A bunch of YouTubers came over to Korea, including Mystery Guitar Man, Final Cut King, the VFX Bro, Just Kidding Films, David Choi, indymogul, and callus, and they were all here to help promote the YouTube Music Awards! To which you might say “that’s all gravy, baby, but why is this video after the YouTube Music Awards?” and the answer to that is…wait? What? Spudgy! Let me save you from Dr. Meemersworth! Hold on.

Where was I? I forget. I could look at the paragraph above and find out where I left off but true lyrical geniuses on the mics can just freestyle stuff, so I’ll do that. Anyhow! Let’s talk more about this fun segment!

One of the main issues we have with Kpop is the awful English. We’ve heard the argument time and time again: “it’s not for English speakers, it’s for a Korean audience! Random English in songs is cool. It doesn’t matter if it’s correct.” We understand that. So our argument is this: it DOES matter to an English speaking audience, especially one not initiated in the world of Kpop. If someone who doesn’t know Kpop hears and awesome song, if there’s one Engrish line in it they’ll laugh, and won’t appreciate the song how they should. It’s a deterrent. It’s gotten in the way of them liking the song. So, if it doesn’t matter to a Korean audience if the English is right or wrong, but it does matter to an English speaking audience, what harm would it do to use proper English? It’s win-win! STOP USING BAD ENGRISH! YOU HAVE NO REASON TO!

So, we picked a bunch of songs in which the English of the song was…questionable. Here are how some of the non-initiated into the Kpop world reacted to it. We hope you liked it :D

We also did a bunch of other tests for them, including the Gender Bender test, the WTF Korea item test, and a True/False questionnaire. You can check them out on everyone’s channels linked to here, or you can view them in the playlist above. Or if you’re on a phone and it won’t play playlists, we’ve embedded all of the videos here. Yeah!




Yeah! And I know there were a bunch of songs we totally should have done, but forgot to do. If we ever do this kind of game again, we’d love a list of songs to make people decipher :D

  1. I always dislike any incorrect use of foreign language anywhere, unless it was meant that way (like if in fiction a character is supposed to be an awful speaker of said language). It’s not only disrespectful towards the language and the people who speak it, it’s also not very flattering for those who use it wrong. In Kpop songs especially, English should be used correctly because a lot of students listen to these songs. And from what I’ve heard, there’s huge emphasis on the teaching of English in Korean schools. So how can the kids learn it if their oppars sing it wrong?

  2. Did you get to meet Bart or Joe from JKF? Knowing that both of y’all were in the same city at the same time about made me fangasm

  3. guys you have to expect thy unexpected when it comes to Koreans. Also I am very happy Ren was used even thought everyone thinks he looks like a girl when he clearly isn’t. I don’t know why people see him as one actually i don’t know why people see any of these people as the oppisite sex. I am not saying this because i love k-pop i am saying this because these people clearly look like the gender

  4. Can’t stop watching the Gender Bender game xD
    My brother refuses to believe Ren and Taemin are boys xD
    My poor little Tae <3

  5. I like random English. It’s funny. My favorite Engrish song is “Alarm” by Amuro Namie.

  6. For the Gender Bender video, you know you have been into Kpop for so long that you get all the questions right! lol It was so easy for me. I guess after listening to Kpop so much nothing surprises me anymore. lol

  7. This was amazing!!! I want them to come back again and do another round!!! XD

  8. lol. almost died at ‘I lika likda baguette… they love the french pastry here.’ !!! >.<

  9. Ok in the gender bender game who was the second person?

  10. This video was disappointing. Well, I guess that’s why some of us were born to understand Korean Engrish while some of us not. Meh.

  11. They should have had Lee Hyori on there from Going Crazy. Put 2 pictures on there from the same video (one of her as the guy and one as herself) and see how they react. See if they wouldn’t get confused.

    She was pretty convincing in that video.

  12. I got all correct on the gender bender! Wait, that’s because I knew who they all were… Who cares, woo!
    Haha, this was really funny, and I also learned about the blowing your nose rule.

  13. Why is KARA tagged in the video? i did not see any Kara member in the videos though.

  14. 9/10
    In the gender bender I only got 7 wrong. who is that?

  15. Who is #9 in the gender bender list? Is that YooChun? I can’t tell.

  16. I played along with the gender bender game and got 8 out of 10 right. And, I got such a high score because I knew who those 8 people were. HEE.
    This was really funny. I like that the competitor head band has become a thing for eyk studio. So dorky.

  17. I got scolded for laughing too loud! Man, that was the funniest series of videos I’ve watched in a long time :D I wanted to quote some of my favorite lines but there were too many of them.
    And ewwww, that squid…

  18. i loved the WTF challenge…. warning: do not put light up q-tips in mouth

  19. This was just awesome. Heartfelt thanks for doing this and all the hard effort, organization that went into it.

  20. 1st video: “what’s depressing is your score” ahahahahah I thing I’ve died xD
    and in the 2nd video: MGM check Martina’s ear ahahah but the whole thing was hilarious!!

  21. I didn’t know that it was supposed to be roca in the shinee song… i feel ashamed…

  22. Man those videos were hilarious!!!! Poor Youtubers, you sure got them confused for life!!!! LOL

    But I LOVED the collaboration!! Great job you guise!!! HWAITING!!! Hehehe… XD

  23. Haha! I could tell who were guys and who were girls!!! When taemin showed up I started laughing so hard~

  24. I’m going to play these games with my non k-pop friends for my own amusement then give them cupcakes for their trouble. :P Muwhahaha!

  25. I lol’d so hard at these. Gender bender is pretty awesome.

  26. MORE videos like that, please :D

  27. Fun stuff, I even got messed up a little during gender bender . Thank for making us laugh Youtubers.

  28. Now that my family confirmed I’m thoroughly insane because of my laughing, I must say: These made my day. xD I found myself singing along to the Engrish and with the gender bender one, I would suddenly yell “Kevin! Why are you so pretty.” Or “Man, Ren is going to confuse the h*ll out of them…”
    Now excuse me while I dissuade my grandma from finding me a straitjacket. O.o

  29. This was so fun, I loved it! And I realized that I interpreted some of the English words wrong myself… even though I listen to the songs all the time. I also got some of the genderbender questions wrong myself, because I didn’t know all of them.
    I also think it would be detrimental to have Engrish in songs because Korean people trying to learn English might hear the words and think they are used correctly, and then start using them themselves. So I think even for Korean people having Engrish in songs is bad.

  30. *trumpets in the background” THIS IS NOW MY FAVEORITE EYK VEIDEO !!!! *cries* *applauds*

    omggg this was so fun to watch i could not stop laughing !!!

  31. ahahaha i liked how you guys were really dancing at RDD!!! this was an awesome game!! you should do it some more!!!
    hehe i was a little surprised to see Simon in the next video!!
    hey~~ i guessed the double eyelid tape correct!! i already knew some cos i remembered them from the WTF vids!!
    bwahahahaha i loved the Gender Bender game!!!!

  32. This was a really cute set of videos!
    I really loved this, I hope you’re able to do more of it as time permits :)

  33. OMG on the gender bender vid when he said “ITS HAS A MILKY AFTERBIRTH” I friggin died laughing, I was pouring tears and laughed so hard I fell over in my chair.

  34. Who is the second person from the Gender bender game? I can’t remember a girl with this face …

  35. I loved the Gender Bender game the best! Seriously, I do that to my roommates, the result is their ‘WTF’ face, but still seeing them saying ‘Oh! She looks beautiful!’ for biases so worths it! Simon goodness you were so funny!! And the earpicker! LOL! You should do more challenges! Martina, you look beautiful~~ ^^

  36. I found Engrish on your site!: ‘[It’s skin] sculpt skin vibrating foundation pact’ – Gmarket superdeal

  37. Jaejoong comes up… “is clearly a bit of both” hahaha

    This was fantastic xD I loved all the segments :DD

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