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Gyeonggi Provincial Museum

July 3, 2008


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We were really upset on Wednesday after hearing a presentation by one guy who we thought was cool. We spoke with him beforehand and he seemed like a nice guy. When he had his presentation yesterday we were thoroughly upset. He lived in Vancouver for a while, and his dislike of Canada fueled many of his jokes. The audience loved how Canadians are non-committal in their conversations, how most of them do pot, and how they always have a stupid glazed look on their faces. We spoke with other Canadians after the presentation and we were all furious about the speech. If we ever see that guy again we’re going to thoroughly scowl at him, and mutter and point.

Luckily, on Thursday we didn’t have a big presentation day. We went to Gyeonggi Provincial Museum instead. It wasn’t really fun, but it was relatively awesome compared to the boringness of this week. We drew self-portraits (Simon’s is exceptionally awesome, by the way), learned how to make proper shadow puppets, learned about famous rodents, and much more! Apart from the silliness and the fun and games, we saw some really really cool ancient Korean papers. We love books, as you all know, and even though we couldn’t understand a word of what we saw we still knew that these books, with their browned pages, were awesome.



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Gyeonggi Provincial Museum


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  1. *It just deleted my comment…*
    I was 12 when my family and I went on a family vacation to The Bahamas. I met another 12 year old girl, who happened to the staying in the same hotel, in the room below us! She grew up in Ontario and knew better French than me. *totally jealous.* But we were penpals for many years, back when people hand-wrote letters! Anyways, we’re *cough32cough* now and still write emails to each other. She is one of my most treasured friends. Canadians are awesome people. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. Even if you think you’re being funny…. Shame on that guy!

    6 years ago
  2. I can’t believe how rude he is. Every Canadian I’ve met in my life is the best people. I love Canadian:)

    8 years ago
    • I know, all the Canadian people I’ve ever met are really nice!

      7 years ago