Woohoo! Here we are at the You Are Here Cafe doing our first LiveChat!

We spent a good three hours yesterday trying to set up the network. It’s not the shared one with the rest of the Cafe (which offers free wifi, by the way). It has its own network just for LiveChats. Yay! And it took three hours to set up yesterday because I’m dumb and didn’t realize that all it needed to start working was for me to restart the modem. I clicked every damn button except for restart. YARGH!

Anyhow, we couldn’t show you the upstairs of the cafe because the wifi doesn’t go that far. Yes, I know that’s really First World Problems. Maybe next time we’ll set up the router upstairs and do the LiveChat from there? Hmm…that’s worth a shot. We see that the room we were in today is a bit echo-ey, so we’ll try to figure out a better option for next time.

Really, super special thank you to Jenn and Jane from California. Your package was Marvel-ous! That book is incredibly special to me. You’ve given me a piece of my childhood that I could never afford. I’m so damn touched. Thank you so incredibly much. I’m gonna read it all weekend and brush up on my Marvel knowledge. I need to see if Drax is as weak as Guardians made him out to be.

Otherwise, let us know what you think of us doing LiveChats in the Cafe. Should we keep doing them there, or would you prefer them back in the studio. We like being able to meet people here afterwards, and we’re getting some great decorations we can hide around the cafe. Leigh and Soo Zee will be in more of them in the future, but today’s a really busy day for them.

Speaking of it being a busy day, we’ve got to run to the SMTown concert now. It’s our first time! We went to the YGFam concert a couple of years ago. Let’s see how this one compares. Hmmm. I’d be satisfied if I hear “What is Love” at least three times. Click on the button below so you don’t miss out on any more LiveChats!

  1. What a great package filled with love! So I had an idea for your live chat set up, if you kept doing it in that room and had like a poster wall type thing behind you. it should help some with the noise. (sound waves bouncing and such) and give you a neat background. I am going to try and do a rough (i can’t draw) drawing and tweet it to ya’ll.

  2. Martina’s voice of Loki, sounded like [Black Butler’s] Ciel’s voice from the English dub. (Especially when she said “I AM A GOD”)

  3. Simon, I believe the “whip its” you speak of are from the Cracked article “5 Secret Criminal Uses for Stuff They Sell in Gas Stations.”

  4. If you get the chance to go on vacation again, there is a beach on Geoje-do that has phosphorescence and lights up as you swim at night. It’s pretty spectacular, but there were no other people around, so it is something that isn’t advertised. You may have to ask around and/or go at a specific time of year.

  5. UGH I was all excited that this was showing at 10PM my time but I’ve had a long week and I fell asleep at 8ish so WHOOPS!

    I am so jealous of the marvel encyclopaedia. Anything that comes in an encyclopaedia is super awesome in my opinion *coughs I read the Britannica encyclopaedia in my elementary library as a kid. They said I needed more nonfiction hahhahahh! I also own the encyclopaedia of magical places from B&N, it is the best if you are a fiction lover like me <3

    Ahhhh… I love coffee and the atmosphere of coffee shops. I hope you do all your livechats in You Are Here from now on because YES. Does anyone else just go to a coffee shop to breathe? You know, relax for awhile from reality and take in the smells, sounds, tastes, and more? Or maybe that is just me!

  6. Awww, my dolls are in the cafe! What a lovely surprise^^ I was wondering where they’ve been living. Hopefully some day I can come visit :D

  7. I think the video quality was on a higher level than before. Good idea to have a special network for live chats. Your work payed off, Simon!

  8. My husband is also a comic book nerd and loved Guardians of the Galaxy and had the exact same complaint almost word for word.

    • Ha! Did he also complain that Thanos needs to stop managing people and just start doing things himself? Getting Loki and Ronin to do his work so he can…what? Sit on his throne and watch Tivo? Dammit Thanos go out there and do something!

      • Wow you answered me I feel honored. He laughed and said he hadn’t thought about it but you are right. He’s just happy when Thanos gets any screen time because that’s his favorite character. I think his only other complaint was that they made Nova Corps look weak.

  9. daaayyyuummm that cake looked sexy

  10. I really want to meet you ,but Germany is so far away … I am happy if i look your videos <3 thanks that you makes my daysmore nicely and funnily

  11. I missed it again… But hey, seeing your faces in your new cafĂ© is heartwarming, live or not. I’ve been struggling with personal stuff and right now, EYK videos are one of the few things that stop the feeling that I’m falling into a black hole. I love you guys. Really. I owe you so much. Thank you.

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