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After School Club: What We Wanted to Say

January 7, 2015


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Hi everyone!

Though we’re on hiatus for January, and Leigh and Soo Zee are off on vacation, that doesn’t really mean that we’ve taken much of a break lately. Ha! We just came back from filming an ultra fun episode of After School Club with Kevin, Eric, and Jimin. It was our first time on the show! We’ve spoken with Eric a few times about doing an episode together, and now that our schedules were kinda free, we thought it’d be a good time to come on. Woot! If you didn’t watch it yet, you can check it out here. Yay!

We are a bit saddened by one thing, though, and we wanted to share it here, because we didn’t get a chance to share it on the show. See, we were given a bit of a loose guideline about what questions were going to be asked beforehand. During the Hangout Session, people planned what questions they wanted to ask us, which is how we came up with our awesome name for our band. If Jimin, Simon, Martina, Kevin, and Eric all were in a band, what would we be called? Well, the answer is probably the best thing we ever did on TV. HA!

However, the next question that was supposed to be asked was skipped, and it’s kinda our fault. Danielle, who is co-founder of the European Nasties, popped up on the screen, and we got very excited, and started talking a lot more than we should have. We saw her in our European Tours, and we’re really honoured that she’s helping out with the European Nasties Facebook page, so we blathered on for a bit too long. And that’s unfortunate, because that means that we didn’t have time for the next person, Anna, to ask her question, which was a really important one that we wanted to discuss today. The question was something along the lines of “any advice for an aspiring Youtuber?” Here’s what we wanted to say:

One of the things we focus on most is how we can improve ourselves. We look back on our old videos and we’re embarrassed at how bad they are. The lighting is awful; the sound is echoey; the talking goes on for too long. We constantly look back on our older videos and try to see what we didn’t like about them, and do our best to try to make them better. So the main point we’d suggest is to never stop trying to make better content.

This, however, doesn’t just go for the technical side of it, but also for the things you say and do in your videos as well. When you’re on the internet, you can always see people’s responses to your blog posts. You can read it in their comments, or on Twitter, or on their own blogs, whatever. And when you read them, you can see what you can change in your content on top of that. This is something we make sure we try to do. We’ve read about how we’ve said things that are offensive in the past, and we do our best to not make the same mistakes again. The way we described Hyuna’s dancing in 2011 we would never say now. The ways in which we described concepts in Kpop videos we’ll never use again. Some of the skits or games we’ve done…yeah, not our brightest moments. We look back to what we did before, and we do our best to grow. We made lots of dumb mistakes in the past, said some things and did some videos that at the time seemed harmless enough, but now we wish we could change. It’s challenging, and embarrassing even, to look back on some of the stuff we’ve done, but once we’re made aware of them, we think about them deeply, discuss them with each other and with Leigh and Soo Zee thoroughly, and do our best to not repeat the same mistakes.

It’s challenging, though, to find the points on which we can change. Some people make points that we flat out disagree with, others take posts completely out of context or even spread total lies about us, some just have a very deep hatred of white people in general, and a special few wish death on us and even our pets. It’s challenging to wade through the anger to find civil discussions on the mistakes we’ve made, but – in the end – even if it’s uncomfortable to read them, it’s still a challenge we take on in our hopes of trying to grow and to improve our content. It’s something we hope that other bloggers can take heart in doing themselves, to keep on revising, to keep challenging themselves, and to keep growing :D

We want to thank all those people for the past seven years that have taken the time to send us an email or to write a blog post that criticized something with did or said in a civil and intelligent manner. If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t haven taken the time to reflect on our mistakes. But to those of you that called us various names, threatened our lives, or harassed us online, we want you to know that your ugly comments are simply blocked out and dismissed. If you truly want someone to change or see fault in their ways, then screaming profanities at them is not the way to foster growth. If you’re truly and honestly looking for change then you need to take the time to be civil and discuss the issue with someone, otherwise you just seem like an angry crazy person spewing hatred and perpetuating violence.

So, I realize now that this probably would have went well over the 20 minute mark. Time really flies when you’re live on TV! It really felt like we were on there for, like, five minutes.

Altogether, though, looking at all of the rage that’s happening on Twitter, we do want to say that we’re sorry if you watched one of our videos and we said or did something that displeased you. We’re trying to get better. We never stop trying. But we mess up sometimes. Unfortunately, though, the internet looks like a game of Tetris: all of your accomplishments vanish, and all that remains behind are the mistakes you’ve made. Hopefully, we don’t keep on repeating those mistakes. Thanks to those of you who put up with our crap and support us over the years. After all, we’re only human and make dumb mistakes like everyone else in the world.

And, on that note, long live JISIMAKER!



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After School Club: What We Wanted to Say


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  1. I’ve been kinda out of kpop community for some time, but I still watch your videos, because I just really like you ^^ I’m sad that KMM are gone, but seeing what people say in the comments sometimes, just because they don’t agree with you… Ugh. It’s awful. Like people can have different opinions, different tastes, but internet can never get that.
    Anyways, you were amazing at ASC and I’m so glad I know this show now, it’s so so good. Speaking of good, Martina looked sooooo gorgeous in that dress *,*.
    Greetings from Poland, the Polka Dots region! ^.^

    5 years ago
  2. Hi eatyourkimchi, I’m Miu from Japan who live in Sydney. When you came to Australia I wanted to meet you guys so bad but I couldn’t because of health. I also supported your fundraiser long time ago because I enjoy your videos even until now. Although I dont check about Korea and K-POP that much again when I have time I backtrack what I have missed. I register because I want to greet you.

    It is bizarre and saddening for me that people leave negative comments to you but also disappointed that you have chose such words to described my favorite groups Bangtan Seonyeondan (BTS) and GOT7. Then again, for some people who aren’t fans what you said isn’t that harmful but for fans it’s quite disturbing. However, I’m sure that you don’t mean or have ill feelings and it’s just for joke or at least that’s what you thought and it’s understandable.

    Some K-POP fans express their dislike to your comments in such a rude and harsh way and all negative behaviours I can say they bully you online. I hope they soon realize this.

    It’s just sad that teens these days (kpop fans too) can’t cope with a dislike because they only want to hear likes and praises and one disagreement from other people can raise hell.

    I hope you guys keep doing what you’re doing right now and become better in the future, I also hope that you always be careful to what to write because not all of our thoughts can be voiced…

    5 years ago
  3. I think it’s hilarious that it’s the fans that take offense, and not the artists. I mean, seriously… Kevin, from U-Kiss, who you have talked about in a teasing way, loves you guys! Where’s the sense in that??
    I love your older videos and re-watch them all the time. I got my husband hooked, and now we’re both sad to see KMM gone. But if it lessens your stress from haters, than good riddance.
    Keep up your health, and do what makes you guys happy. You always think of us, darn it! We think of you, so you should, too! Enjoy your break; go out and actually take a break!!

    5 years ago
  4. I can’t believe the negativity that you guys always seem to get because you are both so lovely. I don’t even know what the negativity is for because I have loved all of your videos and have never had the feeling that you went too far.

    I hope that 2015 improves, that your health improves, that you get to do some awesome projects and that the internet haters find something else to waste their time with!

    Congratulations for being on ASC!!

    Much love from Mercedes in New Zealand!!

    5 years ago
  5. Thanks for posting this guise. It was pretty uncomfortable and it pissed me off whenever id read comments :(

    5 years ago
  6. I loved your asc debut :) I’ve been a fan for a very long time and have loved most of your videos. I love your old videos and go back sometimes to watch them(my daughter and I watched your animal sounds videos recently, lol, ancient).

    I’ve disagreed with some of your reviews. Once or twice, i may have thought you went too far. I love songs you hated. Some of the music you love, I can’t stand. No two people are alike. It doesn’t mean I can’t like and respect you. I find Simon’s review of BAP’s Rain Song hilarious, he ripped it apart, and that song is one of my favorite BAP songs.
    Unfortunately most of the trolls will never actually watch a video or read a blog post. They listen to information that has been passed telephone style and see tiny screen shots and then start raging. Context, original intent, and accuracy aren’t high on the list.

    I love the things that your videos have introduced to me, the window into your lives and personalities, and the people I’ve met because of you (US Nasties Green Region ftw!). Thanks for all your hard work and your honesty with us :)

    5 years ago
  7. I really want to thank you for writing this in your blog.

    Over the last week I have been seeing so much hate for you guys from people who I consider friends on social media. I have always known not every k-pop fan watches your videos or finds them appealing. Fine, we all have different tastes, if you don’t like EYK then don’t watch their videos. But it really disgusted me seeing these k-pop fans hating so much on you, they all sounded like those annoying haters that hate on something for the smallest reasons that are not good legitimate reasons. They made posts about things you wrote, said, made it out of context and spread posts, gathering hatred. It made me realise even people who are usually level-minded and considerate people can become horrible people who think its ok to spread hate, if they feel the cause is just. There was a event planned to tweet hate messages when you went on ASC. So sickening.
    Yes, you guys have said some things I thought somewhat crossed the line. Because of all the hate was coming from people I usually connect with, and because I have an open mind, I also considered some of the things people were saying, and they sometimes had a point. However, the way they treating you as if you were like Hitler or something was absolutely absurd and out of line. I’ve been a fan of you guys for years, and I know your personalities and that you are good caring people. Maybe you made mistakes, and maybe your opinions are different from mine sometimes, but I still love you guys and I love your videos and what you have done for connecting Korea & foreigners. I doubt I would be so into k-pop and Korean culture if it weren’t for you. A lot of these haters don’t follow you, or have stopped being your fans due to a dumb reason like you didn’t like their oppas music video, and forgotten what kind of people you are. Because wonderful hard working people like you do not deserve this ridiculous behaviour.
    I’m so happy you have been learning from your mistakes, and have apologised, which was all I wanted to hear from you. I hope EYK and Nasties last for a long time and keep a healthy relationship, one where we can calmly point anything out we don’t agree with, and you can take it into consideration :) If we can continue this, I will always support you!

    5 years ago
  8. What would JISIMAKER’s fans be called? Jizzies? Jizzlets?
    Simon sneaking in ‘we’d cream them’ is my favourite ASC moment ever.

    I wanted to leave you a message to let you know how much I love and appreciate you.
    I found EYK because of Music Mondays, but I subscribed because of you.
    You’re full of fun, happiness, rainbows and sparkles.
    Watching you being your (fairly dorky) selves has helped encourage me to be my (also fairly dorky) self.
    I admire your attitude, the way you deal with difficult times and the positive spin you put on everything.
    Whatever happens in the future, whatever videos you make, I’m sure I’ll be watching, just because you make me laugh!

    THANKYOU for all your hard work. That goes for the rest of the EYK crew, too. <3

    5 years ago
  9. Haha JISIMAKER!! I think you guise are geniuses! I’m gonna be giggling about that band name all day.
    Congrats on being on ASC!! It’s so exciting watching your growth and increasing opportunities over the years.
    I’ve been following you guys, Simon and Martina, for a long time….actually, I’m not sure how long it has been but almost from the beginning. You two are so inspiring – you had dreams and aspirations and us Nasties got to watch as you guys worked to achieve so many things. Martina and Simon, you have accomplished so many things and are still continuing to grow.
    You two make me strive to work harder on the things I want and to never stop learning.

    While some people have too much time to waste on their hands and nitpick over things that you did or said in the past that you have obviously reflected on and grown from, everyone has things they aren’t proud of. That is how people grown and improve in all aspects of life. It’s sad that some people waste their time on so much negativity, I imagine that they probably live a very negative life. Please don’t let those negative people get to you. We all love you guys here and part of the reason we love you guise is because you’re such upbeat, optimistic, fun, goofy, and loving people.

    Simon and Martina: You are 100% responsible for sparking the idea of going to South Korea to teach English…with my dog. (After over a year of research on recruiters and taking my dog with me, I’m starting my TEFL course this month,)

    Oops, kind of wrote a novel :3

    Anyways, I love the entire EYK Crew, Simon, Martina, Spudgy, Meemers, and all the Nasties <3 <3 <3

    P.S. Whether you keep or get rid of the Kpop Charts, I will support your decision. I primarily used it as a way to stay up to date on music in South Korea and discover new musicians.

    5 years ago
  10. I think the past videos you made were right for the time and now that kpop has grown and fans have changed. So to go back and watch them they can be taken offensively by some people,
    I support the change in your channel to stop the kpop charts and such because i would have done the same with how intense some fans can be and how easily offended everyone on the internet is, can’t please everyone. And now th Kpop fandom is bigger there are more people to please!

    But those who genuinely love your videos will love the old videos aswell, so it makes the Nasty community closer knowing that they have seen past videos and still enjoy them and still love you guys for it, i love the old EYK videos! The more nasty the better, Kpop is getting nastier so EYK can too :P

    Love you guys, have been a fan for 5 years now!

    5 years ago
  11. Hi guys

    I felt the need to comment as a long time fan and ex-crazy kpop fan.
    I have watched and participated in my share of fan wars, altough that was quite a few years back. Looking at the drama that goes down now makes me feel old :*)

    I support your decision in taking down the kpop charts and stopping the KMM. Beacuse no matter how you reason, how you phrase it, fans will be disappointed and angry at the skits and reviews. And there is no need for the two of you to take this hate and frustration upon your shoulders! Life itself is difficult enough without adding more trouble that you can choose to avoid.

    The both of you are so lovely and bubbly and adorable, there are no youtubers out there that can match you. But if you guys had been active during my most insane time I would have said mean things about you, most likely. It’s a sad thing to look back on, but as you say, we can all grow and change. But change takes time, years for most people, and as they grow up others come of age and start doing the same thing. So trying to change how some kpoppers think is like doing the work of Sisyphus. It will never end. Don’t go there, go forward instead. You have made your peace offering with this.

    I really like that you are branching out and doing more things. I thoroughly enjoy all your current project. I support all your endeavours. I wish you the best of luck and will support you again and again. Take time to get well again. Lots of love!

    5 years ago
  12. The best way is always through. Cheer up :)
    Not everybody is going to love you or understand you, however, keep your heads up, take care of your heart and dont let this define or bitter the wonderful things and accomplishments you have made this far. Mi favorite parts on your videos is seeing you enjoy life and the little thing, so dont let this problems turn your vision about your work the other way around, dont live for the hate or the love. Simon and Martina remember that hurting people often hurt other people as a result of their own pain. I always love your work but appreciate the fact that you are working on growing in your different areas, just focus on your passion because in life you always are up or down but never stable, dont let your inner peace be shaky regardless of whats happens on the outside. Teach people with your example! LOVE YOU <3

    5 years ago
  13. “… the internet looks like a game of Tetris: all of your accomplishments vanish, and all that remains behind are the mistakes you’ve made.” Brilliant!

    5 years ago
  14. I usually don’t post comments but this time it feels necessary. I have watched your videos for a long time and i find it very sad that people are being so mean toward you guys. Know that us nasties are still here supporting you. Please dont feel down. I never felt displeased by tour videos but of course people have the right to have their own opinions, though i greatly disagree in the way they have been expressing it. I also disagree in the way that they try to influence others instead of letting them form their own opinions. Honestly i feel sorry for how people have been attacking you and i wish i could do something to make you feel better …. virtual hugs i guess xoxo
    I’ll still support you so keep your head up and be strong ;)

    5 years ago
  15. awww, even light or sound was not perfect i still like those old videos very much. Please don’t change too much, don’t become too much serious. Just please, be little bit careful next time cause internet are full of stupid no lifers kids. Love ASC and i hope you will be invited again. Are your health is ok?

    5 years ago
  16. I hope y’all will always be able to find the positive in even the evilest remarks thrown at you and not to let the negative stuff put you down.

    5 years ago
  17. Hey Guise! First comment, but avid watcher. I felt like, with this recent stream of overly judgmental, too touchy hate being thrown at you guys, I wanted to say something. I respect your hindsight in that some of your past comments might have come off as “insensitive”, but on the flip side, I don’t think you should have to cater to everyone in your posts and videos. It’s impossible to please everyone, and by trying, I’m afraid you’ll lose some of what makes this vlog so unique. You guys are quirky, hilarious, lovable and full of really fantastic insight. Some people just search for a way to have their feelings hurt, and I don’t think that’s on you to coddle them. Everyone has varying opinions, and different ways they go about expressing them, and I honestly have never thought any video stepped out of line.

    I hope everyone on your team is doing well and has a wonderful new year!
    And try not to take any of the hate to heart. You’re beautiful people!

    5 years ago
  18. Simon, Martina, Leigh, and SooZee; you guys are awesome. I always have watched your videos and always will. You guys are filled with personality and have helped fall in love with Korean culture. I can’t wait for the next video! Take care homies!


    5 years ago
  19. I don’t post comments that often since I’m a shy person, but I’ve seen a lot of angry comments lately, which is saddening. :/ I have been watching your videos since 2011 so I guess I got attached to you guys like, a lot. I mean, I really enjoy watching the EYK crew just being themselves and all dorky. Without you guys, I would have never knew about awesome indie artists like Rocket Diary, Space Cowboys, Idiotape, Neon Bunny, etc. and lots of kpop groups. (Poop, I dont’t even know where do I belong in the kpop world, why does it have to be separated into many fandoms? So that indecisive people like me that loves all those bands will always suffer?) Anyways, I hope the best for you and the nasty family (and for Martina: You can do it!)

    PS: I also wanted to tell you that whenever you keep or take down the music charts, I’ll still support you guys, although I enjoyed using it. Personally, I don’t consider it to be useless or a waste of time like other people would say because I like to discover new songs! (Lets spread the love of music on those angry burning toasts!)
    PS#2: I didn’t know where I could tell you this so I decided to do it here. Ha! A year ago, I had a pretty weird dream with you guy in it: We were in some kind of super fancy-looking mansion and we went upstairs. Then, suddenly SNSD and EXO appeared with the “We’ve been waiting for you” look on their faces and Kai came to Martina and kissed her pink bangs to thank her for praising his seductive hip-thrusting dance skills. What the O_o. (I also remember while watching one of the livechats that you also have “special” dreams, like when Simon had a scary dream and he was able wake up on his own xD)

    5 years ago
  20. Abi

    “some just have a very deep hatred of white people in general”

    I suggest you taking that sentence out. It will be one amongst many mistakes you’ve made that you’ll regret in the future. The reasoning shouldn’t need any explanation.

    5 years ago
    • If you watch the news, you would know that today is REALLY not the day to suggest someone censor their writing.

      5 years ago
    • I don’t think that is a mistake. If you try and censor everything then you will end up with nothing said at all. They probably do get hate mail based on the fact that they are not Korean, and that sentence can be justified.

      It is a generalization, and though I don’t prefer them I admire their bravery in standing up and saying there is a portion of their hate-mail that comes from people who have issues with race.

      5 years ago
      • Agreed. How many comments have been made the last few days alone that make a point to negatively reference S&M’s race? S&M are spot on with that comment in regards to some select people.

        5 years ago
  21. Hi guys,

    I used to be an EYK fan and watch all of your videos in the past, but I stopped in the past 2-3 years.

    I just wanted to say the reason was not because of your older videos being really offensive (anything prior to 2012 b/c that’s all I’ve seen) but because of some replies to comments and criticism you’ve left that sounded offensive to me.

    I know there are those crazy fans that go overboard and use unnecessary profanity towards you guys and I understand not being nice to them b/c honestly I wouldn’t be nice to them either. However, I have seen some comments that (in my opinion) were rather calm and did not use profanity nor insulting vocabulary… just normal constructive criticism. But, when you replied to them, you guys said some things that were really offensive. One of them that stuck to my mind was, “stop talking out of your ass” towards someone who did not use any profanity nor overly insulting vocabulary. It was comments like these that made me stop being an EYK fan.

    With that said, I don’t think you are extremely awful people, and I admire that you took the time to make this post to apologize. I just think for future reference, since the Internet is a scary place and often causes a lot of misunderstandings, please be a little more careful with some of your word choices. I know recently you caused trouble for using “hitler” so just some things like that. Especially because with words, you can’t really hear one’s own voice so it can be really taken out of context and read wrong.

    That’s all I wanted to say. Please don’t take this offensively because I don’t mean to be offensive. Just wanted to give you guys a different view to look at and understand as to why some fans are upset.

    5 years ago
  22. I managed to catch this episode of ASC live and was so excited to see you guys on it! (I normally don’t watch it, but did just for you guys). I LOVE all your videos, and no joke you guys are far and away my favorite youtubers. I watch all of your videos as soon as I can, and although I only became a kpop fan and a nasty shortly thereafter in 2011, I did go back and watch almost all of your older videos and have watched every single one since then. You bring so much joy and laughter to your fans! I was honestly shocked and surprised to see so much blind hate against you in the live comments on the ASC video. Kpop stars are still normal people, and normal people have a sense of humor. Good-naturedly poking fun at or pointing out ridiculousness isn’t wrong or bad to do in the slightest. And let’s be honest here, there are a ton of ridiculous things going on in kpop (funny and not-so-funny) and it’s good to talk about them and not always be super serious about everything. And come on, kpop can be really fluffy anyway, so why get so uppity about a few slight criticisms, which are usually just jokes? As your meeting with U-Kiss and other groups prove, the stars themselves have no problems with the jokes, and like them too! It’s more fun to go through life with a positive attitude, not taking anything too seriously, and being silly–which you guys show again and again. I hope to have a fun life (and fun, loving marriage) like you guys. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t pay attention to the senseless haters! If anything, I don’t think you guys should be walking on eggshells and can be more blunt/honest and poke more direct fun in your videos if you want to. Haters are going to find something to hate anyway, so why try to tone it down for them when us Nasties love you the way you are. I love that you guys try to find the positive and continually strive to grow and be better!! You guys are awesome and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! <3

    5 years ago
  23. Hi, Simon and Martina. This is probably my first comment in your page. :D The reason is really obvious. My english is soooooo bad T__T I understand when you guys talking, but for me writing is hell. I follow you since 2009 or 2010. I really really like your korean culture videos. I learn so much in your videos. Thank you so much for sharing with us your amazing adventures in Korea. I love it. 전 페루인이에요. ^^ 화이팅!

    5 years ago
    • Thanks for leaving a comment!! OMG don’t worry about your English, it’s fantastic! Something I always told my students when I was teaching is that the point of learning a language is to learn how to communicate with another person! If you’re so worried about making a tiny grammar mistake that you don’t even talk to someone, you’ve already failed. Just let the words flow out and say what’s on your mind! And honestly, English speakers don’t care about mistakes, we just want to chat. Also here is a secret: we are all terrible at grammar… ㅋㅋㅋ Please come back again and make some new friends! :D

      5 years ago
    • HI Suseet! I just wanted to say that I think your English is really good. You say that your written English is bad, but after reading your message, I disagree with you. Your English is great!!
      Please post more often and share your thoughts with us! It will make writing in English easier the more you do it, and all of us Nasties would love to hear from you!
      (Maybe one day, I’ll be able to write in Korean as well as you write in English!)

      5 years ago
      • Thank you :) Korean in the beginning is a little bit easy; then become harder. But fortunately in internet are so many free korean class in english. Because of that, i learn english. Hehe

        5 years ago
  24. Wow…… so much hate….. wow too many haters… wow…..

    Speaking about when i found out that EYK will be a guest in ASC After Club i was thrilled.. like ive been a fan you guys since a long long time ago, and thanks for me being a sasaeng i can meet you guys TWICE first, when i just arrived in seoul, and just wandering around hongdae when finally i saw that building with the always on lightning, then i was accross the street tweeting you hardly, until martina shows up in the studio windows, pointing downstairs to tell me simon was across the street. And the second meet was, (THIS ONE IS LIKE A TOTAL SASAENG MODE, AND BECAUSE THE FIRST DOOR WAS UNLOCKED, SO YEAH) in front of your studio door, sitting in the stairs, while writing a quick fan letter,and then you two come up, simon was in a total shock, martina was holding a spudgy, and then i was locked up cause you two think no one up there but there’s was me. It happen way back there in january 2013. I dont know if you guys remember this but, yeah it was AWESOME.. lolz

    Well back to the news that you will be a guest in ASC..
    I dont really watch or live streaming to ASC, because it just not my thing (no hate please ㅠㅠ), after i found out u guys will be on asc, in an instant i fill the request to be in the hang out.. i was happy finally they were on LIVE TV Programme.. but after i read carefully about all these hate towards them i feel like… yooooo calm down,yes they were just a human who makes a mistake.. i mean like who are you can judging them?? They not gonna always fulling all what you wish.. so please stop all these hate, spread love to all people…

    Peace out

    여러분~~~~~~ 사랑해~~ ♡♡♡♡

    5 years ago
  25. It was totally worth it staying up until 2 AM for you guys and to have my tweet read by Kevin (U-Kiss is one of my top 5 favorite male groups) and for you guys to say hi specifically to the green region. The show was enjoyable as always and the band name (Fighting JISIMAKER!) and sneaking in of W.A.N.K. and I.F.A.R.T gave me a laugh. I appreciated your blog post too because what I like about you guys more than the videos you make is your love for each other, your pomposity, your humility and your desire to grow and become better people. Those are the things that cause me to respect you and love you. Your videos along with discovering my love for culture (as it incorporates all the things I like learning and talking about: food, music, books, theater, art, architecture, history, philosophy, etc.) have created in me a desire to learn more about Korea. I want to move there and teach so I can go beyond the honeymoon stage and to really begin to know the culture and to challenge and stretch myself and the beliefs, values and ideas I hold. So I thank you Simon, Martina and the entire EYK crew for growing and for encouraging me to grow myself.

    5 years ago
    • not pomposity!Yikes, that is no where near what I meant. I intended positivism. Testament to the importance of triple checking.

      5 years ago
  26. Hi guise. I watched the show and I was part of the LOA (Live Online Audience) in replacement of Vero Mejia that could not be there because of the time zone. The whole show was excellent. I was worried that some A-hole Hater could try to ruin the show but everything went silky smooth. It was a shame you could not answer the last planned question as you mentioned in this post, but the fact that you wrote this is more enough reason to stop the silly hate against you. Not only you proved that you recognize some mistakes done in the past, but you also showed everyone that you grow from those experiences and evolve around those mistakes. I honestly don’t think the haters will dissapear but at least you tried to reason with them.

    I believe this year 2015 will be an awesome year for the whole Eat Your Kimchi crew and all the nasties.

    I wish you the best and we’ll be supporting you toghether with Verito from our facebook page “Soy Un Dorito” where we have this space for Spanish speaking Nasties.

    Long live JISIMAKER!!!!

    5 years ago
  27. Dear Simon and Martina,

    I have a request regarding the EYK website.

    I’ve been a long time follower of yours and I adore everything that you guys do. This site is my #1 source for all things related to Korea, especially music. That is why I was incredibly sad to see that the K-pop charts had been removed from the site. I totally understand if you want to stop making KMM videos and I realize that the K-pop charts were originally created as a means for fans to vote on their favorite songs to be reviewed. However, over the years it has grown into something much more for me. I religiously checked the charts each day for any new songs posted and watched every single new release. The charts were my way of keeping up with what music was coming out as well as being able to discuss it with other fans in the comments. It was enjoyable to see what everyone thought about the songs and which ones were most popular. I think the community here are some of the most dedicated and level-headed fans of K-pop so I could have meaningful discussions with them. Since you have removed that portion of the site I have found myself lost. I’ve been hearing about all of these songs that were released recently that I knew nothing about. I don’t even know where to begin to find new songs. There are so many different artists on different channels, not to mention all of the fantastic indie artists that aren’t featured on the bigger sites. EYK was the one place that collected music from ALL of Korea and it was something that I cherished. It’s one of those instances that you don’t realize how important something was to you until it’s gone. So as a loyal fan and friend I would like to humbly request that you bring back the K-pop charts. Even if it only functions as a place to collect new music and for fans to discuss, I think that alone is worth it. I wish you both the best of health in the future and a happy 2015.

    5 years ago
    • Heya,

      We took the KpopCharts down because of coding issues. It was very clunky and out of date, and with updates to WordPress it was causing the site to lag and crash sometimes, as some of you might have experienced.

      Rose has taken it down, but we’re working on something new to take its place. Hang tight! The designs are being made as we speak. I’m hoping it’ll be ready by February :)

      5 years ago
      • I’m glad to hear that it hasn’t been removed forever, and even happier to hear that it’s getting some upgrades. I am eagerly awaiting it’s return to the site and am extremely curious what sort of improvements have been made. ^_^

        5 years ago
    • Agree!!! Please bring back some chart type thing minus the voting.

      5 years ago
    • I second this entire comment.

      5 years ago
  28. I do wonder if Jimin understood the meaning of her new band band name. She had a look of wtf is so funny, on her face.

    Also, who else went into the eyk archives to see how they described Hyuna’s dancing 3 years ago?

    5 years ago
    • I watched “bubble pop” song and i was laugh like hell ;D omg, Simon’s dances. I show that video for few my friends (they don’t listen k pop) and they all agree with all criticism

      5 years ago
    • guilty xD but I took it as a jab at the company. Hyuna afterall, had an image during her performances to follow.

      5 years ago
  29. Hey guise, I really dislike the fact that you are having to apologize for the nth time for all the things you’ve said either in your vids or posts. I feel that people (certain kpop sasaengs) take your comments and opinions so badly that they want to make horrible comments to let you know how mean you guys are (and other worse things). I have known about you guise for a couple of years now, and when I was getting ready to go over to Korea in 2012, your vids about what to expect really helped me not have too much culture shock and be able to enjoy my 2 years there. I absolutely adored your KMM’s and felt that your opinions were hilarious and random and sometimes ridiculously over the top, but I understood that it’s YOUR own opinion, and if my opinion differs, then that’s how the world works. While the internet has been great to get freedom of expression out to other countries, it has also let people have their freedom of expression anonymously, which some take to extremes, unfortunately. I feel that in society nowadays, people are not as held responsible as they should be for actions and words, which is why I think a lot of people feel the need to post such hateful comments. I dislike that very much, and I know as a teacher and E.A. back in Canada, I have had to remind a lot of my kids that just because you don’t like someone or something they do, does not give you the right to voice it out loud. You can say it in your head as much as you want, but the minute you say your dissatisfaction with a classmates ‘weird’ behaviour, it puts you in the spotlight to get reprimanded from authority.
    I just wanted to let you guise know that you are awesome, and I feel that while your vid concepts have changed, I still enjoy hearing your opinions about kpop vids and TL:DR’s because it’s sometimes a new perspective on a situation, or just something different. I feel you are opening up a lot of peoples eyes when it comes to life abroad and also bringing awareness to topics that should be openly discussed because it is important to broaden horizons.
    I met you in Korea in 2013 and I was so happy and it was super fun.
    I applaud your work and while you may think you need to fix mistakes, you also need to realize that there will be people out there who will always be butthurt over opinions that are not positive about ‘their’ kpop group/soloist.
    Much love, and hope you are feeling better and hugs to all! And tummy touches for Spudgy, and head scratches for Meemers :D

    5 years ago
  30. This song pretty much sums up how destructive commenters should be considered.

    5 years ago
  31. I don’t comment often nor do I follow Tumblr or Twitter so I didn’t realize how much hate EYK gets. It makes me so sad that people cannot be civil on the internet just because they can hide behind their computers. I love the fact that you guys are silly, unafraid to be embarrassing because honestly there’s no reason to be. Between my friends and I, we make fun of the things like you do all the time. I highly doubt that you guys are disrespectful especially to kpop idols but it seems like the loud, extremely sensitive kpop fans don’t understand that in most cases, you are just criticizing the companies they work for.

    Simon and Martina, I follow you guys on instagram, on the awesome EYK app, read your blog posts, watch all your live chats and Open the Happy videos so I feel like I really know you guys in the more honest sense. Please don’t stop making videos especially FAPFAPs and cute videos of your pets, oh and videos with SooZee, Lee, and Rose (introduce her properly!). On some days, especially the rough ones, they are the highlight of my day and I got my boyfriend hooked so it’s our bonding time too <3

    Sending you guys lots of love and hope you're getting better! I hope to go back to South Korea some day (went there for a study abroad) and drag my boyfriend along to visit the You Are Here Cafe and perhaps meet the EYK crew in person!

    5 years ago
  32. I also don`t believe you have to apologize for your older videos, nor be embarrassed by them. You`re just being people and sharing your opinions. The ones at fault here are the haters. Why do they get so hung up over you not liking their favourite k-pop group? If they had some self-confidence, they could just say “oh, they don`t like my group and they make fun of them. So? Whatever, I still like them”. God, people have different tastes, live with it.

    It`s always a good thing to be able to reflect upon your actions and words. But please don`t reflect too much to the point where you have to think about every single joke and statement you make. Keep on being your spontaneous imperfect selves, because the good people out there will like you for it

    5 years ago
  33. You guys are really some of the most patient, kind hearted people. You guys totally live up to the “Kind Canadian” stereotype. You’re even trying to be nice to vapid, shallow, hypocritical fascist brats (I live up to the “Asshole American” stereotype!) My patience has worn thin with people who try to control dialogue. There has been an awful lot of that lately.

    On the one hand, I know these are mostly kids, because an adult that intensely obsessive about kpop would be considered as possibly showing symptoms of a personality disorder. I am dead serious. It would be a major, MAJOR red flag. This kind of obsession is only tolerated from teenagers. It’s a developmental side effect of not having a fully developed frontal lobe. Really, I’m not kidding. It’s why it’s hard to rent a car before you’re 25. Around 25 is when your frontal lobe, that handles logic, reason, emotion and impulse control is fully developed. A lot of teen based therapy is basically getting them to understand they need to wait it out until that frontal lobe develops, then whatever is upsetting them won’t seem like such a big deal. I sometimes think of a skit Key and Peele did where they compared meeting young fans to meeting their older fans. Their young fans screamed and squealed. Their older fans walked up, shook their hands and immediately launched into giving them advice.

    On the other hand, obsession is expected, being mean is a choice. They are choosing to be mean. They are choosing to use harassment in order to intimidate and control you and how others see you. This is the very definition of bullying! It really doesn’t matter how they see themselves, as warriors for their “bae” or whatever nonsense they spew to themselves. Bullies always try to justify their behavior because if they don’t they’re simply left with the hard truth that they’re being bad people. Some of them will realize they’re being little jerks and will stop. Unfortunately some of them like being bad people because they love the power trip. However, it’s not socially acceptable to admit that so they use “fandom” as a shield to hide behind. I highly recommend the book “The Sociopath Next Door”. I think you guys are dealing with some of this.

    The irony of it all is that they behave like this in “defense” of their favorite idols, but the consequence is that people then think less of their idols and their interests because they cheapened it with their hateful actions. I saw a comment from one of your cyber bullies that said something like, “I don’t care what anyone thinks of me, but don’t you talk about my baes!” I wanted to jump through the screen and say, “Dear, if I think you are a small, petty, and ridiculous person, I’m going to assume your interests are also small, petty and ridiculous.” Think of all of the art forms that people respect. People grew to respect those forms as art because they respected the fans. They respected the fans because they seemed to be elevated by their interest, and art elevates. If your interest cheapens you, then it must be cheap.

    I think constructive criticism is a good thing, and when given respectfully I think it’s important to listen to it. So I’m glad that you guys are trying to listen to whatever feedback you are given. I’m glad that you’re self aware enough to know that, yes, you’re not perfect and there is likely to be some valid commentary that can help you grow. However, the abusive comments, the harassment, isn’t criticism, it’s bullying. According to the guidelines of the school I teach in, ALL of these kids would have been suspended and internet privilege revoked. YOU DO NOT NEED TO APOLOGIZE TO CYBER BULLIES.

    5 years ago
  34. And tHIS is why I love you guise. You are truly inspirational and good people and I’m excited to watch you continue to grow and spread even more good vibes around the world. Sending mr. pedo bear hugs your way! :)

    5 years ago
  35. This probably happens on twitter and since I don´t use it I had no idea the kind of comments you get over there, which in a way I´m glad since those always ruin a fun experience, like it tends to happen with the comments on youtube videos, jeez so much hate on that place.
    I don´t recall anytime you where offensive to someone or about someone/something. If it´s something related to kpop then there´s not much you can do abou it, there´s always the fans that get batsh#%& crazy with the slightest comment against their favorite band/artist. Or maybe is the way you talk. I personally love it when you throw curse words here and there, or make dirty jokes and start getting nasty, it makes you look more…..natural, as if I were listening to the real you the way you normally are but have to restrain for the public. Again, I have never feel offended or uncomfortable for anything you´ve said…..except when Martina threw Simon´s cupcake to the wall in a game, that was rude jajajajaja, oh god, I´m still laughing remembering it, but it was still rude XD (can´t stop giggling). Still, I´m a fan of your work, I really like you gaise so don´t let the hate let you down and let those people that wish the death of a cat and dog live in their hatred filled world. Huggs to all.

    5 years ago
  36. I don’t get it why apologize for stuff done in the past? I love it that you guys give your honest opinion, even if its taken the wrong way whats the big deal. It was in the past, opinions change and as time goes on you get a greater understanding of korean culture and how sensitive some kpop fans are.

    Here is a question: what videos are you apologizing for anyway?

    5 years ago
    • Generally speaking, apologizing shows that you are aware that you’ve hurt someone, either physically or emotionally, that you didn’t intend to cause harm, that you’re sorry you hurt them, that you have learned from the experience, and that you will try to do better in the future. Apologizing helps to repair damaged relationships–even little ones like stepping on a stranger’s toes.

      We can’t see inside people’s hearts and minds, so we have to trust their words and actions. If someone never apologizes, how do we know they feel sorry for something they did? Even if they never do it again, we might think they just haven’t had the opportunity (or something like that). So we need them to apologize to help start rebuilding our trust in them and our relationship with them.

      I admire a lot of what Martina and Simon have accomplished with EYK, but they’re human. They’ve made some mistakes along the way (*cough* Fangurilla *cough*). They will continue to make mistakes. Acknowledging those mistakes and promising to grow from them makes me admire them more.

      Now if they’d just bring back KMM…

      5 years ago
      • I know that apologizing is when you are AWARE that you hurt people in which case that is great to apologize for. But if the event happened in the past and you did not even know you offended someone and that someone brings up that they were offended by you in the past when you had no idea, sure you can apologize.

        But if that happens often like in every video you ever make, you are just going to be apologising constantly because anyone can be offended by anything. I guess I find it annoying because Simon and Martina try in their videos to reiterate over and over that it is their opinion. When EYK does any sort of skit or whatever its never to hurt other people.

        Yet people still get offended and they apologize often because they care about their fans. For me it basically says sorry for having opinions different from yours on whatever subject. If they are apologising for a specific part of a video or something that would be a different story.

        Also I personally found fangurilla hilarious whereas other people may be offended, should Simon and Martina apologize and get rid of it because others are offended? I hope not because if they go down the path of trying to please everyone, instead of being themselves and having fun with it regardless of what people think, I think EYK would change for the worse.

        I guess I just want them to know that they don’t have to apologise for their opinions but if they did something they think offended a ton of people be SPECIFIC or else it feels like you are sorry for everything even the fun things.

        5 years ago
  37. This and Martina’s New Year’s post are by far two of my favorite pieces of writing from you both. Your honesty and humility are so admirable, and so rare on the internets (or in life for that matter) these days. I feel like this lesson of being able to admit my own failings and humbly try to do better is one I’ve been learning anew over the past year. Keep up the great work! And keep the more serious pieces coming–though I love your humor, I really enjoy when you both open up and share your more serious and personal sides, too. Much love and appreciation!

    5 years ago
  38. I can’t believe the amount of negativity that surrounds your older videos and that you’ve been made to feel so embarrassed about even making them. I never thought that you were offensive, I thought that you were fun and quirky people who had things that they wanted to share with a community that was eager to hear about those things. Honestly, I would like to say that I prefer your older videos. Recently I feel that as you’ve become more popular and you’ve had all your hard-earned success rewarded with a fantastic studio, that your videos have become somewhat less personal. I feel that they’re lacking the sparkle and pizazz that your previous videos had, maybe due to the change in setting. I never thought that your videos were badly edited, it had a bit of a homemade feel to it which I miss.
    I know you guys work so hard, and that you worked so much harder when it was just the two of you, and that obviously you needed to make things a little easier on yourselves, so I congratulate your success. I just hope that maybe you return to your old style a little bit more, when your hiatus is over. I miss the fun KMMs and more personal TL;DRs, that your channel used to be full of, but I understand times change.
    much love! and I hope you guys continue to make videos.

    5 years ago
  39. I think some of the hate comes from the anxieties people are feelings. This has been a rough year in the kpop industry, but it’s also been a rough year for KMM. S&M, you have traveled a lot and made some great videos abroad, but the die-hard, angst kpop fans are disgruntled by this. *This is all speculation on my part.* I loved your tweet about the wakefulness of fan persons; seeing tumblr posts and tweets from the hateful people is like delving into the mind of a grumpy 8 year old. (Laughs nervously)
    I’ve been watchingyour videos for years. It’s fun to watch you both explore and learn. I like the travel videos you both make. You’re globetrotting and we get to breakthrough your experiences.
    One piece of criticsim I have, though, is that I do feel like the Korea videos are a little sparse. I know it’s because you’re both extremelyextremely busy. But even the eye awards were very short. I couldnt tell if they were short feeling because it’s a new format, or if it’s because you’re trying to avoid getting yelled at by crazy fan people.
    Regardless, keep on creating content that pleases you!! As long as you havegoodn intentions and passion, you can’t go wrong with us rational fans. Stay nasty!! :-)

    5 years ago
    • Sorry for typos, how embarrassing. I may or may not be typing this while I’m in class. Teehee

      5 years ago
  40. Cheer up guys! The number of people who love and support you guys overpower those who are spreading the hate.
    I have been a fan of EYK for years already and yeah, there are times when their opinions or their statements aren’t really compatible with mine but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I have the moral obligation to post harsh, immature and speculative arguments and insults against them. What they are posting and saying in videos are just their view and opinion regarding the matter at hand, not everyone will have the same thoughts as everyone else, each and everyone of us will have different insights regarding different subjects. We as individuals have the responsibility of keeping ourselves open-minded despite having our own views. The problem that I see from most of the hate posts I see that are directed to EYK, is that you’ll obviously notice that it was made with the purpose of hating and are just there to nitpick and provide negative criticisms, maybe its because they got offended with one post/video they made about this certain group and then most of the fans are off to the internet to spread the hate. Seriously what I have been noticing, most (if not some) of the k-pop fans nowadays are too rabid and becoming more immature and impulsive. And this circumstance is affecting those fans that are level-headed and mature enough to see both sides of a conflict.
    Where did the feel good and stress free kpop universe from before have gone?

    I am happy that Simon and Martina are trying to change and learn from their past mistakes, I noticed that too in their videos throughout the years. It shows that they are open to negative comments that would help them see which areas they have to improve more and that they are open to having polite and well-mannered conversations/discussions with their viewers. :)

    5 years ago