A bunch of YouTubers came over to Korea, including Mystery Guitar Man, Final Cut King, the VFX Bro, Just Kidding Films, David Choi, indymogul, and callus, and they were all here to help promote the YouTube Music Awards! To which you might say “that’s all gravy, baby, but why is this video after the YouTube Music Awards?” and the answer to that is…wait? What? Spudgy! Let me save you from Dr. Meemersworth! Hold on.

Where was I? I forget. I could look at the paragraph above and find out where I left off but true lyrical geniuses on the mics can just freestyle stuff, so I’ll do that. Anyhow! Let’s talk more about this fun segment!

One of the main issues we have with Kpop is the awful English. We’ve heard the argument time and time again: “it’s not for English speakers, it’s for a Korean audience! Random English in songs is cool. It doesn’t matter if it’s correct.” We understand that. So our argument is this: it DOES matter to an English speaking audience, especially one not initiated in the world of Kpop. If someone who doesn’t know Kpop hears and awesome song, if there’s one Engrish line in it they’ll laugh, and won’t appreciate the song how they should. It’s a deterrent. It’s gotten in the way of them liking the song. So, if it doesn’t matter to a Korean audience if the English is right or wrong, but it does matter to an English speaking audience, what harm would it do to use proper English? It’s win-win! STOP USING BAD ENGRISH! YOU HAVE NO REASON TO!

So, we picked a bunch of songs in which the English of the song was…questionable. Here are how some of the non-initiated into the Kpop world reacted to it. We hope you liked it :D

We also did a bunch of other tests for them, including the Gender Bender test, the WTF Korea item test, and a True/False questionnaire. You can check them out on everyone’s channels linked to here, or you can view them in the playlist above. Or if you’re on a phone and it won’t play playlists, we’ve embedded all of the videos here. Yeah!




Yeah! And I know there were a bunch of songs we totally should have done, but forgot to do. If we ever do this kind of game again, we’d love a list of songs to make people decipher :D

  1. guys you have to expect thy unexpected when it comes to Koreans. Also I am very happy Ren was used even thought everyone thinks he looks like a girl when he clearly isn’t. I don’t know why people see him as one actually i don’t know why people see any of these people as the oppisite sex. I am not saying this because i love k-pop i am saying this because these people clearly look like the gender

  2. This was amazing!!! I want them to come back again and do another round!!! XD

  3. s n m have clarified their stance on engrish many many times before, they have NO problem with wonky conversational english, they have absolutely no requirement of people in everyday life to speak perfect english, similarly to how their korean is also wonky, they have also stated its not the kpop stars they have a problem with, having spoken behind the scenes to many stars like ukiss who agree and have told s n m that they have no power to change the lyrics even though they can see its wrong, its the COMPANIES that manage them that are problematic, they are well within financial means to hire an english speaking lyric checker, they are marketing to a global audience(kmusic being for koreans only is a moot point, what company is seriously considering ignoring the global kpop market at this point), if theyre gonna use english, english speaking listeners are going to hear and be weirded out by the bad english!(personally i have no problem with it now but i have to say back in 2005 when kpop started gaining ground in singapore, i was totally and absolutely turned off by the horrendous random spats of english, it was just plain tacky and stupid sounding, it only took me till 2009 and the hilarity of suju before i could get over it and become a kpop fan, which is exactly the situation s n m describe in the description below the video here, that english speaking listeners will be turned away from potentially liking the music because of the single line of awful english)

    another context giver from eyk:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPWka9heXHY
    tldr how korea has changed me, just 2 minutes, please watch it

    minutes 3.12 to 5.13

    they express themselves really well here and explain very clearly their stance on gender perception and how its changed from exposure, those 2 minutes very obviously show they would NEVER make fun of someones gender appearance, if anything they love how the stereotypes they grew up with have been blown out of the water to give them a greater world view, if anything this video is aimed at educating people that gender perception is a socially constructed stereotype that varies greatly from culture to culture. maybe for a new viewer or someone who hasnt watched every single one of their uploads like me it wouldv been better if s n m had included a little disclaimer in the video about their point of view but if they did that for every video that concerned something similar that would make for alot of repetitive boring videos…

    i just hope this has cleared it up for you, keep on being a nasty! its such a great community to be in!

  4. lol. almost died at ‘I lika likda baguette… they love the french pastry here.’ !!! >.<

  5. I got all correct on the gender bender! Wait, that’s because I knew who they all were… Who cares, woo!
    Haha, this was really funny, and I also learned about the blowing your nose rule.

  6. 9/10
    In the gender bender I only got 7 wrong. who is that?

  7. Who is #9 in the gender bender list? Is that YooChun? I can’t tell.

  8. I played along with the gender bender game and got 8 out of 10 right. And, I got such a high score because I knew who those 8 people were. HEE.
    This was really funny. I like that the competitor head band has become a thing for eyk studio. So dorky.

  9. i loved the WTF challenge…. warning: do not put light up q-tips in mouth

  10. I didn’t know that it was supposed to be roca in the shinee song… i feel ashamed…

  11. Man those videos were hilarious!!!! Poor Youtubers, you sure got them confused for life!!!! LOL

    But I LOVED the collaboration!! Great job you guise!!! HWAITING!!! Hehehe… XD

  12. Wow…Umm, you would think that if you were a long-time fan, that you would totally understand Simon and Martina. I have NEVER detected any malice or making fun of the K-pop artists directly. Finding humor in the way the English is pronounced is not making fun of the artists. Simon and Martina do not have a mean bone in their body. They are one of the nicest couples ever. Just take a deep breathe and step back for a bit. Look for the good in people.

  13. Fun stuff, I even got messed up a little during gender bender . Thank for making us laugh Youtubers.

  14. ahahaha i liked how you guys were really dancing at RDD!!! this was an awesome game!! you should do it some more!!!
    hehe i was a little surprised to see Simon in the next video!!
    hey~~ i guessed the double eyelid tape correct!! i already knew some cos i remembered them from the WTF vids!!
    bwahahahaha i loved the Gender Bender game!!!!

  15. OMG on the gender bender vid when he said “ITS HAS A MILKY AFTERBIRTH” I friggin died laughing, I was pouring tears and laughed so hard I fell over in my chair.

  16. Lol this reminds me of something that a friend told me last night. She said that when she went to Europe, she found out that most Europeans were actually embarrassed of Eurovision, and it was nowhere near as popular there as, say, in Australia. A bit like how Kpop actually isn’t that popular amongst everyday Koreans? Compared to OST ballads and trot perhaps? Or how most Japanese really look down on the anime/manga culture, saying it’s only for losers and social recluses. So yeah…it’s usually foreigners who get the most emotional and defensive of these things, funnily enough.

    Lastly…I just want to mention that both my sister and I speak 4 languages each, my parents speak about 10 (no kidding) – yeah pretty much my entire family are linguists and translators and interpreters. And in learning all those languages, about 70% of it was just laughing at each other’s mistakes. I mean…it’s just part of the experience! If it’s funny; we laugh at them, and they laugh at us. Till this day my mom still laughs at us if we don’t pronounce Thai words correctly (and it has 5 tones godammit! Don’t get me started on Cantonese). If people always got offended about those things, they’d never be able to speak any languages properly ^^;

    • Haha yeah, I wonder if some Koreans think the same way about Kpop?

      Eurovision is pretty popular here in Australia! I look forward to it every year :p

      Wiki: “Eurovision has also been broadcast outside Europe to such places as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, India, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the United States, Uruguay and Venezuela despite the fact that they do not compete.”

    • Oh, there are some things that are considered more mainstream, like Studio Ghibli I guess. But there’s some stigma with hardcore ‘otakus’. When I first went to Japan, when I was…17? I think? I went there all gungho cos I was a massive manga fan; and I was finally entering the ‘homeland’. But when I said I liked anime and manga, they had this look that said..oh…you’re one of ‘those’…


      I asked my Japanese cousins, and they were all ‘oh we haven’t watched anime since primary school’. Lol. Manga and anime is a bit like watching Saturday morning cartoons on tv, I guess? Although there’s a lot of…’adult’…manga/anime out there too >.>

      You should check out Densha Otoko!! I think that demonstrates the whole stigma with ‘otaku’s pretty well.

      Ah, or this video lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ha5lzDm9evc

    • Eurovision is embarrassing. >.< I dunno about anywhere else, but in the UK nobody takes it seriously. It's all 80's rejects or the silliest acts possible that we end up voting to represent us. It's more like a bizarre political freak show than a singing contest :P

      • Wow…so it’s true ._.

        I actually really love it, it seems really popular here, maybe because there are lots of Australians of European descent, and it’s their chance to get in touch with their home country once a year, on local TV. Loreen who won last year is one of my favourite singers. But Europeans themselves don’t like it! Lol…this is so bizarre xD

  17. Jaejoong comes up… “is clearly a bit of both” hahaha

    This was fantastic xD I loved all the segments :DD

  18. The gender bender game was really hard! (Not for me because I recognized almost everyone). After showing Ren I think no one was sure anymore. :D

  19. On the plus side…hasn’t this video in fact educated its viewers that you can’t guess someone’s gender just from their looks?

  20. The gender bender one was so funny !

    I had so no problem with it… In this case, I knew who it was before the question about the gender came.
    But after a few years of watching korean dramas and movies, listening to the music and watching the MV’s , varity shows, etc. I can tell guys and girls apart ( or if a guy dresses as a girl and vice-versa ).

  21. agreed. I felt uncomfortable watching the first three sections … too many stereotypes and judgement being thrown around by all parties.

  22. You’re being a little uptight. They weren’t making fun of it at all. What they were portraying is true. I love kpop but their english sucks. Bad engrish can ruin a song for me. also, many of the guys look like girls. My mom always says why do so many of the guys look feminine? b/c guess what they do. That’s just the way some of them look or are portrayed.

  23. It actually did not come across to me as mockery. It came more as an expansion of one’s view of what is considered to look male/female. It kind of breaks down those barriers especially for those outside of the ‘k-popverse’ (in particular to this video). Take for example the simple earring = female assumption. We forget that some cultures/regions or even simply individuals see this as so. And there’ s noting wrong with it but it clearly shows that they have yet to experience a mass surge of guys with said style. It’s what we do – attempt to make sense of things, to fit what you see to a word or category that you’re familiar with (female/male)

    Instead of being all hush hush or having a serious presidential debate on it, I think this creates a more accessible way of learning more about kpop and being open/informed about thing that are not so present in your day to day lives.

    Simply put sometimes kpop is a whole bunch of tl;dr’s (too long didn’t read) and this sums up some of the stuff that you’ll need to get you started.

    Of course if you feel this way, it’s understandable but I still think S&M pulled this off with a positive spin. (aka they did some fine line dancing)

  24. EXO’s MAMA, giving people a hard time with ENgrish

  25. I think it might be a stock sound effect you get with certain editing software. I’ve noticed Ramona Champion uses it on her two channels, too. She’s Korean-American and does a lot of basic tutorials on Korean culture. It would be great if Simon & Martina could shoot with her next time they’re in the states.

  26. Poor Aaron just could not catch a break at all, especially in Gender Bender. “They’re all drag queens!” LoL. I’d hate to think how much more the confusion level would rise if he went to a place like Lucky Cheng’s in NYC

  27. I now have a new song and motivation to go into the crazy Christmas shopping season…”Shopping list, shopping list- we need to get the shopping list” Let’s go!!!

  28. All of these videos are SPECTACULARLY entertaining. SPECTACULARLY.

  29. SHINee!!! I LOVE THIS!! Good job and this was awesome XD

  30. I was waiting for Ren and Amber during the Gender Bender challenge. The results were hilarious. Awesome job guys!

  31. These tests were absolutely hilarious! “I think I see peach fuzz” for Amber on the Gender Bender had me cracking up! I probably shouldn’t have watched the Engrish one on the bus…I think people thought I was insane because I was silently laughing my head off! I really wanted to see more of the Engrish and Gender Bender ones! Please do this again with more non Kpop visitors! OOH! like your families!! YES!!!! Live chat with your families on Skype and you can play this game with them for your fans to watch!!!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  32. Their faces during MAMA… Oh my Lawd, their faces. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNEH!!!!

  33. these videos made my day, So awesomely hilarious. Great job you guys

  34. Ha! These were awesomely hilarious! Kudos on also using the graphics to spice up the “behind a desk” scene, it helped LOADS. The record one was super effective! ;)

    Cyber_3 – goes to play some vinyl……..

    • Thank you! We were worried that it’s a bit too visually boring just sitting at a desk, so we did our best to spruce it up. Glad you appreciated it :D

      • Heh, I really did give you a hard time about those desk scenes…….I am glad that you don’t mind my comments. A while back in one of the blogs Simon mentioned that he was frustrated that people were complaining so much about what the videos weren’t as opposed to what they were, that if people wanted to complain, then at least let it be constructive or about the video itself (I am paraphrasing here). After that I watched the comments for a while and did a little digging and realized that there while you got lots of “love it!”, or “hilarious!” or “not what I wanted!” comments, no one was really giving you helpful feedback about specifics of the videos themselves or constructive criticism. Your stats can tell you the “when” or “what” but not always the “why”. Even if I’m no expert, I have some experience so I thought that if I was going to bother to comment at all, at least I could say one (or more) things that might help you improve your videos or get an idea of what parts of the videos that people liked. I’m trying to reign in my “over-helpfulness” :P but I thought I would just let you know why my comments are as they are. I generally love all your videos and I don’t want to get into a “critic” kind of role, I just wanted to give you more than just my adoration for all the hard work that goes into the videos BESIDES the content.

        Cyber_3 – really likes those extra little bits at the ends of the videos lately, I hope everyone else does too

  35. These videos are pure gold. GOLD I TELL YOU. GOLD!

  36. He should have gotten another half a point for EXO, he got anonymous and no one who care about me.

    Pretty entertaining vids tho.

  37. Just have them listen and try to explain the narration at the beginning of Mama by exo, it makes no sense.
    Or Block B’s Nalina with the “I’m so hot/hard, you know what I mean” part.

    I haven’t laughed so hard in awhile so thank you for making my crappy week better with these amazing videos.

  38. okay who is aaron and why is he so cute

  39. Forget that “There’s no f’us in this song.” There’s no cola in Ring Ding Dong?! O_O! How have I never known this?

    BTW MysteryGuitarMan gave some of the best answers. Never did I think of The Louvre is in fire XD

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