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Avengers: Age of Ultron Cake!

April 24, 2015


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Hey everyone!

HERMAHHGERD! ERRRBENNGERRRRSS! Did we tell you that we’re big Marvel nerds? Not only do we wear Marvel clothing like nerds, we’ve read tons of Marvel comics as well. We even read the Age of Ultron story arc, well before the movie came out (though, the two of them have very little to do with one another). And Age of Ultron just came out in Korea! A week before it comes out in the US. WOOHOO! Yes, of course we watched it today! It was awesome! Awesome! Had some issues that kinda niggled at me, but nothing tremendously off-putting like Iron Man 3. Oh gosh I gotta stop needing out about Marvel and Avengers now and get back to my story about this cake.

Anyhow, we saw this cake being advertised for a while now, and knew we had to do a video about it, so we could nerd out about how the scenes from the new Avengers movie were literally filmed outside of our apartment, and we know all of the areas very well, but also because – hey – it’s ice cream, and ice cream videos are fun. I will say one thing, though: I’m repulsed by how much of that cake landed in my beard. Whoa. I blame the extreme windiness, so I couldn’t feel it on my beard, but I think it’s mostly my boyish glee that got in my way.

Side note: if you watch the new Avengers movie, and you know Seoul well, you might be weirded out like we were how the continuity of Seoul is messed up. In one scene they’re beside our apartment, in the next they’re a lot farther away, and it jumps all over the map and doesn’t make sense. It was very disconcerting.

Oh yeah! The cake! Overall, it was pretty lame. It was just different Ice Cream flavours, all of which already exist in Baskin Robbins, with some Avengers branding put on it. Nothing really original there, or even really relevant to the Avengers. The flavors don’t represent the Avengers at all! You could easily have taken off the top chocolates, and put on different characters from DC and it wouldn’t make any less sense. Kinda disappointed. I would have loved to have eaten an ice cream shaped like Ultron, kind of like our Baskin Robbins Elsa Cake that at least looks like her, right?

So, that’s that. We had fun filming outside, at least! I like it when we’re outdoors. IF ONLY IT WASN’T SO WINDY! It hasn’t been that windy since. It was just this one day that jinxed us. It’s been all calm and perfectly lovely here in Seoul since then. Also, we weren’t able to post this yesterday, because we spent the day with Spudgy at the vet. He underwent a very risky surgery, in which the vet told us that he thought Spudgy wasn’t going to make it through. We were emotional wrecks, but somehow Spudgy survived the surgery! MY SWEET BOY! Anyhow, we weren’t able to post this video yesterday, because of Spudgy. But he’s ok now, thankfully. Let’s just hope he convalesces from surgery without any complications :D

We’ve got some scenes that didn’t make the end final cut, including a photobombing ajumma and us trying to figure out what the Marvel theme song is:



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Food Adventure


Avengers: Age of Ultron Cake!


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  1. UN Ñiño le prengunto a su


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    que no.

    ¿Piensas que soy lindo? y ella

    contesto que no.

    ¿Me tienes en tu corazón?y ella

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    Hoy a media noche tú amor se

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    Algo bonito te va a pasar


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    Da igual donde estés: en

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    rompes esta cadena tendrás

    mala suerte en10

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    Así que pega esto en

    20 comentario

    5 years ago
  2. Being a nerd and an ex-comic book store employee I don’t think either Marvel or DC are better (I LOVE image comics, guess I’m kinda indy)

    BUT. I wanna point out that with the reboot of the universes for both companies, Marvel IMPROVED the female costumes. Some are still kinda… you know, why are you fighting in a thong? But most have improved greatly.

    As for DC… well… have you seen the rebooted Starfire? O_o

    PS: You guys ever read Invicible? It’s HELLA good. :D

    5 years ago
    • Oooh a comic fan! Actually, I haven’t read that many comics outside of Marvel. I feel like I’m so invested in the Marvel Universe that adding a new universe would be too much. Why would it be too much? I don’t know. But I did hear about Starfire before from someone else!

      5 years ago
  3. What do you guys think about the slut “joke” from Renner and Evans and the rape “joke” in the Ultron movie? I think it would be important to discuss this… :)

    5 years ago
  4. You know, I think Captain America is so popular because he’s played by Chris Evans (he was in that Korean movie Snowpiercer)? Just a thought. My Korean friends seemed to know Chris Evans pretty well because of that movie. Disappointed that the cake was just ice cream flavours they carry at their store, it could have been so much more!! And agree with you on the scenes from Seoul, it would be difficult to figure out where they were if you’ve never been to the individual locations because it’s really pieced all over the place.

    5 years ago
  5. Oh no… I’m so glad to hear Spudgy’s okay, but sad and scared his life was in jeopardy. Here’s to 10 more years of the Spudgy!! He’s my favorite dog. O’ and great ice cream cake. Have you guys seen Age of Ultron yet?

    5 years ago
  6. I was in my local Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins (side note: they combine DD with anything, there’s one with a Subway attached) and there was a super, super lame Spiderman cake with a plastic Spiderman head stuck on top. I am so disappointed with America’s presentation of such delicious desserts.

    5 years ago
  7. I’m a DC fan myself, but aside from that I’d have been very disappointed in that “cake.” I haven’t had an ice cream cake in years, but the thing I love most about ice cream cakes is all the layers because I’m strange and eat everything one layer at a time. That cake’s just ice cream, not any layers to it. I need my layers!!

    5 years ago
  8. “Side note: if you watch the new Avengers movie, and you know Seoul well, you might be weirded out like we were how the continuity of Seoul is messed up.”

    Imagine what it’s like growing up in Los Angeles! ^_~ I’ve seen shots–not even different scenes, *shots*–where one shot is at one location and the reverse shot is an entirely different one. I believe there is an example of this in the Greg Araki movie Nowhere (it’s great and weird and great; you should watch it). One shot shows these girls on a bus bench with a huge wall mural behind them. In reality, the opposite side of the street also has a huge mural on it, but when they cut to the shot looking at the street from the girls’ perspective…no huge wall, no mural.

    To be fair, this is the least strange part of the movie.

    5 years ago
    • Yeah, I’d imagine a lot of movies have that feeling for you, since a lot are shot in LA, no? I didn’t really experience it that much in Korea, though, so this is a first for me :D

      5 years ago
  9. Meg

    OMG Simon I completely agree with you! My brothers would read my Marvel when they watched me when I was little and I thus grew up with the comics, so I’m more of a Marvel girl than DC. ANYWAY I used to hate Captain America. Ok, not hate but he was SOOOOO boring. It wasn’t until Bucky Barnes took up the mantle that he became the least bit interesting. HOWEVER I will say that I do think Chris Evans brings a bit more to the characters, making him more interesting. But I only really felt this way after CA: WS, because the first one I found still to be pretty boring.

    I’m just happy that they even included Black Window in the flavors. She gets left out of A LOT of merchandising and promotional objects, so it’s nice when Badass females are represented :) I think you guys should work for Baskin Robins and come up with the flavors for stuff like this, because you hit it on the nose! Especially the Hulk! I was so sad when it wasn’t green and messy looking.

    5 years ago
  10. Yeah the continuity thing happens all the time in movies. The cast walk around the corner in the movie and then suddenly they’re being filmed at the other side of town (or a completely different town altogether).

    Was Black Wi[n]dow on the box? First she doesn’t get her own movie now she’s not on the ice cream cake box. She gets a bum deal.

    I hope Spudgy is doing ok.

    5 years ago
  11. Can we PLEASE have a hair tutorial for that braid?!?! It’s BEAUTIFUUUUUUUUUUUUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 years ago
  12. A while ago I started a YouTube channel for baking and crafts with nerdy themes. I haven’t posted for a bit, but I really hope to again someday….Anyway, I had actually planned to make Avengers-themed desserts at some point (or boozy drinks, but that’s another topic), and even have it set up in my spreadsheet of “to do’s.” So I had a lot of different flavors in mind when I saw this video! Here are my thoughts:

    Captain America: Cheesecake ice cream with blueberries and raspberries/cherries.
    Iron Man: Red velvet
    Thor: I honestly really like the idea of lemon ice cream (I’d personally pick ice cream over sorbet for this) with a chocolate shell that you have to break – nice thought!
    Thor: Green tea with whole red beans
    Black Wi[n]dow: Mocha/espresso (or dark chocolate kahlua)
    Hawkeye: Blackberry

    Anyway, cool video, excited to see the movie!

    5 years ago
    • Oh, and as for an “Avengers” flavor, I don’t really know. But I think something like black sesame could look really cool.

      5 years ago
  13. Now I wish Japan torrented more. We get movies so freaking late…

    5 years ago
  14. Haha, Martina’s comment about milk reminded me of Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation.

    “There’s only one thing I hate more than lying; skim milk. Which is water, lying about being milk.”

    5 years ago
  15. “Did we tell you that we’re big Marvel nerds?”
    Yeah, I don’t think you needed to clarify that.

    5 years ago
  16. What Ev’ s Simon DC will kick Marvels booty any day!

    5 years ago
  17. Just watched the bloopers. Simon I am WITH YOU. DC does suck. SOLIDARITY!

    5 years ago
  18. Oh my heck!!! my birthday is on May 1st as well! and I’m going to see age of ultron that day too!!
    sweet!! happy birthday ahead of time Martina!!

    5 years ago
  19. I just watched this movie today~~~ (in England) Mwahahahhahahaha!!!

    5 years ago
  20. Hulk – green tea with chopped nuts

    Captain America – Vanilla base, strawberry swirl, blue pop rocks. Red, white & blue. Because MURICCA.

    Black Widow – Dark chocolate base, chocolate crisps and raspberry swirl

    Iron man – Blood Orange & Campari. Red and Boozy!

    Thor – lemon sorbet with pop rocks

    Hawkeye – Salted caramel (idk idk)

    The ‘Avengers’ flavour should taste like shawarma. Because I’m disgusting (and cannot think of an actual flavour). :P

    (I’m so glad to hear Spudgy is doing better! Gentle tummy touches for the lil’guy.)

    5 years ago
  21. I’m pretty sure that in the USA we have a special 4th of July flavor like the Captain America flavor.

    5 years ago
  22. Such a fun video I’m impressed at your resilience in that crazy wind, Martina’s hair at the end was photo shoot worthy.

    I had such warm feelings watching Simon eat ice cream like an animal, I also have a Dothraki man warrior who inhales ice cream like someone’s trying to snatch that shit away from him. He understands your bearded struggle Simon.

    Your chilly video was very appropriate for me since I woke up to a fresh foot of snow this morning *northern NB*… Winter here is never ending, I feel like when summer happens no one will be able to cope with the heat since we’ve had winter forever now…

    I hope the Spudgie is feeling ok after his surgery, rest and get better quick little guy <3

    5 years ago
  23. Hooray for Spudgy!! :D

    5 years ago
  24. guys!!! please make FAPFAP about gopchang… it looks tasty but how do they taste actually?! ooooh im soo curious ;A;

    5 years ago
  25. Wow, that “cake” got totally phoned in!! That is disappointing …

    I’m so sorry to hear Spudgy needed surgery! I am hoping for the absolute best guise!

    5 years ago
  26. In National Treasure 2, they film Mount Rushmore, then fly over it and show Sylvan Lake, as though it’s right behind the mountain. It isn’t even in that direction and it’s a 30 minute drive.

    5 years ago
  27. The continuity thing is quite normal. In Thor 2, there’s a bit where Thor crashes into the tube (I think it was supposed to be Charing Cross station or something) and then he took that tube back to where the fighting was going on in Greenwich and was back to fighting in like less than 5 min. A)he would not have been able to stay on the same tube train to get there and B) it would have taken like at least 20-30 min to get there!

    Also, in the Ben stiller movie ‘The secret life of Walter Mitty’, which is mainly filmed in Iceland (my home country! XD ) he goes from one area in the west of Iceland, to another in the East, which is like a 9 hour drive apart, but it’s made to look like it’s just down the road. Literally they filmed all over the place but made it look like it’s all in one area. I try to just look at it as artistic license :P

    I did wonder what you guys would think of it, as I recognized some places from your video’s! XP (My boyfriend was like, I can’t believe you recognize that just from watching Simon and Martina…)

    5 years ago
  28. Haha I loved that you said Captain America would be vanilla as that was the exact same flavour I picked for him! I dunno why, I’ve never actually watched any of his stand alone movies and I’m not a super marvel nerd like you guise so don’t know what his story line is but he just seems like such a bland character. Maybe it’s cause I’m Australian so the whole “Yay America!” thing isn’t really a thing for me? Anyway I’m pretty damn excited to go see this movie!!!

    5 years ago
  29. Martina “What would you put in it to make it more Iron Man-y?” Immediately think “Iron Bru”.

    5 years ago
  30. Here in the U.S. there’s actually a layer of cake in the ice cream cakes. This just looks like a mound of shaped ice cream.

    5 years ago
    • My thoughts exactly. There wasn’t anything special about this cake at all, apart from our excitement for the movie.

      5 years ago
  31. I know how you felt about Spudgy, we had the same situation with our cat two years ago when she underwent a serious surgery and we were told there is a high possibility she won’t make it through. But she did and she’s still with us!
    Hope Spudgy gets better soon!:D

    5 years ago
    • Yeah, it was terrible. We spent most of the day crying and taking what we thought were gonna be our last pictures of him. But he pulled through, the old fart!

      5 years ago
  32. That cake looks awesome! I would have both been excited and disappointed that the symbols on the top were edible/chocolate. Disappointed because part of me would have wanted to keep them.

    5 years ago
  33. DD

    Yeah~~! This is my first time of writing a first comment.
    I would check you at the movie at April 30!

    5 years ago