Does this count as a Kpop Music Monday? It’s about Kpop Music, and it’s on Monday. That should count, no? It’s got footage of Taecyeon, Miss A, and SHINee! I’m trying to find the actual uploaded version of the lifestream and can’t. I’m not sure if it’s available yet. Once it is, I’ll edit this post and pop it in this spot here.

Edit: Booya! Found it!


We’re at 47:09 and 1hour20! Woot!

I know, though, that a lot of you reading this post will already have seen the footage. We saw a lot of your tweets and Facebook posts. So you were watching! If you didn’t, you missed out on a lot of stuff. We didn’t see most of it ourselves, either. Ha! We were either trying to understand our roles and responsibilities backstage, and didn’t get to see anything happening front stage. Too bad! We could hear some of it from time to time. Troublemaker sounds awesome live. That’s about all we could hear.

Otherwise, for those of you who haven’t seen it, we did two interviews as part of the main show in Seoul. The first interview was with Jung SungHa with Taecyeon moderating, and the second one was with Miss A with Min somewhat moderating. Neither of them really needed moderation, because everyone spoke and understood English, it seems. They just weren’t comfortable speaking it live, I think. We spoke with SungHa backstage in our tent afterwards and he kept up with everything just fine. Yeah!

Also, some of you might be wondering why we didn’t interview Sistar. Good question! Five minutes before our interview with them we were told that they had to go to another event. Isn’t that crazy? That’s the life of Kpop artists: perform at one event, hop in the van, and get scuttled off to the next event. These people work crazy schedules. And, because our scheduling went a bit over, they were supposed to do the interview with us and then leave, but time was cutting too close, so they had to go. Ah! We rolled with it, though.

Taecyeon was fun to talk to off camera. We spoke about Kpop a bit before the interview. We also spoke with Kris, who was tall. Man he’s tall! Not as tall as me, though, but freakishly tall by Kpop standards. He was nervous. We asked them if they’ve done stuff like this before and if they’re comfortable. Taecyeon said he does these all the time. Kris said he’s new to this. We could hear it in his voice. Aww! Min was a pro. That dress was mighty tight, though! She had her stylist helping her with it a lot of the time. And everyone was so nicely dressed and we were there in our regular people clothing. That was the point though. We were, you know, umm, cool. Right? Right? Right! AND YOU KNOW IT MAAANNN!

Funny side story: you saw MysteryGuitarMan in our tent with us. Why weren’t the other YouTubers there with us? David Choi was there. Just Kidding Films! A bunch more! They were watching the show. Joe and Ryan, however, wanted to go backstage, but they didn’t have access. So what’d they do? They walked up to the guard leading backstage and said “we’re here for Simon! We have to hurry! The show starts in five minutes!” and looked frustrated and pulled out their phones and started calling nobody, and the guard got flustered and let them in. SEE KIDS! It’s that easy! Next time you’re at a Girls’ Generation concert just yell “we’re here to see Tiffany!” and look flustered when they don’t let you in. It’ll work! Ha! No, it probably won’t. The guard must have just thought the foreigners must have been there to see the other foreigners. Seems legit. Or they might have been big Mystery Guitar Man followers and fangirled over him. Hell, if I was a security guard and, I dunno, Michael Jordan pulled that stunt on me I’d believe it.

Ok that’s it for now. We’re going to need a while for the SHINee interview before it can go live, because we need their management to approve of the video before it goes live. Tomorrow we’ve got a special collab video going up with some of the YouTubers that were here, and we’ve got a TL;DR on Wednesday and a FAPFAP on Thursday. Hopefully the SHINee video can be approved by Friday. If not, then make sure you’re subscribed so you can stay tuned so you don’t miss it. Yay!

  1. If I were simon, standing next to jonghyun I would probably fainted already. Even his stares get me

  2. I can’t watch the 11h:59min:01sec video, it says “It’s private”.. Why do they upload it if it’s going to be private? Youtube issues! xD

  3. Ah I finally found it a working vid, this is the Seoul portion of the YTMA.

    It is daebak! Much better than the NY portion which was just exceedingly awkward. I feel like you (Simon and Martina) just keep getting better at these sorts of events. Any awkwardness you may have felt didn’t really show. Good job. =D Can’t wait for the SHINee interview.

  4. I still can’t believe you guys got to meet Just Kidding Films…Your so lucky I want to meet those guys!!! But thats AWESOME Tho!!! :D

  5. For anyone that is seeing that the video above from the YTMA is private, they uploaded a new one on the 5th of November, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXBPbnv1H-U

  6. that video from ytma doesn’t work for me, can someone send me another link??

  7. why I cannot see the video? (youtube misic awards YTMA) T.T why is private?

    Por qué no puedo ver el vídeo? (youtube misic awards YTMA) T.T por qué dice que es privado?

  8. Here’s their Miss A interview if anyone missed it. They only did two interviews but I can’t find the Sungha jung one


  9. I can’t watch the video it says that is private and I can’t find on youtube :( somebody help me pleaseee!

  10. the second video is showing private!! can you upload another one?

  11. Its awesome to see you guys having so much fun :) Thinking back to when I came across the first video … and the journey to where you guys are now. What a ride! So proud of you guys and inspired by all your hard work :)

  12. so no SHINee ????? :(

    lol you guys are good, sooo good .

    …watch your back , lol i was toooo excited for this .

  13. The Youtube Music Award Video is Private! D”:
    NNNNoooooooooo~~~~! *Cries forever*

  14. I think every Nasty just Fangorilla-ed all over this vid. Well done EYK crew!

  15. This is what I’ve wanted for such a long time >.< Simon and Martina are finally going to interview Shinee!! But I guess I'll have to wait just a bit longer -_-

  16. Did you guys get any footage being with Kris?? Squealed when he said “Simon and Martina” hehehe. You guys are the best celebrities :P awww the girl said “oppa saranghae” so cute!!

  17. Just wish you guys didn’t skip music Mondays so often….

  18. The video’s private, is there anyway of seeing it?

  19. So no biggie but I kinda saw SHINee on my screen and then you guise were like “OH JK NO SHINEE FOR YOU” and I only hyperventilated a little bit, so it’s whatever.
    Actually I’m having like a Shawol seizure over here but it’s cool. I get it. -watches the 3.5 seconds of video of them a billion more times-

  20. The video says it’s private!

  21. SHINee!! Can’t wait, will be looking forward to this post. I’m sure fanguerilla was there in spirit.
    Man, you guys seemed to have so much fun and when your students recognized you! Oh my gosh so adorbzz!

  22. I think this is the perfect opportunity to launch the Eat Your Kimchi “cookie” blanket. Think about it! It would make total sense for it to say “Ooh You So Nasty!”

  23. Simon and Martina looks fabulous as always!! ^^ Omg did you guys tell Kris about the MusicMondays of EXO? Omg i can’t wait for them to see it. Especially the Mama one, where Martina says “12 young, hot korean boys”, Kris gonna be like,” We have four Chinese members” Our Kriscasso was nervous, omg that cutiepie ><

  24. Si-MAN, MAN-ho, and Tae-MAN? That is too much man for one tent to handle… XD

  25. I went back and paused the video just to compare how short Jonghyun is compared to Simon.

    And instead of laughing about how Jonghyun was stuck standing next to Simon, I ended up laughing at Simon’s expression.

  26. Nooo why is the video private D< I was just watching it. D:

  27. The video shows as private when I try to watch it. The Youtube music awards full show one. Do others see it??

  28. Guys do you edit first and then show it to the SM management or do you have to show them the full footage? To ask for permission, I mean.

  29. Ok, excuse me while before I watch the vid I die of both envy and happiness for you guys.

  30. The video is private… ;________; is there anywhere else you can see it?

  31. Yeah sooo……… the video doesn’t work anymore:(

  32. I love the former student whose holding up two cell phones at once to take photos, twice the coverage! XD

  33. And letting you know guise… the youtube video for the show is blocked D:

  34. I think it’s really cool how your (Martina xD) students were so excited to see you :D

  35. Does the livestream video work for everyone else?? It says “This video is private” when I try to play it :'(

  36. holy crap….that SHINee video got me on suspense now…I really really wanna see it XD
    It’s so sick how you guise got to meet so many celebs….I really love the stockings that Martina was wearing <3 totally cute
    I think you guise should've also brought the famous dog of kpop, Spudgy…and the famous cat of kpop, Meemers ^^
    It looks like you guise had an amazing time there….glad you did d=(^-^)=b

  37. omg martina was showing off her cookie xD don’t worry, it’s not like it was a super important international award show xDD

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