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YouTubers vs Kpop Engrish

November 9, 2013


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A bunch of YouTubers came over to Korea, including Mystery Guitar Man, Final Cut King, the VFX Bro, Just Kidding Films, David Choi, indymogul, and callus, and they were all here to help promote the YouTube Music Awards! To which you might say “that’s all gravy, baby, but why is this video after the YouTube Music Awards?” and the answer to that is…wait? What? Spudgy! Let me save you from Dr. Meemersworth! Hold on.

Where was I? I forget. I could look at the paragraph above and find out where I left off but true lyrical geniuses on the mics can just freestyle stuff, so I’ll do that. Anyhow! Let’s talk more about this fun segment!

One of the main issues we have with Kpop is the awful English. We’ve heard the argument time and time again: “it’s not for English speakers, it’s for a Korean audience! Random English in songs is cool. It doesn’t matter if it’s correct.” We understand that. So our argument is this: it DOES matter to an English speaking audience, especially one not initiated in the world of Kpop. If someone who doesn’t know Kpop hears and awesome song, if there’s one Engrish line in it they’ll laugh, and won’t appreciate the song how they should. It’s a deterrent. It’s gotten in the way of them liking the song. So, if it doesn’t matter to a Korean audience if the English is right or wrong, but it does matter to an English speaking audience, what harm would it do to use proper English? It’s win-win! STOP USING BAD ENGRISH! YOU HAVE NO REASON TO!

So, we picked a bunch of songs in which the English of the song was…questionable. Here are how some of the non-initiated into the Kpop world reacted to it. We hope you liked it :D

We also did a bunch of other tests for them, including the Gender Bender test, the WTF Korea item test, and a True/False questionnaire. You can check them out on everyone’s channels linked to here, or you can view them in the playlist above. Or if you’re on a phone and it won’t play playlists, we’ve embedded all of the videos here. Yeah!

Yeah! And I know there were a bunch of songs we totally should have done, but forgot to do. If we ever do this kind of game again, we’d love a list of songs to make people decipher :D



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