Does this count as a Kpop Music Monday? It’s about Kpop Music, and it’s on Monday. That should count, no? It’s got footage of Taecyeon, Miss A, and SHINee! I’m trying to find the actual uploaded version of the lifestream and can’t. I’m not sure if it’s available yet. Once it is, I’ll edit this post and pop it in this spot here.

Edit: Booya! Found it!


We’re at 47:09 and 1hour20! Woot!

I know, though, that a lot of you reading this post will already have seen the footage. We saw a lot of your tweets and Facebook posts. So you were watching! If you didn’t, you missed out on a lot of stuff. We didn’t see most of it ourselves, either. Ha! We were either trying to understand our roles and responsibilities backstage, and didn’t get to see anything happening front stage. Too bad! We could hear some of it from time to time. Troublemaker sounds awesome live. That’s about all we could hear.

Otherwise, for those of you who haven’t seen it, we did two interviews as part of the main show in Seoul. The first interview was with Jung SungHa with Taecyeon moderating, and the second one was with Miss A with Min somewhat moderating. Neither of them really needed moderation, because everyone spoke and understood English, it seems. They just weren’t comfortable speaking it live, I think. We spoke with SungHa backstage in our tent afterwards and he kept up with everything just fine. Yeah!

Also, some of you might be wondering why we didn’t interview Sistar. Good question! Five minutes before our interview with them we were told that they had to go to another event. Isn’t that crazy? That’s the life of Kpop artists: perform at one event, hop in the van, and get scuttled off to the next event. These people work crazy schedules. And, because our scheduling went a bit over, they were supposed to do the interview with us and then leave, but time was cutting too close, so they had to go. Ah! We rolled with it, though.

Taecyeon was fun to talk to off camera. We spoke about Kpop a bit before the interview. We also spoke with Kris, who was tall. Man he’s tall! Not as tall as me, though, but freakishly tall by Kpop standards. He was nervous. We asked them if they’ve done stuff like this before and if they’re comfortable. Taecyeon said he does these all the time. Kris said he’s new to this. We could hear it in his voice. Aww! Min was a pro. That dress was mighty tight, though! She had her stylist helping her with it a lot of the time. And everyone was so nicely dressed and we were there in our regular people clothing. That was the point though. We were, you know, umm, cool. Right? Right? Right! AND YOU KNOW IT MAAANNN!

Funny side story: you saw MysteryGuitarMan in our tent with us. Why weren’t the other YouTubers there with us? David Choi was there. Just Kidding Films! A bunch more! They were watching the show. Joe and Ryan, however, wanted to go backstage, but they didn’t have access. So what’d they do? They walked up to the guard leading backstage and said “we’re here for Simon! We have to hurry! The show starts in five minutes!” and looked frustrated and pulled out their phones and started calling nobody, and the guard got flustered and let them in. SEE KIDS! It’s that easy! Next time you’re at a Girls’ Generation concert just yell “we’re here to see Tiffany!” and look flustered when they don’t let you in. It’ll work! Ha! No, it probably won’t. The guard must have just thought the foreigners must have been there to see the other foreigners. Seems legit. Or they might have been big Mystery Guitar Man followers and fangirled over him. Hell, if I was a security guard and, I dunno, Michael Jordan pulled that stunt on me I’d believe it.

Ok that’s it for now. We’re going to need a while for the SHINee interview before it can go live, because we need their management to approve of the video before it goes live. Tomorrow we’ve got a special collab video going up with some of the YouTubers that were here, and we’ve got a TL;DR on Wednesday and a FAPFAP on Thursday. Hopefully the SHINee video can be approved by Friday. If not, then make sure you’re subscribed so you can stay tuned so you don’t miss it. Yay!

  1. I can’t watch the 11h:59min:01sec video, it says “It’s private”.. Why do they upload it if it’s going to be private? Youtube issues! xD

  2. Ah I finally found it a working vid, this is the Seoul portion of the YTMA.

    It is daebak! Much better than the NY portion which was just exceedingly awkward. I feel like you (Simon and Martina) just keep getting better at these sorts of events. Any awkwardness you may have felt didn’t really show. Good job. =D Can’t wait for the SHINee interview.

  3. I still can’t believe you guys got to meet Just Kidding Films…Your so lucky I want to meet those guys!!! But thats AWESOME Tho!!! :D

  4. Min’s dress though. 0.0

  5. For anyone that is seeing that the video above from the YTMA is private, they uploaded a new one on the 5th of November, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXBPbnv1H-U

  6. that video from ytma doesn’t work for me, can someone send me another link??

  7. why I cannot see the video? (youtube misic awards YTMA) T.T why is private?

    Por qué no puedo ver el vídeo? (youtube misic awards YTMA) T.T por qué dice que es privado?

  8. Here’s their Miss A interview if anyone missed it. They only did two interviews but I can’t find the Sungha jung one


  9. Jessica Nunes

    I can’t watch the video it says that is private and I can’t find on youtube :( somebody help me pleaseee!

  10. the second video is showing private!! can you upload another one?

  11. Its awesome to see you guys having so much fun :) Thinking back to when I came across the first video … and the journey to where you guys are now. What a ride! So proud of you guys and inspired by all your hard work :)

  12. It’s private. ;-;

  13. so no SHINee ????? :(

    lol you guys are good, sooo good .

    …watch your back , lol i was toooo excited for this .

  14. The Youtube Music Award Video is Private! D”:
    NNNNoooooooooo~~~~! *Cries forever*

  15. Macie Tonn

    I think every Nasty just Fangorilla-ed all over this vid. Well done EYK crew!

  16. This is what I’ve wanted for such a long time >.< Simon and Martina are finally going to interview Shinee!! But I guess I'll have to wait just a bit longer -_-

  17. Did you guys get any footage being with Kris?? Squealed when he said “Simon and Martina” hehehe. You guys are the best celebrities :P awww the girl said “oppa saranghae” so cute!!

  18. Just wish you guys didn’t skip music Mondays so often….

  19. the video is private. T__T

  20. The video’s private, is there anyway of seeing it?

  21. So no biggie but I kinda saw SHINee on my screen and then you guise were like “OH JK NO SHINEE FOR YOU” and I only hyperventilated a little bit, so it’s whatever.
    Actually I’m having like a Shawol seizure over here but it’s cool. I get it. -watches the 3.5 seconds of video of them a billion more times-

  22. The video says it’s private!

  23. Annie

    SHINee!! Can’t wait, will be looking forward to this post. I’m sure fanguerilla was there in spirit.
    Man, you guys seemed to have so much fun and when your students recognized you! Oh my gosh so adorbzz!

  24. irritablevowel

    I think this is the perfect opportunity to launch the Eat Your Kimchi “cookie” blanket. Think about it! It would make total sense for it to say “Ooh You So Nasty!”

  25. 그래 Wolf, 내가 Wolf~♥

    Simon and Martina looks fabulous as always!! ^^ Omg did you guys tell Kris about the MusicMondays of EXO? Omg i can’t wait for them to see it. Especially the Mama one, where Martina says “12 young, hot korean boys”, Kris gonna be like,” We have four Chinese members” Our Kriscasso was nervous, omg that cutiepie ><

  26. Si-MAN, MAN-ho, and Tae-MAN? That is too much man for one tent to handle… XD

  27. I went back and paused the video just to compare how short Jonghyun is compared to Simon.

    And instead of laughing about how Jonghyun was stuck standing next to Simon, I ended up laughing at Simon’s expression.

  28. Nooo why is the video private D< I was just watching it. D:

  29. The video shows as private when I try to watch it. The Youtube music awards full show one. Do others see it??

  30. Ariadne Locket

    Guys do you edit first and then show it to the SM management or do you have to show them the full footage? To ask for permission, I mean.

  31. Ariadne Locket

    Ok, excuse me while before I watch the vid I die of both envy and happiness for you guys.

  32. The video is private… ;________; is there anywhere else you can see it?

  33. Elizabeth Le

    Yeah sooo……… the video doesn’t work anymore:(

  34. I love the former student whose holding up two cell phones at once to take photos, twice the coverage! XD

  35. And letting you know guise… the youtube video for the show is blocked D:

  36. I think it’s really cool how your (Martina xD) students were so excited to see you :D

  37. Does the livestream video work for everyone else?? It says “This video is private” when I try to play it :’(

  38. holy crap….that SHINee video got me on suspense now…I really really wanna see it XD
    It’s so sick how you guise got to meet so many celebs….I really love the stockings that Martina was wearing <3 totally cute
    I think you guise should've also brought the famous dog of kpop, Spudgy…and the famous cat of kpop, Meemers ^^
    It looks like you guise had an amazing time there….glad you did d=(^-^)=b

  39. omg martina was showing off her cookie xD don’t worry, it’s not like it was a super important international award show xDD

  40. OMG! I was smiling through the entire thing! This makes me so happy! Congratulations on everything! I actually wasn’t able to watch the show though because of work. I definitely will though!

  41. Gemma Deacon

    So that’s what those blankets are for! I thought they wore them because their legs are cold lol you wouldn’t get that over here. Crotch shots for everyone!

  42. argh you guys are so sneaky!!! instagram no taeman, youtube vid no taeman, such teases!!!!

    its so sweet how you met your old students

  43. Haha, were the chairs placed wrong?
    But I didn’t know you were meeting Sungha Jung as well… you lucky people………. =_=

  44. Pffft, who cares about the SHINee interview…
    I DO OH SO MUCH! Seriously, never before have I been so excited about any of your interviews. One thing is that SHINee are the group that got me into Kpop and they’re one of my favorite groups but there’s also another reason, more important I guess. I thought it would be extremely difficult for you to arrange an interview with any of SM artists. I knew that you wanted to interview SHINee but to be honest, I didn’t really think it would happen. Thank you for proving me wrong! I can’t wait to see it, hopefully their management won’t cut too much.

    Hmm, I didn’t know Taecyeon was fluent in English… Does that make me a bad Kpop fan? Anyway, I feel a sudden urge to listen to “My Ear’s Candy”.

    “We also spoke with Kris, who was tall.” I just love these remarks in blog posts XD

    • thisisjustforfunval

      “I knew that you wanted to interview SHINee but to be honest, I didn’t really think it would happen.” DITTO! Truthfully I never thought SM would allow them interview any artists on camera. Not that Super Junior doesn’t count, but it wasn’t an interview, it was Star King. This is soooo different.

      I’m really hoping that SM won’t cut anything, especially anything hilarious from the interview. Getting to know SHINee the past year, it is obvious those guys are completely hyper all over the place super fun and zany. Add on the sleep deprived crazies and they are really a hyper bundle of joy. Especially that humming bird Jonghyun. ^^

  45. Hello S&M could you enlighten me on something? During SHINee’s performance I happened to notice that Onew didn’t dance with them, was something wrong with him? Was he hurt? Did anyone else notice this?

  46. LongClawTiger

    OMG, I thought those blankets were just because it might be cold there. I didn’t even consider it might be a “cookie blanket” as Martina said. XD

  47. kpopfan123

    Hey guise!

    gosh… such a big event… you guise were great!! :) (ah…Martina you should’ve thought about the blanket… but it was ok… manageable… )

    …and SungHa Jung!!! I remember watching videos of him when he was little…he’s all grown now… how fast time flies…

    ….mistery of the misteries…. how did Shinee come willingly in your tent…? O___O I’m not really a fan but can’t deny the fact that Shinee has some of the most beautiful voices!! ….but I’m curious to know what kind of personalities they have…

    Thank you for sharing these with us!! :3 (your schedule was crazy… as well as everybody elses! )


  48. OH MY GOSHHHHH I CANT BELIEVE YOU MET SHINEEEE, WHY DON’T I LIVE IN KOREA :’( AND YOU MET KRIS?!?!?!? EXO KRIS?!?!? FFFFFF SO JEALOUS! What about the other Exo members? ;O WHAT IS LIFEEEE, NOTHING INTERESTING HAPPENS IN CANADA -.- (At least not kpop related…..lol) Glad you guys had fun though :)

  49. So about 10x I’ve tried and the video crashes around 1:20:00 every time.

  50. awww former students!! :D that must have been nice to see them :)

  51. What was the first song SHINee performed? I can’t remember! I loved SHiNee’s and Troublemakers performance! They were the best ones in my opinion.

  52. PunkyPrincess92

    i skipped through this video to get to the SHINee part (cos that’s how desperate and excited i am to see it) but then i see your message….. TT_TT
    so far Minho’s height looks pretty good compared to Simon ahahha!!
    and bwahaha aawww Jjong looks SO nervous and out of place!! poor guy hates English!!!

    *calmly begins watching from the beginning again*
    ahahah you guys taking the photos were hilarious!! you really can’t take normal photos can you?

  53. Cyber_3

    You guise did well, see? No problem. People probabaly just thought you were under-dressed on purpose ;).

    Thanks for posting the link to the footage of the live event because my youtube was so f***-ed all weekend while the YTMA were going on that I couldn’t watch ANY videos (choking after ~5s and then dying). It wasn’t my compy because now that it’s over I can see everything fine at high speed. Couldn’t even watch the Friday livechat until last night.

  54. ahahaha Poor Kris he was so nervous x]

  55. You guys did such a great job doing the interviews backstage!!!
    I think overall it seems that the Korean part of it was a lot better organized than that of the New York YTMA event. I bet it helps that the idols are used to hosting whereas the two hosts for New York seemed at a loss for what to do most of the time.

  56. Kind of upset I missed it. The times were confusing, I thought they would be going live same time as New York though that would be really early in the morning, I realized. Herher. Anyway..I will watch the rerun, yay! I think I’ve becoming a SHINee fangirl..

  57. bigbangfosho

    With just the EYK crew, it’s a female majority, but with the extended youtube crew, it’s a male majority

  58. SooZee and Suzy in the same room

  59. I kind of teared up at the end—so nice that you got to see some of your former students, Martina!!

  60. Loved your interviews! I like Min more now after that interview… she’s so charismatic. I loved her US debut song when she first came out with Go Ahead… but not the biggest fan of Miss A.

    A question! What is freakishly tall by Kpop standards? My husband is wondering if he is average or will be considered very tall when we visit Korea. He’s a few inches shorter than Simon.

  61. Omg,I seriously can’t believe how much you guys achieved.From videos to show your family Korea’s safe to making interviews with k-pop stars at Youtube Music Awards!I know it might sound somehow strange but I’m so proud of you XD I remember your Inkigayo backstage video where you were showing stars’ tents and now you got one yourself!It makes me all excited and happy so can’t imagine how you must feel.It’s also amazing that you achived all of that just being yourselves!You aren’t scared to act funny and strange even if everybody around act formal and you don’t worry about what other people can think.I feel so unbelievably glad that we ‘normal people’ have such fantastic representatives(plus Simon representing us Polish people ♥) there in Korea.I’m not really good in expressing myself but I just want to say that really I love you.Thank you for all you do.I’m really curious what future will bring and I feel it will be bigger and bigger!

  62. Isabel Ruby

    “they don’t do normal well” HAHAHAHHHAHA oh god that got me right where it hurts to breathe

  63. Guys, could you possibly upload the interview with Miss A as a video by itself? The internet kept crashing when I came to it, and I’ve tried like 50 times and it keeps krashing and that’s really annoying >^<

  64. Ahhhh I want more!!! Did you get to speak to Show Luo? He really is a great funny guy but his English is hilariously terrible. His performance was great and I hope he got some search hits out of it.
    Taecyeon and Kris were good hosts, it was funny that at one point Kris looked like he had accidentally spoken in the wrong language (I thought having to switch between was pretty tough btw) which was one of the questions I wanted to ask! Taecyeon’s English humour style cutely cringe-worthy as usual, I’m glad you got to speak to them.
    A shame the interviews were short and you didn’t get to interview everybody! Can’t wait for the SHINee interactions! When I saw you live it was like seeing your friends or family on TV (except it was on a computer screen, as usual…)! Well done!! :D

  65. Awww…your students came!!!! That is so sweet!

  66. Oh Gosh! tears in my eyes when SHINee walked in… and more tears when it finished so quickly :( can`t wait for the interview….

  67. I didn’t really understand that bit in the airplane hanger…. However I loved the whole things! It’s absolutely amazing how far you guys have come in the last few years. It’s been an exciting journey and I can’t wait to see more of it to come!

  68. I hope the management agrees with the interview.
    After all, it ‘s for the fans…

  69. You, you are cruel, teasing us with SHINee and not giving us SHINee.

    But yes! I was watching live, and squealing the whole time. XD I can’t wait to see the interview.

  70. Ahhhhh Jung Sungha!!! My favorite guitarist!

  71. Aww miss a didnt get to do their introduction! Min was saying 소개?

  72. Onew was so polite upon entering the tent, aww. c’:

    Also Jonghyun next to Simon made me giggle.

  73. Ash3070

    TroubleMaker was REALLY good live :3 I was actually surprised as I wasn’t a big fan of their single >.<
    Honestly though, the actual awards in New York was a DISGRACE! Did you see the skit with the baby? I'd actually say that yelling into a mike with a naked baby in the other arm = child abuse. And it was all over the place.
    Seoul was by FAR the most organised and even my sister (someone who doesn't like kpop) admitted that it was by the the most well prepared and really good :) You could feel the main presenters were nervous with speaking in english though, so you two had the edge and can honestly be said to be the BEST of all the hosts, interviewers etc. involved with the show. The interviews were great and I particularly loved the Miss A one :3 It's a shame you couldn't interview Sistar though :/ Could you arrange to do it in the EYK studio? x x x

    • I hope YouTube gets actual YouTubers to host the event next time. Heck, how about getting YouTubers to perform? Or how about nominating YouTubers for the awards? Like, seriously. Where was the ‘YouTube’ in the YTMAs? It felt just like some amateur parody of an awards show.
      Le sigh.

      Actually, I was hoping for something like the YouTube Fan Fest in Singapore. That was pretty cool :)

      • Yeah that makes a lot more sense. There are enough YouTube musical prodigies, they should just invite them to perform and perhaps a few celebrities but not too many. I find it kind of disappointing that YouTube doesn’t seem to care about the average everyday person making videos anymore.

      • Ash3070

        It’s weird because apparently in America there were tv ads for it with youtube celebs such as Kurt Hugo Schneider featured in them. And apparently none of the celebs on the ads even ATTENDED the awards. It was very odd. How about next time Youtube just give the whole event to Seoul? :D x x x

  74. Giant Simon and Tiny Jonghyun! I swear I spilled my drink all over my keyboard. Don’t drink anything while watching that. Bad, bad idea.

  75. Emilie

    What happened to Key’s face? Does anyone know?

  76. I need to watch this the minute I come back from school! AHHHH Why do I have exams today!

  77. Is it bad that as an American I think the performaces in Seoul YouTube Awards are better than the New York ones lol

  78. somehow i paused at 3:47 LMAO.. simon jong.. faces is priceless. oh i cant wait

  79. Kris was so adorably nervous, I felt his pain through the screen LOL but Taecyeon was a natural! Ah but I wish we got to here from show luo his live performance was BOSS, and his new single is amazing. Oh well maybe next time. And your students! I got all misty eyed T___T

  80. Ashley Nicolette Smith

    How cool is that! That one of your teachers works in the entertainment industry now! The ending was touching. I loved you guys during the show! You were very lively-I think everyone was a little stiff and nervous because they were trying too hard but Simon and Martina seemed more natural and fun! Don’t worry about the thighs Martina you were were faulting it a bit-it’s okay! ;)

  81. First off, AWESOME AWESOME AWESOMENESS!!!! This is just so fantastic.

    Second, I don’t know all the SHINee members’ names and faces (I know TaeMAN, though!), but does one of them have a cut on his cheek? I noticed it on a couple other videos of them preforming Everybody live. Is it just me? Also, speaking of TaeMAN, where is he in the clip? He was part of the interview too, right? Right??

  82. Catherine Schafer

    Next t-shirt:

    Eat Your Kimchi: They Don’t Do Normal Very Well


  83. The video was almost over and I was thinking “WHERE’S SHINEEEEEEE??!!!!” *monster voice* then I was like calmed down by your message xD

  84. Min’s dress is wonderful. Everyone speaking English and then SHINee omg xD <3

  85. How awesome would it be to be former students of Simon or Martina? Jealous of all your former students.

  86. You guys did so well! The hosts were obviously so nervous… but actually once you guys were on camera it felt more relaxed and fun.

  87. No one can be as tall as Simon! Not even Kris!

  88. Catherine Schafer

    I went through all 3 seconds of the SHINee part frame by frame and Simon’s and Jonghyun’s facial expressions are the BEST THINGS EVER! XD

    Also, I really want to see the crazy press photos :)

  89. I thought the first interview was a bit awkward but totally adorable. You all did a fantastic job and I’m so proud of you! =) I’m glad you get to do things like this now and I /know/ you’ve been wanting to interview SHINee! ((By the by, seeing Onew bow was pretty adorable next to giant Simon.)) I felt bad for Kris because he was just so nervous and I just wanted to tell him to relax a little. xD

    I hope you all got enough rest after the show! It looked like lots of fun! =)

  90. OMG you tease! SHINee!!!!!! AKJASKDJhdkjkjaksj…

  91. Former Martina students!! How cute are they? It must have been fun to see them like this. (:

  92. Why no Kris?And you two were hilarious for the phototaking session!

  93. wait wait wait, is there place online where I could watch everything? the interview with Taecyon and Sungha Jung and Miss A? Or is forever gone..lost to the past…….PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS SOMEWHERE I CAN WATCH THIS lol XDD

  94. C. Snoopy

    Awwwww!!! Martina got to see her former students!!!!

  95. sheesh I would’ve loved it if we could’ve seen some of your regular question time with Taecyeon Kris and Min D: when I saw Kris atthe YTMA I was like KRIIISSSS xDD

  96. OMGGG MARTINA & SIMON you guys were soooo underdressed for the occasion (everyone was in suits and ties and fancy dresses , but it looked like you guys had fun~~ YAYIE > ~< please show 'em your sexy super fabulous fashion next time for an occasion like this ~ OTL

  97. Troublemaker does sound great live! I’m very pleasantly surprised. As glitchy as the whole thing was, someone did a great job with the sound the whole way through.


    EDIT – So the miss A and Taecyon interviews… Those were done for the official Youtube awards? Hmm… Someone mind pointing me in the general direction of those videos; I didn’t get the chance to watch this live.

  99. SUCH. A.TEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And yay for Martina for seeing her former students cuz that’s just awesome!

  100. soo zee looks like a kpop artist herself! with that funky hair! she SHOULD be a kpop solo artist. EYK start producing an album for her already, and simon can whisper “EYK” in every beginning of her songs

  101. Oooooh sneaking into tents, that’s how i roll! Martina, i love your stockings! I have cat and bunny ones but the bear ones look so cute!! And hoely moley, so jelly of you two atm~

  102. I’m sure that everyone you interviewed was awesome, but HOLY ASDKHFGWOAIGHPAHGNAOIWHGFAJ ************************** SHINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Can’t wait for that interview. I’m just so excited to see you guys with them. I live vicariously through you!!!!

  103. David should have followed Joe and Ryan, and then speak in Korean like, “I’m their translator!”

  104. I couldn’t stop smiling while watching Miss A interview!!! I just felt bad for the rest of the group because Min is so fluent in English from her time in the US that she got most of the jokes and therefore most of the mic time. But Suzy is so cute! And Jia “Hush hush hush baby” I wanted to scream! Even that little bit……so…excited…for….6…

  105. SHINee teaser = super effective. I’m looking forward to Friday. Also, I can’t be the only one staring at Jonghyun… then Simon.. the Jonghyun…. oh Jamong! Why did you stand besides him LOL.

  106. I couldn’t see the awards, I want to see your Miss A interview :(

  107. Inexplicable anger filled my soul when you guise were mean about SHINee! D:<
    Love you, can't wait to see the footage~ <3

  108. Darn I want to know if Taemin knows about the Soy Un Dorito and TaeMan jokes lol :)

  109. ZodiArk-x9

    So I read some comments before watching the video so I knew SHINee would show up for a couple of seconds to tease us but when I actually saw them my heart stopped! EYK with SHINee… for some reason when you do interviews with idols and other artists in Korea it makes them seem closer to us too! I have seen lots of programs with them but to see them with you is sooo different and more real!!
    Thank you for being so awesome and sharing these behind the scenes shots and the soon to be revealed SHINee interview with your fans!

  110. Damn it, it’s past midnight and I should go to sleep so I actually make my morning lectures tomorrow…but I am way too excited after seeing SHINee so close to you guise! Cannot sleeeeeeeeep O.O

  111. 3:27 A wild Simon appears! Simon used uncomfortably close dancing! It’s super effective!

  112. 3:27 A wild Simon appears! Simon used comfortably close dancing, it’s super effective.

  113. I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUISE. This was awesome and I woke up early just to watch you guys! :)
    Wish you could’ve interviewed Kris and put it in a vid!! :3

  114. I don’t know why, but really waiting for the return of FAPFAP!
    Korean noms, yummy!
    BTW, I’d made the soondobo jjigae according to your recipe, and it was delicious!

  115. Holy bananas. I’m so excited for you guys at EYK! What a huge and amazing event! I’m so proud of EYK crew for how far you’ve come and this video makes me so excited for what the future might hold for you guys!
    P.S. My new career goal is to work for EYK studios xD no joke! ;D

  116. I can’t control these feels!! HALP!!!

  117. AfizaFarhanaPija

    You both are the most “normal” k-celebrity person I ever watch!!! XD Love you both!!!

  118. YOU TEASE.
    But like, I understand that you need approval…

  119. I am so sad to have missed everything! This all looks like it would have been AMAZING to watch live! I really…really….REAAAALLY hope that YouTube stops being mean and puts everything up so that those who were busy when it was live can still watch…..I hope…I hope….

  120. thisisjustforfunval

    OH MY GOURD, SIMON! I think you genuinely freaked out that poor man wearing the YouTube shirt, when you dance up all in his face! “Please sir, don’t crush meeeeeeeee!”


  121. MarVi

    It’s so cute you talked to Kris! He seem like such an angel, I want to meet him so bad!

  122. I saw platinum blonde hair, realized it was Jonghyun oppa, looked over at the rest of SHINee and ALSKJDFL;ASDJFASDLKJFCWALSDJ Ma feels exploded all over the place T^T Clean up on aisle 3!

  123. Please Please Please!! find the live stream video and link it i couldn’t watch it and now i fell like i missed out soo much!!

    • I found it and edited the post to include the video. The cache should take a bit to clear up, but it’s in the post now!

      Oh hell I’ll just link it here as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dG4xaLn2W6s

      We’re at 47:09 and 1hour20

      • To the top with this comment!

      • The video is now set as private :(

        • It’s private! Did you find a way around it?

        • Not so far, I’ve been Googling it like crazy. So far only various cuts of the hosts. Nothing with the whole show. TT I got rickrolled into watching the New York one. OMG meh. I love the Pentatonix and Tiffany was there (poor Tiffany) but seriously soo…sooo…awkward, weird, and not really funny. I have no idea who the two guys hosting were but…not my cup of tea. The only cool parts were the performances (mostly). I really want to watch the Seoul version. I’m checking Tudou and all the other video posting sites, but nothing so far.

        • You’re in luck!! They just put up the Seoul performances, just not anything with EYK.
          I’ll link you the playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbpi6ZahtOH56-nhw6DKNAQG5UxtLsG_4

        • I knew about the short actor since I’ve seen him in some comedies, but overall: awkward. Mainly cause it was unscripted. If there is another YTMA maybe they should script some parts, to make it flow better… I don’t know.
          The part with Tiffany was a bit awkward. Scattered applause and a godawful joke (I love you Tiffany but seriously… haha). I was happy that they won and that hopefully Asian Music as a whole would get more recognition, but I also felt bad that they were exposed to such backlash and negative feedback as a result of winning. Sometimes I feel it would have been better if they didn’t win. Oh well, the earth didn’t end… now I’m just blabbering. But I knew they would win; I thought the Beliebers or Directioners would rape that share button, but I guess people just can’t beat out crazy Kpop fans (myself included haha).

        • I’ve been largely unplugged in the last month. What was the backlash?
          Although I’m not surprised, the internet can be a really cruel place. I’m happy GG won, although I really wanted Psy to win. His video last year was so huge, but…that *was* last year. Sone’s as a group are huge and really, really active, so if there was a fan group that could do it, it’d be them.


  124. People people, calm down. The SHINee teaser was obviously a clever plan by Simon and Martina for us to experience fangurl hyperventilation so none of us faint for the actual interview. Let us all take deep breaths, keep calm and Dorito on until hopefully Friday!

  125. Akira Miyashi

    You guise were awesome!! :D Can’t wait for SHINee’s interview! and it’s so sweet that your students came up to you~! :D

  126. Did u guys get a chance to interview Show Luo?

  127. Its hard to have quiet hours in a college dorm when you scream at SHINee coming on screen.Those 3 seconds made my entire day. I can’t wait for the interview to be posted. :] Love and gig ‘em from Texas A&M University.

  128. Did you guys talk to Kris about loosing your pants in RIPTO FIPTO SIPI SLOW MOTION?!?!

  129. I would totally be freaking out. How do you guys do it|??

    That’s so cool your former students were there!!

  130. andrea chan

    The three seconds Shinee appeared for, my household’s windows were shattered by my squeeing. Holy. Motherfather. Heart attack. ONEWWWWWWWWWWW <3

  131. It makes me sad that every thing awesome in k pop world happens at ungodly hours for working adults. the live stream was at 3 am my time I missed everything i hope the interviews go up fast. :(

  132. I’m still laughing at ‘cookie blanket’ poor Martina. Also, umm I seriously just replayed like that 5 seconds of Shinee footage 20 times..oops

  133. hapagirl

    That was so cute. Poor Kris though, you could tell he was new at it. I did like their chemistry, I think when it came to having to translate and then using those cue cards made it awkward. And that whole thing may have led to me being attracted to Kris.

    I thought Leigh was leaving awhile back, guess not so yay Leigh~
    And your former students, that is undoubtedly sweet that they went to see you. And what kind of people would want you do normal poses?! We don’t do “normal” here at Eatyourkimchi! By the way if I ever get famous or something, so doing that.

  134. Francisca MunozRodriguez

    So did you pull out any SOY UN DORITO or TEAMAN jokes? PLS UPLOAD THE INTERVIEW NOWWWW <3

  135. “have them do normal ‘pose’”
    Leigh “they don’t do normal very well”
    Hahahahaha! That is why we love you!

  136. is taemin there? is taemin gonna be there? i want taemin there tooo :O I didn’t see taemin in the video D: I can’t wait for the shinee interview <33 my favourite group with my favourite youtubers <3

    • ZodiArk-x9

      I think they answered a comment on instagram where they said they were all there. He probably just didn’t come in yet with the small piece they revealed. =)


  138. Aaron Ho

    Hahaha sozeee is like the manager for them. Manager Sozeeeeeeeee

  139. ”Oh but you guise totally don’t want to see SHINee in our tent and the interview with them right? Ohohehohu” WHY YOUUUUU how could you guys shove a piece of chocolate unicorn rainbow cake of deliciousness into our mouthes and then tell us to wait a few days before eating it XD??

  140. This video excites me. The awaiting interview really excites me. I cannot wait to watch the video of event since I wasn’t able to watch it. :( Finally, I am so happy for you Martina that you got to see some of your former students.

  141. Can we just take a moment to notice how tiny Jonghyun looks next to Simon. I giggled so hard. He has a look on his face that is like, “oh yeah, of course, stick me next to the tall guy >.<"

    You guys were seriously funny and awesome. ^^

  142. I was going to ask who was taller, Kris or Simon. There must be something in the water that grows you Canadian men like mighty spruce trees. I’ve met to many Canadian guys that TOWER over me (And I’m 5’4″ TT__TT). And don’t worry Martina, we could only see your cute bear stockings. How has Meemers not ruined them yet?

  143. Omg guise I was spazzing at the SHINee teaser! Y U MAKE ME WAIT SM ENT. Inner fangurilla coming out…and LOL at ‘lifestream’ in the blog post xD you guise are always so srweeeeaaaapy when you type these! Can’t wait for the interview!

    Jokes, no but seriously D: The want is strong. Kris on the TV screen making conversation and then SHINee bowing and introducing themselves in your tent. SIGH.
    I’m actually pretty jealous of them since they got to meet you lol xP

  145. Emilie

    I saw a picture of Key with a scratch on his face earlier today, and it’s in this video too. Maybe you’d be able to enlighten us on what happened?

    Anyway, YOU KNOW US TOO WELL! I’ve been waiting ALL DAY for a small clip of SHINee and S&M… but this was just too short!

  146. LOL did you guys and Kris have a “ermahgerd Canadian!! moment?”

    Btw, if I ever go to a kpop convention, totally doing the ‘Joe and Ryan’ move and pretend to fangirl over Simon ;)

  147. Grrrrrr that video better be approved soon. Just seeing that small second of them in the tent with you guys had me spazzing.

  148. You guys dont understand, I just watched the part where SHINee appeared for 3 seconds about 10 times, not even joking.


    ..the rest of this video was awesome too. ;)

  149. You guys have to admit you’re celebrities now, at least in Korea. I know you guys are the most normal weirdos on the planet, but you really are famous!

  150. Can you at least tell us if Taemin got the shirt?

  151. Awww, I didn’t watch the livestream. My connection is suck at that time. Way to choose to be suck. -_- | Hey, I thought you two looked fabulous! You know, in between heavily dressed people, the one with common clothes would actually standout! LOL. Oh, and you two are giant (or at least Simon, you are a giant). And Kris is not really a Korean. So maybe the gene is more superior? LOL. Wait. Gotta watch the vid now! XD

  152. OH GOD when SHINee came into the tent I literally let out a scream of anguish. It’s like two of my favourite worlds colliding.

  153. Dude you guys are soo coollll conquering the world. One video at a time.

    Leigh: “they don’t do normal very well” And we love you for it

  154. “So you were watching! If you didn’t, you missed didn’t miss out on a lot of stuff.” <- small correction :p
    Naaaaaaaah I'm just joking. (or am i? dun dun dun) The Seoul YTMA was actually better than the NY one, imo.
    I was really happy to see all the artists perform, my favourites being Show Luo, Sungha Jung, Miss A, the Jinjo Crew (didn't know them…but they were awesome), SHINee, SISTAR…oh wait did I just list everyone? xD
    Ah, 4Minute Hyuna and Her Backup Dancers. And TM. Let’s just say that my parents left the room.

    The Miss A interview was fantastic! I’m so glad you got to talk about the JYP whisper :D Their expressions showed that they were totally aware of it too, lol.

    I’ve seen Sungha live, so I know his English is good :) My guess is nobody was quite sure what language they were supposed to talk in…

    Totally gonna try that David Choi trick next time, btw :D

  155. It’s 11:40 right now in Toronto and I should be doing my history and science questions but I’ve been camping out and waiting for this. So much excitement c: I’m still going through EYK withdrawal and rehab sigh.

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