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Goodie Bag

June 26, 2008


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We were gathering the forces of darkness to bring you a giant entry of goodies! Food, Engrish, and Fun await you, so read on!

We have been quite adventurous with trying new foods, so we decided to try the weirdest looking place we had every seen before. It was called “McDonalds” and it’s bright neon menus beckoned to us. Martina tried a “Big Mac” and it looked picture perfect. However, she found it to be lacking. Perhaps because it was missing it’s Big Mac Secret Sauce. Simon tried the “Bulgogi Burger”. For an update on what Bulgogi is, check out our “Seng Bulgogi” blog entry. Anyways, it was okay, but a little too sweet. All in all, it was our most disappointing and meal so far.

There is something that no one in North America will ever experience. Everyday at 4:10pm the chimes ring and the students clean the school top to bottom. Some sweep, some mop, and some vaccum. Others will gather the teachers’ mugs and clean them, and afterwards they place them in a weird UV cleaning/drying/sterilizing cupboard. In the morning the teachers find their mugs squeaky clean and ready to go, as if placed by secret cleaning fairies. Gathering their clean mugs they fill them with strange tubes of coffee or iced tea. We have a hot & cold water cooler in our English office that is heated to the perfect temperature. I’ll post pictures another time.

I’m going to explain the coffee tube phenonmenom which is Korea. It is very hard for me to find a normal cup of coffee. Instead, there are aisles of boxed freeze dried coffee tubes, equipped with sugar and cream. The weird part is, even if it says “black” the coffee still has sugar. YUCK! I hate sugar in my coffee! At my school there is a cupboard stacked with these tubes of “black” coffee, coffee with sugar and cream, coffee with just sugar, hazelnut coffee, and iced coffee. I’ve tried all of them, and while it is very tempting to drink from the conveniene of a little tear tube, I can’t stomach the sugar.

In turn, Simon and went on a mini-adventure to find brewed coffee, and we landed in a posh little coffee shop that looked more like a little rainforest/tea garden. I ordered the “hand dripped” coffee. I had to choose my beans from a list of 15 types, and it took 10 minutes to make. It was the most expensive cup of coffee EVER at $5.00! Wow! It was good, but not that good. It came with little dutch butter cookies, a tiny glass pitcher of liquid sugar, and some warm, steamed milk. Check out the pictures here or click the picture above.

For those of you new to the word Engrish, it is when any Asian language attempts to translate something into English. We gathered a few of these pictures into one place, so click here for the pictures or click the picture above.


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