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Finland Adventures and Cosplay Convention!

September 25, 2015


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Finland. What a lovely and unexpectedly super amazing time we had! When we were contacted to come to Tracon the cosplay convention in Tampere, we were extremely excited. We love cosplay, anime, comics, and all that jazz, but to be honest, we had no idea what to expect of Finland. We’ve been to Sweden and Norway but both those countries were surprisingly different from one another, so we knew we couldn’t lump Finland into a “Scandinavian countries are all the same” category since they are absolutely not. Well everything in Finland just blew us away.

To begin with, the food was amazing! We only had one night in Helsinki but we knew we wanted to eat at a famous tiny restaurant called Ask. You have to make reservations in advance because it only holds around 20-30 people. There is no menu, only a set course meal and they served us mini-meals for two to three hours! It reminded us a lot of the best sushi we had in Japan which was three hour meal. Restaurant Ask is famous for using local ingredients in unique ways. They even grow their own vegetables and mushrooms in a local garden that they use for their restaurant. Nobody was pretentious, they were just super passionate. The server would bring out a mini-masterpiece accompanied by the chef that prepared it, and the chef would explain the food. It was a totally wonderful experience.

Outside of Ask, all the local bakeries, coffee shops, and restaurants we had were just bursting with flavour. We enjoyed simply prepared fish lightly battered and served on silky smooth mashed potatoes, we had so much salmon, including an amazing salmon soup with huge pieces of salmon and potato resting in a slightly creamy broth infused with dill. Oh man. Finland. You do food so right.

Speaking of food (again), one of the best experiences we had in Finland was during our picnic at Tracon. We had an amazing chance to sit down with 20-30 lovely Finnish Nasties who prepared homemade picnic food for us to enjoy. We chatted and talked about so many various topics (like how to pick cloudberries and England’s outrage over reindeer meat at Christmas…hahahah) while enjoying a huge spread of food. It felt just, really really lovely and we wish it could have gone on for longer.

Tracön itself was a totally enjoyable event laid out in the beautiful city of Tampere. We had the chance to eat cake and coffee at a maid cafe which was hosted by the most adorable maids in puffy dresses with kitten ears and kitten mittens. Simon got to dress up like Tifa (oh I’m sorry, I mean Tofu…Tifa’s lesser known step-sister) and I enjoyed being Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon for the day. And let’s not forget the amazing final event after Tracön was done…heading to a cabin in the woods with the staff, jumping in a freezing cold lake while it’s raining, and enjoying a sauna with a whole bunch of naked people while I awkwardly sit in my bathing suit. And I don’t mean my birthday suit, I mean my cherry bathing suit. I didn’t realize people got totally naked with all genders and just hung around naked enjoying the steam together. It was a bit of culture shock for me BUT I DID IT! I had some awesome conversations about nerd culture as well! Sadly, Simon can’t handle steamy places (due to a lung disease when he was a child) but he did jump in the lake with me. We both really want to return to Finland in the winter time. I think Christmas in Finland would be an amazing and magical place.

Thank you to the organizers of Tracon for inviting us over! We had an amazing time and it was great hanging out with you all and eating your entire supply of salmon and meat. We’ll be back to finish of Rudolph one day. And thank you as well to Helene for taking awesome pictures of us over at Conikuvat. You can see more from our fun days there!

But if you’d like some extra scenes, because 11 minutes wasn’t enough, we’ve got em here below in the bloopers!



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Wonderful Adventures


Finland Adventures and Cosplay Convention!


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  1. AP

    First of all, I am forever and ever bummed that I didn’t yet know you when you were here in Finland. I was in that convention damn it! Second, somehow I haven’t read this blogpost before, or I did and forgot, but the knowledge of the restaurant Ask just eluded me and just….! The burning need to visit there and eat all the food has come over me. I’m so going (even though it costs like half a fortune) for my birthday in February. Thank you for bringing the existence of that place in my knowledge!

    3 years ago
  2. I really love how much you have been traveling, because the photos and videos are always so amazing, and it makes me happy and fuzzy (and very travel sick!) to watch. I have been to Helsinki once, and I loved it there! I have a good Finnish friend, and I was talking to another friend of her, because I thought Finland had a lot of mountains like in Norway: “You don’t have mountains in Finland?” “No” “Then what do you have?” “Trees and angry people”.
    Best answer ever.

    5 years ago
  3. Martina, your cosplay looked amazing! I know you haven’t done one of these in a while, but I’d love to see a tutorial on how you did your makeup. It was just stunning!

    5 years ago
  4. Meg

    Looks like you guys had a great time! Here’s an important question: THOSE CARRY ON BAG THOUGH?!?!

    5 years ago
    • Yeah! They’re awesome! We found them in LAX a while ago. I think they’re called Micro? Something like that. They’re made in partnership with Samsonite. SUPER FUN! They’re really great for long airports. Not great to use at Incheon when it’s super busy, because it’s hard to navigate around people, but it was perfect in Helsinki :D

      5 years ago
  5. I’m so glad you guys had such a great time! :D
    Tallipiha and the Finlayson area is one of my favourite places in Tampere so it’s nice to see that you went there. (My other favourite place is Pyynikin näkötorni, they have famous doughnuts there and pretty scenery) Also the fact that you liked mustamakkara and korvapuusti makes me so happy! Yay~ (btw my Polish friend was always laughing when I talked about korvapuusti back in Japan lol)
    As for Tracon! On Saturday I didn’t have time to take photos with you but I’m in the group photo cosplaying Suzuya Juuzou from Tokyo Ghoul! :D On Sunday my cousin participated in the picnic but I was so sad they kicked me out of the tent. OTL (I was wearing yukata like my cousin was) But because I got kicked out I met a new friend who also couldn’t participate. :D We talked the whole picnic right outside of the tent so in the end I wasn’t that sad anymore. (we even sang Love is the moment but I guess you couldn’t hear heh)
    Lastly, thank you for coming and I hope you can come again! :D It was nice to hear you talk those stories on stage. Next time bring the whole EYK team with you~

    PS. I’ve always thought Finnish food might be too plain for foreigners so I’m positively surprised you liked the food here! I guess I’m just used to see you eat spicy Korean food…

    5 years ago
  6. Hahahahaha did you tell the naked guys behind you that you were filming? I know that Finnish are rather comfortable with public nudity, but this seems to take it a little far :’D

    5 years ago
    • Yep! They knew what we were there for, and they jumped in buck naked regardless!

      5 years ago
      • You have to respect that determination to show your but to the world :D

        5 years ago