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Hot Chocolate With Boyfriend

June 5, 2014


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First off, let’s start by saying thanks to Boyfriend for being such great sports. Their new video is really quite cool and has an interesting take on the Peter Pan story. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!

As for this video we shot, we know it’s a bit random, but it’s something we had a lot of fun doing. We hope you liked it as well. Woohoo!

For a bit of backstory, we’re on pretty good terms with Starship Entertainment. They’ve got good people working there. We did an interview with Sistar a long time ago, and we also did a video with K.Will last year, and then Boyfriend gave an acceptance speech at our Eatyourkimchi Awards for winning Aegyo of the year.

For Boyfriend’s comeback, we all wanted to do something together, but we knew that everyone’s schedules are pretty crazy. We’re in an out of this and that country, as are Boyfriend. So how could we shoot something fun without taking too much of everyone’s time? This seemed like a winner to us!

And they were not only totally game for the idea, and also very fun and energetic in the video, but they were also surprised at how fast it was. When we were done filming they were like “really? That’s it?” Yep. It was 6 minutes of filming. BOOYA!

You might be wondering why we like doing silly skits instead of longform sit down interviews. I don’t really think we’re thaaaaaat into interviews anymore. If we had the choice, we’d rather to something silly and fun. We’re really inspired by Jimmy Fallon’s skits, in which Tom Cruise pounds eggs on his head while Jason Statham gets glasses of water thrown at him. Those are fun! They show the celebrity’s personality, and doesn’t make them answer all of the questions they’ve been asked a bagillion times over. I’m glad Starship was down for not only something this fun, but also for being comfortable with something non-traditional (which we’ve had rejected by other companies before).

Boyfriend Signed CD Giveaway!

Another big thanks to Boyfriend and Starship for the CDs, which we will, of course, be giving out to you guise! If you want to win, here’s what you gotta do!


To win on YouTube, first make sure you’re subscribed to us, because we’re only picking subscribers, and then head on over to our video and let us know in the comments what your favorite part of Boyfriend’s video was. It’s a very different take from their other videos. Let us know what you think!


To win on Facebook, first make sure that you’ve liked our page, then answer the same question in the contest thread linked below!


To win on Twitter, make sure you’re following us on Twitter, and then click on this to retweet. It’s that easy! Booya!

Premium Nasties!

For those of you who don’t know, we’ve recently rolled out our Premium Nasty program. We’re really honored by all the support, so we want to give something back. If you’ve got a Nasty Badge, just answer the same question in the comments below. We’ll pick one Premium Nasty as a winner. Woohoo! Your odds of winning in this category are a lot higher than, say, Facebook or Twitter, where we have 150-300k followers, while the Premium Nasty number is a lot smaller than that. Much higher chances of winning!

And, on a silly note, here are some bloopers from the video. You’ll also see Martina’s and Soo Zee’s storyboard for the video. Shooting a quick video like this makes it easier for companies to understand what we’re trying to shoot. Point is, Soo Zee does a great Boyfriend impersonation. Check it out!

And, lastly, don’t forget to click on this pretty button below right here to subscribe for more of the silly collaborations we have in the works. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.



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Hot Chocolate With Boyfriend


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  1. This is what i get for not looking at EYK for a month……….. Sad Panda

    6 years ago
  2. My favorite part of the video was the sweaty bellybutton in the first 15 seconds, really just stuck with me the entire time… so nasty!

    6 years ago
  3. My favourite part is when Minwoo & Kwangmin rap. They use like glowy chairs..? My brain don’t even functioning through out the video. I can’t even think what’s my favourite part is! The boys, dance, MV! It is All A PERFECTION! How Can i only have one favourite part?!!! π-π Peter Pan change to Hook? AWESOME! I hope EYK has more BOYFRIEND vis :# I love BOYFRIEND, thank you for inviting them even it’s just 6 minutes of filming~ Hehehe…

    6 years ago
  4. My favourite part of the video would have to be the book tunnel, but the bit that stuck out to me was the bit at 1:26 to 1:28 or so. The idea of actually doing this during a pool game just seemed so funny, especially as instead of being even a little annoyed, they all seem to be concentrating on the book so intently.

    6 years ago
  5. The chorus was mind blowing! I got addicted to it right away! :D and the whole story! I’m a big nerds of original stories (espacialy about Grimms tales but meh) so I was ecstatic!

    6 years ago
  6. i guess my favorite part would have to be the part when minwoo raps and then at the end when the girl was capture by that guy and had the bomb attach to her.

    6 years ago
  7. shirtless hyunseong in this mv? YESSSS. that was my #1 favorite part

    6 years ago
  8. my favorite part is when they had no money and they were like “credit card”

    6 years ago
  9. Boyfriend has always had such a “cute” concept that watching this whole video, It’s dificult to come to a conclusion of a favorite part. Their beat to the song is just so addicting such as the choreography. But if I could have a favorite part it’d be silly and simple. It’s be at 0:16 when Minwoo throws the dart at the dart target and misses…It’s quite close, but not that exact target and as he does it his face looks so serious filled with a bad boy image! :) It’s quite cute and funny looking at him in that way since he has always had a cute image. But then at 0:31 he comes out with a smile ;) That part would have to be my favorite. But just like Minwoo looks that’s how all the members look as well with their bad boy image ;) Donghyun,Hyunseong, and Jeongmin throw a smirk throughout the video, but the Maknaes keep their bad boy image! <3 It's adorable. Instead of captivating me with their cute concept, they captivated me trying to be bad boys c;

    6 years ago
  10. I liked the choreo scenes the best especially that one part where the back up dancers slid in a couple chairs in a sorta checkered pattern and one of the members (I couldn’t get a clear look at his face ;A;) walks on top of them and the chairs light up with each step. 

    6 years ago
  11. My favorite part? I have to say the weird faces that the guys did when the girl was about to explode holding the bomb, their faces where like “What the… why she’s holding that thing?” To be honest Kwangmin’s face was pure gold!

    6 years ago
    I actually had two favorite parts in their new MV.First, the bookshelf cave and secondly the way they turned the bad guy/good guy role around. Usually Peter Pan is the good guy but in the scenario he’s the villain! :0

    To Boyfriend:
    Thank you for appearing in the video with w/EYK. All of the nasties and best friends really appreciated it! I also want to thank you for coming to Dallas during your North American showcase tour. It was a night that I’ll never forget. You made a lot of best friends dreams come true. I am one honored best friend of Boyfriend.

    6 years ago
  13. Favorite part? The boys!

    6 years ago
  14. I have many favourite parts of the mv! I just cant pick one. The biggest thing I looove about Obsession is probably the originality and how it’s different, not only to their usual style but also to k-pop in general. Boyfriend’s videos are usually full of aegyo; they’ve done manly concepts too (such as in Janus and I Yah mvs) but the fact that not only did they have a storyline to it but they incorporated a CLASSIC story with a little bit of a modern/alternate universe kind of thing. Also, Minwoo is amazing at rapping (as always) and Kwangmin is too… but Minwoo is one of my biases soo to me, Minwoo will always shine brighter than any other stars… and im not sure if this is because he has really improved as a rapper and an idol or because the song just really fits him, but they say that Shinee’s Minho is the charismatic rapper… I personally think that Minwoo was just completely topped that!! Like he’s just off the scale! And let’s not forget about Hyunseung’s abs, the hexagon bookshelf thing and Youngmin’s body roll at 1:09… there are just soo many amazing things that make up this mv that I cannot pick just one. I really really hope u guys read this and realize that im truly a very very biig fan of Boyfriend. I really really wanna win one of the cds!!! It would be an absolute dream come true!

    6 years ago
  15. my favorite part of the video was when hyuseung didn’t have a shirt on….. yes is would sound bad but was one of my favorite part! and other of my favorite part was when minwwo and when kwangmin was walking on some block that have light when he was walking by. and kwangmin rapping i love those parts. i really love this video and boyfriend! i haven’t have the opportunity of winning something cause i’m overseas i would be happy to win this!

    6 years ago
  16. I really like the part in the beginning where Jeongmin starts to sing. It was very surprising to see the difference between styles of this music video and the other ones.

    6 years ago
  17. In all seriousness though, my favourite part was probably the choreo and the outfits. They did Minwoo and Kwangmin soooo well in this. Kwangmin’s eyebrow action was colossal. The fact that they went from Be My Shine to Obsession is absolutely insane and they pulled it off extremely well. I was a little worried that Minwoo wouldn’t pull it off but he completely exceeded my expectations. Overall, beautiful boys like Boyfriend makes for a happy me. ☆

    6 years ago
  18. My favourite part of Boyfriend’s video was when when there was some treasure trail action in the beginning. Don’t even lie to yourselves and say you didn’t like it because you did. *Simon voice* Oooooh I’m so nasty~ 

    6 years ago
  19. OMG MY FAVORITE PART OF THE MV WAS 0:45 when Youngmin came out ;A; his voice was so manly QAQ and I was HITTING MY HEAD ON THE TABLE after I heard his voice! AND ALSO 1:42 when kwangmin started rapping QAQ I was crying over it so bad QAQ he became so manly compare to 3 years ago!!! HIS HAIR STYLE IS SO CUTE SDFGHJKL HE IS JUST CUTE IN GENERAL!!!! (knowing that he still likes pikachu eue) I LOVE EVERY PART OF THE MV!!

    6 years ago
    • Anyways Just had korean food for dinner eue (best thing ever)
      AND AND AND!! I was gonna talk more about the MV, so yeah I’m rate KWANGMIN’S HAIR 11 out of 10! IT SUITS HIM SO MUCH ;-; (I know he’s always trying to be the ‘gangster’ rapper of the group) ;-; and his image in this come back is just so awesome ;-; everything in this MV WAS NOT EXPECTED!! oh my kwangminnie ;; I LOVE HIS RAP I WILL LISTEN TO IT EVERY DAY! EVERY NIGHT! EVERY HOUR! EVEN IN MA DREAMS!! I’LL MAKE IT AS MY RINGTONE (I did eue) THEIR DANCE IS AMAZING TOO SERIOUSLY! I didn’t see that coming!! ;; they must worked so hard… AND I HAVE BEEN WAITING ABOUT 2 YEARS FOR THIS COME BACK!! I’m just gonna sit back and cry for now… cry myself to sleep ;; my feels… oh my feels… QAQ

      6 years ago
  20. !!! This is so cool!!! My favourite part of Boyfriend’s MV was the book tunnel… Except I wouldn’t want to walk on any of the books… I’d still love a book tunnel like that. Could you imagine if a hallway in your house was a booktunnel?!?!?!

    6 years ago
  21. Hi, Eatyourkimchi! ★ ~Simon and Martina and everyone~

    First of all, I really want to say thanks to you guys for giving me and other BOYFRIEND’s fans an opportunity to see their cuteness by watching this hot chocolate video. They are really really cute! I can feel their effort to speak with you in English as much as they could. How cute!

    And you don’t only give us this lovely video of BOYFRIEND, but also kind enough to give us their signed CD! OMG >-< Many thanks for your kindness. (Even I may not win LOL) But I really want it, you know! And, of course!, I will try every way.

    Umm, about your question, this is too hard for me to decide which part I love the most from their Obsession MV.
    Because I'm one of their fans, so, of course, I love the whole MV! *LOL*
    But if I really have to choose, will it be strange if I choose their 'flashback' part at 1.00 – 1.07?
    Yeah, I know this part is really really short and there's nothing special in this part. But I have three main reasons why I choose it as my most favourite part.
    First, I think it's one of the important scenes of their MV. I mean.. this flashback part shows us what happened with them (+Peter+Wendy) in the past, so we can understand the whole story better (even though it's still not so clear enough for me, maybe I'm too stupid *LOL*).
    It shows that Peter did something bad to them, and that's why they return to give him a payback!
    If their MV doesn't include this part, I think we must be really confused and have no idea what's going on there.
    Second, on this MV, even though their looks seem like bad guys, gangsters, whatever, we can still see their cheerful & innocent side from this part.
    I have been their fan for almost three years and they said many times that they will try their best to be many types of Boyfriend for us. And they did what they said, you can see their transformation in each single/album since their debut until now, their looks & concepts are always changed. But no matter how their looks have been changed, their real personalities are the same, still cute as always! This is one of a million things I love about them. ♥
    Third, this part shows that six of them have been together since the past when they were still young (It was said on the Peter & Wendy book, which was read by a main actress, that they were children in Neverland back then).
    And now, at the present of the MV, they still live together and even try to find their way to take revenge on Peter together!
    I can feel their strong friendship! Just like how they love each other and have always been together for many years in their real life! Wow~! ♡ (Am I too crazy about this? LOL Please don't think I'm crazy! ..I'm just a weird girl..)

    Anyway, that's all I think! Thanks for giving me a chance and space to express my thought.

    And It would be really great if you choose me. ^^ Thank you, Eatyourkimchi! ☆

    6 years ago
  22. HI … — although I know I can not win, I’ll try that I have some of them * ^ *! I have nothing oficcial of them, just do things myself (billboards, printed photos, paddles I do with crafts … ect ..) and luckily where I live there fanclub boyfriend – so am bestfriend: 3 and really want to have something from them, eh tried everything, participate in various competition but I have no luck .. — but still have some will fight for them (^ O ^) / — boyfriend wahhh I love: 3 I can say I changed a lot .. although I’m not korean feel I’m close to them through videos like these …
    This video is special to me for long time .. not the saw – mv havia only japan mv .. and this is my favorite … the choreography, style and look, the music, the rap .. me Like all, when was the shout chorus .. uhmm I think that my emotions unleashed contained (0:54) there can see the innocence and tenderness boyfriend has, besides that the story is centered from there .. I think I would choose all part (^ O ^) and rap, with steps 3
     Starting in the teaser freaked me his new style … I was an emotion that never havia sense that boyfriend likes me for being tender and cute, with this change … see them, but ultimately it was something incredible (daeback) I can say it was worth waiting —- and even those that are tender, cute, sweet guys, I met 3

    Thank you for this opportunity given to bestfriends especially foreigners .. it is sometimes difficult to get some of your idols … –

    6 years ago
  23. To be honest, I have heard of boyfriend, but I never actually gave them a listen until now and all I have to say is 1) thank you Simon and Martina for basically introducing me to another music group to enjoy and 2) I regret nothing. I not only liked the Music Video, but really enjoy the song. From what I saw in the video my favorite parts were seeing parts of the choreography (which I am hoping for a dance practice video in the near future). The twist on a childhood classic was awesome and in my opinion the overall video was pretty dope. Even if I don’t win a signed CD I will for sure (when I have the money) buy the mini album ^_^

    6 years ago
  24. I gotta say that I love the spinning bookshelf portions. It gives the whole thing a very Alice in Wonderland feel, which just combines my two favorite stories, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland! Overall it’s a super fun video, well done Boyfriend!

    6 years ago
  25. How do we find out who wins though?

    6 years ago
  26. Maybe it’s just because I’m such a nerd for Peter Pan, but the whole “Peter’s actually evil” concept isn’t new to me. There were no surprises for me here. That said, the concept is my favorite thing about the Obsession MV. It seems like even though Boyfriend has darker, more dramatic videos (Janus, I Yah), a lot of people still see them as cute li’l aegyo boys. It’s like they can’t grow up. So when Dong Hyun becomes Hook, it feels like Boyfriend is showing everyone they’re the opposite of all that. They have grown up. And they are still totally crushworthy. (*^-^*)

    6 years ago
  27. BOYFRIEND has been my favourite group since their debut, I’m so glad to see that they’ve FINALLY made a comeback after so long! Therefore, I am bluntly going to state that I am very very impressed. The boys have developed so much as a group in terms of singing and choreography. If I were to choose my favourite part of the MV, it would definitely have to be the part in the beginning where they were all acting like delinquents. It gave the MV a really dangerous and mysterious aura that was really enticing. The introduction led up to the rest of the MV which so umf, and just *^* /insert hyperventilating. The whole concept of the MV was really interesting and a 360 degree change from what they usually do! I really liked how they used the story of Peter Pan and how Donghyun was perceived as Captain Cook. 

    6 years ago
  28. I freaking lovee boyfriend! But why only three members T_T JEONGMIN

    6 years ago
  29. I really like Boyfriend’s song Janus but haven’t paid proper attention to them until Obession came out. First, can I say how much I love the music and the beat? The dance is so on-point with the rhythm and the rap is actually really on target as well and flows together so nicely. It’s really catchy and actually reminds me of EXO’s Growl just in terms of catchy beat. I don’t know their names but they’re all very attractive and adorable. The MV is extremely thoughtful and cleverly well-planned in terms of the storyline and editing. Instead of having the usual protagonist, Peter Pan is the antagonist and we can see the progression of the members of Boyfriend actually turning from the struggling heroes to the sympathized-villains. It reminds me of how every character, good or bad, has their own story, like how every person has his/her own story. Thus, I come to the conclusion that YES I would very much like to have hot chocolate with the members of Boyfriend. Who wouldn’t want to have hot chocolate in the EYK mobile with cute, broke but musically talented guys? ;) THOSE CDS ARE CALLING MY NAME just saying. EYK NASTY FOREVER :3

    6 years ago
  30. I liked the rotated camera angle that made it seem like they were dancing upside down. Not exactly original, but the timing and camera view matched well and were extra intriguing.

    And omg. The blooper trolling…. HAHAHAHAHA!

    6 years ago
  31. KEKE へ     /|
      /\7    ∠_/
      / │   / /
     │ Z _,< /   /`ヽ
     │     ヽ   /  〉
      Y     `  /  /
     イ● 、 ●  ⊂⊃〈  /
     ()  へ    | \〈
      >ー 、_  ィ  │ //
      / へ   / ノ<| \\
      ヽ_ノ  (_/  │//
      7       |/
      >―r ̄ ̄`ー―_

    6 years ago
  32. I Am Super Excited! I Love Boyfriend! They never seem to disappoint me! I love their MV cuz it was very different than what they have done. It was amazing and the whole story of Peter Pan and getting betrayed by him was surprising and super amazing! The whole bookcase circle thingy was pretty cool! And the dance moves and everything from it was amazing! I can’t stop listening to it! Its so catchy! Everyone has become super awesome! They have matured and made the wait worth while. I can’t wait for the next MV that will come out! I bet is amazing as well! Boyfriend Fighting!! ^_^ Come Back to Texas for a concert!!!! <3

    6 years ago
  33. OMG. I feel like such a bad fangirl but seriously the BOOKSHELF PORN IN THIS VIDEO. Drool worthy! I was going to say I want that bookshalf in my house immediately, until I started thinking about how you’d get books to defy gravity. Velcro, super glue, the amount of hairspray holding Hyunseong’s glorious hair in place while dancing?

    In all seriousness though – loving the whole comeback :D They were gone for so long!

    6 years ago
  34. The first thing I noticed, of course, was the bookshelf. Neat prop… But then I went all like “GET OFF THOSE BOOKS WITH ‘EM DIRTY SHOES YOU BRATS!” and yeah… Who steps all over books?? Like come on…
    I thought the whole Wendy enters and gets blown up bit was (and I’m not a creepy violent person or anything) hilarious. It was rather rushed, but at that point I just went a bit blank and confused.
    My favourite part I guess was the mirroring effect they did on the dance part. I think that looked quite nice.

    6 years ago
    XDDDDDDDDD <— my face at the moment

    6 years ago
  36. Entering the giveaway!
    I absolutely love Boyfriends’ concept in this MV and they always seem to have some sort of dichotomy theme in their concepts, which is a plus! My absolute favorite part of the MV is the ending where we see Donghyun turn into Captain Hook. The part where he puts on the hook sealed the deal; I’m in love with this MV and it must be mentioned, the cave of bookshelves is my ultimate dream room.

    6 years ago
  37. My favourite part of the video would have to be the outfits and the settings. They were much different than what I have seen in past Boyfriend music videos and it shows how much they and their music has matured. I also just love the bookcase tunnel. It was very different and it appealed to my book nerd side. :3 (but tbh the whole concept was superb and I was happily surprised by it!)

    6 years ago
  38. Wait were the winners for the CD already announced?

    6 years ago
  39. That book tube thingy set was pretty rad

    6 years ago
  40. My favourite scene would have to be at the end, when Donghyun is putting on the hook. Before that scene I was slightly confused about what was going on but that scene made the whole video make sense. Also the scenes in the bookcase tunnel were pretty cool, that is one awesome set ^_^

    6 years ago