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You Are Here Cafe Grand Opening!

August 14, 2014


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This Saturday marked one of the biggest accomplishments of our lives. Together with the lovely people over at Talk to Me in Korean, we opened up one of the first YouTuber owned brick-and-mortar shops ever: You Are Here Cafe.

You might have seen the announcement video a few months ago. It took us much more time before that announcement video to find the spot for a coffee shop. And now, finally, after so many months and weeks and days and hours of putting as much of ourselves into the coffee shop as we possibly could, we have finally opened our doors to the public.

Thank you to everyone who came. You braved an insanely long lineup for the day. Some told us that they waited in line for over three hours. We’re totally flabbergasted. I wouldn’t wait in line for anyone’s shop for an hour, let alone three, in the roasting sun! It was crazy! Thank you for your patience. Here’s an awesome video by the lovely Lamuqe, who we had the pleasure of meeting beforehand, and who we’d love to shoot some vids with in the future. Check out her video:

Our friends Nic and Hugh from My Korean Husband also posted a lovely video over on their blog, so check that out for more from the Soft Opening the night before the grand opening!

Also, thank you for talking to us. I’m sorry if we seemed a bit scatterbrained or just drained. We couldn’t film Music Monday this week because we had lost our voices from the Saturday. We did a lot of talking!

The experience was really emotionally overwhelming. We met some really lovely people who shared their stories with us, and we were very moved, many times over, and just…I don’t know. It’s weird. So weird. We’re two silly dorks that make awkward videos, and doing those videos somehow led to us being able to do this here, to open a coffee shop and to see you in person. It’s surreal. I feel guilty and undeserving, and blessed more than I will ever possibly deserve.

Thank you all for making the experience so special. Leigh was telling us how happy she is that you’re all cool people to talk to. Whenever someone calls us a celebrity, we always use you guys as a rebuttal. Celebrities have fans run up to them screaming and begging for autographs and losing their shit. When we meet you guys, it’s like we’re talking to friends that we haven’t seen in years, and we’re just carrying on the conversations we’ve been having long distance, over emails and Tweets and whatnot. You’re all great people to talk with.

For those of you who didn’t get to make it for the grand opening, we already met a few of you. We heard some people say that they saw the line and left. Hell yeah! I’d leave too! For those of you who are coming back, though, we don’t have set hours that we’re in the cafe. Making videos is our priority. We love meeting as many of you in person as we possibly can, but there are so many of you outside of Korea that we’re thinking about. And so, whenever we’re not busy with videos we’ll be at the cafe!

Speaking of which, we’ll be there this Friday. For those of you who didn’t see it in person, you’ll see us in one of the rooms doing a LiveChat, if you care to join us! We’ve fallen behind on some packages. I’m not sure if we can walk around and do a tour, though: the place is a bit big, and wifi might peter out the farther away we get from the router. We did get a special wifi network JUST for LiveChats, thankfully, so we hopefully won’t have to deal with lagging issues. We’ll see Friday, though!

Another thing that I think we can finally start talking about: we’re working on something really cool for the coffee shop. We tried out a bit of it in this video, but we’re gonna be working on something a bit more complex with it. Namely, I really liked hearing what you all have to say. We usually just talk by ourselves on camera. We’d like to hear what you have to say. We’ve got a special video segment we’re working on for just that. We’ll tell you more about it once we’ve started building it. Soon, though. Soon! Till then, though, here’s some more messages from the video booth on opening day :D

And lastly, yes, I know we’ve been doing a lot of You Are Here Cafe videos, but this is a really huge thing that happened in our lives. We’re gonna get back to regular videos soon, but we just wanted to share something that’s really special to us. We’ve got a big Eatyourkimchi Crew road trip that we’re almost done planning for which we should be shooting at the end of the month. We’ll show you a lot more awesome places around Korea – outside of Seoul! – in the EYKSoul in the coming weeks and months. So make sure you click on this pretty button below so you don’t miss out on any of the videos. Yay!



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