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Super Cheap Yakitori

April 17, 2016


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Ohhhh yesss. We’re finally doing a video on Iseya! This place was right beside our service apartment. We ate here regularly when we first came to Japan. We were confused here profusely, before we could read Hiragana or Katakana. This restaurant has a special place in our hearts.

As soon as we saw this place, we knew we wanted to shoot it. The vibe here is great, and the smoke just looks so cool. Everyone working inside looked really serious, so we didn’t shoot a video right away. We ate here a bunch of times and got to know the menu and staff before committing to making a video on it. We also needed a better lens. It’s hard to shoot the atmosphere of this place with all of the wide lenses we use. So we got a telephoto lens, finally, so we could get shots here without being in everyone’s faces.

But it didn’t seem like they minded. They were super happy to have us there, and asked what we were doing. When we told them we were shooting a video to share online, they started posing in front of the camera and laughing. Then one of them came back and said in a really grumpy voice “Oh! You are famous YouTuber!” I have no idea how they found out. Did they see one of our videos? That doesn’t matter: we thought we were dead. This was it. They’ve got serious tattoos on them, and we’re shooting a video here, and they think we’re famous. We’re gonna get scolded. Instead, he looked at us and gave us a big thumbs up. Awesome! I really hope they like the video if they see it!

Also, super special part of the night is when we had to make room for another person. We were three people at a table for four, and so the waiters had us move over a bit so a solo eater could come sit with us. He sat down, said hello, and asked if we’re traveling. We told him, no, we live here in Kichijoji, and asked him if he lives closeby. He said, no, he’s a traveler…FROM KOREA! KOREA! PANGAPSEUBNIDA! Nice to meet you! We then started talking in Korean with him, though he really wanted to speak English, but we were too excited. He went to Hongik University, and we told him that our studio used to be right beside it. Then we told him about more places he should visit in Tokyo. And we were very happy. We were also a bit turnt from all of the Shochu. But we were happy.

Here is a list of some of our favorite Yakitori sticks. Every location has a different sauce and different taste so if you didn’t like it once at one location, you might like it again at another. Try try again!
momo もも chicken thigh (if it’s expensive, it might be a huge piece rather than a skewer)
negima ねぎま spring onion
negiyaki ねぎ焼き grilled spring onion
tsukune つくね chicken meatballs
tori-kawa とりかわ chicken skin, grilled until crispy
toriniku 鶏肉 all white chicken meat on a skewer (salted or sauced)
hatsu ハート chicken heart
rebā レバー chicken liver

I hope you get the chance to check this place out. It’s great, it’s historic, it’s got a great vibe and cheap food. It’s iconic. It’s called Iseya, and the address is 東京都武蔵野市御殿山1-2-1 いせや吉祥寺ビル in Japanese or Tokyo, Musashino-shi, Gotenyama 1-2-1 in English. It’s pretty much right beside Kichijoji Station and Inokashira Park. Go! Do go!

Lastly, we’ve got some extra scenes if you want to see a little more. Check em out!



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Food Adventure


Super Cheap Yakitori


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  1. Somehow I didn’t watch this video until today, I missed it!

    Anyways, as soon as I got a full look at your shirt, Simon, I paused the video and google searched for it. It describes my bff Ryan PERFECTLY. Now I have to wait till November to give it to him for his birthday :(.

    This place looks like my freaking ideal restaurant. I’d pick up and move right now if I thought I could get a job there (I’m a cook by profession). I would eat there over and over, haha. Great vid as always, I’m glad you guys have so much fun on camera!

    4 years ago
  2. Looks so delicious! made me want to eat it right then and there!

    Also love how much you guys enjoyed seeing someone from Korea – you are almost like Native Koreans I think in how excited you were about it. Hahaha.I still feel like korea is empty now without you guys (mind you I’m in the states and never once saw you there) but empty all the same!

    Anywho! thanks for sharing! You’re making a lot easier to want to visit Japan. I’ve been hesitant because the only seafood I like is traditional fish but Japan is an island so I know seafood is a pretty big part of their cuisine. All this meat that you guys are finding, though, gives me hope!

    4 years ago
  3. Love that shirt Simon.

    4 years ago
  4. The old, kitschy, smoke-filled izakayas are one of our favorite things in Japan. Super excited to see this is near an apartment we are renting this summer. :)

    4 years ago
  5. Dat ending. LMAO How much sugar did you guys have?! LMAO

    4 years ago
  6. Kebob skewers yes! On a side note, what’s the name of the song you use at the end of your blooper video? It’s super catchy!

    4 years ago
  7. Zee

    us tattooless people are feeling left out

    4 years ago
  8. Simon is such a hipster “it is old it looks crappy IT IS AWESOME” xD mind, I get the point, but it sounded very amusing :)

    4 years ago
  9. Bonding with people over tattoos is the best thing ever, I’ve met so many cool people because we were comparing tattoos

    4 years ago
  10. Now I’m hungry lol
    LOVE IT! Rockin’ videos … Keep at it, this is going to make our visit to Japan so ginormously awesome

    4 years ago
  11. Completely off topic, but Martina, can we talk about that eyeliner? Gurrrl, your wing is crisp!

    4 years ago
  12. Wow, it looks so great in there with all the smoke & vintage decor! I wish that there was a place even remotely similar here in California :(. My stomach is so jealous! You both look happy & healthy . Have you guise seen the anime or the live action drama “Wakakozake”? I would **love** to see you guise do more FAPFAP-type visits to various eateries ❤️.

    4 years ago