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After School Club: What We Wanted to Say

January 7, 2015


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Hi everyone!

Though we’re on hiatus for January, and Leigh and Soo Zee are off on vacation, that doesn’t really mean that we’ve taken much of a break lately. Ha! We just came back from filming an ultra fun episode of After School Club with Kevin, Eric, and Jimin. It was our first time on the show! We’ve spoken with Eric a few times about doing an episode together, and now that our schedules were kinda free, we thought it’d be a good time to come on. Woot! If you didn’t watch it yet, you can check it out here. Yay!

We are a bit saddened by one thing, though, and we wanted to share it here, because we didn’t get a chance to share it on the show. See, we were given a bit of a loose guideline about what questions were going to be asked beforehand. During the Hangout Session, people planned what questions they wanted to ask us, which is how we came up with our awesome name for our band. If Jimin, Simon, Martina, Kevin, and Eric all were in a band, what would we be called? Well, the answer is probably the best thing we ever did on TV. HA!

However, the next question that was supposed to be asked was skipped, and it’s kinda our fault. Danielle, who is co-founder of the European Nasties, popped up on the screen, and we got very excited, and started talking a lot more than we should have. We saw her in our European Tours, and we’re really honoured that she’s helping out with the European Nasties Facebook page, so we blathered on for a bit too long. And that’s unfortunate, because that means that we didn’t have time for the next person, Anna, to ask her question, which was a really important one that we wanted to discuss today. The question was something along the lines of “any advice for an aspiring Youtuber?” Here’s what we wanted to say:

One of the things we focus on most is how we can improve ourselves. We look back on our old videos and we’re embarrassed at how bad they are. The lighting is awful; the sound is echoey; the talking goes on for too long. We constantly look back on our older videos and try to see what we didn’t like about them, and do our best to try to make them better. So the main point we’d suggest is to never stop trying to make better content.

This, however, doesn’t just go for the technical side of it, but also for the things you say and do in your videos as well. When you’re on the internet, you can always see people’s responses to your blog posts. You can read it in their comments, or on Twitter, or on their own blogs, whatever. And when you read them, you can see what you can change in your content on top of that. This is something we make sure we try to do. We’ve read about how we’ve said things that are offensive in the past, and we do our best to not make the same mistakes again. The way we described Hyuna’s dancing in 2011 we would never say now. The ways in which we described concepts in Kpop videos we’ll never use again. Some of the skits or games we’ve done…yeah, not our brightest moments. We look back to what we did before, and we do our best to grow. We made lots of dumb mistakes in the past, said some things and did some videos that at the time seemed harmless enough, but now we wish we could change. It’s challenging, and embarrassing even, to look back on some of the stuff we’ve done, but once we’re made aware of them, we think about them deeply, discuss them with each other and with Leigh and Soo Zee thoroughly, and do our best to not repeat the same mistakes.

It’s challenging, though, to find the points on which we can change. Some people make points that we flat out disagree with, others take posts completely out of context or even spread total lies about us, some just have a very deep hatred of white people in general, and a special few wish death on us and even our pets. It’s challenging to wade through the anger to find civil discussions on the mistakes we’ve made, but – in the end – even if it’s uncomfortable to read them, it’s still a challenge we take on in our hopes of trying to grow and to improve our content. It’s something we hope that other bloggers can take heart in doing themselves, to keep on revising, to keep challenging themselves, and to keep growing :D

We want to thank all those people for the past seven years that have taken the time to send us an email or to write a blog post that criticized something with did or said in a civil and intelligent manner. If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t haven taken the time to reflect on our mistakes. But to those of you that called us various names, threatened our lives, or harassed us online, we want you to know that your ugly comments are simply blocked out and dismissed. If you truly want someone to change or see fault in their ways, then screaming profanities at them is not the way to foster growth. If you’re truly and honestly looking for change then you need to take the time to be civil and discuss the issue with someone, otherwise you just seem like an angry crazy person spewing hatred and perpetuating violence.

So, I realize now that this probably would have went well over the 20 minute mark. Time really flies when you’re live on TV! It really felt like we were on there for, like, five minutes.

Altogether, though, looking at all of the rage that’s happening on Twitter, we do want to say that we’re sorry if you watched one of our videos and we said or did something that displeased you. We’re trying to get better. We never stop trying. But we mess up sometimes. Unfortunately, though, the internet looks like a game of Tetris: all of your accomplishments vanish, and all that remains behind are the mistakes you’ve made. Hopefully, we don’t keep on repeating those mistakes. Thanks to those of you who put up with our crap and support us over the years. After all, we’re only human and make dumb mistakes like everyone else in the world.

And, on that note, long live JISIMAKER!



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After School Club: What We Wanted to Say


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  1. Yesterday, I had a bad day. The tail came off my favourite toy mouse, the human shortened my brushing session to only 5 minutes (practically criminal), and I was told I was off on an “adventure in the car” on Saturday, which can only mean a trip to the vet for my shots. To top it all off, the human locked me in the cupboard for two hours claiming she didn’t know I was in there – what a poor excuse when it was obvious I had climbed in to inspect the glassware right at the back for cleanliness (no-one else around here does).

    But today, I really woke up on the right side of the cat tree. The sun was shining, as was my coat after a good proper brush, I had some tasty tuna and got to play with the Christmas decorations while they were being packed away. And the human feels so bad about the cupboard incident she’s even agreed to by a new toy mouse at the vet (that is still on, apparently). To top it off my Meemers Oppa was mentioned on ASC – photo and all!

    The paw-nt is that bad days become good, and what seems like a rough time one day will pass and new more furbulous adventures in the future. Time has a funny way of making these things fade. Unlike my Saturday vet trip. That will be etched in my memory furrever, believe me.

    5 years ago
    • You are the greatest cat in the world. Don’t tell Meemers we said that. And I read your comment out loud to Martina and Rose, and both of them cried. Please tell your owner you deserve more cat treats :D

      5 years ago
      • Oh, don’t cry! It was only a toy mouse, not a real one. And yes, yes, it was my favourite, but I’ll get another one. It’ll be OK, I promise.

        I guess you could say I just loved my meeces to pieces. Literally.

        5 years ago
    • Best comment

      5 years ago
    • I’m here to confirm this. We both did in fact cry all over our lunch. :’) Thank you for the wonderful message

      5 years ago
    • Just made my day! I’m laughing out loud and I guess my co-workers think that I’m crazy. FancattingforMeemers – you are amazing! Good luck on Saturday ;)

      5 years ago
  2. This morning at 6am, I went online to check how ASC went and saw an allkpop thread. As I started reading, I grew more and more confused: I never realized how much hate has been aimed at EYK. I went on to see more threads on different forums and even saw the Change.org petition. I was blown away. By 7am, my morning was ruined: I have never heard anything more ridiculous in my life. And now, reading your thoughts, I don’t understand why you are apologizing for some of your past videos. I never found them offensive: yes, immature and not in good taste and sometimes weird. But this is the internet, the last free frontier. It’s unfortunate that many ignorant people have access to Twitter, Youtube, etc. But then again, I can only hope said sites can open their minds. Simon and Martina, you aren’t perfect but that’s what I love about you: you are realistic, unafraid, critical, educated. Please keep doing what you are doing to help those spewing hate grow into engaging adults.

    For all those Kpop fans complaining about the lack of KMM’s, please realize that EYK started out as a vlog for parents to know their children were ok in a far away country and then as a vlog for other nervous young adults to learn about the country they were about to embark to. It was never a Kpop blog. And for the rest of the trolls, it doesn’t matter if Simon and Martina aren’t rabid Kpop fans or Kpop idols: they can go on a show and have fun, interest conversations with whoever they want. Did you ever take a moment to think that Eric and Kevin probably wanted them to guest on the show? And for Ela, at Change.org: slow clap for your 756 supporters. As an international fan, I will have to ask that you change your request from “international kpop fans would like our voices to be heard” to “I and a few other international Kpop fans would like our voices to be heard” – you don’t represent even a large minority of the international Kpop community, so please don’t speak for “us”.

    Sincerely, E.K.

    5 years ago
    • I second this comment.

      Also, if the person is so desperate to make a petition on Change.org, make a petition for stuff that actually matters.

      5 years ago
  3. Dear Simon and Martina,

    I have a request regarding the EYK website.

    I’ve been a long time follower of yours and I adore everything that you guys do. This site is my #1 source for all things related to Korea, especially music. That is why I was incredibly sad to see that the K-pop charts had been removed from the site. I totally understand if you want to stop making KMM videos and I realize that the K-pop charts were originally created as a means for fans to vote on their favorite songs to be reviewed. However, over the years it has grown into something much more for me. I religiously checked the charts each day for any new songs posted and watched every single new release. The charts were my way of keeping up with what music was coming out as well as being able to discuss it with other fans in the comments. It was enjoyable to see what everyone thought about the songs and which ones were most popular. I think the community here are some of the most dedicated and level-headed fans of K-pop so I could have meaningful discussions with them. Since you have removed that portion of the site I have found myself lost. I’ve been hearing about all of these songs that were released recently that I knew nothing about. I don’t even know where to begin to find new songs. There are so many different artists on different channels, not to mention all of the fantastic indie artists that aren’t featured on the bigger sites. EYK was the one place that collected music from ALL of Korea and it was something that I cherished. It’s one of those instances that you don’t realize how important something was to you until it’s gone. So as a loyal fan and friend I would like to humbly request that you bring back the K-pop charts. Even if it only functions as a place to collect new music and for fans to discuss, I think that alone is worth it. I wish you both the best of health in the future and a happy 2015.

    5 years ago
    • Heya,

      We took the KpopCharts down because of coding issues. It was very clunky and out of date, and with updates to WordPress it was causing the site to lag and crash sometimes, as some of you might have experienced.

      Rose has taken it down, but we’re working on something new to take its place. Hang tight! The designs are being made as we speak. I’m hoping it’ll be ready by February :)

      5 years ago
      • I’m glad to hear that it hasn’t been removed forever, and even happier to hear that it’s getting some upgrades. I am eagerly awaiting it’s return to the site and am extremely curious what sort of improvements have been made. ^_^

        5 years ago
    • I second this entire comment.

      5 years ago
    • Agree!!! Please bring back some chart type thing minus the voting.

      5 years ago
  4. You guys are really some of the most patient, kind hearted people. You guys totally live up to the “Kind Canadian” stereotype. You’re even trying to be nice to vapid, shallow, hypocritical fascist brats (I live up to the “Asshole American” stereotype!) My patience has worn thin with people who try to control dialogue. There has been an awful lot of that lately.

    On the one hand, I know these are mostly kids, because an adult that intensely obsessive about kpop would be considered as possibly showing symptoms of a personality disorder. I am dead serious. It would be a major, MAJOR red flag. This kind of obsession is only tolerated from teenagers. It’s a developmental side effect of not having a fully developed frontal lobe. Really, I’m not kidding. It’s why it’s hard to rent a car before you’re 25. Around 25 is when your frontal lobe, that handles logic, reason, emotion and impulse control is fully developed. A lot of teen based therapy is basically getting them to understand they need to wait it out until that frontal lobe develops, then whatever is upsetting them won’t seem like such a big deal. I sometimes think of a skit Key and Peele did where they compared meeting young fans to meeting their older fans. Their young fans screamed and squealed. Their older fans walked up, shook their hands and immediately launched into giving them advice.

    On the other hand, obsession is expected, being mean is a choice. They are choosing to be mean. They are choosing to use harassment in order to intimidate and control you and how others see you. This is the very definition of bullying! It really doesn’t matter how they see themselves, as warriors for their “bae” or whatever nonsense they spew to themselves. Bullies always try to justify their behavior because if they don’t they’re simply left with the hard truth that they’re being bad people. Some of them will realize they’re being little jerks and will stop. Unfortunately some of them like being bad people because they love the power trip. However, it’s not socially acceptable to admit that so they use “fandom” as a shield to hide behind. I highly recommend the book “The Sociopath Next Door”. I think you guys are dealing with some of this.

    The irony of it all is that they behave like this in “defense” of their favorite idols, but the consequence is that people then think less of their idols and their interests because they cheapened it with their hateful actions. I saw a comment from one of your cyber bullies that said something like, “I don’t care what anyone thinks of me, but don’t you talk about my baes!” I wanted to jump through the screen and say, “Dear, if I think you are a small, petty, and ridiculous person, I’m going to assume your interests are also small, petty and ridiculous.” Think of all of the art forms that people respect. People grew to respect those forms as art because they respected the fans. They respected the fans because they seemed to be elevated by their interest, and art elevates. If your interest cheapens you, then it must be cheap.

    I think constructive criticism is a good thing, and when given respectfully I think it’s important to listen to it. So I’m glad that you guys are trying to listen to whatever feedback you are given. I’m glad that you’re self aware enough to know that, yes, you’re not perfect and there is likely to be some valid commentary that can help you grow. However, the abusive comments, the harassment, isn’t criticism, it’s bullying. According to the guidelines of the school I teach in, ALL of these kids would have been suspended and internet privilege revoked. YOU DO NOT NEED TO APOLOGIZE TO CYBER BULLIES.

    5 years ago
  5. Well since you asked so politely, I will.
    1.KMM aren’t their most watched videos.
    2. A lot of their viewers aren’t kids. It’s only kids who are having a temper tantrum.
    3. Kickstarter (or Indiegogo) isn’t a charity. It’s an investment organization.
    4. They’re walking away from kpop because kpop is getting crazier and crazier. What started as fun has become scary (and all the lovely humans visiting here with hate in their heart and words only convince them, and me, that they absolutely did the right thing.)
    5. You keep saying they took money from kids. How? People invested because they liked and enjoyed the videos. Suddenly, some of those investors don’t like the direction things are going and they think they can claim they were tricked? What about the investors who DO like the way things are going? What about the investors who are perfectly happy with eyk? Were they tricked? Or is it conveniently only the disgruntled who were “tricked”? Satisfied viewers seem to disappear in this little argument. No matter how I look at it, you seem to be implying that if someone doesn’t get their way, they don’t have to be accountable or responsible for their own choices. How childish. I am a teacher. I have been a teacher for a very long time, and I hold my very young students accountable for ALL of their choices. There is no situation here I can imagine where the person who gave the money wouldn’t be the one responsible for giving the money. Even a child of seven would be responsible for stealing their parents credit card. So, what you call tricked, I call entitled (which unsurprisingly, is the trait this young generation is most often accused of).

    Welcome to real life where when you willingly invest in something on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, you just give it up to God. You help because you like the idea, not because you want to be lord and master. I helped invest in a digital projection camera for an old movie theater I liked. I thought it would help them diversify their offerings and my payoff would be that an old timey movie theatre would remain in business. Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way and despite the new projector, the theater closed. Some of my friends who invested in GoldieBlox then got the toy for their kids, and their kids weren’t feeling it. No one, and I mean no one, is stamping their feet and saying, “But, but, you SAID it would help!!” or “You said my daughter would love it!!” That’s just how things went. Whether or not “kids” gave their money, “kids” are responsible for the money they gave. Those kids feel betrayed? Well I don’t, and I’m a consumer too. This stamping of the feet and having an online hissy fit, please…grow up.

    5 years ago
  6. You guys really are the one of the most mature, level-headed people here in the internet that makes the internet somewhat a better place. Thank you that you’ve always been open-minded to everything and that you always try to become better bloggers! Nasties are always here for you (simonandmartina), the pets, and the entire crew!

    5 years ago
  7. Ah, at times like these it’s nice to know we can take our solace and guidance from the one true source of inspiration and light. Yes, The Simpsons. And today I take my quote from Season 8, Episode 14:

    “Comic Book Guy: Last night’s Itchy & Scratchy was, without a doubt, the worst episode ever. Rest assured that I was on internet within minutes registering my disgust throughout the world.
    Bart Simpson: Hey, I know it wasn’t great, but what right do you have to complain?
    Comic Book Guy: As a loyal viewer, I feel they owe me.
    Bart Simpson: What? They’ve given you thousands of hours of entertainment for free. What could they possibly owe you? I mean, if anything, you owe them.
    Comic Book Guy: Worst episode ever.”

    Here endeth the lesson.

    5 years ago
  8. I know you guys are hanging in there and will be fine, but I just want to let you know that I support you and am wishing you well.

    Within your audience group, I’m someone who doesn’t really listen to K-Pop, so I wouldn’t miss K-Pop Music Mondays if you were finally done with them once and for all. From the little bit I’ve gathered on the hate you get, it seems like it’s a huge amount of cost (energy and time making the videos, dealing with so many unhappy people whatever you do, the whole death threats thing) with only moderate benefits. While you have made some great connections with artists, I’m not all that sure you wouldn’t have made at least some of those connections anyway just because of your passion for music in general. Or, more likely, you would have made other connections with people who are just as awesome, just not necessarily affiliated with K-Pop. I know you’ve spoken about mostly losing interest in doing interviews – it didn’t really seem like your thing – and it just doesn’t seem like your hearts are in it anymore with K-Pop. Honestly, I can’t blame you at all if this is the case. You do a good job of dealing with all the negative energy hurled at you, I’m sure, but it still has to really suck sometimes. Personally, I know I wouldn’t have it in me to get through that kind of ugliness and stress.

    What I would miss, though, is your skits. For all the flack you get about Hyuna, she gave us all the Nasties! Much of your funniest and most memorable stuff seems to have come from KMM, and I would argue K-Pop isn’t the key ingredient to what you were doing. If you decide to make a change, maybe you could find something else to cheer up Mondays? World-Pop Music Mondays? Manga Mondays? Random-Things-We-Noticed-While-Wearing-Wigs-Mondays? Whatever you decide, I hope you’ll find a way to create original characters and scenarios that add some fantasy to the reality of WANKS/FAPFAPS/etc.

    Maybe I’m totally wrong about everything I assumed above. That’s cool! I’ll follow along either way. To be honest, it’s just fun to watch two people who enjoy each other be creative and playful and completely ridiculous. In making yourselves smile, you always make me smile. With the new year, I’ve been evaluating some of my choices and your post seemed to be doing the same, so I thought I would throw out my observations. I’m glad you’re taking time off to rest, heal and re-coup. Enjoy your holiday!

    5 years ago
  9. Dear Simon and Martina,

    I love you all very much, and seeing the Twitter (and don’t get me started on Tumblr) rage that’s happening, I feel slightly sick that people are so quick to judge you the way they do. It must be hard. I would not have been able to take it, honestly. Thank you for enduring though, and carrying on with posting your content.

    Can I make a request for you? As you ultra-nasty? Can I ask that you put all of what you said in this post in a video? The angry fans probably don’t read your blog posts and only watch your videos, and I really want them to see this. A lot of them think that you don’t own up to your mistakes and never apologize, and so I think it would be very helpful to actually have all of this in a video… Just say everything sincerely and don’t give the SJW or whatever anything to use against you. Please do this; I really thing the heat against you will lessen if you do.

    Thank you for everything you’ve done and thank you you for persevering! I will always be your Nasty <3

    5 years ago
    • I agree 100%. I’ve asked a few of them to read the post but all I’m getting is I will later and stuff like that :/

      5 years ago
  10. My opinion is you’re being way to hard on yourselves. I think anyone who’s been watching you for any amount of time can see that even if you made mistakes, they came from the best of places not the worst. You can’t please everyone and as long as you believe in what you are doing and you feel you did your best I call that a win. Please know that there are many here who support you and your growth and try not to let the negativity get to you too much. *Fighting*

    5 years ago
  11. Hey Guise! First comment, but avid watcher. I felt like, with this recent stream of overly judgmental, too touchy hate being thrown at you guys, I wanted to say something. I respect your hindsight in that some of your past comments might have come off as “insensitive”, but on the flip side, I don’t think you should have to cater to everyone in your posts and videos. It’s impossible to please everyone, and by trying, I’m afraid you’ll lose some of what makes this vlog so unique. You guys are quirky, hilarious, lovable and full of really fantastic insight. Some people just search for a way to have their feelings hurt, and I don’t think that’s on you to coddle them. Everyone has varying opinions, and different ways they go about expressing them, and I honestly have never thought any video stepped out of line.

    I hope everyone on your team is doing well and has a wonderful new year!
    And try not to take any of the hate to heart. You’re beautiful people!

    5 years ago
  12. I firmly believe that 99% of your vitriolic haters (the ones tweeting shit at you, not the ones who simply dislike your videos for reasons like “it’s not funny,” etc., and don’t engage with you on social media) are jealous that you’re making a living from an industry that they love. They’ll never admit to it, though, so they continuously rehash the same arguments for years for evidence of “how awful you are.” Seriously, every time you ask them why they hate you, they’ll link the same god damned Tumblr post, most of which happened years ago. Like they’re just so upset that you used crowdfunding to start a real business, or criticized a group they liked. It’s like, “Really? Does that still upset you?” You’ve clearly changed, apologized for the inappropriate things, and moved on. Why can’t they move on, too? They also just make up things that they have no idea about, such as your Korean skills, how many Koreans you’ve hired at your studio, etc.

    Most of their criticism is baseless, and when they eventually mature, they’ll hopefully move on. Personally, I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older, I care less and less about how people live their lives as long as it’s not harmful to others. And I think that we can all agree that your content is not harmful to anyone besides the fragile sensitivities of the haters. Basically, keeping on doing you and ignore the rest. The viewers who truly care about you will let you know, politely, when you might have made a mistake. The people who are being awful to you are a vocal minority. Everyone else either doesn’t care or is a fan.

    Also, I thought you guys were very good on ASC! You guys didn’t seem nervous at all, and are very good at keeping the conversation going (as expected, because you guys do so many live events of your own). Anybody that says that Eric, Kevin, and Jimin were bored or upset that you were there are talking out of their ass because Kevin could not stop complimenting you.

    5 years ago
  13. Hey guys, I really find a bit sad what are you going trough right now with all the hate coming your way. However I wish that won’t deter you from doing what you, that is trying to entertain people by having fun in your videos and not taking things too seriously. It must be difficult to deal with the threats and the accusations but at the end of the day your supporters are far more than your so called “haters”.
    Also as a older fan (29) I have found in your videos a way to explore the world, and especially South Korea, beyond my job and my daily life. My experience has also taught me that hate also passes, the same people that are accusing you today are going to find somebody or something else to direct their anger. I am not talking about the people that are open to a dialogue
    but the ones that accuse and threaten without even considering the lives they are affecting. Just keep in mind the love of all your fans and you going to get through this.
    I send you my support and hope you find new inspirations to keep inspiring others ;).

    5 years ago
    • I’m loving this thread! :D

      5 years ago
    • Its hard to find a kpop fan over 20 these days xD I myself am 21

      5 years ago
      • Um, 35 :) until I joined the green nasties fb page, I was always the oldest..but there we have a great group of older fans and awesome younger fans as well :)

        5 years ago
        • *cough* 45…. I will own it. I love EYK and crew!!! They are a positive force in my life. It is almost everyday that there is something that they do that brightens my day. I am wishing there was something we could do to make it all better, but I know S&M will make it through and be even more amazing. Rock it, flaunt it and be the best that you are! Tons of love. ;-)

          5 years ago
        • 34 year old here too :) My wife and I have watched EYK for years, it’s just good fun, light-hearted entertainment.

          5 years ago
        • 34 (35 in March) here, have been a fan of k-music on and off since 1999, and I know people my age and older who love kpop. We do exist! :)

          5 years ago
        • I’m 35 as well. I kinda found Kpop on my own, but my overall love for Korean culture I completely give EatYourKimchi credit for. I think there is more Kpop fans in our age range then realized, we just are not as vocal as our younger counterparts.

          5 years ago
      • I know, is even harder to find a K-Pop fan approaching their 30s XD. but in spite of age I learned to enjoy it and because of age I also learned not to take it too seriously.

        5 years ago
        • Not only am I 26 and the biggest K-pop fan ever, but I’m also a Caucasian male. Pretty sure I’m the only one in existence… ^_^;

          5 years ago
        • Another old fan here (28 this year)! We’re like unicorns in terms of our rarity, but we do exist! XD

          5 years ago
        • -eye glittering- I hope to be like you guys when I’m in my upper 20s. Hahaha.

          But really I’ve eased up on the kpop part and much more interested in the culture itself :)

          5 years ago
        • It’s so nice discovering other people of the same age group! I won’t admit to an exact number but I am in the range. =) And yes! I’m always marveling at some of the things fan say/do and think they’ll regret it when they get older.

          5 years ago
      • Im 23! My best friend is 23 and her cousin is 25 and we are all KPOP fans!!

        5 years ago
      • Im 37 and a Kpop fan:)

        5 years ago
      • I’m 26 and my husband will be 26 in April. Been a fan for…. about 5 or so years now! I thought I was the oddball out, being so old, but then I realized there were people my age and older when I started reading comments here on the EYK site. Then I joined the Nasty Red Region page… Oh yeah, lots of older people! YAY!!! lol

        5 years ago
        • Oh godness, I am not alone! 30 years old here. Happy to see so many level headed older fans here as nasties<3

          5 years ago
    • What??! I’m not the only 29 year old here?! AWESOME!! :D

      I second and support your well written comment. I try to remind myself that many of the “haters” or people who are quick to oppose something are either immature, inexperienced, or have not experienced much of what life has to offer. Simon and Martina have given countless local and international people the ability to experience and/or learn about new places, culture, language, ideas, and foods. It’s people like Simon and Martina that connect with many different people and allow people to expand their horizons!

      5 years ago
  14. My first post on the EYK website! Huzzah!

    Anywho, I’m sure my comment will be lost in the flurry of comments already posted, but I at least wanted to have my voice heard.

    I really do think that a lot of the hate from the “keyboard warriors” is the result of jealously and as we all know jealously can be a horrible sickness if left unchecked. I may not have been with EYK since the very beginning, but I have been following you guys for a while now and I personally adore you both and have so much respect for what you do. I only wish that I had the capacity to be as creative as you are, and had the opportunity to do the things you do. I admire your passion; a passion that is clearly reflected in all of your videos regardless of the content. I also admire your sense of humor, positive attitude, and even your drive and focus.

    The way I see it, you guys are living the kind of life that many people interested in Korean culture could only dream of living. You live in Korea and are surrounded by the culture on a daily basis, you’ve actually taught English in Korea, you’ve learned the language and continue to develop your skills, you’ve started your own business from the ground up, you have the opportunity to meet with famous Korean idols, and on top of that you are a happy couple in a loving relationship. This is something that most normal people (including us Nasties!) are able to accept without any issue and support whole-heartedly.

    On the other hand, the anti-fans are the people that will never play nice in the sand-box with anyone else and will nit-pick at every blessed thing you do. These are the kind of people that are so blinded by their own jealously that they just can’t be pleased. (They’ve always struck me as the kind of people who, if you so much as sneeze on camera, will find a way to tell you that you did it wrong and will try to fix the error in your ways.) They’re also the same people that take individual fandom to new levels of obsession, and unhealthy obsession at that. There is nothing wrong with having a favorite idol or group and wanting to support them in any way possible; there’s also nothing wrong with disliking other’s opinions/material about your idols if they differ from your own. It’s when people take things out of context and take their idol worship too seriously that things start getting ugly. (I mean death threats? Really? Just because they don’t like your material? What…I don’t even…DOES NOT COMPUTE)

    I truly hope that all the negative vibes being sent from anti-fans don’t deter you from doing what you want to do, and that it doesn’t keep you from rocking on with yo’ bad selves! In the end, the anti-fans will continue to sit behind their computer screens and keyboards spewing their hatred and malice, and as far as I’m concerned, let them. Theirs is a sad and lonely existence.

    Sending you lots of hearts and good juju~


    5 years ago
    • I had never thought of it that way but you are 100% correct. A lot of people are probably more jealous than they are upset about things S&M say. They are jealous of what they have in every sense of the word; Their home and business in Korea, their relationship, their success. It’s a sad but righteous truth. Of course the problem isn’t the jealousy it’s the reaction to it; The hateful comments, the tweets, the horrid blog posts about how they are “Wrong” about this and that. EYK has never said any of their opinions were fact (and if they have they have promptly said JK). I don’t understand why we, as people, can’t get over ourselves and be happy for other people. Well, I am happy for EYK. I am, of course, jealous. But instead of taking it out on them I started up my own FB pages and Blog and that led me to be on a panel at KCON this year! It’s amazing what you can do with a little motivation! Thank you EYK! For leading me to a reality I never even dreamed of… sorry.. that turned into random thanks…

      5 years ago
  15. While it’s gratifying to know that the social media pressure was enough that they felt the need to response, this post is not satisfying to me as an apology. Although it initially sounds sincere and is a very clever PR move, it fails as a legitimate apology and here’s why.

    I have said multiple times I want from EYK is a real apology and I think that consists of three parts: an acknowledgement that what they did was wrong, a sincere apology, and a direct promise to do better.

    1. An acknowledgement that what they did was offensive and wrong.

    The first part of making a real apology is acknowledging that you have something to apology for. This means not just mentioning that people were offended, but actually admitting that what you did was wrong. The closest EYK gets to this is saying “We made lots of dumb mistakes in the past, said some things and did some videos that at the time seemed harmless enough, but now we wish we could change.”

    Note that in this (and the rest of their post) they never say that anything they did was actually or offensive. In fact, the only time they mention being offensive is when they say “We’ve read about how we’ve said things that are offensive in the past, and we do our best to not make the same mistakes again.”

    By casting their actions as silly mistakes and saying that they’ve read that what they said was offensive rather than actually just saying that they are offensive, they are trivializing the impact that their actions had on people and avoiding addressing the specific ways that they were offensive. For example, they never mention that they have said and done things that have been racist, transphobic, misogynistic, ableist and anti-Semitic, in addition to being entitled and generally tasteless. This is a very clever way to set up a non-apology while avoiding starting a real discussion on the real issues.

    Part 1: Failed

    2. A sincere apology for doing it.

    The second part of apologizing is the actual apology. My sister told me today that she heard someone once say that if an apology includes any ifs or buts, then it’s probably not a real apology. An apology is not the time to defend or explain yourself. An apology is the time to apologize and then shut your mouth.

    So let’s look at the only time EYK even mentions the word sorry: “Altogether, though, looking at all of the rage that’s happening on Twitter, we do want to say that we’re sorry if you watched one of our videos and we said or did something that displeased you.”

    I think it should be obvious what’s wrong with this. Not only did they imply that the only reason they felt the need to apologize was the fact that they’re under fire on Twitter, their wording is very…sneaky. Rather than saying that they are sorry because they did anything wrong, they are saying that they’re sorry the people were upset, implying that they believe their actions have been misconstrued. The “I’m sorry you were offended (but I’m not sorry that I did it)” is a class strategy for non-apologies.

    Part 2: Failed

    3. A promise to change their behavior for the better in the future.

    And the last thing that they would have to do would be to give a sincere, direct promise to do better in the future. Obviously everyone makes mistakes, but when you’re apologizing you need to say that you will do better instead of hedging and saying that maybe you’ll try. It’s understandable to slip up from time to time, but slip ups are much more likely if you don’t make a serious and direct commitment to changing your behavior.

    So compare that to what EYK said: “It’s challenging, though, to find the points on which we can change. Some people make points that we flat out disagree with, others take posts completely out of context or even spread total lies about us, some just have a very deep hatred of white people in general, and a special few wish death on us and even our pets.”

    Wow, ok. This actually goes back to point one. Not only do they start off by saying that it’s hard to figure out what they need to change, they make excuses for what they did by dismissing legitimate criticism as reverse racism (which doesn’t exist, by the way). Besides the fact that the criticisms are not actually out of context, the fact that they disagree with criticism or think that people hate them for being white (which is only true insofar as they’re using their white privilege to profit off of Korean culture) does not make that criticism invalid. And while death threats are never appropriate, the fact that they’ve received them is irrelevant to whether they need to change their behavior.

    Coincidentally, it wouldn’t actually be hard for for them to figure out what not to do because there’s a handy little list. But I really doubt that they’re going to make changes because I get the sense that they don’t actually think they’ve done much anything wrong, as you can see from their defenses of their actions in the past. Additionally, they claim that they’ve already improved from 2011 and the era of the Hyuna slut-shaming. And yet, within this past month they have attacked kpop fans as well as called themselves Hitler while blocking fans who told them that it was offensive to do so (despite the fact that they claim that they listen to people “that criticized something with did or said in a civil and intelligent manner”).

    So how do they finish this off? “We’re trying to get better. We never stop trying. But we mess up sometimes. Unfortunately, though, the internet looks like a game of Tetris: all of your accomplishments vanish, and all that remains behind are the mistakes you’ve made. Hopefully, we don’t keep on repeating those mistakes. Thanks to those of you who put up with our crap and support us over the years. After all, we’re only human and make dumb mistakes like everyone else in the world.”

    Wow, ok. Again, reframing their actions as harmless mistakes, claiming that they are already trying without any new commitment to improve in the future based on criticism, and another comment that implies that the people criticizing them are unfairly demonizing them and ignoring their good side.

    Part 3: Failed

    Verdict: Not a real apology

    Is it possible that Simon and Martina actually feel bad about hurting people? Yes, it’s possible. Is it possible that they are actually sorry rather than just sorry they’re being attacked? Maybe. Is it possible that they will change their behavior in the future? Yes, but I’m not counting on it.

    Although they may actually improve based on all of this social media pressure, the deliberately vague wording and flippant tone makes me very, very skeptical that they are actually feeling apologetic. If they do change, I would guess that it is probably because they don’t want criticism to hurt them financially rather than out of any true sense of remorse. Although I will be glad if they chill out with the shitty behavior for a while, I still do not and probably never will like or trust them, and I am not satisfied with this non-apology.

    5 years ago
    • Problem number one: They have never actually been offensive.
      Problem number two: Its their channel and their company and they can produce what they want, you are not in control of them, you are just a viewer.
      Problem number three: There isn’t any problem with anything Simon and Martina have ever done and so there should be no need for an apology.
      Problem number four: Unless you have been to university and studied the art of apologies it isn’t really your call to dissect their comments and decide whether its genuine or not and I feel sorry for any individuals who are unfortunate enough to be influenced by your post.

      5 years ago
      • Number one: Yes, they have been offensive. Calling a band B*tch *ss *P*ss**s is offensive, even if it is supposed to be a pun on the band’s name. Calling anyone any of those three words is completely unnecessary, least of all a boy band. In the same video they imply that ‘boys don’t cry’ because BAP made an emotional video for a change.

        Number two: Yes, they can produce what they want. But like all entertainers they have a influence, and with great power comes great responsibility, meaning that they should to some measure be considerate of the ideas they’re perpetuating.

        Number three: What is or what is not a problem is entirely subjective. If you see no problems with what they’re doing , fine , but you must also accept that some people do see problems with what they’re doing.

        Number four: Again, whatever is genuine is also entirely subjective when it comes to emotions. You don’t need to study for that.

        5 years ago
      • Is there any way of liking a comment an infinite number of times? Anyone? Your response made my day! I couldn’t help laughing at the ‘university of apologies’ part.

        5 years ago
      • Regarding number two, there are plenty of celebrities who apologised for something they said or did. When Prince Mak was called out for adding a sexist hashtag to a picture on his Instagram he was quick to apologise. Even now some people choose to hound him for that, implying that his apology wasn’t enough. When G-Dragon uploaded a picture that suggested drug use on his Instagram he was also quick to remove it when people pointed out the implications of the picture.

        5 years ago
    • So, I’m not going to dissect every part of your comment because, frankly, it isn’t worth my time. And, unlike you, I don’t feel the need to devote an inordinate amount of time to someone with whom I disagree, but who also has almost zero influence on my life.

      That said, I will take a few moments to address one or two morsels from your (really) TL:DR.

      1. “…they make excuses for what they did by dismissing legitimate criticism as reverse racism (which doesn’t exist, by the way)”

      The comments to which they refer are those along the lines of this gem from the comments over at the ASC youtube post: “kill yourselves, racist faggots”. Perhaps you, with your great knowledge and overflowing virtue, can explain in what ways this classifies as constructive or “legitimate criticism.”

      Further, YOU introduced the term ‘reverse racism’; S&M merely stated that comments they’ve received imply that the commenters hate white people. Many argue that hatred toward a majority/privileged racial group cannot be equated to racism by the majority toward minority groups. This is true – hence, there is no such thing as ‘reverse’ racism. You, however, seem to imply that it’s impossible for someone to hate white people.

      2. You accuse them of employing “deliberately vague wording,” yet in the same post you imply that they have said things that are anti-Semitic because they “called themselves Hitler.” Umm, yeah, so you left out basically the entire meaning/context of that tweet. I think that MAY be the kind of inflammatory language they take issue with.

      3. You contend that their last few sentences are an attempt to “reframe their actions as harmless mistakes.” At what point in those sentences you reference do S&M imply that their mistakes were “harmless”? Dumb, yes. But does that equal harmless? No. Referring to their mistakes as ‘crap’? Still not the same as harmless. Perhaps your argument hinges, then, on the word “mistake” rather than “harmless.” So…you must believe that they have been deliberately malicious all this time, and not making mistakes. Or maybe you don’t understand what they mean because you’re just not very good at English.

      And now I’ve wasted more than enough time on you.

      5 years ago
      • Sel

        I’ve wasted more than enough time reading your comment.

        5 years ago
    • I’m just curious if you go around demanding these people also give grand apologies that pass your rigorous three part apology course; https://33.media.tumblr.com/933794cda0f8cb43e53f54693c407560/tumblr_ni0xh2DMaL1s2lbago1_1280.png

      I’m assuming the answer is no. I’m also assuming someone will say something along the lines of “but I don’t condone their actions!”, so I’ll preemptively reply that you’re leaving novellas to EYK for the exact same reason of not condoning their actions. The blatant hypocrisy just completely invalidates everything as far as I’m concerned.

      5 years ago
    • Awwww, that’s too bad, I loved the Tetris metaphor! I thought it was awesome and actually had copied down and everything before I read (erm… scanned) your comment. Now I know it’s no good, so I’ll have to delete the document. :(

      You sure have a lot of energy! With all the “Verdict” stuff and general repetition in your post I think you might, one day, be a great lawyer. It would give you something useful to do, too!

      5 years ago
  16. Bre

    What did you guys ever say to come off as racist? I’ve been with u guys since 2011, and u guys haven’t changed, except u got better with your work. The only thing that’s changed is the ppl who subbed to u, and started being rude, mean, with no constructive criticism. Keep doing what ya’ll do.

    5 years ago
  17. OH MY GOSHHHHHHH SIMON AND MARTINAAAA, thank you SOOOOO sooo much for answering my question!!!!! I was a little bit dissapointed I didn’t get to ask that question on the show because I really wanted to know your professional opinion and get words of widsom from you guys… But now that you’ve answered it I am sooooooooo happy! AAA thank you so so so much! The hangout was one of the most exciting and awesome times in my life, I will always remember it!
    Keep making awesome videos, I love you guyssss! You have come such a long way, don’t let negaive comments like that get to you. There are so many more people that love you and appreciate all you do, so concentrate on the good! Like Simon said in a video once, “try to find two good things for one bad thing that happens” :)) LOVE YOUUU!!! Fighting!!~

    5 years ago
  18. An argument I saw a lot to keep you from appearing on ASC was that you’re ”not Korean.’ Please, if we’re going by that standard Prince Mak of JJCC, Jackson and Bambam of GOT7, f(x)’s Amber and Victoria, Fei and Jia of Miss A and quite a handful of other K-pop idols aren’t Korean either. You don’t need to be Korean for your onscreen presence to be legitimate in programmes that are not centred around foreigners (like 비정상회담/Non-Summit). You don’t need to be ethnically Korean to understand the culture either. It’s a kind of double standard: On the one hand there are those who say you don’t immerse yourself in the culture enough, and on the other hand are those who accuse you of being a ”wannabe Korean”. :/

    Anyway, Simon and Martina, I’ve seen screencaps of pretty immature reactions to constructive criticism. If someone tells you you can do better you say ‘thank you for your feedback’ and not ‘stop talking out of your ass.’ I’m an aspiring writer and if my writing is turned down I don’t tell the editors of the magazine I’ve sent my writing to to suck it because of some inner conviction that they refuse to see how great it is. I’m grateful for any feedback I can get . True, some of it is helpful, some of it is not, but I try to always be grateful nonetheless. Death threats and such go too far though, that I do agree with. I would like to ask the people who do that how they would feel if someone did that to them or to someone close to them. In Dutch ‘cancer’ (the disease) is used a lot for emphasis in adjectives, and that I don’t agree with that either. Those people I’d like to ask how they would feel if they themselves or someone close to them got cancer and then someone else would use the word for emphasis in their presence.

    I think the word ‘hater’ works as a self-fulfilling prophecy: If you pass a critic off as a ‘hater’ they will only dislike you and spread actual hate.

    I myself truly enjoy what you guise are doing and I think you play a pivotal role in rousing global interest in aspects of Korean culture that would otherwise go unnoticed. I was super excited over seeing you at Hallyucon last year and was touched by your honesty and openness on stage. Martina, you may not remember, but you gave me a hug and to me that was definitely proof of how much Nasties mean to you. I don’t always agree with how you two choose to present something but I realise you are human too and you learn from your mistakes. This blog post once again proved that.

    Actually, I was thinking that if I ever publish a book to dedicate it to you two because you inspire me to pursue what I love to do most, which is writing and being involved with the Korean language and culture. You are genuinely passionate about what you do and that’s a wonderful thing to see. Please stay awesome :D

    5 years ago
  19. I have been watching your guys’ videos, for longer than I care to admit, although I’ve only started commenting recently. (Yes, I remember those grainy videos in the first apartment and videos with just dialogue.) I have to tell you guys though that your absolutely, positively amazing. It’s so great to see how you guys have evolved not only in making videos, but in entertaining us viewers as well. The whole idea of where your haters comes from actually baffles me, because not once have I ever been offended by anything you’ve made. Sometimes I think Western humor is just misinterpreted or misunderstood by many, or maybe it’s because although I once loved kpop I haven’t been much of fan since I visited Korea. (Weird how that works.) I think you’ve handled everything that’s happened to you with grace and humility, and I am very honored to say I am a proud EYK Nasty. Please keep up the great work. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Maybe EatYourSushi will happen soon? ;-)

    5 years ago
  20. Dear Simon and Martina :)
    It is so sad to read that you feel kind of regretful about your past videos.
    I’ve been wondering why you are not doing the k-pop mondays anymore and now I understand.
    I can only imagine how much hate you’re getting for simply making jokes and it is really sad.
    However, I personally think that K-pop Music Monday was your best panel ever!
    The really sad thing nowadays is that you cannot make a joke that is not offensive because someone will be offended by it. It is not a normal situation in today’s world. I belive that if you are in the entertainment industry and you make jokes about other entertainter’s work because that is your line of work – comedy, this is not something offensive. It’s not like you were making fun of somebody’s beliefs or personal life, you never did that. You never criticized kpop bands for let’s say religious choices or something of sort. You’ve been creating amazing parody videos which were really harmless, all it took for people was to have distance, be more relaxed and open minded. Even though I like a lot of Korean bands and music in general not just Korean, I don’t see myself as a fan or maybe I see myself as a true fan, normal fan. Unfortunatelly the industry not just in Korea is creating a lot of crazy fans, young people who worship their idols like gods. That is something I think you as public figures that you have become should fight with. But I know that it must be very hard for you, especially in Korea, a society that is extremely critical. Still I really hope you can make those fun parodies again, it was your strongest panel in my opinion. I still watch all of your videos cause you guys are such nice and fun people, but I miss something, it’s like you are still awesome, you have your cafe now which is like the best thing ever, but when it comes to videos, all is great but you don’t have this main segment anymore which is really sad for me. There were times when you said something about a band I like that I didn’t agree with but I never felt offended because you always emphasize that it is just your subjective opinion and you have a right to it and it shouldn’t offend anyone so I never felt angry at you for it, like never. There are movie critics and they have a right to criticise and even offend very often and yet it is okay for them so why wouldn’t it be okay for you to make parody videos and say your opinions and comment on new kpop videos. This fanatic culture that is happening on the internet should seriously stop you know, soon, for saying that you do not like a certain band or their song a fan might even try to take your life, it is ridiculous. As long as you stick to commenting somebody’s professional life and not private it is all okay I think. So once again I will say, I really hope you will make parody videos in the future. Don’t be afraid and fight for normality in this crazy internet and not only internet world. I do realize that it is easy for me to say because I’m not a public figure and I don’t get all of the hate in the comments but still guys :) I don’t know if you know this one movie “Cloud Atlas” but there is this one line I really like “I will not be subjected to criminal abuse” this phrase very much fits the world that we live in now. So guys stay strong!!! and maybe leave a comment on my post if you can, but there are probably too many comments. So take care and best greetings from Poland :) !!

    5 years ago
    • I totally agree with everything you just said. It was well written. :)

      5 years ago
  21. JISIMAKER is the best ever!!!! Jimin looked a bit confused about it though. Did you have to explain the reference to her after?? Eric laughed so hard his stomach hurt! You guys must laugh a lot when you’re all together! I can just imagine.

    5 years ago
    • Eric, Kevin, and the two of us all went out for dinner after the show. We definitely had a great laugh. They’re good people, and we have a great time when we’re with them :D

      5 years ago
  22. I have been watching your videos for 4 years now. I went all the way back to the beginning and made sure to watch all the ones I’d missed as well. And overtime you have said and done plenty I didn’t agree with but I never felt there was any good reason to put you down for stating your opinion. There has also been plenty of times I felt y’all were being too nice. Especially in the last few years.Guess I’m one of a very few who actually likes it when you stated your unadulterated opinion with no shame. Then again that’s the kind of person I am… In person. I guess the problem is you can’t be that way on the internet and be liked :/ anyway. I still love eyk down to the last piece and hope to meet you guys someday. If nothing else I’ll gladly write opinion pieces on your site myself and take all the s**t for it. You guys deserve better. All of you!

    5 years ago
  23. Hi guys,

    I used to be an EYK fan and watch all of your videos in the past, but I stopped in the past 2-3 years.

    I just wanted to say the reason was not because of your older videos being really offensive (anything prior to 2012 b/c that’s all I’ve seen) but because of some replies to comments and criticism you’ve left that sounded offensive to me.

    I know there are those crazy fans that go overboard and use unnecessary profanity towards you guys and I understand not being nice to them b/c honestly I wouldn’t be nice to them either. However, I have seen some comments that (in my opinion) were rather calm and did not use profanity nor insulting vocabulary… just normal constructive criticism. But, when you replied to them, you guys said some things that were really offensive. One of them that stuck to my mind was, “stop talking out of your ass” towards someone who did not use any profanity nor overly insulting vocabulary. It was comments like these that made me stop being an EYK fan.

    With that said, I don’t think you are extremely awful people, and I admire that you took the time to make this post to apologize. I just think for future reference, since the Internet is a scary place and often causes a lot of misunderstandings, please be a little more careful with some of your word choices. I know recently you caused trouble for using “hitler” so just some things like that. Especially because with words, you can’t really hear one’s own voice so it can be really taken out of context and read wrong.

    That’s all I wanted to say. Please don’t take this offensively because I don’t mean to be offensive. Just wanted to give you guys a different view to look at and understand as to why some fans are upset.

    5 years ago
  24. Although people have the option to donate for the Nasty badge, it still comes down to the fact that Simon & Martina and other YouTube content makers what they make is FREE. Things change and evolve and much of the stuff that S&M do in the expansion of what they make their living at with the coffee shop and the touring sometimes will interupt things.

    S&M owe nobody anything. All they need to do is produce what they do and if people like it they’ll stay, if they don’t they’ll go away. No one can please everybody on the internet. Absolutely impossible.

    I do miss KMM, but I still look forward to TL:DR, WANK, FAPFAP & WTF. Their snese of humour appeals to me and the fact that they are Canadian is a bonus for me. If there is ever a time it doesn’t appeal then I will simplhy stop watching. I would feel no need to make any big “i’m leaving” announcement.

    Like or don’t like, its your life and your decision. Just don’t get all upity when those who are still fans disagree with you. I fully expect people to disagree with what I am saying here. The thing is, you could make any points you want but those comments will not make me stop watching.

    Enjoy your much deserved break guise! Give Spudgy and Meemers lots of love and hugs and I look forward to whatever you have to offer in the future.

    5 years ago
  25. I commented on this already but didn’t know exactly what had happened. I’ve seen it (a little bit at least) and I’m like o_O…

    Seriously, how are you still sane after all this stupidity? I’m sorry, but like, wow, people are lashing out at you for no good reason. Gosh…

    I’m a Kpop fan and I can hear most anything about any group/artist I like. Why? Because I’m not just a Kpop fan with no brain cell working other than to be a fangirl, “oppaing” all the time. Seriously, I’m super angry at fandoms in general, all the time, even though they sometimes do great awesome things. But most of the time, they act like 5yrs old bratz. I hate it sooo damn much. And that’s also why I usually don’t try to open a discussion with them either. I got my blog and say what I want on it and that’s about it. And I’m sure I day stuff even worst than what you’ve ever said in your videos.

    But like the thing about GOT7 is so terribly ridiculous. You’ve only spoken the TRUTH! Like there’s more than one chart to proove they’re not THAT popular in Korea. Why do people are sooooo offended by this? I really cannot try to understand.

    One of the thing I wish for 2015 is that Kpop fan learn to :
    1- get a sense of humour
    2- take their chillpill
    3- grow older/wiser and try to be mature about things

    I’m 100% behing you and wish you all the best. So maybe the best is just press the “reset” button and just go on with what you do, without even adressing it. Why give more juice when the people trying to hurt you will just jump on anything anyway? There’s no need to try and please them, they won’t come around. There’s this thing in management : whatever you do, there’s always 10% that follows you whatever you do, 70% that don’t really mind, that can go either way, and 20% against you whatever you do. The thing is we tned to try to convince the 20% when they won’t ever come around, it’s a waste of time.

    So focus on what you do, and if you’re having fun, people will follow. That’s what you did in the first place and it worked. And like, even Pewdiepie has haters so well, the best thing might be to laugh about it over trying to explain yourselves.

    5 years ago
    • And also, the more vocal people are the 20% haters, but the rest of us, either the 10% or 70%, we don’t care what their saying as long as you try your best.

      5 years ago
  26. One thing I’d like to point out that many artists that Simon and Martina have discussed have seen their videos. AJ (from UKiss) knew that they had poked fun of his raps but he took it light heartedly like it was meant to be taken. He even joked with them about it. Simon and Martina still have a good relationship with that band as well. Amber (f(x)) came to the studio and did videos even after they said they didn’t like the song Red Light that much. So I don’t understand the point in freaking out if artist themselves understand. Even if I don’t always agree with Simon and Martina I have not one ever thought that they were racist, or demeaning to women, or offensive.

    5 years ago
  27. I have to say that although I have paid quite a substantial amount of money for this nasty badge, I wish I can turn it in for a refund because EYK has changed so much, and not for the better I’m afraid.

    1.Video quality and quantity has dropped. You’ve traded good analysis and appreciation of MV for skits aimed to garner cheap laughs, which more often than not done at the expense of the artists.
    2. Although you’ve garnered most of your popularity though reviewing Kpop MVs, now that you’ve gained enough followers you cut back on it’s content. It feels disingenuous.
    3. Communication (that you mentioned in your article) has be reduced to answering non-issues questions that you want to answer and ignoring the vast number of issues that people brought up.

    Hope you can work of these issue ^^ Thanks guys, looking forward to seeing your next video!

    I have probably written about five or six comments like this that listed why I’m unhappy in a ” civil and intelligent manner.”, however the only attention that I have attracted are fellow nasties that seems to think that I’m bullying you. (which is laughable to be honest) Frankly, I’m rather fed up with you guys.

    As your viewer, I’m tired of writing well thought up feedbacks and comments just to see your videos deteriorate. I’m even more angry when I see blog posts like these where you put up some poor excuse of an apology, while on twitter you call fans as “vitriolic, hateful, and unhealthy”. Whut? I get that you need to do some PR bullshit damage control, but can you at least humble yourselves to make a legit apology instead of making excuses like “Unfortunately, though, the internet looks like a game of Tetris: all of your accomplishments vanish, and all that remains behind are the mistakes you’ve made.” Ugh, reading it leaves a terrible taste in my mouth.

    Sorry but I cant be like these sycophantic ‘nasties’ who makes excuses and defend you if you’re perfect. You guys are not, and you’ve disappointed and hurt so many people with your videos (which has dropped in quality), and your apology is pathetic. I now understand why you’re getting the hate that you’re getting.

    As cute as your dog is, I have to say that I still be unsubscribing and telling everyone who takes my opinion seriously to do so too. I am no longer supporting your business.

    5 years ago
    • I’d like to clarify a few things:

      We’ve done fewer Kpop videos, but we’ve been working on other videos instead. And last year we had a much bigger growth in subscribers, views, and likes. We’re just cutting back on Kpop. So I’m not sure if it’s fair to say that our videos have deteriorated in quality and quantity. We’ve been putting a lot of effort into our videos. It’s just our Kpop videos that we’re stepping away from. Or would you say that our other videos have deteriorated as well?

      Also, Kpop isn’t where we got most of our popularity from, though everyone seems to think so, probably because the Kpop community is a lot more vocal than, say, the Korean food community. Out of our segments, though, our Kpop videos average the least amount of views and least amount of subscriber growth, compared to our TL;DRs, WANKs, and FAPFAPs, and WTFs. Last year our Kpop videos didn’t even factor into our top ten videos, except for the one we did on Ladies Code, which was more of a TL;DR than a Kpop video. People just aren’t into Kpop videos anymore, so we listened.

      Whenever we do Kpop videos, though, it always results in the most amount of anger, the most amount of controversy. So, yeah, we’re stepping away from Kpop. And, yeah, we do find some Kpop fans vitriolic, hateful, and unhealthy, and our Twitter feed over the weekend has proven that. Not all kpop fans. Some. But, damn, those some really make us not want to do Kpop anymore. And it’s always been like this. Every few months we say something that pisses people off. U-Kiss fans. Teen Top fans. Shinhwa fans. BTS fans. B.A.P. fans. SNSD fans. GOT7 fans. For as long as we’ve been talking about Kpop, people have been furious. So we’re just…done with it. Sorry.

      5 years ago
      • Well, it’s quite natural that K-pop fans feel offended if you actively provoke them by using sexist or whatever kind of slurs to refer to bands in your KMMs. Some of your replies to honest feedback can also be considered provocation. Like I said in an earlier comment, it’s much more strategic to say ‘thank you for your feedback’ and leave it alone. You don’t have to agree with comments but you don’t have to respond in such an immature way either. I don’t mean to say death threats are ok but you do provoke aggressive responses by being equally ‘vitriolic, hateful and unhealthy’ in your usage of slurs/stereotypes/whatever.

        Don’t mistake me, I do consider myself a Nasty but I’m also a Korean studies major and can’t help being critical of how the country is presented regardless of the background of the person presenting it. I really appreciate what you do but I tend to perceive weaknesses as well.

        5 years ago
      • To answer your question, yes, as a whole I think your roster of videos has weakened with the lack of KMM and K-Indie Playlists, and the increase of WTFs has not filled the gaps which these segments have left. This addresses to the quantity and quality of your overall video lists. The few KMM that does get uploaded does not get the same treatment that you used to give with the close reading, set analysis, and overall just pointing out things about korean culture that might be foreign to us the international audience. Sure not all MV need to be analyzed or even can be analyzed, but there is still a great deal of MVs that can be reviewed that way.

        I get that you’re trying to move away from Kpop as a channel, but I think you’ve downplayed the fact that Kpop does contribute to your popularity. People who view MM and those who view FAPs are not mutually exclusive. Maybe the fact that your Kpop segments have not been garnering much views last year is because of the change that you’ve done to it’s scheduling, hiatus, and format of the show. The backlash can also be contributed with the fact that you guys have said some careless things but carried on your business without addressing those issues. When you do talk about them I see “Lol it’s a joke.” or “People often see what they want to see, and hear what they want to hear.”

        But like you guys said, you’re done with it so that’s that. Even without MM I enjoyed your TLDR and food segments, but the way you guys interact with your viewers, your recent videos, and the way your ‘nasties’ behaves to people who criticize you makes me want nothing to do with the community.

        5 years ago
      • I’m admittedly sad that you’re moving away from Kpop, but can say I completely get it. You and your team are the only ones who can make the decision on what is best for you and what you are comfortable with. It’s your day to day life it effects. I just hope your able to brush of the negativity, focus on what makes you happy, and feel proud of what you’ve done. And you ALL have done many, many, videos and other things to be proud of. Even mistakes are lessons in life and you bring little snippets of happiness into the lives of people you’ve never met through the screen. I would bet there is whole lot more of happy people out there, then unhappy people with you’re work. The internet age has just made it really easy to complain and disassociate with a a person from their text through the keyboad.

        5 years ago
      • I don’t follow you for Kpop and I didn’t discover you through Kpop, ( yeh, like the odd song but not a “fan”) but I always thought you Kpop skits were funny, if you walk away from it’s fine for me or you even walk away from twitter as well, as GD has because of the same kind of attack.

        So I’ll keep watching what ever you do, because I love your sense of humour and view of the world.

        After being bullied like that here’s a little Diversion Therapy …. go watch Die Antwoord’s MV “I Fink U Freeky” and the full version of “Fatty Boom Boom” couple of years old but still up-there – not a K anything is sight!!!

        5 years ago
      • ah, so sad that there are so many gnomes, i’m really like kpop review and there was said lots of truth, but lots of people are just blind and deaf I wish parents in all world would more take care of their children and know what they do in free time

        5 years ago
    • I’m not even going to touch on everything you brought up, just because a lot of it is subjective.

      However, I would like to touch on you talking about the kpop community in regards to them doing fewer KMMs. I don’t blame them. It’s not because I think Simon and Martina are flawless. You don’t have to think someone is flawless to agree with them (this is an ongoing battle where every time someone agrees with Simon and Martina, a few people sprout up and say, “you’re a blind fan who agrees with everything your oppa and unnie say!” They aren’t my oppa and unnie. They are two strangers online who make videos that I usually enjoy.

      Back to the kpop issue. The issue isn’t KMM. It’s people who obsessively love kpop. I used to love kpop. I would be excited every time a new song came out. I was excited about new groups. But the fans ruined it for me. It’s definitely partially my fault for joining kpop communities and reading comment sections, but the damage has been done. Kpop fans have proven to be the worst of any fan group that I’ve run across online so far. So many things I said got attacked, whether I was saying something positive or negative. The freakish obsession that so many of them had made me feel like I was in a sea of screaming jerks who were all trying to prove that they were the biggest and best fan.

      Now I don’t really like kpop. I wish I still did, and maybe after I spend some time away from the communities, I can come back and just listen to it alone. But for now, the fans ruined it. Notice that I didn’t say that Simon and Martina ruined it. Sure, I was disappointed when they started making fewer videos, but if I was in their position, I think I would have closed my channel completely and deleted all the videos. So, I really appreciate that they’re still moving forward. (I respond poorly to constant death threats.)

      Next point- I really don’t think KMM is the driving force behind their viewership. It’s definitely one of them, but I’d think that maybe it isn’t the main one. Just from observation, it seems like a lot of people use their channel to research about Korea, because they’re planning visits or they’re just interested in the different culture. But I guess if they suddenly lose a million people for lack of Kpop, then they’ll probably still be just fine, because the people who remain will be the calmer people who aren’t driven by the same frightening power that a lot of the kpop fans seem to be. (With that much passion comes a lot of crazy sometimes. And it’s not fun for those of us who are calmer by nature.)

      They still answer questions, btw. I’m not really sure where you’re coming from with that point. Their tl;dr’s have been just a little too serious of late, if I’m being totally honest. And I scan through the comment section here on the website and usually find them answering people’s questions. So, I’m not really sure what to say to that.

      Finally, why is it okay for you to call some “nasties” “sycophantic” but it isn’t okay for them to call some twitter people who leave death threats “vitriolic, hateful, and unhealthy”? I’m NOT saying this because I think Simon and Martina are perfect (it’s totally possible to agree with someone without being a blind follower or an obsessive fan. It’s called knowing what you believe and noticing when it lines up with someone else.) I don’t think you’re perfect either. I don’t think I’m perfect. I don’t think anyone here on Earth is perfect (another reason I was turned off kpop groups).

      I don’t even agree with Simon and Martina all the time. In fact, there are a LOT of things you could have mentioned, but didn’t, that would have made me agree more with you. For one thing, I was disappointed that they went to so many conventions last year, meaning that we got fewer tl;dr’s (which I love). But that is really selfish of me, so I kept it to myself. I mean, I saw their videos and could tell that the people they visited were really happy, so it isn’t fair of me to be bitter just because I don’t live in any of those areas (and probably wouldn’t have gone anyway since crowds freak me out.)

      What this finally comes done to is that you spent money on something you don’t like anymore. And that stinks. I get it. But change happens. If change doesn’t happen, there is a serious problem. And it’s totally fine to be unhappy that things aren’t the way they used to be. But I just hope that you don’t remain bitter about this and that you can find something that you do enjoy. Telling people to unsubscribe is a little petty, to be honest. Let everyone make up their own minds as to what they enjoy. If you take advantage of people valuing your opinion, they may not value it for very long.

      Take care!

      5 years ago
    • Sel

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

      5 years ago
    • When I discovered EYK, I really liked their videos, as they talked about life in Korea and issues. However, I can see your points. Quality and quantity has been lowered. I’m sorry that people are so butthurt that they can’t reply to your comment with an intelligent discussion instead of just dismissing you with their ‘holier than thou’ attitude.

      5 years ago
    • Wow. You seem really angry. I hope you are able to let go of that and find something positive in your life that gives you joy.

      5 years ago
      • Just the type of response that I expected from the ‘nasties’; an ad hominem with no real response to the subject discussed.

        5 years ago
        • Thank you for your reply, I’m so flattered! Have a nice day!

          5 years ago
  28. I’ve been watching you guys for about 6+ years. And, in 6 years, I’ve seen you grow as a channel, as a couple, and as a company. You’ve consistently taken on tougher topics over the years in your TL;DRs and have always been clear that you don’t have all of the answers. While none of us will ever get 100% right, it shows your character and values to never shy away from addressing the criticism. I wish you nothing but good things and a very bright future for EYK!

    P.S….Thanks Martina…I had never seen Sailor Moon. I now have a new favorite!

    5 years ago
  29. Hey guys,
    OK let’s be real…most of the hate is from KMM. I haven’t always agreed with your views or how you chose the music video you chose but not once did I find you offensive…ever. It’s a shame that people take you out of context, and take creative liberities to elaborate and tell tall tales about you. And the worst part…the people that say they hate you but are always on top of everything you do just to validate their hate. And the recent twitter hate? Ludicrous.

    5 years ago
    • You know, I’ve never really seen anyone fuming over the fact that we didn’t like a sandwich. We can say “damn! The cheese on this toast is gross!” and no one bats an eye. Kpop, though, has much more adverse reactions.

      5 years ago
      • That’s because people who like (*cough*areobsessedwith*cough*) Kpop are scary. :( I used to love Kpop, so I joined communities full of people who liked the same groups that I do. Suddenly, I discovered that there are a million rules you have to follow to like them. If I thought that one of the singers didn’t sound very good in the song, like it didn’t match the singer’s vocal style, I was a hater. If I didn’t like the music that a group made, I was a hater. If I didn’t just scream “oh my gosh, I love this song, this is the bestest song they ever made!” over every comeback, I was a “bad fan”. These groups change their sound every few months! Of course I’m not going to like all of them! :(

        I spent too much time around them, and now I don’t like most kpop groups anymore. “Fans” really ruin music and I’m very sad if they’ve ruined things for you too. I can’t explain their behavior, because it’s just a completely foreign concept. Critical thinking seems to be a banned activity among those “fans”, and sarcasm is definitely lost on them. :/

        But do you want to know the funny thing? Despite what these “fans” think, your videos have actually helped me hold onto at least a few of the groups that I like to follow! I enjoy laughing at silliness, and you guys and the people who positively follow you give me hope that not all Kpop “fans” are malicious psychopaths. (If anyone reading this takes offense, remember that you should only be offended if you are a malicious psychopath. If you are not one, then you are one of the sane fans.)

        5 years ago
        • I agree… It’s crazy, some of these fans are insane. When I read articles about sasaeng fans, I literally lose all faith in humanity… People completely lose their minds.
          I, however, have been pretty lucky in terms of finding people who love the same groups as me and them being normal, sane people. I do like many other groups too, but I am mainly an EXO fan, and on instagram and facebook I have found tons of people who are super nice and kind, and we talk about EXO together and share our favorite moments :) I guess I;m trying to say that just because you had bad experience with fans before, you shouldn’t give up on the groups. Maybe u had bad luck then, but you are bound to come across some super nice and sweet people too, who will share your love of the group :)

          5 years ago
        • OMG I fully agree with you. For that reason I am involved in no KPOP fan communities online. The only fan community I have is with the handful of friends that I have found in person in real life.

          In fact for me Simon and Martinas light hearted approach to music videos just enriched my Kpop viewing and listening and a lot of songs would be difficult to like without having seen their approach to the song!

          They also created some memes in their KMM that me and my friends pull out every now and again because they were very funny and memorable

          5 years ago
  30. Hey Guys! I can understand why you don’t want to do KPop Music Mondays anymore (especially as it’s probably super time consuming). But I hope you guys can do something KPop related at least once a month! The only way I was keeping tabs on what was new or interesting in KPop was by watching your videos. Of course, I watched your other videos too :). But now I’ve been in the dark. Maybe you guys could just provide a playlist at the end of the month of the most popular videos, without commentary? You don’t have to. Just hoping, maybe selfishly.

    5 years ago
  31. I’m here to just send some love and hugs from a loyal fan that has been with you for at least 1 year now! *~(^^‿◠)✌

    5 years ago
  32. I watched this just now and I liked the way you smoothly added your touch of humour to it, especially since you delivered the keywords/acronyms with a perfect poker face.

    Anyway, I haven’t read all the comments here but just in case it hasn’t been said, I wanted to say that you shouldn’t apologize or feel like you have to apologize for your past KMM videos. From a subjective, lighthearted perspective, they weren’t offensive at all; you were only expressing yourselves and your sense of humour without any intention of insulting anyone. If some K-pop idols themselves can see that, their fans should technically be able to do so as well, but of course…it seems like many K-pop fans in general are just crazy. At least that’s what it seems like for a guy who doesn’t know much about K-pop and is not a fan of it.

    I just like your humour and honesty when it comes to expressing your opinions on things, from daily life whatevers to more specific things such as your WTFs, KMMs, etc. Though it is hard to not be put down by all the negativity, I hope that doesn’t deter you guys from continuing to make honest, fun videos about anything you want.

    5 years ago
  33. “… the internet looks like a game of Tetris: all of your accomplishments vanish, and all that remains behind are the mistakes you’ve made.” Brilliant!

    5 years ago
  34. What a lot of people seem to be incapable of grasping is that YouTube, and thus EYK, viewing is a hobby. You choose to participate in or watch channels, and just like every other hobby when you grow out of it you move on. Most people don’t moan and groan about it when that time comes in whatever their previous hobby of choice was. If you grew out of a video game franchise, kit building, anime watching, would you go to that company and demand a refund? No. You’d be laughed at, if indeed the thought even ever crossed your mind to do so. The same applies to watching YouTube channels.

    YouTube watching tends to foster extreme self-entitlement simply because there’s a personal interaction there with the “product”.

    As one of the people that donated to the original fundraiser not only do I feel that I was given what was promised in it, I feel that EYK went above and beyond. It’s become too easy and convenient for a lot of people to brush aside all the interviews and videos that came about after it, or all the guest appearances (despite how recent some of them are!). EYK, should you chose in the future to drop KMM entirely, I’d be in complete support of the decision. The fact is that the majority of K-Pop fans are in their tweens. Those screaming, screeching, sobbing Justin Beiber kids you see in videos? That is K-Pops main target audience. That is the maturity level of the people who send death threats, racial slurs, spam twitter and constantly extend their hands demanding to be given things.

    I’d love for you guys to continue with your Indie playlists, however. And actually one of my favorite music geared videos you guys have put out was Simons Best Albums of 2013. I went and downloaded/bought almost every artists works from that video. I’d love to see something similar again!

    Keep your heads up!

    5 years ago
    • Oh yes! The indi play list is fantastic!!! Get rid of KMM (as sad as that makes me) due to the crazy attached to it, but please keep up with the indi music, I’ve discovered some amazing artists through it.

      5 years ago
  35. EYK I just wanted to say this because I don’t agree with a lot of the negativity in the comments below.

    I haven’t been a viewer since the beginning, but I’ve been watching I think for almost 2 years now and just recently become a nasty over the holidays and here’s why.

    I love what you guys do. I love your personalities, enthusiasm and endurance to produce quality videos that highlight your experiences in Korea. I mean, that is what it is after all, that is how the channel started. You wanted to share this part of your life with your family and by chance you managed to share your experiences with the rest of the world. To me, that is the heart and soul of your channel. Kpop was just another aspect of the entire package and never communicated to be the main goal.

    I was not actively listening to Kpop before watching your channel. Your Kpop Music Mondays / Indie did expose me to it and I appreciated the commentary. Your experiences add a little happiness in my life, allow me to be a part of your community of nasties, and expose me to another culture that I might have never had the opportunity to before.

    You might loose the hardcore fans who only tuned in for KMM but you’re also gaining a new segment of viewers who appreciate the experiences you share. I hope you don’t completely trash KMM permanently, but after reading some of these comments below, I would understand why.

    I hope to see more ways that you continue to include your fans. I really enjoyed the holiday drawing, the new app voting system, your live chats and if I was in Korea I would totally do the speaker’s corner! I can’t wait until you do a tour through the upper midwest US!

    Apologies if this is poorly written, it’s early and I am still waking up ^_^

    Thank you for continuing to slog through the negativity and please keep sharing your experiences in Korea!

    5 years ago
  36. Hey there!
    I just wanted to say that I don’t get what the racism is all about; everybody on yesterdays youtube chat was blaming you of racism… Seriously it was painfull to read the comments going on next to the ASC show vid. Why is everybody hating on you? I don’t see any particular racism and I very much believe you did NOT steal my money, like some other people wanted me to believe. -_-‘

    I do believe that you might have censored a bit too much. In all honesty, the video’s before 2013 looked a lot more unprompted. I get why you have to do the censoring -so I’m not blaming you- but I think it is a problem with society. People take themselves way too seriously and can’t see the fun in anything. They are just looking for hidden insults on their persona.

    And last, I’d like to express my sincere respect on the fact that you are able to keep going in spite of all the haters. I would certainly not be able to take all that crap and keep going. So, hats of to you!

    The crazy catlady

    5 years ago
  37. You can please some of the people all the time;
    You can please all the people some of the time;
    But you can’t please all the people all the time.

    Ultimately, this S&M’s site. The content is theirs to control. There are things I like, things I miss (K-pop Music Mondays), things I don’t like (Fangurilla). But I keep coming back.

    5 years ago
  38. Nicely put. I wish you, Soozee, Leigh, Rose and everybody else working at EYK a lot of success in 2015!

    5 years ago
  39. Abi

    “some just have a very deep hatred of white people in general”

    I suggest you taking that sentence out. It will be one amongst many mistakes you’ve made that you’ll regret in the future. The reasoning shouldn’t need any explanation.

    5 years ago
    • I don’t think that is a mistake. If you try and censor everything then you will end up with nothing said at all. They probably do get hate mail based on the fact that they are not Korean, and that sentence can be justified.

      It is a generalization, and though I don’t prefer them I admire their bravery in standing up and saying there is a portion of their hate-mail that comes from people who have issues with race.

      5 years ago
      • Agreed. How many comments have been made the last few days alone that make a point to negatively reference S&M’s race? S&M are spot on with that comment in regards to some select people.

        5 years ago
    • If you watch the news, you would know that today is REALLY not the day to suggest someone censor their writing.

      5 years ago
  40. I noticed over the last few days the hate tweets toward you guys were heavy. Usually when I go to comment on a tweet of yours all I see is Nasty love, but not so this week. I was like WHAT is going ON?! Some of the things they were accusing you guys of I just found absolutely groundless. I also watched the show and could read the live comments/tweets scrolling at the bottom of my screen. Again the majority were hate comments. To that I say: why watch if you hate them? Why waste your time? I also say this to people who choose to attack you personally on twitter. I mean, seriously, what’s the point? I don’t usually waste my time with such online haters, but my curiosity got the best of me. Since I’ve moved to China, I’ve become WAY behind on watching your videos. I’ve seriously just been too busy and my internet connection as been crap up until a month ago. So I thought maybe I haven’t seen a video or read a blog post in which you said something to make them accuse you of these things. So I replied one of the outrageous tweets. First off, they don’t know the definition of words they used in their tweets. Second, they ended up making the same argument over and over to me – that you talked sh*t about them – but could never answer me on what that sh*t was. They now have stopped replying my tweets for a legit, solid evidence-filled answer. Have you guys said things that would anger or frustrate people? Yes. Has what you’ve said been hateful and rude? I don’t think so. One reason I’ve liked you guys is that you give a fresh perspective on things. Have I always agreed with these? No. But I’ve appreciated your opinions all the same. You’re entitled to your opinion just in the way I’m entitled to mine. But I think you do a pretty good job expressing these opinions in a way that isn’t hurtful. People today don’t realize the difference in someone having an opinion and someone being hurtful and mean. This isn’t just in the realms of Kpop but in EVERY thing. Shake it all off. Don’t let it go to heart. AND PLEASE don’t change your way of expressing yourself just because someone else can’t handle anyone disagreeing with their bubble of thought. There are plenty more people who follow you who can handle it and would be missing the new perspectives you guys bring to the table if you altered what you say. Hope this encourages you and uplifts your spirits a bit.
    – a transplant US Nasty in China

    5 years ago
    • sorry to hijack the comment section of this post! but I’ve been looking for Nasties in China for months! where in China are you? I’m a “transplant” European Nasty in Shanghai :D

      5 years ago