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How to Play Korean Drinking Games

June 26, 2013


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It’s about that time we talked about Korean Drinking Games. You need to learn them! You don’t necessarily have to use them to drink alcohol. You can do these with soda or water or whatever, but – of course – you can also do them with alcohol. Or, at least, you can understand what the people around you at the bars are doing, if you see people flicking things all of a sudden.

The cap flicking game, the high-low game, Baskin Robbins 31, and Sam-Yuk-Gu are the games we talked about in this video, and I think we did a fairly decent job of explaining them, considering how much we were drinking while filming. As soon as we got to dalki, though, we were totally freaking cooked. Soo Zee had lost too many rounds and suffered too many punishment shots. Then she tried to explain THE MOST COMPLICATED DRINKING GAME in a less-than-sober state. Seriously, we STILL don’t even know how to play this game.

The idea behind it is basic enough: someone calls out your fruit and a number, and you, without breaking the rhythm, have to say your name THAT number of times. When you start saying your name, though, in the clapping, is confusing. Do we say it at the beginning of the clapping cycle, or do we count that number backwards from the end? We asked the waiter, and he just said yes to everything. I think he was more like “my job ain’t to tell you how to play games!” and just tried to get away as quickly as possible. Or he could have been freaked out that Leigh was the one speaking to him rather than Soo Zee? Maybe he was nervous in front of the cameras? I don’t know. I’m sure some of you are just gonna be like “WHO CAREZ?! CUTE KOREAN BOY ON CAMERAAAHHH!!!” I know you. I can see what you’re thinking even if you don’t say it. OOOH you so Nasty!

If you do know the Korean drinking game that we butchered so terribly, here are some common two syllable fruit names in Korean that are best for this game!

Apple 사과 (sa-gwa)
Strawberry 딸기 (ddal-gee)
Mango 망고 (Man-go)
Lemon 레몬 (rae-mon)
Kiwi fruit 키위 (key-wee)
Cherry 체리 (chae-ree)
Grape 포도 (poe-doe)
Watermelon 수박 (sue-bak)
Pomegranate 석류 (seok-ryu)
Melon 멜론 (mel-ron)
Grapefruit 자몽 (jah-mong)

Anyhow, the place that we played those drinking games is awesome. We’re not sure if what we said about it in the video is true, but we heard a couple of people mention it. Papa YG supposedly owns the entire building across the street from us, and that restaurant is on the bottom floor. It’s a really cool place with a fun vibe, especially on the weekends, in which we often see people drunkenly dancing to the music blaring. And it goes on all night. Last weekend we stayed up till 6:00AM, after the sun rose, and when we walked past it to get our taxi home we saw people STILL there. Hell, I’m writing this blog post at 4:00AM on a Monday night as Music Monday exports, and I see people there now…ON A MONDAY NIGHT!

Otherwise, we were really happy to do another video with Leigh and Soo Zee. They totally feel like part of the Eatyourkimchi Nasty family now, and I hope you’re ok with seeing them in these videos. We’ve got something big planned this weekend for the lot of us, and we’re going to be doing more videos with them for that as well. Yay! We even bought mics for them so they can be mic’ed up, too! So next time, you’ll be able to hear them all a lot better :D

Also, sorry that this didn’t come out on Thursday. We filmed it on Wednesday night, after Martina got her voice back, and then the project got corrupted right when it was finished and had to be entirely rebuilt. YARGH! Video editing can be so frustrating sometimes.

Otherwise, we’ve got a few bloopers and extra scenes from the night. Check em out if you feel like a few more laughs:



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How to Play Korean Drinking Games


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  1. I though the same thing too! So does SooZee

    6 years ago
  2. Ohkay. IM SO CURIOUS YEAAAH~ not anymore but yeah I was really curious about the ddalgi game or the “frying pan” game so I had to google it and I came up with this: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100815211757AA67ZA6

    It was really useful and I can actually understand the game now lol xD Hope you guys do too ^^

    7 years ago
  3. OMG!!! Me and my friends would play that game in high school!!! ITS SO FREAKING COMPLICATED!!! RAWR!! But we would give flicks in the forehead if you messed up. We would do the four version not the eight. If you want them to mess up you just need to say the max number because you always miss the first one, while you’re trying to count backwards!! Haha nice to relive that game again!! Was so much fun watching you guise!

    7 years ago
  4. We play the 31 game here in England, but we only do it to 21…

    7 years ago
  5. also leigh’s Korean is super.pro :D

    7 years ago
  6. I loved seeing the eyk crew film together! I hope they appear in more videos ^~^

    7 years ago
  7. In Korea, you don’t pour drinks yourself, unless you drink alone. Usually, youngest female serves up drink to everybody.

    7 years ago
  8. Pelase can u sometime go to Vatos Urban Tacos!! please!!!

    7 years ago
  9. I’ve never been very fond of drinking games but I would totally spend a night playing drinking games with the whole EYK CREW!

    7 years ago
  10. We play sam-yook-gu in the Philippines too! But it’s boringly called three-six-nine instead of the Filipino tatlo-anim-syam. Meh xp
    Another popular game here is I never. All you do is say something you’ve never done. If the other people have done it, they have to take a shot. If they haven’t, no shot. The person who is most innocent/taken the least number of shots wins XD Hopefully everyone you play this with is honest about what they have and haven’t done, so that’s the only caveat…

    7 years ago
    • Which one? I Never? Well, we probably got it from people in the States considering the Philippines is highly influenced by the US xp

      7 years ago
  11. Drinking games are so fun!!! My favorite part is yelling at the person who messed up to “DRIIINNNKKK!!”
    Have you guys heard of/ played the game bunny bunny?

    7 years ago
  12. LOL. Funny how you guys read my mind ahah about the korean waiters. lol ~~~ kekekeke. You should so do drinking games with like random koreans around your age; or just the EYK crew would be good enough already since it’s like a 2 vs. 2 Game. Beer Pong is really popular now these days, maybe you can do SOJU pong to make it more Koreanized.

    You can read the rule about Beer Pong here (i googled it up):


    7 years ago
  13. I was wondering when you were going to show us the drinking games…

    Even if you don’t drink (or don’t drink heavily), the drinking games are pretty funny.

    Here’s the 369 game on 1 Night 2 Days:

    Here’s the Strawberry game from 1 Night 2 Days (there are even funnier ones, but this is the one I could find first):

    7 years ago
  14. Awww I wanna play korean drinking games with you guys

    7 years ago
  15. bleeping by bleating well played guies i laughed so hard. it fit the video so well!

    7 years ago
  16. There’s certainly a degree of disinhibition towards the end of both video there :D Leigh was having too much fun I think

    Next time you guys should totally do it in a BBQ place, what’s better than Korean BBQ and drinking? They’re like the Bonnie and Clyde of the Korea, er, cuisine, erm, as shown in drama !

    7 years ago
  17. There’s a drinking game where you bang your chopsticks on the table like clopping hooves and you say the number of your ‘horse’ then the number of someone else’s ‘horse’…sounds weird in writing…I forget the name of it now, but I like that one.

    Also 007, where you point your finger at someone, and if you say ‘bang’ the two people to the left and right have to raise their arms…..
    Oh, and Zero! that’s my favorite drinking game.

    7 years ago
  18. You need to do another video about drinking games and try to explain the Ddalgi game again, thoroughly, I’m so confused. I watched it 3 times, still confused and the explanation in comment form doesn’t really make sense…
    I fee

    7 years ago
  19. WHO CAREZ?! CUTE KOREAN BOY ON CAMERAAAHHH!!! lmfaoo he looks so confused! Thanks for the video EYK crew <3 (even though i'm not allowed to drink yet)

    7 years ago
  20. Please, please, please do the next drinking segment at that outdoor camping style grill place! What could be better than drinking games and the chance of flaming meat?
    As for the video itself, this was so much fun to watch! :) I felt so sorry for SooZee though. She really did look like she took more shots than anyone else. It made me wish I could tagteam in and take a few for her.

    7 years ago
  21. I love seeing drunk or at least tipsy EYK crew!!

    7 years ago
  22. tripod.

    7 years ago
  23. aww….so nice to watch the EYK crew together~! :D
    Soo Zee and Leigh should be in more videos!

    p/s: Baskin Robbin’G’?

    7 years ago