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Do You Know South Korea?

March 4, 2011


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Ok, this is a first for us, but it’s something we’d like to do more of. We’d like to start showing other people’s videos as well.

Yes, we’ll still be posting our own videos, but there are lots of awesome videos being produced about South Korea that need to get more recognition, we think. This is the first video we’ve seen that has moved us to post other people’s videos on this site. Quite frankly, it’s one of the best short videos we’ve seen promoting South Korea, ever. Like, ever. I wish Korea Tourism hired this guy. Enough videos about Bulgogi and Bibimbap. Enough visit Dokdo ads. This video is much more moving than all of those videos, and we’d love it if the official promotional forces of Korea started taking this direction.

It’s kind of what we’ve always been interested in when it comes to talking about South Korea. Korea is cool, really cool, but it doesn’t seem that way from the ads we’ve seen for it. Traditional, fuddy duddy stuff that smack of “Korea is the Best!” is just boring. South Korea isn’t really advertised from an outsider’s perspective. A lot of the time it’s shown through a Korean person’s perspective, and – as a result – it seems that what’s interesting to Koreans about Korea isn’t interesting to foreigners about Korea. At least, that’s our position. Table bells, nose rollers, and other Wonderful Treasure Finds still make us say wow, show us that Korea is fun and quirky and cool, while our Korean friends just think of them as commonplace and boring. Pshaw!

And, yes, yes we know this is a bit of a serious post compared to the silly videos that we usually do, but – really – we wish we could make videos half as good as this one here. We’re gonna keep on trying to make artsy-fartsy videos every so often, so that we don’t fully go totally off the deep end into Kpop and WTFs. So, with that being said, check out David Duttons’ Vimeo Page for more awesome videos, and check out his website as well. Also, let us know if more videos like this is something you’d be interested in seeing or not, if we should keep this site for only Eat Your Kimchi videos. Be honest. We’re totally open to other people’s opinions. Fact is, we’ve been thinking about showing other videos for a while now, and still haven’t fully decided on it yet, so we’re dipping our toes in the water now. And finally, if there are any videos you’d like us to share in the future, send us an email! Yeah!



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Do You Know South Korea?


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  1. I am moving to Seoul this month and have been researching as much as possible. However, thank you Martina and Simon because I’m positive now, after watching this, I am going to fall in live with South Korea.

    6 years ago