Ladies and gentlemen: we formally invite you to the grand opening of You Are Here Cafe.

You Are Here is a representation of many of our ideas, all rolled up into one. We didn’t just call it the Eatyourkimchi Cafe, or the Drink Your Coffee Shop, or the Talk to Me in Korean Cafe, because it’s not just one of our coffee shops. It’s something that represents both the EYK and TTMIK teams’ visions. Though, I did like the sound of “Talk Nasty To Me in Korean.” I’m just not sure how that’d work for marketing. Ha!

You Are Here, in one sense, is what you see when you’re looking at a tourist map. It shows you the world around you, how to get to the places you want to get to, but tell you where you are, right there in the centre of it: you Are Here. Since we know that a lot of you that will be coming to the coffee shop aren’t natively from Korea, we want this place to be your center point, where you gather your bearings. Start from here, then go out and explore.

You Are Here cafe is located in Hongdae, not in the bustling club district, but in the hostel area. If you’re visiting Korea, there are lots of hostels around the area that we set up our cafe. You might be confused, disoriented, even jet-lagged. Come to You Are Here Cafe and get your bearings :D

Also, what TTMIK and EYK represent is very much a middle ground. Hyunwoo and crew are teaching the outside world how to speak Korean. The Eatyourkimchi Crew are in many ways showing you different parts and aspects of Korea, to the outside world as well. It’s a middle ground, in some ways, an access point into Korea. You Are Here is that part of your journey’s map.

We plan on having lots of events at You Are Here Cafe as well. Hyunwoo’s language meet ups are going to be integral. Stop on by and hang out with a bunch of people interested in learning languages. Our Korean isn’t perfect: we’ll probably be there learning a thing or two as well, and we’d love to see you there.

You Are Here. See You There! Grand Opening Party!

When: Saturday, August 9th: 11AM-11PM
Where: 마포구 동교동 204-53 (Mapo-Gu, Dongyo-dong, 204-53).
What: Come hang out with us for the grand opening of the You Are Here Cafe! We’re gonna be there, serving you coffee and treats, and hopefully seeing some of you lovely Nasties!

For walking directions from the subway, check out our video here:


And here’s a map!

You Are Here map

We’ve also opened up a bunch of different accounts for You Are Here Cafe. We plan on announcing secret items on some of them, and we’ll be posting videos – including a special new segment – on our You Are Here YouTube Channel. Make sure you follow!

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube

Otherwise, if you’re gonna come, please let us know! We’d love to match your faces with your Nasty Avatars and Usernames, though I know some of you use different people’s avatars for your own. I’m looking at you, Shisus!

  1. SooZeeeeeee take a look at our picture :D and i made a blogpost about this café :)


    hmmm hope its allowed to post a link here… hugs to all nasties and the eatyourkimchi crew
    most hugs for spudgy :D

  2. OMG! I just flew into Korea today and I am super excited!!!! Are you guys going to be there all the time? Or do you have like certain hours on certain days??? I would LOVE to meet you guys because I have been watching your videos for 3 years!!!! Hope to see you guys!

  3. Wow.. I just found out this caffe through one of my friends. I just want to get to know people who have different culture. Can I make new friends if i get there?

  4. Hello Simon and Martina! I just arrived in Seoul coming from Canada and I missed the grand opening! I’m staying til the 13th so I would love to know when you guys plan on visiting the cafe so I could meet you!! Thanks! -Mandy

  5. Wait, so is the opening at 10 or 11? I saw both times, and now I’m confused as to which is the correct time…

  6. I will be there with my friend exactly at 10!!!!!

  7. I am high school student in Korea, and I only have time after 6pm. is it okay for me to come?

  8. I cant wait to see it in person! I cant help but ask if you guys are in need of Baristas. Seriously. /aggressively submits resume.

  9. Did I mention how excited I am for this? I won’t be there for the opening, but when I go back to Korea in a year or two, I am definitely going to come.
    You have no idea how much this means to me. I have a dream of opening a coffee shop where people can just hang out, a sort of alternative place where I could promote local artists and music, and maybe have a library and stuff. The fact that you are opening a place a little like that makes me believe that one day it will be possible!
    I can’t wait to come hang out. Will you guys be there a lot or will you have employees? HEY! Are you hiring people???

  10. Wish I could be there! Maybe in the future I can be there. You guys will hang out there alot? I would like to meet you, really enjoy EYK! Matter of fact, I started messing around with videoing and I’m putting together something of my own. Would you be willing to watch it and give me feedback when I get ready to post the first vid?

  11. Heyy, we’re planning to go to Korea late August
    Will the cafe always be open from 11-11?

  12. I am coming!, I am in Korea for another month and I am coming to Seoul just to see your cafe! (long time youtube subscriber only just getting into your site), You videos have been helpful when explaining Korea to other people! Its gonna be strange seeing you in person!

  13. Hi Simon and Martina! I’m so happy!!! I can be there at the Grand Opening of your cafe :) It’s the last weekend I’m in Korea (I leave on the 13th of August, back to the Netherlands) so I’m definitely coming! I was just wondering if you sell your items from the EYK store at your cafe as well, because I really want to get a ‘Ohhh!-You-so-nasty’ snapback hat and I don’t know if it will arrive on time when I order it now. Actually I’m going to Seoul today, so if you’re in the studio or in the cafe, please, please, pleaaaasseeee let me know!!!

  14. Hello! Simon and Martina!
    I’m a huge fan of you Guys! Thank you for your videos! they help me so much, from explaining parts of Korean culture to my friends that are so different from American culture to comforting myself when I really want Korean food. ;-). My name is Esther (both Korean 에스더 and English, Long story), and I’m fourteen. I was born in Korea, but lived a bit more than half my life in the United States. I’m luckily in Korea at the time of the opening, and I am COMING! I’ll wear a doctor who shirt. I’m so excited to meet you guys!!! 감사합니다! 화이팅!

  15. OMG, I’m seriously SO HAPPY for you guys :D!!! You are an inspiration, especially since I’m currently struggling to find my own way in life and to build myself a dream, too :).
    You’ve shown that with Courage, hard work and enthusiasm, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

    SO PROUD ;_;!

  16. Huhuhuhu!! I’ve been waiting for the cafe to be open for agesss and can’t believe that I’m actually going to be there! Even if it means skipping my internship and travelling 2.5hrs up to Seoul and spending all my money on KTX XD

    oh helllll yeahhhhhhh I’ll be there!!! Im sure its gonna be soooooo crowded on the day!

  17. I’ll still be living in Korea to see the opening!!! yes yes YESSSSSS!!!!

  18. Coool…and I just came home after spending 5 month in Korea, and I missed it !!! herr hard life.

    By the way thanks to yours old vid like the washing mashine and those kind of tips were soooo useful. Thanks

  19. Wow, i’m flying to Korea on the 7th. So i’m definitely going :)

  20. Hi, I guess it is time to introduce myself! I have been a quiet subscriber for so long. I am Minseo Yi from Korea. I got to know about your Youtube Channel since I went to Winnnipeg for my high school. My Korean Canadian freind introduced me your channel and it was so interesting for me to see Korea from the perspective of you guys.

    Watching your videos have helped me to get through homesickness! I am glad that I can finally have the opportunity of meeting you guys in Korea! I am here in Korea right now and Ii would like to meet you guys before going back to Canada for the university. It will be great if I can come to the opening ceremony!

  21. Really excited – Hope you guys do a video when your coffee shop’s done :) Curious to see what the interior looks like!

  22. OMG. How I wish I can jump from Philippines to Korea!!!! T_T

  23. It is so close to my last day here, but I will make it!!! I must represent my fellow yellow nasties!!

  24. Congratulations Simon and Martina and Hyunwoo (+all his and your crew too)!!!
    OMG I’m soo happy you’re finally opening! .. and while I’m still in Korea ^^ YAY!
    Maybe this time I’ll be able to say hello properly :D :)
    Can’t wait to see you guys at the opening! :)

  25. I’ll be at Korean only in October !!!!! T.T … however will be my birthday heheheh !!! Hope see you guys soon !!! Good Luck on the gran opening !!!

  26. soooooo happy for you guys!!! i reallllllly really want to go….but alas!! i dont live in korea.

  27. Wow August 9 is National Day in Singapore (aka Singapore’s 49th birthday) :D

  28. Are you also selling all the WTF stuff in your cafe that you made the video’s off?

  29. I won’t be able to be there in person, so I’m just going to imagine I’m there. Anyway congratulations guys

  30. Congratulations ! Red Region Nasty wishing we were there;)

  31. First thing I have to do in Korea: GO to the You Are Cafe!!

  32. I am so ridiculously happy for you guys right now *makes constipated sounding noises of strangled happiness*

  33. I’m so sad I won’t be able to make it though…. My plane is set to go back to LA on August 5th! And I’ve been waiting all summer for this..!! But congratulations!

  34. OMG So excited to come here when I visit Korea! Congratulations guys!

  35. CONGRATS LOVELY PEOPLE!! Are you guys ready for a potential stampede though? XP

  36. Can’t wait to go to Korea xD It’s my first time. But still have a few weeks ahead ㅠ__ㅠ (Going in September)
    Your Cafe is already on my Travel List.
    I just need to teach myself a bit more Korean (Sadly my University doesn’t have a Korean language class).
    I want to see as much as possible while I’m there. Going to Seoul, Busan, Jeju, Andong, Chuncheon and Gyeongju.

  37. It’s a day after my 19th birthday!!! I won’t be able to go though coz I’m in the far land of The Philippines and I have classes at the university :( But I’ll offer my birthday wish to the success of You Are Here Cafe! I’ll share your links in social media so my friends visiting Korea may be able to stop by! I’m so proud of you!!! Good luck!! ^_^

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