TL;DRYou ask questions. We make videos answering them!

Living with your family Forever

TL;DR – Living with Parents…FOREVER

How long do people in Korea live with their parents, and how does it differ from what we’re used to from North America? We’ll talk about Kangaroo Dependents and your mom’s credit card in this week’s TL;DR!

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Special Features

Black Day Party 55

Black Day Black Bean K-Drama Party!

Thanks for hanging out with us and Viki for our Black Day K-Drama party!

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Korean Indie Playlist

indie thumb eyk 22

Korean Indie Playlist Time!

We’re back with another Korean Indie Playlist, and we’re talking about Swings, Joon, and Secret Agent Sound. Woot!

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WTF KoreaWonderful Treasure Find, Korea!

Ron Burgundy

WTF – Ron Burgundy Portable Rice Eater

What I learned from this packaging: eat rice with this thing, grow a badass moustache, and the ladies will swoon over you. Thank you, Japan!

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Live Chats

Farts 71

Friday Night DeadChat – Fart Murder Mystery!

We had to pre-record this LiveChat, and thankfully, because someone was ripping farts. Guess whodunit in this week’s Fart Murder Mystery!

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F.A.P.F.A.P. Food Adventure Program For Awesome People!

FAPFAP - Ramen Hacks thumb eyk 142

How to Eat Ramen Like a Pro

We’ve shown you how to level up your Ramen before, but now we’re gonna show you some more Professional Ramen eating tricks that’ll impress all your friends!

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Open the Happy

OpentheHappy_Martina 67

Review: Etude House Silk Scarf

Martina reviews this Etude House Silk Scarf thingy. Yep. It’s a…silk scarf…for your hair?

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D.I.C.K.S.Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang

DICKS - April Fools thumb eyk 76

DICKS – Neon and Noodles

Leigh and Soo Zee are back with another episode of DICKS, and they’re teaching you the hottest Korean slang that you should DEFINITELY be using with your Korean friends!

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W.A.N.K.Wonderful Adventure Now Korea

Hongdae Tour

A Walking Tour of Hongdae’s Clubs

We’re gonna take you on a walking tour of Hongdae’s clubs and show you some of our favourite spots to check out awesome music.

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