concerts are like that too. I went to the SM Town NYC and it was amazing just like this and they had awesome collabs too!

  46. YG is the best! glad u enjoyed the show.
    I pray to god they do a world tour next year 

  47. I’m sorry, but Spudgy distracts my attention the whole “back-home” part. He is too cute. Sorry guys.

  48. Aww, Spudgy doesn’t get what all the fuss is about. “Will you two go away already, I’m trying to catch up on my beauty sleep!”

    I’m glad you had a great concert experience! It was definitely a good idea for YG to send you those tickets :)

  49. lucky lucky lucky! i definitely will go to the next one!

  50. OMG! YG is so awesome! I was an SMTowner before but while I’ll still always have a place in my heart for Yunho I feel YG’s music is more to my taste. But that was so cool of them to send you guys the tickets and it was so considerate of you guys to think of the fangirls in the standing section! I totally would have been like “Fuck these bitches! I’m getting me some TOP sweat!” 
    I was watching footage of last years concert and it looked epic and with Tablo in it this year would have been off the charts! 
    It’s so great that you guys got to go! I can’t wait to come to Korea one day and go to the concert too! 
    PS I tried to read your article but the Google translation was so bad! Anyway congrats on it! 

  51. i’m surprised cameras aren’t allowed because so m any fancams are usually available. Sometimes when they pan the audience all i see is cameras so i always thought it was acceptable :(

    i love your shirt Martina :3

    • Offically fan cam is not allowed in concert, however most people still take picture and movie of the concert and upload it that the security simply can’t stop everyone!

  52. so jealous!! ahhh! I can only imagine how aesome this was live. I know it’s hard to get tickets to Korean concerts if you’re a foreigner (and not getting sweet hookups from the kpop powers that be), do you know of good ways to get tickets for foriegners that will be in Korea and want to go to concerts that are happening?

    Martina, how amazing was TOPbom IRL? his chooming is unbeatable… oh god, watching this fancam on repeat.

  53. OH MY GOSH SO AWESOME!!!!! you guys are so fortunate!~ ugh I love it!!!! YG is the best!!! I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!! this makes me so happy. hehe love you guys!

  54. Aggghhh, so cool! I’m torn between excitement and jealousy, lol. I would LOVE to go to a YG concert! Or actually, just any kpop concerts… I’ve seen JYJ in LA twice, they were awesome! But now I want to see everyone else too. xD I really really hope there’s a dvd of this concert for sale, because I would totally buy it. My DBSK live at Tokyo Dome dvd is like one of my most prized possessions EVER. Must own more concerts on dvd~

    Still, I can’t think of a better couple of people than you guys to get these tickets. I’m so happy for you! With all your hard work, you deserve it and so much more. Thanks for always keeping your fans in the loop, we appreciate it!

  55. I started crying when you said Daesung got so much support. Still crying while writing this.

  56. Yes, Champion is the BEST! :DD
    It’s good that you guys enjoyed it:)

  57. GUYS!!!!!!
    Lets do a deal here, How about we swap emails, and you can send me the footage of the YG concert?
    In return, I’ll …… ¬_¬……..
    I’ll think of something later, *waves hand*
    I think its a good deal you know ^.~
    I mean, we’re good friends, aren’t we? =P

    (Tweet back at@MySuperRainbow:twitter )

  58. Those random people have no idea how much exposure their faces got haha. Free tickets though to a concert? Just one more step to EatYourKimchi becoming a dominant power *insert appropriate cackles here from ya*.

  59. Sounds like you guys had an awesome time! I wish I could have been there too :).
    On a side note: Spudgy was so adorable in the background.

  60. Once again, YG proves that they rule. :-) It sounds like it was an amazing, professional and energizing concert.

  61. omg! Big Bang covering I am the Best! omg!

  62. punkyprincess92

    when i saw this i was hyperventilating!!

    aaaww glad you guys had a great time!! (or AMAZING should i say) 
    have you been to any other concerts in Korea?

  63. my section was louder

  64. aaaaaaaaaah T^T .. i’m planing to come to Korea for the concert maybe next year < after finishing my University studying  .. and now i have some one to ask about how to buy the tickets T^T   .. i will dye if i come to Korea  with out going to one of yg concert .. i mean i will be paying a lot for travelling but i know it will be unforgettable experions  

  65. OMG I’m sooo jealous
    I hope I’m able to go there someday…

  66. I had a similar experience with the SMTown NYC Concert, too! You guys should give that one a try, too, if you get the chance. The concert was utterly fantastic and hilarious, and while in NYC the artists all introduced themselves in English!

  67. I can’t wait for the DVD package!

  68. So, YG is a recording company, and “family” refers to the “YG Family” and not “Family concert” such as a concert for to bring the family out to?

  69. PSY is not labeled as the King Of Concerts for no reason :P

  70. I’m sooooooo jealous! You guys have NO idea how lucky you are… and then there’s me – stuck in Europe with no friggin money…To go to BIGSHOW is like my biggest dream, it’s one of my ‘to do’ list before I die…

  71. wow! that is one of my goals in the future…to go to YG family concert and BB and 2ne1 concert
    you both are so lucky to have been able to go! 
    i’d scream so much xD 



  74. I. CAN’T. BREATHE! You are so lucky who had the chance to go!

  75. Probably you’ve been ask this before, but what is the song that you use for the Happy Dance?

  76. Awesome! This sounds like such a fun experience. I love that fancam of T.O.P singing! :)

  77. if yg sent u tickets…… they shud av totalyyyy let u do an interview aswelll!! aaahhhhhhhh it was soooo greattt!! reallly hope they cn come to the uk! id totaly goooo!!

  78. guiseeeee!!!! tht was awesum!!!!  im soooooooooooo jeeluussssssssssssssssssssss!!! but chkahae!! !! plz cn u give way some bigbang goodies?? pllzzzz??

  79. You could have tried to get permission from YG to film the concert as advertising since you have a lot of people following you. 

  80. TT.TT I wanna go too. Seriously I’m so jelly guise. I hope we all get to go one day. YG Family concert in NY. Since you and YGE are BFF’s now mention it to him eh

  81. you know what?  simon’s comment about daesung is making me cry… i hate you simom TT.TT

  82. what no blooper reel? I’ m totally jealous of you guys not just about the free tix but the whole experience as well! >.<

  83. I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous. D:
    Very very jealous. T^T
    YG needs to come to my country!!!!

    p/s: oh! Spudgy’s back!! XD He seems happy~

  84. Oh my freaking gosh.. I am so so so so happy as well as jealous for you guise… I was about to say you are lucky to be contacted directly by YG people but then I changed my mind. You are so freaking popular already that YG sent you out those tickets… The last time I saw spudgy, spudgy’s green but now spudgy’s blue? I wanna see Bom spudgy, red hair…lol (hope you get to read this…)

  85. It’s official.
    This is gonna be on my Bucket List.

    God, *enthusiastically waves hand upwards*
    I REFUSE to die  without watching Bigshow/YG Fam Concert!!!!!

  86. take me with you next time xD

  87. Haha…. soooooooooo korean photos at the end XD
    I miss the sound of the suvway sooooooooooooooooooooo much :((

  88. he was really great :D he has such a strong presence n stage, he’s really cool :D

  89. I was lucky enough to be in the concert too! and I was in the mosh pit section, so really I could see them very close, and yeah the concert was amazing! I just wished I could have met you guys! when I knew you were going to the same concert I was going I so wished I could see you there, and I swear I was looking for you when I arrived to the venue and even during the concert HAHAHA but I didn’t see you :(

  90. omg. i would give anything to see them ESPECIALLY Tablo. How did he do?

  91. I have the light stick! It’s my most treasured BB merch!

  92. You guise are so lucky. I always wanted to watch any YGE produced concerts, cause I always see them in DVD and I wanna experience the real thing. It looks so exciting and every year seems to be better than the last.

  93. I only saw GD,seungri and top at F1 and My phone could not film top and GD for too long,I have fancams of seungri on my youtube account and it was uploaded from my Iphone in HD :) 

  94. Maybe next year they’ll give you backstage passes.*crosses figures*  i think Martina would explode from happiness before she ever even got near TOP.

  95. Good for you guys! I’m envious, it sounded like HEAPS of fun.

    I like how throughout most of this video Spudgy is like…”Mum?…Can I be fed now?……Dad?…I’m bored!…Guise?…I missed you…PAY ME SOME ATTENTION!!…Guise??

  96. awww, sounds like you guys had an awesome time!! it’s really a shame that you couldn’t show any of it, but understandable….  maybe next year, you guys will have gotten so huge that you’ll get backstage passes! wohoo! i’m keeping my fingers crossed for ya!! ^_-

    oh and btw, Martina, i have the same shirt ;p

  97. the YG sent u tickets for free :O?? ahhhh I’m soooo jealous >_< i wish i can go to an amazing concert like this someday *.* 

    I love your videos guys <3.<3 
    lots of love and support from Spain!! FIGHTING!!

  98. I’ll made a plan for the next YG concert!! 
    I’d really fly over to Korea JUST for the concert!! Pray for my wallet! 

  99. I WILL go to korea JUST for the YG Family concert before I die! I mean Australia’s not THAT far away

  100. Man you are so lucky to get those tickets, and take note: FOR FREE! 

    I wish I could watch `em live too :)) 

  101. It was really awesome meeting u right before the concert! Thanks again for stopping and talking to our group you guys are totally daebak haha BEST CONCERT EVER! aigoooo TOP hehe

  102. OMGGG, i’m so jealous :P must’ve been totally AWESOME :) i hope i can attend YG Family Concert 2012 T.T or maybe they could come to europe, who knows haha loved this video, seems like you guys had a hell of fun there :3 and the setlist, jesus, it’s amazing, they did a lot of collabs *_____*

  103. OMG! You guys are so lucky :) THANK YOU for making this video <3
    U guys r lucky to be in Korea! Glad you had fun!
    from Latin America CHILE 

  104. thanks for the upload~ u both are so so so lucky!! Jealous much! =(

  105. Great meeting you guys after the concert! the concert really was amazing!! 

  106. I like the YG artists the best, they really feel like a family. Of course, me loving Big Bang has a little something to do with it…but I don’t know, I have a lot of respect for 2ne1 and Tablo and Gummy also. YG artists are, no doubt, very talented and they sound and look different compared to other K-pop artists.

    Someday, I’ll be there screaming amongst the crowd…someday…

  107. love love love it! i really wish i can go there!

  108. I was there at the show before you and Daesung definitely had mega support.  It was awesome and there was always someone or something going on.  Daesung LOVE!

  109. Waaa! I saw some rude ass foreigners doing the same thing! What section number were you in? Was probably the same ones…. Sad how some people give the rest of the foreigners bad reps ; ;
    However I agree! Best concert EVER! But I’m so sad I didn’t see you guys!

  110. OMG!!!!  I want to be there!!! T.O.P was dancing!! You are so lucky guys, I hope you enjoy the concert ^^

  111. Oh gosh. That looked ….life changing -dramatic-

    I was so excited for you guys when I heard you were going!!
    I think Australia needs a YG family concert…

  112. Jelly you guys!!! LOL .. I heard a lot that it was so damn freaking AWESOME!!!!! Even watching those fancams I can feel the enerygy of the performances, artists and the overall audiences!!! 

  113. So awesome!  Thank you guys for sharing :D

  114. TT^TT I wanna go so bad! why must I live so far away?! TT^TT

  115. Yeah i agree!!! Best concert ever!! Thanks for talking to us after the concert.. hahah even got to see you on the subway ^^

    • We got off at that random station just to catch a taxi! We thought if we went with all the other people to the last stop, the taxis waiting would be taken and charge more. Our plan worked perfectly! We were literally the only people at the station! Caught a taxi in 1 minute. It was great to meet you too, hope you got back okay! Or did you go to the YG building…hahaha…^^

  116. OMGSH I’m so jealous! I’m as big of a fan of BB as Martina is and I really wish I could see them irl T____T I HOPE YOU GUYS HAD FUN~ 

  117. OMG! guys, im so happy for the both of you! keke It’s so nice of YG giving you concert tix! and I was really having fun reading this! <3

  118. YEAH! you finally did it! I have been waiting for it the whole day … hahahahaha

  119. i wanna go too TT martina ur so lucky u could see TOP TT

  120. I was at the 2PM show. Best concert ever. Gummy’s Heartbreaker rendition was beautiful but I love Jinusean segment most and all the collaborations and covers. 

    Translation of most of the song names here: http://www.lp2ne1.com/2011/12/03/concert-yg-family-concert-2011-day-1-setlist/

  121. you guys are lucky!!!! next time, send me a ticket too YG!!!!

  122. Wow, I’m totally jealous of you two, I, myself was planning to go, but when I found out about the concert it was 2 days before the sales date of the tickets, and I was flat broke -.-.  ahhhh How I wish I was there >.<

  123. So jealous! Love TOP’s pose at the end =D

  124. Sounds AWESOME. YG ftw <3

  125. awesome guise~~lucky for you~~ *jealousy in the air*

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