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The Kpop Coffee Shop Playlist!

August 5, 2014


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We’ve got five more days until the You Are Here Cafe finally opens, and we’re in hardcore GOGOGO mode at the moment. We have to submit our playlist for the coffee shop, so we figured we’d do a Music Monday on our favourite Coffee Shop-esque Korean songs and videos!

If you’re asking “why are you submitting a playlist rather than just playing stuff whenever you want to play it” well, good question! We just found out the rules and regulations today. Because we’re a public venue, we have to subscribe to a monthly music playing license, and we have to submit a list of songs that we want to play. We then have to pay a monthly fee to play those songs. So odd, no? I thought we’d just play whatever the hell we felt like playing, but I guess the rules here in Korea are more strict. I’m sure there are thousands of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops that don’t give a damn about this rule, but we play by the rules here, so we gotta do things the legal way.

Which is why we started thinking about this playlist. We talked about a few songs and videos we found relevant, but we’d like to hear your suggestions as well. Let us know ASAP! We have to submit our playlist ASAP!

Anyhow, thanks to Lalita, our awesome mod, for making a gigantic playlist of Coffee Shop related songs. She emphasized the importance of doing Epik High’s song, but that wasn’t an official video, so we didn’t talk about it. I’M SORRY LALITA FORGIVE ME! But at least I mentioned it here!

Other songs we didn’t mention in our video but wanted to talk about include Big Bang “Cafe” which Martina referenced in the video, and we looked through to see if they mentioned “Cafe Hanjan.” Martina couldn’t find it and so she lost the bet. Here’s a secret, though: the song might actually contain it. We didn’t listen all the way through. Martina lost hope a couple of minutes into the song and gave up. Was she right? If so, don’t let her know. Ha! We also mentioned Urban Zakapa’s “Cafe Latte” which, come on now! How doesn’t it have its own official video? Or does it? I remember we talked with them about their song back when we interviewed them. They weren’t bored of hearing their song at coffee shops everywhere. I wonder if they still feel that way now…

On a more Kpop-y note, we didn’t talk about two coffee shop songs that we love, simply because we talked about them before, but BAP’s “Coffee Shop” and Yoseob’s “Caffeine” are two very different but very great songs, though we like BAP’s song more, for coffee shop purposes, while we like the latter more altogether. Girl you like a caffeine! Well, we hope you like a caffeine enough to come to our coffee shop :D

We’ve got a few extra scenes that didn’t make the final cut. Check em out if you’re in the mood for some extra lola :D

Ok! Now that we’ve published this video, time to get back to getting everything for the coffee shop ready! AH! Still so much to go. Really looking forward to seeing you there, those of you who are coming. We’ve got some more videos planned for the week. Our Narcon video from our trip last week to Sweden is almost ready, and we’ve got another WANK going up. We can’t do a LiveChat because it’s the day before our opening (CRAZY!) but we do have a WTF on Saturday, for those of you who aren’t in Korea. Or for those of you who are. You can watch it while you come to the Coffee Shop. Yay!

Click on the button below for better tasting coffee :D



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Kpop Music Mondays


The Kpop Coffee Shop Playlist!


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  1. This is my first time commenting here XD So happy for you guys, too bad i can’t join the nasties there since I’m miles away.
    As for the suggestions… Clazziquai always comes to my mind. Love recipe, novabossa, come to me, sweety, pretty much most of their ‘lighter’ songs? (I’m a hardcore fan of them) And Epik High’s With You is also good. Ehehe. Best of luck to your coffee shop!

    6 years ago
    • Yay~!! Thank you for commenting :D Do it more often!!

      I like yer recommendations. Especially the Epik High one. Ehehehehe

      6 years ago
  2. BTS’s “Coffee” is a coffee related song too :)

    6 years ago
  3. Anything by 40. That guy is awesome.

    6 years ago

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    lol it’s ok, I knew you probably wouldn’t use an MV-less song for KMM. But I originally made that playlist for you to play in the coffee shop anyway…..maybe I should send spies to make sure the song plays at least once hahaha!!


    Should I make English coffee songs too, I wonder? I remember liking a song about coffee machines and beds or something….

    6 years ago
    • Two Beds and a Coffee Machine by Savage Garden?? Beautiful song, but might be too sad for a coffee shop… if it’s the one you’re thinking of, at least :P

      6 years ago
  5. Hopefully I’m goin to your coffee shop in a year! If I get the money ahahha Anyway! Congrats and God bless you! ^^ Here are songs I like to listen when I go to coffee shops (And I’m really into, actually):
    BAP: Where are you, what are you doing?
    B2ST: Lightless (Unplugged version) – Tonight I’ll be by your side – When I miss you
    Yoon Junhyung: Slow – Flower
    Yang Yoseob: Look at me now – You don’t know
    Rap monster and Jongkook (BTS): Like a star
    CRUSH: Hug me

    6 years ago
  6. I’m happy for you guys. Such a shame I’m miles awey and I can’t go :c But who knows? Maybe someday I’ll be able to visit your coffee shop :D

    The first song that comes to my mind when I think of coffee shops is Standing eggs’ Kiss. It’s such a beautiful song and it has this vibe that I don’t know how to explain but it reminds me of happy things, a cozzy place…idk, It’s a really sweet song. You should totally check it out! :D

    6 years ago
  7. Does it all have to be coffee related music? Cos I totes would wanna hear Hyuna’s Red, or f(x)’s Red light or 2NE1’s Gotta be you- I like to hear upbeat music when I’m sitting around, it’s a really good mood booster and feels much more motivational somehow!

    6 years ago
  8. Oh God I want to come!!! I can’t wait for my next visit to korea!!!

    Coffee shops back home (hong kong) usually play a lot of jazz music for some reason. and whenever it’s kpop it’s usually really sad ballads I have no idea why .___.

    6 years ago
  9. Wahh I would love to visit someday! I live in California so it’d be quite the trip but I’m determined to make it to South Korea one day…by the way, Martina, is your wrist okay? You had a brace on, it reminds me of my mom’s carpal tunnel arm brace. Just wondering!
    As for song suggestions, I can think of a couple off the top of my head:
    Honesty by SHINee. I’m a hardcore Shawol and this song always makes me feel relaxed. I love listening to it while curled up with books and got tea or coffee. Most of their other ballads are really calming. Oh! Also! Alarm Clock is a good one, too.
    October Nightscape by the Tourist. You guys had this in one of your k-indie playlists a while back and I absolutely loved it. It is along the same line as Honesty, being a very calm and relaxing song.
    Coffee Shop by CNBlue. I already saw a few people suggest this. I love this song!
    I can’t really think of others at the moment. I guess when I think coffee shop I think of calming music. I guess I like to drink tea and coffee in a sort of chill feeling environment with soft music in the background.
    Wait! Thought of two more:
    Only U by VIXX and Don’t Want to Be an Idol by VIXX also. :)

    6 years ago
    • Yeah I was wondering the same about Martina’s arm. Thought maybe they’d mentioned it somewhere that I’d missed but not too sure. Maybe it has to do with that joint popping thing that she gets? Anyway hope you’re well Martina. You’re looking super pretty as always :)

      6 years ago
  10. The Coffee Song by the Arrogant Worms is a fun song. They are a Canadian parody group. Also consider Cafe by BIGBANG and Cappuccino by Yoon Han! : )

    6 years ago
  11. Since I’ve moved my study table to right in front of my window, I started listening to songs/playlists that inspire me to write or just take a breather, so here are some of my favorite “cafe” themed songs:
    -Urban Zakapa (어반 자카파) – Cafe Latte
    -J Rabbit – Falling In Love :love her voice and her youtube covers:)
    -Coffee Boy – That’s nothing
    -316 – All About You :even though the English translations for this song makes it sound kinda creepy, it’s truly a pleasant and simple song to listen to with an easy tempo and minimal lyrics
    -Taru – 사랑에 빠진 딸기 :it’s so cute and adorable to listen to and just makes me want to twirl around in a dress or something, it makes me want to be a little kid again and run around with no worries
    -요조 – 허니 허니 베이비
    -Lucite Tokki – Rainy Day : this song is perfect for a lazy afternoon
    -10cm – Tonight, I’m Afraid Of The Dark
    -10cm – Love in the Milky Way Cafe : here’s a another song from 10cm and I just love his voice and how it just blends in with the guitar, it just makes me want to start shrug my shoulders up and down:)
    -Sweet Sorrow – One Step Closer: I have no words to explain this master piece
    -Just the two of us -Coco d’or: I remember listening to this for the first time and thinking that they said “just a tour bus”. I repeated that over and over, thinking that those were the real lyrics
    -Olivia Ong – Fly Me To The Moon: her voice just take you back to every k-drama moment where there’s dancing,moonlight,wine,or some sophisticated party happening; esp. older dramas
    -Maroon 5 – Sunday Morning (Bossa Cover): even if it’s only a cover, her voice<3
    -Sam Ock – Little Light : one of my all time favorites
    I hope you find some of these songs enjoyable and include them in your coffee store playlist. Hope the store becomes the best coffee house ever:)I can't wait until I'm able to travel to S.Korea and visit the store.

    6 years ago
    • I second Sweet Sorrow- One Step Closer ! It’s such a great song!

      6 years ago
    • Highly recommend J Rabbit!!! I love her voice and she’s the first k-indie artist I listened to so she has a very special place in my heart ^^

      6 years ago
  12. All I can think of right now is Clazziquai Project. They have a song called “Blessed” who talk about coffee and the music video is also taking place in a coffee shop.
    But they have also a lot of songs wich are not espacially talking about coffee but who have this “coffee shop” feeling, like “Lazy sunday morning”or “Chocolate truffles”.
    There is also “One Summer night” by Brown Eyed Girls who has also this coffee shop feeling. The MV is also very pretty and cute.
    I think you can also check Primary with his EP “Primary and the messengers”, this EP has more a Hip hop feel to it, but I think it can be grat in a coffee shop playlist.

    6 years ago
    • Did you mean ‘Love Recipe’? Because I don’t think ‘Blessed’ has an MV…

      6 years ago
  13. These are not necessarily coffee themed songs, but maybe you’ll like them:
    * Clover – 어느 파도: http://youtu.be/w9M_eQ824vg
    * Taru – 사랑에 빠진 딸기: http://youtu.be/Z8Hmu9XbEJ0
    * Lucite Tokki – Rainy Day: http://youtu.be/arYUjuFMVYA
    * J-Walk – 첫눈 오는 날: http://youtu.be/ZLkEr6JRXFs
    * Be Sweet – 슬프다는 말: http://youtu.be/yzKFcXZr4go
    * Acoustic Collabo – 그대와 나, 설레임: http://youtu.be/oA6hDxkZzHo
    * Yozoh (요조) – 뒹굴뒹굴 (Day Dream): http://youtu.be/l76GEqDtG4g
    * Standing EGG – Miss Flower: http://youtu.be/D9R2h8f44FU
    * Circus100 – 토막 [Feat.박현준 of 모든]: http://youtu.be/T4_g9CZWzSk

    Hopefully you’ll like at least one of the songs. :D

    6 years ago
  14. Wow amazing playlist, I would so love to visit one day!! T^T I’m glad you included Caffe Latte by Urban Zakapa! (I got to know the song from BTS’s version :P it’d be great if you added it too but you probably prefer the original)
    Also to clear it up, Reply 1997 is the original, then they made the prequel Reply 1994 ^^

    6 years ago
  15. Regarding the license you have to pay to play music, even recorded music, in public: it’s not much different than back here in North America where the music you hear over the loudspeakers in supermarkets, bookstores, etc., is purchased through a service whose fee includes the one they in turn have to pay ASCAP or BMI which in turn divvies up their take to the copyright holders of the music. Other venues such as bars and restaurants that play music, whether live or recorded, pay ASCAP or BMI directly.


    6 years ago
    • Yeah, I figured as much. It just seems weird to us. I think because that’s usually what I’d assume for big franchises, not a couple of YouTubers opening up a coffee shop, you know? We’re not Starbucks. We’re small fry :D

      6 years ago
      • Enforcement may be more lax in Korea than here; you do occasionally hear of a small club or bar back here that gets in trouble for playing music without paying for a license. As for the playlist you’re being asked to compile, well that makes it easier for the Korean equivalent of ASCAP or BMI to figure out who to pay.

        6 years ago
  16. Good Luck with your opening! I would love to be there but I’m in Germany…
    Songs I’d love to hear in a Coffee Shop:
    Awkward Love – As One
    Only One – BoA
    Can’t Stop – CN Blue
    천국의 문 – Eric Nam
    Darling – Girl’s Day
    Turtles swim surprisingly fast – Heart Shake
    썸 – Soyou & Junggigo
    Only You – VIXX (!!!!)
    Day by Day – SNSD

    I hope I can come to Korea as soon as possible! I hope I can go there after school to study. My very first stop will be the You are here Café! I’ll just go there as soon as I get off the airplane!

    By the way I’d be very happy if you could do some more videos about being an international student in Korea with Leigh because they are sooo interesting and useful for me!!

    6 years ago
  17. Davichi’s “Just the Two of Us” popped in my head for coffee themed songs. It’s a sad song with a wonderful MV, like most of Davichi’s stuff. Love this song :)

    6 years ago
  18. A song that instantly pops into my mind when talking about cafes and coffee is SNSD´s Coffee caramel, from their 2nd full lenght album ‘Oh!’. It doesn´t have an MV, but it´s just a smooth and relaxing song, perfectly suitable for cafes. Another good one that i can think about is SNSD´s Day by day (also from the same album. Also good luck on the opening of the cafe, guys! <3 :)

    6 years ago
  19. I’m a personal fan of Junsu’s “Chocolate Girl” & “Rainy Eyes” and Vanilla Acoustic’s “솔로는”. They’re not necessarily coffee themed but they sound like something id like to hear in a coffee shop :) bumkey’s 집이 돼줄게 sounds like that too! His voice fits a coffee shop vibe well…so maybe 미친연애 & 갖고놀래 will work well too? You Make Me Feel Brand New by Brand New Music is good. T.O 거짓말, song Ji Eun “vintage”, SM the Ballad 좋았던 건, 아팠던 건, SHINee 오르골 & Alarm Clock, Royal Pirates You & Fly To you & On My Mind, Phantom 신세계, 박효신 Gift, Monstar OST’s 기간이 흐른 뒤은 (by BTOB & B2ST’s Junhyung), 2PM’s “I’m sorry” & Dangerous & Coming Down, 2PM’s Jang Woo Young “This Is Love, 2AM’s Jeong JinWoon “You Walking Toward Me” &”Now or Never.” Again, I’m sorry of none of this helps because they’re not coffee themed, but they sound like something you’d hear in a coffee shop :) good luck!!! XD

    6 years ago
  20. Kim Hyun Joong – Cappuccino, but there is no korean version, only japanese
    Eun Jung – Coffee Time (Coffee house ost)
    Ra.D – Thank you ( I know it’s not a coffee song, but i like MV and feeling from the song)

    6 years ago
  21. Can´t believe you didn´t know Brunch, one of my favorite songs :3 I think it´s perfect por a Coffe shop.

    6 years ago
  22. Definitely “Cafe Latte” by Urban Zakapa and “Coffee” by BTS. They have the same chorus :p
    Also, “Love is Coffee” by Kang Gyun Seong and As One!

    6 years ago
  23. Here is another cute song. One More Chance – Sitting In A Cafe

    6 years ago
  24. BTS also has a great song called “Coffee” Definitely check it out! Its awesome!

    6 years ago
  25. Eddy Kim has this whole Jack Johnson kind of sound, which I think is really nice for a coffee shop :)

    6 years ago
    • Also Juniel’s Babo featuring Jung Yonghwa. It is adorable and the perfect date song :)

      6 years ago
  26. Coffee Shop by CNBlue and BTS’s Coffee are my favorite. I also found Talk to Me (Caramel Coffee) – SNSD (Jessica and Tiffany), Love is Coffee – Kang Kyun Sung and As One, Love at the Milky Way Cafe – 10cm, and One more chance – Sitting in A Cafe.

    6 years ago
  27. CN Blue has a song called coffee shop, And the main theme from heart strings that song seams I think would fit the coffee shop vibe.

    6 years ago
    • found the names of the heart string songs that would be good. 넌 내게 반했어,사랑하게 되는 날,별. They are all chill and laid back.

      6 years ago
  28. A nice song is Crucial Star’s Three Things I Want to Give You. Or you could just go literally with the entire Getz/Gilberto album since bossa-nova is literally the only thing that is played in a coffee shop.

    6 years ago
  29. I’d recommend
    1. Clazziquai’s love recipe
    2. IU’s My Old Story
    3. IU’s Meaning of You
    4. Urban Zakapa’s Caffe Late
    5. CNBLUE’s Love Light (It has nothing to do with cafes whatsoever but it’s a nice song!)
    6. Standing Egg’s 넌 이별 난 아직 (I strongly recommend it! It’s an amazing song! )

    6 years ago
    • Oh and if you don’t mind it being non-cafe related songs:
      1. Girl’s Day’s Darling (it wouldn’t hurt to have a bright song)
      2. Soyu and Jung Gi Go’s Some
      3. CNBLUE’s Love Love Love

      I’m sure I’ll visit your cafe soon because I live in Korea and I visit Hongdae often!! I can’t wait!

      6 years ago
  30. Is This Love by CoffeeBoy, The Milky Way by Sungha Jung, 쓰여지지 않은 삶 by Sweden Laundry, I’m In Love by Ra.D, Cafe Siesta by Belle Epoque…. I actually have a category in my iTunes I call “Cafe Music” haha, never thought it would come in handy for someone else!

    6 years ago
  31. You should play BTS’ s coffee because it’s a wonderful song. ♡_♡

    6 years ago
  32. Sick man purse Simon (b’_’)b

    6 years ago
    • Also i choked on my food at the 4 minute milkshake clip, was not expecting that haha

      6 years ago
  33. So are you guys basically wanting either coffee themed songs or just more laidback kpop songs for your shop? I have a few in mind but I’m kind of confused if they’ll match what you’re looking for or not ;; But I think When I Miss You by Beast would work regardless lol

    6 years ago
  34. Your coffee shop opening sounds like so much fun. If I were rich I’d fly to Korea just to be there! Good luck and congrats! P.S. I don’t know any coffee songs to recommend. I’m sure you’ll pick great ones.

    6 years ago
  35. The MV for this song was filmed in like coffee shop central USA… totally appropriate for a coffee shop in my opinion.

    Jay Park – 좋아

    좋아 is on that minute list of Korean words/phrases that I actually know because of that song.

    6 years ago
    • Ooooh wait almost forgot.

      Clazziquai – Love Recipe!

      There is definitely an MV for it somewhere….

      6 years ago
  36. I think Sugar by 15& would be a nice song to play because it’s just kind of jazzy and also because of the name. I also like A tempo by Ga In which has a coffeehouse/classy club kind of feel to it. And you can’t go wrong with the upbeat and fun Akdong Musician that will put customers in a good mood!

    6 years ago
  37. My favorite coffee themed song is Epik High’s Coffee from their Epilogue album. I would listen to it while getting ready for work in the morning. “You & me. Me & my coffee~”

    6 years ago
  38. Do you want song suggestions to be Korean? Because ‘Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop’ by Landon Pigg is my favorite! (I had it going through my head the entire time I was watching Coffee Prince)

    6 years ago
  39. Opening is so soon!!! I’m excited for you guys, good luck. I look forward to visiting next year when I go to Korea.

    6 years ago
  40. I helped make a list of songs for a cafe in Hwayangdong named “Thinking Coffee” so I’m totally stoked that I can possibly help EYK make suggestions for their playlist. (I’ll have to do it when it’s not two in the morning though hehe)

    6 years ago
    • If you have a list, would it be alright for me to add it to my youtube playlist? Just to have them all in one place. I’m adding suggestions made in these comments too ;)

      6 years ago