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Kpop Music Monday: Fangurilla in Europe!

November 25, 2014


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Dear father,

I know you might have just watched this video, furrowed your eyebrows, looked over at my mom a little sadly, and then asked to yourself, quietly – not out loud – what has happened to your son. Why is he wearing a dress in Europe and talking about Kpop boys? Why wouldn’t he at least shave? All valid questions, dad. All valid questions.

Ok, but for real, doing this bit as Fangurilla in public was very difficult and very, very intimidating. I only did Fangurilla in the studio, in a closed, soundproof room with no windows. Then I see it online and think to myself, hey, that was kinda funny. But to do Fangurilla in person, around lots of other people, all of them staring at me…really scary!

I broke character a lot. For starters, Fangurilla’s voice is really damaging. I can’t do it before an event because I can’t speak afterwards. Totally causes havok on my vocal chords. It was really tough in Amsterdam after doing Fangurilla! So, while filming these two segments, I broke character a lot because I would just start coughing. Ahhh!

Also, umm, I’m not all too clever on the spot. Fangurilla should have had lots of other silly, dirty questions to ask, but I was too busy thinking “WTF AM I DOING HERE IN EUROPE LOOKING LIKE THIS?!” It was very challenging to stay focused. I can laugh at myself now, afterwards, but at the time I was quite nervous. Doing things live is so scary! You can see some of my embarrassment and coughing in the bloopers below:

Anyhow, enough excuses: I know some of you might have stumbled into this video and are really needing context. Here it is: 1) Fangurilla is a character we have that is the ultimate of ultimate Kpop fangirls. 2) While we were on our Ooh Euro Nasty Tour in Europe, we had Fangurilla come out for some of our events. This video is the result of that.

We couldn’t do Fangurilla for every event, sadly. In Sweden and Germany, our events were just Eatyourkimchi events, and so we didn’t have time before or after we were on stage to do Fangurilla. In Norway and the Netherlands, though, these were full-day events, so we had more time to do this.

More to the point: we’re really interested in what other people think and feel. We’re always talking about what we’ve experienced and what we think of songs and food and events and all that, but we love hearing what you guise are all about. That’s the main reason we started our Speaker’s Corner segment, and it’s also one of the main reasons we spend so much time in the site here, on YouTube comments, and in our app. You all are more a part of Eatyourkimchi than we are. So, at these events, we really wanted to both joke around with you and make you laugh a bit, and also hear what you guise thought about Kpop.

International Kpop fans and Korean Kpop fans have very different tastes, and what’s popular in one place isn’t popular in another. So, the question for you guise that we didn’t get to see in person is this: who is your Kpop OTP, and why is it me and Junsu? Answer in the comments below!

Lastly, obligatory Kevrihanna Fangurilla post, because he nailed the role a lot better than I could have:



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Kpop Music Monday: Fangurilla in Europe!


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  1. Still lauhging at Kevin! ^3^

    But seriously I feel the pain in your throat… I like to talk/ sing with chipmunk voice and oh dear it hurts after awhile! I also approve your ability to be front of people playing fangurilla – My skin becomes red and talk very garbled when I have an audience. *.*

    ~ Good job! :3 ~

    5 years ago
  2. Epic

    5 years ago