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A Guide to Fanfiction and Gag Concert

March 24, 2014


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I know you were so lonely these past few days, without our DICKS to keep you company. Aren’t you glad to see us again? And today we’re teaching you how to impress your Korean boss, how to make Soo Zee’s mum laugh, and how to select your ideal fan fiction. Ready? Read on!

Popular phrases (aka 유행어)

Soo Zee here, yo! These phrases and references will definitely come up on your conversations and it’s good to know where it comes from at least. Most of the 유행어 come from the popular comedy TV show ‘Gag Concert’ (link). You might not find this kind of humor funny, and it gets repetitive sometimes but the phrases are pretty catchy.

“느낌 아니깐~~”

(start at the 6 minute mark)

This one ranked number one on the list of 2013’s most popular phrases, and it’s funny if you use it here and there in inappropriate context. Please keep in mind, you have to imitate the same tone and way she says it! Just saying it normally wouldn’t make people laugh. You’ve got to put your acting skillz to use.


Another my favorite phrase these days is 앙돼여~~. This comes from a skit comparing two different middle aged couple who are dating. One is the calm, well-mannered, somewhat average couple, but the other one is loud, obnoxious, and cheesy. Here, watch it first.

When she swings her arms and says “앙대여~”, it’s so satisfying. I tried to imitate it, but it was a huge failure… Guys this is Ahjumma aegyo (if you don’t know what aegyo is, just watch our Gwiyomi Challenge video here [insert link]) and I love it! I love her thick needy accent, her outfit, the dance, and the song!!!!


We all know what fan fiction is, right? If you aren’t sure, you should google fanfic now, otherwise the following paragraphs are going to sound like an alien language. In fact, even if you are familiar with fan fiction in a vague, general sense, you still might be confused, because the fan fiction community has a whole host of very specific terms for very specific things.

We talked about “ship” this week, which is short for “relationship.” Fanfics usually center around a central relationship in a set of previously established characters. These fanfics “ship” those (usually two) characters. Likewise, fans of a pairing are “shippers” of so-and-so. You can ship two people that are not actually together in the original canon. For example, Martina who loves fanfic, ships Loki and Jane (known as Lokane from Thor), Draco and Hermione (from Harry Potter), and Buffy and Spike.

I’m not an expert, so I’m relying on you Nasties to help us out with the specifics. There is such an incredible diversity of fan fictions out there, and there’s no way we could talk about it one measly blog post. But in case you’re new to fan fiction and trying to navigate the vast amount of work out there, here are some other fan fiction terms you might come across:

OTP – one true pairing (we covered this in the video)
Slash – homosexual pairings, like GD/TOP or Hermione/Ginny
Oneshot – usually fanfic is written in chapters and posted as the writer develops the story. A oneshot is a standalone, single writing piece
Fluff – usually short, generally not plot heavy, always romantic and warm fuzzies-inducing
Canon – when the events portrayed are accurate to the official source material. so, since Jay Park left 2PM in real life, he’s not part of 2PM in a canon piece either
AR – alternate reality, usually a “what-if” scenario that uses the source material as a jumping off point, like if Edward never returned to Forks and Bella stayed with Jacob
Crossover – mixing your characters or worlds from different source materials, say Loki and Sookie Stackhouse
Lemon/Lime/Citrus/Smut/M – contains sexual material and/or might only focus on sexy times (but sometimes it is fantastic plot with a splash of sexy times)

Do you agree with the above definitions? Have they changed recently or mean something different to you? Let us know! I would absolutely love to recommend some stellar fan fiction for you guys, but I haven’t really read all that much. So maybe we could all help each other out and share some good ones in the comments? We should probably indicate what kind of style/genre/ship. That would be really cool. And let’s try to be nice and non-judgemental here, okay? Different strokes for different folks. Intern Leigh out!

Bonus Round : 싸가지

I found out while writing this blog post 싸가지 comes from 강원도. It’s their way of pronouncing 싹수.
싸가지 means a person who is rude, mean, or has bad manners. It’s generally used when you want to insult someone by calling them a horrible person.

It’s used as a noun, or as part of a phrase.
1) 싸가지 (noun. Rude person)
2) 싸가지(가) 없다 (That person is very rude)

Here are some different ways to say being rude:
1) 싹수가 없다
2) 싹수가 노랗다
3) 버릇이 없다
4) 버르장머리가 없다
5) 무례하다

Martina’s Interjection!

Hey guise. Martina here. Remember when we asked you this:

fanfiction sharing

don't worry be happy

We wanted to share some of your favourite kpop fanfics for this post, which we thought would be appropriate given the topic. I am an avid fanfic reader myself, and I know that it can take a loooong time to scan, read, and flip through various fanfic communities in search of a favourite author or story. So, I thought I could enlist your help in finding some of the best kpop fanfics.

We got a lot of excited tweets and emails from fans of fanfic sharing their fav stories, as well as actual authors who wanted to share their stories with us. Oddly, though, there was an explosion of people that did not share in the excitement. For example:

So Angry Tweet

Already made my own fanfic

Public Fanfic tweet

the fanfic grumbles

fanfic problems

Yup. The kpop fanfic community freaked out, shut down, and imploded over one tweet. People panicked over their assumptions about what we would create, over a video of ours that didn’t actually exist, since we were never going to made a review of fan fiction. All this fear and anger coming out of misconstrued conclusions formed in the rumour mill and passed along Tumblr. LET THIS BE A LESSON ON THE DANGERS OF GOSSIP!

We even got emails and tweets from people demanding that we must first ask permission before we use any fan fiction, as if they knew what we were going to do to begin with. When we responded to these people and linked them to our tweets, they had various responses like, “Oh, I don’t have twitter so I didn’t see that” or “I don’t follow you on twitter” or “oh I read about your filming in a forum”. Whut? So you didn’t even see our tweets, but you form conclusions and thought the worst without even looking into it?

After that we realized there was clearly no point of putting up another tweet explaining our actual intentions since:
A) Angry people don’t seem to listen to what we say anyway. They just like being angry and wading through Outrage Porn
B) This video was coming out soon and would just explain it all away.

So if you’re one of the people who freaked out at us over the implosion of the Kpop Fanfic world, do some research first before you come to conclusions from secondhand accounts. And for those of you that locked up your once totally public fanfic accounts, be freeeeee knowing that we have zero interest in making a video reviewing your fanfic writing skills. We simply wanted to share your work with other readers. Now, everyone take a deep breath and put your stories back up online because you have fans that really want to read your stories. Or, more importantly, if online privacy is important to you, take more steps to ensure your privacy and the protection of your work, or – well – just don’t post stuff online if you’re afraid of online commentary.

Martina’s Interjection Over!

Stay tuned for next DICKS, where Martina promises she won’t not tell you how to not tie a cherry stem without your tongue. You don’t not want to miss that, now do you? Make sure you subscribe by clicking that big, shiny red button below. We’ll make sure you don’t miss out. And if you have any awesome slang we should know about, let us know, either in the comments below or via twitter. 뿅!



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Korean Slang


A Guide to Fanfiction and Gag Concert


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  1. *cough cough* . . .*whispers* I ship Leigh and Soo Zee . . . . *runs away*

    6 years ago
  2. Oh man. Some people can be cruelly judgemental. I don’t get it though; I’m not sure what you were going to do but shouldn’t fanfic writers be happy that you give them publicity? We all know how seriously you take intellectual property.
    That could have been great. I’m not a massive fanfic fan as they tend to freak me out from time to time when it’s real people but I’ve stumbled upon some pretty good ones (and written a few) and I’d love tonsee the authors’ work recognised.
    One the other hand, while these people clearly overreacted, I understand it’s a touchy subject.

    6 years ago
  3. wow, you would think that people who write fanfic would be happy about the promotion/traffic a little publicity like this would get them, right? i just don’t understand why your haters seem to get their panties in a twist at every little opportunity. i for one would have been happy to hear you rec some stuff since i don’t read fanfic anymore since there is just too much crap to sift through to find the gems… but if i knew like “ooh, this is a fic Martina likes” then i would definitely check it out. SHUT UP YOU HATERS!! POO YOU!!! well anyways, these people should get a life, i guess… though it doesn’t even seem to be the writers that got upset… i don’t get it… well anyways… moving on!

    6 years ago
  4. Of course they picked some of the worst tweets they got, the whole issue for them is over the people who freaked out at them. Why would they show anything but that?

    6 years ago
  5. And Simon and Martina, please continue to speak your views without sugarcoating to suck up to butthurt fangirls. EYK hwaiting ^.^

    6 years ago
  6. Before my rant, let me say this. There is NOTHING wrong with sending a link to a famous youtuber. Nothing. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. You’re fcking putting it on the internet, it’s MEANT to be shared! Its the internet. Where you make one mistake and you’re famous enough, the whole world will ridicule you. The INTERNET I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH YOU EXPECT THINGS ON THE INTERNET TO REMAIN PRIVATE? Far out, you’re risking privacy when you make a facebook account. People make fricken memes out of peoples’ pictures!

    Dayummm the fanfic community is fcking scary O.o Here, take some mentos. Now put it in your mouth, stand on the balcony, spit out the mentos and slap yourself. Why mentos? Why a slap? No fcking clue, it makes no sense. Exactly like this whole outrage.

    Not everyone likes EYK, their sense of humour is sometimes… Dirty and not everyone likes it. That’s fine, everyone’s sense of humour is different. I’m the type not to get butthurt when they insult my bias so yea. They make some pretty insensitive comments now and then so authors might have been scared if EYK mocked their fic or something like that. I tootally understand that. The ‘DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH AUTHORS DELETED THEIR FICS IM GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU’ was a taaaaaad harsh (and by a tad I mean far out take a deap breath and talk from your mouth not your asshole) but after they cleared it up, people are STILL complaining. They didn’t even mention any fics in their video! My generation -.-

    People are saying that they could have cleared the misunderstanding in their first tweet by putting in more detail. Why da fuck would they do that? They didn’t know fucking idiots would go apeshit and start to sign their names in their death notes!

    “What’s your favorite fanfic? Send us a link and we juuuust might use it for our upcoming video!” They didn’t know they had to include EVERY SINGLE DETAIL that would involve the use of the fanfics because some people would go apeshit. No one tweets like that, seriously. By your logic:

    My tweet: Hey, yesterday was fun Ashley, ^.^ Wanna hang out again?


    The ‘expected’ tweet from le moi: Hey, yesterday the bit when we went shopping at the shopping centre in Sydney and watched Frozen and ate icecream near that fountain but excluding the bit when we saw that kid get bullied was really fun ^.^ We should do that again.

    Certain vagueness in tweets, messages and speech are to be expected.

    And BTW, I write fanfics also. If you can’t handle criticism for work YOU chose to publish on the web, maybe you shouldn’t publish them. My 2 cents.

    Come at me bitchesssssssss ^.^

    6 years ago
    • I know why authors were mad and scared at the time, i said i understood that. Its why everyone is so freaked out right NOW, when they clarified everything, no fanfics were used in the video and blaming the first tweet for starting the whole mess. Vagueness is expected, you cant expect details in a tweet they never would have thought would have blown up into a shitstorm. And to my first point, it is the internet. People shared that… Lovely SimonxKevin fanfic and sent it to S&M. They tweeted it around and fcebooked it. If you put something on the internet, you really cant expect FULLY ‘what goes in the fandom stays in the fandom’. Photos are shared around everywhere all the time along with fanart, jokes, statuses etc. i dont get why fanfics want special treatment? If you’re publishing something, whether in books, a news article or the web, you cant expect only a certain group of people will read it cause its out in the PUBLIC.
      I actually commend people for taking down their fics if they didnt want them read before the video came out, protect your work if you dont want it shared. The video’s out, no harm is done and everyone’s intellectual property is protected. People should stop shitting on about ‘oh that damn first tweet was soooooooooooooo misleading they should’ve clarified ittttttt omgggg’ because it was a harmless (to EYK) tweet some people took the wrong way. They could not forecast how crappy some people would react.
      And the ‘come at me bitchesss’ thing, soz if you took it the wrong way, its like, not directly calling people bitches its more of a hype people use to you know… Hype XD

      6 years ago
  7. then they should simply make it available to a chosen few and no one else. its fine to be uneasy and nervous. but if you are that afraid of what others may think don’t put it online or make it available to only the few you are comfortable reading it.. no need to fling such hate and rudeness at another person for wanting to share it with other people. a simple no thank you would have been enough.

    6 years ago
    • I must direct you to the start of Martina’s interjection where she quite clearly says there were readers AND AUTHORS that were excited to have their work shared that contacted them. If you had also read one of their response posts to they again state that they did respond to several authors who contacted them with questions about their intent. If Some of them did not get responded to I suspect that was because by the time they sent their query EYK was already receiving a ton pf hate messages and it got buried in the craziness. Of course the rude comments were highlighted, because it was posts like those that blew this situation up and turned and innocent (if very vague) question into a storm of unnecessary internet rage.

      6 years ago
      • What kind of fairness are you asking for? If you have read some of the posts EYK has posted on this forum in response to others posts you would know they mentioned other authors who calmly ask for and were given details. And some of them politely declined. I do not condemn any of them for locking their work. That is their right to do so. And I do not think most of the rude responses they posted on here were authors and neither did she specify them as authors… so I am not quite understanding why you don’t think they are being fair to the authors and a people who didn’t flip out…

        6 years ago
        • couldn’t figure out how to link previous forum post so I just copied and pasted.. though seriously you could have found them yourself if you read through the comments on this forum…

          Simon and Martina

          Nasty Mod


          3 days ago

          One thing I didn’t understand: if we said we wouldn’t post a video
          without the author’s permission, then why did the people we didn’t
          contact need to know what we were going to do in our video? We’re
          always vague about what we’re going to do in future videos.

          But to many people that were respectful who contacted us privately
          rather than freaking out at us publicly, we answered them respectfully.

          Simon and Martina

          Nasty Mod


          2 days ago

          Hmm. I see what you’re saying here. I’m sorry our post came across
          as condescending. I can see how it would read that way. I guess after
          enduring a torrent of anger for the past few days, our words were
          indelicate, given the shitty state we were in.

          So, I’d like to address a few points, if I can:

          1) We posted the tweets far apart, not out of malicious intent, but
          out of sleeping. We posted the first tweet at night, turned off social
          media, had a glass of wine and watched a movie, then went to bed. We
          were expecting to wake up and see lots of tweets to cool fanfics.
          Instead, we woke up and saw all of the outrage.

          2) We thought that telling people we wouldn’t use anyone’s work
          without their permission would be enough. If we didn’t contact you,
          you’d have nothing to worry about, no? Whatever your history of
          mistrust of the internet or anger towards us, I think that Tweet was
          pretty fair for majority of authors.

          3) For people that locked their works, great for you! And I don’t
          mean that sarcastically. Seriously: ensure that your work is protected
          as much as you can. We take as many steps as we can to protect our
          work, so we understand. I’m hoping there’s some internet platform out
          there in which you can create your work and control its distribution.
          If there isn’t, here’s to hoping that one can be built.

          But, 4) I know the Internet is the Internet. We’re less idealistic
          than most. If it’s out there in public, it’s no longer yours. Gone.
          People will take it and misconstrue it and remix it and bastardize it
          and rip it out of context and do whatever they want with it. It happens
          to us on a regular basis. It sucks that it happens, but that’s the lay
          of the land. We’ve grown used to it now, and we didn’t think that
          other people might not be used to that yet.

          Simon and Martina

          Nasty Mod


          2 days ago

          Final thought I wanted to get across. Martina here! We’re actually
          not upset at the writers at all. Not at all! At least, those writers
          that wrote calm explanations or that simple chose to private their
          accounts with no explanation. They’re totally allowed to do that and I
          totally understand the concern of this private world being exposed. As a
          fanfic reader myself, I don’t have friends that reads fanfic or that I
          can talk to about fanfic, so perhaps for some people it’s too private to
          be shared.

          What we’re upset at is those people that saw this event happening and
          in the course of just 3-4 days thought it was okay to death threat,
          name call us, harass us, and even harass other people who were tweeting
          stories to us. That’s not okay and I find it really hard to just brush
          it off.

          People keep saying, “oh if you were just clear about your tweet this
          wouldn’t have happened” but if I knew this kind of reaction would have
          happened I wouldn’t have even bothered to put out a tweet. I’ve learned
          my lesson and while the fanfic world can say “Yay! They’re not going to
          do anything” we still have to deal with the bullying and name calling
          from strangers whose faces I can’t see. I can’t see their faces, but
          they can see mine. And that’s what I’m so upset about.

          6 years ago
  8. It’s nice to see an English slang term that actually has so much relevancy to probably a lot of the viewers. I’m extremely behind on slang usually so seeing something I know come up was pretty nice. Some fanfic terms have broken free of fanfic and now run rampant on Tumblr. Loads of people who maybe don’t read fanfiction ship otp’s as reality on Tumblr.

    Also to all the people flipping out over Martina’s interjection… I really think we read two completely different things. What I read didn’t criticize the authors actions so much as it criticized the fanatical readers who took things and blew them aggressively out of proportion. Like a few other people have said, all anyone had to do was ask. Even if EYK wanted to be vague on a whole I’m sure they wouldn’t mind clarifying things on a case by case basis for any authors who had concerns.

    One thing I don’t get… yes EYK makes fun of stuff. They make parodies. Occasionally they satirize things. They don’t do that with everything, so why would you assume that’s what they wanted the fics for? Since they asked for recommendations you should assume they were going to be used positively. I know if I were going to openly mock something or do anything that could be construed as negative I wouldn’t ask for recommendations first.

    6 years ago
  9. Um anyways.
    I use those terms as part of text slang (similar to how I use lol) in that I would say: “I SHIP THIS COUPLE” “THE SHIP HAS SAILED” “WE GON’ DOWN WITH THIS SHIP”. And yes, I do tend to capitalise my words when using the word “ship” because only then can my “feels” be conveyed.
    In any case, I really enjoyed this weeks DICKS (probably because I relate to fanfic slang more so than gym slang). SooZee and Leigh are hilarious as always. Too bad I don’t follow Gag Concert but many entertainers and dramas do refer to many of the gags that are shown on the program. As a result, even if a Korean show or interview is subbed, there are some things that are lost in translation and that’s just a cultural barrier I’m willing to look past. Looking forward to next week’s DICKs.

    6 years ago
  10. I have come out of lurker mode as I feel so strongly about this Issue I couldn’t not comment. I can see the Other side, how Fanfic authors and readers alike might be nervous and uncomfortable not knowing what it was going to be used for. However in all the rude and horribly mean posts that I read no one even bothered to straight up ASK Simon and Martina what it would be used for, everyone just freaked out. A whole lot of Crazy and and rudeness could have been avoided if someone had been rational and simply asked why they wanted it. And instead of flipping out all they had to do was say no when EYK asked to use their work.

    (Mini Rant)
    I can understand being nervous and uncomfortable, even afraid of your work being criticized and/or mocked. But you posted it on the INTERNET to be seen by the world. You have made it available for all to see, to read it and feel about it as they will. You made the conscious decision to place it where any and all might view it and express their opinions on it. If you are going to post it where others may view it, then OWN IT. Simon and Martina OWN their videos, whether people liked it or hate it its there for others to see, if they make mistakes they admit it and do their best to make amends and fix the issue. If you are going to freak out and hide your work the moment someone wants to share it with large amounts of people, it makes me wonder if you aren’t secretly ashamed of your work. If you are that afraid of criticism why post it online in the first place? You cannot please everyone, there will be people who love it, hate it and feel meh about it. Its the INTERNET for goodness sakes! The object of your work (if fanfic) or someone who disagrees with the way you have written it or its content may stumble across it, whether just trolling the net or someone else may have sent them a link to it. It was and is always a possibility. If you are going to post things on the net regardless of the format you choose (written, video, etc..) be prepared for someone to bash it, mock it and/or want to hate you for it.. Again I understand the fear and the nerves, I too like to write (though I have yet to publish or post anything.. it never seems quite finished enough…). But if you are afraid of the masses reading your stuff and offering possible negative opinions on it, then password protect it and only let your chosen few read it.

    (Rant Over)
    Sorry for the rant, but it I feel it needed to be said. Resuming Lurker mode….

    6 years ago
  11. Fanfiction, as we have all seen, is a very touchy subject. The fanfiction I read and write are something I value and it is a bit scary to share them with others because it opens it up to ridicule.
    The thing is, whether or not someone wants their stories to be “publicly” spoken of is not the problem.
    The issue is that when the tweet that requested recommendations was made, instead of simply asking what it was for, people jumped the gun and started threatening Simon and Martina. Even when they said that they would ask the authors for permission, death threats (is that even necessary?) were given.
    I understand how special fics are and how much we treasure them, but people need to stop over-reacting. Simon and Martina aren’t unreasonable. If that many people have an issue, they’ll listen. No death threats required.
    By the way, I’ve seen AU used more than AR though I’m sure many people use it.

    6 years ago
    • I wasn’t aware that people had asked, so thank you for the clarification.
      I won’t judge the fandom, considering I’m a part if of the fanfiction fandom it would be a bit hypocritical(?), but I am slightly irritated that some feel they have to threaten someone over the Internet.
      Thank you for the nice reply; I was half-expecting a huge rant from someone else.

      6 years ago
  12. Wow…. There’s like essay worth of comments… I don’t really care what u do with those fanfics… We trust u that you won’t do anything bad.. They are kinds there for people to read and review about it so I don’t even know why the hell this fuss was going on… It’s just a fanfic.. Not a nuclear explosion.. People seriously need to grow up sometimes…

    6 years ago
  13. LOL, hey, I’m an author myself, and yeah, I hope you guys DO ask for permission first, and I think you would ^^ But geez, those are just raging for lack of info, dude…

    6 years ago
  14. And I was watching old EYK videos with the EYK crew all together and my gosh you guys have all changed so much within the space of a year :’) Makes me go all “Awwww u gaiz!”

    6 years ago
  15. I used to be so into fanfiction and even tried writing it myself. I know look back on my 14 year old self’s writing and cringe constantly at how bad it is/was ><

    6 years ago
  16. I know that most of the comments are targeted towards the tweets but… OOOOOOH! Now I know what the gag concert is. I’ve seen a few skits of gag concert. One that I’ve seen that is good to watch without subtitles is BalleriNO. It’s an older one, but good.

    6 years ago
  17. Damn. I’m just hear looking at this video and reading these comments. Shit fucking went down!! Some people overreact too easily and too quickly.

    6 years ago
  18. i was actually looking forward to the fanfic recommendation, because its really hard for me to find one that i actually like. It would be a lie to say i wasnt suprised though. eyk seems to get hate for everythinggg they do :c

    For the fanfics that i DO read i find asianfanfics… not the best place for fics. I’d look more towards the a kpop groups fansite and usually they will have a “fanfic section”

    6 years ago
    • EYK get hate for everything they do =/ Pretty sad but you know, the internet XD Crazy keyboard warriors out there Ahahaha

      6 years ago
    • I was the same as you.. I was curious as to what everyone eould suggest, but gave up after seeing the first few rage comments & no recs (tho I understand the initial fear.. once they posted they would be asking permission, all the hate after that was kinda uncalled for)

      p.s what kinda fanfics recs were you looking for? (oh, and do you have a twitter?)

      6 years ago
  19. i read martina’s writing on the blog in “martina rage voice” (the one in their video swhere they added a low pitched monster-ish effect on the voice)

    6 years ago
  20. I think it’s really hard for people to understand what it’s like to be a blogger and to have an onslaught of negativity that all stems from something being twisted and misunderstood. Bloggers are humans too and sometimes things need to be addressed. You might not have seen anything about it, but for the blogger, their past few days might have been consumed with being attacked and seeing that negativity. It’s really easy for people to think what they would do in that situation and think “I wouldn’t say anything, I would just ignore.” But if you haven’t been in that situation you really don’t know.

    Had this been the first time they had ever had negativity like this then yes that response would probably have been unnecessary. But this comes on the back of a lot of ridiculous hate and lies that have been going around. The reason why it got out of control is because those that fuel the hate and rumors made up gossip about what was going to happen. As Martina said, many fanfic authors hadn’t even seen the original tweet, they had only seen something in forums or on tumblr about what was going to happen where things had been completely fabricated.

    I can see both sides, where people don’t want people they follow to react to anything, but if you have never been in that situation I don’t think it’s fair to judge what someone should do if you have no idea how it has impacted their life.

    6 years ago

    6 years ago
    • let me say it has to deal with a flying spudgy and the junsu trap and fangorilla. plus sozee and leigh.

      6 years ago
  22. Jesus christ. I was going to suggest some of the fanfics that I love, but now I’m not so sure. There are a lot of haters, and that’s unfortunate. I love the fanfics because they’re well-written, not because of the content. There was one chapter of one that I read pretty recently, and it moved me more than anything I’ve ever read or watched, it was THAT good. I’m pretty sure that author wouldn’t mind it if their work was recommended on such a broad stage, but with the attitude that people are showing here? Fuck that. It’s not that difficult to get a fanfic suggestion and go ask the author directly before using it in the video. I see ZERO reason why that shouldn’t be allowed. And so what if people are tweeting their favourite works? If the author doesn’t want it shared, they’ll ( like on AFF ) make it subscriber-only, or ask people not to share it. Easy as shit. Ugh, I can’t even bring myself to want to come back to this specific comment section to read any replies, so I won’t.

    6 years ago
    • Sharing fanfics is fine.
      What a lot of the fanfiction community were not happy with was the lack of info regarding how the fanfics would be used – would EYK act out speccific segments? Would they ridicule it? Would they only refer to specific fanfics? Nobody knew. And fanfiction is something that has been ridiculed for a loooong time ( http://www.dailydot.com/news/sherlock-fanfic-caitlin-moran/ ), so fans are already kind of defensive.
      For a variety of reasons (they don’t want to open themselves to mockery from an audience that doesn’t get fanfics, they don’t want idols looking up their fanfics, they don’t want EYK acting out or parodying their work, etc), authors locked their fanfics because they wanted to ensure their work would not be mentioned on this site.
      And with EYK making their videos as a living, they would have to receive the express permission of the author anyway (otherwise using a not-for-profit product like a fanfic in a for-profit video is just icky). If they had tweeted on the same day they would be asking permission, etc, then a lot of this could have been avoided.
      A minority of fans became outraged and tweeted nasty things to EYK. They do not represent the fandom as a whole. Please keep this in mind.

      6 years ago
  23. I have read this whole arguments about Eat Your Kimchi. In fact, I was like reading 10 or maybe 12 of recently updated fics (which is actually not recent because their last update is like 2 years ago) that got updated for a measly author’s note that was copy-pasted from one source to another in a very uniform-like, spreading hates about Simon & Martina. Most of them had watch Eat Your Kimchi and most of the commenters are saying that Eat Your Kimchi is rude, ignorant, and blahs. Even though I can see their point of view at some moments, I feel disappointed that they just give out judgmental posts like that. It spread like a fire, and then all of sudden people in Asianfanfics hate Eat Your Kimchi. In Indonesian language, there is a saying: “Tak kenal maka tak sayang” which actually translated as “If you don’t know (acquainted) with someone you won’t love that someone”. I guess they hate source is not because the existence of Eat Your Kimchi as a whole; but because they only know it partially. And some of them are hardcore fans that maybe can’t see flaws of their idols being flaunted in a video. But not every one is perfect, even it is their idols and, of course, even Simon and Martina. I do think HATE is such a strong perception and word. Just a cent for me.

    6 years ago
  24. Thank you Martina! I was so confused, I knew you wouldn’t diss people
    and rip them up over their fan fictions when they don’t do that for a
    Note to Liegh and Soozee: I’ve never heard of AR but I know people refer to it as AU or Alternate Universe. Just to let you know.
    :) I love you guys and your segment!

    6 years ago
  25. XIUHANNNNNNNN SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i read so much xiuhan in the past month that if u turn the amount in money ill look like gd,yap sad ……. kkkkk who am i joking yahettttttt!!!!)

    6 years ago
  26. if people were worried about what their works were going to be used for, why didn’t they just ask? instead of sending torrents of abuse at eyk, if authors and readers simply contacted them asking if their fics would be reviewed I’m sure S&M would be happy to put them at ease and at least assure them they wouldn’t be mocking their fics. However I completely understand why some authors locked and deleted their fics – if they didn’t know eyk well they might be wary about whether they would ask permission and whatever else. Still, the abuse sent to them was unnecessary – once they’d cleared up the fact that they wouldn’t do ANYTHING without permission, why did people still feel the need to attack them?

    6 years ago
    • They did ask. No info was given.
      For a variety of reasons, authors to proactive measures to ensure their fics wouldn’t be featured on this site.
      Some readers reacted badly and tweeted nasty stuff, but they do not represent the entire fandom.

      6 years ago
  27. I honestly thought you would at least try to understand, but it seems you don’t want to.
    I came here to see what happened in the end and I see your comment on the situation, I’m really disappointed.

    A lot of people have already explained pretty well what the reasons were for the commotion, so I’m gonna be short:

    1) Your TWEET made it SOUND like you WERE GOING TO make a VIDEO about those fanfics;

    2) Authors that write about real people have to be a lot more careful with the topics their fanfics treat, and have to be sure to put all the warnings possible or they will get a great amount of backlash. I don’t wanna make it too long, but I read non-kpop fics before entering the kpop fandom and the fic world here works in a different way.

    So, you should be able to understand why authors knowing that their fanfictions would be SHARED IN SOME UNKNOWN WAY, but most probably a video, on a quite famous channel on youtube, where people, that AREN’T FANS of the PAIRING/GENRE or even don’t know what some warnings mean, could get to know/read them, it’s a REALLY SCARY thought.
    The issue of you, maybe, ridiculing the fic was another factor.

    You did say you would share only with the author’s permission, but like some said it was late, and not even the main problem in my opinion.

    3) Some kpop IDOLS, that know english, FOLLOW YOU, and it’s better if they don’t know some fanfics exist. It would be embarrassing both for the idol and the author.

    So your tweet scared the authors, that did “take more steps to ensure their privacy and the protection of their work”, fanfics got blocked/deleted. I can assure you that when you click on the next chapter and you get the message “you can’t access this post” or “the post doesn’t exist anymore” the thought “but really it’s not their fault” is not the first thought in your head. That’s one of the worst feelings ever.

    This time it wasn’t about being “religious fundamentalists”, it was just the ficdom being wary. Some people went overboard with the insults, but I do think the commotion was mostly your fault.

    I’m talking mostly for my fandom here, since the shipping is a sensitive topic.
    Shippers are mocked a lot, the “you are a yunjae shipper, so your opinion is invalid” was thrown at me so many times I can’t even count.
    So, true, we do like staying in our little peaceful world, if possible, and your blog would bring lot of attention to it.

    6 years ago
    • trust me… idols know about shippers/fanfiction. I highly doubt they need eyk to tell them it exists.

      6 years ago
      • xxx

        I know they know, Jaejoong has said he has read “thorn year” a yunjae fanfiction (that has smut)… still there are some fanfictions I do love, but I think would be quite uncomfortable for the idol to know about, and that probably the author feels uncomfortable sharing outside the fandom…
        [for example fics with watersport, incest (both fictional – e.g. YunJae are brothers/father and son in the fic – and real life – e.g. a Junho/Junsu fic, they are twins irl -), shotacon (using the jap term just because) and many others genres]

        6 years ago
  28. My favorite fanfic is the one written by SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong that pairs himself and fellow member Park Jungmin together but he changed it and made Jungmin into a girl, he even posted it up for all the fans to read, and it caused a lot of rumors to be spread about Hyun Joong and Jungmin’ s relationship with each other. Lol Jungmin I heard was pi**ed when he found out about it, lol.

    6 years ago
  29. Great post Leigh and Soozee!! Keep up the good work! Fighting!!

    6 years ago
    • Copy and paste the hangeul into Google Translate to hear how it’s pronounced :)

      6 years ago
    • I feel sorry for Leigh and SooZee. Even though they did another great video, it’s being overshadowed by the drama.

      6 years ago
  30. I’ll happily promote the fanfics I wrote! All have T.O.P as the main character and are smutty. (As handsome as he is, is it a surprise my mind would drift to dirty, dirty things?)

    Lust at First Fight – My attempt at a romantic comedy.

    The F Word – A ‘Porn (mostly) Without Plot’

    Virus – A supernatural story, with a lil’ GD thrown in.

    I personally don’t understand the privacy concerns. Unless you’re plagiarizing, why wouldn’t you want to share your writing? You cared enough to post it on a public site. Yes, there is the possibility for negative feedback but honestly the main KPop fan fic site (http://www.asianfanfics.com) is pretty positive.

    6 years ago
    • So I just finished reading Lust At First Fight and it was awesome. Really funny, well-written, it addresses sex ( and describes it ) in a mature manner, not like some of those who are all like “IT WENT INTO THE HOLE, BANG ALL NIGHT”. Also, you do a great job of making it realistic rather than pure fantasy. Real personalities, scenarios, etc. Thank you for posting them, and please keep writing more!

      6 years ago
      • Thank you so, so much for the positive feedback! I’ve been kicking around ideas for a sequel to the story but they are still in the “plot bunny” stages. Please check back in a month or two to see if I managed to wrangle dem rabbits into an actual story. Thanks again for reading my work!

        6 years ago
        • You’re welcome! I enjoyed The F Word too, I thought it was pretty funny as well. The whole sneaking around -at work-… oh man. xD

          6 years ago
  31. “Do some research first before you come to conclusions from secondhand accounts”
    What research was there actually to be done? You posted TWO tweets a day apart, both of which didn’t state what you would do with said fics. Of course many panicked. WE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT YOU WOULD DO! I mean, what if someone took your videos with your permission, but never told you what they would do with those videos. I wouldn’t want something that I worked on for hours, weeks, sometimes even months to be slapped and pasted on a video that could potentially send hundreds of people who don’t like what I’m writing purely because it is of a pairing they don’t like, or an AU (which is more often used than AR, which I’ve never seen before.) If you just tweeted “we just need to know the kpop fic slang” or something along the lines I think many people would’ve relaxed.
    Another point: fanfiction is that dark corner of a fandom that shouldn’t be spoken of in public. I have friends who love k-pop purely for the music, in fact, they don’t like the very idea of people shipping two in a band together. Not everyone in a fandom is interested over shipping and fics.
    The argument that “this is the internet and everything is public” is something that is easily shot down. Yes, this is the internet, yes you post something and it becomes public property, but you have to remember that fics are written for a specific audience. If I don’t like marvel, I wouldn’t search for marvel based fanfiction. If I don’t like a certain pairing, I wouldn’t search for fics centering on that pairing. People who aren’t interested in Korea or K-Pop wouldn’t search for your videos. However I think a lot of people were afraid that by escalating their fic to a bigger platform that it would bring a sort of audience that would be highly uncomfortable with the things they write about. Plus, even if a fic is on the internet, taking it is still not okay. “Your art is online its now free for public use!” NO. that is not right. I don’t think you would like people to be downloading your video and putting it up for profit on their own terms, right? This is the same.
    The other argument that “you write fics isn’t fame a good thing” is another thing that a lot of people don’t understand. WE DON’T WRITE FICS FOR FAME OR MONEY. In fact we’re happy off by ourselves without any review, or video centering our fic.
    Also, there is a difference between sharing favourite fics amongst friends and sharing a fic to someone who would use it for commercial purposes. As somewhat of a writer I’m totally fine for people to recommend my fics for PERSONAL reading, not for a video.
    Creators have a right to do whatever they want with their creation, I don’t see why they can’t tell people not to link their fics.
    Yes, people shouldn’t have reacted like that, but there were things both of you could do that wouldn’t have brought this attack.

    6 years ago
    • So being a shipper is not well seen in other fandoms too? I honestly don’t really interact with other fandoms and I thought the problem with shipping in my fandom was mostly caused by all the other factors…

      6 years ago
    • Also I haven’t seen lime/citrus used as a warning for sexual content before. Lemon I’ve heard of but not in the K-pop fic scene. It’s mostly just smut. Usually, when I see a crossover it’s put under an AU (alternate universe) rather than labelled as a crossover in itself. Also, there are ot3s, ot5s, sometimes even ot12s, that refer to a friendship/broship type thing rather than in a romantic way.

      6 years ago
      • It has been used. I’ve read fanfictions from 10 different community and they do use them. Crossovers now have their own special area in fanfiction.net which is one of the biggest fanfiction site. They are now in their own separate category.

        6 years ago
      • I read a U-Kiss OT7(9), and it was just straight up smut. It wasn’t -bad- necessarily… lol

        [ I’m not a shipper, I read for the great writing and/or plot. And very occasionally for funny smut. ]

        6 years ago
  32. Fic authors weren’t looking to go on an EYK witch hunt. What they were trying to do but people don’t seem to understand is PREVENT people from linking their fics. EYK made their first tweet about the fics but waited almost a day to clarify that they won’t use fics without authors consent. But authors didn’t know if their own fics were sent to EYK before then. In order to prevent EYK from accessing any fics that were already sent and to further stop anyone who was thinking about linking their fics, authors locked or deleted their fics. There is nothing wrong about that. They did what they thought was the safest thing to do in this situation. Since EYK didn’t choose to clarify what the fics were for, there really was no other way to prevent fics from being spread and used in EYK’s potential video.

    Yes, authors could have contacted EYK to ask about the content of the video, and authors could have just made a post saying “don’t send EYK my fics.” But that won’t stop people from doing so anyway. Many kpop writers have had issues with people stealing and reposting fics. So can you blame them from wanting to avoid that? Locking and deleting fics was a completely understandable preventive measure taken by the fic writing community to ensure their fics weren’t used without their consent.

    It’s astounding that this is so hard to understand. EYK was not looking to attack fic writers and the fic writers likewise were not looking to attack EYK. The writers who locked or deleted their fics did not want it used in EYK’s video and they have the right to feel that way and did what they thought was the best to prevent it from happening.

    6 years ago
  33. I like how you guys brushed off the actual concern, ignoring the fanfic writers who weren’t sending you rageful comments. Some authors and watchers made some really good points. If you’re upset about how some of them reacted, can you really blame them? Most people associate EYK with mockery.

    6 years ago
    • Most people? Most people? Are you serious? How about a group of people who are always searching for another way to say that EYK are “bad” and who fuelled the gossip that caused people to worry about what was happening to their fanfic. Would the fanfic community have reacted so badly if those people who are constantly searching for a way to prove EYK is bad had not twisted what the original tweet said? Fanfic authors said they didn’t even see the original tweet, which means they heard from forums and on tumblr what people had made up about what EYK were going to do.

      If you took the amount of people that hate EYK in person and stood them next to the people who like EYK and those lives have been touched by them I’m sure that hate group would be very small instead. The majority of people do NOT associate EYK with mockery. Their TLDRs are their most popular videos which are not mockery. Their food videos are not mockery. Their interviews are not mockery. The only videos that some people could consider mockery is Music Mondays and it’s a stretch to say they are all mockery! Just because they criticise a song or video doesn’t mean it is mockery.

      You need to get rid of this idea that this is how all people feel about EYK and open your eyes and see all the positive reasons why people love them. I have been there in person as they greeted fans – fans who waited hours to see them. Fan who had stories about how EYK had touched their life. Fans who were so excited to see them. So many fans that the building couldn’t hold them all. And that is just one place. This has been repeated over and over again in many countries.

      So get off tumblr and get this idea out of your head that that’s how most people feel. That bitter, angry group of people that twists things that way is really not that big.

      6 years ago
      • Believe it or not, but there are people who’ve watched EYK before reading all these rumors and – gasp! – formed their own opinions about them. Not every author didn’t see the original tweet. Nobody I saw “made up” what EYK was going to do. From the post I read, they were just spreading caution to those who weren’t comfortable having their fanfic brought to the attention of an audience via EYK’s video.

        As one of those authors, I don’t give two shits if EYK reads my fanfics. If they do, great. If they like it or hate it, whatever. But I wouldn’t feel comfortable if they decided to showcase it, because I’m not much of a fan of their videos and I don’t need that sort of thing. Personal preference.
        I don’t have anything against EYK reading my fanfiction, but I’d prefer if the fans of the groups I write fanfic about stumble across it on their own, rather than have it referred to them by EYK.

        It doesn’t matter which side is bigger. I said ‘most’, but that’s only based on the people I’ve seen (poor choice of words on my part). If somebody watches a video by EYK that just so happens to be one for Music Mondays and they end up disliking it, why would they bother watching any of their other videos? If you dislike something, it’s good to give it another chance, but you don’t have to. And you don’t have to give it another chance, either. That’s cool too.

        I don’t need to “open my eyes” when you won’t even do the same. Before assuming that anyone who dislikes EYK doesn’t know them, please remember that everyone has their own opinions, and not everyone will like the same things as you. I’ve seen enough of EYK to know that it’s not my type of humor or entertainment.

        6 years ago
        • Yes very poor choice of words on your part. Of course people are entitled to make up their own opinion and not liking a certain type of humour or entertainment is a completely fine reason to not like something. I just wish that it was true for all people and that there wasn’t people blindly believing things that are twisted or taken out of context, or sometimes completely fabricated, which unfortunately happens. Watching one video doesn’t really give a bigger picture of what someone is like, but I understand why people do that. I completely respect those whose reasons are “EYK is just not my cup of tea”, rather than just believing the scaremongering and twisting the facts that goes on in certain online communities.

          6 years ago
        • Thank you for understanding.

          6 years ago
        • If it is not your kind of humor and you don’t like their work, why are you here? why do you care what they post or don’t post. You can simply not watch and ignore them. if you didn’t want them to share your work simply decline when they asked for permission. if you know EYK so well then you know they would never use someone else’s work with out their permission as they too have had their stuff used without their consent.

          6 years ago
        • if that is the case and you are looking into it, then that is great. and I really mean that. however in your original post you did not sound as if you were trying to better understand what happened on the whole. I urge you to read more of the comments on this forum,especially those made by simon and martina, where they have stated that they did not brush “off the actual concern, ignoring the fanfic
          writers who weren’t sending you rageful comments.” people who sent them calm and respectful queries were answered respectfully. they however were not able to respond to everyone do to the torrent of rage filled messages that were sent their way. As for your comment ” Most people associate EYK with mockery” that is the same kind of harsh generalization that you are accusing them of. Most people I know like EYK and their KMM reviews.. Several of the Very Idols for whom they have done KMMs about have commented about how funny it was and that they liked watching them.. they make the kmms to express their opinions about the song and music video. People ask for those opinions by voting for those videos to be reviewed. If the Idols themselves enjoy them why are the fans “associating them with mockery”? that makes no sense to me and I am a huge fan of several groups they have reviewed. sure I may not always agree with their opinion, but I know they are not doing these reviews to be malicious. watch their impromptu interview with U-kiss for a couple years ago, or any of their interviews with artists really.

          6 years ago
  34. erm, usually what I see used instead of AR (never seen this, maybe its regional?) is AU aka Alternate Universe.

    6 years ago
  35. Ray

    I am actually really excited for the fanfic video discussion thingy! I don’t see what the problem is >.>

    6 years ago
  36. I will never condone those hateful comments you got and I’m really sorry for that but trying to make fic readers look bad will not make you get away with your responsability in the chaos your tweet caused. I expected you to get past those immature reactions and address the issue at hands but no, you just played the victim and feigned ignorance. As an ‘avid fanfic reader’ as you claim yourself to be, you should know better than to spread/share fanfics 1) to an audience that isn’t exactly the intented one and aimed at by the author, and 2) outside the original platform/website that is, yes technically a public domain, but only people who intentionally seeked of their own know about (bringing us back to the intented audience I was talking about). Your blog and its audience aren’t either of those thus the backlash you got which is totally founded and understandable unlike what you’re trying to make it seem. It isn’t about writers fearing their work to be criticized (tbh some of them are better than published authors) so much as it is fanfic dealing with RPF which is a touchy topic and not everyone being comfortable with. It needs a certain level of understanding and some rules and norms to be agreed on by people on both ends (writers and readers) and popularizing it on a video viewed/viewable by everyone is just crossing the boundaries. Introducing the general idea of fanfictions and how it works is alright but that’s where you should stop. It’ll be up to those who are interested and/or curious to go dig deeper and find their way into the fanfic world on their own

    6 years ago
    • Exactly what I had in mind. Thank you.

      There’s a reason why the authors opted to publish their fanfics on AFF (or their preferred site) and not just any other place online. Fanfics are written for people who love reading them. Authors post them in sites where their intended audience/readers would naturally go to.

      It’s the internet alright, but it doesn’t mean that anybody can just “use” whatever one has written without their permission. There’s a reason why fanfiction sites show the author’s name and not just show “anonymous.” It means, that someone owns that material. There’s not an established law as to intellectual rights for online articles/publications, but I think it’s morally right to respect the person who wrote the story, even if the characters are borrowed. In fact, some fanfics have original characters in them, so you can’t go saying the author doesn’t own that story with that OC (original character). And most of the time, the OCs are the main characters with the kpop idol being the love interest or what-not.

      Haneul : “Introducing the general idea of fanfictions and how it works is alright but that’s where you should stop. It’ll be up to those who are interested and/or curious to go dig deeper and find their way into the fanfic world on their own” Very well-said. I agree to all you said, actually.

      6 years ago
    • I just want to say thank you for your comment because you said things I was thinking about saying but did it much better. Especially the whole issue with the intented audiences!! And it was really disheartening to see EYK feigning ignorance over this whole thing.

      6 years ago
  37. When KBS World plays Gag Concert here in the US they translate the line to “I have experience”.

    I disagree with Leigh’s explanation of OTP. Most readers/writers that I know have an OTP per fandom. Not an OTP for everything. So the example should have been more like “I sometimes dabble in Bella/Edward, but Bella/Jacob is my OTP.”

    Would it be possible for you guys to put Romanizations on your Korean words? I can’t read the Korean alphabet (it’s on my list of thing to do).

    6 years ago
    • That’s a good point. One OTP is but a single ship in one’s, potentially, limitless shipping armada. Although, given the state of some of my favorite shows, my armada is looking like the Battle of the Blackwater. :(

      6 years ago

    “Hello anon, locking was indeed caused by EYK’s tweet, not because I think they’re bad people, or that they won’t ask for permission before featuring a fic, or that they’ll even notice my fic in the first place, but because I just wanted to take precaution against my fic being noticed outside of EXO ficdom, as most of my fic do indeed feature rated scenes, which I don’t believe is everyone’s cup of tea. The reason why I took to locking my comm instead of simply telling people not to recommend my work was because I don’t have a very good reach on social networking sites, and I don’t think anyone would “hear me” if I simply released some kind of statement, so taking away the source was imo much more effective and efficient.

    Basically, sharing&writing RPF has enough ~moral ambiguities associated with it as it is, so this temporary lock is just a measure to make sure that people who are not interested in these kinds of things don’t have to unintentionally expose themselves to and be made uncomfortable by said things. Again this isn’t b/c I think EYK are bad people or will ridicule fic, but b/c I simply don’t want my work to be somehow exposed to an unintended audience in the process.” – http://changdictator.livejournal.com/11531.html?thread=465163#t465163

    Please double check your sources people. Changdictator is just waiting for this mess EYK started to blow over.

    6 years ago
  39. There was no dignity lost and before you interject saying they have no dignity to begin with, yes, they do and this, this isn’t about dignity. This is about parts of the fanfiction community being too shortsighted and impulsive to realize the nature of EYK’s videos. And if they didn’t bring it up then they would get a lot of unnecessary, unreasonable and unwanted flack and not have somewhere to clear the issue. Just because one is ignorant of a situation doesn’t mean the situation shouldn’t be brought to the table to be discussed by the rest. As for “Outrage Porn”, call it passive aggressive, call it humour, call it whatever you want but it still exists, and it has a valid reason for existing.

    6 years ago
    • And it’s kind of funny you talk about viewing this objectively, because to be objective is “not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.”, in which case you too failed to be objective. Why? Because you felt “disappointment on EYK’s stance” which is a personal feeling. I don’t care about what they say about the matter, but I do care that the discussion is being brought to the table. As I said before, it’s important to talk about bullying, action vs. inaction or even the best course of action. But if one were to say “it’s not worth talking about”, I politely disagree.

      6 years ago
      • Perhaps you need to read my comment again because your comprehension is incorrect. My personal feeling is toward the action of posting this drama on their blog. You are biased in the situation between EYK and the fanfic community while I am biased toward no one.

        6 years ago
    • I didn’t side with a group I thought was innocent, and I don’t think that’s the case here either. Did I say that EYK did nothing wrong? Don’t label me or put words in my mouth. I too, was commenting about EYK’s action on posting this issue on their blog. Think of it this way, if someone was mistreated, they have a reason and a right to stand up and (at the very least) explain themselves, and that’s what EYK did. It was like watching one bullying another, and the bullied does something about it. Was it right to do something? Was it just, what thy did? Or should the bullied not have done or said anything, swept death threats and accusations under the rug, and forget about it? Those are questions that people should think and talk about. These are dialogues that are important and matter.

      6 years ago
      • If you look at your first reply to me, you already assume that I was going to insult or put down EYK: “and before you interject saying they have no dignity to begin with.” As far as I see it, you are the one labeling others and putting words in others mouths. You’re the one looking for the bad in people before they demonstrate it online. The amount of righteous anger in your post is displaced. Don’t feel the need to blow up at me for pointing out that EYK should have let sleeping dogs lie. To stand up for themselves is one thing, but it should be done in a way that promotes resolution. As far as I see it, this blog post further instigates anger within the EYK community and the fanfic community.

        6 years ago
        • I would argue that “and before you interject…” was necessary to truncate that part of the conversation and move to the bigger picture simply because it’s too subjective and both opinions can be accepted. It’s subjective, I know. I’m not looking for the bad in people, I am simply saying that it’s unnecessary to address whether one has dignity or not in light of a more important topic. And I didn’t blow up on you, this is a conversation/debate, with no amount of aggression or shouting involved. Unless blowing up doesn’t involve aggression or shouting then by all means, define it to help me understand so that I can stand corrected. Not a big deal to be wrong.

          This is about your position/opinion, and my disagreeing with it. It is this: you think that EYK should “let sleeping dogs lie”, I disagree. Pretty simple.

          As for standing up for oneself “in a way that promotes resolution”, how can one judge that? How do you know this conversation doesn’t promote resolution perhaps even in a broader sense than what we see here? What if people learn what to do/not to do, and apply it in real life? It’s likely something the neither you nor I will witness, but it can happen. And isn’t that enough, that these discussions inspire people to recognize and change their thoughts/behaviours/actions? Whereas if these discussions didn’t occur, no one would know/learn a thing or two, and life would go on business as usual. I’d rather the path where something happens and some people learn from this experience to become better, than the path where nothing happens and nothing changes.

          Do I think these discussions are doing harm to the relationship between EYK and the fanfiction community? Not if I’m in both and I’m unaffected by either. I’ve been reading fanfics for over a decade now, and I’ve been following EYK since 2010. So I would have to say no, not where it counts. And “where it counts” can roughly be translated into Does this change a person fundamentally, from his/her beliefs up? Or is it just a small scuffle which really doesn’t affect the outcome in the long run? If the little factors (authors) in a big society (fanfic community) change, then does that mean they’re not resilient enough to stand against an unintentional attack(one tweet)? What does that say about the fanfic community? The unintentional attack? Lastly, the “fanfic community”, that would be the kpop-related fanfic community and judging by the fanfics recommended by EYK viewers… how much of it represents the whole fanfic community- like Star Trek and Harry Potter? If you look at it that way, is it such a big deal? Is it really? These are the questions, the bigger picture. What really matters?

          6 years ago
        • Sorry for using slang… me using “blow up at me” was meant in the terms of “hitting me up with multiple comments” like how “blowing up my phone” means “getting a lot of calls.” (See another example of how things can be taken out of context online!)

          Unfortunately, I think the biggest loser in this situation is EYK simply because they are more well known and easier to vilify. It saddens me because I know just how much things can be taken out of context online… which is why I maintain my stance on letting it go.

          6 years ago
        • I’m just bad with slang, it’s hard to keep a discussion when I have to second guess words, bad for communication/understanding etc…

          I too think that it sucks to have words taken out of context and be misinterpreted and misunderstood because of it, but I think it’s already pretty easy to place the blame which is, of course, on both parts. If M+S could be more concise in their tweets, if the fanfic community didn’t take it so personally, and so much freaking more. Alas, to err is human, so on and so on. I think EYK did what they did because they’re confident that they won’t lose their support from it and they don’t want to be pushed around :P Though now that I know you used to be a youtuber, it fucking sucks when people team up on you based on your opinion, and really, the world needs to grow up a little because there’s so much uncalled hate spreading that wouldn’t otherwise exist =_=

          (On the side note I’m an artist/designer and write fanfics on the side, I know when shit hits the fan it’s not easy to deal with. But years of being in the art school toughened me up for stupidity and I still put myself out there for the off-chance of a good criticism, which is why I too, stick with my stance ;) )

          6 years ago
    • ^^ i agree completely

      6 years ago
  40. I think fanfiction have been judged negatively for such a long time, that anytime some media tries to explain it, we get sensitive about it, because for me personally, I don’t think it’s been explained accurately and positively before. Every time I see it explained, its all about the weird pairings, smut, or the crazy ones, but never the novel-length, grammatically correct, plot-driven, wonderful characters written and life-changing ones that you can find in many fandoms. Just because its derived from a popular media and it’s free, it gets written off as rubbish, instead of how incredibly amazing it is. So, it’s not that EYK did something that was wrong, or that the fanfiction community freaked out wrongly, it’s just that,I feel like explaining the world of fanfiction in one of their segments wouldn’t get the right explanations and give the right validation fanfics deserve. IDK, I mean I’m happy fanfics are being discovered, but I’m also sensitive, because for a long time now, I’m been made ashamed for liking fanfics just because of how they are viewed by someone outside of the fandom world, when I thoroughly enjoyed a lot of fanfics more than what is available out in the real world.

    6 years ago