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A Guide to Fanfiction and Gag Concert

March 24, 2014


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I know you were so lonely these past few days, without our DICKS to keep you company. Aren’t you glad to see us again? And today we’re teaching you how to impress your Korean boss, how to make Soo Zee’s mum laugh, and how to select your ideal fan fiction. Ready? Read on!

Popular phrases (aka 유행어)

Soo Zee here, yo! These phrases and references will definitely come up on your conversations and it’s good to know where it comes from at least. Most of the 유행어 come from the popular comedy TV show ‘Gag Concert’ (link). You might not find this kind of humor funny, and it gets repetitive sometimes but the phrases are pretty catchy.

“느낌 아니깐~~”

(start at the 6 minute mark)

This one ranked number one on the list of 2013’s most popular phrases, and it’s funny if you use it here and there in inappropriate context. Please keep in mind, you have to imitate the same tone and way she says it! Just saying it normally wouldn’t make people laugh. You’ve got to put your acting skillz to use.


Another my favorite phrase these days is 앙돼여~~. This comes from a skit comparing two different middle aged couple who are dating. One is the calm, well-mannered, somewhat average couple, but the other one is loud, obnoxious, and cheesy. Here, watch it first.

When she swings her arms and says “앙대여~”, it’s so satisfying. I tried to imitate it, but it was a huge failure… Guys this is Ahjumma aegyo (if you don’t know what aegyo is, just watch our Gwiyomi Challenge video here [insert link]) and I love it! I love her thick needy accent, her outfit, the dance, and the song!!!!


We all know what fan fiction is, right? If you aren’t sure, you should google fanfic now, otherwise the following paragraphs are going to sound like an alien language. In fact, even if you are familiar with fan fiction in a vague, general sense, you still might be confused, because the fan fiction community has a whole host of very specific terms for very specific things.

We talked about “ship” this week, which is short for “relationship.” Fanfics usually center around a central relationship in a set of previously established characters. These fanfics “ship” those (usually two) characters. Likewise, fans of a pairing are “shippers” of so-and-so. You can ship two people that are not actually together in the original canon. For example, Martina who loves fanfic, ships Loki and Jane (known as Lokane from Thor), Draco and Hermione (from Harry Potter), and Buffy and Spike.

I’m not an expert, so I’m relying on you Nasties to help us out with the specifics. There is such an incredible diversity of fan fictions out there, and there’s no way we could talk about it one measly blog post. But in case you’re new to fan fiction and trying to navigate the vast amount of work out there, here are some other fan fiction terms you might come across:

OTP – one true pairing (we covered this in the video)
Slash – homosexual pairings, like GD/TOP or Hermione/Ginny
Oneshot – usually fanfic is written in chapters and posted as the writer develops the story. A oneshot is a standalone, single writing piece
Fluff – usually short, generally not plot heavy, always romantic and warm fuzzies-inducing
Canon – when the events portrayed are accurate to the official source material. so, since Jay Park left 2PM in real life, he’s not part of 2PM in a canon piece either
AR – alternate reality, usually a “what-if” scenario that uses the source material as a jumping off point, like if Edward never returned to Forks and Bella stayed with Jacob
Crossover – mixing your characters or worlds from different source materials, say Loki and Sookie Stackhouse
Lemon/Lime/Citrus/Smut/M – contains sexual material and/or might only focus on sexy times (but sometimes it is fantastic plot with a splash of sexy times)

Do you agree with the above definitions? Have they changed recently or mean something different to you? Let us know! I would absolutely love to recommend some stellar fan fiction for you guys, but I haven’t really read all that much. So maybe we could all help each other out and share some good ones in the comments? We should probably indicate what kind of style/genre/ship. That would be really cool. And let’s try to be nice and non-judgemental here, okay? Different strokes for different folks. Intern Leigh out!

Bonus Round : 싸가지

I found out while writing this blog post 싸가지 comes from 강원도. It’s their way of pronouncing 싹수.
싸가지 means a person who is rude, mean, or has bad manners. It’s generally used when you want to insult someone by calling them a horrible person.

It’s used as a noun, or as part of a phrase.
1) 싸가지 (noun. Rude person)
2) 싸가지(가) 없다 (That person is very rude)

Here are some different ways to say being rude:
1) 싹수가 없다
2) 싹수가 노랗다
3) 버릇이 없다
4) 버르장머리가 없다
5) 무례하다

Martina’s Interjection!

Hey guise. Martina here. Remember when we asked you this:

fanfiction sharing

don't worry be happy

We wanted to share some of your favourite kpop fanfics for this post, which we thought would be appropriate given the topic. I am an avid fanfic reader myself, and I know that it can take a loooong time to scan, read, and flip through various fanfic communities in search of a favourite author or story. So, I thought I could enlist your help in finding some of the best kpop fanfics.

We got a lot of excited tweets and emails from fans of fanfic sharing their fav stories, as well as actual authors who wanted to share their stories with us. Oddly, though, there was an explosion of people that did not share in the excitement. For example:

So Angry Tweet

Already made my own fanfic

Public Fanfic tweet

the fanfic grumbles

fanfic problems

Yup. The kpop fanfic community freaked out, shut down, and imploded over one tweet. People panicked over their assumptions about what we would create, over a video of ours that didn’t actually exist, since we were never going to made a review of fan fiction. All this fear and anger coming out of misconstrued conclusions formed in the rumour mill and passed along Tumblr. LET THIS BE A LESSON ON THE DANGERS OF GOSSIP!

We even got emails and tweets from people demanding that we must first ask permission before we use any fan fiction, as if they knew what we were going to do to begin with. When we responded to these people and linked them to our tweets, they had various responses like, “Oh, I don’t have twitter so I didn’t see that” or “I don’t follow you on twitter” or “oh I read about your filming in a forum”. Whut? So you didn’t even see our tweets, but you form conclusions and thought the worst without even looking into it?

After that we realized there was clearly no point of putting up another tweet explaining our actual intentions since:
A) Angry people don’t seem to listen to what we say anyway. They just like being angry and wading through Outrage Porn
B) This video was coming out soon and would just explain it all away.

So if you’re one of the people who freaked out at us over the implosion of the Kpop Fanfic world, do some research first before you come to conclusions from secondhand accounts. And for those of you that locked up your once totally public fanfic accounts, be freeeeee knowing that we have zero interest in making a video reviewing your fanfic writing skills. We simply wanted to share your work with other readers. Now, everyone take a deep breath and put your stories back up online because you have fans that really want to read your stories. Or, more importantly, if online privacy is important to you, take more steps to ensure your privacy and the protection of your work, or – well – just don’t post stuff online if you’re afraid of online commentary.

Martina’s Interjection Over!

Stay tuned for next DICKS, where Martina promises she won’t not tell you how to not tie a cherry stem without your tongue. You don’t not want to miss that, now do you? Make sure you subscribe by clicking that big, shiny red button below. We’ll make sure you don’t miss out. And if you have any awesome slang we should know about, let us know, either in the comments below or via twitter. 뿅!



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Korean Slang


A Guide to Fanfiction and Gag Concert


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  1. I’m so happy that I wasn’t around when these things happened. I would really find everyone ridiculous in case. This fanfiction issue was a big case of misunderstanding and lack of information.

    6 years ago
  2. the thing with the money though- the concept is that every youtuber (and i guess we have to count EYK as youtubers now, as much as i cringe at that thought) makes money like an entertainer, a celebrity/idol/etc so to speak, so naturally the money they earn from ad revenue goes to increasing their entertainment output, like more YT videos, as well as personal money spendings.
    and it does all go into profit- thats the entire point of making money from YT videos in the first place. (movie directors dont produce movies just to have the money go back into another movie- they aim for million dollar box office hits so that profit happens)

    6 years ago
  3. Thank you for being a logical breath of fresh air!
    honestly you basically summed up everything in a more mature manner than how S&M have been posting/replying to the issues with this controversy. other things worth mentioning- privilege and racism, but thats a whole other topic.

    6 years ago
  4. o_O Why would they shut down accounts because of that? Lock the story, sure, but deactivating accounts is a bit extreme.

    6 years ago
  5. I never knew Martina read fanfics ><


    6 years ago
  6. Some fanfic vocab:

    BroTP – Bro OTP (friendly, non-romantic pairing)
    AU – Alternate Universe (I’ve heard this more often than AR)
    drabble – short piece of fluff, usually just a paragraph or two
    genderswap – swapping the genders of established characters
    raceswap – changing the ethnicities/cultures of established characters

    prompt – idea for a story sent to a writer
    to beta – to proofread someone’s work before it’s posted

    6 years ago
  7. Can you discuss dialects, specifically the Seoul dialect, and how it differs from other dialects. As a non-korean, I can’t tell the difference but in Kdramas, such as Reply 1997, they always point out the difference. ><

    6 years ago
  8. The most controversial DICK ever..

    6 years ago
  9. And this video has brought me to the scary side of the internet… o.O

    6 years ago
  10. I have two authors that I particularly love from fanfiction.net, one that writes mostly AUs using Kingdom Hearts characters, and other that writes from Harry Potter. kurosora1984 writes absolutely amazing fanfiction mostly pairing Roxas and Axel, and also Demxy and Zexion. Her stories can be long (like my absolute favorite novel-sized one, show me the money) or short and sweet, and range in plot from super fluffy and cute, to very hardcore, to focusing on the beginnings of a relationship. The other author, dracosoftie, I like because of one story in particular, Must Love Quidditch. This story takes place years after the end of the war, where Harry is an ex Aurour writing adventure novels under a fake name, and Draco is head of his father’s old company, past married with a young kid. The story starts with both boys joining a magical dating site, in order to fine someone who is interested in who they are and not their fame/money. You can see where this is going… xD I love them both because their writing is mature and well thought out, and the stories are extremely believable, and you fall in love with their versions of the characters instantly, and are hooked by the plot just as quick.

    6 years ago
  11. this helps so much. thank you!

    6 years ago
  12. if you are worried about your Idols feelings regarding KMMs,you more than likely do not have to be. Many an Idol has mentioned to EYK that they have watched and enjoyed their review of them and thought it was funny. for instance EYK had an Impromptu interview with U-kiss where they told EYK straight up that they Enjoyed their reviews of them and thought it was funny. they are good friends with Amber from F(x) and Brad from Busker Busker. Shindong from Super Junior even said he watches them and likes the reviews.. During the EYKAs a lot of Idols wanted to be (and some were) involved in the vids for it, knowing they would be poking fun at some of it ( but due to scheduling conflicts were unable to). watch the vids for the EYKas if you don’t believe me. Idols are very aware that every song and MV they put out there could be a hit or a flop so bad even the most hardcore fans can’t stand behind it.. so I don’t get why you are so worried about Your idols feelings about being reviewed by EYK…

    6 years ago
  13. Is it bad to say I was sort of looking forward to a video on fanfiction. I love to read fanfiction and had even contemplated doing a vid vlog of fanfictions I liked, but after seeing all this insanity, dang. I mean, shouldn’t authors be happy EYK is international, people from all over the world could hear about or fics and read them. I’ve been writing fanfiction for over eight years and written over 2 hundred fanfics on two different accounts from different genres and things. Fanfiction writers are authors who open themselves to criticism from their very readers in comments, but I see you all run and hide. It is clearly dumb.
    I’m sorry I’m ranting, but it makes me so upset that so many people can be like this.

    6 years ago
    • Same, I was actually excited about the video but then it barely mentioned anything about fan fiction

      6 years ago
  14. Not in the fanfic community but I am part of a few fandoms which use the exact same terms plus a few more! i tend to see AU, Alternate Universe, used more than AR (probably because when I see AR I think Augmented Reality, like Google Glass) and I’ve also seen OT3 or One True Threesome (which is usually a pretty doomed ship since I can think of like, one time in all the fiction I’ve read/seen where it actually happened, love you for that Star Driver!)

    6 years ago
  15. wow we could do a two hour debate about this wow people are writing like 5 min speech worth of words…. calm down peeps the world is still strong…

    6 years ago
  16. While fan-fiction is okay, I wonder how people can really say it’s plagiarism to barrow fic. Characters are inserted from shows and fiction that is already established without the consent of the original creator. I wonder how some original creators feel about fanfics of their work. (Worse case the fic is about real people, which seems a little awkward to me. Sorry to offend if I do.Not my intention.) Your story may be original and well constructed, but from copyrighted ideas. As for EYK, I understand that some of you guys are really miffed, but I honestly think it was a misunderstanding. This is nothing to spread hate about. I can understand the scariness of having something you worked hard on put out there, but maybe better communication next time?

    6 years ago
  17. I read fanfiction. I write fanfiction. I also like Eat Your Kimchi.

    I think everyone is being immature and throwing a tissy-fit. And by everyone, I don’t mean just fanfiction writers and readers; I mean everyone.

    First of all, everyone is simply making assumptions. Assumptions that fanfiction people are always butthurt or on the attack. Assumptions that Nasties/EYK fans aren’t the sort of people into the fanfiction scene. Assumptions that Simon and Martina’s jokes and/or criticisms are meant negatively or even maliciously.

    You know what? Some people really do suck at writing. Some people have really good stories, but poor control or ability. Some people have amazing writing and poor plots. Some people don’t understand spelling or grammar or the logic of this world and how to relate it into fiction. I have to say, I’m very embarrassed by my own works and their poor quality. But if it’s publicly available on the internet, it’s publicly visible on the internet. And maybe “friends” or “fellow fans” share them which you’re okay with; but some of those fans have their own friends who may not be into fanfiction. They may see what they shared and dislike it. They make think it’s silly and have a laugh. They may actually really love it, and consequently get into the scene. Who knows? But public stuff can get around. If you have an issue with material potentially being available to the mass public, there are ways and sites to keep it private or simply limited. If you have it in a public place, you’re actually a very brave individual and ought to be commended. The internet is a very scary place at the best of times.

    But something I really would like to point out: for those whose greatest fear were getting violent, rude, malicious attacks or comments from “outsiders” or “nonfans”, what do you think these heavy responses from the fanfiction community were? When you talk about EYK, are judging them? Sharing your judgments within your own community who may or may not be within theirs? Are nonEYK followers seeing these responses and making fun of or else hating on Simon and Martina? Are you being harsh or hyper critical or violently hating on them? And for what? Their own personal creativity in trying to share what they love or find silly or occasionally ridiculous? Isn’t that what you’re doing? Isn’t that what we are all doing?

    Think of what you’re most afraid of, or what you believe to be hurtful or out of line for other communities to do to yours. And don’t do it to the other communities. Really take a moment to consider how what you’re doing could be construed by other communities, and if it’d be appropriate for them to do. Whether you’re a Kpop fan, a Nasty, a fanfiction reader/writer, or any other affiliation you proudly proclaim yourself apart of: Be respectful. Be reasonable. Be kind.

    6 years ago
  18. MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SHIPPING OF ALL TIME IS ZUTARA (ZUKO X KATARA FROM AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER) omg like you don’t even know how much i wanted them to be together hahaha thanks leigh for talking about shipping!! andddd I’m sooo confused as to why people were outraged… o.O

    6 years ago
  19. I love you Martina and Simon! Ignore this and move on. People go crazy when their fandoms are concerned. I had a student that last month compared the struggles of Justin bieber to those of Nelson mandela.

    6 years ago