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A Guide to Fanfiction and Gag Concert

March 24, 2014


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I know you were so lonely these past few days, without our DICKS to keep you company. Aren’t you glad to see us again? And today we’re teaching you how to impress your Korean boss, how to make Soo Zee’s mum laugh, and how to select your ideal fan fiction. Ready? Read on!

Popular phrases (aka 유행어)

Soo Zee here, yo! These phrases and references will definitely come up on your conversations and it’s good to know where it comes from at least. Most of the 유행어 come from the popular comedy TV show ‘Gag Concert’ (link). You might not find this kind of humor funny, and it gets repetitive sometimes but the phrases are pretty catchy.

“느낌 아니깐~~”

(start at the 6 minute mark)

This one ranked number one on the list of 2013’s most popular phrases, and it’s funny if you use it here and there in inappropriate context. Please keep in mind, you have to imitate the same tone and way she says it! Just saying it normally wouldn’t make people laugh. You’ve got to put your acting skillz to use.


Another my favorite phrase these days is 앙돼여~~. This comes from a skit comparing two different middle aged couple who are dating. One is the calm, well-mannered, somewhat average couple, but the other one is loud, obnoxious, and cheesy. Here, watch it first.

When she swings her arms and says “앙대여~”, it’s so satisfying. I tried to imitate it, but it was a huge failure… Guys this is Ahjumma aegyo (if you don’t know what aegyo is, just watch our Gwiyomi Challenge video here [insert link]) and I love it! I love her thick needy accent, her outfit, the dance, and the song!!!!


We all know what fan fiction is, right? If you aren’t sure, you should google fanfic now, otherwise the following paragraphs are going to sound like an alien language. In fact, even if you are familiar with fan fiction in a vague, general sense, you still might be confused, because the fan fiction community has a whole host of very specific terms for very specific things.

We talked about “ship” this week, which is short for “relationship.” Fanfics usually center around a central relationship in a set of previously established characters. These fanfics “ship” those (usually two) characters. Likewise, fans of a pairing are “shippers” of so-and-so. You can ship two people that are not actually together in the original canon. For example, Martina who loves fanfic, ships Loki and Jane (known as Lokane from Thor), Draco and Hermione (from Harry Potter), and Buffy and Spike.

I’m not an expert, so I’m relying on you Nasties to help us out with the specifics. There is such an incredible diversity of fan fictions out there, and there’s no way we could talk about it one measly blog post. But in case you’re new to fan fiction and trying to navigate the vast amount of work out there, here are some other fan fiction terms you might come across:

OTP – one true pairing (we covered this in the video)
Slash – homosexual pairings, like GD/TOP or Hermione/Ginny
Oneshot – usually fanfic is written in chapters and posted as the writer develops the story. A oneshot is a standalone, single writing piece
Fluff – usually short, generally not plot heavy, always romantic and warm fuzzies-inducing
Canon – when the events portrayed are accurate to the official source material. so, since Jay Park left 2PM in real life, he’s not part of 2PM in a canon piece either
AR – alternate reality, usually a “what-if” scenario that uses the source material as a jumping off point, like if Edward never returned to Forks and Bella stayed with Jacob
Crossover – mixing your characters or worlds from different source materials, say Loki and Sookie Stackhouse
Lemon/Lime/Citrus/Smut/M – contains sexual material and/or might only focus on sexy times (but sometimes it is fantastic plot with a splash of sexy times)

Do you agree with the above definitions? Have they changed recently or mean something different to you? Let us know! I would absolutely love to recommend some stellar fan fiction for you guys, but I haven’t really read all that much. So maybe we could all help each other out and share some good ones in the comments? We should probably indicate what kind of style/genre/ship. That would be really cool. And let’s try to be nice and non-judgemental here, okay? Different strokes for different folks. Intern Leigh out!

Bonus Round : 싸가지

I found out while writing this blog post 싸가지 comes from 강원도. It’s their way of pronouncing 싹수.
싸가지 means a person who is rude, mean, or has bad manners. It’s generally used when you want to insult someone by calling them a horrible person.

It’s used as a noun, or as part of a phrase.
1) 싸가지 (noun. Rude person)
2) 싸가지(가) 없다 (That person is very rude)

Here are some different ways to say being rude:
1) 싹수가 없다
2) 싹수가 노랗다
3) 버릇이 없다
4) 버르장머리가 없다
5) 무례하다

Martina’s Interjection!

Hey guise. Martina here. Remember when we asked you this:

fanfiction sharing

don't worry be happy

We wanted to share some of your favourite kpop fanfics for this post, which we thought would be appropriate given the topic. I am an avid fanfic reader myself, and I know that it can take a loooong time to scan, read, and flip through various fanfic communities in search of a favourite author or story. So, I thought I could enlist your help in finding some of the best kpop fanfics.

We got a lot of excited tweets and emails from fans of fanfic sharing their fav stories, as well as actual authors who wanted to share their stories with us. Oddly, though, there was an explosion of people that did not share in the excitement. For example:

So Angry Tweet

Already made my own fanfic

Public Fanfic tweet

the fanfic grumbles

fanfic problems

Yup. The kpop fanfic community freaked out, shut down, and imploded over one tweet. People panicked over their assumptions about what we would create, over a video of ours that didn’t actually exist, since we were never going to made a review of fan fiction. All this fear and anger coming out of misconstrued conclusions formed in the rumour mill and passed along Tumblr. LET THIS BE A LESSON ON THE DANGERS OF GOSSIP!

We even got emails and tweets from people demanding that we must first ask permission before we use any fan fiction, as if they knew what we were going to do to begin with. When we responded to these people and linked them to our tweets, they had various responses like, “Oh, I don’t have twitter so I didn’t see that” or “I don’t follow you on twitter” or “oh I read about your filming in a forum”. Whut? So you didn’t even see our tweets, but you form conclusions and thought the worst without even looking into it?

After that we realized there was clearly no point of putting up another tweet explaining our actual intentions since:
A) Angry people don’t seem to listen to what we say anyway. They just like being angry and wading through Outrage Porn
B) This video was coming out soon and would just explain it all away.

So if you’re one of the people who freaked out at us over the implosion of the Kpop Fanfic world, do some research first before you come to conclusions from secondhand accounts. And for those of you that locked up your once totally public fanfic accounts, be freeeeee knowing that we have zero interest in making a video reviewing your fanfic writing skills. We simply wanted to share your work with other readers. Now, everyone take a deep breath and put your stories back up online because you have fans that really want to read your stories. Or, more importantly, if online privacy is important to you, take more steps to ensure your privacy and the protection of your work, or – well – just don’t post stuff online if you’re afraid of online commentary.

Martina’s Interjection Over!

Stay tuned for next DICKS, where Martina promises she won’t not tell you how to not tie a cherry stem without your tongue. You don’t not want to miss that, now do you? Make sure you subscribe by clicking that big, shiny red button below. We’ll make sure you don’t miss out. And if you have any awesome slang we should know about, let us know, either in the comments below or via twitter. 뿅!



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Korean Slang


A Guide to Fanfiction and Gag Concert


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  1. Who? What? Where? When? Why?

    I like how you made an account just to write something completely vague lol

    6 years ago
  2. Ana

    Outraged reply in 3, 2, 1~~~

    6 years ago
  3. Oh.. My I didn`t even see those tweets x.x How horrible ! I mean.. what is wrong by sharing your favorite fanfiction… I mean.. most of the k pop fanfiction authors share it on asianfanfics, a public page where everyone can read, someone are even allowing the readers to download their story on PDF. I mean, fanfiction are meant to enjoy and share, so the author can get their praise they deserve. I mean by sharing you are showing your love for your author and thats it. Sharing it with EYK doesn`t make any difference as sharing it to a friend. So by making those bashing meany tweets, just to rage and make an awful mood over it… UGH x.x ITS JUST STUPID !!!!

    I mean, I write fanfiction as well, if someone shared my story I would just be grateful, thinking that they actually like the story <3



    6 years ago
    • The main problem here is lack of good communication.

      – EYK tweeted asking for fanfic recommendations, adding that they might be used in a video. They did not state how these fics would be used. It was only a day later they said they would ask the author’s permission.

      – Cue fanfic authors worrying about EYK mocking their work, making a parody of it. Fanfiction is already seen as a low-brow hobby, and fanfic authors are often under attack and made fun of.

      – Also, some fanfic authors did not want their work being exposed on such a large platform – as EYK keep saying, their tl:dr is their most popular segment, and they also have idol viewers – many fanfic authors do not want their work exposed to this large audience because it exposes them to mocking and negative opinions.
      – Hence, fanfic authors, rather than shouting abuse at EYK, locked or deleted their fics to avoid being pulled into a drama.
      – Some fanfic readers got upset. A minority blamed EYK and tweeted nasty things to them.

      Just because you would be happy with your fic being shared and exposed outside of the fandom, doesn’t mean other feel the same.
      Fanfics are something very personal to the author, and without them knowing what their fic would be used for in a vid, they decided to take pre-emptive action to avoid hassle and drama later.

      6 years ago
      • Ok…… I don`t know if you kinda got me wrong….. Or I didnt fully expressed it really clearly enough… I mean… I totally understand the fact that some people might find it as a vulnerable spot in the fright of getting mocked and getting into an huge of drama….

        Its just, I guess eyk would understand that, as they would ask the author of permission. So without making such mocking tweets and all, the tweeters could just not make a huge fuss about it, as eyk would ask them in personal to use them, adn if they didn`t wanted to join, they could just have said no…

        I`m sure eyk, took in consideration about the author and what they wanted…. So if they felt uncomfortable with it, they would have understand.

        So making a huge fuss of it is just …. well yeah… But I totally understand the feeling…. I mean… fanfics are pretty personal, and the majority are making otps out of idols, and since idols actually watch eyk`s videos, well… it would kinda feel embarrassing, so I totally get your point ^^

        Yet, what I was trying to say, was that, there are some people that would be grateful about it, and well, fanfictions….. Its hard, It all depends on the author, and what she/he wants with her story…. But eyk would have asked the author themselves without well, having to go through this bashing comments…. its rude to bash people on the internet.. what so ever….

        But yeah…. I haven`t really updated myself on this issue…. so sorry if my comment didn`t seem to over see this through the whole different views there are, and the whole specter about it… Its just sad to see people bashing eyk for not really do anything wrong…. and the people who writes to them kinda set the fanfic fandoms to a whole new view that kinda scares me, even if it is to protect their favorite authors and their stories.

        6 years ago
  4. The word Fanfiction can bring joy to fans or angry to authors/writers. Some authors are flattered by fans wanting to write about character they created while others are upset over the copyright for their characters. Everyone all knows Fifty Shades of Grey was first a piece of Twilight Fanfiction. EL James is not the first author who has written a piece of Fanfiction and turned it around to be a loosely based on an original story. Michelle Harris was a fanfic writer wrote a story called“Moonlight Midnight Glory” which was originally written as a Sailor Moon Fanfiction. You can buy her book on Amzon.com. There are many authors who have said they wrote Fanfiction from R.J, Anderson, Meg Cabot, Cassandra Clare, and Neil Gaiman.

    With that being said, I don’t understand why people are upset over asking for Fanfiction. Evening if EYK was going to have a video talking about fandom of K-Pop and K-Dramas, you asked for fans favorite fanfiction stories. EYK has a big K-Pop group of fans that probably enjoy Fanfic and wanted to share these stories to a bigger audience. Evening if you planned on
    poking a little fun at the idea of Fanfiction it isn’t the first time Fanfiction as been the butt of the joke.

    You’re Beautiful poked fun of the ridiculous aspect of being an idol with its Slash Fanfiction scene. Heck, Answer Me 1997 had Shi-won getting into college because of writing Slash Fanfiction of H.O.T. Those two dramas were able to stand back and look at the humor of the situations of fans. Yes, there are some really scary fans who will take it to the next level but I
    don’t think this was the point EYK was trying to make. If they wanted to talk about the horrors of fandom, just look at the Sasaeng fans of EXO. I heard one of them went to a member’s brother’s wedding.

    Writers of fanfiction put their work out there to be read by the fandom. As long as the fandom likes the work, what does it matter if others don’t? It is like people asking why I like K-Pop and K-Dramas. They just don’t understand why I enjoy music and dramas when I don’t speak the language. You can explain but it may just not be their cup of tea. The writers of said fanfic
    want reviews from fans to improve or not to improve the story. What does it matter if someone doesn’t like it? Again the story or pairing may not be to someone else taste.

    Lev Grossman I believe said it best, “Fanfiction is what literature might look like if it were reinvented from scratch after a nuclear apocalypse by a band of brilliant pop-culture junkies trapped in a sealed bunker. They don’t do it for money. That’s not what it’s about. The writers write it and put it up online just for the satisfaction. They’re fans, but they’re not silent, couchbound consumers of media. The culture talks to them, and they talk back to the culture in its own language”

    6 years ago
    • I still have the Draco Trilogy by Cassie Claire in my hard drive… I was such a fan of it and sometimes I’ll revisit it even more than my HP original series… ahahahaha. She also had crack fic series from lord of the rings which I also enjoyed. That’s why I went out to buy Cassie’s books once they hit the shelves, I wanted to give thanks for the times she gave me free entertainment as a fanfic author.

      6 years ago
      • Oh my God, someone who has read The Very Secret Diaries! You rock! That crackship LOTR series was some of the funniest fic I’ve ever read. My roommate and I would read those aloud, laughing so hard we cried.
        Also the scenes in You’re Beautiful where they explain how their fans write stories about them- usually involving a love triangle- and the scene where the other member is engrossed in reading the fanfic are some of my favorite parts of that show.

        6 years ago
  5. Just letting people out there know that if you want to watch GagConcert with english subs, KBSWorld uploads full episodes
    regularly on their channel
    Here’s their playlist~ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ
    I just wanted to share because it made it so much easier for me to find shows like GagConcert and 1Night2Days…
    The fact that I don’t have to feel bad about watching it illegally is a bonus (つω⊂* )

    6 years ago
  6. I don’t really get Gag Concert. The first time I watched, it was really funny. But they do the same sketches every week with the same jokes, just with different setting variations and such. It’s too predictable and boring. I’ll only watch it if there’s a guest I wanna see. But yeah one sketch I liked was called “Why we don’t need men” and I looked through a bunch to see which was the funniest to show my friend. He really liked it but I’m sure if I showed him other ones he’d be like “umm didn’t I already see this”.

    6 years ago
  7. My rec for Sess/Kag (Inuyasha): anything by forthright – https://www.fanfiction.net/u/1035027/forthright

    If you like Sev/Harry (Harry Potter) mentoring stories, Green Gecko has an amazing trilogy beginning with Resonance: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/1795399/1/Resonance

    I haven’t read much Thor fanfiction, but I think I’ll give Lokane a try. :P

    6 years ago
  8. AU which stands for Alternative Universe, kinda sorta like AR but I think AU covers more possibilities when writing out of canon
    Angst, for all those dramatic “I will make you cry and want to tear your heart out” fics.
    Supernatural (?) maybe, considering all those vampire fics going around….

    I used to know about a lot more terms but years have made me forget. ALSO, nobody uses Lemon/Lime to refer to fanfics with sexual content anymore. At least I haven’t seen it in quite a few years. Which only makes me sound like an old fart. *grandma voice* I used to read fanfics when people used lemon to refer to what you youngsters call smut these days *grandma voice over* yeah…. almost ten years.

    I don’t know if the reaction is stemming from that infamous moment of Sherlock’s conference when the moderator made Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman *read* a pretty steamy Johnlock fanfic, which not only embarrassed the actor, but was mortifying to the author of said fic as well. Martin and Benedict were great sports about the whole thing but there’s the feeling of using the fanfics as a way to embarrass the author, in this case the actors, and generally humiliate the fandom.

    So, I’m guessing that, as long as it’s done tactfully, the fandom can be at ease, but if it has a different purpose, shit will hit the fan. Perhaps, you should have mentioned why you wanted the links?

    6 years ago
  9. OMG, I had no idea any of this was going on. Did it really become such a big thing? One or two times I was upset by things S&M had said (basically I thought they had gone too far). But S&M are real people, and their opinions are going to necessarily correlate with mine. But I never understand why people would get so nasty. Nastiness doesn’t solve any problems! One reason why I’m hesitant to be online is because of nastiness. In fact, this is really the only place where I leave comments. And I was invisible for so long.

    Next time, if you are concerned about things S&M are doing, say so nicely! Nastiness does not need to exist.

    6 years ago
    • Ana

      Thank you! I don’t know you, but your decency has impressed me. Many hugs, sweetie :3

      6 years ago
  10. I’m seriously laughing at some of the reasons being given for why authors took down stories, etc.

    Reason 1 – Not knowing what you guys are going to do with them. Instead of ranting online or freaking out and taking things down, what should an author of a story who has concerns about it do? Why, they should contact you of course. I feel like that should’ve been a common sense thing. I don’t write, but if I did, the first thing I’d do would be to contact them asking what the stories are being used for because I’m not sure if I want my work being used in a video. Then I would’ve gotten a response and gone from there.

    Reason 2 – People are worried about hate from EYK fans that aren’t into fanfiction or aren’t into ones involving real people. If S&M posted links to fics or whatever, if a fan doesn’t read fanfiction, they still won’t read it. Yes, there is a chance they might look up the story, take a glimpse, but the most likely thing is they’ll ignore it. If they do look it up, why would they then join the community to leave a response saying how much they don’t like fanfiction? For example, when it comes to KMMs or reaction videos to songs/groups I don’t like, I ignore it. Why waste my time with something that doesn’t hold my interest? Same thing, why read a fanfic just because S&M recommended one if I don’t like fanfiction?

    Reason 3 – People being worried because you work with actual idols and some watch your videos. Lmao, this one kills me. Idols know about fanfiction, it isn’t the secret thing people seem to think it is. Idols and other celebrities around the world have even made mention about fanfics or reading ones that they are in out of curiosity. Though in all honesty, probably the last thing these stars want to do is read fanfics about themselves.

    Reason 4 – Worried over plagiarism and copyright issues, etc. From past EYK videos, it is more than a little obvious how seriously you take things like copyright and using things with permission, so I don’t really see the concern here.

    Reason 5 – Worried about their work being reviewed/criticized/whatever. I see comments on fics all the time that bash writing styles, plotlines, etc. Heck, one story I’m reading now is practically all comments about how they readers hate where they author is going in terms of coupling and anger towards the author. Authors get that stuff any way, so it seems like a dumb thing to freak out about possibly happening.

    6 years ago
    • 1. People did ask them. I saw tweets upon tweets upon tweets asking about it. There was no reply other than the tweet about asking the authors permission so….

      2. People on the internet do this ALL THE TIME. If you’ve seen youtube comments on videos alone it would tell you that people do this a lot. I think a reason you don’t see it much on fanfic is because for people not in the know it is hard to find. But suddenly if EYK is posting links well there it is for people who didn’t have access to it before. Also, I would like to point that you don’t need to join a community to comment on some fics. Just have an account on the hosting website.

      3. Idols knowing fanfic exists and knowing where to find and read it are two different things. Would you want an idol to know you wrote about them having sex and for them to know your username or possibly your real first name? Not to mention this puts pressure on the idol and in a kpop world where fan service is a real thing this is not good.

      4. I won’t comment on this as I saw no actual tweets with this concern.

      5. Yes, people do criticize fic in the comments but, those that simply just bash are not a normal occurence. 9/10 if you see a criticising comment on a fanfic it is constructive. I don’t know what fic you’re reading but if I was that author I would either disable comments or stop posting. Even the worst fanfic authors put in time and hardworm for their stories and to have people hate on it so much is terrible.

      6 years ago
      • Also, I just wanna say, I don’t blame the authors of fanfics for being upset over the situation. Obviously it became a really big deal for many. I’m just saying, the way some people have worded things in the comment section here to explain why things went down the way they did, it just doesn’t make sense to me and these are my thoughts on those specific things I read.

        6 years ago
      • The amount of time I spend on twitter, pretty much none. And when I do get on, I don’t go check out their page or tags about them. I’m just basing this off of comments here on this site and in their blog post above. They said they responded to people who emailed them about the issue. Maybe if they went to twitter it would’ve solved a lot of the issues.

        True. You do find that on YouTube a lot. Though most don’t even watch through a whole video. Fanfiction would be a completely different beast because you’d have to use some thought for reading. By community I meant the site, most are their own little communities in a way. Like, idk, AFF. To leave a comment on a story there you have to be logged in. I just don’t think a person who isn’t interested in reading fics would make an account to comment on a story they aren’t interested in because S&M linked to one.

        Idols don’t need S&M to find fics. All they need is google.
        Personally, if I had any ability to write and an idol saw my story involving them and sex, I probably wouldn’t care too much. I’d be embarrassed for a bit if I found out, but in the long run, how would I ever even know they saw my story? And if someone left a comment claiming to be them, I’d think it was total BS.

        As I said, I don’t check twitter, I’m basing this all on comments I’ve seen here. There have been a few (though it might’ve been multiple comments from one person *shrugs*) talking about their stuff possibly being plagiarized when used for an EYK video.

        I agree with that. Most reviews/criticisms are going to be constructive. I think even if S&M had linked stories, the comments coming from that that were reviews would be just that, constructive criticism. Bashing is horrible, I don’t see why people feel the need to waste breath on it. But it still happens, so I don’t see the need to worry about it. As for that story, I can’t look at the comments anymore because it makes me angry. This is a persons work of art, so to speak, and it does take time out of their life, people should respect that (also why I despise any sort of comment asking for updates to come faster). But the author doesn’t seem to care too much about what other people think and just cares about their story getting out there. So props to that author, for real.

        6 years ago
  11. Ana

    The controversy about the fanfic sharing is nauseating.

    A message to everyone: Please enjoy Internet discussions for the entertainment they provide!
    Try not to take it to heart.

    Furthermore, the moment a user of any platform publishes something on the Internet they must deal with the fact that it is PUBLIC. Sure, that might draw the attention of some very disrespectful and mean individuals. But sometimes exchange of information is not
    about prejudice and wanting to insult, it might be about wanting to understand
    something better. Rule of thumb: if you would like something not being found about, do not share it where it is easily accessible, e.g. on the Internet.

    Quick question: Would you sue someone in real life if they just asked if you’d be interested in sharing an opinion? Simon and Martina might have triggered some subconscious guilt and angst with their question, but a spec of rational thinking might have helped some here to hakuna their tatas …

    That being said: Revise your approach to this
    misunderstanding and keep calm!

    Many hugs to all. I love you guise <3

    6 years ago
  12. Let me just say that if EYK went through hell to just get an interview with SHINee re-approved numerous times, even though they had an ok the first time. EYK are very courteous people and they had have disclaimers after disclaimers with reviews and videos because they know they have a very large audience. They redirect to the attention to themselves to avoid their audience from bashing the group or the culture by saying things like,”This is from OUR perspective” “this is from a foreigners perspective” “we are not experts ourselves in this certain area”. They would NEVER want to point to point their finger at someone else and say “Look how awful that is!”.
    Granted, their tweet was vague, but when is it not? They like to keep things as a surprise! Hence, Simon having to blindfold Martina and flip the car over when he was going to propose to her. Where is the fun if they outline everything out in a tweet that can only have 140 characters.If you were an avid fan of EYK, you would know them enough, or even their history of making videos demonstrates that they would do NOTHING to harm a person.
    I understand, as a fanfic writer and reader myself, that not being credited is very rude, and I now see the points from both sides after reading very level-headed comments on how a person might not be so happy being shared with, along with replies saying, “If you don’t want it shared, don’t post it online.”
    If you find out your fanfic was being shared with EYK, and let’s say you were hypothetically an anti-fan, you can always email them asking not to use your fanfic because you are not comfortable with it. They WILL oblige! When someone points to a person, and blindly accuses them for an action that has not even happened yet, that is just so simple minded and so immature. Tackle the issue, and not the person.

    6 years ago
  13. ohemgee. that was special. people freaking out over nothing. I would think a REAL writer wouldn’t really mind their name possibly getting out there a little more, reaching a larger audience, maybe getting some more criticism and praise, so they know what they need to work on. I know of several fanfic writers who write them for practice, and then go out and actually publish REAL BOOKS, and they tend to promote themselves quite a bit (no, I don’t remember exactly who they are, but I have read 4 of them). wow, just wow people.
    anyway, I’ve never seen it as ‘AR’, I’ve only seen it as ‘AU’- Alternate Universe. its the same thing, but if I were to see something labeled AR, I would have no idea what it was talking about. just wanted to share that tidbit xP

    6 years ago
    • I agree with all of this.
      Honestly, if one of my fanfics popped up on EYK I would be thankful for the publicity.

      6 years ago
  14. As a member of the fanfic community I saw the hunormous explosion of anger and fear all over AFF. I think it’s because they’re worried they’re gonna bash them. I’m glad all that blabber has been cleared up
    Also, I’ve never heard anyone use AR, only AU.

    6 years ago
  15. At one point or another, I’ve been disappointed about some part of some contents you guises have put. That said, I’ve never once thought that you’ve tried to hurt a community or anything intentionally. And most of the time, when I see people bashing you for any kind of reason, I get really defensive and want to protect you. This time is one of those time. I’m angry at people jumping to conclusion for no valid reason and creating chaos ON THEIR OWN. People are accusing you guise, saying you’ve caused this, but they got only themselves to blame.

    Internet is this weird world where overaction is the almost only reaction you can have, and even though it’s really great sometimes, it’s also really shitty for this reason (and others).

    I won’t say anything like “be careful” and stuff, because the only meaning of your work is doing what you want to do, and having suscribers that like it. It makes no sense trying to please everyone anyway, because it’s not possible.

    So, to round up, I’m just saying that I would really have liked you to put up a few fanfic link out there, because I’ve been following Kpop more intensively for about 2 years now, but I cannot seem to get into fanfiction because I don’t have a starting point and I lack knowledge about it (though I used to read some back in the days, you know, when Sailor Moon was a big thing… Gosh I’m old lol) I feel sorry that this mini scandal (but really, how is it a scandal when you see the latest one that when on in the Youtube community) kept you guise for doing this kind of list :( If ever you feel like doing one, I’ll be the first one to read the blog post. Maybe a blog post about it without a vid?

    Anyway, keep up your good work! It’s normal now and then to hit a rough patch, but the true Nasties love you :)

    6 years ago
    • I’m pretty much with you.

      I don’t understand why people are making these posts on tumblr based on rumours without even checking the info from EYK’s twitter that can be easily found there: they want to use fanfics in video and they will ask permission from authors. How this twisted to: “EYK review and make fun of fics without asking permission!” is beyond to my understanding.

      Everyone who closed their fics because of this is stupid bandwagoners in my opinion. You are closing your site because of rumour and not even getting info that’s so easily available and would save you from all the trouble?

      6 years ago
  16. It amazes me how condescending your comments about the fic community is in this post, it’s actually really upsetting because you’re missing the point entirely. So I’m gonna see if I can’t make it a little clearer to you and everyone else here who seems confused as to WHY fanfic author’s removed their fic.

    Say some pretty well-known Youtuber posted a tweet saying “Link me your favorite Youtube videos, I might mention it in an upcoming vid!!!” And so a bunch of people link videos to them and some of your guys’ videos get linked over too. Your KMMs or TL;DRs, whatever. You have a lot of fans you follow you so of course, they’d be excited to share some of your videos! Which is cool. Sharing is cool.

    But what if you saw this tweet and thought…wait? But what is this youtuber gonna DO with our videos? Is he going to mock them? Is he going to steal a skit that we spend hours coming up with? Is he going to pick apart what we do? You won’t know, because he doesn’t say. Maybe he comes back to twitter a few hours later and adds “don’t worry, I won’t use vids unless the
    creator says it’s okay!”

    Okay, so maybe you don’t have to worry. It’s cool. Right?

    Except, what if, this youtuber posts his video and it does mock you? It does draw attention to you guys and your videos. What if he does steal a skit you two created and uses it to make fun of you “hahaha these lame people who make videos off of kpop how stupid”

    You can say all you want that the internet is a public place and that anyone who posts things online need to know that others can take and use at their will, BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT OKAY.

    If someone took the skits you guys made and redid them just to make fun of you and posted them on the internet, I don’t think you would be very happy. I don’t think you would be like “oh well the internet is the internet!” and just let them continue doing what they wanted.

    When you guys made your tweet about requesting fanfic but don’t elaborate what FOR or what you’re going to DO with the fanfic, of course authors are going to be wary. Fanfiction is still a very niche part of fandoms, even when it seems like it’s everywhere. NOT EVERYONE IS INTERESTED IN SHIPPING OR FANFICS OR ANYTHING OF THE SORT. ESPECIALLY IN REAL-PERSON FANDOMS. To assume that fanfic writers would be happy that you’re giving them more attention is honestly presumptuous and unnecessary. Fanfic writers do perfectly well without needing a video (on which you guys profit) to help them along.

    If Martina had made a tweet asking for fic recs just for her own self, I don’t think writers would have been scared over this at all. But wanting to use fic in a video that no one knew what it would be about, I can’t believe you don’t understand why many author’s would be upset about this. It doesn’t even matter if the author’s are fans of yours or hate you or whatever. IT IS THE AUTHOR’S CHOICE TO PUT THINGS ON THE INTERNET AND TAKE IT DOWN WHENEVER THEY FEEL LIKE IT. IT IS THE AUTHOR’S CHOICE IF THEY WANT THEIR FIC TO BE LINKED TO A PAIR OF YOUTUBERS WHO HAVE A LARGE FANBASE.

    When people in ficdom (as in the people who actively read and/or write fic, NOT the entirety of fandom) read fics and then share them, THEY SHARE WITH OTHER PEOPLE THEY /KNOW/ READ AND LIKE FICS.

    Because of your guys’ vague tweets, not one author knew what you were going to do with their fics and the author’s who were fearful of this HAD EVERY RIGHT TO SHUT DOWN.

    As for the people who sent you those angry tweets – it definitely seems more like the readers who were angry that their favorite author’s shut down, and they were definitely rude and you guys DO NOT deserve to been attacked quite like that. However, one single tweet saying “for those of you that locked up your once totally public fanfic accounts, be freeeeee knowing that we have zero interest in making a video reviewing your fanfic writing skills” (although SO MUCH LESS CONDESCENDING THAN THIS WOW) would have put the authors at ease so much sooner.

    Another thing to point out is that your second tweet about not using works without permission was posted almost a DAY after your initial tweet. Fic writers wouldn’t know if their fics had been sent to you before then and most of them shut down their communities in order to break the links that anyone might have sent you. If you guys had just made those two tweets together
    (I’m honestly amazed you didn’t; as creative people and English majors, I would have thought this would be so obvious to you) then chances are the author’s reactions would NOT have happened and you guys would not have been attacked so
    much by angry readers.

    6 years ago
    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Not everyone understands EYK’s sense of humor, so the authors who locked their accounts kinda-probably-must have feared that they’d (EYK) use their stories and harshly critique them like they do MVs. I think EYK has bad rep enough that the authors are wary of them getting their hands on their preciously written fics. I mean, there wouldn’t be any ruckus going on about “one tweet” if there hasn’t been any bad experience about EYK posting a video bashing or making rudimentary comments about the stuff or material they use for the video.

      I think that tweet was supposed to have come off like “Guess what? We have a surprise for y’all. We’re gonna do a video about fanfics. What about fanfics? You have to watch out for it. It’s gonna be cool and stuff.” But apparently, it didn’t come off like that at all. It resulted in this word war between fans of both EYK and fanfic authors/fans…

      Anyway, people have to understand that not everyone has the same sense of humor. To most of you [Nasties in particular], “this” is the kind of humor you like [“this” meaning the kind of humor EYK has orz, no need to elaborate for you know what they are being a fan of them]. But to some, humor means good, clean jokes…not the ones where you bash or insult or make fun of other people’s awkward English or stuff like that. You can’t please everybody. So you gotta learn to understand that those people who locked their fics/accounts are the ones who are not pleased with what you are doing.

      Ambiguity is ambiguity. It’s there for different purposes. Of course, different people won’t think the same way. If you say you’re going to possibly post a video “about” fanfics, then expect that some people might get curious about what you are going to do. I know you want this kind of effect; people anticipating what you’re gonna do. But what irks me is that your bad rep when you comment and critique kpop videos and such. Not funny at all. Well, that’s just based on what I’ve seen so far. TBH, some of your earlier videos are funny. But now, it’s just meh… Just for the sake of being able to post something.

      6 years ago
    • Alright. I definitely understand that point. But hear this: the tweet is meant for everyone, while details of the video would be discussed with the authors only, prior to its publication.

      At least that’s how I got it. Simon and Martina don’t reveal much about their ongoing projects to those not involved in the process (much like most people on youtube). Where’s the fun in checking the site when you know exactly what you’ll see? Even TV never did that (at least not as blatantly as people seem to be demanding they do now). The suspense is important to keep people curious and engaged. That’s just good business sense.

      6 years ago
    • “You cant be ambiguous when you want to use someone else’s work for a video.”

      THANK YOU. This is it! When using someone else’s personal work for anything (even if it’s ~just on the internet and therefore for everyone~) doesn’t mean you don’t credit or ask for permission, and it doesn’t mean you can keep people in the dark about it. If EYK had made it even a little bit clearer what they were going to use the fic for, most writers probably would not have done what they did to prevent it.

      6 years ago
      • I hate to say this, but your wrong. Your FanFic is not YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. Typically, fanfic is the intellectual property of the book, show, movie, etc. that inspired it, which is why takedown notices can be submitted against it, and why so many fanfics start with disclaimers of how they author isn’t doing this for money, means no offense to the show, book, or actual owner of the IP, and a host of other things. Now real person fanfic might have some legal wiggle room, depending on the country you’re located in, but materials based on other’s works, not.

        6 years ago
    • You know, this post is just another example of an entitled generation, the belief that your feelings are more important than theirs. I read the responses, I saw the reaction. The fic community was outrageously abusive, but it’s condescending to point it out? This kind of ego-centric thinking drives me up the wall.

      I had no idea what they were planning to do with the fanfic suggestions either, but I did know the fic community were acting like damn fools. You can try to justify that foolishness, with what amounts to, “It’s not our fault! It’s your fault! How were we supposed to know! Oh sure, some people may have taken it too far (but not ME of course) but they wouldn’t have acted like horrible people if you didn’t MAKE them! YOU didn’t do enough to MAKE them NOT act like horrible people. How mean of you for calling them out! Shame on you!” You don’t think that’s what you wrote? Read it again. That’s what you wrote.
      I see a lot of people are upvoting your comment, and I’m sure those same people will downvote mine, but here is what I have to say to them: No matter how much information you have or don’t have, people should know enough to not be a jerk. They’re supposed to think about whether their reaction is appropriate to the situation. And when they fail at that, they should be big enough in character to at least recognize they failed and not pretend it was someone else’s failure in order to downplay their own embarrassment.

      But no, it’s not you, it’s them. You’re all wonderful, you’re all stars. You’re never ever wrong and all of your opinions are made of gold and fairy dust. Trophies for everyone!

      6 years ago
      • Rolling my eyes so hard rn
        If the comment above wasn’t enough for you to understand why people reacted that way, you’re hopeless

        6 years ago
      • Okay, first off, to address your comment about the fic community being outrageously abusive: I never once said that I agreed with the people who sent EYK rude tweets and messages. I don’t think those people were right AT ALL. They were definitely rude and could have much more easily addressed the issue instead of screaming at EYK. Martina says in this post that if you post stuff online you have to be open to online commentary. So in that case, there’s no reason for EYK to be angry at the many readers and fic writers who made posts or tweets saying they don’t like EYK and don’t want their fic sent to them. That’s open online commentary, isn’t it? Not everyone in kpop fandom is a fan of EYK. To think that all fic writers would be happy to have their fic recced to EYK without knowing what it was for is just as outrageous.

        The fic community was not acting like “damn fools.” Every single person on the internet has the RIGHT to take down their work or delete it without giving anyone any reason. Fic writers do not owe anyone anything. I don’t even know what you’re trying to get at all with the whole “it’s not our fault it’s your fault” comment. I’m not saying it’s EYK’s fault. I’m not saying it’s the fic authors fault. What I’m trying to do is explain WHY fic writers got so upset. EYK makes money off of these videos. A lot of people felt uncomfortable with that because FANFIC IS FREE. Another thing is that no one knew what EYK was doing with the fic recs. If EYK had been more forthcoming, this would not have gotten so out of hand as it did. Could the authors have contacted EYK personally to ask? Yeah, sure. But that does not mean that people wouldn’t stop linking them their fic. Again, as Martina says in this post, the fic authors took preventive measures to make sure their fics won’t be linked by deleting/locking them.

        I’m really not sure what you’re trying to say tbh, you sound just as ignorant about this whole issue as EYK.

        6 years ago
        • Actually, you can, within limits. Personal creations, just get assigned an automatic copyright. But copyright contains fair use, which means you review it, comment on it, skewer it, send significant praise, you can parody and a whole host of other things. What you can’t do is plagiarize, copy excessively, attempt to sell, claim the copyright as your own (unless you can prove it is), write a movie off it, etc.

          Fair use, is both very limited and very broad. Copyright stops people from making money on your work without your permission. But this is more of a direct approach, you can’t take someone’s fanfic, repackage it as your’s and sell it. But you can put together a collection your reviews of said fanfic and sell that, without the author’s or copyright holder’s permissions.

          6 years ago
        • I like how you started your first comment by saying “It amazes me how condescending your comment [is]” talking about Martina’s interjection, but then you write some even more condescending comments. I won’t bother mentioning them all but even your last sentence is ridiculously condescending : “you sound just as ignorant about this whole issue as EYK”.

          Let me tell you what I know about this issue :

          – Simon and Martina posted a tweet asking for their followers to link them to some of their favourite kpop fanfic.

          – People freaked out and started insulting both Simon and Martina AND the ones who were sending links to S&M

          – S&M posted a second tweet a day later in order to appease everyone which read : “Fanfic community: be at ease. We won’t use anyone’s fanfics without the author’s permission. Fair? :)”

          – People still kept sending insulting tweets and DEATH THREATS?! to S&M

          – S&M put their video online and everyone could see at last that they did not intend to make fun of Fanfics and their writers.

          -People like you still come here and blame Simon and Martina for all this madness (and there is still people on twitter sending insulting tweets to them and saying it’s THEIR fault if some fanfics got removed/locked).

          Now, try and justify all this to me again, please?

          Simon and Martina are clearly the victims here. THEY are the one who received insults and death threats, and yet you come here and tell them it’s their fault for not being “more forthcoming”?

          NO, they didn’t have to say EXACTLY what they were going to do with those fanfictions, especially after they stated that they would make sure to ask the writers for permission. If the writer gives permission to Simon and Martina to use their work, S&M can do whatever the hell they wants with it without having to also ask the readers and more generally the fanfic community for permission too.

          EVEN if they want to read some of them out loud in a video.

          EVEN if they want to make fun of those works or of fanfictions as a whole.

          EVEN if what they say about fanfictions offends YOU.

          Just because you are offended doesn’t mean you are right, remember?

          And that is what Irritablevowel was telling you. What you’re doing here has a name, it’s called “victim-blaming”. You’re calling out Simon and Martina for not being “more forthcoming”, like if it justified the offended reactions of all the petty people who insulted them. Nothing justifies sending death threats to someone. Ever.

          “So in that case, there’s no reason for EYK to be angry at the many readers and fic writers who made posts or tweets saying they don’t like EYK and don’t want their fic sent to them. That’s open online commentary, isn’t it?”

          There is a fine line between criticizing somebody’s work and outright threatening to “end them” if they dare touch the topic of something you like.

          Writers asking people not to send links of their works to Simon and Martina because they do not want the exposure or the critique or they do not like the way Simon and Martina review stuff, fine, S&M wouldn’t have use their work without their consent anyway.

          Writers telling people not to send links to their work to Simon and Martina because “they’re horrible people”? Not “open online commentary”. That’s Ad hominem and it’s NOT a valid or even acceptable argument.

          That’s what irritablevowel meant by saying that “No matter how much information you have or don’t have, people should know enough to not be a jerk”. If you insult someone to make your point, it is de facto invalid. And you should apologize when you realize you were wrong, which is clearly not what happened here since people upvoted your comments.

          6 years ago
    • You seem to be the only one (including EYK) who posted actual information about why people were upset. Instead of just thinking they knew why and saying that was the reason. Thank you for this.

      People also seem to forget that if you don’t like someone why would ever want them touching your stuff? Despite why they like EYK they should not go around saying people dislike them for “no valid reason”. There are plenty of valid reasons. Maybe they should “do some research before coming to a conclusion with second hand information.” I also like how EYK only pointed out people who didn’t see the tweets but not the many, many people who did and knew what they were upset about.

      6 years ago
      • I have a lot of fic writing friends who were upset and concerned over this so I’m a little worked up as well. I really wanted to make a comment so people would understand! The thing is that no one wanted to have to lock their fics – they put them up because they want people to read them! That’s the point! But EYK didn’t say they wanted fics to read just for fun. They wanted fics for a VIDEO. No one knew what that video would be about (were they going to re-enact fics? were they going to mock them? who knew! eyk didn’t bother to specify) and therefore people got rightfully scared. Authors have every right to be wary of what people might do with their work, work that they put a lot of time and effort into.

        As Martina said in this post “Or, more importantly, if online privacy is important to you, take more
        steps to ensure your privacy and the protection of your work, or – well –
        just don’t post stuff online if you’re afraid of online commentary” — this is exactly what the authors did! They TOOK STEPS TO ENSURE THEIR PRIVACY IN THIS SITUATION. When people steal authors fanfic, most authors delete/lock their fic. When people translate fic without permission, most authors make announcements to prevent it from happening again (or lock/delete their fic too). When EYK requested fics for a video, most authors TOOK PREVENTIVE MEASURES just like Martina suggested, and locked/temporarily deleted their fics. Most of these authors aren’t deleting their fics for good. They just wanted to make sure no one would send EYK their fics because they didn’t want that attention. And they have every right to do so.

        EYK can also be rightfully upset over people who are blaming them for their favorite authors’ fics to have disappeared. I’m sure that wasn’t EYK’s intention. But saying “do some research before coming to a conclusion with second hand information” is kind of weird? Because the only research they gave were the two tweets about the potential fic-video which actually gave NO information whatsoever? Sure, they said they wouldn’t use fic without permission, but like I said in my previous comment, most authors deleted/locked their fic IN CASE people had already linked EYK and therefore the links would be broken when EYK tried to access them.

        6 years ago
        • I agree with everything you said. I also haven’t seen much locking/deleting fic in my previous fandoms, just in kpop where there seems to be too many people stealing and reposting fic without permission (which is seriously terrible). Yeah, it’s possible that if Martina only reads non-kpop fic that she wasn’t aware of the sort of things kpop authors deal with.

          But regardless of that, I think that EYK could have definitely handled this whole thing a little better. I understand wanting to be secretive about videos you’re making, but when you choose to address such a sensitive topic such as fanfic, it would’ve been so much more appreciated by everyone if they’d informed people what they might be using the fic for. Especially after they got wind of authors deleting/locking their fic.

          Martina’s interjection in this post was incredibly condescending and it makes me sad to see it really. I get that EYK is upset over the people who sent them angry tweets, but instead of making such a defensive post, just CALMLY explaining that things got out of hand and they didn’t mean it would have been much more effective. And replying in the comments to other people and comparing fic authors shutting down their fics to religious fundamentalists is so completely ridiculous I don’t know what to say. Not to mention they keep commenting that they don’t get why everyone was upset, but they make no effort TO UNDERSTAND either.

          Overall, did the kpop fic community overact a bit? Yes, perhaps. But is EYK completely blameless? In my opinion, no. Just one single, non-condescending tweet about what they wanted to do with fics would have made a world of a difference.

          6 years ago
        • Re your 3&4: I’ve actually been asking for some kind of plagiarism controller, like the ones they use in universities to check your essays are your own. But rather than search for the original place it was posted (useless in our case), this would search the internet to find all the places a work had been posted to, so we knew exactly who had posted our work without our permission. I think it would be one of the most useful things that would ever be created for authors, and I’m glad you brought up a point about it.

          6 years ago
  17. why the authors who didnt want their stories to be shared act like those stories are so damn good and pure from their own imagination i bet those authors also got the ideas from movies,books,etc so why they acted like that?
    i know that write a fanfic is not an easy thing to do coz i’ve tried it and totally failed.

    so please stop being immature.peace!

    6 years ago
  18. Lu

    I think one reason the kpop fanfic community reacted the way they did is because EYK have connections to actual kpop idols that may watch their videos, and that could be a very embarrassing/uncomfortable situation for everyone

    also the way some people reacted (like in the pictures above) was very immature and entitled, and hopefully they’ll handle situations like this better in the future, because that’s kind of embarrassing

    6 years ago
    • Lu

      and although a lot of fans were immature, i think it’s also immature of S&M to not understand the fears that people would have had when they didn’t specify what they’d be doing with the fanfiction

      6 years ago
  19. AR really isn’t used anymore. A lot of people use AU which means alternate universe. AR and AU pretty much mean the same thing.

    6 years ago
  20. =( I’m not an avid fanfic reader myself, even though my friends try to force me into it. I’m kind of baffled; I mean Sandara Park? As in THEE 2ne1? Her tweet sounded pretty rude and I was really digging 2ne1. Or is this a different person but using the same name as Sandara Park? And isn’t fan fiction supposed to be fun? Isn’t that the whole point of fanfic? D: y so serious guys?

    6 years ago
  21. yeah i was basically outraged at how people were reacting on tumblr. like calm down and grow up a bit. /sigh
    anyway, i loved today’s episode! DICKS keeps getting better and better!
    i read mostly exo fanfiction nowadays like kaisoo (kai and kyungsoo) and hunhan (sehun and luhan) but back in the day i used to read loaaads of anime fanfiction!
    OH OH OH I also loooove Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality which is hands down the most amazing thing I’ve ever read on the internet :D

    6 years ago
    • HPMOR is probably the most headache inducing fanfic I’ve had the pleasure to ever read XD it’s so good, but ti takes a lot from you to read it and follow it. It’s still a great fic and one of the best HP fics I’ve ever read. Too bad the updates take sooo long

      6 years ago
  22. I’m a former fanfic writer in the disturbing childhood genre and now trying to write in the dating sims genre, and I’ve got to say, kpop fanfic community scares the hell out of me… hell kpop fandom scares me

    Seriously, I write and often read the dating sims fanfics, and the writers there are the nicest people. They don’t mind sharing their work as long as people leave their descriptions and story alone. Also, all the people I read fanfics on are on Tumblr. They know that their work is being shared, and have accepted that a wide audience is going to read it. Hell, people recognize some as the senpais of writing because of their contributions.

    My work is on fanfiction.net and I know people will share it and potentially critiscize its gore and disturbed up nature, and I honestly don’t care. This is the Internet age. Everything is being shared and people will want to continue to read it. By writing those tweets going against EYK, you make yourself look bad in the future because people will find out about these tweets, and potentially cause you to lose your job, or you garner hate messages directed at you. Yes, it’s your fanfic, but people are going to share your work throughout the Internet. Things don’t delete in the Internet, they will remain.

    6 years ago
  23. Don’t forget Molly Sue (basically when the author makes a new character that just happens to get with their favorite character).

    Kind of unrelated, but please tell me you guys have read Worm. You guys would all probably love it.

    6 years ago
  24. I only read Slash fanfiction of certain anime, book and TV shows. I never bothered to read the kpop ones, since I never liked to read fiction about REAL people, or themselves + idol. The thing I really really hate in fanfiction is OC’s, Mary Sues, and people that try to pair themselves with the character/person they like.

    6 years ago
  25. Not quite familiar of fanfic world, but from the looks of it: fanfic community = Fight Club. First Rule: You don’t talk about FIGHT CLUB!!!

    Anyhow, Gag Concert is really entertaining. Forever Alone skit is my favorite!

    6 years ago
  26. Don’t forget AU, which can mean Alternate Universe, like putting the characters in a different fandom’s universe, or Author’s Universe, where the author makes up a new setting and backgrounds for the characters, like making their OTP doctors or high school students.

    6 years ago
  27. I’m disappointed. Those tweets aren’t even necessary. But let me tell you the thing on those people’s minds: YOU GUYS WERE GOING TO REVIEW A FANFIC..so that’s why most authors freaked out lol. I actually asked a few authors (Yeah I’m a reader in AFF and I’m actually planning to post my own stories xD) why they didn’t want their fanfics being shared and those authors gave the exact same reason. And they should at least do a little research so they know that EYK is a business now and if you use their stories without permission it’s considered plagiarism… >_>” sigh some people.

    I think those people who sent you those kind of tweets are all immature little kids. xD
    And honestly, if I had my own stories up, I would so love to give the permission for you guys to use it! :D

    omg and this isn’t even relevant but you guys should check out wtfasianfanfics.tumblr.com and have the laughs of your life xD

    6 years ago
  28. Best description of “shipping” I’ve found.

    6 years ago
  29. oh my god those tweet makes me really sad… guise *virtualhug* i still love you both :’)

    6 years ago
  30. Have no idea what the fuck happened about the tweet, as I don’t follow any k-pop fanfic communities, but regarding the fanfic slang in the post, I’ve never heard of anyone using AR as a term. In general, I always see AU, which means alternate universe. I think. I generally stay away from those types of fics, so I could be wrong XD

    That being said, when you mix k-pop and fanfiction, both of which have some of the worst communities online, I’m not surprised by the amount of shit that went down. Sorry you guys had to deal with that though.

    6 years ago
  31. I read the outrage porn article and I’m *laughing forever* at the reactions from the tweets because that’s exactly what happened. If people are ‘deathy’ afraid of uploading their fic and it getting read by others, then don’t do it in the first place? Otherwise put it on private im sure those sites have a setting like that, as they do on ao3. Apart from that all the fic authors *I know* would love exposure for the effort they put in to their own work. But jfc all those people who raged are made of paper and are such jokes.

    RPF refers to Real Person(People) Fanfiction and kfanfic is borderline that so I dont dabble in it because it irks me and it can get pretty problematic.

    6 years ago
    • But I mean, MaleShepard/Kaidan and Apollo/Midnighter (DC superheroes) ALLL THE WAY, though theyre both canon also Chris/Piers from Resident Evil woowoo

      6 years ago
  32. To be honest, most of those people aren’t even real authors. Just bored teenage girls with nothing else to do. Really is no need to overreact

    6 years ago
    • That’s a very poor way of looking at it. So what if they’re not “real authors”? It’s their work, and they do it out of love. It’s understandable that they would feel protective of something they’ve created (much like S&M do about their videos).

      And given the large platform that S&M have, that reaches beyond the K-pop fanfiction fandom, it’s understandable that some authors would not like their stuff to be put under scrutiny and possibly be subjected to mockery (which has happened many a time before: http://www.dailydot.com/news/sherlock-fanfic-caitlin-moran/ )

      6 years ago
      • Ok. Maybe I should have said it differently. But I still do agree that many people overreacted to the entire situation. I don’t mean that ALL of them aren’t “real authors” but you have to admit, most are fangirls. I just wanted to make sure I said this instead of sounding like a jackass. I respect what they do but most are not professionals so there was no need to overreact the way they did.

        6 years ago
        • How does being a fangirl detract from their work?
          Just because they don’t make profit off of it? I don’t know how immersed you are in the the wider world of fanfiction, but there are a great number of fangirl/boy authors who are excellent writers, some of whom I follow are better than many published authors.

          Yes, some people overreacted. But it wasn’t the authors. They wanted to avoid possible drama with EYK (which has a huge, and occasionally aggressive fanbase), so they took precautions and took their fics down.
          This resulted in a few nasty tweets from a minority that do not represent the entire K-pop fanfiction fandom.

          I don’t think the authors overreacted. I would do the same if I thought my hobby was going to bring me under scrutiny from a large portion of the web, much of which might be less than understanding or kind about my work and why I do it.
          Fanfiction is their hobby. It’s something that gives them joy, and they took steps to ensure that it wouldn’t be marred. I can’t judge them for that.

          6 years ago
  33. “After that we realized there was clearly no point of putting up another tweet explaining our actual intentions since:

    A) Angry people don’t seem to listen to what we say anyway. They just like being angry and wading through Outrage Porn

    B) This video was coming out soon and would just explain it all away.”

    Well don’t you think you could at least given it a try? I think it would have at least eased the fan fic community a little bit. I mean god yeah I can’t disagree that their were pretty massive over reactions but I think they did come from a point of concern at some point. Also I understand what you say about the whole “well why put it online if you don’t want to open yourself upto criticism etc.” but k-pop fanfiction is read by k-pop fans and like you said yourself your audiences aren’t just kpop fans. People were scared of being judged by people, because fan fic isn’t exactly a looked upon greatly by everyone! I mean I don’t go and read sonic fanfiction when I have no interest in it, it would seem pretty weird to me!

    I feel like even if you’d have just said “your favourite fanfictions” and left out the k-pop the reaction wouldn’t have been so crazy. Or maybe if you said something like ” Send us a link to your fave kpop fan fics, we’d like to share them in our next video” At least it gives people an idea of what you might be doing, while keeping it vague still.

    Anyway let’s move on right?

    6 years ago
  34. Isn’t fluff not necessarily romantic feelies, or is it just a fandom thing? I don’t frequent the kpop fanfiction scene much (it’s my sister’s domain), but I used to frequent various video game fandoms/fanfiction (mainly Sonic the Hedgehog and Final Fantasy), and fluff has never been “always romantic” to me. Like, if someone writes a piece of Sonic the Hedgehog fluff, it isn’t necessarily romance–it might be Sonic and Tails acting cute and brotherly or something like that. I guess what I mean is that it’s always love and feels that get used in fluff pieces, but not necessarily *romantic* fluff.

    In other words, the backlash was crazy, my sister submitted her fic anyway, because we know that Simon and Martina wouldn’t have done anything to hurt their fanbase.

    6 years ago
    • OVO

      I agree with your definition of fluff, but I have been in so many fandoms so it might just be my past influencing me. But yeah, to me it would not necessarily be romantic either.

      6 years ago
  35. When I watched Heirs a while back, I noticed that everyone was always saying “I’m leaving first” (don’ t remember how it’s said in korean) when they left, so I just wanted to know whether that’s like a normal thing in korean culture, or was that just something only in the drama? Thanks~

    6 years ago
    • it kinda translates to “i will take my leave now”. it’s a way to excuse yourself and leaving nicely instead of just abruptly saying goodbye and leaving. i think this is what you’re talking about?

      6 years ago
  36. Uhm, I dont know how soozee or leigh might feel about this but I need to be taught the alphabet……..

    6 years ago
  37. kpop fans can be batshit crazy at times. But this is a small boom and will go away. We’ve seen worse.

    Though I wished you guys could openly recommend, not review, a few fics cus, the fanfiction world seems overwhelmingly vast. But I suppose this situation burned you guys…

    Himnaeseyo! You guys work hard to live well and I’d hate to see such good role models be affected by the consequences of fame. You guys are honestly an idealist’s inspiration and hope in a rather pessimistic, lazy world.

    6 years ago
  38. Man, I just love you guys,.. so mature and understanding. Keep up the good work and don’t let the trolls get you down.

    6 years ago
  39. I’m a little confused about this whole situation, from what I saw going down it seems that a lot of people got upset for 3 reasons:
    1. They were convinced the authors were going to be shut down.
    2. They were angry that their fanfic was going to be shared with others, “what happens in the fandom stays in the fandom” style.
    3. They thought that sharing these without permission was downright evil. (Erm it’s the internet guys..)

    So here’s what confuses me: why exactly would these authors be shut down? I can’t think of any valid reasons other than hate comments and in that case it’s a pretty shaky reason. I feel like I’m totally missing something here so if someone could clarify I’d actually really appreciate it.

    Second, why would you be angry at someone for sharing your favourite works? If you think something is awesome don’t you want more people to know about the awesomeness that it is? Personally when I find something I like, I tell as many people about it as I can possibly manage. If they like it then awesome, more fans and more support! If they don’t well then that’s too bad but who cares about their opinion (I know you feel me here fandom people, don’t even try to deny it).

    Lastly, if you put something up on the internet it’s there to stay and free for anyone and everyone to look at and have opinions on. That’s kind of how the internet works. If you don’t want people to find out about it then putting it online is probably not the best course of action. Unless you go bananas putting passwords and encryptions on it that only your fans can decipher, in that case you have my full support (dedication all the way!).

    6 years ago
    • It’s not that they thought the authors would be shut down by an external source. Many, many authors shut down of their own accord because of this, deleting their fanfics in the process. I think some of it was fear that the entire K-pop ficdom would implode upon itself due to everyone deleting their works and leaving the readers with nothing.

      6 years ago
      • That’s exactly what I’m confused about, I can’t see any real reason why they would do so. Plus if some criticism is enough to make the entire community implode that pretty.. Yeah..

        6 years ago
        • Many fanfiction authors locked or deleted their communities and fanfics because their work had already been linked to EYK without their permission (or interest), and the only way to unlink their work from the suggested website links was to delete the work so the links didn’t work anymore. A lot of the fanfiction has been reposted or unlocked now.
          It’s not just the potential criticism that made people wary. The is a strong social stigma against fanfiction, particularly RPF/RPS. And there are also people who didn’t want to be associated with EYK in any way, due to dislike of the people or worry that their work would get back to idols or companies. There are many issues why people thought that rather than their work possibly be found by people not the intended target audience, they would just make sure that it wasn’t–by lock&delete.

          6 years ago
    • Some people didn’t want their fics featured on EYK.

      There’s a variety of reasons for this – fanfiction is generally a close-knit community. Those who are a part of it, love it. For it to be put in a video, and presented to those with little or no knowledge could open it up to ridicule.
      In the past, romantic fanfiction has been mocked, and used to make fun of delulu fangirls (I’m thinking of when Moran asked BBC Sherlock cast to read a JohnLock fic – the fanfiction community felt that once more they were being looked down up and made fun of).
      Fanfiction is something that is done out of love, and is extremely personal, and thus people are very wary of it being used to make fun of the fandom or the idols featured in it.
      These aren’t obviously all of the reasons – I’m sure there are plenty more.

      The reason the situation got out of hand was because 1) the tweet was really vague and 2) people made assumptions that the fanfics would be mocked – based on EYK’s reviewing style (Battle of the B Named Boy Bands did not go down well with some people) and, as I said above), past incidents where it was used to make fun of fangirls.

      6 years ago
      • I actually read more fanfic than I’d care to admit and I have written some stuff, personally I wouldn’t give fudge if people shared it or even looked down on it, specifically because it’s written out of love. It’s made by fans, for fans and anyone who actually isn’t a fan most likely won’t be able to appreciate it even if they tried.

        And let’s be honest, we do tend to get a little crazy in writing fanfic sometimes. I sometimes reread stuff I’ve written and seriously think: girl, you crazy.

        But no matter what you do there are always going to be people who don’t like it so why bother being upset or hurt by it? If even a single person loves it (yourself included!) then it doesn’t matter if everyone else in the world hates it.

        6 years ago
        • Wouldn’t that be nice… unfortunately it isn’t easy to brush away all the hate. Though they are a minority they are loud enough to feel like an onslaught. Just look at Phil Fish. He knew to which point he was emotionally involved with Fez and how easily he was affected by what people said (to which point he seemed a bit like a hipster turned diva in the limelight ha). Even so, he couldn’t keep it from driving him off the deep end eventually. Too bad really…

          6 years ago
  40. I…I don’t understand…As a fanfic writer (haven’t done that in a long time but still) I’m always happy even when I get a little exposure. I desperately wish my stuff will get shared so that people will know about it and possibly read it. I don’t expect all people to love it but I’m confident enough in my writing skills to know that at least someone will like it. As for those who wouldn’t like it, well, you gain some you lose some. So I don’t understand. Why are people upset that they get free advertisement?

    6 years ago