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After School Club: What We Wanted to Say

January 7, 2015


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Hi everyone!

Though we’re on hiatus for January, and Leigh and Soo Zee are off on vacation, that doesn’t really mean that we’ve taken much of a break lately. Ha! We just came back from filming an ultra fun episode of After School Club with Kevin, Eric, and Jimin. It was our first time on the show! We’ve spoken with Eric a few times about doing an episode together, and now that our schedules were kinda free, we thought it’d be a good time to come on. Woot! If you didn’t watch it yet, you can check it out here. Yay!

We are a bit saddened by one thing, though, and we wanted to share it here, because we didn’t get a chance to share it on the show. See, we were given a bit of a loose guideline about what questions were going to be asked beforehand. During the Hangout Session, people planned what questions they wanted to ask us, which is how we came up with our awesome name for our band. If Jimin, Simon, Martina, Kevin, and Eric all were in a band, what would we be called? Well, the answer is probably the best thing we ever did on TV. HA!

However, the next question that was supposed to be asked was skipped, and it’s kinda our fault. Danielle, who is co-founder of the European Nasties, popped up on the screen, and we got very excited, and started talking a lot more than we should have. We saw her in our European Tours, and we’re really honoured that she’s helping out with the European Nasties Facebook page, so we blathered on for a bit too long. And that’s unfortunate, because that means that we didn’t have time for the next person, Anna, to ask her question, which was a really important one that we wanted to discuss today. The question was something along the lines of “any advice for an aspiring Youtuber?” Here’s what we wanted to say:

One of the things we focus on most is how we can improve ourselves. We look back on our old videos and we’re embarrassed at how bad they are. The lighting is awful; the sound is echoey; the talking goes on for too long. We constantly look back on our older videos and try to see what we didn’t like about them, and do our best to try to make them better. So the main point we’d suggest is to never stop trying to make better content.

This, however, doesn’t just go for the technical side of it, but also for the things you say and do in your videos as well. When you’re on the internet, you can always see people’s responses to your blog posts. You can read it in their comments, or on Twitter, or on their own blogs, whatever. And when you read them, you can see what you can change in your content on top of that. This is something we make sure we try to do. We’ve read about how we’ve said things that are offensive in the past, and we do our best to not make the same mistakes again. The way we described Hyuna’s dancing in 2011 we would never say now. The ways in which we described concepts in Kpop videos we’ll never use again. Some of the skits or games we’ve done…yeah, not our brightest moments. We look back to what we did before, and we do our best to grow. We made lots of dumb mistakes in the past, said some things and did some videos that at the time seemed harmless enough, but now we wish we could change. It’s challenging, and embarrassing even, to look back on some of the stuff we’ve done, but once we’re made aware of them, we think about them deeply, discuss them with each other and with Leigh and Soo Zee thoroughly, and do our best to not repeat the same mistakes.

It’s challenging, though, to find the points on which we can change. Some people make points that we flat out disagree with, others take posts completely out of context or even spread total lies about us, some just have a very deep hatred of white people in general, and a special few wish death on us and even our pets. It’s challenging to wade through the anger to find civil discussions on the mistakes we’ve made, but – in the end – even if it’s uncomfortable to read them, it’s still a challenge we take on in our hopes of trying to grow and to improve our content. It’s something we hope that other bloggers can take heart in doing themselves, to keep on revising, to keep challenging themselves, and to keep growing :D

We want to thank all those people for the past seven years that have taken the time to send us an email or to write a blog post that criticized something with did or said in a civil and intelligent manner. If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t haven taken the time to reflect on our mistakes. But to those of you that called us various names, threatened our lives, or harassed us online, we want you to know that your ugly comments are simply blocked out and dismissed. If you truly want someone to change or see fault in their ways, then screaming profanities at them is not the way to foster growth. If you’re truly and honestly looking for change then you need to take the time to be civil and discuss the issue with someone, otherwise you just seem like an angry crazy person spewing hatred and perpetuating violence.

So, I realize now that this probably would have went well over the 20 minute mark. Time really flies when you’re live on TV! It really felt like we were on there for, like, five minutes.

Altogether, though, looking at all of the rage that’s happening on Twitter, we do want to say that we’re sorry if you watched one of our videos and we said or did something that displeased you. We’re trying to get better. We never stop trying. But we mess up sometimes. Unfortunately, though, the internet looks like a game of Tetris: all of your accomplishments vanish, and all that remains behind are the mistakes you’ve made. Hopefully, we don’t keep on repeating those mistakes. Thanks to those of you who put up with our crap and support us over the years. After all, we’re only human and make dumb mistakes like everyone else in the world.

And, on that note, long live JISIMAKER!



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After School Club: What We Wanted to Say


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  1. What would JISIMAKER’s fans be called? Jizzies? Jizzlets?
    Simon sneaking in ‘we’d cream them’ is my favourite ASC moment ever.

    I wanted to leave you a message to let you know how much I love and appreciate you.
    I found EYK because of Music Mondays, but I subscribed because of you.
    You’re full of fun, happiness, rainbows and sparkles.
    Watching you being your (fairly dorky) selves has helped encourage me to be my (also fairly dorky) self.
    I admire your attitude, the way you deal with difficult times and the positive spin you put on everything.
    Whatever happens in the future, whatever videos you make, I’m sure I’ll be watching, just because you make me laugh!

    THANKYOU for all your hard work. That goes for the rest of the EYK crew, too. <3

    5 years ago
  2. Oke… soo I follow you on instagram. And that is the only social media I use to follow people (mostly famous people… Just stalking, never posting :) ) And because I’m not thaaaat interested in kpop I usually don’t really watch KMM anyway. I like the FAPFAP’S WANKS and WTF a lot more. It’s the culture of Korea that I prefer over the genre kpop (which YES people it’s JUST A genre of korean music) Whenever I would actually watch KMM because they would cover a band that I like (other than the 15 rotation bands that get reviewed over and over again) I would really enjoy myself. You point out stuff that I didn’t see before and it would be hilarious !!! I loved your point of view. I didn’t always agree with it but I always thought it was hilarious! Now, I also remember how you would always put up disclaimers everywhere and I thought it was always a bit excessive. I mean come on, people can say whatever they want and they have brains they WILL understand simple things like this is only YOUR opinion… Duh… Well I guess not !!! WTF!! People have serious problems!!
    Because of this blog post I was really curious about where all this hate came from… I have watched ALL your video’s apart from the KMM.. And never was I offended or angry about anything…
    After just a hour of browsing I came to this conclusion… Some people must have miserable life’s. To actually put so much effort into hating something is exhausting and time consuming. After 1 hour I felt compelled to throw my laptop away and go running! It gets so frustrating! They not only get offended about the stupidest things but they then take it out on you in awful ways.
    I never knew this. And I hate that I now know this. It makes a platform of entertainment where I would go to relax after a hard day of work or school a battleground! That is not what I signed up for especially not with my thesis deadline around the corner!
    Hopefully you will be able to go back to the lighthearted and fun video’s that I love !! Just drop the KMM’s they are NOT worth it and keep enjoying life. Especially now that you’re health is not optimal.

    5 years ago
  3. I loved your asc debut :) I’ve been a fan for a very long time and have loved most of your videos. I love your old videos and go back sometimes to watch them(my daughter and I watched your animal sounds videos recently, lol, ancient).

    I’ve disagreed with some of your reviews. Once or twice, i may have thought you went too far. I love songs you hated. Some of the music you love, I can’t stand. No two people are alike. It doesn’t mean I can’t like and respect you. I find Simon’s review of BAP’s Rain Song hilarious, he ripped it apart, and that song is one of my favorite BAP songs.
    Unfortunately most of the trolls will never actually watch a video or read a blog post. They listen to information that has been passed telephone style and see tiny screen shots and then start raging. Context, original intent, and accuracy aren’t high on the list.

    I love the things that your videos have introduced to me, the window into your lives and personalities, and the people I’ve met because of you (US Nasties Green Region ftw!). Thanks for all your hard work and your honesty with us :)

    5 years ago
  4. Dear EYK Crew,

    As an Engineer, even on “vacation” the reason you worry about your work is because you take pride in it; because it’s high quality.

    Find the few segments you enjoy producing and stick to making them the best quality. Trying to do too many things of A+ character is just too difficult. I believe you’ve exceeded everyone’s expectations and delivered accordingly.

    The most prolific artists in the world are said to push into uncomfortable boundaries, poke fun at what isn’t politically correct, and coronate point of views others don’t perceive; you’ve accomplished all of these feats.

    Just promise you’ll ask yourself this question before you upload your next video. Take a real long walk with no stimulation and ask:

    “Am I still having fun?”


    5 years ago
    • Which is why we’re cutting out Music Mondays. They’re not fun anymore. We still love doing WTFs, FAPFAPs, WANKs, and TLDRs, but KMMs are just not enjoyable, both in the stress that goes into making them, and the backlash that comes afterwards.

      5 years ago
      • Now I can see where you’re coming from. Certainly you comment on anything popular with a different point of view (or even a first impression) and the hate rains down.

        Personally KMM was a little cultural window for me, an area I’d never have stumbled across naturally being the other side of the globe. Sure I understand why you’re ditching the landmine, as the fun is sucked out of it, and of course I have many more cultural windows to explore with EYK.

        Just saying, it wasn’t all bad but you do sound seriously bruised from commentary. Trying, putting effort in and missing a perceived mark can be painful. However, becoming saccharin and generic to appease the masses is definitely worse. I hate to see that happen just as much.

        5 years ago
  5. I used to see what you post on twitter very often, but i haven’t done that lately so i didn’t know about this fuss until i watched the ASC episode (i missed seeing something from you guise). I was saddened by all the ugly comments that some people have posted on youtube though and i just wish people as amazing as you (the eyk crew) wouldn’t have to deal with that, but at the end of the day i guess there is always going to be good things and bad things too, but we need to focus on the good. I would like to say that i just simply love your channel and i discovered it at a time when i needed the help and your videos, your words and funny jokes helped me alot to get through. I watched all your videos as fast as i could and ever since your channel is the first channel i check to see if there are any new videos. I really love the work you do, i like to watch your pets do funny things as well, i love the fact that your crew is just awsome! and the people out there that are saying ugly things or making threats should first of all think about the hard work you do, the fact that at one point every person on youtube was new and maybe didn’t understand it fully/well, everybody learns more and more with time (the important thing being learning which they should appreaciate you for) and mostly – we are all human, we make mistakes, we regret them and do our best not to do them again, but us making mistakes doesn’t mean that others have a “free pass” to hurt us.
    I really hope things will get better. You should remember that there are alot of people out there who love you the way you are and truly support you and your decisions.

    Fun story: before i discovered your channel i happened to see someone wearing a spudgy t-shirt and i thought it was sooo coool! but i couldn’tt ask where it was from. Later on i understood and i couldn’t believe the coincidence of me seeing that t-shirt not long before seeing your videos. You guise were truly supposed to enter my life! Please say hi to Meemers for me! <3

    5 years ago
  6. This is the first time I’ve ever felt the need to comment on the blog before. I’ve been watching your videos for about a year and a half now, and I love you guys and your videos just as much as I did when I originally discovered your channel. Keep doing you. I’ll still be here supporting. You guys are more than just Kpop related content makers. You’re genuinely awesome, funny, entertaining people, and that’s what keeps me and many others watching. You brighten my day.

    Try to ignore the negativity/stupidity as best you can. You’ll never be able to please everyone. Just know that you’re doing something right, cuz you still have a lot of people who really love you, support you, and are excited for the content you’re continuing to create! Just felt like telling you guys that. Fighting ^~^

    5 years ago
  7. This is the first time I’ve actually felt the overwhelming need to comment.

    I tuned into your ASC appearance because I’m a big fan of EYK. Imagine my annoyance when what was supposed to be a fun guest appearance turned ugly upon reading so much negative reaction to the episode. Ugh.

    I just wanted to say you guys are probably the only hipsters in the world I actually like. I find you funny, intelligent, and entertaining, which is why I’m a subscriber. The amount of hate you’ve gotten for ASC alone is ridiculous, as are pretty much all of the so-called criticisms. Obviously you guys know enough to not pay it any mind, but since I know how nice it is to hear from others, I’ll say it: pay these fools no mind. You’re awesome the way you are, and don’t forget it.

    And while I’ll mis KMM, EYK was never entirely about KMM, so it’s not that big of a deal. Granted I wonder how I will find out about new K-Pop now, but there’s always other avenues for that. It would be nice to see you guys do a K-Pop overview post every season or even every year, though, like the “K-Pop in the Fall/Spring/Etc.” you were doing, because it’s nice to compare opinions.

    Anyway, y’all keep on doing what you’re doing as long as you like, because I think it’s awesome. Love to Spudgy and Meemers.

    5 years ago
    • I completely agree with you. EYK is so much more than the K-Pop aspect.I actually enjoy your other segments and videos more than KMM. I do like listening to K-pop, though, and it’s nice to compare. I just think that EYK is evolving and delving more into the stuff that isn’t KMM related–and I love it! I do think it’d be nice to maybe have a year overview in K-Pop or something like the different seasons to. It isn’t like you guys don’t talk about K-Pop in your other videos, either.

      Keep up the great work!

      5 years ago
  8. Dear Silly Simon and Minnie Martina

    I don’t leave a lot of comments but I just really felt like leaving something here. -.- Ahem: For the past 5 years that I’ve been watching you guys, thank you for giving us your infectious smiles and quirky jokes. In all honesty I hardly subscribe to any youtubers and u guys were my first subscribers and I just fell in love u with u guys the moment i laid my eyes on you (yes u may input cheesy music here ;p). I don’t care about what anyone says because u’ll always have my love and support. I hope u guys take the time to take a good rest and when u guys come back fully recharged all us nasties will give u big cuddly bear hug ^w^

    5 years ago
  9. I’ve watched you guys for about 8 months now, and overall I like you. However, I don’t agree with everything you said here. You say you’re working to improve, and that you consider all intelligent criticisms. But you don’t. I’ve seen it myself in real time, as well as screenshots. Someone will post something legitimately trying to help you out, but you are nothing but rude and dismissive to them.

    My main piece of advice to you is to not say anything. What started this whole twitter mess is you responding to negative tweets. Guys, the number one rule of the internet is “don’t feed the trolls.” You did all sorts of that, and the trolls just multiplied. These fandoms that you decided to mock and belittle are also part of your fanbase too. Please try to be respectful. Don’t fall down to the level of immaturity of the trolls!!

    I hope you guys see this, and that you know it’s written by someone who wants you to have a great return from your break with all of this as a distant memory.

    5 years ago
    • One of the problems with the internet is that everyone thinks their opinion is valid… when it’s not. Bloggers take advice and criticism but are much more likely to take it from a better source than random comments. They will be looking at what long term fans and other bloggers are saying. What you consider rude and dismissive may just be trying to play it off as a joke because the comments get overwhelming. The problem is that when someone comes with “advice” it may be something that they are completely aware of and are working on or something they have discussed to death already and don’t actually agree with that comment. I know Simon and Martina often use a quote from Harry Potter when people are trying to “help” with pronunciation, but how you interpret that says more about who you are and your current feelings than them actually trying to be rude. Not to mention there are plenty of fake screen shots around as well, so it hardly gives an accurate portrayal of someone. Everyone has bad days and not responding in a negative way is something that is expected of bloggers while everyone else is allowed to be as rude as they want. While you judge bloggers for being upset, I think a little understanding goes a long way as to how stressful it all can be.

      It’s easy to say “don’t feed the trolls” but there are differences between random trolls and long term haters who create groups of haters themselves and become ring leaders- leading their followers on these “crusades”. People should be allowed to have a rebuttal to this. Bloggers actually spend most of the time ignoring trolls and haters but sometimes there has to be a response. When people then start the “don’t feed the trolls!” without understanding what it’s really like, it’s frustrating.

      “Mock and belittle” are strong words that say more about your personal opinion than who Simon and Martina actually are. You have also said “You say you’re working to improve, and that you consider all intelligent criticisms. But you don’t.” This type of judgment shows that you think you know Simon and Martina and the EYK better than they know themselves, but obviously you probably don’t right? You have no idea what goes on in their home and studio and what conversations there are. I can see that you probably care about them and want them to be better, but your advice is still filtered through your personal opinion and the way things might sway you online without seeing the bigger picture. My advice and view of Simon and Martina is also affected by many things, but it also comes from knowing them personally and the type of people they are. (As well as being a blogger as well). So for me personally, it’s frustrating seeing these types of comments, even if you mean well… it doesn’t mean all advice is the best or that you understand the situation completely.

      5 years ago
  10. I’m sorry there are so many people in the world today that find nothing better to do then manufacture hate. The internet is just a perfect place for haters because they don’t have to look at the people they are trying to hurt. Don’t let them have control over your life. Fighting!

    5 years ago
  11. Please don’t ever stop being who you are. You are incredibly loved by so many people. You have created a family here. I sisters in the south, brothers across the pond and cousins in Asia I hope to meet someday. We love you.

    5 years ago
  12. Haven’t commented in a while and since the new changes to the website I hadn’t made a new account. Just did it to comment on this thread (and discovered my old handle had been taken, sad face). I haven’t seen the ASC show (yet), I don’t have Twitter or tumbler (is it really that necessary? grumble), and I could care less what faceless bullies have to whine about. All I know, like many others are saying, is that I participated in your kickstarter happily with no expectations (seriously, what do people expect out of these kickstarted things anyways – jeez), just as a thank you to the content that made my broke med school life more bearable back in 2009. I laughed at a ton of your videos and I really felt like you were down to earth people that I really admire. As time went on, there were some things that got a bit overboard and I felt comfortable enough to comment about it now and again. I won’t say you didn’t have your moments where I would side eye you guys, and sometimes felt that you didn’t realize where you were at as a platform, but I could see the point where it seemed you had a serious internal discussion and things shifted a bit. I saw a lot of changes since 2009, a lot for better but also a little bit of loss of that initial spark of a “foreigner in a new land” so to speak. I saw a renewed energy with the addition of Soozee and Leigh as well as with the opening of the cafe. These days I don’t always have time to keep up with everything, but I always know where to go if I need a pick me up, a laugh, or just to see some really genuine and good people (and adorable pets). Things are always changing and evolving and I can tell you’ve all as a company and as just regular people are doing the best to have a happy job and a happy life. The negative comments I have seen here and there are so obviously people stuck in the past that don’t bother to grow and re-evaluate, just like any bigoted/jealous group in all parts of history and conflicts around the world. Anyway, I just wanted to put my two cents in and let you know that through these past several years I have greatly appreciated the blood, sweat, and tears you both (and the whole EYK crew) have put into throwing yourself out there for our entertainment and letting us grow with you. Thank you!

    5 years ago
  13. This is an awesome post! I was so frustrated about what happened earlier this week. I had some good conversations with people, but mostly they were frustrating, and I can see why sometimes you get angry! It’s really hard to converse politely and logically with someone whose main tatic is to insult how you look or discount your points because you aren’t of the “right” racial background.

    I am glad that by posting this, you will prove to all the thoughtful people out there who might have been on the fence, that you are exactly who I knew you to be: caring, thoughtful people, who truly love what they do and have a passion and want to make the world a better place. And to think, I got hooked on your videos because of Spudgy. You two are so much more than cute dog videos, and I love you for it. Though, let’s be honest…the cute dog videos are a HUGE bonus

    5 years ago
  14. I can’t understand the shit you get from the haters… Is it because they think you are mean to kpop idols or something? It’s ironic because the kpop music mondays where you “critize” the song, have gotten me to listen the song! I mean, I saw your Music Monday of SuJu’s Sexy, free and single and after since I have loved the song! XD It’s good that you wanna make better videos but don’t require yourselves too much. ;)

    Anyways… It was sooooooo great to see you in ASC <3

    5 years ago
    • It’s almost definitely because they are critical of idols. Kpop fans are scary. If you want to test the theory, go to any kpop youtube video and comment, “the song is okay, but I feel like it’s not as good as the last one they made” and watch the fans organize a lynching mob. :/ I’m sure that there are sane kpop fans somewhere, but the loudest ones are terrifying and push people away from kpop.

      I’m going to be sad to see KMM go too, since it was the original reason I subscribed, but I honestly cannot blame them for dropping it. When the idols themselves come on and say that they find what Simon and Martina do funny, but the fans still freak out and send death threats, then I guess it’s time to pack up :(

      At least they’re still making other videos :) Maybe the comment section will be nicer with the kpoppers gone! :D

      5 years ago
      • True… I don’t get how the fans can be so “sensitive” and aggressive. When I started to listen kpop I told nobody because I was so ashemed to be part of such a mad group. I’m happy that through eyk I’ve noticed that not everyone is obsessed with it.

        5 years ago
  15. I would like to state first off, that I am not an avid EYK viewer. I watched a few episodes when I first moved to Korea, which were very informative, but since then there have been many things that have happened that, unfortunately, made it difficult for me to continue subscribing.

    Since you are open to polite discussions and criticism, I would like to point out one of the main things that has always bothered me. I realize you might be saying this to be funny, get a laugh, or just tell it like it is, but I don’t think many people appreciate your comments concerning idols’ English levels. As former teachers, I’m sure you know that not every student excels at learning a second language. So why do you make fun of and condemn idols? You currently live in another country where a different language is spoken, but you have remarked in the past that you do not know much Korean and have not tried to increase your Korean ability. If that has changed recently, I apologize, but if it has not… how can you judge others? You expect Koreans to learn English while living in Korea, but you do not expect foreigners living in Korea to learn Korean? Then you encourage young people to come over here to teach English and make it seem like it is okay to NOT learn the language of the country they are living in, which, I think, is a little disrespectful to the people around you. And it is extremely disrespectful to the idols who are working not only on singing and dancing, but also foreign languages so they can speak with fans, and news casters, bloggers, interviewers, etc, around the world.

    Sorry for the long winded comment. I just hope you take this as polite criticism with accompanying explanation for something that has bothered many people over the years.

    5 years ago
    • In case Simon and Martina don’t get a chance to reply to this, I’m going to clarify about this because many people seem to not understand about this. And I get it, if you don’t live in Korea or don’t understand much about entertainment companies here, you might make assumptions that they are making fun of actual idols’ English, but that isn’t the case.

      Simon and Martina are not criticizing the idol’s efforts in English. They are criticizing the COMPANY’S English. And these huge companies deserve to be called out, especially when they are going after an international audience.

      Being married to a Korean myself, and living in Korea, I get extremely frustrated at the arrogance at higher levels of Korean society when it comes to English. As does my husband who has acquired a good level of English. Koreans with actual English skills get pretty angry at the way English can be used in Korea. Many Kpop stars who have fluent English themselves have been forced to sing nonsensical English lines by their companies. I don’t think Simon and Martina have ever criticized an idol’s English where they are just trying in an interview or anything like that. When they are criticizing a song, they are criticizing the company and producers that made a song. When an idol sings with terrible English pronunciation, it’s not their fault – it’s the companies fault for either making them sing a random line that contributes nothing and they aren’t comfortable doing or for not providing the time and professional help in order to make that line work in the song. Rating the English in a song is not “oh lets make fun of the Koreans trying to speak English” it’s highlighting how badly English can be used and how it could be improved. And there sure are a lot of people higher up in the hierarchy system in Korea and in companies that need to learn that.

      Now to your point about not learning Korean. EYK have better Korean skills than me, even though I am married to a Korean. They can get around just fine, while I’m left floundering. My goal is to one day be fluent, but I hardly see why that has to be their goal. If someone has enough language skills to function within a country, isn’t that enough? They aren’t walking around forcing English on everyone, they are speaking enough Korean to be able to live in Korea.

      The problem with your argument is that when applied to other situations, it starts to get unfair. I could say the same thing to friends living in Australia who barely have any English skills. By that logic they SHOULD be learning more than basic English. I know it’s been very difficult for my sister in law to learn English while she has been in Australia for the past 2 years and at the end of the day, does she really need to if she is surviving and will one day return to Korea? If my parents in law one day move to Australia, they will have no English skills at all and won’t learn. Are they being disrespectful to the people around them if they do that? It’s something to think about.

      Also besides from what someone chooses to do, learning languages is not the same for everyone. I know plenty of teachers in Korea who have almost no chance to learn Korean because their entire work life is in English. Perhaps you’d like to criticize me for not speaking Korean well after living in Korea for a year and with my inlaws? Learning Korean is extremely difficult and is different for everyone. It doesn’t mean that someone is disrespecting everyone around them.

      5 years ago
      • Sorry, apparently I can’t edit my reply >< I'll concede to the lyrics part because I agree it's the companies fault (I'll make a generalized reply after this). However, as for the Korean- last time I heard, they knew enough Korean to get by, and that was it. I have coworkers who have been in Korea for less than 1 year that can do the same. But they aren't planning on staying in Korea for years, just for a year or two. I guess I'm just a little ashamed that they don't see it as an important thing to be fluent in the language of the country they plan on living in.

        You mentioned your sister in law who will be returning to Korea. You are right, being able to survive is enough for her, but what about EYK? As far as I can tell, they plan on staying here for awhile. And since part of their job entails conversing with Koreans, learning to converse in Korean seems a little important.

        As for your in laws, unfortunately yes, if they moved to Australia and did not learn any English, I think they are being disrespectful. It is like saying they are more important and above learning to converse with the people around them.

        And yes, you are correct. As an English teacher and a Korean language student, everyone learns different. You are living here and trying to learn and I applaud you! I have difficulty also and study every day. But we are both doing something EYK is not: trying to learn.

        Think of the reverse: If they were a Korean who moved to America and tried to get a job or tried to work or tried to interview people and they couldn't speak the language, how do you think people would react? They would be understanding at first yes. But after 7 years? Some level of fluency is to be expected.

        5 years ago
        • To answer your last question first. I know plenty of Koreans who have lived in Australia for years who don’t speak much English and don’t need to because they work in a Korean environment. They live with Koreans, they work with Koreans, it’s pretty hard to get a fluency in English and I don’t think they are being disrespectful by not being fluent. What a shame that you think that aging Koreans, like my inlaws, who will move to another country for their son are being disrespectful by not being able to learn English. You seem to lack understanding of what it’s actually like to live in another country. I’m not sure why you think my inlaws would be just dropped into a bunch of English speaking Australians? They would be living in a Korea town surrounded by Koreans in Australia. It hardly makes sense to learn much English at all. Obviously we have very different experiences that makes our views very different about living in another country.

          The same for people who are working in their native language in another country. Simon and Martina taught English and had to speak English all the time, now they work in a studio where English is the main language spoken. They write in English, they make videos in English, most work related stuff is actually in English. The same with my husband and I, our work, although in Korea, is mostly in English.

          The biggest problem with your post is your assumptions. You have assumed many things about Simon and Martina but you don’t really know that much. When we are with them in Seoul they ask my husband many questions about Korean culture and language. Martina especially asks what things are called and how things are said. So it’s hardly fair to assume that they are just deliberately learning nothing. Please don’t make assumptions like that.

          5 years ago
        • This is a personal topic for me. In the town I grew up in, there is a large Latino population, however many of those Latinos don’t speak Spanish. Do you know why they don’t speak Spanish? Because when their grandparents came they weren’t allowed to speak Spanish. They were told they were in America and they needed to speak English. Their children would be punished in schools if they spoke Spanish. So after having it basically beaten out of them, they stopped speaking Spanish. Do you think that was right to do that? I don’t. My 94 year old grandmother came to this country when she was in her 20’s, and she still only has a moderate grasp of English. My grandmother can speak whatever damn language she wants to. The father of the New York City police officer who was murdered needed translators at the funeral because after 20 years in this country, he didn’t have enough English to eulogize his son. He can speak whatever damn language he wants to. If people don’t like that my grandmother and Wenjian Liu’s father never felt the need to learn more English, they can fuck right off.

          5 years ago
        • I’m not sure I understand. Is there some sort of requirement or law that people living in Korea speak the language?

          One of the things that strikes me about your post is your assumptions about America. We get such a bad rap sometimes! If a Korean came to America (and we have quite a few who have), there’s no requirement to speak English other than that individual’s own personal decision to work on it or not. This may make getting by here more difficult, or not.

          Korea, from what I know, is a fairly homogenous society and this has its benefits. America, from what I live, is a fairly diverse society and this has its drawbacks. One of the most beautiful things about my country, though, is how we try. Americans are strange, naive and complicated people. We make very ugly mistakes, but we keep going and refuse to be defined by them. We have this faith that we will get to where we belong – becoming a more just, tolerant society.

          What do you hope for Korea?

          5 years ago
      • I’ll concede to the lyrics part because I agree that it’s the companies fault. Most of the times I’ve seen them laugh at lyrics, I don’t think they actually called out the c

        5 years ago
      • “You seem to lack understanding of what it’s actually like to live in another country.” The original poster lives in Korea btw

        5 years ago
        • So if the original poster actually lives in Korea they have a lack of understanding that everyone’s experiences are different and a total lack of compassion for other people’s situations if they have beliefs like that.

          Unfortunately I often see comments from people who come to Korea and are studying Korean full time at university, criticize others living in Korea for not being fluent in Korean. I’d love to put those people in a different situation and see how they handle it. It would be nice if people would stop being so judgmental about other’s language levels.

          5 years ago
    • I’ve never understood this point. They don’t make fun of idol’s actual english skills, or if they are it’s something that the idol has committed to publishing even though it makes no grammatical sense. There’s a difference between making fun of someone’s legit english level anda commercial product that they make fun of on WANKs and in lyrics. Those are professional products that someone is using to advertise yet it makes no sense despite the fact that Koreans work hard to learn english, of COURSE it’s free game because it is hillarious. No matter what your target language is, if you say something incomprehensible, it’s funny. Even more so when someone has the confidence to put it on a professional product even though it’s gibberish and not even get a proof reader.

      5 years ago
      • Exactly! And it isn’t as though these mistakes could have been honest mistakes in some cases. A lot of these groups have a native English speaker in them. If the lyrics were up to the idols, surely the native English speaker would have said, “umm, excuse me, but this is gibberish.” When we laugh at the English in a song, we’re laughing at the company.

        Also, I think the companies intentionally put weird English into songs to get the international crowd talking about their song. I’m STILL having conversations about what “fantastic elastic” is supposed to mean. As a marketing tool, it’s sort of brilliant, though it’s sad that it sometimes makes an otherwise amazing song sound a bit silly.

        5 years ago
    • Since you’re not an EYK viewer I just wanted to say a few things.
      There are a lot of EYK commenters/viewers who would make a comment and apologize for their bad English. I remember clearly that Simon and Martina once spoke about this in one of their videos. They said that they would NEVER make fun of somebody who is trying to improve their language skills or learn another language and nobody should apologize for not being proficient in a certain language because they know what its like as foreigners trying to learn korean. They spoke about this in detail but obviously, I can’t remember it all but I can assure you that EYK are definitely not making fun of idol’s English abilities.
      On another hand I’ve always found it ignorant of kpop to use english words without knowing its meaning. Imagine an western song with random asian words in their lyrics. Im sure as hell people would be complaining about how ‘racist’ the song is. I know that kpop doesn’t intend to offend people with english lyrics and that they do it out of admiration for western culture…but at the same time it can be viewed as an ignorant and disrespectful use of the language.

      5 years ago
    • When I watch the KMMs, it’s mostly the English LYRICS that are judged (as a joke, like you said, so lightly judged) which is not the idols’ fault but the companies. Criticizing companies is more justifiable, is it not? As a company, they have resources to have better written English in their songs. Again, still a joke, mm any love the Engrish lyrics.

      This is the only point I can clarify for you, on my own observations. Hope I was of help.

      5 years ago
    • I see why you are so confused. Maybe I can help. Simon and Martina seem to find it odd/funny that major music companies spend so much money on artists, songs and videos, but don’t take the very simple step of having a fluent (or even mostly fluent) English-speaker look over lyrics to weed out the worst of the mistakes. There are a few reasons why this is puzzling, but one of their big points is that the warped English phrases will actually cause many English-speakers not to take K-Pop seriously.

      Simon and Martina don’t think K-Pop idols need to learn fluent English, that would be crazy! As far as I know, they don’t criticize any individual’s English abilities either – it’s about the lyrics. Of course, I’m sure you could find an example or two of them saying something that, taken out of context, would allow someone to argue otherwise. Maybe this is why you didn’t understand?

      I hope I was helpful, I think this was really all just a big misunderstanding.

      5 years ago
    • All of you bring up a good point- they are making fun of the lyrics and the lines given to actors/ idols. And it is the companies that are at fault. But how many times did EYK call out the companies? In the end, they are still making fun of another person’s speaking. I’ve had many students who are great at reading and writing, but will not speak. Why? Because they made a mistake and were criticized and/or made fun of. It can shatter a person’s confidence.

      I know, I shouldn’t expect them to make a distinction every time they comment on English lyrics, but what can I say? I’m a teacher with impressionable students. All it takes is one misplaced comment meant to be a joke (a student overheard a teacher make a joke about another student’s incorrect grammar) to make someone afraid of speaking English.

      5 years ago
      • I’ll forgive since you said you don’t watch the videos that much but they call out the companies a lot. It’s usually “Why is SM giving them these lyrics” or they’ll refer to the band, which is brand and not the actual person. And it’s usually “____’s line” not “____ said.” Believe me, the kpop idols are ready and willing to admit the english they speak is not the best, when it’s a product like a song or a billboard it’s a professionally made thing, it’s not personal and it should be open to more criticism. There are so many filters it passes through that by the end point it should be something logical and professional. If it isn’t, then yeah it is pen to ridicule and I don’t think idols take it that personally because they have a lot of really embarrassing Korean lyrics too that don’t make a lot of sense but everyone has an awareness they the idol is just the mouthpiece.

        You’re correlating students’ personal work and effort versus designed products, and I just don’t think it works here. Their personal confidence doesn’t come from the lyrics since few lyrics are a result of the idols’ input, and even in the cases where it is, there should be a multitude of people there to correct it before it gets performed in front of people, it’s called professionalism.

        I honestly think Simon and Martina speak a lot more Korean in their day to day, but since they can’t do it at a decently professional level for camera each and every time, we don’t see a lot of it.

        5 years ago
    • Hey mate, just adding to your comment as a teacher as well :)
      In relation to the English of idols is it related to their general speaking ability of English or the English used in their music?

      5 years ago
  16. I just want to say I have been a fan since the beginning and still love you guise to this day. The people that have written those awful comments are pretty much trolls and dont know how to deal with peoples opinions, differences etc. Its really sad that some fans of Kpop and other music have sunk this low just to get attention. After what happened yesterday in Paris I hope those haters would learn just to accept peoples opinions and not accuse anyone of being a evil person because they may not agree with you.

    5 years ago
  17. Okay, I am vastly confused here! I knew you guys had haters, and many people disliked you. But as I am a loner, even on the internet I don’t interact to much within groups or communities, or participate in gossip. I rarely even look into what others think. I watch what I like, read what I like, and I don’t bother with things I dislike. I had no idea the hate was this bad. I love you guys<3 I hope all of this negativity doesn't bring you down. I still like watching you guys<3 when I got into you guys at first I didn't even watch the k-pop segments too much, It's still lower on my favorites list. I was way more interested in watching everything else and you guys being yourselves. My favorite used to be the WTF's, (I never won anything). I wish for you guys all the best. I'm just here to show I support you guys.

    5 years ago
  18. I don’t know if you guys will even see this comment considering how many there already, but I just wanted to share a few thoughts anyway. As an artist, I can totally understand the importance of developing and honing our skills. We should never stop learning or trying to improve no matter how ‘good’ our skills are, but occasionally it is OKAY to go back to crayons. To go back to the days where you just purely enjoyed doing art without restraint. As someone who has been following you guys for years (and im definitely not the only one here), I can confidently say I know you guys have always been candid and real in all your videos and that’s what made you guys what you are today. All the things you guys say and joke about are things that many of us would think or joke to with only those who are close to us out of fear that we may offend others…but you guys were able to tell these jokes and be yourself to MILLIONS of people out there. I believe this is the reason why you guys have such a strong fan base…because despite not ‘knowing’ you guys personally, your fans feel connected to how real you guys are. Unfortunately, fame comes with a cost. There will always be people who try to find things to hate about you guys. With everything you guys do, people will nitpick and make ridiculous connections (for example saying you guys are transphobic cause of the gender guessing game, saying you guys are racist for making fun of korenglish etc.) when its obvious to us that you guys did NOT say these things with that intention in mind. But it doesn’t matter to haters cause they will always want to find something to hate no matter what you do. You guys will always be fighting a war that you can’t win. So the point of my long rambling is that…you guys have a lot more people on your side than against you and a lot of us will support whatever content you put out, not because we’re delusional fans but because we know you guys from all these years of following your works. Ultimately, I hope you guys will do whatever you enjoy the most because as long as you guys enjoyed doing it, we will enjoy watching it. It doesn’t matter what it is, how badly its edited or filmed. Stress and pressure is toxic to creativity and it all becomes meaningless once you no longer enjoy whatever it is that you are creating.
    Honestly, im kind of glad you guys are dropping KMM because its always been hard watching EYK get hate on by delusional and crazy fan girls. I couldn’t believe the crazy idiots who were harassing you guys on twitter. They just make their idols and fanbase look bad without changing ANYTHING.

    FYI- I used to never watch music monday videos although I eventually did just because I ran out of things to watch. I am WAY more interested in all you guy’s other videos. There are also many EYK fans who aren’t here for kpop :)

    5 years ago
    • Also theres no need to feel embarrassed about your old videos. Although the editing, lighting, etc. isn’t as professional, I still enjoy them as much as the new ones. I think the most important thing is really the ‘content’ and you guys have always had good content- a lot of it coming from simply being who you guys are. Don’t be ashamed of those days where you enjoyed sharing your jokes with us (no matter how stupid they may seem to you now) because you wouldn’t be where you are today without them :)

      5 years ago
  19. I don´t get what is happening here, i’ll just say “happy new year!!” to all the EYK crew, and wish you can take some well deserved vacation.

    Jisimaker… wish i could see the reaction from the people making the show when you come out with that awesome name.

    5 years ago
  20. “In trying to please all, he had pleased none.” ― Aesop, Aesop’s Fables
    Some people are always going to find a reason to hate, thats what they know. I hope there are more people on the sane and happy side of the equation than not.

    5 years ago
  21. I can’t believe the amount of negativity that surrounds your older videos and that you’ve been made to feel so embarrassed about even making them. I never thought that you were offensive, I thought that you were fun and quirky people who had things that they wanted to share with a community that was eager to hear about those things. Honestly, I would like to say that I prefer your older videos. Recently I feel that as you’ve become more popular and you’ve had all your hard-earned success rewarded with a fantastic studio, that your videos have become somewhat less personal. I feel that they’re lacking the sparkle and pizazz that your previous videos had, maybe due to the change in setting. I never thought that your videos were badly edited, it had a bit of a homemade feel to it which I miss.
    I know you guys work so hard, and that you worked so much harder when it was just the two of you, and that obviously you needed to make things a little easier on yourselves, so I congratulate your success. I just hope that maybe you return to your old style a little bit more, when your hiatus is over. I miss the fun KMMs and more personal TL;DRs, that your channel used to be full of, but I understand times change.
    much love! and I hope you guys continue to make videos.

    5 years ago
  22. Hi guys! Happy News Years! Warm fuzzies and warm puppy hugs for you! The back and forth happening is never going to end I hope you know that, but that is not what is truly important. There was a piece of knowledge bestowed on me by a professor that I think can be interpreted here. A successful culture, society, organization etc is one that can be progressive, that is able to change while keeping its core values. It is how values are perceived, interpreted, and conceptualized that causes difference. Basically its a clever way of stating that that nothing is perfect because everyone perceives the world, concepts, and ideas differently. Big concepts like right, wrong, simple, or complex are all subjective. I am not a keyboard warrior in the sense that I am forcefully defending your honor, but I just want to show my support for being progressive, life in all its twist and tangles are progressive. This is all essentially a way of repeating my initial comment of Warm Fuzzies :) Heads up high guys, its going to be okay.

    5 years ago
  23. Hello, I’ve never posted on here before. I don’t normally post on websites. I just read this blog yesterday (I haven’t checked the EYK site in a few days) and this just really bothered me. Simon and Martina, your videos are amazing. I’ve watched your videos, both new and old, and I have never felt offended by anything. I definitely relate to your NASTY sense of humor. When I’m feeling down, I watch your videos because they are a ray of sunshine in the dark storm that is the internet. I don’t know if you both are still checking the comments for this blog, but know that the NASTY community will always have your backs.

    On another note, I respect your decision to discontinue the K-Pop Music Mondays, but will Fangurilla be making a return? She is probably one of my favorite characters of yours.


    5 years ago
  24. Like many of the fans who have posted before me, I too have never felt the need to post. It wasn’t until after I read through some of my peers comments that it prompted me to peruse the internet and see what all the chatter was about. All I can say is that I am thoroughly appalled by what I found. Now, I could write a long sappy comment, but I know that in your heats that you know how much your loved and honestly as a beautiful, young and successful couple Simon and Martina, you don’t need deal with this garbage. In my opinion, anyone who refers to themselves as a BELIEBER, or who has the mantra KPOP IS LIFE and lists their location on twitter as: PU$$Y, does not have anything remotely relevant to say about anything and thus is not worth your time,energy, or aggravation. I love what you do and I love what you have accomplished and so no matter what decisions you make, I support you.

    5 years ago
  25. Hey guise, I really dislike the fact that you are having to apologize for the nth time for all the things you’ve said either in your vids or posts. I feel that people (certain kpop sasaengs) take your comments and opinions so badly that they want to make horrible comments to let you know how mean you guys are (and other worse things). I have known about you guise for a couple of years now, and when I was getting ready to go over to Korea in 2012, your vids about what to expect really helped me not have too much culture shock and be able to enjoy my 2 years there. I absolutely adored your KMM’s and felt that your opinions were hilarious and random and sometimes ridiculously over the top, but I understood that it’s YOUR own opinion, and if my opinion differs, then that’s how the world works. While the internet has been great to get freedom of expression out to other countries, it has also let people have their freedom of expression anonymously, which some take to extremes, unfortunately. I feel that in society nowadays, people are not as held responsible as they should be for actions and words, which is why I think a lot of people feel the need to post such hateful comments. I dislike that very much, and I know as a teacher and E.A. back in Canada, I have had to remind a lot of my kids that just because you don’t like someone or something they do, does not give you the right to voice it out loud. You can say it in your head as much as you want, but the minute you say your dissatisfaction with a classmates ‘weird’ behaviour, it puts you in the spotlight to get reprimanded from authority.
    I just wanted to let you guise know that you are awesome, and I feel that while your vid concepts have changed, I still enjoy hearing your opinions about kpop vids and TL:DR’s because it’s sometimes a new perspective on a situation, or just something different. I feel you are opening up a lot of peoples eyes when it comes to life abroad and also bringing awareness to topics that should be openly discussed because it is important to broaden horizons.
    I met you in Korea in 2013 and I was so happy and it was super fun.
    I applaud your work and while you may think you need to fix mistakes, you also need to realize that there will be people out there who will always be butthurt over opinions that are not positive about ‘their’ kpop group/soloist.
    Much love, and hope you are feeling better and hugs to all! And tummy touches for Spudgy, and head scratches for Meemers :D

    5 years ago
  26. ^^ Be yourself and keep it up ~ love you all!

    5 years ago
  27. I also don`t believe you have to apologize for your older videos, nor be embarrassed by them. You`re just being people and sharing your opinions. The ones at fault here are the haters. Why do they get so hung up over you not liking their favourite k-pop group? If they had some self-confidence, they could just say “oh, they don`t like my group and they make fun of them. So? Whatever, I still like them”. God, people have different tastes, live with it.

    It`s always a good thing to be able to reflect upon your actions and words. But please don`t reflect too much to the point where you have to think about every single joke and statement you make. Keep on being your spontaneous imperfect selves, because the good people out there will like you for it

    5 years ago
  28. Hey Simon and Martina,
    I’m not going to pretend to be your biggest fan but I’m sorry for the witch hunt that you’ve fallen victim to. It’s pretty embarrassing having to see so much unnecessary attack which you don’t deserve.
    Yes, I dislike and have felt offended by things you’ve said before, but hey – nobody’s perfect, you’ve acknowledged your faults, and you’re willing to be better. That’s all anybody can ask of you.
    I do hope you’ll always be ready to take in constructive criticism – even if it’s a little biting – rather than blocking every single tweet or comment. However, as for the name-calling, death threats and downright insulting and out-of-line comments, they’re not worth your time.
    There are a lot of people who are going to dismiss your apology and persist with finding faults in you. Please don’t feel discouraged by them from doing what you do. Your videos bring a lot of joy to your fans and I’m sure they’re willing to forgive. All the best.

    5 years ago
  29. I think some of the hate comes from the anxieties people are feelings. This has been a rough year in the kpop industry, but it’s also been a rough year for KMM. S&M, you have traveled a lot and made some great videos abroad, but the die-hard, angst kpop fans are disgruntled by this. *This is all speculation on my part.* I loved your tweet about the wakefulness of fan persons; seeing tumblr posts and tweets from the hateful people is like delving into the mind of a grumpy 8 year old. (Laughs nervously)
    I’ve been watchingyour videos for years. It’s fun to watch you both explore and learn. I like the travel videos you both make. You’re globetrotting and we get to breakthrough your experiences.
    One piece of criticsim I have, though, is that I do feel like the Korea videos are a little sparse. I know it’s because you’re both extremelyextremely busy. But even the eye awards were very short. I couldnt tell if they were short feeling because it’s a new format, or if it’s because you’re trying to avoid getting yelled at by crazy fan people.
    Regardless, keep on creating content that pleases you!! As long as you havegoodn intentions and passion, you can’t go wrong with us rational fans. Stay nasty!! :-)

    5 years ago
    • Sorry for typos, how embarrassing. I may or may not be typing this while I’m in class. Teehee

      5 years ago
  30. Cheer up guys! The number of people who love and support you guys overpower those who are spreading the hate.
    I have been a fan of EYK for years already and yeah, there are times when their opinions or their statements aren’t really compatible with mine but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I have the moral obligation to post harsh, immature and speculative arguments and insults against them. What they are posting and saying in videos are just their view and opinion regarding the matter at hand, not everyone will have the same thoughts as everyone else, each and everyone of us will have different insights regarding different subjects. We as individuals have the responsibility of keeping ourselves open-minded despite having our own views. The problem that I see from most of the hate posts I see that are directed to EYK, is that you’ll obviously notice that it was made with the purpose of hating and are just there to nitpick and provide negative criticisms, maybe its because they got offended with one post/video they made about this certain group and then most of the fans are off to the internet to spread the hate. Seriously what I have been noticing, most (if not some) of the k-pop fans nowadays are too rabid and becoming more immature and impulsive. And this circumstance is affecting those fans that are level-headed and mature enough to see both sides of a conflict.
    Where did the feel good and stress free kpop universe from before have gone?

    I am happy that Simon and Martina are trying to change and learn from their past mistakes, I noticed that too in their videos throughout the years. It shows that they are open to negative comments that would help them see which areas they have to improve more and that they are open to having polite and well-mannered conversations/discussions with their viewers. :)

    5 years ago
  31. I cried reading this. It’s probably the most beautiful and intelligent response to online hate that I’ve ever seen.

    I really respect the way that you’ve addressed this and I strongly believe that this is the bravest thing I’ve seen on the internet.

    Love you and respect you more than ever!
    In the meantime, when’s the debut of JiSiMaKeEr gonna be? :)

    5 years ago
  32. Thank you for making an apology. I can’t deny that you’ve made mistakes before, but it was a wise decision to set things straight. People are going to be so mad because you pointed out “reverse racism” though.


    5 years ago
    • Really? We didn’t say that ALL people that are angry hate white people, right? People have raised valid points, for sure. There are some really civil people that we’ve spoken with. But there are some that we’ve read that, whoa, have some deep, deep anger towards white people. No?

      5 years ago
      • Yeah I agree with you, I just mean that if someone says “I don’t want any white people on my blog” on tumblr and someone says “Isn’t that kind of racist” all hell will break lose with people going “omg white tears everywhere”. It’s kind of stupid.

        5 years ago
        • I didn’t see an edit button so I have to add this in a different post. Sorry!

          I have learned many things from Tumblr. About how parts of the world work. I have become more aware of social issues. This is true.

          But that doesn’t make up for the mental strain and toll it took on me once it became such an awful place. It doesn’t measure even slightly up to what I’ve seen these deranged lunatics do to other people. Even the people they’re supposedly “protecting”. The groupthinking and forced conformity is comparable to…well, you can probably guess. I’m gonna take a risk and say it anyway: North Korea. The way Tumblr is now is seriously frighteningly similar to North Korea. You might think I’m overreacting but I have seen so many posts going something like “white straight boys r dumb” and getting half a million likes and reblogs.

          I’ve had friends (3) commit suicide for daring to speak against what the majority thinks. 3 friends killed themselves over this. 3 friends took their own lives because they were SILENCED. They were threatened and were doxxed, their information spread around, they were threatened with rape…All of these horrible things. They were silenced and coerced into compliance. I see that happening with a lot of people. They’re afraid to speak out to the hatred and the fetishism.

          It’s terrifying, actually. I don’t post my selfies anymore because of this. I’ve turned my ask and submit box off and had to take ridiculous measures just to feel safe. The only reason I stay on Tumblr is because that’s where my friends are and there’s still happiness to be found. It’s rare, but thankfully I’ve found it. I follow mostly picture and KPOP blogs, as well as Attack on Titan blogs that I know are safe.

          Sorry for the vulgarity, but fuck Tumblr. Fuck *almost* everyone who uses it.

          5 years ago
      • Incorrect. Simon and Martina. You say you were reflecting on your old selves, you only see bad things. However, I found those old videos 100 times better than nowadays. It was more genuine, you guys ENJOYED putting EFFORTS into videos to gain fans. Nowadays, after the kickstarter, not sure if fame got into your head, but you stopped posting KMM, you stopped posting as much videos. All youve done is travel whenever you can or invest into other businesses. You forgot WHY fans GAVE you that money. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE rewatch the video where you were begging for money. All those promises about new series, new videos, drama reviews, faster loading time after hiring people. Come on. Where are they ? We passed the kickstarter goal right ? I sincerely hope you didnt just use that money to open up new business ventures. Your fans are tired of waiting, tired of getting betrayed. You even stopped posting your most popular segment KMM. You guys were TEACHERS, yet you became so immoral to use your fans money. Next time just ask other popular youtubers how they generate revenue.


        5 years ago
        • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmIoLR4s_Mo

          I’d suggest that you rewatch the video that you’re suggesting they rewatch. Just in case you don’t feel like rewatching it, I’ll tell you what they said (I typed it as I watched it. I actually was willing to believe you at first, because I started watching EYK *after* they made that video, so I had to dig back to find it)

          Here is where they talk about what will happen if they get the money-

          “We’ll have somewhere to film and store our video equipment.” Ta da! This one came true. They got the studio. Let’s see what else they said.

          “We’ll have somewhere to conduct interviews with kpop idols and Korean artists.” Cool, this one happened too. They’ve interviewed various kpop people and had some indie people on as well.

          “And we’ll have somewhere to meet you guys for possible meet-ups in Korea.” Remember the little store they put up and how they had a Halloween party and how they met fans at their studio and we saw videos of that? Sounds like this one happened.

          “We might even be able to hire a full time video editor to help us so we don’t have to work 70 hours a week anymore.” Suuuuuuuuu Zeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Looks like this one came true. Though, they still seem to work really long hours.

          “And, with an editor, we can finally start putting up those video segments that we always wanted to do, but never had the chance to.” Okay, so this is the one you’re upset about, huh? Let’s delve further into what they said.

          “You want to see new EYK segments, don’t you? I have so many ideas- drama segments, and interviewing Korean people.” Okay, they didn’t get a drama segment, though I feel like KMM might be replaced by that, but that’s just an idea. And, the “interviewing Korean people” idea- I’d like you to check out the booth they set up in their cafe so that regular Korean people can say what they want. They did follow through with that.

          As far as different segments go, they did make some changes. They added Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang. Yeah, other segments died away and yes they did spend more time travelling, but from what I can tell, they spent that time thanking the fans who supported them, and those fans seemed really glad about that.

          There are times I wish they had stayed home and made more videos, but then I realize how selfish I’m being. Even if I had given them money for the fundraiser, I have no right to tell them how to live their life and right now they are living their life on camera for everyone to enjoy.

          They said the fundraiser was to get a studio. They got the studio. And they kept making videos this past year, despite being busy with other things as well. There’s nothing immoral about asking for money to rent a building space and then using the money to rent a building space. Just because you’re unhappy doesn’t mean that you can pretend to justify your feelings by calling them names with no merit.

          tl;dr It’s a bummer that you’re sad, but you shouldn’t pretend that they owe you anything.

          5 years ago
  33. I don’t know if this is super relevant but it felt relevant to me in a society and an internet culture where the mean and the spiteful seem to occupy a lot of space. It’s just a little video that talks about scientific facts that show that nice behaviour is what will make you successful in the long run.


    5 years ago
  34. Oh :3 I love you guys.
    I just went on a light, polite, rage EYK semi-defense comment spree. This post makes me feel better. I do believe that you’ve made quite a few mistakes, but I’ve never hated you guys for them, and am glad that you can get over them and hate while accepting that you should not have done many things.
    This is a mature post. (Well, save that JISIMAKER joke… That I think I get but don’t like or just don’t get) Unlike some people- both your haters and your defenders. Civilized people are harder to find these days…

    TT.TT Anyhow, thank you for this post, for your work and passion. It’s a pity many of the more civilized antis won’t read this post BECAUSE of the fact that they are civilized and try to avoid conflict…

    And I hope this post can be read, my posts aren’t showing up on EYK lately…

    5 years ago
  35. as a gateway into the k-world. But as we all get older we grow and start seeing things in a new light and this weekend just kinda scared me. I tried to see where the points of hate were valid and although as you admitted, their might be a few, I just couldn’t see why the hate was being regurgitated as much as it was. I have never been so angry with individuals in my life. I was severly contemplating making an account just to troll the trolls…

    That being said you guys, as a company, have made mistakes but what company hasn’t? As people, you have grown and learned many lessons. There is an old saying, a problem is only a problem if it can’t be fixed, otherwise, its just a harsh lesson. Seeing you guys make this post acknowledging this hate and learning from it just makes me love you guys more. As a fan and individual, I will always be supporting you from my little corner of the purple region. Much love and many interweb hugs!!!

    5 years ago
  36. Hi Simon and Martina! Long-time viewer, first-time commenter. I just wanted to add my voice to the support you’ve been getting on here. I LOVE your channel and check back regularly to see your latest batch of new videos when I need a good laugh. You’ve also re-introduced me back to K-POP. I was briefly bedazzled by it back in ’09 when Gee came out but didn’t give it much thought again until I started watching your videos last year. Now, I love listening to K-POP when I’m on deadline or need to get pumped for a workout. (My friends think it’s an odd personality-tic, but I say, to each their own!) So, thank you for that!

    I’ve got to agree with Irritablevowel’s thoughtful comments. The hate you’ve received seems to me to be 98% cyber-bullying, 2% valid, useful, thoughtful feedback and criticism. The 98% have got to be kids whose reasoning and critical thinking aren’t quite ready for prime-time. (And I have to say it kind of sucks if they’re your target audience…they are so damn fickle.) This 98% probably doesn’t understand different types of humor (PC and not-so PC), the meaning of the word “opinion”, and they are probably still cursed with pretty thin skins. If the 98% isn’t composed of crazy-obsessed and hyper-sensitive teens (oh yes, I was one once…), then I don’t know what this world is coming to. I’ve got mad respect for you for going to a new country, starting your own business(es!), and continually trying to up your game and learn from your mistakes. Yes, you might not know how your opinions will be perceived but you seem open to honest, constructive feedback from people from a variety of backgrounds, and that is sooooo important. All of us need to be schooled on our own ignorance occasionally. And, yes, the quality of your videos might vary from time to time – you can’t win all the time, and every enterprise has it’s ups and downs. And yes, you’ve grown up quite a bit since 2008; tastes and times change. So what? It’s your thing, you’re in the driver’s seat, you look at your environment and prospects and make your own decisions for your business and lives accordingly. I for one say: Keep doing what you’re doing! Many of us think you are AWESOME and hilarious and we love your work on the whole and will continue to support you.

    In closing: Don’t stop, believing…hold on to that feeling! (Yes, I’m old enough to know of and recite Journey lyrics…)

    (P.S. And I am TOTALLY patronizing your cafe when I next find myself in Seoul!)

    5 years ago
  37. I really want to thank you for writing this in your blog.

    Over the last week I have been seeing so much hate for you guys from people who I consider friends on social media. I have always known not every k-pop fan watches your videos or finds them appealing. Fine, we all have different tastes, if you don’t like EYK then don’t watch their videos. But it really disgusted me seeing these k-pop fans hating so much on you, they all sounded like those annoying haters that hate on something for the smallest reasons that are not good legitimate reasons. They made posts about things you wrote, said, made it out of context and spread posts, gathering hatred. It made me realise even people who are usually level-minded and considerate people can become horrible people who think its ok to spread hate, if they feel the cause is just. There was a event planned to tweet hate messages when you went on ASC. So sickening.
    Yes, you guys have said some things I thought somewhat crossed the line. Because of all the hate was coming from people I usually connect with, and because I have an open mind, I also considered some of the things people were saying, and they sometimes had a point. However, the way they treating you as if you were like Hitler or something was absolutely absurd and out of line. I’ve been a fan of you guys for years, and I know your personalities and that you are good caring people. Maybe you made mistakes, and maybe your opinions are different from mine sometimes, but I still love you guys and I love your videos and what you have done for connecting Korea & foreigners. I doubt I would be so into k-pop and Korean culture if it weren’t for you. A lot of these haters don’t follow you, or have stopped being your fans due to a dumb reason like you didn’t like their oppas music video, and forgotten what kind of people you are. Because wonderful hard working people like you do not deserve this ridiculous behaviour.
    I’m so happy you have been learning from your mistakes, and have apologised, which was all I wanted to hear from you. I hope EYK and Nasties last for a long time and keep a healthy relationship, one where we can calmly point anything out we don’t agree with, and you can take it into consideration :) If we can continue this, I will always support you!

    5 years ago
  38. This comment thread runs so deep it took me from wanting to comment to then not, but I’ll stick to my guns just to inject positivity. I did sign up after all

    I think that even if you feel your old videos weren’t as good for whatever quality reasons, they have that fun loving spirit that you can’t take away from Simon and Martina. Seeing that there is this tornado of…… this stuff, can’t be helping that enthusiasm you have. That spirit you have mixed with the exploration of whatever Korean culture topic you take on is what got me hooked years ago and is still what I wait for in my subscription box. I like coming along and finding out things with you and seeing you enjoying your lives.

    Your wanks do this perfectly and if its true you are going to bring back indie stuff that makes me beyond excited. The indie scene is so much more accessible that it leaves lots of room for a Simon and Martina step in :) Hearing things in your indie segments like giant Simon in a go-go star mosh pit is perfect and I wish there was a way to experience those feelings with you.

    I’m starting to go off but the main thing I wanted to say but STAY YOUR POSITIVE SELVES BECAUSE THAT’S A LOT OF WHAT MAKES ME WANT TO WATCH EATYOURKIMCHI AND EXPAND MY OWN LIFE IN THE SAME ENTHUSIASTIC WAY. You inspire positivity with your own :)

    Thanks guys

    5 years ago
  39. How come you have blocked my friends who HAVE tried to engage you in intelligent discourse then? Some of these people didn’t even directly mention your account, but brought up some things that you two have done over the years and they were blocked by your account. Others, didn’t curse, didn’t send you death threats, just tried to engage in an intelligent conversation and were blocked. Mind explaining that? Because that completely goes against what you were just talking about in this blog post and makes you pretty big hypocrites.

    5 years ago
    • Could you give me an example of who we blocked that was civil? I’m sorry. The time that we were blocking people on Twitter, it was quite a torrent of anger and insults and threats (really, it was overwhelming). And we might have blocked a wrong account. It has happened before, in which we try to block one person, but then block another by accident, someone who has been following us for a long time.

      If you’d like, we can unblock them, sure! Though, I’m getting the feeling that maybe – just maybe – you or your friends wouldn’t be interested in that. No?

      Also, please try to talk without name calling here. Is that possible?

      5 years ago
      • I just asked my twitter in general why they were blocked by you guys and the main response was “I was just talking honestly about them, no swearing or threats or anything”
        I can’t really share their usernames here because I want to share this without name calling D:
        I’ve also had some of your supporters coming to me and calling me “retarded for having an unworthy unintelligent opinion” :/ I found you guys back in 2009 (Simon’s English lesson video to be exact) and have watched a lot of your stuff so I wouldn’t call my opinion unworthy nor unintelligent.
        I have to say, I have disagreed with some stuff you guys have said but I have NEVER wished death upon you both or your pets or Leigh or SooZee. I think some people take things way too far… on both sides. I really wish people wouldn’t go around sending death threats and calling each other retarded. :c Here is to peace!

        5 years ago
        • Maybe that is what happened, but to be honest (not mean, but honest) most people will say, “I didn’t do anything wrong! I was unjustly punished for just being a good person.” when they’ve done something wrong. I used to help moderate some Minecraft servers and the people who would get muted for cussing and threatening people would often make ban appeals saying almost word for word what your twitter people said.

          Now, I have no way of knowing whether your twitter people are telling the truth, but you don’t either, unless they have some proof to offer.

          As far as their supporters bad-mouthing you specifically, yes, I can definitely believe that. Sometimes when you like something a lot, you can carry it too far. And often, when any of us have something slightly negative to say, we don’t think carefully about how we phrase it. And, even if we do, sometimes someone gets offended anyway. I’m sorry for the harassment that you’ve received. Maybe peace is something we can all find someday. :)

          5 years ago
  40. I don’t comment often nor do I follow Tumblr or Twitter so I didn’t realize how much hate EYK gets. It makes me so sad that people cannot be civil on the internet just because they can hide behind their computers. I love the fact that you guys are silly, unafraid to be embarrassing because honestly there’s no reason to be. Between my friends and I, we make fun of the things like you do all the time. I highly doubt that you guys are disrespectful especially to kpop idols but it seems like the loud, extremely sensitive kpop fans don’t understand that in most cases, you are just criticizing the companies they work for.

    Simon and Martina, I follow you guys on instagram, on the awesome EYK app, read your blog posts, watch all your live chats and Open the Happy videos so I feel like I really know you guys in the more honest sense. Please don’t stop making videos especially FAPFAPs and cute videos of your pets, oh and videos with SooZee, Lee, and Rose (introduce her properly!). On some days, especially the rough ones, they are the highlight of my day and I got my boyfriend hooked so it’s our bonding time too <3

    Sending you guys lots of love and hope you're getting better! I hope to go back to South Korea some day (went there for a study abroad) and drag my boyfriend along to visit the You Are Here Cafe and perhaps meet the EYK crew in person!

    5 years ago