This Saturday marked one of the biggest accomplishments of our lives. Together with the lovely people over at Talk to Me in Korean, we opened up one of the first YouTuber owned brick-and-mortar shops ever: You Are Here Cafe.

You might have seen the announcement video a few months ago. It took us much more time before that announcement video to find the spot for a coffee shop. And now, finally, after so many months and weeks and days and hours of putting as much of ourselves into the coffee shop as we possibly could, we have finally opened our doors to the public.

Thank you to everyone who came. You braved an insanely long lineup for the day. Some told us that they waited in line for over three hours. We’re totally flabbergasted. I wouldn’t wait in line for anyone’s shop for an hour, let alone three, in the roasting sun! It was crazy! Thank you for your patience. Here’s an awesome video by the lovely Lamuqe, who we had the pleasure of meeting beforehand, and who we’d love to shoot some vids with in the future. Check out her video:


Our friends Nic and Hugh from My Korean Husband also posted a lovely video over on their blog, so check that out for more from the Soft Opening the night before the grand opening!

Also, thank you for talking to us. I’m sorry if we seemed a bit scatterbrained or just drained. We couldn’t film Music Monday this week because we had lost our voices from the Saturday. We did a lot of talking!

The experience was really emotionally overwhelming. We met some really lovely people who shared their stories with us, and we were very moved, many times over, and just…I don’t know. It’s weird. So weird. We’re two silly dorks that make awkward videos, and doing those videos somehow led to us being able to do this here, to open a coffee shop and to see you in person. It’s surreal. I feel guilty and undeserving, and blessed more than I will ever possibly deserve.

Thank you all for making the experience so special. Leigh was telling us how happy she is that you’re all cool people to talk to. Whenever someone calls us a celebrity, we always use you guys as a rebuttal. Celebrities have fans run up to them screaming and begging for autographs and losing their shit. When we meet you guys, it’s like we’re talking to friends that we haven’t seen in years, and we’re just carrying on the conversations we’ve been having long distance, over emails and Tweets and whatnot. You’re all great people to talk with.

For those of you who didn’t get to make it for the grand opening, we already met a few of you. We heard some people say that they saw the line and left. Hell yeah! I’d leave too! For those of you who are coming back, though, we don’t have set hours that we’re in the cafe. Making videos is our priority. We love meeting as many of you in person as we possibly can, but there are so many of you outside of Korea that we’re thinking about. And so, whenever we’re not busy with videos we’ll be at the cafe!

Speaking of which, we’ll be there this Friday. For those of you who didn’t see it in person, you’ll see us in one of the rooms doing a LiveChat, if you care to join us! We’ve fallen behind on some packages. I’m not sure if we can walk around and do a tour, though: the place is a bit big, and wifi might peter out the farther away we get from the router. We did get a special wifi network JUST for LiveChats, thankfully, so we hopefully won’t have to deal with lagging issues. We’ll see Friday, though!

Another thing that I think we can finally start talking about: we’re working on something really cool for the coffee shop. We tried out a bit of it in this video, but we’re gonna be working on something a bit more complex with it. Namely, I really liked hearing what you all have to say. We usually just talk by ourselves on camera. We’d like to hear what you have to say. We’ve got a special video segment we’re working on for just that. We’ll tell you more about it once we’ve started building it. Soon, though. Soon! Till then, though, here’s some more messages from the video booth on opening day :D


And lastly, yes, I know we’ve been doing a lot of You Are Here Cafe videos, but this is a really huge thing that happened in our lives. We’re gonna get back to regular videos soon, but we just wanted to share something that’s really special to us. We’ve got a big Eatyourkimchi Crew road trip that we’re almost done planning for which we should be shooting at the end of the month. We’ll show you a lot more awesome places around Korea – outside of Seoul! – in the EYKSoul in the coming weeks and months. So make sure you click on this pretty button below so you don’t miss out on any of the videos. Yay!

  1. Happy one-month anniversary guys!! Someday I hope I can come to Korea and come to your cafe~ <3 Keep doing all the wonderful things you've been doing for the past 6 and a half years we love you!!!

  2. YAH Cafe was really awesome and super nicely done up; congratulations Simon and Martina! :D
    I went on opening day at around 10pm (unfortunately late) and the vibe was superb~ A pity I didn’t get to say hi to you guise!

  3. It sucks that I don’t live in Korea currently because I really want to go there! These are the times when I hate living so far away from Korea. (⊙﹏⊙✿)

    I’m happy about the opening of ‘You Are Here Cafe’ though and am proud that you got to do this. A very humble congratulations to you both for opening the cafe though. The concept, structure and overall cafe itself seems interesting and I think it’s really cool to be honest. I do plan to take a trip down to Korea very very soon so I hope I get the chance to swing by. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I’ve been learning Korean so that’ll help me when I take my tip as well.

  4. Yay, looking forward to oktober now =)

  5. If I ever get to Korea, I´m going to be (t)here! Why do I have to live soooo far away T^T

  6. Congratulations! I’m loving the concept of the cafe and look forward to stopping by one day!

  7. 진짜 진짜 축하합니다!!! ^^

  8. Congrats you guise!!! I look forward to visiting You Are Here on my next visit to Seoul/Jeju Island in September 2015!!!

  9. Congrats on opening! I’m so jelly at erreone who was there. One day I will be there… one day

  10. Wow cool!! Again congrats the hot grand open!

  11. I’m so glad everything went off well for your cafe opening! My husband and I are moving to Daegu in a few days! Of course you should come there in your bitchin’ Soul, perhaps on the way to a Busan blowout? I can’t wait to come visit the fruits of your labors.

  12. Oh I saw My Korean Husband’s video! I was expecting leather sofas and arm chairs haha for that homely feel x) The place still looks really great though!

  13. I wish I was in Korea :/
    I think I’ll love the cafe atmosphere haha.
    Love your cafe ♥

  14. I went to go check out the café at very early dawn, but couldn’t attend cause my plane was literally leaving like 20 minutes after you guys open. I basically died inside when my plane departure off. If only you guys had the grand opening the day before xD but that’s okay, cause I know I WILL BE BACK! Once I earn more money. . .and persuade my boss to let me go for another 2 weeks :P

  15. It would be totally amazing if you had a Speaker’s Corner type hing in the Cafe!
    Remember Speaker’s Corner?
    I feel old…

  16. omg, i was so excited for this video to come out and it’s so short!!!! XD place looks great though!! so excited and happy for you that so many people came. but it makes me wonder though, how much of a korean audience do you guys actually have? i know a lot of people were foreigners but there seemed to be a lot of koreans too!! maybe i should post this in the TL;DR thread, but i’m really curious! XP

    I’m really looking forward to visiting it when i go to Korea in November!!

  17. Congrats! Truly you’ve been an inspiration and I’m so happy to have been able to follow your story to this day. The shop looks lovely and the people even more so :3

  18. I’m looking forward to your fan-cat cafe offshoot, if I may so humbly suggest!

  19. I’ve been watching your videos for over a year now, but it is only now that I have finally decided to take the plunge and register!
    Congratulations on what looks to have been a very successful opening, a visit to Korea is on my to-do list and your cafe will be one of the first stops I make. Unfortunately the UK is a long way away, so that trip is probably 1-2 years away. I suppose I have some time to scratch up on my Korean!
    The things you’re serving up sound great, just remember to keep well stocked up with tea and dunking biscuits (preferably bourbons), in order to satisfy any Brits.
    Bloody good job you’re doing, keep it up. :)

  20. AWESOMENESS!!! I’m just so happy for you guys! It’s a bit strange but I’m also extremely proud of you guys<3 You've done so much, and you're a huge inspiration to me. Thanks to you, I'll always keep walking forward and doing my best. I hope I can visit You Are Here cafe sometime:) I wish you all the best!

  21. Congratulations~! We’re all so proud of the huge step you’ve taken! I’ve only been a nasty for…probably almost a year now, but it has been great to watch you guys grow even in that short period of time! Of course I’m a little sad that I couldn’t go to the opening, but hopefully the cafe will be open for a long time so that I can visit when I’m older. I hope everyone is enjoying their shakes, and again, congrats! <3

  22. Congrats! You guys are one step closer to world domination! Wait, what…?

  23. Congrats!!! Totally going to visit your cafe someday!!

  24. Congratulations guys. Setting up a small business is a huge achievement. Next step global domination!

    “We’re two silly dorks that make awkward videos.” Yeah, no. You are a couple of successful entrepreneurs who work hard and have achieved great success. Enough with the, couple of dorks, thing already!

  25. All those Bright, Happy and Smiling Faces….What are you putting in the shakes Simon??

  26. Great! Looking forward to the videos from that cafe!

  27. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I haven’t been a nasty all that long but looking back to where you guys started from, hearing your stories and struggles, and then seeing where you are now – HUGE celebrities doing something INCREDIBLE! I am so sad that I am not in Korea right this minute to go and see you guys but I KNOW that this will be a place I come to when I visit in a few weeks. I know it. I am excited to try all of the food you guys eat and have mentioned in your videos and to see all of your hard work come to fruition!

    I am so so so so so so so so so so so …(did I say so?) proud and happy for you! This is a HUGE step! You – online bloggers – CAME OFFLINE! You made it through the massive craziness that is the internet, then branched from its twisted web (ha see what I did there) to lay roots REAL ROOTS of your own! You guys give me so much hope for what can be accomplished through determination, dedication, and simply doing what you love.


  28. This is amazing guys! I’m so proud of you and happy for you! You and the TTMIK crew seriously deserve the success, you’ve worked so hard! Fighting!

  29. I can’t wait to see the Cafe! (And hopefully both you guys, and some of the TTMIK crew!) I will be showing up a few times during my first ever visit to Korea! (21st-28th) Only a week away from getting to try some of the awesome nummies, and see the cafe that I’ve been watching you build. Can’t tell you how excited I am. You should see my list of things to do in Korea. Trying to meet you/enjoy your cafe is in the top 3 things! (And that is saying a lot, since I’ve been dreaming of visiting Korea for over 8 years now, and have been an EYK fan for only 2 1/2 years!) You guys are so awesome, and I am so happy for you and you’re new step in life!! I hope to meet your fur babies too! Congrats again, I feel like your guys are distant relatives by now! So I am extremely happy for you, and really hope to meet you!

  30. Here is wishing you an amazing time with this sanctuary of friendship, the outpouring of love and support just is a small testament of the truly caring and authentic people you are. You are a smile pushpin on a map that may seem to not have that many smiling pushpins in it at the moment. Cheers to you and your success.

  31. This video moved me to tears! I’m so so so happy for you guys and so bummed that I missed this :( I have been following EYK for the better part of a year now and you guys feel like family. I so wanted to be there for your big day! I live in India and have been dreaming of traveling to Korea and Japan for YEARS! Whenever that does materialize (if it does), You Are Here Cafe will definitely be a stop on my visit :) Can’t wait! Much love to you guys :D

  32. Congratulations you guys! I’m so glad you guys achieved one of your dreams! Hopefully sometime I’ll be able to come You Are Here Cafe. Take your time and rest up. You guys have done a lot of work and I appreciate it :) I will be cheering from the other side of my screen. Congratulations!~

  33. Congrats, congrats, congratulations! You guys inspire me to not limit my dreams because you never know what can happen. Don’t worry about all the You Are Here Cafe videos because we know that that is what is going on in your life right now and we’re just happy that you let us be a part of it. Although I have missed KMMs, you guys have done a phenomenal job posting videos. Make sure to take care of yourselves and I look forward to visiting Korea and the You Are Here Cafe. Fighting!

  34. We finally get to see the last E balloon inflated : D

  35. *sigh* Wish I could go and visit, but seems like I’ll be stuck in my home country for at least two years now…
    Anyways, congrats on opening your cafe! My best wishes for it :)

  36. The rest of the world seems to have lost it’s damn mind, so it’s nice to have something pleasant to see and read today! Congratulations! Btw, I had a coffee milkshake the other day at a burger place. I don’t know if you have that on your menu, but if you don’t, DO IT.

    • The news is pretty shitty lately. Is it just us or is 2014 a pretty damn dark year so far?

      • I work for a charity and this year has seen some dreadful events being reported. I’m not sure if there have been more tragedies, but there’s definitely been more reporting.

        That’s a mixed blessing for us charities as increased reporting means increased donations which is a good thing. So at least there are charities that are working hard to bring hope and making more chances for the people who are living with these hardships.

        Does the You Are Here cafe have a preferred charitable cause? You’ve talked about North Korean causes before. Perhaps you could put up a banner or have leaflets for your favourite charity.

  37. Congratulations guys! So excited about what you have achieved and am proud to be part of such a loving and caring community! Sucks I was not able to be there for the grand opening but when I do visit I will surely stop by! It’s really amazing! <3

  38. First I though that coming 20 minutes earlier, before the opening might be a little creepy :D but when I saw the line of people standing there already :D (made me wonder since when have they been actualy waiting? haha :D … my waiting time was about hour and half so it wasn’t that bad (and you even handed us water <3 super duper considerate and nice – funny moment when Hyunwoo came again to collect the cups and when he saw that I put it in my bag to throw it away later, he thanked me for not dumping in on the lawn :D :D .. who would have done that? o.O haha) I'd say, though I was super hungry when I could finaly order and found out that there are no milkshakes, because the machine broke :D :D so sad T_T (haha, not that I would need an excuse to come again, but :D) … can't wait to try Simon's favourite milkshake and Martina's secret-recipe brownies! (Hehe I'd love to learn some culinary secrets ^^ .. being in Korea for half a year and not being able to cook -_- … can't wait to use my oven again!) … haha going off topic kinda :D
    anyways, I wanted to congratulate you guys in person, give you little something for being so awesome and amazing, funny because (not exaggerating) every video you make always brightens my day no matter how blue it is ^^

    I'm thinking of stopping by tmr, but there's going to be a throng of nasties now that you announced that you'll film the live chat there :D …

    See you guys tmr, or if not .. have fun on you trip and as kawowl said, please rest! ;) <3

  39. Congratulations to you guys once more! This coffee shop really is a huge achievement, and I’m soo happy for you! Looks like everything went smoothly (more or less) for opening day, and it sure looks like business is booming! It’s great to see so many people from different nationalities in the You are Heard video- brilliant idea!
    I’m already looking forward to all the potential WANKing and FAPFAPing you’ll be doing with the help of your new car! Go to all the places! Eat all the food! Fightiiiing!

  40. Congratulations. I know what it’s like to finally have a real bona fide Bricks and Mortar location. It’s hard, hard work but also really satisfactory.

    Is there anyway I can view a menu online? I’m a massively fussy foodie and tea fiend! I’m super fussy in as much as I want 100% of my calories, fats, sugars and salts in my food. No gluten or dairy free, no vegan friendly… I just want to eat all of life’s goodness while I’m still alive. Being able to see a menu and anticipate what I’ll have before I turn up is part of the fun and helps me to avoid disappointment.

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