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Battle of the Ice Cream!

July 1, 2018


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Hello everyone, and welcome to another video in which…. SPOILERS BELOW:

I, Simon, needlessly suffer at the hands of Luck, which seems to have a grudge against me when it comes to these games. Or it’s just that whenever the camera is on my luck gets profoundly worse. Like the double slit experiment: my path changes if people are observing. In fact, my luck got so bad that the lens literally just fell apart in the middle of shooting. Just so much bad luck overload that it broke the equipment. Ah, I’ll miss you, old Tokina lens. We’ve had you since our early days in Korea, but it’s time for an upgrade.

On a camera nerd note here, I really liked the look of this video. It’s because we went with the super wide lens, and I think it suits Tokyo shoots better. I don’t have to crouch as much, for starters, but also it allows more of the background into the shot, and I think that’s a good look. This video just looked and felt different from our regular 24-70 lens shoots. Our replacement to the old lens will hopefully have that wide angle feel again. Let me know how you feel. I’m curious if you felt or noticed a difference.

Allow me to toot my own horn for a second. We love Kichijoji, as you can tell from our podcasts, and also from the freaking shirt I’m wearing here as well. And a lot of the time when we think about videos to shoot we’re like “oh! We can film that right around the corner” because there’s a lot to do in Kichijoji. But not this time. No! We made a strong point to explore other inferior parts of Tokyo, so we can show you what else this lovely megacity has to offer. We even explored new parts of Tokyo, like we did with the last ice cream place. If you want to check them out yourselves, here are all the addresses!


Address: 2 Chome-23-8 Nishiogiminami, Suginami-ku, Tōkyō-to 167-0053, Japan
Find them on Google Maps right here
They also have a website, here!

Please note: this place sells out of flavours fast, so go early after they open for the maximum selection.

Sweet Twist

Address: 3 Chome-26-3 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tōkyō-to 155-0031, Japan
Find them on Google Maps here!
Check them out on Facebook


Address: Japan, 〒153-0061 Tōkyō-to, Meguro-ku, Nakameguro, 3 Chome−2−19 ラミアール中目黒
Find them on Google Maps right here ooh yeah!
They also have a website

Lastly, we didn’t have any secret bonus videos this time around with our equipment failure, but we do have some extra scenes and bloopers if you’re down for a couple extra giggles :D



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Food Adventure


Battle of the Ice Cream!


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  1. You guys!!!! I’ve just started watching your videos and I am frickin hooked! :D

    I was in Japan last November and I had THE most amazing ice cream, it was from Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory in the Lumine store in Shinjuku. It was sooooo so delicious, the soft serve was creamy and not too sweet, I think it was a mascarpone base…..the cone was super light, crispy and with a hint of cheese! Sounds weird but the sweet savoury balance was so dam delightful! :p

    Can’t wait to get back over there and try allllllllllll of the ice cream!!!!!!!! :)

    2 years ago
  2. I can’t believe how fast that ice cream started melting down Simon’s hand!

    2 years ago
  3. Poor Simone one of these days he shall win also i did like changed lens especially when you guys were sitting outside with the ice cream and bunch of passers by greeted you , the wide hot water was nice for that good job. ALSO happy Canada day for my Ontario ✌

    2 years ago
  4. As always, loser Simon xD Although you always win in the end because you are the best couple ever.

    Sorry for being away for so long, even thou I don’t think you notice that I’m gone xD

    Trying to climb the ladder just trying to get enough material because my ladder broke.. If it makes sense.

    Loves and hugs, me.

    2 years ago
  5. Happy Canada day guys

    2 years ago
  6. Hey guys!! Thanks for another awesome battle video! Also thank you for the links and locations!!! Have a great day guys!!! And happy Canada day!

    2 years ago
  7. Ah, I picked the right morning to make an ice coffee before turning on the internet :) Those ice creams look so cool and refreshing. Great musiks, nice segueys and I really enjoyed the extras today. “Ooh you so nasty!” is so milky now XD Martina! I finally caught you with marked cards! LOL! I don’t know whether to be disappointed that these contests are fixed or impressed that you’ve been scripting them so well all along??????? Maybe a bit of both :3 I find it totally hilarious yet completely fitting that you guise consider yourselves an anime XD Welp, it’s +43C again today so time to suffer inside in a/c-land or get to the beach and cross our fingers that Lake Huron won’t turn us blue – Happy Canada Day!

    2 years ago
    • We’ve never scripted the outcome of these card games, hand on the bible. I just have horrendous luck. HAPPY CANADA DAY!

      2 years ago