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Your Best Moment on the Internet?

Best Internet Moment

Ah, I find this topic so interesting! Not just to see people’s responses, but also because, well, this is super duper relevant to us, since most of our lives are on the internet, so you see just about all of our moments.

It’s also odd because the question itself has a slight connotation of non-importance at the same time. Kind of like that I’m Kind of a Big Deal on the Internet” joke, people can’t really take you fully seriously if your claim to importance is social media. And I get it. I don’t fully take it seriously myself, either. Someone asked us what it feels like to be a celebrity, and we’re always like “hey, we’re not celebrities. Brad Pitt’s a celebrity. We talk about food and toys on the internet.”

But that’s not to say that we’re not amazed with all that’s come our way since we started making videos on YouTube. We’ve met tons of amazing people, and have been able to travel around the world, and – more importantly – we’ve been able to pursue a dream. We can be with each other all of the time, the two of us, and since we’re a mushy married couple, this is super important for us. It’s not something we could do in any other career.

And that’s also not to say that we’re not happy with some of the things we’ve accomplished. We helped raise $50,000 for Liberty in North Korea, and we got to see the faces of the people that were saved with that money. And we were also able to give $10,000 to Korean Animal Shelters. And we’ve only been able to do these two things because of what we do on the internet. We’d never have been able to help if we hadn’t spent so much time online, and that’s something we’ll never forget, either.

Also, when we do our events in other countries and we get to meet you, we do our best to talk with as many of you as we can. The stories you’ve told us about how our videos have helped you, in some way shape or form, is something we’re incredibly touched by, and I can’t talk about it much here without getting all weepy and shit so I’m gonna stop. But you know who you are, those of you who we’ve talked to…

So it’s a mixed bag, I guess. I’m incredibly honoured that we can do what we do, and that we were able to help in some small way, but it’s never something I’ll talk about arrogantly. We understand that we’re small fry in the YouTube world, and in the internet world as a whole. We’re thrilled to be along for the ride, and touched that we can meet so many awesome people along the way. Thank you all for being a part of this.

Hot damn why does this sound like a goodbye speech? I’m only trying to talk about proudest moments on the internet. I didn’t want it to become so serious! I also made a bunch of fart jokes that I really like. I was particularly fond of comparing Spudgy pooping to squeezing toothpaste in this week’s Korean Drama video. Ah. That’s it for now. I’ll see myself out of this post. Thank you all again for being so awesome!