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How To Make The Perfect Hair Bun

November 27, 2018


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I promised to make a hair tutorial on how I made my favourite go-to hair style, the donut hair bun + braid and HERE IT IS!  I’m only…years behind schedule but better late than never! Martina sweats furiously…  

 I think this video took so long for me to film because I always do this hair style when my hair is just the greasiest and most unwashed in order to get my hair to co-operate. You don’t really think about getting out a camera and pointing it at yourself when your hair looks super nasty haha haaaaa but here it is!  Gross hair for all the world to see! LOOK AT IT! 

Whelp. Not much else for me to write about as the tutorial is made to explain it all, BUT I would like your opinion on if you liked the idea of posting up the main video on our Simon and Martina channel and then the tiny express video on our Open The Happy channel.  I find that when I look up tutorials online for makeup or hair, sometimes I want a personality based video that makes me laugh or smile, but other times I want a quick GET TO THE POINT kind of video.

So I thought, I can post the main video with my normal chatty self and then on Open The Happy, our lesser known YouTube channel, I can post an express version for those of you that want to go back to the tutorial and see it in less than 3 minutes.  Let me know if you like this idea!

Happy Donut Bun making! 



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How To Make The Perfect Hair Bun


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  1. MLE

    I LOVEĀ IT! Is your hair naturally light enough to hold colour well? There are parts that are pretty blonde so did you have it professionally bleached or did you do it yourself? I’m always too scared to bleach my own hair but I’ve been colouring it at home for a while now (it’s a blue/green).

    I just rewatched your old hair dyeing video and Meemers was so small and still a “girl” T^T

    2 years ago
    • My hair lightens really easily because I was naturally that white blonde until I hit High School (DAMN YOU TEENAGE HORMONES) Even though I’ve bleached my friend’s hair before, I’m very hesitant to bleach it myself since damage via bleach is unfixable. Plus, you can’t just bleach you also have to buy toner and use that to keep your blonde from turning orange.

      I get it bleached professionally once a year (when I visit a foreign country that knows how to work with my hair). Last time was in Toronto in the summer, and I get it toned as white as possible. Then I dye it pink (or purple) myself at home with NO CAT climbing my legs or Simon’s leg I go full pink once I notice the bleached white hair is getting really dry. I find Manic Panic helps my hair be LESS damaged. What dye are you using?

      2 years ago