A bunch of YouTubers came over to Korea, including Mystery Guitar Man, Final Cut King, the VFX Bro, Just Kidding Films, David Choi, indymogul, and callus, and they were all here to help promote the YouTube Music Awards! To which you might say “that’s all gravy, baby, but why is this video after the YouTube Music Awards?” and the answer to that is…wait? What? Spudgy! Let me save you from Dr. Meemersworth! Hold on.

Where was I? I forget. I could look at the paragraph above and find out where I left off but true lyrical geniuses on the mics can just freestyle stuff, so I’ll do that. Anyhow! Let’s talk more about this fun segment!

One of the main issues we have with Kpop is the awful English. We’ve heard the argument time and time again: “it’s not for English speakers, it’s for a Korean audience! Random English in songs is cool. It doesn’t matter if it’s correct.” We understand that. So our argument is this: it DOES matter to an English speaking audience, especially one not initiated in the world of Kpop. If someone who doesn’t know Kpop hears and awesome song, if there’s one Engrish line in it they’ll laugh, and won’t appreciate the song how they should. It’s a deterrent. It’s gotten in the way of them liking the song. So, if it doesn’t matter to a Korean audience if the English is right or wrong, but it does matter to an English speaking audience, what harm would it do to use proper English? It’s win-win! STOP USING BAD ENGRISH! YOU HAVE NO REASON TO!

So, we picked a bunch of songs in which the English of the song was…questionable. Here are how some of the non-initiated into the Kpop world reacted to it. We hope you liked it :D

We also did a bunch of other tests for them, including the Gender Bender test, the WTF Korea item test, and a True/False questionnaire. You can check them out on everyone’s channels linked to here, or you can view them in the playlist above. Or if you’re on a phone and it won’t play playlists, we’ve embedded all of the videos here. Yeah!




Yeah! And I know there were a bunch of songs we totally should have done, but forgot to do. If we ever do this kind of game again, we’d love a list of songs to make people decipher :D

  1. I always dislike any incorrect use of foreign language anywhere, unless it was meant that way (like if in fiction a character is supposed to be an awful speaker of said language). It’s not only disrespectful towards the language and the people who speak it, it’s also not very flattering for those who use it wrong. In Kpop songs especially, English should be used correctly because a lot of students listen to these songs. And from what I’ve heard, there’s huge emphasis on the teaching of English in Korean schools. So how can the kids learn it if their oppars sing it wrong?

  2. Did you get to meet Bart or Joe from JKF? Knowing that both of y’all were in the same city at the same time about made me fangasm

  3. guys you have to expect thy unexpected when it comes to Koreans. Also I am very happy Ren was used even thought everyone thinks he looks like a girl when he clearly isn’t. I don’t know why people see him as one actually i don’t know why people see any of these people as the oppisite sex. I am not saying this because i love k-pop i am saying this because these people clearly look like the gender

  4. Can’t stop watching the Gender Bender game xD
    My brother refuses to believe Ren and Taemin are boys xD
    My poor little Tae <3

  5. I like random English. It’s funny. My favorite Engrish song is “Alarm” by Amuro Namie.

  6. For the Gender Bender video, you know you have been into Kpop for so long that you get all the questions right! lol It was so easy for me. I guess after listening to Kpop so much nothing surprises me anymore. lol

  7. KATHyphenTUN

    This was amazing!!! I want them to come back again and do another round!!! XD

  8. Cara Rose

    lol. almost died at ‘I lika likda baguette… they love the french pastry here.’ !!! >.<

  9. Ok in the gender bender game who was the second person?

  10. This video was disappointing. Well, I guess that’s why some of us were born to understand Korean Engrish while some of us not. Meh.

  11. They should have had Lee Hyori on there from Going Crazy. Put 2 pictures on there from the same video (one of her as the guy and one as herself) and see how they react. See if they wouldn’t get confused.

    She was pretty convincing in that video.

  12. I got all correct on the gender bender! Wait, that’s because I knew who they all were… Who cares, woo!
    Haha, this was really funny, and I also learned about the blowing your nose rule.

  13. Why is KARA tagged in the video? i did not see any Kara member in the videos though.

  14. 9/10
    In the gender bender I only got 7 wrong. who is that?

  15. Priyanka

    Who is #9 in the gender bender list? Is that YooChun? I can’t tell.

  16. Priyanka

    I played along with the gender bender game and got 8 out of 10 right. And, I got such a high score because I knew who those 8 people were. HEE.
    This was really funny. I like that the competitor head band has become a thing for eyk studio. So dorky.

  17. I got scolded for laughing too loud! Man, that was the funniest series of videos I’ve watched in a long time :D I wanted to quote some of my favorite lines but there were too many of them.
    And ewwww, that squid…

  18. Graciela Ivonne

    i loved the WTF challenge…. warning: do not put light up q-tips in mouth

  19. This was just awesome. Heartfelt thanks for doing this and all the hard effort, organization that went into it.

  20. 1st video: “what’s depressing is your score” ahahahahah I thing I’ve died xD
    and in the 2nd video: MGM check Martina’s ear ahahah but the whole thing was hilarious!!

  21. I didn’t know that it was supposed to be roca in the shinee song… i feel ashamed…

  22. Man those videos were hilarious!!!! Poor Youtubers, you sure got them confused for life!!!! LOL

    But I LOVED the collaboration!! Great job you guise!!! HWAITING!!! Hehehe… XD

  23. Haha! I could tell who were guys and who were girls!!! When taemin showed up I started laughing so hard~

  24. I’m going to play these games with my non k-pop friends for my own amusement then give them cupcakes for their trouble. :P Muwhahaha!

  25. I lol’d so hard at these. Gender bender is pretty awesome.

  26. MORE videos like that, please :D

  27. Fun stuff, I even got messed up a little during gender bender . Thank for making us laugh Youtubers.

  28. Now that my family confirmed I’m thoroughly insane because of my laughing, I must say: These made my day. xD I found myself singing along to the Engrish and with the gender bender one, I would suddenly yell “Kevin! Why are you so pretty.” Or “Man, Ren is going to confuse the h*ll out of them…”
    Now excuse me while I dissuade my grandma from finding me a straitjacket. O.o

    • I know how that is. Once, my mom looked at me in disgust when I showed her something Kpop related for the hundredth time. I keep my Kpop obsession to myself now.

  29. This was so fun, I loved it! And I realized that I interpreted some of the English words wrong myself… even though I listen to the songs all the time. I also got some of the genderbender questions wrong myself, because I didn’t know all of them.
    I also think it would be detrimental to have Engrish in songs because Korean people trying to learn English might hear the words and think they are used correctly, and then start using them themselves. So I think even for Korean people having Engrish in songs is bad.

  30. *trumpets in the background” THIS IS NOW MY FAVEORITE EYK VEIDEO !!!! *cries* *applauds*

    omggg this was so fun to watch i could not stop laughing !!!

  31. PunkyPrincess92

    ahahaha i liked how you guys were really dancing at RDD!!! this was an awesome game!! you should do it some more!!!
    hehe i was a little surprised to see Simon in the next video!!
    hey~~ i guessed the double eyelid tape correct!! i already knew some cos i remembered them from the WTF vids!!
    bwahahahaha i loved the Gender Bender game!!!!

  32. This was a really cute set of videos!
    I really loved this, I hope you’re able to do more of it as time permits :)

  33. This was hilarious.

  34. OMG on the gender bender vid when he said “ITS HAS A MILKY AFTERBIRTH” I friggin died laughing, I was pouring tears and laughed so hard I fell over in my chair.

  35. Who is the second person from the Gender bender game? I can’t remember a girl with this face …

  36. I loved the Gender Bender game the best! Seriously, I do that to my roommates, the result is their ‘WTF’ face, but still seeing them saying ‘Oh! She looks beautiful!’ for biases so worths it! Simon goodness you were so funny!! And the earpicker! LOL! You should do more challenges! Martina, you look beautiful~~ ^^

  37. I found Engrish on your site!: ‘[It's skin] sculpt skin vibrating foundation pact’ – Gmarket superdeal

  38. Jaejoong comes up… “is clearly a bit of both” hahaha

    This was fantastic xD I loved all the segments :DD

  39. The gender bender game was really hard! (Not for me because I recognized almost everyone). After showing Ren I think no one was sure anymore. :D

  40. I made my brothers try the “gender bender” test and the both failed big time xD Suprisingly, they got Taemin right! I’m so proud of you guys, that was a tricky one XD

  41. The gender bender one was so funny !

    I had so no problem with it… In this case, I knew who it was before the question about the gender came.
    But after a few years of watching korean dramas and movies, listening to the music and watching the MV’s , varity shows, etc. I can tell guys and girls apart ( or if a guy dresses as a girl and vice-versa ).

  42. The gender bender one made me really uncomfortable because it’s going with the idea that you can guess/know someone’s gender by looking at their gender expression which is not true at all and there was a lot of misgendering. The video itself is cissexist and it perpetuates the gender binary and overlooks nonbinary people. :

  43. lady_kire

    EXO’s MAMA, giving people a hard time with ENgrish

  44. Oh my god I have never laughed so hard, gender bender needs to happen with every foreign visitor! :P
    how could they think kevin was a girl though? hahaha

  45. EYK, you officially lost a loooong-time fan tonight. Making fun of people’s English and gender-presentation is not ever acceptable. Why would K-pop stars even want to come on your program now and attempt to speak with you, knowing you think it is fun to mock their English? K-pop stars go out of their way to try and learn phrases to communicate with their fans of all backgrounds and most of us are grateful for that and would never make fun of them. I am astonished that you used to be English teachers in Korea.

    And do I even need to explain why it isn’t cool to make fun of someone’s gender presentation? Educate yourself, please. How about Amber who has spoken out many times about being bullied most of her life for the way she looks? I am incredibly disappointed right now. I really enjoyed watching your videos but I can no longer support this.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way :(

      I really enjoyed the English video, because the fun was from the ridiculous English in Kpop songs, NOT the English Kpop idols speak to foreign fans. I just came from this week’s TL:DR, where it’s been stated that Kpop idols have very little, if at all, any input on the songs they release. They often sing and dance to someone else’s composition.

      If it were possible, I would love for Kpop song composers to sprinkle the English phrases in with a little more finesse, and not randomly throw words together because they rhyme or sound fun to pronounce. I doubt that will happen anytime soon. And well, honestly, despite all the Engrish, it doesn’t affect my enjoyment of the songs, which I’m sure is what S&M feel as well. It does make introducing people to Kpop more challenging, though (which they’ve already said in their post above).

      ETA: Regarding enjoying the music, I just re-watched the video and hey, those other YouTubers were enjoying the music too :)

    • It actually did not come across to me as mockery. It came more as an expansion of one’s view of what is considered to look male/female. It kind of breaks down those barriers especially for those outside of the ‘k-popverse’ (in particular to this video). Take for example the simple earring = female assumption. We forget that some cultures/regions or even simply individuals see this as so. And there’ s noting wrong with it but it clearly shows that they have yet to experience a mass surge of guys with said style. It’s what we do – attempt to make sense of things, to fit what you see to a word or category that you’re familiar with (female/male)

      Instead of being all hush hush or having a serious presidential debate on it, I think this creates a more accessible way of learning more about kpop and being open/informed about thing that are not so present in your day to day lives.

      Simply put sometimes kpop is a whole bunch of tl;dr’s (too long didn’t read) and this sums up some of the stuff that you’ll need to get you started.

      Of course if you feel this way, it’s understandable but I still think S&M pulled this off with a positive spin. (aka they did some fine line dancing)

    • You’re being a little uptight. They weren’t making fun of it at all. What they were portraying is true. I love kpop but their english sucks. Bad engrish can ruin a song for me. also, many of the guys look like girls. My mom always says why do so many of the guys look feminine? b/c guess what they do. That’s just the way some of them look or are portrayed.

    • agreed. I felt uncomfortable watching the first three sections … too many stereotypes and judgement being thrown around by all parties.

    • I’m really sorry that you feel that way. My husband, as a Korean found this all to be hilarious and wasn’t offended at all. Anyone can tell that Simon and Martina love Kpop and Korea and loving something that much does give some leeway when it comes to making fun. For example, when I’m with other couples where one person in the couple is Korean, we joke about stuff in Korea a lot and no one is offended. It goes the other way of making fun of our own culture as well.

      I’m surrounded by Koreans, many who enjoy Eat Your Kimchi’s videos and I’ve seen nonKoreans jump up and down claiming things are “offensive” to Koreans without even really knowing what Koreans may be thinking or feeling. People seem to think that Korean culture and Kpop is some sacred, untouchable thing that can never be joked about, but it’s not.

      • Lol this reminds me of something that a friend told me last night. She said that when she went to Europe, she found out that most Europeans were actually embarrassed of Eurovision, and it was nowhere near as popular there as, say, in Australia. A bit like how Kpop actually isn’t that popular amongst everyday Koreans? Compared to OST ballads and trot perhaps? Or how most Japanese really look down on the anime/manga culture, saying it’s only for losers and social recluses. So yeah…it’s usually foreigners who get the most emotional and defensive of these things, funnily enough.

        Lastly…I just want to mention that both my sister and I speak 4 languages each, my parents speak about 10 (no kidding) – yeah pretty much my entire family are linguists and translators and interpreters. And in learning all those languages, about 70% of it was just laughing at each other’s mistakes. I mean…it’s just part of the experience! If it’s funny; we laugh at them, and they laugh at us. Till this day my mom still laughs at us if we don’t pronounce Thai words correctly (and it has 5 tones godammit! Don’t get me started on Cantonese). If people always got offended about those things, they’d never be able to speak any languages properly ^^;

        • So many languages!!

          But yeah, exactly what you were saying… often it’s the foreigners that get uptight about things. Like a good percentage of my comics are making fun of my husband’s English or laughing about cultural differences… but Koreans don’t get offended about it. Instead I got a publishing deal in Korea! We have Koreans loving the comics and recognising their own mistakes and laughing about it.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Good thing I don’t like anime or manga.

        • Eurovision is embarrassing. >.< I dunno about anywhere else, but in the UK nobody takes it seriously. It's all 80's rejects or the silliest acts possible that we end up voting to represent us. It's more like a bizarre political freak show than a singing contest :P

        • Wow…so it’s true ._.

          I actually really love it, it seems really popular here, maybe because there are lots of Australians of European descent, and it’s their chance to get in touch with their home country once a year, on local TV. Loreen who won last year is one of my favourite singers. But Europeans themselves don’t like it! Lol…this is so bizarre xD

        • I didn’t even know that anyone outside Europe cares about Eurovision… That contest is sooo bad, I can’t believe I used to watch it years ago.

        • Most Japanese look down on anime/manga culture? *mindblown*

          But…but…the majesty and brilliance of Miyazaki? The sheer epicness of the entire Gundam franchise? The badassery and butchery of Attack on Titan? *big teary, googly eyes*

        • Oh, there are some things that are considered more mainstream, like Studio Ghibli I guess. But there’s some stigma with hardcore ‘otakus’. When I first went to Japan, when I was…17? I think? I went there all gungho cos I was a massive manga fan; and I was finally entering the ‘homeland’. But when I said I liked anime and manga, they had this look that said..oh…you’re one of ‘those’…


          I asked my Japanese cousins, and they were all ‘oh we haven’t watched anime since primary school’. Lol. Manga and anime is a bit like watching Saturday morning cartoons on tv, I guess? Although there’s a lot of…’adult’…manga/anime out there too >.>

          You should check out Densha Otoko!! I think that demonstrates the whole stigma with ‘otaku’s pretty well.

          Ah, or this video lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ha5lzDm9evc

        • You mean Eurovision is actually popular outside Europe? wow, I’m happy you mentioned it, I had no idea! Your friend is right, most of us europeans find it a little bit ridiculous, it was a good show back in the day but nowadays it has loose its meaning. Besides, usually every country gives votes to their neighbours, they don’t care if the singers from these countries are good or bad. Sad but true ;_;

        • Haha yeah, I wonder if some Koreans think the same way about Kpop?

          Eurovision is pretty popular here in Australia! I look forward to it every year :p

          Wiki: “Eurovision has also been broadcast outside Europe to such places as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, India, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the United States, Uruguay and Venezuela despite the fact that they do not compete.”

      • Totally liked and 100% agree with your post :) And thank you for your (and your husband and friends’) perspectives.

        “People seem to think that Korean culture and Kpop is some sacred, untouchable thing that can never be joked about, but it’s not.” – SO many other words that can be substituted for “Korean culture” and “Kpop” and this sentence could still work.

        I’m just guessing, but I think, based on the outrage I’ve read on Tumblr, that much of the anger and offense is also because it’s foreigners (not other Koreans) mocking the English of non-English speaking individuals.

    • Wow…Umm, you would think that if you were a long-time fan, that you would totally understand Simon and Martina. I have NEVER detected any malice or making fun of the K-pop artists directly. Finding humor in the way the English is pronounced is not making fun of the artists. Simon and Martina do not have a mean bone in their body. They are one of the nicest couples ever. Just take a deep breathe and step back for a bit. Look for the good in people.

    • s n m have clarified their stance on engrish many many times before, they have NO problem with wonky conversational english, they have absolutely no requirement of people in everyday life to speak perfect english, similarly to how their korean is also wonky, they have also stated its not the kpop stars they have a problem with, having spoken behind the scenes to many stars like ukiss who agree and have told s n m that they have no power to change the lyrics even though they can see its wrong, its the COMPANIES that manage them that are problematic, they are well within financial means to hire an english speaking lyric checker, they are marketing to a global audience(kmusic being for koreans only is a moot point, what company is seriously considering ignoring the global kpop market at this point), if theyre gonna use english, english speaking listeners are going to hear and be weirded out by the bad english!(personally i have no problem with it now but i have to say back in 2005 when kpop started gaining ground in singapore, i was totally and absolutely turned off by the horrendous random spats of english, it was just plain tacky and stupid sounding, it only took me till 2009 and the hilarity of suju before i could get over it and become a kpop fan, which is exactly the situation s n m describe in the description below the video here, that english speaking listeners will be turned away from potentially liking the music because of the single line of awful english)

      another context giver from eyk:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPWka9heXHY
      tldr how korea has changed me, just 2 minutes, please watch it

      minutes 3.12 to 5.13

      they express themselves really well here and explain very clearly their stance on gender perception and how its changed from exposure, those 2 minutes very obviously show they would NEVER make fun of someones gender appearance, if anything they love how the stereotypes they grew up with have been blown out of the water to give them a greater world view, if anything this video is aimed at educating people that gender perception is a socially constructed stereotype that varies greatly from culture to culture. maybe for a new viewer or someone who hasnt watched every single one of their uploads like me it wouldv been better if s n m had included a little disclaimer in the video about their point of view but if they did that for every video that concerned something similar that would make for alot of repetitive boring videos…

      i just hope this has cleared it up for you, keep on being a nasty! its such a great community to be in!

  46. These videos were seriously funny!! I had to laugh silently at each video since my roommate is sleeping in the other room. Otherwise I would have laughed my ass off :D

  47. Hilarious stuff. I was surprised that I got two of the gender benders wrong. The Kpop world is so confusing…

  48. hahaha we laughed a lot at this. There should be a kimchi making test for foreign wives…

  49. These videos are all hilarious. The absolute BEST surprise way to cheer up after a really long day.
    I watched them while wearing my Ooh You So Nasty hat which finally arrived in the mail :)

  50. This was pure awesomeness! My favorite was the gender bender episode. Loving Kpop definitely changes your perceptions of gender norms. My family was watching the new Star Trek movie and I passed through the living room and caught sight of (Khan? The guy who played Sherlock.) anyhoo…I said, “He is sexy as hell.” My uncle said “Really? He seems too feminine.” To which I replied, “I listen to Kpop. My view of manly has been changed somewhat.” XD

  51. Poor Aaron just could not catch a break at all, especially in Gender Bender. “They’re all drag queens!” LoL. I’d hate to think how much more the confusion level would rise if he went to a place like Lucky Cheng’s in NYC

  52. I now have a new song and motivation to go into the crazy Christmas shopping season…”Shopping list, shopping list- we need to get the shopping list” Let’s go!!!

  53. Amen to the explanation on why Engrish for a Korean audience is no excuse. I’m tired of that excuse. It’d be like Americans putting out songs saying 갱남 instead of 강남 and saying, but it’s for an English audience guys!

    BTW Simon and Martina, where can I get that sound effect you guys always use for yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Every time I ask I never get an answer :/

    • I think it might be a stock sound effect you get with certain editing software. I’ve noticed Ramona Champion uses it on her two channels, too. She’s Korean-American and does a lot of basic tutorials on Korean culture. It would be great if Simon & Martina could shoot with her next time they’re in the states.

  54. That trick with Hyoyeon was cruel. You could see them struggling with reality. All the boys they thought were girls and now they don’t know what is real, still I laughed at their plight. The Engrish was really funny too. No one understands the engrish of Mama FACT!

  55. omo what does Amber and Kevin think of the gender bender game??? ahaha

  56. Ahhhhhh, I haven’t laughed like this in ages. Thank gawd my roommates aren’t here. XD

    To us kpoppers, the answer seems so obvious that we forget that everyone else isn’t into kpop like we are.

    I really want to see Amber and Kevin’s reaction. Because we KNOW they are watching. *looks around in suspicion*

  57. If you’re sick with a sore throat I must warn you watching this makes it painful to laugh. Oh dear god i laughed so much thought I’d cough up a lung hahaha

  58. Dina Panda-Chan Kitiara

    awesome challenges!!!!! was hilarious to see them fail^^

  59. All of these videos are SPECTACULARLY entertaining. SPECTACULARLY.

  60. SHINee!!! I LOVE THIS!! Good job and this was awesome XD

  61. I was waiting for Ren and Amber during the Gender Bender challenge. The results were hilarious. Awesome job guys!

  62. These tests were absolutely hilarious! “I think I see peach fuzz” for Amber on the Gender Bender had me cracking up! I probably shouldn’t have watched the Engrish one on the bus…I think people thought I was insane because I was silently laughing my head off! I really wanted to see more of the Engrish and Gender Bender ones! Please do this again with more non Kpop visitors! OOH! like your families!! YES!!!! Live chat with your families on Skype and you can play this game with them for your fans to watch!!!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  63. Their faces during MAMA… Oh my Lawd, their faces. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNEH!!!!

    • “Shopping list! SHOPPING LIST! We need the shopping list….TODAY!” Will NEVER be able to hear that song the same again!

      • I can’t even process 90% of what they’re saying besides “careless”, “anonymous”, and “no one care about me”, so to hear what it actually is beside what they guessed… Dear Lawd, I had to quiet myself XD

  64. these videos made my day, So awesomely hilarious. Great job you guys

  65. Cyber_3

    Ha! These were awesomely hilarious! Kudos on also using the graphics to spice up the “behind a desk” scene, it helped LOADS. The record one was super effective! ;)

    Cyber_3 – goes to play some vinyl……..

    • Thank you! We were worried that it’s a bit too visually boring just sitting at a desk, so we did our best to spruce it up. Glad you appreciated it :D

      • Cyber_3

        Heh, I really did give you a hard time about those desk scenes…….I am glad that you don’t mind my comments. A while back in one of the blogs Simon mentioned that he was frustrated that people were complaining so much about what the videos weren’t as opposed to what they were, that if people wanted to complain, then at least let it be constructive or about the video itself (I am paraphrasing here). After that I watched the comments for a while and did a little digging and realized that there while you got lots of “love it!”, or “hilarious!” or “not what I wanted!” comments, no one was really giving you helpful feedback about specifics of the videos themselves or constructive criticism. Your stats can tell you the “when” or “what” but not always the “why”. Even if I’m no expert, I have some experience so I thought that if I was going to bother to comment at all, at least I could say one (or more) things that might help you improve your videos or get an idea of what parts of the videos that people liked. I’m trying to reign in my “over-helpfulness” :P but I thought I would just let you know why my comments are as they are. I generally love all your videos and I don’t want to get into a “critic” kind of role, I just wanted to give you more than just my adoration for all the hard work that goes into the videos BESIDES the content.

        Cyber_3 – really likes those extra little bits at the ends of the videos lately, I hope everyone else does too

  66. I love each and everyone of these videos.. bless you guys… and the youtubers who did the challenges, you all worked so hard specially during the kpop Engrish and the Gender Bender challenge…

  67. These videos are pure gold. GOLD I TELL YOU. GOLD!

  68. He should have gotten another half a point for EXO, he got anonymous and no one who care about me.

    Pretty entertaining vids tho.

  69. Just have them listen and try to explain the narration at the beginning of Mama by exo, it makes no sense.
    Or Block B’s Nalina with the “I’m so hot/hard, you know what I mean” part.

    I haven’t laughed so hard in awhile so thank you for making my crappy week better with these amazing videos.

  70. okay who is aaron and why is he so cute

  71. thisisjustforfunval

    Forget that “There’s no f’us in this song.” There’s no cola in Ring Ding Dong?! O_O! How have I never known this?

    BTW MysteryGuitarMan gave some of the best answers. Never did I think of The Louvre is in fire XD

  72. LMAO the gender bender one!! I’m really good at telling the difference I got them all right. With that said I knew who they all were except the first one but hes obviously a guy. You think Koreans are hard, try Japanese androgyny… I had to deal with that first haha.
    Engrish is fun to make fun of and its a part of kpop, however it also ruins a potentially perfect song too. I have a love-hate relationship with it heh.
    I really enjoyed this, those guys were funny ^^

  73. bigbangfosho

    I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO POST THIS SO I’LL POST THIS HERE: I really really like this set up of the website. The fact the culture and music aspects are now one page is AWESOME. And the way every “topic” sort of switches around is awesome. I know I mentioned this a while ago, but I just want to reinforce how awesome your website is. I hope you keep this set up for a while.

  74. No one understands my country… Even I don’t understand my own country

  75. “Hee-nim pops up-That is a girl. There is no doubt …. wait.” PERFECT!

  76. Engrish irritates me too sometimes. It’s fine when the song is light-hearted and funny anyway. (*cough joom-joom-my-heart-like-a-locket*)
    But it’s when it pops up in songs that I want to take seriously…then it bugs me.
    e.g. Day by Day by T-ara is one of my favourite songs. I love the mood, the sombre rapping, the tune, the production ( & the mv :P). Over all it’s a great, serious song.
    ‘Kiss me baby I’ll must be stay here day by day’
    HOW can I take a song seriously if it has a sentence like that in it!!? it slightly ruins it for me (still love it tho)

    Also, I think the longer you’ve listened to Kpop for, the more desensitised you get to the bad Engrish. 4 years ago when I got into K-pop I couldn’t listen to it without cringing but a lot of the time now I barely even notice it most of the time (except when it’s glaringly obvious)

  77. The gender bender one was the best! I totally lost it when everyone would pick the wrong gender! Kpop does wonders to make you question your sexuality :D

  78. shopping list shopping list is the best lyrics evarrrr! HAHAHHAH can’t stop laughing!!!!

  79. Cara Rose

    That moment you realize it’s a BIGsmall world out there <3 Zach is from the same homeland of Portland as yours truly ~

  80. thisisjustforfunval

    The power you have over me! “I’m going to catch up on Big Bang Theory and not turn my computer on tonight. Wait new EYK video…more videos. Damn it my TV doesn’t do playlist mode!” *turns computer on*

    These games were hilarious. The engrish and gender bender ones have me hacking a lung. Especially poor Aaron’s “The one time!” Taemin, our lovely 70′s girl. I’d love to know Kevin and Amber’s thoughts after seeing this XD

    • lol similar situation here.
      Mine was ”ok i’m switching the computer off and going to bed. It’s 2.30am. Wait! EYK new videos!” *stays on computer forevaaar*

  81. bigbangfosho

    Oh man, I’ve become such a part of kpop I forgot it wasn’t normal for guys to wear earrings, to have long hair, and to look feminine overall. And i forgot some Engrish is actually not normal.

    • Me too! Every time they mentioned “well this one is wearing earrings” I felt really confused why they would bring that up. It wasn’t actually until your comment that I remembered, most guys (where I’m from anyway) don’t wear earrings. Especially not in both ears. I’ve gotten so used to the kpop world now, I don’t even see the guys as looking that feminine, haha.

      • Where I am from guys where earrings it is just usually not extremely common. Plugs for guys are a bit more common.

      • bigbangfosho

        Yeah! i used to think Jaejoong looked like a girl and a bunch more. I remember a few things about my pre-kpop era, most of them were about how feminine some people looked. Now, I acknowledge Jaejoong as “hot”. The only person I will never get over is Ren. Holy smokes, I still see him as a girl.

        • Jaejoong is actually one who I never mistook for a woman, which is odd given what I’ve heard from most other people, including my non-kpop friends. Though, when I look at pics from when he was younger, I can see it more. Sungjong from Infinite was the first one where I was really confused. My first thought upon seeing Nothing’s Over was “oh I didn’t know they had co-ed groups in kpop, how neat!” O_o And agreed on Ren. He’s just… too damn pretty. I’m not even sure he’s real…

    • I thought it was funny how they used it as a reason for them to be girls, but Aaron had earrings in both ears too

      • That and make-up. When I asked my mom she was like “Well they have extensions and makeup on to make themselves look more like girls” and I was like “No. That’s just K-pop. Everyone wears makeup. It’s not a very good mechanism for telling whether someone’s a girl or guy.”

        • Male celebs wear it all the time. I remember watching some Olly Murs bio and his mother was saying something about how all the make-up that rubbed off onto his white shirt collar annoyed her all the time.

  82. The gender bender was so funny, and I’m loving Simon’s sarcasm in the game show. I died when Taemin’s pic showed up and mystery guitar man was like ” that’s a beautiful girl” LOL

    • When Hyoyeon’s pic showed up, I was like wtf ._.
      A badly taken screen-cap = boyish/manly??

      • No no no, the point of Hyo was to confuse them. Hyo is my favourite SNSD member! She’s gorgeous! I thought that pic was pretty.

        But the thing is; after seeing so many beautiful guys, when they see a photo of a beautiful girl, they’re just not sure anymore…..y’know? :)

        Oh right, S&M posted this on YouTube:
        For those who are upset that we put in Hyoyeon, she was last on the list, after everyone had their realities shattered. It’s obvious she’s a girl, but we wanted them to second guess themselves :D

        So, it’s not that she’s manly or anything ^^;

      • We did this at the very end of their test, after we thoroughly confused them. Hyoyeon is clearly a girl, but I wanted the contestants to second guess themselves. Like “wait: Ren was clearly a girl, but was a guy. This is clearly a girl. OH GOD! WHAT DO?”

      • Right! Unfair to us Hyoyeon worshippers – and your guests – to pick such a unflattering photo of her. I’m so sad now. You have to make it up to her and us. :D

    • It was the funniest challenge! LMAO
      I knew Heechul, Amber, Ren & Taemin would be there for sure but when they put that old old pic of Kevin with Simon looking “apologesticaly” into the camera… *dead*

    • yea but you know Taemin is used to such comments by now, poor thing. TAEMIN WHY YOU SO BEAUTIFUL WITH THE SILKY SMOOTH HAIR!!!!!

    • lady_kire

      My mom called me one day asking if I wanted Big Bang socks. I said yes then she asked if I wanted a pair of Shinee socks and that there’s a girl on them…

      Me: That’s a dude…

      Mom: That’s a guy??

      It’s Onew…

    • That gender bender one was hilarious, but also the one I personally whiffed on the most. I think I may just need to become bi-sexual so I can say “screw it, it doesn’t matter which one it is.”

  83. Feygarden

    I’m annoyed I missed two of the gender benders, although my instincts told me the right answer I second guessed myself. I even recognized one and knew it was a girl. Although Amber really looks like a girl with short hair, seriously.

    • I missed two as well, the same way you did! I basically got it right, but talked myself out of the right answer at the last second >.< — I think I did pretty well though, since I only knew a couple of them beforehand

  84. Aww you didn’t use the ‘don’t deny my r squared pi’
    somewhere out there AJ is crying…

  85. Am I the only one that loves the Engrish? I personally think that is part of the Kpop charm. My all time favourite Kpop song line is “Everyday I shock shock!”

    • Technically that one isn’t wrong except for the repetition.

      • To me it sounds like a sentence fragment. I’m not entirely sure what “Everyday I shock” means.

        • Agreed. Whatever does “Everyday I shock” mean?! Maybe we should call this stuff Kringelish for being so cringeworthy.

      • I guess technically ‘shock’ can be used as a verb but it still doesn’t make any sense.
        If you actually read the lyrics of the rest of the song, it seems like what they ought to be saying is ‘Everyday I’m shocked’ and still that makes very little sense within the context of the Korean lyrics.

        The important thing to remember is to sneak up on people while whispering ‘everyday I shock’ and then shout ‘SHOCK!’ loudly in their ears. That’s what me and my friends learnt from this song and that is the moral of the story.

    • Omg I’ve been singing that non stop for the last week. I’m studying for my exams, and it’s super boring, all about hypovolaemic shock, cardiogenic shock, mechanical shock, septic shock, etc….and everytime ‘shock’ comes up in my notes, I yell;


      Wakes me up instantly xD

  86. Kelly Jade Kroeker

    Aaaahhhhh the gender bender… i feel so sad… i was like yeah i’m gonna nail this woot woot… first one… yes totally easy… 2nd ohhh… that was harder, but got it right (lucky guess)… 3rd… right!!… 4th… right!!… 5th… right… wrong… wrong… right… right… wrong… i thought with all my drama watching and kpop videos would have gotten more right… 7/10 at least i beat them… yes i will look at the bright side… atleast i beat them… *insert Napoleon Dynamite quiet fist pump “yesss”*

  87. You guys don’t understand how much I laughed while watching all of these challenge videos!! Thank you so much for the laughs guys!!!

    “obelisk, obelisk” … I can’t

    • lol I know! This was pure gold for me! I sucked! Absolutely SUCKED at all of these challenges, so it’s good to see that I’m not alone. I bombed at the Gender Bender challenge (it reminded me of when I was first introduced to Kpop and my friend was telling me “This is a guy” and I was like “What?!”). For this challenge, I probably got 5 but 3 of them were because I knew for a fact that they were guys or girls. For the other 2, I used my awful skills at deciphering the genders.

      As for Exo’s song, I can’t believe I had the lyrics wrong this whole time! Kept saying “Curious, curious. Anonymous, anonymous. Abolis, abolis (Maybe for Abolish? I don’t know. That’s what I heard.) No one care about me!”
      Yeah -_-; fail.

  88. when Bilasa came on…Martina’s face was all trolololol :P

    • lol, me toooo! I was so hoping to hear those lovely boys sing “oh my beautiful target” because I love that song FOR its Engrish as much as the song itself. B1A4 … hearts hearts hearts!

  89. I was slightly disappointed that Purple line by TVXQ wasn’t in there. That clearly has some wonderful and extremly questionable engrish.

  90. I feel obligated to tell you that you are keeping me from doing my very boring homework for English 2000, and I would like to express my gratitude. Thanks!

  91. For the gender bender. Ren from Nu’est looks like a girl 100% even to me. And I can tell them all apart. When I first saw the FACE m/v I thought he was a girl and I’ve only seen like 2 maybe 3 photos of him where he actually looks like a guy. I got 9/10 for the GB came. The last one I didn’t know at all. And poor sweet Kevin who can definitely pass as a girl when he has long hair. I wonder if he watched these videos. keke

  92. Oh my gosh, that was like a year’s worth of hilarity contained in four videos. The Engrish and genderbend games…. I lost it laughing. And then I coughed a lot because I have a cold. :P

  93. The VFX Bro. Damn, I pity him.

  94. lol wow all of these look like so much fun ..

    PS….I might be procrastinating
    ~(≖ ‿ ≖~) ~(≖ ‿ ≖)~ (~≖ ‿ ≖)~

  95. Micole soda. An explosion of sh*t, in your mouth.

  96. hapagirl

    Love this, you forget how messed up the Engrish is until you listen to another song for the first time. I still say joom joom my heart like a locket. This is super smart and oh god starting the other two. The gender bender one is gonna be horrible and it is. You two put Kevin and Amber in their on purpose didn’t you?

  97. I LOST MY MIND AT THE BEGINNING OF ‘MAMA’ Oh my god. PRICELESS REACTIONS! I am so mad now I didn’t record my friends reactions when they stumbled upon this while we were having lunch one day.

  98. Oh my god this just nearly killed me xD SO funny^^

    And seriously I just can’t seem to remember the freaking words of the ‘Mama’ intro^^ (though I always google them because it irritates me every single time and still I forget them :P)
    The Gender Bender was great and I think I got all of them correct to which I say YAY^^ (yes I still get confused some times :P)

  99. OMG this was so awesome!

  100. The Gender Bender was the best xDDD Jaejoong your beauty thing you and Taeman XDD
    I was like come on you see this is a boy O_O I want to know what there would saying to Key (kibum) btw did you add him finally on instagram?

  101. Wow, that was fantastic. My mom actually stopped her work to come watch because she was laughing so much. They both said that’s the best game show they’ve seen in ages.

    Because the English is soooo obvious for us, but for people who aren’t used to it – LMAO xD
    My dad tried to guess the genders too, but got most of them wrong :p

    I feel sorry for Aaron, was it? He lost everything :p He was a good sport though. Took all those punishments Like A Man!! ^^b

  102. I LOVE that you guys are know the Talk to me in Korean people! I love them!

  103. This is pretty much how I entertain myself on long car rides when I get to control the music selection: “CAN YOU TELL IF THIS IS ENGLISH!The kpop edition.” I also play “Let’s put on Disney songs, but not in English.” By the way, Hellfire from The Hunchback of Notre Dame is epic.

  104. Okay, loved the Gender game! I let out an evil laugh when I saw Martina coming with the barley soda. Muwahaha!

  105. ‘How do you laugh?’
    ‘Ha ha ha’
    ‘Death death death?’

    I’m finished. I can’t take anymore…

  106. That was cruel on the final round! lol

  107. omg that was the funniest thing ever! the whole time i was like “come on guys THIS one is SOOOO easy”. i guess i am too use to engrish. poor guys

  108. Yay! They used the mustache shot glasses that I sent a few month ago! Really funny videos! I really like Joe!

  109. YOU GUYS JUST ME ME HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Between Phopping list and they sure like their cola I died

  110. I’m peeing my pants. I love those guys. and the final song from secret, they kind of said Masic instead of magic but it could be a interesting combination of magic + music. Dunno if that was intended or just was an engrish word.

  111. haha Awesome. “Shopping list… Shopping list, We need to get the Shopping list.”

  112. HAHAHA LOVE IT. That’s all I have to say. Just love it hahaha

  113. ‘Are you sure that’s not latin?’

    I AM WEAK!!!


  114. FIRST!! :D Hah! You haven’t even tweeted it yet! Epic win! Yeah!

    ……….okay I’ll stop now

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