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How To Achieve a Natural Makeup Look

June 9, 2018


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Can you believe it? I have finally updated this channel! And this is a very casual video and it’s pretty long…hahaha.

I figured for those of you that are willingly to watch me, an unprofessional make-up artist apply her makeup with brushes she calls “smoosh smooshies” or “the beaver tail” I figure I can just chat casually like friends getting ready together in a mirror.

So this video all about how I apply a natural makeup look when I want to achieve super smooth skin, big eyes, and glowing cheeks (because I’m wearing makeup)….but I don’t want to LOOOOOOOK like I’m wearing tons of makeup in person or up close. More of an “enhanced” smoooooth Martina look. Plus, this is a quick look that takes me around 10 minutes to do.

Let me know if you enjoyed this video or if it was just too long for you, but truthfully I enjoyed being able to just joke and chat with you. And please let me know if there is something else you’re curious about that I can cover! I SWEAR I WILL PUT UP A HAIR BUN TUTORIAL ONE DAY!

The basics:


1. Apply generously amounts of face cream to freshly exfoliated/washed face. If your skin seems even a little dry, more face cream and wait for it to absorb. If you start with a dry face your makeup will look really dry and cracked especially when in person and up close.


2. Apply BB Cream with your hands. The amount you use should be smaller than a pea. I first focus on my cheeks/forehead/under eyes and then I go to my nose last. I do this because my nose has larger pores than the rest of my face and it always looks like it has tons of makeup on my nose if I apply BB Cream to it in full force.


3. Lightly apply a pressed/loose powder to lock the BB Cream on your skin and to keep it from dripping off in the scalding hot sun and humidity.


4. Apply primer to your eyelids.
5. Aim for a two – three tone eye: light to dark
-White or lighter colours on the lid from the inner lid to the mid lid
-A lighter brown colour over your whole lid avoiding the inner lid (where the lighter colour was)
-Apply a darker brown to your far eyelid corner and then into the crease blending back and forth until it looks soft
-Apply a white-light eyeshadow underneath your brown bone


6. Apply a silver or light coloured eyeliner under your bottom eyelid line and into the corner to create a bigger looking eye


7. DON’T SNEEZE (optional contouring before blush)


8. Apply blush to the chubby parts of your cheeks. You can find those by smiling really hard. Follow that cute chubby cheek up in a line towards your ear. Kind of like the shape of a check mark! Adding lighter and light amounts of blush.
-When you get to the top of your cheek, the area close to your ear, add a touch of light sparkle/highlight.


9.Pop on a little bit of light colour to your lips so they don’t get washed out.



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How To Achieve a Natural Makeup Look


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  1. 1. I want that lipstick organizer!

    2. Pro tip (i’m not a pro when it comes to makeup but i can give you a pro tip :P). If you put your makeup brushes upside down in this brush holder they’re going to hold their shape better.

    3. I use shower caps all the time. But not in the shower. I put them on after applying hair mask on my hair :)

    2 years ago
  2. I was really disappointed the other day as Kat Von D has said that she is anti-vaccine. It’s unfortunate to eliminate a makeup line that is cruelty free from my purchases. :(

    On a positive note, I’m so glad that you’re posting to OTH! Also, I was expecting a boss at the end of God of War, too!

    2 years ago
  3. Heeeeyyyyy! You made a blog for one of your OTH videos so that I can comment! Yay! This was a great video Martina, I really liked the way you showed everything. Your makeup desk is so luxuriously large compared to my little bag o’ makeup, I’m totally jealous! Every since you started doing it way back when, I’ve really liked the pink eyebrows, it really brightens up your whole face and makes it cute without looking clownish. That powder looks great, I will definitely look into it. Husband recently accidentally knocked my powder on the ground and it shattered the makeup disk into dust so that I’m looking for a new one anyways. It may not be tropical here but anything over +30C and my upper lip is sweating like madness. If you hands are too sore to make a little braid and you’re in a pinch, you can always try tying a little string/ribbon/thread at the top and just wrapping it (like hold the hair still vertically and spin the thread in a circle around it and the thread practically wraps itself). If you wrap two threads close to your hair tone, they make it look like a braid without actually doing one (and tie it off a the end). Rather than undoing it later (can get messy), just snip the threads.

    2 years ago
  4. Thank you for uploading! I alway love watching your make up tutorials because they have really helped me grow and find my own style and aesthetic for make up. On one hand I am sad there isn’t a Sephora in Japan, on the other hand I have saved a lot of money not buying new makeup. I buy A LOT of lipsticks, and lipglosses – it’s my makeup weakness. Though I know when I visit back home I am going to buy soooo much – especially if Too Faced still has their Unicorn collection >.>

    Thanks for the tip about the pressed powder. I definitely will have to grab some and try it because Tokyo / Kanagawa area is super humid and gross and sweaty and I don’t bother to wear makeup that isn’t waterproof because it just melts. Thanks again!

    2 years ago