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Bucheon’s Best Chicken: Chicky Pub

October 17, 2008


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When we started out our Restaurant Reviews section, we knew that we would soon be doing a review of Bucheon’s Chicky Pub. We love this place, love the Chicken and the fries and the yakee, and we think that everyone should be eating here everyday. There are two locations that we know of for Chicky Pubs in Bucheon, but we’re only talking about the one close to the Emart, and not the one close to GS Square; we haven’t been to the other one yet.

We really like this restaurant. It’s small and cozy for starters, and the owner is really nice. He has a Canadian flag hanging under the clock, because he has family in Toronto. His English is good as well, so if you’re uncomfortable speaking Korean, this is where you can safely order chicken in Bucheon without being embarrassed. Finally, he’s nice enough to always put on some English television for us! We haven’t seen the cooking channel in a long time, and never thought we’d see it again for as long as we were in Bucheon, so we were really happy when he put Jamie Oliver on for us.

Anyhow, here’s our final review:

1. Taste 5/5 – The best thing about this chicken is that it’s fried AND covered in sauce. It retains its crunchiness and sauciness all at once. And the sauce is great; it’s also covering the yakee (Korean Dumplings) and tastes just as delicious.
2. Side Dishes: Inapplicable – Chicken places don’t usually offer side dishes, apart from small snacks. We get great popcorn, but that doesn’t really fairly compare to the many side dishes you get with traditional Korean Cuisine.
3. Bang for your Buck 4/5 – It’s not cheap. Fries and Chicken will set you back 20,000 won, but it’s worth every last won, because it’s so delicious. The price is comparable to all other chicken places as well, but we wouldn’t pay half the price we pay here for some of the chicken we’ve had elsewhere.

Altogether, we give this place a 4.5/5. If you’re in Bucheon we strongly recommend you go here; you won’t regret it. Here’s a map to the location in Bucheon. Yeah!

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Bucheon’s Best Chicken: Chicky Pub


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  1. Just put it up now. Shoulda put that in earlier. Thanks for the suggestion :D

    9 years ago
  2. As a southern girl who loves her some chicken that place looks pretty darn good. Spicy chicken too? And french fries? Add in some ranch dressing and that will be my Heaven! As long as I have a good sweet tea or diet coke to wash it all down. Where's your ranch dressing Simon? Blasphemy! Just kidding. But it seriously does look good. Have you guys tried Se7en's chicken place? I've heard he has a restaurant and wonder how it is. Sorry I don't remember the name. You can probably ask around or try the google.

    Oh and totally sweet about the owner turning the channel for you guys. Aw! That's just too sweet. I love places like that where you're a regular and they do sweet things for you. I have a Chinese place I go to a lot and they sometimes give me little things for free (like a sugar roll) and ask about my college studies and stuff and are just too nice. I think that makes the place special when they do that and make it homey and treat you as a friend or something instead of just another customer.

    10 years ago
  3. Thanks! We had no clue :(

    10 years ago