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The Eatyourkimchi Road Trip, Day 1

July 5, 2013


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*Trumpet Sound* BRR BRRR BR BRRRR! Introducing, the Eatyourkimchi Team Building Road Trip!

We’ve shot so many WANKs and FAPFAPs locally, but Korea offers a lot more than just Seoul and Bucheon. It’s about time we stepped out of our comfort zones and Wonderfully Adventured around Korea! This marks our first team road trip, and – guise – let us stress to you just how totally stoked we are about this video. We’re unsure if you’re gonna like it as much as we liked it, but we had so much freaking fun doing this all that we kinda want to make a regular show out of trips like this. We’d like to go out for a weekend, film a boatload of footage, and edit and air that over the course of a month. It can be like our own 1-Night-2-Days kinda show. Thoughts?

We filmed SOOOO much footage, though, and can’t put it all in one video. That’d make for far too long of a video. We chopped up Day 1 into two different videos, embedded in a playlist above. If you can’t view playlists, here’s part 2 of the video:

Our footage of Day 2 will be UNLEASHED next week. Unleashed, you hear? It’s like a Kpop video. Little did you know that YouTube keeps videos on leashes. It is our duty as YouTubers to take the leash off of those videos, and for Kpop news sites to report on them with ridiculous titles.

The area we went to is Gapyeong. It’s close to Nami Island – famous for Winter Sonata – and Chuncheon, the birthplace of Dak Galbi supposedly, and also famous for Makguksu, which we LURRRRRV. We stayed at the Four Seasons, and I HIGHLY doubt it has any connection to the actual Four Seasons franchise. Is it just a freak coincidence that the pension has that name, or were the pension owners like “Yeah! Four Seasons sounds like a great name. Let’s use that as well!” I know Korea likes to advertise its four distinct seasons – which – by the way, is malarky. Spring lasts two weeks. That’s not a season!

The Four Seasons pension was totally packed. Not a single room sat unused. We didn’t have the biggest of the rooms, but we didn’t have many options, either. Pension season is coming up, supposedly, and the cost of pensions go up in July. Our first day there, after we unpacked all of our gear and collapsed into Eatyourkimchi heaps, we tried booking another day, just so we could relax a bit, but everything was already booked. Balls! So we had to wake up at, like, 9AM to make breakfast and get ready for our 12PM checkout. GROSS! That’s what, like, normal people do! We usually go to sleep at 4 or 5AM and sleep in until past 12. Adjusting to normal people hours scares us.

Not all rooms were equal, either. Some of the rooms are smaller, just for couples. Some were bigger than that, like ours, meant for double dating. Beside us was a giant room, meant for larger groups of people, like schools or bigger companies. They had their own big outdoor grill and giant table which overlooked the scenery. Our grill was upstairs and in the corner by the cornfields. Not as pretty as the bigger group, but we were still happy to be out of the city and closer to nature, in a way. Our room also didn’t have a noraebang, which we’ll be sure to get for our next pension trip – if you like these videos, that is!

We thought for a bit about how the grass is always greener. Our studio’s right in Hongdae. We’re surrounded by buildings and stores and restaurants and clubs and schools and people and cars and tiny parking lots and crawling cars. Out in the countryside, we heard frogs screaming out “I JUST HAD SEX” in the middle of the night. The skies were so dark and unlit that we could barely see each other. We sat by the balcony and shared a bowl of cherries, then tried to see who could spit their pits out the farthest. We couldn’t see where they landed: we’d spit the pits and try to hear how far away they clicked on the road. That, for some of us, felt like what we wanted to do forever, surrounded by mountains and trees and water and barely any people.

For people living there, though, the trees and the hills are not as charming. The bustling energy of the city is far more interesting. I’m sure we’d feel the same way if we lived in the countryside for a while. We’re all meant to yearn for something different. We know some people are watching our videos and wishing they could live somewhere else, because where they are is so boring, and some will move here or elsewhere and enjoy the difference for a while. But then they’ll learn to miss their homes. We miss Canada. We miss Bucheon. We miss the Four Seasons. And if we ever live in another country, we’ll miss Korea. Ok I’ma stop being existential now. There’s just something jarring about the serenity outside of cities. Or it could be the fact that Monsoon Season has started now, and writing blog posts in gloomy and dark and rainy days changes the things you feel like writing about. I’m sure if it was sunny today I’d be like “SPUDGY WAS SO CUTE AND FUN ARRRGGGHHH”

Anyhow, that’s it for this week. Day 2 comes out next week. If you’re interested, we have a small teaser for it here as well:

Cool! Teasers for future episodes! That’s, like, so professional and TV-like, no? Well, if you’d rather see us be more un-professional, you can check out this week’s Blooper reel here below.



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The Eatyourkimchi Road Trip, Day 1


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  1. Hello guise! :)

    “We’d like to go out for a weekend, film a boatload of footage, and edit and air that over the course of a month. It can be like our own 1-Night-2-Days kinda show. Thoughts?” Yes!!

    “We sat by the balcony and shared a bowl of cherries, then tried to see who could spit their pits out the farthest.” Uhm… don’t do that guise…. the birds could pick them up eat them and choke T_T


    7 years ago
  2. holydorkfactor, BUT hereitgoesanyway :P
    The 4 things that ‘introduced’ me to Korea; Boys Over Flowers, 1Night2Days, Glen Check, EatYourKimchi…. so yes, please do more road trip style videos!!!!
    ps. literally jumped outta bed when I heard Racket…
    Is there anything better than being pleasantly surprised by unexpectedly hearing songs from your favorite band? ^_^

    7 years ago
  3. 6:59 Simon say “I fell a class” he didn’t speak in 3rd person and nobody notice

    7 years ago
  4. I enjoyed this soooo much! I loved watching you guys have fun! Makes me wish I was there! :)

    7 years ago
  5. I really enjoyed these road trip videos; they are fun, interesting, and funny. I look forward to your regularly scheduled videos like but I would definitely watch more videos like this. Even monthly or even season-type(?) videos would be really fun! Keep up the good work!

    7 years ago