Okokokokok, so this is going to be really, really cool. Probably one of the biggest things we’ve ever done. Check it out:

Sunday, November 3rd, at 7:00PM, YouTube is going to be streaming the YouTube Music Awards, presented by Kia. You can watch it on the Music Awards page. It’s starting off in Seoul with a bunch if performances from Kpop bands, like SHINee, Sistar, Miss A, and 4Minute, as well as Show Luo and Sungha Jung.

We’ve been talking about this event for quite a while now, as some of you might have seen if you attended any of our European Tour Events, or in the times we mentioned it in our Music Mondays. But it wasn’t until recently that we got the big news: we’re going to be part of the show as well! Daaaammn! We’re gonna be backstage at the event doing interviews with Sistar, Miss A, Show Luo, SungAh Jung, and also SHINee. Yep. Soy un freaking Dorito! We’ll be doing two interview sessions, with Kris from Exo moderating one and Taecyeon from 2PM moderating another. The SHINee interview is something we’ll be doing on our own, outside of the show’s broadcast. But we’ll be freaking broadcast backstage! Holy shit!

But this isn’t just us. You know whenever we do interviews it isn’t just us asking stuff. We want you to get involved. Tell us what you want us to ask them. Let them know what fans want to know. He’ll yeah!

If you want to get involved, send us a tweet @eatyourkimchi with the Hashtag #YTMA. We’ll pick a bunch of your questions and ask as many as we can!

You might have noticed the other YouTubers in our video as well. They’re here, along with a bunch more, promoting the YTMAs. We’re doing a few different videos with them all, so our regular schedule is a bit thrown off course. But you should be seeing us in videos with Mystery Guitar Man, Hyunwoo Sun, and The VFXbros. They’re all cool people. And how often do we do stuff with other YouTubers? We’re so excited for this! Yay!

Stay tuned for more. And make sure you don’t miss out on any of the videos by subscribing!

  1. The FULL Seoul Music Concert is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYp0bo9fh6g

  2. I realized this is probably an awkwardly late comment, but a picture appeared on my tumblr dash a while back where it seemed that Jonghyun had tumblr icon on his screen. So basically, it’d be fascinating to know if he has tumblr (as it recently added KR language to its posts) and if he’s found the dark fangirling underside of it yet lol~

  3. I want to see a collaboration with some UK Youtubers!!!

  4. It’s so funny to see Hyunwoo in one of your videos, I never expected it. #TalkToMeInKimchi :P

  5. PLEASE, ask SHINee to say “I love you” (Kocham Cię) in Polish? Do you know how many Polish Shawols will die because of it? <3

  6. Ash3070

    You guys did AMAZING :D You should be so proud of yourselves :D Although did they cut some of your interviews? O.o I don’t think I saw the Sistar one O_O x x x

  7. eatyourkimchi interview with SHINee!! dream come true!! i will definitely watch it!!

    ~~i want to see you dance to everybody with SHINee!! ♥♥

    (i wish they could give honest answers to all these questions. but maybe we’ll get lucky with a little bit of insight :)

    -Who has the best (or worst, or nonexistent) relationship with who within Shinee?
    -Is there anything you hate about being an idol?
    -Has any fan ever stuck out from everyone else and stayed in your mind for a little longer than the rest? Why?
    -What does each member think of the other members (individually, not collectively as “the other members”)?
    -what do you think is your best and worst character trait? (not like singing/dancing/rapping but like honesty/selfishness/arrogance/humility) Why?

    -do you ever dislike or get tired of “Shinee”‘s music?

    (i wish they could give honest answers to all these questions. but maybe we’ll get lucky with a little bit of insight :)

    -Who has the best (or worst, or nonexistent) relationship with who within Shinee?
    -Is there anything you hate about being an idol?
    -Has any fan ever stuck out from everyone else and stayed in your mind for a little longer than the rest? Why?
    -What does each member think of the other members (individually, not collectively as “the other members”)?
    -what do you think is your best and worst character trait? (not like singing/dancing/rapping but like honesty/selfishness/arrogance/humility) Why?

  10. Ash3070

    So it’s NOT gonna be on the actual YTMAs? Will you guys be live streaming instead? I really don’t want to make a mistake and miss you guys >.< x x x

  11. Ásta Sóley Snorradóttir

    So i don’t care who you ask this question SHINee, Sistar, Miss A, and 4Minute and more, I want to know what they like to do the most in their free time :)

  12. Hey Simon and Martina!
    Show Luo just had his concert here in Toronto last weekend! (yay Toronto~)
    Please asked him how he liked performing for the first time here? Did he get any shopping done on Bloor?
    Lastly, please tell him the concert was GREAT and as promised he better come back again next year for vacation with his mom!

  13. okay i know this is going to sound really nerdy (and maybe a little bit weird) but as a language nerd i’m just really curious.
    Would you please please PLEASE as Kris, out of all the languages he speaks, what language does he THINK in? Does he think in english when he’s in canada and in chinese when he’s in china? Or is it always the same one?
    like i said, wierd question, but I’M SO CURIOUS YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAH~

  14. To Show Luo:

    Since you do so well hosting/entertaining in your variety show in Taiwan and, as a variety veteran, would you want to go on a Korean variety show? If yes, which one and how do you think you’d do?

    Do you have thoughts about promoting or expanding in Korea?*

    Have you been learning Korean and how good are you/what can you say?*

    Are there any Korean artists you’d like to collaborate with?

    Can you do any of the dances of the artists here (2pm, SHINee etc) (and could you show us)? (If not he’s insanely fast at learning dances so maybe get one of the them to teach him, if they are doing the interview together)

    Which Korean artists/bands would you like to invite to your show and why?*

    Is there any group/person here you’re a particular fan of and would like to say something to?

    To Kris (if he’s taking questions):

    What language do you think in?* :D

    What career (and in what country) do you think you would be in if you didn’t get in to SM (professional artist?!)?*

    What musical direction would you like EXO to move in or try doing in future?

    What is the difference between promoting in China and in Korea e.g. on TV shows?*

    Which language do you think is the hardest out of the ones you speak?

    (Have you ever accidentally spoken in the wrong language?)

    To SHINee:

    If you had the chance to go on another ‘One Fine Day’ holiday, where would you go? What would you do differently?(Did anyone find the traces that you left behind?)

    In all the years that you guys have debuted, which member has changed the most e.g. personality or look?

    What is your favourite music video that you have done and why?

    Since Minho (MANHO) is interested in video editing, would he ever like to direct a music video? What would it be like? Likewise what would a (SHINee) music video directed by Key/Taemin/Jonghyun/Onew look like?*

    What do you think makes a good (idol) group/the secret of longevity?

    Who is the most eccentric?

    *******BTW you HAVE to explain the ‘Soy un Dorito’ joke and what it means and present Taemin with the T-shirt, it’s one of your GREATEST inside jokes and I HIGHLY doubt he owns anything even HALF as stylish and AWESOME (judging by his music video wardrobe) :D Will also take this opportunity to say I LOVE all the EYK merchandise and want a T-shirt too! <3


    What song(s) of the other artists here do you wish you had written/had been yours and why?*

    Do you like receiving fan art and drawings of yourself? Or would you rather receive a drawing of someone you like?* :)

    Do you wish you had gone to university? If you did, what degree would you do?

    (A little weird but) Do you talk to yourself? Aloud? Conversationally?

    What are you most likely to be thinking when you are filming a scene in your music videos (i.e. if we were to pause it)?

    Please give a pie chart/the percentages of time you spend with different facial expressions e.g. smiling, blank, frowning, laughing.*

    Have you ever watched an EYK review video (or a reaction video to your song)? What was your reaction?

    Thanks, love EYK! From Vivien Wu, 18, in England. * = better/higher priority questions

  15. Questions to Shinee:

    1: What was the craziest bet you’ve ever done and what was
    the punishment?
    2: Is Onew still a chicken maniac? Have he ever been sick because
    he ate too much chicken?
    3: Have you ever been lost in a foreign country? Who helped
    you out?
    4: Do you stay in touch with your old friends? (before the
    debut). Did you lost any friendships due to fame?
    5: How often can you meet your family? What do they think
    about your lifestyles?
    6: Is there any place where you can walk without being
    disturbed by fans or paparazzi? Or is this impossible?
    7: All five of you became role models to young generations.
    What do you think about this? How should a role model behave?
    8: The shows (in which you’re taking part) how much are
    scripted and how much it is spontaneous?
    9: Military service is coming sooner than we would think. Do
    you plan to enlist at the same time, one by one?
    10: Did you have any funny nicknames in your childhood? What
    were they?
    11: To Key: If you would have the chance to play Clyde’s
    role again, but this time the whole musical would be in English, would you still accept the role? How
    would you prepare yourself for the show?
    12: To Onew: Which music genre describes your personality
    the most? Did you try that genre? If not, would you try it in the future?

    Also, could you ask Onew to say “Hello” to me? My name day
    is coming soon and it would be a very very big gift, if he would say something
    to me. A little message like “happy name day” or something would be enough J

    I hope you’ll choose at least one of my questions. Probably
    this is the only way to get in touch with them.

    With loads of love and hope

    Réka (19) from Romania.

    PS: Have fun and make sure, you’ll give us a detailed
    account. :D Oh, and sorry for grammar mistakes.

  16. I can’t believe you are going to interview my favorite group SHINee! Oooooh myyyy gaaaawsh!!! Man, there are so many things that I would love to ask them, but my mind is a bit confuzzled at the moment as I am still in disbelief.
    Hmm…ideas ideas…
    How about you all play “Never Have I Ever” with SHINee and punish the loser with those disgusting jelly beans. Tell them that if they lie, their noses will grow large and full of hair. Bwahaha!
    Ask Jonghyun what his favorite anime or manga is and if Jong-ruto (Jonghyun Naruto) prefers Hinata or Sakura.
    Ask Key who Key-ccolo’s (Key Piccolo’s) nemesis/later ally Goku is and if he knows how to twerk. (Oh, Martina could talk with Key about hair dyes, too. ^^)
    Ask my bias, Onew, what he sings in the shower, how PINee is doing, and if he would ever consider getting a piercing or tattoo anywhere.
    For Taemin, ask him what he will do next since he’s already done extreme sports like sky-diving, etc.
    Ask Minho if he’s still at war with Jonghyun for the Twitter Photoshop competition incident and what evilsss he is plotting if they are.
    Hmm…Other questions…(Because I haven’t put enough yet, right? Sorry…Too excited.) Ask them if they read superhero comic books and what superheros they would be.
    Ask who has the most body odor and facial hair and what they do about it.
    Ask them what their favorite cartoons were as kids and what their biggest childhood fears were.
    Lastly, ask who in SHINee has the best night club booty dance and if they would like to provide evidence… XD

    Edit: Wah…Sorry so long. ^^;;;;;;

  17. Wow!!!!! Sounds like it’s gonna be AWESOME! =D Anyways, here are some stuff i’m curious about…

    For Show Luo: You’re an accomplished singer, host/MC and actor, so which of these do you enjoy doing the most?
    For Miss A: Do you all cook your meals together or is Fei in charge of the cooking since she’s known to be a good cook?

    Feel free to reword my questions to whichever way sounds better….and I’m not surprised that there are already lots and LOTS of questions for SHINee ^^

  18. can you ask kris to draw you guys ? and also can you ask miss A to say “i love you” in all the languages they know ? :)

  19. Is it 7pm Korea time?

  20. bigbangfosho


    “We’ll be doing two interview sessions, with Kris from Exo moderating one” omg OMG KRIS

  21. okay i just want to make sure so that i can set my alarm clock accordingly, when they say “Sunday, November 3rd, at 7:00PM” do they mean 7pm KST?!!!

  22. Oh my GOD I am even more excited that you’re going to interview Show Luo as well, I guess I’ll never stop being a fan even though I moved on to SHINee haha… but oh god you’re finally interviewing SHINee, so many great opportunities here!!
    But can we… can I… propose a question for Show as well or is it just like, a short break-like interview?

  23. I couldn’t help but to notice that a part of your shoulder disappeared along with the bluescreen. You didn’t think that one through when you picked clothes did you? ;p hm hm

  24. ohmygodohmygod, this is so exciting you guise! You must be sooo nervous! Other than the obvious Soy un Dorito/TaeMAN/MANho related questions I have a few for SHINee (but you could ask anyone tbh)

    1. If they got a tattoo what would it be and why?
    2.What is their favourite hair colour, or one they would like to try?
    3. What is the weirdest thing a fan has given to them or asked them to sign?
    … I can’t remember my other questions!

    - Amber (not from f(x)! keke) from London, England.

    (Also, even if SM don’t let you talk about Doritos and TaeMAN’s potential for being President of the Galaxy, can you please please do it off camera and then tell us nasties about it! And good luck :D)

  25. I think I´m the only nasty excited about your guys interviewing Show Lou. I love him ;n;

  26. Cheryl CherBear Huddleston

    i about died from laughing that was so freakin funny! So excited for you guys.

  27. #YTMA Hello
    my name is Giordana and I’m from italy :)

    For Onew:

    I’m Italian and I’m wondering why you decided to sing “Nessun Dorma” during the
    SMtown tour :) anyway your pronunciation was perfect! <3

    For SHINee:

    -If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life which one would
    it be and why? :)

    -What’s your favorite SHINee’s song? And why? :)

    -Are there any funny or interesting stories about the making of the everybody
    music video? :)

    thank you for this opportunity martina and simon ^^ <3

  28. I am so freaking excited for you guise. YOU’LL DO GREAT DON’T WORRY TOO MUCH!
    I hope Simon gets to bubble pop with Hyuna. And my question for any of the groups is how they relax (besides sleeping– (hopefully)) and unwind from all the busy schedules they have to do.

    there are too many ppl I’m excited for them to meet!! Kris, Taecyeon, Sistar, Miss A, SOY UN DORITO… ahh mind blown. Fighting!! <3

  29. Please ask (to any or all of the groups): how long does it take you to do your own makeup? Who in the group takes the longest?

    Also, even though Kris is just a moderator, mention “I lost my pants” please!!!

  30. Oooh EYK blog post is working! Before it wasn’t working for me :(( (Said EYK website was offline…)

  31. I have a little crush on Hyunwoo. He’s smart, funny and cute. If I get a chance to go to Korea again I would love to sit and chat with him. Sure, I am 10 years older and married as well, but it’s ok! For now I’ll just keep up with my TTMIK lessons :).

  32. Ash3070

    For any of the groups but with special emphasis on Miss A & Sistar:
    Do they have any funny stories from their trainee years that they can share :3

    For Miss A:
    You’re preparing for your comeback now; What does that involve? Is there ANY time to rest? Please remember to take care of your health <3

    Also what songs should we look out for on the new album? What are your individual favourites? x x x

  33. ah ah AHHHHHH!!! SHINee-yahhh!! and Miss A!! and the others!!! But mainly SHINee for my shawol heart!!!

    So I have some questions for SHINee, I’m Lauren from Australia! I don’t have twitter so, I’ll just write them here I guess…..
    —-> SHINee is a pretty popular group. However, how would you rank yourselves out of all the k-pop groups in terms of vocal ability, as performers, song quality and/or just overall talent? Personally, I believe that SHINee are the best performers in k-pop and of course I’m not biased at all :P (oh and ranking their looks outside or within of SHINee would be fun to watch too!)

    - Please ask them this question!!! PLEAAAAASEEEE!! I just think it would be pretty funny and I’m kind of interested to know as well. Otherwise, here are some other questions:

    For each of the members:
    1. What’s your favourite song from the Everybody Mini Album? and why?
    2. What sort of music is your jam? I realise you probably don’t listen to your own albums all the time, so what sort of genre of music do you love?
    3. Who is your favourite girl group? (and tell them if they pick SNSD or f(x) they’re a cop out and I’m seriously disappointed in them hehe)
    4. What do you like the most about being in SHINee?
    5. What do you dislike the most about being in SHINee?
    6. What is your weirdest habit?
    7. Are you all healthy and happy? You’ve been working pretty flat out this year, look after yourselves. :)
    8. Are you going to come to Australia soon? There’s lots of shawols in Australia who love you!! and it’s a pretty cool place!

    For Taemin:
    1. So, do you think you’re a cool guy now that you were shirtless in a mv? Cause I think so… (you don’t really have to ask him that….)
    2. Now that you are older, does it frustrate you to be known as the cute maknae from SHINee?

    For Onew:
    1. Is your arm alright? I’m scared your propeller engine is just too intense!
    2. Do you like having blonde hair?
    3. Can you please impart some of your words of wisdom for some basic advise about living life?

    For Jonghyun:
    1. I love, love, love your composition and song with IU!! (Depression Clock) I’m sure you’re really happy that some of your compositions are beginning to be produced. Will you be composing any songs for SHINee soon??

    For Minho:
    1. **coughcoughWhyisyourfacesoperfect?coughcough**
    2. What is your future dream?

    For Key:
    1. I’m amazed at how well you particularly connect with the audience, both live and through the camera, during every performance. Do you have a special way to prepare yourself and get into the zone before performing or does it just come naturally?
    2. So…..in total, how many times did you kiss Dana in Bonnie and Clyde hmmmm? haha

    Sorry about the overload of questions……..its just that I’m so curious yeahhh~~~ of what SHINee’s answers may be!!

  34. OMG aldksfhalkjdfh SHINEE AND KRIS AND SHOW LUO!??!?!
    I really hope the SHINee interview doesn’t get cancelled off like the 2PM interview last time :/ but omg alskdjhfakjhdf I seriously wished I lived in Korea

    Questions (cause I don’t have twitter T_TT):
    1. Do any of them sing in the shower? If so, what song do they normally sing?
    2. Do you have any new hobbies recently?

    andd… idk what to ask now :o (LOL, my questions were so weird) too nervous and freaking out and fangirling and being happy. But please tell them that Shawols wish Onew well, to get better soon and that all five of them should remember to look after themselves well and not to overwork so much.
    EYK and SHINee!!! ERMAGAWDDDD >__< Hwaiting! Good luck!

  35. Emilie

    Hey guys, I just wanted to compile all the question suggestions I tweeted to you into one post, so hopefully you’ll see them all. :) SHINee is my all-time favorite group and it would mean soooooooooo much to me if you picked one of my questions. Here they are!

    This question is for Taemin: Do you even LIKE Doritos?
    This question is for Taemin: As the dancer of the group, which of your dances would you say is the most difficult?
    This question is for Minho: Are there any dramas you wish you could have acted in?
    This question is for Jonghyun: How long does it take to draw on the “tattoos” you wear in the Shinee World Concerts?
    This question is for SHINee: Do you ever read the comments fans make on your music videos? (I’ve heard Minho does.)
    This question is for SHINee: Besides the ones you already studied, if you could learn any language, what would it be?
    This question is for SHINee: Quick! What’s your favorite banchan/snack?
    This question is for SHINee: In all of your travels, what was your favorite food and where was it from?
    This question is for Taemin and Minho: Would you ever consider making a Twitter or Instagram account?

    I’ll probably be thinking of more questions throughout the next couple of days, and I’ll edit this post as I tweet them out. ^-^

    Also, my name is Emilie, I’m from Wisconsin, USA, and my twitter is @emilieloveskiwi

  36. Raine

    Hyunwoo Sun! I got so excited when I saw him in your video! He’s so funny! I was just learning Korean in the car ride home using TTMIK!

  37. Heres a Question for shinee….Whos their favourite gurl group?
    For sistar, 4mintue, MissA~ favourite boy group? :3

  38. Please give Taemin a pack of doritos. oh oh! i mean taeman.

  39. do they know just how big their international following is? if so how does that effect them? does it make them excited or pressure them to do better.

  40. Ask Onew if he’d marry me. I’ve got the ring. I just need a yes.


  42. Q: What is your favorite time of the day and why?

    side note: Personally, I don’t think you should let them in on all the EYK jokes….it’s just a misinterpretation of the Korean half the time and I think that by doing that is mocking them a bit. They won’t get the jokes anyways. I don’t know how many times i have had to explain a play on words or seemingly simple joke to my Korean fiance because he doesn’t get it, lol. Also, the ‘spanish’ reference would be even more confusing. Just have a fun and relaxed interview, don’t be all crazy~

  43. Can you please ask Min of miss A about when will she do ‘that’ sexy concept she’s saying that she’s reserving to do after 5 years? (well because i think it’s about time she’d do it!!!) thank you!!! =D

    - Ervin Casiguran from Philippines

  44. can you ask them what it’s like for them living together? funny/embarassing stories, scary moments, etc. Thank you!!!

  45. Could you possibly invite SHINee (and the others, especially Miss A, EXO and 2pm, who you were going to interview so long ago…) to the studio so that they can meet other EYK family members; i.e. Spudgy… fanguerilla…? And then you could do the sticker booth and do awesome introduction skits! ^^ Otherwise you could ask questions like:

    1.What is your favourite music to listen to when you have free time (aside from your own)?
    2.If you could go anywhere on a holiday, where would it be and what would you do?
    3.What is your favourite variety programme to go on (or which variety show would you like to go on)?
    [My favourites are Running Man, Dream Team and Weekly Idol]

  46. SHINee, OH MY GOD! MY OVARIES ARE EXPLODING! But more importantly…SHOW LUO! YOU’RE INTERVIEWING SHOW LUO? He’s one of my favorite Taiwanese artists EVARRRR! ^_^ I’m so excited for you guys!


  48. Oh my god, yes, FINALLY! That interview with SHINee we’ve all been waiting for!

    But… now I’m nervous and I don’t know what to ask /sweats/ I can only think of really lame questions urghh no this is my only chance to just show my bias group for just a split second that I exist and I can’t even come up with a good question ;~;

  49. So you will get a picture with Simon next to Jonghyun right…just to make fun of his height :)

  50. I am so happy that you two finally get to interview SHINee! It is about time!

  51. US Nasties

    This is the official US Nasty fan page. US fans would like to ask all of the Kpop bands if they’re planning a US Tour. If not, in which US city would each member like to visit?

  52. I have a question for SHINee’s Jonghyun. I’d like to know if possibly in the future, he might compose a song for the group. While he’s written the lyrics for several SHINee songs, he hasn’t yet participated in the composition of any, though I think he has a big interest in composition. On the show SHINee’s One Fine Day, Jonghyun played little bits of his own compositions, which I thought sounded very good. I’d love to hear a song fully composed by him for SHINee. Is this something that might be in the cards for a future album?

    I also have a question for Miss A’s Jia and Fei. I’m wondering how they as non-Koreans feel working in the Kpop industry. Was/Is the language barrier hard to overcome? What are some experiences they’ve had as non-Korean idols that other, Korean idols don’t experience? Please feel free to reword this question, as I wasn’t exactly sure how to ask it. I can’t wait for the interviews. Good luck, you two!

    - Jessica, U.S.

  53. Also, can I just say you guys are the reason I fell in love with SHINee in the first place. TaeMAN’s extensions in Sherlock and their song “Hello” put me off about the band, but hearing your review about Sherlock and hearing you guys rave about them made me give them a chance. And boy am I glad I did. So THANK YOU for introducing me to this awesome band! I’m so glad (and frankly a bit jealous) you guys get to interview them. All the best!! =D

  54. So I’m curious if Kris has ever seen any of your videos (as opposed to asking SHINee)…I feel like it is more likely that he will have seen them due to his Canadian-ness and his friendship with Amber…I’m sure you won’t have to ask if has seen them if he has…he’ll probably mention it himself :D

  55. Oh my gawd, I feel faint and I’m not even the one that’s going to interview these giants…S & M fighting! Chant “I’m awesome and the Nasties love me” in your mind before you go to have the “chat”….

  56. There seems to be an implication that questions are only accepted through twitter…. but I see a bunch of other people asking question every where else… I hope twitter isn’t the only way because I don’t have one ._.
    I’d like to know what the other members of 4minute think of Hyuna’s constant exposure: her solo, her duo with Hyunseung, etc.

  57. You guys are interviewing SHINee!?!? All I’m asking is that you manage to get some English out of Onew and Key :P It is an English interview after all ^^

  58. Elizabeth Le

    1: What do you like do in your free time, when you don’t have a schedule?
    2: Has there ever been an instance where you started feeling emotional because of a fan’s doing?
    3: KEY: What girl group dance do you like to dance to the most?
    4: Who is the most organized member in the group?
    5: What dance was the hardest to learn? Most fun?
    6: Who is the best cook in SHINee?
    7: Who has the most friends among idols in the group?
    8: what is your favorite artist or type of music?
    9: Do you like the genre of music that you produce?
    10: Who takes care of CoCo most often?
    I’d really appreciate it if you ask them one of my questions. I LOVE SHINEE AND EATYOURKIMCHI! thanks! (im 12 btw)

  59. You’re going to meet SHINee. And Kris. HHHhhhhnnnnnhnnhhnhnhnnhhnhhnhnhhnhn cannot compute

  60. Questions for SHINee:
    ( please pick any that seems interesting and modify as pleased and let me die overwhelmed by happiness):

    1. Which choreography was the hardest to learn? Which one is the most tiring?
    2. What are the members’ favourite ice cream flavours?
    3. Since there are times when they work a lot and they are tired, do they drink a lot of coffee? Who likes coffee the most? How do they like their coffee?
    4. How old they would think they are if they didn’t know? (as in, how old they feel)
    5. What would be their weapon of choice in a fantasy alternate universe?
    6. Whatwas the last movie they watched? Did they like it?
    7. Who walks around the dorm shirtless most often?
    8. If they do sing in the shower, do they sing their own songs or other artists’ songs? (I know you used this question in the past but I think it’s interesting)

    9. Simon,as a part of your nation I have a huge favour – can you please ask them to say something in Polish? (“dzień dobry”, “dziękuję”or “kocham cię” jafbhgbhsgah)

    ~~Ania from Poland

  61. wowwww I am super stoked you guys are going to interview miss A!! I hoped this day would come :) my question for them would be how much influence they’ve had so far in choosing their songs, then outfits, and promotion cycles. I know that some artist will later confess they didn’t like a particular concept, or that promoting for 8 weeks and more was bone-breaking hard. Basically– how much can they decide about their career? Can they choose which CFs they want to do? Can they choose what kind of video they wanna shoot, and how revealing their outfits should be? I would just really like to know how much of what they present has been influenced by themselves. and CONGRATULATIONS for scoring this awesome gig!! god knows I’ll be jealous, but as a nasty, it will feel a little bit like I am there with you guys :P

  62. I’m having big fangirling moment. Kris from “I lost my pants” EXO and Manho appa *faints* and as many stated my first thought was “soy un dorito” *evil grin*. That will be wait for it L E G E N D A R Y :). I lost my senses in lipito flipito slow motion :)

  63. If you can you guys should try to do mini-interviews with the others or ask them if you can interview them when they can O_O imagine you guys had your own daytime tv show xD

  64. I have been waiting for this day!
    The day you interview shining SHINee!!
    So siked!! :D

  65. Whooo, Show Luo! My sisters just saw him live in Canada on Saturday. Busy guy…

    Anyhow, I don’t have any questions at the moment, but had to comment on the hilarity of this video. I hope to see TaeMAN and MANho running from dinosaurs in a future video!

  66. yanagiba yusuke22

    it will b an amazing dream for both of u iv shinee….sinee…dont gorget to wear ur soy un dorito’s hat

  67. lol!! Awsome!

  68. I have one question for SHINee. Who changed the most since debut? And I demand photos with dorito hat and soy un dorito and TaeMAN shirts. Seriously, guise.
    As for Kris I would like you to wish him Happy Birthdays, from a fellow Scorpio, albeit a Polish one. Also, have him meet Fanguerilla. PWEASE! Pretty please with a dorito on top! *W*
    Agata from Poland

  69. So much awesomeness :) I love seeing all the collabs and new opportunities you guys have! I can never think of a great question, but I always love your interviews

  70. Questions for SHINee:

    1. K-pop involves a lot of upholding a certain image as a person and as a group. Is there/has there ever been a time you feel like the public’s perception of you is totally off and want to break free of that?

    2. If you were to debut as a solo artist what genre of music would you pursue?

    3. What’s your favorite song by another artist?

  71. First of all, let them speak and answer in english please, I wanna hear Onew his sexy english ^^ but I like to how they use their spare time in the time of their comeback ect

  72. Question for SHINee !!! Which has been your favourite album concept out of all of your albums? :D (love you SHINee! <3 )

  73. Question for Shinee:
    Have you heard of inside fan jokes (Taeman, soy un dorito, etc)?

  74. Please Speak with Key in English ALL THE TIME: And yes don´t forget a tshirt with soy un dorito all of them should get one
    Question them if there watch music monday or if there hear about it ;__; For Keyah! If he could choose one character of an Musical to play, Witch one he wants badly to play.

  75. Omg, as soon as I saw SHINee I had a total fangirl moment! Something I haven’t done in 8 years over any band or singer. I guess SHINee brings out the fangirl in me lol. OMG!!!!!!!!!

  76. Ask them if they like my plan to dress up as Taemin for Halloween.


  77. Obrigado, lol

    Also, Martina! Your shirt… ITS BLUE. Blue Screen…

  78. #YTMA Hello
    my name is Giordana and I’m from italy :)

    For Onew:

    I’m Italian and I’m wondering why you decided to sing “Nessun Dorma” during the
    SMtown tour :) anyway your pronunciation was perfect! <3

    For SHINee:

    -If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life which one would
    it be and why? :)

    -What’s your favorite SHINee’s song? And why? :)

    -Are there any funny or interesting stories about the making of the everybody
    music video? :)

    thank you for this opportunity martina and simon ^^ <3

  79. Hello S&M! I don’t have a twitter but I’ll put my question here if you decide to read your comments anyway. I wanted to ask the idol groups if they have seen any impressive rookies this year, or if a new group has caught their eye in terms of concept/vocals/dance etc.? I hope you guys have an awesome time at the awards, we’ll be waiting anxiously for your interviews! Hugs, Gabe~♥

  80. Can you ask JongTae about their opinions on Internet War? Thanks ^-^

  81. questions for shinee!

    1. In being a part of Shinee, what do you regret the most?

    2. What/who do you love? (as many as they can name in one minute? :)

    3. what do you want to do once Shinee ends?

    4. what’s one (or more) outfit that you’ve absolutely hated wearing?

    5. And this is Elizabeth Dang’s question that I thought was really good so here it is again so you might be more likely to see it: “All the artists have music videos that get 1 million+ views on YouTube. Do they ever read the comments section to see what their fans think? Do the comments ever influence them when they make another music video?”

  82. Can you ask JongTae about their opinions on Internet War? Thanks ~

  83. Can you ask them when will they have a tour concert?

  84. A question to any of the groups really being do they ever get tired of practicing the same song? (I feel like this they’re probably going to say yes). So do they do anything to change it up like practicing the song in a different style or having different dance moves?

    Also what song( from their company) do they admire the most and wish they could perform?

  85. I have one question for SHINee. Who changed the most since debut?

  86. EatYourKimchi crew! Hi! (?) Please send my greetings to SHINee from Mexico and ask them to please rest as much as they can and to keep doing their amazing work. Also what has been the most fun backstage and/or on stage during all of their 2013 performances?
    What was each member’s favorite moment?
    And congratulations of their winnings! Fighting!

    (All of the above is for SHINee, btw xd)

    Thank you so much and also congratulations on this big oportunity for you, guys. I’m sure it’s very thrilling :D

  87. Annie

    They need EYK shirts, I wish there was a Taeman and Manho shirt but i’m not sure how that will play out… Can’t believe you are actually going to interview all of them and this gig? Dude, Soooo Nasty! Simon and Martina Congratulations and Salutations and all those congratulatory stuffs!!! :) All the best. Maybe some day we will be able to see them in your studio.

  88. Marzia Matalone

    Ah, yes! Could you ask Shinee if they are thinking about making a concert in Italy, or in South Europe? I think here they have a lot of fan…plus, it’d be possible to make Onew sing a bit of “Nessun Dorma”?
    Italian fan were so moved hearing him singing in our language!!!! ;_;

  89. thisisjustforfunval

    Oh gosh I almost choked in my lunch reading everyone’s questions for SHINee and realized this is your chance to ask about the SM fur hat and how they determine who has gets to wear it. XD

  90. Marzia Matalone

    Bring a sombrero along and make Taeman wear it and then take a pic!!!!!!

  91. Question for SISTAR, how are they loving or not loving their expanding popularity both inside Korea and internationally.
    For Miss A, why r y’all so fabulous?!

  92. You guys should make SHINee watch ur TaeMan and Manho videos….then ask them for their opinions!

  93. DIED!!!! [in public - so i got those looks but i dont care!!!!]

  94. You have to ask shinee if they know about the sombero and the soy un dorito meme!!!!!!!!! taeman and manho song tooo!!!

  95. SQUEEEE! I am so excited for this~!
    Especially since Miss A is in it!!! I LOVE THEM!

    I would love to know what the individual goals each of them have outside of music. Suzy gets a lot of attention for her acting and Fei for her time on Master Chef but what are the other members working on or what would they like to work on given the chance?

  96. To SHINee, Have they came across any youtubers they like? c: and pssssh ofcourse give Taeman a dorito and please show Minho the Manho song and I will die with happiness.

  97. OMG! I’M SO EXCITED FOR THE INTERVIEW WITH SHINee! Ummm I want to ask them what do they think about fanfiction and OTPS LOOOL okay no.

  98. Hyunwoo Sun on twitter favorited one of my tweets yes!!

  99. Simon if you dont mention “I lost my pants in ripito filito sipi slow motion” at some point while Kris is around you(on or off camera) you will have missed an amazing opportunity. Roll like a buffalo my friend…

    And please please whisper JYP aka “Jay Why Pee” at a random point in the interview with Miss A. (Cause JYP isn’t the one making Hush aka there will be no JYP at the beginning of their new song)
    I love’d your last interview with Sistar so i can’t wait to see a new one.

    i just want to know(which i’m sure you’ll ask anyway) is if any of them have seen your videos. How funny would it be if Taemin of another SHINee member knows about the TaeMAN song?

    Stay healthy guys. So happy that y’all are getting this opportunity.

    Is it weird that i’m fangirling so hard about you guys getting to meet/interview them? I’m not going to meet them but because you are i’m smiling my butt off running around the house giggling like a 6 year old on a sugar high.

  100. Ask them what they think about the ships.

  101. Ask them: Do you watch other youtube artists that are not signed? Which are your favorite?

  102. #YTMA Hello my name is Giordana and I’m from italy :)
    For Onew:
    I’m Italian and I’m wondering why you decided to sing “Nessun Dorma” during the SMtown tour :) anyway your pronunciation was perfect! <3
    For SHINee:
    -If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life which one would it be and why? :)
    -What’s your favorite SHINee’s song? And why? :)
    -Are there any funny or interesting stories about the making of the everybody music video? :)

    thank you for this opportunity martina and simon ^^ <3

  103. If one of you don’t give Taemin a TaeMAN shirt i will be a very sad Nasty-Shawol

  104. I’m so excited about this! Finally, you will get to interview SHINee after making so many references to them on KMM. Key is pretty good at English, so maybe he knows about them? Congrats on the opportunity guys!
    Also, I love the other youtubers in your video. Great job guys!

  105. Since everyone is freaking out about the doritos (and rightfully so) I want to take a minute to ask miss A a question! They tend to take on roles as strong and empowering females in their MVs, and I’d like to know what the girls themselves feel about being role models for younger girls in regards to sticking up for yourself and being independent? Similarly, do they have any female role models themselves that inspire them?

    I’m really happy for you guys that you get to interview all of these artists! I’ve always had a soft spot for miss A as well, so I’m so glad to see you interviewing them. If I’m not wrong you did your first Music Monday on “Bad Girl, Good Girl”! :D Also, if I were you I would have a bowl of doritos awailable and casually ask the members of SHINee if they want any. Repeatedly. Throughout the entire interview.
    Hugs from Norway!

  106. Q for SHINee – There must have been times when you’ve disagreed on the clothing choices for your stages (what with the many malfunctions there are), is there a memorable moment when you’ve been asked to wear something you’re not particularly fond of?

  107. I wonder is Sistar will remember Simon and Martina?

  108. I’ve always been curious!! Does Taemin know about all the “Soy Un Dorito” stuff going on? Can’t you PLEAAAASE ask him? Or else no one will. XD

  109. ask them (for all the students out there), how do they fight sleepiness?

  110. oh please you gotta make Kris sing I lost my pants.
    And Taemin and Minho the TaeMan and Manho song.
    and lets not forget
    you just have to do that.
    It’s Nasty history


    Could you ask Taemin how he likes his Dorito?

    I’m so happy for you guys!!!! OMG THE FEELS!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥


  112. Could you make Jonghyun show his insoles so that we can se how many cm they give him? And ask him if he feels better about being the lowest of them all now compared to before xD
    You should use some of their engrish when asking a question or just simply talking with them xD Like “I’m so curious yeah” or “fantastic elastic” and so on xD

    And play the TAEMAN and the MANHO songs for them!! xD
    Uh And Taemin should have a Taeman shirt or a Soy on Dorito shirt just because that would be hilarious xD

  113. One simple question to ask SHINee: “Why are they so awesome?”

  114. Omg I’ve been waiting for the moment you’d be able to interview SHINee! Can you please sneak in a bag of doritos for Taemin and ask him to say “Soy un dorito”? I need a video of that so bad haha!

  115. if we can’t watch live, you’ll be sure to post all your interviews after, right? Right?? Please….
    P.S. This is AWESOME!! Super happy for you guise!

  116. What do they think about military service?? Are they planning to go there soon??

  117. Can I ask a question to Taecyeon??

  118. I just saw Show Luo in concert (in Canada actually), and he was amazing!! How crazy is that!?
    This sounds awesome! Have an amazing time Simon and Martina!

  119. oh wow, you’re gonna talk to Taec from 2pm too. Aww, wish it was with Junsu too.


    If you could do a United group, what kind of song or genre would you want to do?
    Ever consider doing historical drama in a foreign country or korean?
    Tried to do the Cube Box thing

    or lightning quiz questions

  120. thisisjustforfunval

    Random out burst, I just feel the need to “YOLO” at this moment!

  121. PunkyPrincess92

    sing ‘i’m so curious yeah~” before every question you ask them!! Simon wear your sombrero!!! Martina make Onew ttakkbam Simon!!! ahahahaha!!!
    oh and introduce yourselves as “Dibibidibidis my name is ,,,,,,,,,”

    and COOL!!!! Show Luo!!!

  122. ZodiArk-x9

    “The SHINee interview is something we’ll be doing on our own, outside of the show’s broadcast.” Does this mean they will be coming to your studio? That would be even more amazing… SHINee and sticker booth fun times! Well however it happens I am glad that y’all are getting this opportunity and meeting some more amazing people!

    Also it would be cool if you asked them about how they choose their title songs (like why everybody and not symptoms) and which songs to promote over other songs form the album on the music shows.

  123. thisisjustforfunval

    Why am I’m so like over load sugary cupcake excited for you guys getting to interview SHINee?!!!! You’re faces showed it on KPMM but of course I wouldn’t believe it till I heard the words come out of your mouths. And out of your mouth’s it has come! Yay!!! So happy for you guys!

    Going to get some chicken and Doritos ready for when you post the SHINee interview!

  124. show luo?!?! woaaah talk about worlds colliding, i used to like him 8 years ago when i was 15, hes even more of a supernova taiwanese/chinese pop star now but im totally not into that world anymore, not for years…how weird!! its like seeing two worlds youd never thought would cross paths do the et finger thing with each other 0,0 cool!

  125. I really want to ask SHINee this, but hearing what the other groups have to say too would be sweet! What are the biggest misconceptions or misunderstandings you run into about being a kpop star?

  126. AWESOME! You should let SHINee hear your TaeMAN and MANho songs ! =D

  127. There are no words for how awesomesauce it would be if you guys showed SHINee your TaeMAN and MANho snippets and recorded their live reactions for us to see. That would be just EPIC. Congrats on the big opportunity, guys! You’ll do great, I’m sure :D

  128. omg!! you will even get to meet Kris what!? im so happy!! and Sungha Jung he’s amazing

  129. Yes, I knew you guys were going to interview SHINee!!! And those other groups…j/k, they are cool too. :P I asked my very important and intelligent question on twitter.

  130. Ask SHINee (and esp Taemin) if he knows how freakin’ famous he and doritos and his manliness is please LOL
    Honestly, despite the fact that they have hordes of fangirls around the world, you guise are giving the group free PR as well xD

  131. What do they think about the the globalisation of kpop?

  132. Lol at the person downvoting every “soy un dorito” references in the comment!

  133. I love when Simon got the blue glasses at first “But mine aren’t black” lol The ones you got afterwards were pretty cool though ^_^

  134. I can’t do this anymore! XD The video is so funny :DDDD
    Looking forward to see the interviews~ You’ll surely have a lot of fun there!

  135. So much excite. O/ Especially for the interviews; SHINee specifically. c: Anyways, congratulations on getting sucha awesome opportunity! After years of forever waiting for a SHINee interview, you finally get it! Waaah, I feel so proud to be a Nasty! ✌✌✌

  136. OH MAI GAWD, SUNGHA JUNG!!! I love that little ball of musical talent and adorableness. I want to play guitar like him some day. Ohhhhh, that is gonna be so awesome!

  137. OMG! So excited! SHINee and EYK! That’s so awesome like a dream (girl?)…
    Like a Dream come truue! omg! it’s gonna be Ahmazing! So super awesome! Please… Please… Give taemin an Soy un Dorito shirt or Taeman shirt… or both! and make sure they promise like.. locked pinkypromise that they’ll come to the studio! ok
    Pinkypromise SHINee to the Nasty Studio :P Well um..
    I really wanna know about how they feel about other groups, not only in SM but other ent. too? Some group they really like? Do they like K-Indie? What groups do they recommend?
    and this is not only to SHINee, but to all the others too~ :3
    Much Love to all of you! From Sweden :D (I was at the swedish fanmeet, and THANKS SOO MUCH for that awesome time S&M)

  138. Wait wait wait, so you won’t interview Hyuna :(?

  139. can you guys give taemin a TAEMAN shirt as a present ???

  140. I laughed so hard when Simon and Martina got their sunglasses on and gave us the hand movement with dinosours on the background. XD
    I’m so exited about YTMA!
    I hope you guys have a great time on that event. :D

  141. SungAh Jung? I believe u meant Sungha Jung, no? :p

  142. You’ll be meeting TaeMAN and MANho! You should sing the songs to them and ask what they think about it. xD

  143. There absolutely HAS to be a question regarding soy un dorito and TaeMAN!

  144. Maybe you guys could ask them if they regret doing/not doing something in their debut days and how they feel watching ~2008′s videos?
    -Julia from Brazil

  145. Also, you better freakin tell TAEMIN ABOUT THE SOY UN DORITO THING!!!

  146. You should definitely ask SHINee the question about who is most likely to date a 외국인. :D :D :D

  147. Ohmygosh that’s such an amazing oppotunity! Congrats guys :D Can’t wait to watch the videos!

    Here’s my question for SHINee: Out of all the concepts they’ve done so far, which one has been their favourite and why? Also, which one do they think was the most ridiculous concept? :P

    All the best with all the interviews!

    P.S. You absolutely have to tell them about Soy Un Dorito, Taeman and Manho! XD

  148. i love the new video, Can you ask teamin how long he was dancing for ? Also can you tell him i look up to him so much and dance myself and i love seeing the moves he makes to different beats love it:)

    And Come to London again soon plez :)))))


  150. Just a teeny tiny question to be sure : is it 7 PM in korea ?

  151. Soo excited for the shinee interview # – #

  152. LOL I laugh so hard when the blue screen appear !!!
    I’m so excited !!!! YEAH ! Can’t wait 8-)

  153. Too much excitement, can’t form coherent thoughts. Just, yay S&M!!! :D

  154. All the artists have music videos that get 1 million+ views on YouTube. Do they ever read the comments section to see what their fans think? Do the comments ever influence them when they make another music video?

  155. Which rookie bands caught their attention recently? ( not in the same label)

  156. woah woah!! congratulation guys!! can you ask them, any group it is.. what thing they think is embarassing from their group? like particular line in their song, or any dance moves, or the outfits/hair colour??

    Oh and I think you mean it’s Sungha Jung?? He is quite popular guitarist came from youtube..


  158. Oh, my GOD! Congratulation to you, guys! You can do it!
    Aaaaaand, one question… Who’s SungAh Jung? Do you mean SungHa Jung?

  159. omg and it would be great if you guys could ask Show which artists he would love to have (or which groups were the most fun) on 100% Entertainment :D

  160. Talk about the evolution of taemin to taeman ^ – ^

  161. Is Onew going to be there (considering his neck injury and all)?

  162. Oh! I wonder if Taemin knows about his alter ego “Soy un Dorito”? That should definitely be question. Also do you think you can get Taemin to wear a sombrero and say “soy un Dorito”?

  163. please give taemin your soy un dorito shirt so i can go for the obvious question of “what does taemin think of the dorito?”

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