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WTF – Bear Hat with Built in Paw Mittens

November 30, 2011


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Winter time is here! Anyone else start playing Christmas carols? CHRISTMAS TIIIIIIME IS HEEEEEERE! That’s our text-rendition of the Charlie Brown Christmas song, Martina’s favourite Christmas song ever. (I lied. She actually hates that song, and hates it more when I sing it. I wonder how she feels about me writing it. Update: I asked her. She hates that, too).

Anyways, it’s now perfect timing to do this week’s Wonderful Treasure Find on this bear hat with mittens. We were lucky enough to have this review sponsored by ToFebruary, who sells awesome cute Korean stuff (as well as stuff that you see in Korean dramas, like jewelry and clothing…Martina has the Boys Before Flowers necklace from this shop…yay!) And this product is so highly relevant, since, well, ’tis the season for winter hats. Might not be the season for polar bear hats that look like they’re eating your head, you might say, but you’re wrong! We’ve seen lots of these hats around in Korea, and it’s about time we talk about them!

Couple of things: 1) There are more than just bear hats with bear mittens in Korea. We’ve seen dragons, frogs, Pikachus, Mickeys, etc. Do adults wear them? Irrelevant. Martina does. And perhaps some quirky people. But it’s better to be quirky than it is to be boring. Pikachu hats FTW! 2) Can anyone else confirm the mitten-string theory we talked about in our video? We’ve seen soooooo many people in Korea wearing stringed mittens with the strings on the outside. Totally defeats the purpose of the string!

And on that note, it’s giveaway time! We haven’t done a giveaway in a realllllly long time. We were in Canada for a bit, and then last week we did our special Fan Mail Candy episode, and so now it’s finally time for us to give this stuff away! Just in time for Christmas as well since you can always give it to one of your Asiaphile friends :D “Merry Christmas! Here’s some Asian stuff courtesy of some nerdy YouTubers!” Well, don’t say it like that. Add more loooove.

To win the care package, tell us what else you would use the bear hat for besides just the obvious one, which is hugging it…I mean, wearing it. Yes, our questions are ridiculous, but that’s because we’re creative fartsy people. So there! And, yes, this question can be answered here as well. Just make sure you leave your YouTube username in your answer, because we – as always – only pick winners from our YouTube subscribers. Huzzah!

And on that note: our bloopers! We cut out some long rambles. Sorry if we were a bit off today. We stayed up till 3AM last night working on this video AND K Crunch, which we’ll upload tomorrow morning. And we woke up at 8AM to get back to work. Been one hell of a week, though! We’ve got a majorly cool announcement coming with K Crunch tomorrow, so make sure you don’t miss it!



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WTF – Bear Hat with Built in Paw Mittens


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  1. Use it as a puppy/kitty carrier!

    9 years ago
  2. I couldn’t post it in a comment on youtube because there is not enough space for my imagination! Aggr. So I post my … stunning myself… idea here! ^^

    Youtube username – MzunguPL

    Hmm. First of all – I’ve tried my best *(with English and idea)! ^^ So…
    I think it’s possible to use it as a … fluffy-bearly-maybe-unsafe-but-funny
    swing! ^^ Yes. You know… If I have a baby or my friend has or I have a
    pet – it can be a SWING for little kid who have less than 1 year old or maybe can
    be older but kid has to be very lightweight … or for a little pet *(maybe like for Spudgy or for a kitten or for any little pet – but
    it have to be close to the ground – if he don’t want to swinging, he can use it
    as a hammock and wouldn’t hurt himself – 2 in 1). I would use a mitten as a swing chain and tie it around
    some stick or something like that at home to make it look like “real” swing
    chain and be safe. And the bear head would be very comfortable swing seat. My cute-lovely-little baby/sister/brother/nephew (or kitten/puppy/etc) who/which want to play with me would sit in it deeply because her/his tine bottom would fit in it. Of course! I have to supporting her/his back by my hand and slowly swinging… A baby can holding a fluffy chain and have fun!
    It can be ridiculous but it can work and be funny play for kid *(and for a photo)… “Aaa. Bear are biting my bottom” || “Bear ate my bottom”

    OK! So this is my idea.
    Good luck for everybody! ^^

    9 years ago
  3. AH! I would hang them up on the mantel and use the mittens as little mini Christmas stockings!! 

    Youtube: vannasosweet

    9 years ago
  4. those hats are so cute and adorable

    9 years ago
  5. My grandpa has a tendency to slobber on my hair when he kisses me on top of the head, so I would use the hat as a slobber guard.

    Youtube username: kmsly1205

    9 years ago
  6. the mittens could be a cell phone holder. a lot of people have iphones with the huge cases that dont fit into pockets (talking about girls) and it seems big enough for one to fit in it

    youtube name is lyoncub3

    9 years ago
  7. Contest entry: a few times I have showered only to realize after that I was out of clean towels. Or only had one left. So I would use the bear mitten thing a’s a backup hair turban by putting it
    On and wrapping the paw strap things around my head. Not very creative. But something I could definitely use it for!

    9 years ago
  8. (youtube — mrtaraterrrific)

    don’t you think it might make a cute couple basket? (or basket in general i guess) but the girl holds one side and the boy holds the other. you could carry things like watermelons? maybe? it would at the very least look really cute…XD

    9 years ago
  9. Contest entry: I would use this super awesome WTF to show off my cool new hat to my friendlys and interest them to bid on super lovely ,head eating, polar bear loving kid hat. THEY WOULD GO NUTS! Thanks Simon and Martina.
    Youtube user:993justinbieberlover

    9 years ago
  10. I’d put it on my mini-Christmas tree!

    Youtube: jenntiki

    9 years ago
  11. Warning: poor grammar, please make it sounds coherent as you read :)

    im a kind-of lazy person, ‘kay kind-of doesnt exist, i am lazy so ill find any ways that minimise amount of energy used. I’ll use the hood to store foods eg crisps and sweets while watching tv or walking (after you tied the two ends together and hang it around your neck) So now i dont have to panic where to put the food whenever my phone rings or when both hands are required to hold things and just leave the food in the hood until my hands are free again.

    YOUTUBE: kacheru

    9 years ago
  12. What I would do with it (Youtube – merunpop) : 

    Since it’s winter right now, I’ll obviously be wearing it :]
    but during around summer, I’ll put the bear hat over the driver seat’s head rest and i’ll *somehow use the paws as part of the car seatbelt strap lol
    it’ll be cutee :DD (i have a volkswagon beetle btw kk)

    9 years ago
  13. I would wear it and communicate with other polar bears, making awesome new friends and build a polar bear army! Viva La Polar Bear!!

    9 years ago
  14. I would use the mitten part of the hat to store my num nums and snacks :)

    9 years ago
  15. I would use this hat as a potential cosplay item :3 Like in the anime Un-Go theres a boy who wears a panda version of this polar bear hat. So cute ^.^
    But mainly I would use the paws to maybe carry things such as my phone or ipod.
    And as a last resort I would use it to entertain my baby sister ><

    9 years ago
  16. I would put the hat on the stick as a warning to the other bears to strike fear into their hearts, and not mess with me.


    9 years ago
  17. I would use the bag for many things:

    Make a purse to store my Christmas noms
    Cover for eyes when playing hide and seek
    Baby wrap- put a baby in it and then tie it around you
    Small animal hammock
    Egg parachute
    Distract a teacher with it on her desk in order to leave.
    Part of a potentially awesome Halloween costume. Super adorable polar bear like from the Coke commercials in the 80’s.
    Also when you feel like being cute: kidnap your friends and take them on like a fun adventure for like their birthday.

    And yay!! You guys are doing K Crunch again. I didn’t see one for October. Did you guys make one? But now its back so yay!!!

    YouTube: IloveMalfoyandCena

    9 years ago
  18. Hi guys!! So, I would give mr.Frofro and the cat pencil case to a child in need for christmas, the love robots to my grandparents which are very old and in need of much love and I would make sandwiches or sweets for my little cousins and sister! XD

    9 years ago
  19. OMG!! i saw some at macy the other day!! but it was a tiger… OMG!!

    9 years ago
  20. My sister has a penguin one :D

    9 years ago
  21. Or you could totally use it as a cosplay item and be Inga from Un-go!  omg… just get a sharpie to make it a panda and SHAZAAAAAAAM!!!

    Youtube name: EunFox

    9 years ago
  22. Derp moment =/ youtube name: SaccharinSweet123

    9 years ago
  23. OMO THAT IS SO LAK;SDLKFJA;LKJ;AJSDLFKHAL CUUTE!! I would use the mittens to hold my AWESOME azn stationary; & show off to my korean friend ;D 

    9 years ago
  24. [Youtube: birdbrain800]

    I have a penguin hat with much shorter tassels, and I use it to carry things like books when I don’t have enough room in my backpack at school. Especially in the case of the polar bear hat, which has really long arms, you can put things in it and tie it around your waist or your shoulder. You could put your ipod in it while you listen to music, or, in Simon’s case, you could put a bottle of ranch in it for those sudden cravings. It keeps everything safe, and also puts a use to your hat if you take it off when it gets too hot in a building.

    9 years ago
  25. I’d let my teacher try it out everytime I attend class… So she won’t hate me as much as she does >:) When I think about it, I would let everyone try it on.. then no one would hate meeeh >:)

    9 years ago
  26. I think this would actually make a really cute accessory in my car. I have yet to find a convenient place to put my phone/gum/lip balms/etc, because stuff always falls where I can’t reach it easily or I have to distract myself from driving to dig for it. I would put the polar bear head on the head-rest of the driver seat and let the paws hang around me. Voila! Perfect place to stash my phone where its easily and safely within reach! =D

    9 years ago
  27. When I studied in Japan, I bought a stuffed animal llama named Llama-kun!  He is the most adorable thing ever!  If I had one of those cute bear hats, I would put it on Llama-kun and give people cute overloads by putting him in the window as a Christmas decoration. <3

    9 years ago
  28. S C

    Awwww that’s most adorable! I WANT THAT HAT, very much so! I would shrolly (slowly, get it?) wrap up my black & white pet bunny, named “Vuvu” in the hat, when I cuddle her and give her carrots at night. I’d make her a stronger bunny, you see, by letting her have her feast IN the MOUTH of a GIANT WHITE POLAR BEAR! cause “Winter is coming!” oh yes, she could go all Dothraki and speak Russian Bunny… and then when she’s done eating, I’d wear the hat, and the mittens to pet her a bit more, and well, she would think she’s not alone anymore, being a black and white fluffy adorable animal. 
    That’s it! :)

    9 years ago
  29. I want your shirt!!! Where did you get it>>????

    9 years ago
  30. i would use it as a plant holder! to hold my flower! 

    9 years ago
  31. LJ

    YTname: ljane76
    Oh! The bloopers gave me an idea.  You can use it for a cheesy pick up line on cold days.  For instance, if the object of your affection is standing to your right, you insert your right hand in the mitten, and say “do you know the distance from here to here (touch your left & right shoulder), is the same as here to here (touch his/her left & right shoulder)?” with the right side of the scarf and your right arm wrapped nicely around him/her and now you’re both bound and warm…  ahh it’s easier to show then write, lol.

    9 years ago
  32. [youtube: Ferastar]
    I would use the little mitten parts of the hat to store food for when im walking outside so if i get hungry, i can easily access my snacky foods ^^ hehe it’ll be my cupboard-on-the-go xD 

    9 years ago

    all i looked at was  Martina’s “Boys over Flowers” necklace :)

    i would use it and roll down my window sexily XD or be a pedo bear and prance around in a field of daisies XD

    9 years ago
  34. I would tie the ends together to make a bag then use it to hold snowballs! You wouldn’t be able to see the snow in the hat, as they’re both white, so it would be perfect for sneak attacks. No one would expect a thing. Mwahahahaha. Youtube Name: CaorachDhubh

    9 years ago
  35. A bowling ball shiner / melon carrier or, coupled with one of the previous, a sick-ass flail

    9 years ago
  36. ~

    Hi guys! I used to have something like that. Its cream coloured bear tho :) It got stolen at school because its so friggin adorable. I got it from Pmall in Markham.  
    If I go somewhere ( eg. malls) and I don’t want to wear it inside b/c its warm, I tie the mittens together and make a small bag to put whtever in it ( I dont bring bags, everything I need is in my pockets). Like small things i bought that i dont want to hold until i go out.So yeaa, tieing the ends together to make a small bag is useful and cute:) That’s my answer.. My youtube channel is joannamariesmileFeel free to contact me anytime :)PS. Today, we got the FIRST SNOWFALL here in Toronto.

    9 years ago
  37. I would use it for Christmas to dress up as a doggie when my friends come over to bake c: or i would sleep in it xD 

    9 years ago
  38. [youtube:lyra4561] 

    I would spin around really fast and make myself look like a helicopter. i would skip rope with it. OR i would clean the windows with it just like in the super junior ‘A-cha’ music video.oh and i would play tug of war with it if it wasn’t so cute!

    9 years ago
  39. OMG my friend has the exact same hat!!! buts its a zebra… anyways I noticed Martina was wearing the Boys Before Flowers necklace! Boys Before Flowers FTW! <3

    love from Canada <3

    9 years ago
  40. (Youtube name: samyblue58)
    ♥♥♥ I would put it in a concert of BIG BANG, to conquer SeungRi’s heart,
    because he loves the bears, so, when I shout I LOVE YOU SEUNGRI, he is
    going to see me and say OMG that’s a bear hat, please marry me…and,
    thats what I would if I win that hat ^.^ ♥♥♥

    9 years ago