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WTF – High Heel Foot Pain Fixers

October 5, 2011


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So Martina was browsing around on gmarket and she came across these awesome half slippers. At first, she thought they were for children, but as she scrolled down the pictures revealed something totally awesome…HALF SLIPPERS FOR HEEL PAIN! So the concept makes sense to ME (Martina) but not to Simon. I guess the idea is that your feet are arched one way for so long that they’re in serious pain, so by wearing these at home, your feet will return to a more natural state by stretching out the muscle the opposite way.

Teen Top Wearing Heels

Seriously: worst freaking marketing campaign ever.

The only thing is, it’s actually quite awkward to wear because your heels pound the ground and the rest of your feet are cushioned. Actually, barely cushioned…we thought it was memory foam, but it’s actually just a brick of hardness covered in a lovely fuzzy pink fabric. Sad panda is sad. But you know who else is sad? That one member of Teen Top that I actually like with the fluffy poodle perm. He’s sad ‘cause he’s wearing heels. Look, picture proof. I should send him some of these slippers.

Anyways, I (Simon writing now) had a kindof manpiphany half way through our filming because he realized he had almost bought these when he was in highschool…you’ll have to check the blooper footage for his whole story:

Anyone know what I’m talking about here? Jumpsoles, they were called, and I wanted them so bad as a kid, but never got them. Anyone here actually use them? I highly doubt it, because – for some reason – I don’t think basketball players listen to Kpop. In fact, if I could draw a Venn Diagram, with basketball players in the left circle, and Kpop lovers in the right, it’d look like this


^^P.S. That looks like a whale.



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WTF – High Heel Foot Pain Fixers


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  1. Simon, some dudes do look at your shoes on a date. In fact, some dudes really like high heels over flats. But then again, maybe those dudes are foot fetishist, soooo… well… ¬_¬

    8 years ago
  2. I’m still scratching my head wondering why those things exist… and on a related note, can’t wait for Game of Thrones season 2! WINTER IS COMING!

    9 years ago
  3. hehehe Happy Birthday to me :  YAY for WTF!

     I loved Simon’s Heel Tirade!  I also hate heels….I don’t know how girls walk on the little tiny spikes.  I have some chunky boots and 1 pair of modest heels,but that’s it. Give me a pair of clogs any day :)   My daughter found my 1 pair of heel at about a year and wore them around for days…..Totally not sure how I got a girly girl.The heel lower than the ball of the foot reminds me of Earth shoes. I have a pair but I barely ever wear them because it makes the tendon on the back of my calf buuurrnn. They’re suppose to imitate walking on sand and realign things.

    9 years ago
  4. Really, I’d kill for a pair of these! :DD

    Simon: In my experience I wear heels because they look good, my legs looks longer and slimmer. Then, some girls who’d like to look taller wear them for that reason. Some like the pain (for real!). But never, like never heard of any girl that wear high heels for a guy, really; most women I know and read on the net dress in general for themselves (and some to compete with other women), but not to like guys or please them. If that was the case I should be dressing like a mob girl, with striped skirt suits, xDDD

    Martin: Don’t worry, I have really long toes, too. And I also grab things from the floor with my feet, don’t feel bad, you’re not alone!

    9 years ago